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Automatic clothes change This new machine changes your look istantaneusly. Just amazing machine, something that nobody has ever seen. It has the aptitude to change completely different growns, from formal to informal clothes. Only for $30.000 dollars you will be having in your home, the best innovation of the fashion. For more information communicate to 0800-333-4582.

Object shrinker The shrinker of objects is very useful and very comfortable to transport it, can remove in a bag, and also you prune it to go of trip in the valise. It is difficult to break and the guarantee lasts the whole year. This device serves to be able to dwarf these objects that are difficult to go in the valise, to guard the things that you do not enter the furniture, and it enables you also to be able to have many more order and comfort in your own house. Many persons them verified and stayed more that satisfied with this product. We recommend it to you to also. To communicate with: 0800-333-4582 The price of the product: $39.000

Flying house It gives the opportunity to never know anything before I dress, it is a majestic invention, which nothing has to see with the 21st century, this one has the aptitude to fly and to be able to transport a family to the place that he wishes, also it possesses a high level of safety, due to the fact that it has closing centralized in doors and windows. It is very easy to handle it, across a simple remote and not alone control it, to to contaminate the cap of ozone fuel oil works with echo. It is fantastic to imagine that with alone 2.000.000 $ of dollars it can travel all over the world without having to think about the baggage.

Portable House The portable house, it is a product of the new age that is characterized for being comfortable and I practise. It is really incredible in spite of just thinking, in to taking a valise to open and to have your house in an instant, is fantastic. Inside her it is furnished, in addition with technological devices and comforts in order that there is fulfilled a desire of comfort and pleasure. The price of the product is of$ To communicate with: 0-800-333-4582

Transport of the Future (4 2010)  
Transport of the Future (4 2010)  

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