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Domestic robot

The next month will be released a new domestic robot, it´s perfect because it isn´t very big and don´t intrusive. This robot will have a new technology, detect the dirty and clean or recycle it. Other utility is that the domestic robot will be programed as an alarm clock, but the most interesting is that it will may cook basic food.The cost of the product is U$$400


Intelligent House

(Carla AlĂŠ)

The intelligent house will be a new and more confortable way to live. It will be controlled by one computer which will do exactly what you want to. Women won't cook anymore because the intelligent house will do it! You will just have to type into the PC what you want to eat and your house will do the hard work. What are the benefits for men? Well, they won't clean the garage anymore and the best thing, the car will be repaired by the house! We are sure that you'll love this product, and don't worry about anyhting, everybody will be able to have it. You will be able to buy it with fantastic payment plans.



The intelligent house of tomorrow will have a main computer that will control the house. The main computer will control the security system of the house and control the total functions of the house. The security system of the house will have a CCTV (close circuit TV) and will have an electrified perimeter. Soldini Juan Pablo


playstation 10

digital scaner which can scann anybody and allows the person who is using it to play in the website with his friends . 4d graphic in which it is more real the shape adquired by the human shape . becareful with children undereight and don `t allow them to touch cables . you can choose between for nice colour , they are bronce , silver , gold and platinum


Poop Vanish The new product can clean the poop dog´s. You only spray the poop and wait 20 seconds and it desappear.The product doesn´t harm the environment and has a pleasant smell of vanilla or lemmon. The cost of the product is U$$99.9 you can pay by cash or card. You use hundred times. The poop vanish it will be on the shops the next week.

Camila Diaz Balmaceda


Domestic Robot This technologic robot will be one of the most wanted products of the new science era. It Hill have an intelligent chip with a high memory that can keep any order that you want to configure and then do it when you like. This robot will be able to do all the housework that you don´t like to do or what you don´t have time to do. It will cook to the children; wash the dishes; make beds; wash and clean the bathrooms; clean the house; wash the clothes; match T.V with you up to talk and have a conversation about anything with you (they will be program to not understand, not side and not like politics).



DOMESTIC ROBOT It’s a new robot model. It’s a medium height. It’s a great wash machine and the best cleaner because it has a chip to detect dirty places and clean it. It can prepare all kind of dishes and only one time per month, the robot will connect itself to reload its battery. It also does the bed and has on TV its back. The cost of the product is U$$600

daniela romani


The future robot This robot be able to cook with child , trainig with dad and wash plates with mom . This robot is will made of the most resistant metal. This robot made ice-cream , cook meat , and make food for the dog


Technology (4H 2010)  
Technology (4H 2010)  

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