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♌ In the future, technology will give

us entertainment, security and satisfaction. ♌ What kind of technology are you

looking for?

SMART HOUSE This is a house which will be able to. It’s own things like cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, making the beds, laying the table for dinner and other things which will be able to help with the home’s organization. It’s going to be the product in the future.

HOUSE ROBOT This product will be very important in the future. Will be able do all you want, cook, clean, go to the park with the dog or play with rhe kids. This Is very useful if you are a person with a lot of responsibilities or if you don’t have enough time for the housework.

SMART HOUSE The smart house will help you do your homework, will make your food, will solve all your problems. You won’t have to clean it; the smart house has a cleaning process by itself. It will be a safe house, with many traps for intruders. It may take different forms, it will be a portable house, it may be carried in a suitcase. Also it will do the household chores. It will be an excellent house.

AN AVATAR SLAVE. This fascinating invention for the future will be a great person to have next to you all the time, in every situation you’ll need. This amazing person could be a great friend, if you need it. This advanced technology invention will be athletic, sentimental and really helpful. It will be great to human people who love avatar people.

PLAYSTATION 10 It will be like being in the game. The players will use a vitual helmet that will make you feel like the main character, you will live adventures, you will kill monsters, you will play football and other things as if it was real life. It will contain a maximun of 10 players they will face or help to achieve the aims. Will assure a maximum fun and will promise to be the best console of game that has ever existed

XBOX 860 With a multi doble ultra “cuanttum� g 15000 board, mega high video definition and 15.1 sorround system, will allow us to experiment 5d games using a special suit and special glasses .It will contain differents applications and network connection that will allow us to play with people from other countries.With this console you will enjoy up to 20 players the magic of the bests games in the world.

COMPUTER OF THE FUTURE They will be in every place and they will be very little.They will be as thin as a sheat of papper.It will be easy to carry and to use it.We'll communicate with everybody any time.They will be control by our minds.Perhaps in the future computers will replace teachers.

INTELLIGENT HOUSE It will be a modern house, it will be cleaned alone. The house might cook,the house will be able to clean the rooms, wash the dishes. The intelligent house is very safe.

Tomorrow's Technology (4C 2010)  
Tomorrow's Technology (4C 2010)  

♦ What kind of technology are you looking for? ♦ In the future, technology will give us entertainment, security and satisfaction. SMART HOUS...