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Welcome to the first edition of RevAltz Magazine!

We are excited to be bringing together all facets of alternative culture in one magazine. The idea was born at a Christchurch gig over a few JD’s and Jaeger’s whilst listening to some fantastic bands and watching some amazing local performers. A bit of market research led to the discovery that there was no other magazine that tied everything together in quite this way. We wanted to remedy this and that is how RevAltz came to be. After a lot of work, and somewhat insane deadlines, our first issue is ready to share with you all! We have been very lucky to have an amazing group of sponsors offer up prizes for our launch. We were so overwhelmed with their support that we will be starting prize giveaways/comps from the second issue onwards! We would love to hear your thoughts and opinons, so drop us a line on -Kim & Vicky

We were very lucky to have new USA author, J Anne Fullerton, send us a copy of Birthright, the first book in The Shepherd’s Moon Saga! As well as giveaways we got a copy for review. I sat down to read this amazing story and was up till 4am finishing it! Here is the gist of the story: Set in an alternative Victorian-era rural Australia, Nick, a middle-aged widower and sheep farmer seeks a new wife through the country’s top marriage broker. He falls for a mysterious, golden-eyed American, Agatha. Unbeknownst to Nick, Agatha is a Birthright werewolf. Werewolves have been considered second class citizens for more than three hundred years, they are kept on reservations with stringent rules against obeying their nature. After several suspicious incidents, Nick comes to believe there is more to his new wife than meets the eye. Their bond is tested by the interference of the son of Nick’s closest friend, Dirk, who is a Sauvage werewolf. They have been exploited by humans for use in blood sports and as soldiers. Having received the infection from a social-climbing Birthright, Dirk becomes driven to possess Agatha and revolt against the Australian government.

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This story is so well written, and the characters so vividly real, that you honestly feel like you are reading a real history and not a piece of masterfully written fiction. I already have my name down to preorder the next book in the series! Definitely highly recommended by RevAltz! An author to watch for in the future. ISSUE 1 *


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CHESTER M Handmade designer jewellery with character

We sat down with Camilla Cambridge in her lovely home in Christchurch’s well known alternative hub of Lyttleton. Chester M is a designer jewellery brand taking New Zealand and Australia by storm. The eclectic mix of solid crystal, silver chain and rock star edge has given rise to a style loved by those with a penchant for original pieces with real personality. Established in 2011 while in Australia, Chester M came about as the result of a failed search for accessories featuring big solid crystal. When all that could be found was cheap and tacky or came with a hefty price tag of hundreds of dollars from designer stores, a friend suggested buying the crystals and making the pieces herself. The idea had a lot of merit and after making her first piece Camilla had found her niche. Each piece is hand made by Camilla in her workshop out the back of her house, which requires a mini work out to reach. Inside we find a work table with the tools of the trade and some gorgeous finished pieces waiting for our perusal. There are some personal touches in the space such as dried lavender hanging on the walls and as soon as Camilla takes a seat at the table beside the window you can see the space come alive. Inspired by brands such as Mania Mania and Evil Twin, Chester M specialises in giving a twist to each new trend that emerges, making her pieces timeless and multidimensional. Always wanting to do things that are unique is clearly demonstrated in Camilla’s personal style. Gorgeous blue hair is cut in a stunning punk pixie style and her features are reminiscent of a Botticelli angel. Coupled with a laid back rock chick dress sense you can definitely see that she is her own target audience to a tee. With sales in Perth, Melbourne and nationwide in New Zealand, Chester M is definitely making a mark!

That’s who I want to market to”

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“I’m really interested in the darker side of fashion. My new collection is pushing the limits in that direction”


“I’ve never been a girly girl, but I’m obsessed with jewellery.


Black Widow

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Hand made, made in New Zealand Fascinators To Order. Made with love for you to love.


NICOLA ROBINSON BlackWidow Fascinators 027 361 7775 BlackWidow Fascinators


ol er D ng Da nita


Bo MAY 2013 * revALTz


Where did your name, Danger Doll, come from? The danger part came from my love of risky sports. I use to drag race and had a heavy involvement in the local drift scene. I don’t race anymore, but still love to get my fix when I can on my KTM 200 exc dirt bike! Can you describe what you do for those who have never seen a burlesque performance? Burlesque is a form of strip tease, with seduction, cheek, sass and often humour. My style of burlesque is more classic and also neo burlesque style. I mix up traditional music with modern, to appeal to a wide audience base. Costuming is an essential part to my style and I like to come up with new and visually attractive outfits and props which excite and wow the audience! For example I had a giant Martini/ champagne glass made for me, which I spent days and days covering it in over 19,000 rhinestones! That’s commitment to the cause! Who has influenced your performance style? I like to watch some videos from the 50’s & 60s’s, the style has defiantly developed since then, but it’s good to watch performers from an era where it was extremely popular, but still quite tame, before it died off for a few decades when the topless strip clubs became all the rage. As for newer performers, of course there is Dita, she is effortlessly glamorous and her style will never date. Where did you learn your moves? I am self-taught. I just feel the music and create acts from there. Once I have the music, costume and props in mind I then start choreographing the routine. Where do you get your inspiration? Sometimes from the music, or seeing pictures in a magazine, or coming across a fun prop or costume in a store or on ebay (I love ebay!) and sometimes from random ideas or dreams that pop into my head. I wanted my own Martini/ champagne glass, so I just decided one day that I was going to make it happen! I dream big, and then figure out how to turn it into a reality. How accepting of burlesque has New Zealand been? Do you ever encounter any naysayers? Burlesque is becoming pretty recognizable as a form of entertainment. Even if people haven’t seen it before, they are usually hooked after their first experience. Its great entertainment! When did you discover your love of performing? I started performing when I was quite young, singing mainly. Classically trained singer, performed in choirs and bands all through school. I moved to Christchurch to continue my music studies at the Jazz School. I enjoy the buzz of being on stage and giving part of me to an audience, especially when they really appreciate it and I’m able to feed of their energy! What was the first song you ever sang in public? I played Oliver Twist in a school production; I must have been about 9 years old

Hair: Janine Jansen Makeup & Styling: Bonita Muntz Photography: Vicyrein Photography MAY 2013Media * revALTz Retouching: Dirty

When did you first perform burlesque? In 2010, my first performance was at the Mobsters Ball in Christchurch, it was a troupe dance act with the Living Dolls. My very first reveal routine was in Melbourne at the Melbourne Fetish Awards in 2010.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? What was it? First tattoo was when I was 16. I was in Christchurch for the school holidays and convinced my then sister in law to take me to get a tattoo! It was a tribal design, picked off the wall (does this sound familiar to anyone haha), and had it placed on my hip! Mum found out not long after I got it, didn’t take long for her to discover it (how do they do that?) Needless to say it went out of fashion as my style evolved over the years and I have since had it covered over. What was it like to step out there for the first time? I felt quite at ease really, maybe because I was in my late 20’s at the time, I’m comfortable with the skin I’m in and comfortable with my sexuality, so it wasn’t a big deal for me. I love to perform! What song/routine did you perform that first time? The first reveal act was to ‘Fever’ by Michael Buble! How has your act evolved over time? I’m constantly evolving, the more I do the more interaction with the audience I’m having, the more dance moves I’m perfecting and the more props I’m collecting!! My boyfriend gets nervous when I come up with new ideas, because we have to find somewhere to put the props! You never stop learning new things, I enjoy taking classes with other performers and choreographers and like to try different styles of dance. Have you entered any contests to enhance your career? If so, describe your experience and what you gained from entering. Would you enter a contest again? I have entered 2 contests when it comes to burlesque, the Miss Burlesque New Zealand competition in 2011 and this year in 2013. In 2011 I won ‘Miss Congeniality” and this year I won ‘2nd Runner Up’, ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Best Costume’. I was wrapped to pick up ‘People’s Choice’ as there were around 350 people at the event. Competitions are a great way to push you to be a better performer. It is also a great way to network with other performers and meet people from different parts of the country. What has been your biggest break or greatest opportunity to date? I don’t think I have had a big break or anything like that, I have just kept plugging away for the last 3 years, marketing myself, improving my craft, networking with people who share similar passions and just having fun! All while maintaining a busy full time job in Events & Marketing Management, and part time makeup artistry work. Hard work pays off, it’s that simple! What has been your biggest challenge to date? I just have so many ideas and things I want to do and my budget restricts me!! Haha Do you have any other talents you would like to share with us? I do a mean seagull impersonation Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on stage, if you care to share it! This one time, I slipped on some glitter, got caught up in my train of my skirt and fell on my butt! I got straight back up and carried on. I was so embarrassed once I got off stage but I got over it haha. Shit happens! My tail bone still hurts from it and it was about 8 months ago!


How did you first become involved with burlesque? A good friend of mine (Sophia Lee) was putting together a little troupe for a ball, back in 2010 and asked me if I knew anyone who could dance…I said “I can dance”…and the rest is history!


Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Do you have any goals that you are aiming for? I hope I’m still performing in 5 years’ time! And would like to have travelled to some exotic places by then! I want to shimmy across some fantastic stages around the world. The ultimate dream for me would be to have my own venue where I can put on shows and where other performers can hire to put on their own shows. That’s the dream. I currently work in Events Management, so I would like to use those skills to create an awesome venue! I am also releasing an online boutique to my website very soon, so I want to grow and develop that as well. Keep an eye out – Have you ever had any strange or stalker type fans? How do you handle this? How does it affect your relationship with your fans and supporters? The only stalker I’ve had so far has actually been a very annoying ex girlfriend of a boyfriend! Trespass order fixed that one! So as far as my fans go, they have all been very respectful and not creepy at all! Which I really appreciate. I’m always very approachable and happy to chat and take photos with the people that support me. I’m a down to earth kiwi gal with a big heart! What has been your wildest experience since starting out as a performer? I don’t know about wild (I’m still waiting one some famous rock stars to call me to be in there music video), but one event that I got a real buzz from was the Mad Hatters Tea Party at CBS Arena, it was a big dance party and I performed my ‘Red Queen” act, the audience was buzzing and it was a real rush to be in such a big venue with an awesome sound system cranking! What has been the hardest part of being involved in this industry? Sometimes it can be a little un-supportive but I think that is more a kiwi thing. But I just keep doing what I love to do and will keep striving to be the top of my game. If you could perform with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Would love to be in a Marilyn Monroe film, singing and dancing! She knew how to work a room and use all her womanly charms to her best advantage! Have you been involved in any benefit performances? What was it and how did you become involved? Yes I have done quite a few fundraising gigs over the years. I’m heading up to Wellington soon to perform at the Eva Strangelove Fundraising Gig, Eva is a Kiwi Burlesque performer now based in Texas. She became very ill earlier this year and was in hospital for a very long time, which racked up quite a substantial bill. Courtney L’amour from Wellington is putting on this event to raise funds to go towards her medical bills. I jumped at the chance to be involved.

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If you had the chance to perform one song/act to a worldwide audience that would leave a great impact on the world of today what would you choose and why? Gosh that’s a hard question! I would love to do a large scale act with back up chorus dancers, in a very 20’s / 30’s Hollywood style, no expense spared, large set, elaborate costumes, sequins and ostrich fans as far as the eye can see!! I don’t know what impact that would have on the world, but it sure looks amazing in my head! Do you currently have an agent? Just me, myself and I currently What is your up to date performance schedule for this year so we can keep all your fans informed? I keep my website up to date with my upcoming events and appearances. Check out In the coming months I have performances in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, New Plymouth and Australia. Is there anyone special that you would like to thank for helping make your dream come true? Firstly I’d like to thank my boyfriend Rob, who humours my crazy ideas and then helps me figure out ways to make them happen. He is a great asset to me, helps me get all my things to shows, even drove me all the way to Auckland and back with my Martini glass and always supports everything I do! I also have a great group of friends! I’d like to thank my fans for coming along to shows and supporting burlesque & cabaret events around New Zealand. Without your ongoing support we wouldn’t be able to put on these fantastic shows for you! Thanks to other performers who I have shared stages with, you are all fabulous and you make me laugh with all your silly backstage and onstage antics! To my wonderful hairdresser – Janine Jansen Hairdressing, for making my hair rock star ready! Ivy from Asphyxia Couture for her hours of costuming work, Sophia Lee for introducing me to burlesque, the girls from Ayla’s Angels who I perform with regularly in Christchurch and to event organisers and producers from all over for booking me! I have worked with some great photographers over the last 3 years, who have helped capture some of my signature looks. Doing different style shoots is always fun and I love coming up with different concepts and themes! Favourite Song? Hero - Foo Fighters Favourite Meal? I eat tom yum soup probably more than I should haha..I don’t know if I’d say it is my favourite, but it’s convenient Favourite movie? The Die Hard series Favourite Dessert? Anything with chocolate goodness! Celeb crush? I don’t actually have one! Favourite time of the day/night? A sleep in, I hardly ever get one, but they are amazing when I do! www


How do you relax when you’re not performing or working? Relax….? What’s this word relax?? Haha It’s not often that I’m not working, performing, rehearsing, costuming, marketing, editing, communicating with clients or doing something to do with my business. But I do like to exercise, I have been taking box fit classes, also like to walk up the hills with my gal pals and spend time with my awesome boyfriend. We like to eat out, so that’s our downtime.


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You’ve Been Gone’ What has been the biggest challenge for your group? E: Coming up with the money to record and release music that’s up to our own expectations of how it should sound. It’s tough to do it on your own – and we’re stubborn enough to not settle for less than best. D: Consistently getting people to attend your local shows. C: Financing our ambitions independently. When did you first perform together? L: As Ashei, maybe four years ago. E: Sometime in 2007 I would guess! Can’t remember for the life of me! C: My first gig with Ashei was in February, last year. What are your songs about? E: For the most part they are about trials and tribulations of the romantic variety – Liam would be able to answer this best since he writes almost all the lyrics! L: Personal experiences that have happened throughout my life and my opinions and views on these events. If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be? L: Making albums cheaper to buy so people would actually buy them. E: Haha… oh…. I want to say that I’d like to change the fact that piracy exists – but at the same time if people are listening to our music and enjoying it, I don’t really care whether they paid for it or not! With that being said… piracy doesn’t help us with funding the recording of new music so not only does that hinder us a bit with producing new material, but it also sucks for the consumers because yeah they got some music for free, but they won’t be getting more new stuff as soon as they would like because they didn’t give us money [by buying our existing music] to help with that! It’s this cycle of good and bad things coming together and I don’t know if it will ever be worked out where everyone is happy! D: The price it costs to record one radio quality single. C: An elimination of preconceived boundaries about what art has to/ should be.



RevALTz were very fortunate to spend some time talking and working alongside local Christchurch band Ashei at Antonio Hall. We found out some interesting and quirky things about them to share with you. With their passion for intense live performances and their love for honest song writing Ashei are a band to look out for! How did you get together/form the band? How did you first become involved with performing? E: Another band that myself and Dan were in “broke up” [that is – we kicked Liam: I was in bands in high schools, out someone without them realizing Rockquest was some of the first live it was a kicking-out] and on the same playing experience I had. day we asked Liam to start a new Emma: I personally got in to performband with us! ing at a young age – I started dancing D: Emma and I played in an alternative when I was 5 and had regular perforpop punk band. When it dissolved mances/concerts so it’s been a long Emma and I asked Liam to join, jam term thing for me. As far as just music some song ideas out, and a few bass goes, I started performing in primary players later we ended up with Curtis school when I started learning guitar! “Manaconda” Booth. Dan: Playing in a Pop punk band with Liam and a bass player called Shane Where did you learn your instruBlick named Ample Cleavage ments? Curtis: Playing air guitar to a John L: Mainly self-taught through high Farnham V.H.S circa ‘Whispering Jack school. After that I attended the Jazz Tour’ School at C.P.I.T. Where did your name, Ashei, come E: I started learning the guitar in prifrom? mary school when I was 9… I started singing in school choirs back then too, L: We found it in a book about trees but I’ve never had vocal lessons so I our old bass players mum had. guess I didn’t ever learn that instrument, I just did it because I like doing How would you describe your music? D: I was self-taught initially, after 2 years I sought private tuition, 5 years D: A blend of pop/pop-punk/rock/allater I did a Certificate in Contempoternative rock. rary Music at Vision College followed C: Alternative Pop/Rock. by 3 years at C.P.I.T. Jazz School. Both qualifications advanced my technical Where do you get your inspiration? abilities tenfold. L: Listening to music I really enjoy and life. When did you discover your love of performing? E: Listening to other music and musicians outside of your own genre/style L: Probably first time I played live in high school. Although performing can D: Zac Farro, Travis Barker, Curtis be very situational based some perfor“Manaconda” Booth mances are defiantly more enjoyable than others. What made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music? E: At a young age when I started dancL: Out of any career path I have tried it ing and people told me I was alright at it! Positive response always makes has been the most fulfilling you feel good, and knowing that what E: I don’t think there is anything that you do makes others feel something made me realize that, it’s more of a positive is what makes me love it. case that I like music, I like playing muD: When I played in front of 2000 peosic, I like performing music, and if it is ple at a Coke Smokefree Rockquest possible to eventually do that full time once, I quickly proceeded the gig with then that would be f*cking awesome. a cigarette to calm the excitement. We don’t so much pursue a career in music, we just do all the stuff we want What was the first song you ever to do (or at least try) and if that turns performed in public? in to a career then…choice! L: Think it was “Untitled”. D: When I played my first gig and discovered that the adrenaline rush of E: Wow I have no idea… I would’ve performing is like no other. been in primary school so it’s hard to think back that far. Probably something really basic like “smoke on the water” haha. D: Tribute to the American Buffalo C: Kelly Clarkson’s spellbinding ‘Since


What has been your biggest break or greatest opportunity to date? E: Our biggest break was C4/FOUR telling us they loved our 3rd single, “Let Me Down” and subsequently gave the music video a “Video of the Week” slot the week that it was released. We had our own mini doco “Decent Exposure” played each time the video played, and on top of that, they put the video on ‘A’ rotation for about 5 months, which basically means our music video played 5 – 10 times a day for 5 months. It was cool to have that exposure and because I helped with the overall video concept and production it was awesome to see it on TV heaps and think “yeah… we did that!” C: Getting to play with these three lovely folk. What has been your biggest challenge to date? E: Money money money! Trying to get the balance between how much music we would like to be releasing versus how much money we have to actually make things like that happen. Personally, taking on a more serious management role for us – which is hard when I’m also working a full time day job. There’s so much more I could be doing if I had the time and energy for it all. Management with the right person who knows what they’re doing would be a damn blessing.

MAY 2013 * revALTz

Do you have any other talents you would like to share with us? E: Ermmm I want to say something quirky but instead I guess I’m pretty good with graphic design as that is my trade. Designer by day, Musician by night. The creative Batman. D: I’m an ex member of the group that runs the stage show – “Puppetry of the Penis” C: A god-like ability to sleep in. How do you relax when you’re not performing or working? L: Movies, eating delicious food. E: Watch lots of movies/documentaries/ TV, read, play my guitar and sing. C: Listening to podcasts whilst drinking incredibly potent Milo’s. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Do you have any goals that you are aiming for? E: Hopefully music-ing more successfully and on a grander scale. I would hope that in 5 years we would have an album or two under our belts, have travelled with the band a little more and even have a label signing! D: Goals – Professionally recorded EP AND Album in Australia, national tours under the belt, played at least 5 shows in different countries, benching 20kg over my bodyweight for reps. C: Still playing shows hopefully. More recording and gigs.

Have you ever had any strange or stalker type fans? How do you handle this? How does it affect your relationship with your fans and supporters? L: Nope, our support has been pretty positive, not sure if the other members have experienced this E: We have a handful of fans that get in touch with me frequently – not on a creep level though. Mostly online and I will chat back as much as necessary to make them happy! I used to be quite the fangirl for bands when I was younger and it used to frustrate me that you couldn’t even get an acknowledgement of your existence – being ignored is one of my biggest hates so I don’t want anyone else to feel like I’m ignoring them when I do have the time to reply! There are always boundaries though. D: I don’t bench enough to impress fans. C: No, but by all means, I welcome any potential stalkers with open arms. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on stage, if you care to share it! L: Spilling a big glass of water all over the stage right before we played, this was with my previous band. Spent large part of our set cleaning it up. E: I bought a new guitar a couple years ago and my first gig we played with it the screw that holds your strap on just fell out of the guitar and my guitar just fell to the ground haha. I just kept singing and stage crew came up on stage and duct taped my strap to my guitar. I just cringe with how clumsy it would’ve looked [groan]. D: Drumstick hit my face and I started bleeding lots out of my new face hole. C: Pretty sure there has been a few incidences of dribbling on stage, if you’re into that kinda thing. What has been your wildest experience since starting out as a performer? L: Not sure specifically, Played some gigs over new years at Lake Hawea a few years ago which was very cool. Great spot, good party. E: Lets just say that sometimes it’s a very trying endeavor to go on tours with boys. All girl musicians reading this will be nodding their heads. Something about touring turns boys into lunatics, haha. D: Going on tour with 4manbob over the whole of the south island with 5 bands. Absolutely exhilarating! C: An on-stage mugging whilst playing in my covers band ‘Division Street’, we play weddings..

What has been the hardest part of being involved in this industry? L: Working on top of trying to compete with the quality of professional bands. E: Cost vs. Quality. You’ve got to make some tough decisions as an independent band, especially in New Zealand where the market is so small. You really have to be quite careful about how you do things to get attention to your act. Producing quality material is important here because our population is so small there isn’t much of an “indie” scene – you have to lean towards the mainstream a bit to get some attention and that means you have to be putting out the best quality material you can on your budget. D: Gaining fans, consistent fans, self-funding music while working in a minimum wage job. C: Awkward self promotion. Have you been involved in any benefit performances? What was it and how did you become involved? E: Yeah a few! Most recently we did the Sleepless for Child Cancer gig last year. We became involved because we knew the organizer and he put on a stellar line up.

If you could perform with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why? L: John Mayer, would ask him about song writing and practice techniques. E: Michael Jackson. D: Paramore, Zac Farro is a god. Id also like to perform with Steven Tyler so I could sing “Don’t wanna miss a thing” with him. C: Crooning the haunting ‘Old Turkey Buzzard’ with Jose Feliciano, as it would be awesome. Who is your fan base? Do you have a street team? L: It varies. Hopefully it is growing though, no street team. E: Our fan base are people who like our music haha and no – I’ve never seen any instances where street teams actually work these days. I think that they had a run about 10 years ago but these days with social media you don’t really need allocated street teams for word to spread. People will tell other people about your music if they love it. But if there is someone who wants to start an Ashei street team to prove me wrong… go ahead I won’t object! I will welcome you with open arms and a cuddle.

If you had the chance to perform one song to a worldwide audience that would leave a great impact on the world of today what would you choose and why? L: Let Me Down, I think it is our most well written song. E: Is this a hypothetical song that doesn’t exist yet? I would want it to be a song telling people that other people’s personal lives, interests, bodies etc. is none of your business and to stop talking about other people. D: Michael Jackson – Thriller. I believe the world cant get enough of the zombie dance. C: Why our latest single ‘Beautiful Surrender’, available for purchase on iTunes. It would bring about world peace.


Have you entered any contests to enhance your career? If so, describe your experience and what you gained from entering. Would you enter a contest again? L: Rockquest and Battle of the Bands. Good playing experience especially for younger bands. I may enter one depending on the contest some are more legitimate than others. E: You mean like battles of bands and stuff? No. Would we enter a contest? Maybe… depends what it is. D: Battle of the Bands: Went through the heats in this Metal oriented competition thinking there was no point as we were a pop punk band (Ample Cleavage) – got to the finals, flew up to Auckland, played in the same venue Yellow Card played in when they came here, it was all a big eye opener to what it requires to be a travelling musician.


Do your family have a musical background? L: Some, cousins and aunts play but not really in my immediate family. Nana used to play piano. E: Not really, no. My Dad can play a few chords on the guitar and he loves music but my family isn’t really musical. My little sister plays guitar and bass a bit though! And according to my Dad, my Grandmother was a great singer so it’s a shame I never knew her or got to hear that. C: My dad rocks the bejesus out of snare drums What’s your favourite type of music? Favourite band? L: Hard to answer as it changes constantly. Blink 182 is the band that really got me started playing guitar. E: Rock and Pop! Huge blanket genres – I like all different sub genres of Rock and then some Rock is Pop so… My favourite artist of all time is Michael Jackson. My favourite band is Taking Back Sunday. D: Pop Punk, Screamo, Paramore, Underoath. C: Pop/rock or Electro Pop. The Veils. Where is the furthest from home you have performed? E: Auckland, I guess! We really need to get our asses over to Australia – but first we should probably try get further away from CHCH within NZ. Full national tour! C: The sprawling metropolis of Invercargill – 565.9 km’s (google maps).

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Do you prefer to perform live or in studio? L: Both have pro’s and con’s. Maybe studio cause at the end you have a product to keep. E: I like performing live because it’s just so fascinating to me that there are these individual people on stage but we’re all working in unison to create this… thing… that sounds good and that is fantastic! But I got to say I love recording in studio because there is a little less pressure and you have more than one opportunity to get something right – and because with vocals you can be hidden in a wee booth on your own you can really release all your inhibitions and just feel everything. I hate being watched when I’m recording vocals because I get a little erratic haha. D: Live – studio is pretty stressful. Who writes the songs? L: Someone will bring a song they have written, then we work together to make it an Ashei song.: E: (Someone being Liam 98.878% of the time!) Liam writes most of the songs. We have one or two where I’ve written the lyrics or whatever but it’s Liam’s creations which tie in nicely with my vision for the band’s sound also so it works well. I like everything he does and I wish I could do what he does. I’ve never not liked something he’s written, so it’s easy for me to take a back seat and work on how I can contribute to what he has already made. What did you do before the band? Do you still work outside of music? L: Had various jobs, hospitality, supermarket. I am currently teaching music E: I was in high school when I started a band with Dan and a couple other people – I didn’t do any collaborative music before that, I just played my guitar and sang obnoxiously loud in my bedroom. I work full time as a graphic designer! D: Software Engineer C: I’ve studied audio engineering and jazz performance in Christchurch. I work part-time at a bakery and in a covers band. Any behind the scene tips/secrets to share? E: Practice the f*ck out of your shit. Treat your band like a business. But treat your music like a lover. D: Shrugs not drugs kids. C: Metronome on 2&4.

Have you had to deal with any negative press? L: Got some bad reviews for our last single, many of the points made were interesting and constructive. If you don’t like something describing why can be hard, especially if your opinion is based purely on the emotion you feel when listening to it. I don’t mind thoughtful and knowledgeable criticism. E: Not really, oh except last year we had some people who aren’t actual musicians review one of our tracks and 9 out of 10 of them hated it. One guy who I kinda know of who is actually a musician was on the panel and he was the only one who said we did what we do well. The other people were just hipsters who have opinions on everything! I remember one person’s review was something like “just read their bio and know that they are shit.” Don’t know what that has to do with the actual music but ok, dude! Haha! It was actually quite good for us because it made us think that we just want to work harder to prove them wrong, and solidified our belief that we have what it takes because we have self-belief and the ability to want to stand up for our sh*t. C: I got told I suck once. Do you currently have an agent? L: No. We welcome offers though. E: We don’t have anyone that works for us, except for case by case basis

Favourite song? L: I Can’t Make You Love Me (is one of them) Favourite food? E: Chocolate D: Macca’s Mac & Cheese Hunger Buster. C: Cambodian Favourite movie? L: Good Will Hunting is up there D: Die Hard 3 C: Dead heat between; ‘American Psycho’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’ Phobias? E: Spiders D: Spiders, Tornadoes, AND MOST OF ALL – SINKHOLES(THERE IS NO GOD) Celeb crush? E: Too many… D: Sasha Grey C: Donald Trump Any tattoos or piercings? E: Ears and nose pierced, few tattoos here and there D: One tattoo I got to help raise money for Parlour’s in Christchurch after the earthquake.

What is your up to date performance schedule for this year so we can keep all your fans informed? E: We list everything on our events tab on Facebook so look there for dates! Do you have any links to video and media coverage, Facebook, twitter etc. that people could check out? E: Basically type in “asheiband” after any url and you might find something of ours haha! Is there anyone special that you would like to thank for helping make your dream come true? E: Will Power”


Hair & Makeup: Simone Thurlow Photography&retouching: Vicyrein Photography

Ashei are currently seeking help with their crowd funding project. To learn more use your mobile QR code reader to scan the code to the right or type in and check it out. revALTz will be donating to the cause, so jump on board !and help this great band out!. To keep up to date with what’s going on with Ashei sign up to their e-mailing list and receive monthly updates on where they are performing, exciting news, and access to exclusive content only available to mailing list subscribers! You can sign up by hitting the “Join Mailing List” tab on their Facebook page at!


What do family and friends think of your music? Do they support you? E: My family – notably my parents – support me heaps. My parents encouraged me to learn guitar in the first place when I was little [I wanted to learn violin but my Mum told me it would be “too hard” haha], they told me if I played guitar for 5 years they’d buy me an electric guitar, which they did, they offer me advice on things that they can, and they come to most of our shows. They’ve never said “maybe this isn’t a good idea,” but that might be because I also work full time so they’re not worried about my life just yet! D: All of our families have shown extreme support for us emotionally, physically, spiritually. C: They like us on Facebook, surely that counts for something.


IVY LEE Lytoyah Lee Griffin, also known as Ivy Lee, is a strong willed, outspoken woman who believes she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. We got the chance to sit down with this inspiring lady and learn a little more about her. Wearing many hats, including those of mother, entrepreneur and performer, Lytoyah shows that all it takes is self-belief, stubbornness and a bucket load of hard work to accomplish your dreams. After having her second child, Harlow, Lytoyah revisited her youthful career of pole dancing to get back into shape. Since then she has gone from teaching a few friends the basics in her garage to running the successful Studio Polesque and teaching burlesque workshops. Despite being an inspiration to many people, Lytoyah puts her accomplishments in a far more modest light. “It started out as a bit of fun and games but has turned into a massive hit. I didn't set out to help people, - it just happened.” The image of girls on a pole doesn't appeal to everyone, however those who look down on the whole idea of pole dancing are wrong to think that all they are after is easy money. “Some are out there proving a point to society saying ‘get over yourself this is me and I am beautiful’. Seeing the change in the girls from when they first arrived at the workshop to being on stage at their graduation show is amazing. They are more confi-

dent in who they are and in expressing themselves in ways they didn’t know previously. They prove to themselves that they can do anything they put their minds to.” Lytoyah loves teaching. She never thought of herself as a compassionate teacher type but knowing the joy that she is creating and seeing the girls change is amazing. “On stage or in a class you can be anyone you want to be and act out your favourite fantasy, you just leave the world as you know it behind and create your own.” One part of her job she absolutely loves is forming lifelong friendships with girls that she probably would never have met without Studio Polesque and Moonlight Burlesque. One such bond is with her good friend Kath, “Kath has helped me a lot, whether its as a shoulder to cry on or helping with organising events, costumes or the kids.” We asked Ivy Lee who and where she draws her own inspiration from, and she told us that she absolutely adores Dita von Teese, Lita Petite, Venus Starr, Poison Ivy and Cat Woman. She says her biggest challenge thus far would be balancing her work/life balance and trying not to get too big too soon “I have to remind myself to go back to my roots and take small steps; that good things do take time and not to expect instant results. “

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“Explore your own self through someone else - it’s safer”. ISSUE 1 *

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“As soon as you stand up 100 people will shoot you down, that’s life I won’t apologise for being me. If you piss me off I will tell you and the entire world at the same time, it’s therapy. I love being controversial.” - Ivy Lee


Currently working for alternative clothing company Cyberdog, Laura is an agency signed model. This hasn’t always been the case. Prior to moving to London, Laura was living in Jersey (one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel) and working as a banker. Despite being quite successful at this, Laura knew that success was not enough for a fulfilling life. Bravely, she left her banking days behind and moved to London, where she was lucky enough to obtain one of the highly sought after positions at Cyberdog. Modeling started for Laura after photographers repeatedly approached her, interested in capturing her stunning and unique looks in their camera lens. Eventually one of them managed to talk the sometimes shy beauty into agreeing. The result was a pile of fantastic photos, which became a portfolio and a model was born! Captivated by Laura’s stunning makeup, I had to ask. Surely she has had professional makeup training? Surprisingly that is not the case! The talent fairy was generous when Laura was born. She is completely self taught. Having been gifted with a much steadier hand than mine and an artistic flair, the fabulous looks that she creates are all by trial and error.

Those perfectly symmetrical eyebrows are drawn on by hand every day. Having removed her eyebrows, Laura can achieve a multitude of styles and expressions that others cannot. Plus, the ones that she draws on every day look amazing! She hasn’t regretted their removal at all. The versatility she now has with them means that she has the freedom to create a different look each day and do whatever takes her fancy, in whichever colour fits her mood. With social media being the backbone of publicity and networking these days, I asked Laura how this has helped her. I was interested to hear that if it wasn’t for Tumblr, she may never have gotten started with modeling at all. She initially started posting tidbits about her daily outfit and makeup on Tumblr and was really surprised to find that there was in fact a lot of interest in what she had to show and say. Later she started a Facebook page to show her modeling pictures and recently she has started making YouTube videos to answer all the questions that she frequently gets asked by her followers and fans. Links at the end of this article for those that want to check them out. For the interest of many of our readers, I asked Laura to tally up her body modifications and any future plans: “I’ve got 25 tattoos at the moment and 18 piercings and 2 micro dermal implants in the dimples in my lower back. It would be easier to say that I have no plans to stop getting tattoos than to actually go through the plans that I do have. But I do like to go back to my tattooist in Jersey, so I don’t get to get new ones as often as I would probably like. But that’s fine. I’d much rather have really good quality tattoos less often, than just go anywhere. I don’t have any more plans to get any more piercings at the moment, but that can all change. I could change my mind tomorrow and go get a new one. I actually do want some more micro dermals in the future as well.” Most of the gorgeously colorful tattoos are of bands, with her favorite band KMFDM featuring in the prestigious location of the side of her head. For those of you who haven’t heard of KMFDM, this Industrial Metal band comes highly recommended by Laura, so give them a listen. As this article is for an alternative magazine, I asked Laura what “being alternative” meant to her as an individual: “I don’t like using the term Alternative. I think that’s like a mainstream label that people like to give anyone that doesn’t fit into the “norm”. So I don’t really like using that. I think it just enforces the idea that people who dress differently are actually different. But we’re all the same as everyone else. I’m just more different colours. I don’t like the use of labels. I don’t watch TV or buy magazines and newspapers and stuff because I don’t like to corrupt myself with mainstream media. I don’t subscribe to that kind of thing. So I’m just being me. I’m just doing my thing. I’m not trying to be alternative. This is just who I am and how I like to present myself. They way you present yourself is one of the only things that you have complete control over. You should be able to do whatever you like with that, and this is what I like to do with it.” Finally, I wanted to ask Laura if she had any advice or encouragement for others who might not be where they want to be and


Laura Aurora

I couldn’t have been luckier to have my first article for RevAltz include interviewing London based model Laura Aurora. Laura is a down to earth, talented, and intelligent woman who is really going places! -Lola Fang

“I’ve got 25 tattoos at the moment, 18 piercings and 2 micro dermal implants in the dimples in my lower back.”

VIXN Hair, Makeup & Accessories

might want to make a change. “Moving to London was the best thing I’ve ever done because it has opened up so many opportunities for me. I would never have been able to have such freedom and self expression in Jersey. I would never have gotten into modeling and I would not be as happy. I am so much happier now because I just get to be me all the time. I don’t need to hide it, and so I don’t feel like being me is something that needs to be hidden. That is how I felt before. I think that every day that you spend doing a job that you hate is one more day that you’ll never get back. So just stop it. Stop giving your time away working at something that isn’t you. Just go for it. Just make the change. The worst thing that can happen is that you have to go back. Go for it. You only live once; you only get one chance at this. So why not be happy when you are doing it.”

Eco-Friendly, Up-cycled and Ethical Clothing 20% of All Profits go to Paw Justice and Local Mental Health Organisations

You can follow Laura at the following sites: Tumblr: Facebook: Youtube:

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29 ISSUE 1 *


M iss M onster

Sitting down to chat with Katie ‘Miss Monster’ Thomas is always a pleasure. She is a down to earth, friendly and very sweet person. You may not see that with a quick glance at the tall, heavily tattooed, raven haired beauty but this is definitely a case of don’t judge a book by its cover. Looking around Katie’s home you immediately get a glimpse of her incredible artistic abilities. On the walls of living room hang myriad works of her art, including a painted male torso featuring the Godfather and a 3D mounted picture with a skull faced doll reaching towards the viewer. A tall black candelabra stands in one corner of the room made by Miss Monsters very own hands, yes the lady knows her way round a welder. In fact, Miss-Monster is soon to start a C.P.I.T full-time welding course, so watch out for this gorgeous lady in welding shops in the future. While this is a definite career move, Katie won’t be abandoning her art anytime soon, in fact she will be incorporating her new skills into making more custom iron work pieces. As well as the bigger pieces Katie also creates creepy knick-knacks like skeletal figures, horror clocks and jewellery boxes as well as toys and hair accessories. Perhaps the reason her friends started calling her ‘Monster’ was because of her monster sized talent! Miss Monster first burst on to the scene when she competed in last year’s Miss Alternative NZ pageant. While she may not have won the title, she certainly won a lot of attention! Since then Katie competed in, and won, Miss Ink Christchurch and will be competing for Miss Ink New Zealand in June this year. Whilst we can’t share the talent Katie will be showcasing we can assure you it will blow your mind. We haven’t heard of anyone else doing this particular talent in a competition and we will definitely be there to cheer her on. Katie is currently working with Courtney Gunn of Zombie Threadz to complete a zombie doll collection. She has also been working with Sophia Lee of Living Dolls since Sophia spotted her as one of Miss Alternative NZ’s judges. She was recently at the Nelson tattoo expo where she took out a number of prizes, including: 1st place best arm large black and grey, 1st place best leg small black and grey, 2nd place best chest colour. What’s next for Miss Monster? Apart from more modelling work than you can shake a stick at, Katie wants to take her son Cole to the US and go on a tour to all the cool places off the beaten track. What a cool mum! To keep up to date with Miss Monster’s antics, check out her Facebook page

Favourite – Zombieland Favourite Band – Disturbed Phobias – Heights

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One of the most underrated bands out there, Audio Insight have generated a lot of press coverage, with critiques ranging from ‘One of the best unsigned bands in NJ’ to ‘‘This prog-rock trio sounds fuller than a four or five-piece band”. This is undoubtedly due to the sheer amount of raw talent shown by the band members, and it’s hard to believe that the band has only been playing together for a few years. Anthony Celi’s guitar prowess rivals that of legends, with haunting solo’s and driving rhythms, while Mike manages to keep up with some very tight bass guitar. Dan’s drumming is something else entirely, a cross between Josh Eppard and Danny Carey, and is as much a part of the melody as the guitars. When I first talked to the band, they had just released their first studio album ‘Dimensions’, and I was blown away by just how professional the then 19 year olds sounded. Two years on, the trio is gearing up for the launch of their second album, and has released a new single ‘Bathe in the Earth’, available on bandcamp. We asked Anthony if he could take a moment and give us a bit of insight. How did you get together/form the band? I met Mike back in high school. After months of bugging each other saying we were going to meet up and jam sometime, we finally did. From there Mike introduced me to one of his friends who he grew up with; that kid was Dan. The first time all 3 of us played together was shockingly fluent. We had a definite chemistry despite the fact that we all came from different musical backgrounds. How would you describe your music? Progressive Post-Hardcore without a doubt. Where did you learn your instruments? It’s funny - whenever we answer this question we get a weird look, because people are always shocked to find out that we’re all self taught. Where do you get your inspiration? We all come from slightly different musical backgrounds, but the band definitely has some core influences: At The Drive-In, Coheed and Cambria, Deftones, The Fall Of Troy, The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd, and Rush are all big ones. There’s a lot more though. Personally, I’m into a lot of atmospheric stuff as well: Bjork, Kaki King, Radiohead... What made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music? There’s nothing that we love more; we put everything into it. It really comes down to that. Writing this music is more than just a creative outlet for me. It’s everything I’m feeling, everything I’m thinking, everything I am and want to be. I learn a lot about myself through writing this music, and the fact that people enjoy and support it is more than encouraging.

Anthony Celi - Guitar/Vocals (Centre) Daniel Sullivan - Drums/Percussion (Left) Michael Deverin - Bass (Right) MAY 2013 * revALTz

Photography by Julianne Karr

When did you discover your love of performing? It goes hand and hand with writing. We perform the music the way it’s written; with extreme passion and authentic feeling. It takes us over, and it’s wonderful.


Audio Insight are:


What has been the biggest challenge for your group? Just constantly getting yourself out there. We’re doing everything we can to try and spread the music. Traveling, promoting, etc. It takes a lot out of you, but we’re going to keep on keepin’ on.

How to make an up-cycled

What are your songs about? A lot of our music, especially the newer stuff, encompasses abstract emotions and imagery. There is definitely some underlying content and purpose as well -- a lot of philosophical and psychological subtext. It’s a whole lot of everything and a whole lot of nothing (see what I did there?) What has been your biggest break or greatest opportunity to date? We got to play at Bamboozle two years straight -- 2011 and 2012. That was amazing. The second year we shared the stage with Periphery and some other cool bands, and were playing the same festival as Foo Fighters. It was crazy! We met a lot of people and gained a lot of fans there. Any time we travel is always amazing as well. How do you relax when you’re not performing or working? Writing and listening music, haha. I’m thinking about music about 75% of the time even when I have some downtime. Other than that I read a lot, watch a lot of science fiction and horror, and sleep as much as I can -- oh, and I have an unhealthy obsession with Roseanne.

Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on stage, if you care to share it! It’s never a good time when something goes wrong with my pedalboard. I have nightmares about that kind of stuff. Who writes the songs? I write the skeleton of the music. I’ll start out with a full song on guitar and basic ideas of how the drums and bass tie in and bring that to Mike and Dan who add their own nuances and flavor. Vocal melodies and lyrics come sporadically over time. It’s all a very naturally flowing process. I don’t think it’s good to just sit down and say “alright, I’m going to write a song”. It doesn’t feel right; force is never a good thing.

Where is the furthest from home you have performed? At the moment, Minnesota. We played at the Mall Of America a couple of years ago. Other than that, we regularly tour through PA, NY, and VA. We’re constantly trying to expand our travel range. Do you currently have an agent? Everything is self booked, but we have a lovely PR and Marketing Team over at Framework Media Strategies, courtesy of Mr. Jerry Sullivan. What is your up to date performance schedule for this year so we can keep all your fans informed? MAY Regional Tour Dates: 5/17: Richmond, VA - Wolves Den 5/18: Norfolk, VA - The Iguana 5/24: Asbury Park, NJ - The Saint Do you have any links to video and media coverage, Facebook, twitter etc. that people could check out? All of our updates and music can be found on our facebook, bandcamp, and youtube pages: Facebook: Bandcamp: Youtube: Photography : Stephanie Takavchin



AnimalSistaHoodie 37

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Do you have any goals that you are aiming for? Our goal is to be able to do this for a living. We’re really taking this as far as we can go. It’s been a steady rise thus far, and the only way to go from here is up! We’re planning on recording a new EP this summer and we’re working with a very very special producer to make that happen. We don’t want to let his name out just yet, but we’ll give you guys a hint: He was involved with bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and Coheed and Cambria for a long while.



NE • A pre-loved soft toy (Thrift store, or steal one from U YO your nearest child) • A hoodie to up-cycle • Sewing machine, matching thread and a needle • Scissors, pins • Trinkets, treats and buttons to embellish eyes/paws.










in the soft toy to the hood and try on in the mirror until you are happy with the way it sits on you. The wider the soft toy head and paws are spread out, the more flattering it will be for your face shape.


ew around the pinned head and paws using a wider stitch setting on your machine. Remember to go slowly to gain more control when sewing the curves. If you don’t have a sewing machine or your machine is not heavy duty enough to handle the fur thickness, then you can blanket stitch around the edge of your soft toy to secure it.

*Check youtube for more information on blanket stitching.



sing a needle and matching thread sew on the buttons and trinkets you would like to use to embellish the paws and/or eyes. Using different sizes for the eyes can make a cute dazed and confused look.


rincess Paincakes is a re-fashion designer for Phrenics by day and a roller girl for Rock n Roller Derby Circus by night. Phrenics is a Christchurch clothing and accessories company that takes pre-loved clothing and refashions them using recycled and vintage materials. This makes most of their pieces one of a kind and specially revamped for the individual customer. Phrenics provides earth friendly and ethically made items and donates a percentage of profits to local charities within the community. Whether you’re after a dress or an outfit for an upcoming event or you want to rock up your every day wear, they have you covered. So look fabulous in Phrenics today and help save the world, one dress at a time.


Facebook : Youtube : MAY 2013 * revALTz

Sarah Wilkes Photography Hair by Style Mystic Photographs by Sarah Wilkes Photography


op it on and look rad while congratulating yourself for getting your creative on and helping save the earth. We would love to see your up-cycled creations! Please feel free to share a photo of your Sistahoodies on our Facebook page AND BE IN TO WIN SOME PHRENICS GOODIES!!!!

Models are Precious Mess, Skulls & Morphine & Lucy Fear from Rock n Roller Derby Circus



ut the paws and head of your soft toy and remove all the stuffing.




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What are your thoughts on matching tattoos for partners? I think it’s awesome! I’m in the process of doing the very same thing. That way it’s more symbolic and easy to create your own meaning to it.

A drunken leprechaun in promotion for the Irish Pub’s Facebook page. But it was kinda my idea. I also did a basic rectangular strip of this 1930’s or something brown wallpaper…was VERY random.

Do you think the mainstreaming of tattoos is a good or bad thing? Why?

What do you like to do when you are away from the tattoo gun?

Bit of both, its good in a sense that more people are coming to get tattooed so keeps us in business. But then again it can become a ‘cool’ thing and way too accessible to just anybody to buy a machine online and think they’re a tattooist and it’s a good idea to tattoo drunk or unhygienically, creating a bad name for those that do it as profession.

Spend time with my family

Have you had any negative experiences with clean skin folk with regards to your body modifications? Yea for sure. As long as there are people, there will always be judgment! Do you follow the old school rules about tattooing – like saying no to a hand or neck tattoo as first ink if they are clean skin? Definitely, because people don’t realize that as it may be a good idea at the time, it will cause judgment in later life when trying to get a job etc and it’s the hardest places on the body to hide. It’s also about having good standards as a tattooist, not a lot of people will tattoo the hands or neck of a first time client because it’s a crazy idea! What was your first tattoo experience?

Who is your biggest inspiration? Why? Hmm it’s hard to pick just one; I have a few in different styles. I take a lot of inspiration from Shige in his Japanese styles and the way he works in negative space, yet I love the old school works of Jim Sylvia and Jasmin Austin, and the realism of Theresa Sharp and Hannah Aitcheson…the black and grey styles of Carlos Torres and Bob Tyrrell…gah there’s too many! What makes your style different to others? Because my perfectionist attention to detail makes my line work and tattooing incredibly precise compared to a lot of other artists styles. I am pedantic in my application and all that fussiness shows in the end result. How did you all meet? I met Jak at a tattoo expo held in CHCH 6 years ago through a mutual friend and she got me a job tattooing where she was working and it developed from there. I met bonnie when she became that same shops new desk bitch/apprentice lol. We became close going through the events of Feb 22nd in town together.

MAY 2013 * revALTz

Painful! Lol I had no idea what to expect, quite funny looking back. But I’m glad I kept getting them because none of them have ever been as bad as my 1st!

What do you think of the current craze of tattoo shows on TV? I don’t think much of them, I think it opens the eyes of some to think that they can go ahead and buy online kits and think they are a tattooist without any training or skill all because they’ve ‘watched the show’. Do you go to tattoo expo’s? I’ve been to a couple. I helped out behind the scenes in the 3 SINZ expos that were held in CHCH. I’d love to travel and work at some of the big ones overseas. What are people most likely to request you personally to tattoo? Probably fine line work, like in lettering or Maori/Polynesian styles. I love doing fiddly things What was it like to give your first tattoo to a paying client? It was humbling, and amazing to think that people wanted my art etched onto their skin forever, AND pay me to do so. Like a double bonus

When did you get your first tattoo?

Are there any parts of the body you refuse or really dislike to tattoo? Why?

What was it? I was a late bloomer; I got my first at 18. I got a tribal scorpion ‘tramp stamp’ (lower back)

Genitals….a bit too personal for me.

Tell us about Maid of Ink and what prompted you to open when and where you did. Well it’s always been a plan of ours to open an all-female studio, and when the earthquake took our old shop and our dear friend with it, we thought let’s just do it now…why not! It was bonnie who seen the place for lease in Lyttelton (an area she loved) and yes I was skeptical at first with the tunnel and all, but didn’t take long to get over my fear and fall in love with Lyttelton. How did you get started with tattooing? It was from a friend who put the idea into my head after watching me sketch for ages, so I put together a portfolio of my drawings and went door knocking till someone took me on as an apprentice!

How do you handle advising a clean skin against a bad tattoo choice?

Do you think free hand drawing skills are still essential to be a good tattoo artist or has technology like Photoshop made it otherwise?

By reminding them of the permanence and ‘phases’ of tattoos. And usually I try to tackle an idea from a different angle to get them to think about the different possibilities they can get, and try and convince them in a more gentler approach without saying ‘your idea is a bad choice’, gets them thinking about it more when there’s lots more choice lol.

I think drawing skills are of course essential, and with technology these days it certainly helps the process. I can sometimes rely solely on Photoshop and get a bit lazy, but in the long run it doesn’t matter how it’s done, as long as you have the creative skills to pull it off in tattooing itself.

Who would you most like to work with? Why? Probably Hannah Aitcheson, she’s an awesome role model for women in this industry and I would learn so much from her. To be able to sit in on her doing pinups would be fantastic! Can you describe your favourite type of client? Ones that keep still! And also ones that say, I want a tattoo….I have skin…do whatever you want…! Have you ever had a nightmare client? How were they a nightmare? Ummmm…’s usually those that don’t trust our creative flow. Or drunken people wanting stupid things lol. What has been the hardest part of being involved in this industry? Feeling equal enough in such a male dominated industry. Also running a shop I’ve found, the ins and outs are rather stressful at times!


We spoke with Maid of Ink’s Emma, about her shop and job

What is the oddest tattoo request you’ve had?


Who is your favourite tattoo artist legend? God too many to name, Bob Tyrrell, Guy Aitcheson, Shige, Mitch Allenden, Jesse Smith, Theresa Sharp, Hannah Aitcheson, Tim Kern….just to name a few What was the first tattoo you ever gave? It was a small rose on my mums shoulder. If you could tattoo anyone at all, living or dead, who would it be and why? What kind of tattoo would you give them? My bestie Sarah-eve…she’s not a fan which is why I would just love to get her in the chair and convince her! Did you decide to only have female tattoo artists in your shop or was it just the way things came together? It was a decision we made because it’s never been done in NZ. What do family and friends think of your job? Do they support you? Yea their support has been awesome; I’ve tattooed basically my whole family. They support it coz it’s something I love and it makes me happy...and keeps me outta trouble! Do your family have tattoos? Yep, a lot of them have my first works which is a bit embarrassing but thankfully I have/can cover or fix them lol What’s your favourite style of tattoo? New old school and Maori

Worked as a check-out chick at a supermarket Do you have any links to video and media coverage, Facebook, twitter etc. that people could check out? Yep check out our Facebook page: Is there anyone special that you would like to thank for helping make your dream come true? First and foremost, the lovely Sue Moore who took me on as an apprentice and taught me everything there is to know and devoted her time and energy to helping me achieve my goals. My parents who bought me my first kit and supported me from day 1. My wife who constantly encourages and helps me to push myself, she’s so understanding of the extra hours I need to sometimes put in which helps me to feel ok about not being home a lot of the time! My kids who continue to love me. My amazing colleagues Jak and Bonnie for traveling through this journey with me and being the most awesome crew to ever have the pleasure to work with. My loyal and amazing clients who have awesome ideas and trust in me to permanently brand them! And also to the local artists who have helped me along in some way or another by showing me their skills and letting me sit in and watch and talk their ears off while working for them.

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Favourite song? How about favourite band instead! SYSTEM OF A DOWN Favourite food? Good old cheeseburgers, double/triple anything cheesy! Favourite movie? The Neverending Story….love a classic Phobias? Spiders….ugh Celeb crush? Lol, I’m gonna get so much sh*t for this, but Mariska Hargitay Day person or night owl? TOTAL night owl Any tattoos or piercings? Of course! I have 3 lip piercings and a HEAP of tattoos Best and worst pick-up lines you have used or had used on you? Um it’s been 9 years since ever having to use a pick up line! All I said was…do u date younger women?! Lol


What did you do before becoming a full time tattoo artist?





yberdog was conceived during the heady days of Rave in the early 90’s when its founders Terry Davy and her partner Spiros Vlahos grew tired of the standard clubwear available (cheesy smiley T shirts and baggy jeans) and set out to make clothes they were happy to wear themselves. So they incorporated reflective materials, neon colours and flashing lights into a futuristic fashion collection, the DNA of which is still very present in today’s collection. Cyberdog has always focused on cutting edge designs and fabrics, always trying to be a fashion leader rather than a follower. So many clubbers stopped them to ask where they got their outfits, that they started to take orders. It wasn’t long before they had invested in their own stall in Camden Market, London’s alternative centre. In those days the stall consisted of nothing more than a piece of fabric and some deck chairs, but very quickly the business grew and a more permanent pitch was found for the fledgling clubbing brand. So popular with clubbers and pop stars alike, Cyberdog needed more and more outlets, and so the first store in Covent Garden was replicated throughout the world. At one time Cyberdog boasted stores in Tokyo, Brazil, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Switzerland. Cyberdog’s style is Neon Futuristic, with a twist in the tail of most its garments. There are t-shirts that light up, designs that glow in the dark, and

prints that come with their own 3D glasses so that your friends can enjoy a trippy experience while you laugh at their dumbstruck expressions as the art leaps from your chest!!! Cyberdog was one of the first fashion companies to recognise the importance of the internet, and in 1998 they launched which immediately proved a hit with tourists who could take their memories of the pulsating store back home with them and shop on line. And Cyberdog stores are an experience without any comparison anywhere in the world. The massive Cyberdog flagship store in Camden is over 10,000 sq ft and incorporates 9 meter high robots, a 6 meter wide graphic equaliser and enough androids and UFO’s to make their own sci-fi movie! The futuristic culture is threaded through everything that Cyberdog does. The staff are called Space Cadets, the stores are called Earth Stations and the company’s mascot is a 2 thousand year old space alien who has taken the form of ‘Chi Chi’ the Chihuahua who adorns every garment and product with his now iconic Cyberdog logo. Naturally Cyberdog is all over social media. It has a facebook page CYBERDOGOFFICIAL which has 50,000 followers, a Twitter feed, Instagram and Tumblr for style tips and regular blogs and newsletters. From the very beginning Cyberdog has had a celebrity following, from Gary Newman and Boy George, to Nikki Minaj and the Black Eyed Peas. That pretty much sums up their appeal. From Cyber culture to more edgy mainstream fashions, Cyberdog always manages to bark louder than any independent fashion label and at 20 years old, it has proven that this dog has teeth!


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Hello, My name is Hurb. I’ve been tasked with reviewing local talent - Awesome! I urge you to do the same. It isn’t my job to critique an artist’s work, and critics are people I personally don’t invest any of my time on. It was a music critic who said a new band called Led Zeppelin “Wouldn’t amount to much.” I can give you my opinion on a record but it’s just my opinion, yours may be different. If you disagree with me - that’s great because you listened to it.







We have some world class artist’s right here in our back yard and we’ll bring as many as we can to your attention. The important thing is to LISTEN and listen good. Get your hands on “Death of a Muse”. Sleeping Dogs’ latest impressed me before I even heard it. If I were to judge this ‘book’ by its cover I’d score it 10/10 - the record is extremely well presented. However the cover art really raised my expectations. The band now had to at least match this quality with their music. Their songs raised my eyebrows but this isn’t just a collection of good songs. There’s some clever stuff going on in there. It’s daring and different, which might scare some listeners off. Those of you who are a little more open-minded will enjoy this record for what it is. - A clever collaboration, contributing their talents to create a great body of work. I don’t want to give too much away here because it’s a ‘must listen’. Especially if the idea of a Bowie - Muse collab’ excites you. Will I go and see Sleeping Dogs Live? Hell yes I will. I know the song “Beautiful Surrender” and it was playing in my head the instant I read the cover of the C.D I’d just retrieved from my letterbox. I knew it was a clever pop-rock tune but now I had the chance to sit down and dissect this Ashei ear-worm. So to confirm what I already knew, Beautiful Surrender is pretty much the blueprint for the perfect pop-rock hit. It’s got everything. Listen to it! - It’s that good. Ashei are superb instrumentalists and Emma’s voice just tops it off. Beautiful Surrender is the product of each member of Ashei playing precisely what is right for the song. Hard to believe I know, but just go see them perform it live and you’ll see for yourself. It’s frickin’ perfect and I wish I wrote it so I could sell it to marketing companies to sell their clients latest product on T.V. -Hurb Gill

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