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The media has become so popular that its almost impossible to escape it. When you think about a normal day in everybody’s life, you can understand how all of this aspects have become so dominant that they’re now considered as a basic need. It is arround constantly by ways of advertisements, television, radio, films and newspapers. Every choice we make everyday, from what we eat to what we purchase, are influenced by the media. Mass media has been creating stereotypes, views and opinions of what we should and should not do, what we buy, what we consume, what to believe in and how we should live. It has been a big impact to the world because of the strenght it has taken and the importance we all give to it. It has become a lifestyle. It affects us all because it creates limits and barriers among people creating discrimination. Everybody wants to be accepted in our society. This has make people begin to worry for what we carry and own much more than what we really are. People care so much for their personal image and leave a side the real meaning of life. Television is one of the most influential source of communication because of the amount of people that can have acces to it. It makes people have a small dependention and forget their priorities. It has a strong power to influence and make people believe that what they say is true. Celebrities bear so much upon people that they begin to lose their personality and begin to act and speak like them. Media has been a great impact to the world but it has to be controlled. People have been really affected becuase of what they see or hear in television, radio, or any other medias. Agressiveness is an example, so we have to be careful with what we trust. It has been proven that information is not always true, and it doesn’t give always possitive messages.

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