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Is Costa Rica a Healthy Culture? People are always talking about the importance of a balance diet, a good sleep habit and how important it is to do some exercise. The rest of us, we are always complaining about how tired we are, how many hours we have miss in the night, just watching television or being in the internet and the worst part is that the lack of time we have, we spend it on fast food and just chilling around. Maybe it could ring some bells to many of us when someone says “I don’t have enough time to do exercise” or “I’m too tired to walk”. This could be the time to change it. When we are shopping or hanging out with friends, at least in our country, there is no other activity but to go to eat something. People believe that, if they are eating a McDonald’s salad, it is ok and it does not matters because it is lettuce and tomatoes but what people ignores is that a salad is way more full of calories than a normal combo. We have the wrong idea that if you are eating some KFC chicken (or whatever it is, because actually, it is no chicken), if you take out the skin part it becomes fat free or actually better than any other fast food. I am not saying that we just have one activity to do, but if you take a look into the normal activities that people’s do, It is always having lunch, having a drink or going to the movies which normally ends up at the food court of some mall. It is funny because it happened to me once. I invited my friend to have lunch and after that we did not know what to do and the only options we saw available were going to a coffee shop or to the movies and eat pop corn, or actually going for a beer. We were just freezed about how full of food are Costarrican’s activities. In our country, it is normal to find out that the way to solve problems involves food. If you have to talk about something to one of your friends, you invite them to eat. If you want to catch up, you go for a coffee. When someone feels bad, the fist thing that people ask is if they have already eaten something and even more if they have a terrible hangover, people think that the best way to get better is with a chicken soup. We are just sabotaged about food but we never think about the way to help our body to make faster our metabolism. If we are not going to change our entire culture of food 5 to 6 times per day, we can do something about trying to change the food we chose to eat. We are always looking for something to blame about how bad we are, but the guilty ones are ourselves. At night, we can’t sleep but we should think twice the next time we eat a cheeseburger instead of something a little more light. We have the power to choose the way we want to spend the rest of our years and maybe we should start choosing a healthy life and a better way to spend our time, not going to eat with friends, instead, invite them to make some exercise with you.

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