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Media: friend or foe? In the last ten years, technology has been the new way for people to connect. Is way simpler to send a text message or an email than make a phone call. As always, people tend to push to the limits and when someone starts witch technology it is hard to say no to it. At the beginning, it was only the television the new type of media who made changes in people’s life until the internet came out. The most important thing to recognize about the internet is that it is the biggest way to communicate anything, besides is a nonstop source. At this point, to access to any kind of information is basically possible and that could be one of the many risks that internet contains. For many people is impossible to start a day without accessing the internet or any other source of information, but we have to think about if we really need the news or any other thing that could bother our mental health. If we take a look to the news that we are exposed every day, maybe we will find out that most of them are bad news or negative points of view about life. We are getting used to hear about suffer and tragedy. This could be one of the many sides that information at any time of the day has. It is important to believe that news are just news and maybe the world keeps going if you are not that pending to a source of information. Over the top we have to think about what we can change in our lives that makes us feel better or at least less worst. At the end of the day you can walk into your house and turn on the television and believe that watching the news two times per day makes you a better citizen, but the truth is that what makes you a good person is whatever you were doing before turning on the news. The real meaning of “news” is if you are making something good or bad to your own life or to the others. Maybe, there will come the time when we stop to think that other’s tragedy makes us lucky, but we are the ones with the power to change it. I guess is time to turn off the television and turn on our lives .

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