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Vicky Arbuthnot Designer.


PRODUCT OF THE NORTH WEST Made from the finest quality products that Mum and Dad had to offer. Natural source of humour, proven to fight off illness and to help carry more oxygen round your body. This product is an important part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

APPLICATION For best results, use intensively on a day to day basis


25 16


Charles & Ray Eames / Lucienne Day M.C. Escher / Victor Vasarely Wim Crouwel / John Pawson Andy Warhol / Marcel Breuer Mies Van der Rohe People Will Always Need Plates



Store in a cool, dry place. Optimum temperature between 16 and 25˚c, with suitable ventilation.

Family / Friends / Liverpool Architecture / Travel Football / A Good Chair Chocolate Hob Nobs

Cups of tea may also increase the longevity of this product.









BEST BEFORE END Aged 67* - after which I shall mostly be eating cheese and drinking fine wines in the South of France *dependant on the latest retirement age set by Government.


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Brain food 2008 - Liverpool John Moores University BA (Hons) Interior Design 1st Class 2005 - Liverpool Hope University College Foundation Degree in Art and Design Merit 2004 - St. Hilda’s High School A-Levels: Art, History, Geography; AS-Level: Mathematics (grades B-C)

Cake Baker


2002 - St. Hilda’s High School 10 GCSEs A* - B grades

Muscle development 2009 - present National Design Academy Interior Design Tutor Providing tutoring to a diverse student body, from Diploma through to BA (Hons) level.

Use in conjunction with the following: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp, GIMP, Microsoft Office, ArchiCAD, Audacity, Pinnacle Studio


Allergy advice

• Not suitable for those with high levels of incompetence • May have a reaction to those who contain traces of laziness • Has a partial dislike to celery

2009 - present NDA Private Clients Assistant Designer Supporting the Senior Designer in producing concept schemes, technical drawings, fully rendered visuals, and finalising project fit-outs. 2009 - present VISION magazine Editor, Designer and Writer Developed, created, designed and edited a successful Interiors magazine produced on behalf of the NDA.

Recyclable To be used over, and over, and over again

We think you’ll love Vicky Arbuthnot, but if you don’t, please tell us why. Any questions or comments gratefully received at: 41 Mundella Road, Nottingham, NG2 2EP or Applies to UK and Republic of Ireland only. Call us on 07890574768. Your statutory rights are not affected.



A word from your Tutor “Dedication, passion and enthusiasm; qualities that all of you possess. It has been a great year for our graduates, with the quality of work becoming stronger all the time. The fantastic results achieved by everybody are a testament to all your hard work. Whatever your next step may be, I wish you all the very best of luck.

“On this, your graduation day all stand and give cheer To honour you for all the work you’ve done to get you here. As we rise and give applause be sure you don’t forget That learning is not over as your future plans are met.

Enjoy your graduation day! I for one, am immensely proud of your achievements.

May you always be a listener and learn from all you meet

“I would like to congratulate all the graduates for 2011! I wish you all the best for the future and I know you will achieve great things. It has been an honour guiding you throughout your studies”.

Vicky Arbuthnot Designer

By Joanna Fuchs

Graduation is always a very special occasion for any student, and today is no different. Over the past year since the 2010 Graduation ceremony, we have seen the immense progression made by all of you, through the willingness and determination to complete your respective degrees.

The Directors and Tutors would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all on your wonderful achievements and wish you all the best for the future. Now, time to celebrate!!!

Pauline, Anthony, Helen and all the Tutors.

“Well done to the graduates of 2011! You have been an inspiration to work with and you should be very proud of what you have achieved.

Sarah Lockett

Michelle Cree

Enjoy your graduation day. I know it will be a treasured memory.”

NDA Graduation 2011

In absentia - Graduation 2011 BA (Hons) in Interior Design

Clare Francis Helen Hall Gem Smith

Jill Farrelly Anthony Lingwood Juan Carlos Mayor-Carvajal

Andrew Amper Brian Banks Leica Barnard Jane Barnes Kathleen Barnes Susan Bartolome Anne Barton Catherine Barton Carly Brooks Jana Capova Karen Clinton Ailsa Collins Julie Cunningham Jennifer Dressel Lynn Fisher Melanie Fitzhugh Michelle Ghosh Lynn Gillham Janet Hall Jean Hamer Susan Hollister Joy Holmes Carol Ikin Susan Ing-Simmons Lurleen Johnson Jadwiga Karas Lesley Kerry Helen Lafferty James Linnington Lynette Liu

Natasha Wymer

“Congratulations to the graduates of 2011! It has been a privilege to support you through your studies, and to see the dedication and determination from you all to succeed. So, well done, and I wish you all the very best for the future”.

BA (Hons) in Interior Design

FdA in Interior Design

“Well what a fantastic year of graduates I’ve had! The standard of work I’m seeing just keeps getting better and better! Well done all of you”.

Liam Kerrigan

As our second group of students to graduate with Foundation Degrees, and some of you being the first students here today graduating with BA(Hons) Degrees, it is a chance for everyone here at the NDA to applaud all of your hard work, achievements and success in your fantastic results.

Students Graduating in 2011

Kim Moore

Vicky Arbuthnot

Always keep a student’s spirit and your life will be complete.”

NDA Graduation 2011

“Another string to your bow, a new career, gaining a qualification! Whatever your reason for beginning this journey, I would like to say congratulations and I wish you all the best of luck on your next one. For me, what has stood out the most with this years graduates is the level of determination; a strong and focused bunch who never give in. I am proud of you all”.

FdA in Interior Design Amanda McCorkell Kerry Meadwell Marcia Mignott Drucilla Nelson Elizabeth O’Rourke Erica Pearce Eugeny Pearce Stacey Phillips Natasha Prevost De Langristin Annette Price Kerry Prior Alison Roberts Natalija Rodina Wendy Rousseau Deborah Roxburgh Maryam Safai Naraghi Vida Semenyo Maxi Shelton Barbara Stares Collette Stone Julie Stuart Lisa Sutton Alison Vollans-Bentley Samantha Wagstaffe Elisa Wallace Samantha Watts Doreen Whittaker Lyn Wimbush Jacqueline Winchester Jennifer Wright

NDA Graduation 2011

Trudie Ahrens Gayle Alfieri Monika Asztalos Zoe Baldwin Sonia Bawden Claire Bell Sharon Bentham Vedranka Burgar Claire Button Victoria Calder Sallie-Ann Clark James Clarke Helen Clifton Ruth Coglan Grant Compton Mona Cook Teresa Cook Lisa Di Stefano Linda Geary Catherine Gittins Karen Haddock

Hanna Hobday Ruth Hudson Elaine Irvine Liza Jerram Sam Johnson Michelle Jones Neil Kitchin-Wilson Deborah Krivec Karen Lane Dawn Maguire Jyoti Mahboobani Aneta Matewska Agnieszka Matyjaszek Jayne Meldrum Faigen Mos Agnieszka Muszynska Denise Oakley Gail Oglanby Annette Orton Laura Penman Annette Price

Jucelinne Rafique Stella Rees Fiona Revell Jennifer Rhone Laura Richards Audrey Robinson Nicola Rosser Nabila Saleh Deborah Seidel Fiona Short Lenka Stadnikova Evette Steed Ruth Swanton David Taylor Hannah Tyson Panna Wasani Jessica Wetherall Heather Williams Karen Wolfreys Michael Willey

NDA Graduation 2011

Getting your BA (Hons) with the NDA Go the extra step to achieve your Honours Degree INTERIOR DESIGN - BA (Hons) RETAIL DESIGN - Foundation Degree and BA (Hons) HERITAGE INTERIOR DESIGN - Foundation Degree and BA (Hons) DESIGN FOR OUTDOOR LIVING - BA (Hons)

still got the

education bug? Why not continue your studies with the NDA by enrolling onto our BA (Hons) in Interior Design? Or why not become one of the first designers in the UK to qualify in one of the newly emerging areas of specialist design.

BA (Hons) INTERIOR DESIGN: When studying on the BA (Hons) Interior Design, as well as acquiring those skills required for the professional practice of interior design, you will also develop knowledge and understanding of the ethical, cultural, economic and global impact of the subject. You will have the opportunity to undertake specialist study and to develop and redefine the relationships between spatial manipulation, furniture, lighting, colour, texture, surfaces, decoration, acoustics, technical and construction methods, and any other areas necessary to produce relevant interior design proposals located within a rigorous contextual and historical framework. The National Design Academy is delighted to announce the approval of 5 new design-related degrees that will enhance the range currently offered, and provide greater choice and specialisation. Building on the success of the BA (Hons) and Foundation Degree in Interior Design, these further degree courses will be available from 1st August 2011. RETAIL DESIGN (FdA & BA Hons): This focuses on understanding the customer experience in order to create innovative interiors and retail spaces that entice customers inside and provide them with an interesting and enjoyable experience. Understand the history of retailing and its development into modern day iconic buildings and interiors. A combination of interior design and shopping - who could resist? HERITAGE INTERIOR DESIGN (FdA & BA Hons): Creating sympathetic interior design for period properties, either restoring and designing to the date of construction or creating contemporary interiors within period properties with all the challenges that that entails. Listed, non listed, grand or small, this will suit budding designers with a keen interest in period properties. It will also appeal to those working as volunteers within heritage properties who would like to expand their knowledge and gain a degree. DESIGN FOR OUTDOOR LIVING (BA Hons): Design the transitional space between the inside and outside, extending the interior design to the adjacent area outside. Create beautiful Patios, terraces, pool areas; even balconies deserve the same TLC as the interior space. Discover residential and commercial uses for hard landscaping, outdoor furniture and accessories, lighting, water features, plants and planting. This is not a gardening course but will draw on skills from the FdA Interior Design (or similar level course) to achieve this rapidly emerging new design specialism. The National Design Academy is the only design school to offer specialist qualifications in these areas. To register your interest in advance, please contact the Academy.

National Design Academy Graduation booklet 2011

Vicky Arbuthnot Designer

VISION - Profile edition, March 2011

VISION - Residential Rules, November 2010

VISION - Resticted Spaces, August 2010

National Design Academy

VISION - Profile edition, March 2011 Jonathan Ive

VISION - Profile edition, March 2011 Kelly Hoppen

VISION magazine A selection of front covers and layouts from various editions


Vicky Arbuthnot Designer





1.4 billion iPods. 175 million iMacs. 100 million iPhones. 7.5 million iPads. One decade. It has been estimated that nearly a third of the world’s population have purchased a product designed by this man. Jonathan Ive has had such a profound effect upon the way in which we view and interact with technology, that it seems odd to not be more acquainted with the man who holds one of the highest positions at a phenomenal global brand. The Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple is notorious for keeping a low profile; his products have become his voice. So what do we know of one of the most influential product designers of our time? As you can probably gather, not an awful lot. However the precision, design quality and innovation that has now become synonymous with the juggernaut that is the Apple brand, can also be applied to that of the almost stealth-like man from Chingford.

The path of Ive’s career starts off in Newcastle Polytechnic, where his talents didn’t go unnoticed by his peers. Being described as “almost frightened by his own talent” firmly cements the diffident nature that Ive possesses. Instead of basking in the lime light which seems to be part and parcel of an Apple product release, Ive continues his quest to be at the forefront of innovation in an industry that progresses like no other. His seventy-hour working week underpins the severe, almost obsessive dedication to his job, which in return endorses Ive’s position as one of the most influential and celebrated designers in recent decades.

“It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better”.

bears the hallmark of his motto “sorry, no beige”. In an age where the fashion conscious population now seamlessly blends in with the techsavvy, Ive’s designs have the appeal to not only cross generations, but engage those who‘s idea of “cutting edge technology” hit the heights of a teasmade.

“Sorry, no beige”. We have a lot to thank Jony Ive for over the past decade. Not only for his tireless efforts and continuing determination to make our lives more design-led and inspiring, but also to showcase that British design really is a leading light across many disciplines.

However, with the news that Ive is contemplating a move back to these fair isles in order for his new family to be British educated, could this signal the end of an era for Apple whose dominance in a worldwide market is overwhelming? So what makes Ive stand out in an Silicon Valley or Chingford, Ive will industry that measures success in no doubt still command the respect of the number of gigabytes and industry peers and fans alike. the speed of a chip? Firstly, it is important The highly anticipated UK release of the iPad 2 has not only to Apple now been confirmed for 25th March 2011. With two but to Ive himself, cameras, HD video recording, a thinner, lighter design and longer battery life, the iPad 2 will further enhance the that every quality and innovation expected from the computing giant. product Rumours also surface for the release of the iPhone 5,






Designer Profile - Jonathan Ive Profile Edition of VISION March 2011 04 Jonathan Ive

05 Jonathan Ive

In a career spanning nearly thirty-five years, Britain’s first lady of Interior Design has firmly established herself amongst the most sought after designers in the industry. An evolution of design trends, technology and cultures hasn’t stopped Kelly’s distinctive style transcending all of these, yet still being faithful to her signature style of opulent East-meets-West.

Vicky Arbuthnot Designer

A successful designer can be defined as one who embraces shifts in style and direction, yet still whose work is distinct enough to be recognisable and pioneering. Kelly Hoppen, amazingly enough, has been able to sustain such a simple style for a number of years by ensuring that her designs stick to the three criteria that make her work so recognisable; simplicity, elegance and opulence. However, being in the industry for so long and at such a sustained level, can bring around a few problems. It is fine to have a signature style that is recognisable to the masses, but as a designer, how do you keep your profile fresh?

06 Kelly Hoppen

One way in which Hoppen has managed to do this is with her online presence. Embracing technologies and social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and having her own iPod/iPad app has pushed Kelly’s profile into a more mainstream format. Her distinctive sharp and elegant style are still highly influential across the various media, with a personal presentation that is often classic, but casual.

On launching her app, Kelly states that the intention was “to give...insights into quick, easy and inspiring ways to design elements for your home”. In a generation where information is gathered and supplied on a fast-paced and continual basis, the app is perfect for those who want quick solutions to their home dilemmas. Making Interior Design accessible to the masses seems to have been another success for Hoppen, whose position as a leading light in the British interiors industry continues to go from strength to strength. So I suppose the moral of this short yarn is to never rest on your laurels. No matter how satisfied you are with your own achievements, a constant effort to improve your skills as a designer, the manner in which you market yourself, or even how you embrace new technologies can only help to keep you at the top of your game. And for one, Kelly Hoppen is certainly someone who doesn’t take their success and skill for granted.

Kelly’s App, ‘Home Style by Kelly Hoppen’, can be downloaded for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users now. The app continually features in the “New & Noteworthy” section of the App store in 72 countries.

Designer Profile - Kelly Hoppen Profile Edition of VISION March 2011 07 Kelly Hoppen

Vicky Arbuthnot Designer

John Pawson Think of John Pawson and what images come to mind? Stark, white spaces? Sharp lines? The word I detest the most… minimalism? If they are, then I’m afraid to say that they are not words to associate with said designer. My visit to the Design Museum’s major exhibition of all things John Pawson opened my eyes to a world of invisible colour and profound respect for a man who has been a leading light in astonishing architecture and design for longer than my (relatively) youthful mind can comprehend.

John Pawson Plain Space

John Pawson’s work is so graceful and cleverly masterminded that in reality, it can be difficult to understand how these spaces can have such an intense affect on your emotions if you cannot fully immerse yourself within them. Luckily, the Design Museum has taken the audacious step in installing a site-specific 1:1, fullsized installation that offers a direct experience of his work. This experience was something that I had never encountered before, or at least, had never had such an emotional response to a piece of design. Stepping into John Pawson’s world became almost an out-of-body experience. The gentle arched ceiling, seamlessly flowing into pin-straight walls, and finally concluding with a soft, angelic glow oozing from the light oak benches. This space was clever. The lack of

definition from start to end, where individual components became one, left you floating in the endless environment. Truly astonishing. The rest of the exhibition followed suit. From concept models to correspondence from Pawson’s many clients (including the Cistercian monks from Pawson’s celebrated Novy Dvur monastery, and a very difficult to please Karl Lagerfeld), every wall and pedestal illuminated a level of attention to detail that is rare within the design industry, and Pawson certainly is the master of it. Humour was also another element to the exhibition that was in full force. From the group of visiting Cistercian monks who were not overly impressed with the Pawson House, to the aforementioned Karl Lagerfeld who declared his hatred of “everything that is round” led to Pawson having never successfully implemented a concept for the famed fashion designer. A comforting thought that sometimes, even John Pawson doesn’t get it right. Plain Space at the Design Museum runs from 22nd September 2010 - 30th January 2011. Design Museum, Shad Thames, London, SE1 2YD

John Pawson: Plain Space - Design Museum exhibtion review VISION magazine - November 2010

not so plain after all


` Deja 2011 is a great year to celebrate all things British. The Royal wedding aside, vintage Britannia interior accessories are fast becoming the statement style of the year. However, there is much more to this trend than meets the eye. From April 2011 on the Southbank in London, the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain will be celebrated with a series of special events to mark the occasion. From Tracey Emin’s first major survey show in London (Hayward Gallery, 18th May to 29th August), to celebrations of ‘National Treasures’ and ‘Great Thinkers’ including the likes of Heston Blumenthal, Roy Walker and Paul Daniels, the four month event commends the best of British culture and creativity.

‘Festival’ wallpaper by London based company Mini Moderns

Paul Daniels aside, the 2011 Festival (from an Interior Designer’s perspective anyway) is a chance to applaud the dynamism, creativity and longevity of some of our most well-loved and treasured British design icons. The influences of Robin and Lucienne Day have always been apparent over the last 60 years (who hasn’t sat on a Robin Day Polyprop chair?!) and it was really this formidable duo that set the country alight all those years ago with their energetic and timeless


designs. In a nod to Lucienne Day, Mini Moderns have created the ‘Festival’ wallpaper that celebrates all that was good about the Festival of Britain 1951. As the Creative Directors of Mini Moderns state, “The design features highlights of the 1951 exhibition. Geometric shapes interplay with abstract representations of the iconic Skylon, the Dome of Discovery and the Royal Festival Hall. Its linear forms reflect the modernist architectural vision of structures specially commissioned for the festival”.

the 2011 celebrations surely acknowledge the significant and cultural influence upon the design industry today. Designers and consumers alike have embraced everything from the quirky to the slightly more subdued, however if you fancy embracing this style but don’t know where to start, why not have a read of Lesley Jackson’s new book ‘Robin & Lucienne Day: Pioneers of Contemporary Design’. If there was ever anything to inspire your inner retro design lover, 2011 is the perfect opportunity to do just this.

However, if these quirky prints are a little eccentric for your taste, Fired Earth have teamed up with Kevin McCloud to release a Mid Century Colour Palette that will undoubtedly bring some 1950s inspired design into your home. Colours from this capsule collection are bold and optimistic and capture the spirit of the time making them utterly relevant for today’s home.

Although there has been much debate over the decades about the importance and influence that the Festival of Britain 1951 had upon the country and the design legacy it created, the resulting collections for

Above: Mid Century Colour Palette by Kevin McCloud for Fired Earth. £29.50 for 2.5L,

Festival of Britain: 60 Years on Review written for ‘The Design Hub’ Interior design blog April 2011


Vicky Arbuthnot Designer

Creative Review competiton - Runner up 2011 Concept for alternative ‘do not disturb’ sign Competition run through Twitter

Vicky Arbuthnot Designer







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Got an eye for detail?

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.25 .24 .23 .22 .91

.89 .88 .94 .19

.93 .20

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.14 .13 .12

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Got an eye for detail?

Step 1: Colour in house Step 2: Cut out and fold house Step 3: Call the National Design Academy for details on Interior Design courses Step 4: 0115 912 3412

Make dot to dot puzzles at

National Design Academy Concept design for promotional postcards


Vicky Arbuthnot Designer

E-01 East Elevation

E-02 West Elevation

The Lounge Hotel - 2008 Project elevations for hotel design concept Final year project - LJMU

Vicky Arbuthnot Designer

E-03 South Elevation

The Lounge Hotel - 2008 Project elevations for hotel design concept Final year project - LJMU E-04 North Elevation

2011 portfolio  

Portfolio selection of graphic, concept, technical, and article work.

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