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Access to H.E. Course Law Unit Welcome to the law module! This course is designed for people who have no previous knowledge of the law. Teaching will take various forms, including discussions, research projects and activities as well as lectures. I am also planning visits to the courts and possible visits from legal professionals. I will encourage everyone to participate. Lessons will take place on Thursdays from 2.30 to 5.15pm in N6.5.

Tutor contact details: Name: Victoria Collins Email: I am in college Mondays to Thursdays, on Mondays to Wednesdays I will be based in P227. On Thursdays you will find me in the Health and Social Care / Access staffroom.

Units: 1. The courts of Law. 2. Personnel of the Law – the judiciary. 3. Personnel of the Law – the lay element. 4. Criminal Law 5. Criminal Law – Sentencing. 6. Contract Law.


VLE: All assignments will be found on the Virtual Learning Environment. I will also endeavour to add all lecture notes, interesting articles and other resources to the page. 1

Books: Any ‘A’ level Law textbook which contains the English, Legal System, Criminal and contract Law can be used. My favourite at the moment is AQA Law for AS by Jacqueline Martin (Hodder Education). There is also a selection of Law textbooks in the LRC. Please bear in mind that law changes rapidly, so if you choose to use a very old book you may find that the case law has been superseded. Websites: Please do not use Wikipedia; it’s not always a reliable source of information. Here is a list of just some of the useful websites I have found: – For legislation – The Law Commission. - For Law Reports - The Supreme Court – House of Lords Judgements. – Cases for the high courts and the Court of Appeal. – The Courts. For News / Cases: Newspapers Read the newspapers and watch the news, look for any developments to our legal system and any interesting cases. I would recommend The Times law supplement. You should be able to find copies in the LRC. Legislation and Case Law Please note that the course is based on law in England and Wales. Please do not refer to law or cases from other countries such as Scotland or America as they have a different legal system. 2

If you have any questions, comments or would like any support please come and speak to me. Victoria Collins LLB (Wales) Cert Ed.


Course handbook  
Course handbook  

Course handbook for Law module in the Access to HE ( Combined Studies ) course.