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PHILOSOPHY I am honored to lead Woodbury Financial Services, one of the industry’s leading independent broker-dealers. At Woodbury Financial, our core values of integrity, transparency, and relationship-building aren’t simply words, they are reflected in the way we conduct business on a daily basis. While I can tell you that Woodbury Financial is an advisor focused broker-dealer that shares your people-first approach to financial planning and insurance solutions, I invite you to experience it first hand. From the moment you are exposed to our firm, you’ll discover our passion around ensuring you have the resources and support you need to flourish. We offer a unique supervisory structure that allows you to focus solely on your clients. Our economic alignment provides an environment for growth and we believe delivers a greater return on investment to our advisors than any other broker-dealer. At Woodbury Financial, you get the best of both worlds. As part of Advisor Group, we’re able to offer the resources of a larger broker-dealer, yet we operate independently, which allows us to maintain the rich culture and close relationships of a smaller firm. Thank you for your interest in Woodbury Financial. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and showcase our firm. We’re proud to have a network of some of the most successful financial advisors within our Woodbury Financial community. Warm regards,

Rick Fergesen President & CEO Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.



Invested in‌ a unique supervisory structure and economic alignment that provides an environment for growth and delivers greater ROI to our advisors.

SERVICE & SUPPORT Woodbury Financial takes the definition of sales support to another dimension. The firm’s unique three-dimensional sales support, which includes local field leaders, a regionalized support team, and MVP service for top producers, is unmatched in the industry. By providing proactive and comprehensive sales support, we’ve helped advisors realize their vision of significant business growth.

Local Regional Vice President Support • Experienced partner with industry relationships you can leverage to develop business contacts, affiliations and strategic alliances • Delivers ongoing regional training and networking opportunities • Provides practice development strategies with insurance expertise to help you increase your revenue stream

Internal Sales Support Woodbury Financial provides you with internal sales support through the Sales Desk and the Advanced Sales and Qualified Plans team. This two-tiered structure provides you with solution-driven, product-agnostic resources to rely on for assistance across the spectrum – from simple product recommendations, to intricate case design. Together, this group includes 10 individuals who average more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.

MVP Service & Support The MVP Support team provides proactive, priority service to Woodbury Financial’s top-producing advisors. Access to the MVP Support Consultants is based on annual GDC production. If you qualify for MVP service, you will be given a special access code to reach the MVP Support Team. The MVP Service & Support group assists with: • Service case work and research • Business submission paperwork and general administrative questions • Brokerage information and support • Direct business tracking • Managed accounts information • Training on brokerage technology to enable self service • Commissions and licensing inquiries • Field technology password resets and general technology questions


ADVISORY SERVICES We offer an extensive menu of advisory services alternatives that gives you the flexibility and diversity to shift your business in the direction that is right for you. We support the complete spectrum of advisors who are self directed asset managers, fee-based financial planners or prefer to work with third-party money managers. Our dedicated Investment Advisory Services (IAS) team will help you realize your vision of significant business growth. Through strategic investment solutions, a robust fee-based platform, and superior customer service, the IAS team strives to meet and exceed your expectations so you can do the same for your clients. 4

One Platform with Multiple Investment Solutions and Tools

• Extensive Portfolio Analysis — to assess your clients’ current investments and asset allocations

Our Investment Advisory Platform is centered on the VISION2020 Wealth Management® Platform.

• Expansive Research Capabilities — to compare products and managers

This integrated, web-based, advisory platform features: • Third-Party Strategist Model Portfolios constructed by multiple, institutional-grade money managers • Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) that address specific investment goals • A Unified Managed Account (UMA) solution incorporating separately managed accounts, mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) • Advisor Managed Portfolios (AMP) that are customized to client objectives and risk tolerance Additional features of the platform include: • A Risk Tolerance Assessment Tool — to help position client assets

• A Thorough Proposal System — that allows advisors to present portfolio analyses, investment strategy and research to clients in one easy-to-read document

Third Party Money Managers This program includes an offering that enables you to select and manage Third Party Money Managers on behalf of your clients. Each of these programs allows you to provide innovative investment solutions to help you meet the unique needs of your clients. Additionally, instead of commissions, clients are charged an advisory fee that is based on their assets under management.



Invested in‌ integrated, award-winning technology solutions that help you get the job done.

TECHNOLOGY At Woodbury Financial, we used a common sense approach to developing a customizable, integrated technology solution that provides quick access to the tools you need to make informed decisions for your clients — and your practice. Advisor Portal is a completely innovative, holistic system that relies entirely on industry leading technology to drive financial advisor work, productivity and client services. From submission to commission, our robust platforms help you minimize paper flow, maximize office efficiencies, reduce software costs and ultimately provide better service and advice to your clients.

VISION2020 Advisor Portal Our VISION2020 Advisor Portal integrates all of our online resources into one cohesive environment. This dynamic resource aggregates the information and tools you, as a financial professional, need to provide the highest levels of service to your clients, and maximize your operational efficiency. The Advisor Portal’s powerful features include: • A personalized dashboard providing “one click” access to your frequently-used resources • A suite integrating all client and account management tools in one location • A broad palette of information and tools for daily office management needs • A robust product suite packaging everything you need to identify and sell the most suitable products and services to your clients • An advisory services area focused on the many fee-based resources our platform offers

• A collection of programs and services dedicated to business development • Access to online self-service tools ensuring our home office is accountable to your needs...and much more The VISION2020 Advisor Portal consolidates our resources into a convenient online experience, adapts to your work style and allows you to leverage your strengths to focus on your clients, and build your business.

Advisor Office Automation Suite Managing — and growing —your book of business is demanding. Our Office Automation Suite includes a CRM solution, an e-Forms library, e-signature capabilities and a document management system, all of which can be used either individually or as a package, depending upon your needs. The Suite’s goal is to ease the administrative burdens associated with conducting your day-to-day activities.


TRANSITIONONE SM When you’ve made the decision to join Woodbury Financial, we do everything possible to ensure a seamless transition. Our TransitionONE approach provides you with one team of licensed transition professionals, including one-on-one support from a dedicated transition liaison. These experts will thoroughly plan your transition process according to your unique requirements – and will stay with you every step of the way. We’ve helped hundreds of advisors successfully join us, using a three-stage transition process designed to minimize any possible disruption to your practice. 8

Planning Stage: Prior to Affiliation

• E&O Insurance – Apply for coverage within 24 hours

• Introductory Call – To fully understand your business

• Advisor Portal – Provide an overview of the website features and benefits

• Plan Strategy – Work with you to devise best strategy to move your book of business

• Compliance – Assist with the 30-day compliance requirements

• Registration Assistance – Provide assistance with registration process

• NetX® 360 – Complete login process and provide an overview on how to use

• Advertising – Assist in submitting advertising pieces for cursory review on a case-by-case basis and follow up on all submitted items • Training – Introduce technology tools on the Advisor Portal. Training will be an ongoing process throughout the transition • AdvisorMail – Initiate transfer of domain email

Transition Stage • Transitioning – Team will get you up and running as quickly as possible and assist with new accounts and transfers • AdvisorMail – Activate domain name and/ or email address: woodburyfinancial

Support Stage Woodbury Financial is committed to providing you with ongoing support for up to 90 days after your transition. • Review Transition Status – Review outstanding issues and any accounts not yet transferred • Transfer to Service Group – Hold an introductory call with the recruit and the Service Group



Invested in‌ product experts who provide competitive analysis and strategic insight to help you make the best product recommendations for your clients.

PRODUCT SOLUTIONS Woodbury Financial prides itself on offering our advisors the best and broadest selection of products backed by extensive research and due diligence.This level of independence enables you to provide truly sound advice to your clients, with the confidence that you’re presenting them with the best available solutions for their needs. Our Investment Research team will consult with you one-on-one to offer unbiased recommendations and support, while giving you strategic insight, positioning and comparisons among the tremendous range of products we enable you to offer.

Choice of Products • We give you the flexibility to access financial products from hundreds of companies. • Choose from more than 15,000 mutual funds, including 7,000 in our elite partner program • Access a broad range of variable annuity, insurance, retirement planning and alternative investment products • For fixed-income products, we give you the option of using multiple fixed-income inventory systems at no cost to you.

Product Expertise Woodbury Financial has regionalized experts in all product areas who support you by: • Keeping up-to-date on industry trends and regulatory changes • Researching products using competitive analysis and illustration tools

• Educating on product positioning and sales ideas • Procuring the best resources available from product companies such as training, education, practice management tools, and other value-added services

Product Distribution We have relationships with over 60 industry-leading companies. Our partner firms are the highest-caliber product manufacturers, distributors, and brokerage general agencies. Each partner firm is dedicated to helping you reach your sales and business goals with prospecting ideas, case management, product selection or business execution techniques.


COMPLIANCE Compliance is a priority with Woodbury Financial. That’s why we provide the expert consultation, support and tools you need to avoid regulatory issues, reduce complaints and manage risk. Our commitment extends beyond the routine supervisory duties and branch exams to include a full suite of resources that can greatly simplify compliance fulfillment. These resources include:


Annual Compliance Meetings (ACM): In addition to meeting your annual requirements online through RegEd, our ACMs are offered at our annual ConnectED Conference and Women’s Conference.

Advertising Consultation that puts a Marketing Compliance Analyst just one toll-free call away. Our Analysts will guide you through the steps that ensure your marketing initiatives meet FINRA and our firm’s guidelines.

Online Sales Practice Manual and Supporting Guides, for 24/7 access to up-to-date information on compliance issues faced by advisors. This valuable resource is backed by a dedicated phone support staff available during regular business hours.

Our Paperless Office: Guides and Support for Financial Advisors, which can support and enhance your efforts to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy in record-keeping when implementing an electronic storage solution.

An ever-expanding library of Pre-Approved Marketing and Advertising Materials developed with our professional marketing experts. Learn more by taking an interactive tour of our Advisor Marketing Center.

Access to electronic blotters and an online compliance-management application.

Partnering with you as you grow your business.



Invested in‌ resources and programs dedicated to helping you grow your business.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Woodbury Financial cares about the long-term success of your business, and it shows. When you join us, you’ll have local and regional sales support in a full range of endeavors geared toward meeting your specific goals for growth.

Business Planning and Development

Coaching Programs

solutions that enable you to effectively road-map your future. Your Regional VP will consult with you to create a detailed business plan, and our home-office team will provide the strategic support and services you need to make your long-term plans a reality.

On our advisors’ behalf Woodbury Financial has invested in the Exclusive Coaching Program, a one-year coaching program from Million Dollar Producer, one of the industry’s most successful coaches for advisors who operate high level practices. Many advisors who have participated in the program have doubled their income.

Streamline Office Functions Woodbury Financial has solutions to help your business become more efficient and profitable. These solutions can range from assistance in hiring competent staff, to advising you on the right software for your office, to providing you with the technologies that help you move toward the efficiencies of a paperless office.

Business Succession Planning An effective business succession plan enables you to protect what you’ve worked hard to build, maximize its value, and prepare to leave your business and clients in good hands. When you are ready to sell or transition your book of business, Woodbury Financial is positioned to offer consultative guidance and processing support for succession plan strategies.

Participants in this program benefit by learning to: • Systematize all aspects of client management •

Focus on tax, estate and wealth planning techniques

Build a lasting, successful recurring fee-based financial planning practice


SALES SUPPORT Woodbury Financial’s Internal Sales Support teams are staffed by experienced, licensed professionals who provide proactive and comprehensive sales support focused on helping you grow your book of business. With an average tenure of over 20 years in the industry, the team has vast experience and understands the field’s perspective.They can help identify sales opportunities and offer strategic solutions, product ideas, and sample case designs.

Support to Increase Sales 16

• Offer direct territory support, individualized analysis and recommendations • Provide training and case design for all product lines • Analyze inforce illustrations, create new illustrations, and follow up on pending cases • Connect you with new wholesalers and Woodbury Financial resources who will benefit your practice

Support for Business Growth • Provide customized training and coaching based on your growth strategy, goals, and challenges • Recommend technology solutions that focus on your business needs and maximize efficiencies • Maintain competitive intelligence on products with specialists to assist with complex cases • Help you develop a sound strategy and determine the best products for your clients • Provide guidance on practice development topics including succession planning, staffing, increasing payout, and more • Notify you of upcoming training opportunities that are a good fit for your individual business model

Advanced Sales Woodbury Financial is unique in the independent broker-dealer space in having two on-staff attorneys available to assist you with case design strategies and complex business issues. They provide subject matter expertise and sales assistance in the areas of: • Traditional advanced sales (insurance based) subjects that align with our position as a broker-dealer with insurance expertise –– Estate planning and charitable giving –– Business insurance –– Non-qualified benefit planning • Retirement plans –– Everything from IRAs to ESOPs • Non-traditional topics –– Long-term care, Medicaid and combination products –– Alternative investments Although the attorneys don’t provide tax advice, they understand and capitalize on the tax attributes of the products you sell by providing tax information designed to assist clients in making informed decisions.



Invested in‌ helping you build a strong brand identity. As a basis for your marketing strategy, your brand communicates meaningful perceptions about the values and qualities you bring to your clients.

MARKETING Marketing your business consistently and effectively can be easier than you think. Woodbury Financial puts effective, results-oriented marketing materials at your fingertips, and we back it up with the sound consultative support you deserve. Communications We keep you up-to-date via communications, which are timely, relevant, and address industry developments that impact your bottom line. Messages offer solutions, describe real-life scenarios, best practices, and point out compliance deadlines. Marketing vehicles include a company website with alerts and topics that address all areas of financial services; electronic newsletters; in-depth articles and bulletins; audio-visual materials; webinars and conferences; direct mail; PR support; and coaching by subject matter experts.

Advisor Marketing Center Everything we provide in our Advisor Marketing Center is pre-approved, which means your materials should not be a concern in the event of a compliance review. With us, you have on-demand internet access to: • Free, professional quality brochures, advertising and collateral pieces within the Forefield Marketing Library, which contains over 3,000 pre-approved marketing pieces.

• Free, customizable product sponsor materials with an independent advisor focus • Subsidized access to high-quality, third-party materials and newsletters • Volume discounts for customizable materials from major third-party providers • Our unique, robust Advisor Marketing Center

Branding Our firm has relationships with four established website providers – Advisor Square, Emerald Publications, Forefield, and Financial Visions – to help you develop an effective Internet presence. At Woodbury Financial, we provide support to advisors who choose to leverage social media to build brand awareness. Consider social media an extension of your advertising efforts and a means to gain competitive advantage. Targeted communications with clients and prospective clients through social media can play an integral part in your business growth strategy.


EDUCATION Maintain your competitive edge with value-added education and training. Whether it’s meeting your continuing education requirements, or adding the knowledge necessary to grow your business, Woodbury Financial puts more than 50 professional learning opportunities within easy reach each year. Choose from a comprehensive offering of on-site and off-site, live, recorded, online and interactive learning solutions — which means your learning can work around your schedule. You’ll also be able to influence the curricula we offer; we listen to our advisors to understand 20

what topics matter to you most. We then collaborate with the industry’s leading minds to create the coursework and programs that deliver the information you need. Highlights include:


Local and Regional Business Meetings

This annual event is our cornerstone educational and networking conference, providing a one-stop source to:

Offered in many cities throughout the U.S., our local and regional business meetings are designed to assist advisors in growing their businesses. These meetings provide a fast-paced learning experience which includes:

Fulfill continuing education requirements

Develop your business strategy and network with other successful independent financial advisors

Sharpen your business insight in a variety of areas that greatly impact your practice

Half-day meetings led by your local Regional Vice President where you are provided with proven sales ideas

Full-day regional meetings featuring powerhouse keynote speakers and innovative business development strategies

Terrific opportunities to network with your peers, management, and key sponsor representatives

Women’s Conference The Women’s Conference brings together women throughout our network to share industry knowledge and best practices, and to recognize their achievements as outstanding advisors. It’s your opportunity to: •

Sharpen your skills and explore new ideas for building your business

Discover innovative strategies for managing client expectations, retaining clients, and recruiting

eLearning Opportunities Our online learning opportunities provide “live” interaction with facilitators and your peers – without the travel time and expenses associated with traditional classroom learning. In addition to real-time learning, our large online library of recorded learning modules is available to you 24/7/365.



Tim Clairmont and his team, Lake Oswego, OR

Invested in‌ retaining our advisors. Helping you grow your business and earning your loyalty is our ultimate measure of success.

MEASURE OF SUCCESS At Woodbury Financial, our advisors are at the center of all we do. First and foremost, we are committed to ensuring they have the tools and support to continue doing what they do best — nurturing their clients. As a result, the satisfaction and loyalty of our advisors is our ultimate measure of success. TIM CLAIRMONT, MSFS, CFP® Investment Advisor Representative Lake Oswego, OR

JON BAKER, MS, CFP® Investment Advisor Representative Atlanta, GA

“Woodbury Financial has a unique business model, and it doesn’t surprise me that the firm continues to be ranked so highly by its representatives. I’ve found that the relationships and insights I‘ve gained over the years have proven to be priceless. The service and support teams take the time to get to know me on a personal level and truly care about my success.”

“Integrating fee-based planning into my practice was the best decision I ever made. Woodbury Financial’s support model and technology platform have played a strong role. Access to alternative investments and new technology have been valuable drivers to my business success.“


Investment Advisor Representative Lincoln, NE

LEWIS LINKUGEL Investment Advisor Representative Fond du Lac, WI

“Since joining Woodbury Financial, my practice has grown exponentially. The firm’s support played a significant part in that growth. The firm excels in providing practice development support and guidance in an ever-increasing regulatory environment.”

“Woodbury Financial has helped me grow my insurance business by providing multiple carriers and products. The Internal Advisor Sales Support team has been a great resource for helping me design and close more cases. They are a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of life insurance selling.“




To be the premier broker-dealer for independent financial advisors serving the life and retirement needs of their clients. Our mission statement rests on an important belief: We believe the lifetime financial and retirement needs of Americans are best served by local, objective, independent advisors.

Not for use with the public. Approved for use with recruits. Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA, SIPC, and Registered Investment Advisor 7755 3rd Street North, Oakdale, MN 55128 | (800) 800-2638 | 103016 Š 04/14 Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.

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