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A typical jack the lad, when he’s not Daft Bass he’s known as Damian Beck. A born and bred cockney, he’s in Newcastle to study sport science at Newcastle University. He has a passion for music, sport and girls. Fashionable, cheeky and charming, a ladies man but he seems to have a soft spot for Latina. He has an interest in contemporary art and loves graphics and graffiti. In this issue he gains a pair of enchanted shoes which make him run at super speed and a magical coat which changes temperature according to his preferences and body heat.

Latina When she’s not Latina her name is Alicia Esposito, she is half Spanish, half Italian. Spoiled rotten by her “daddy” she is typical girly girl who is always dressed in the latest fashion, looking good and being lady like is of the utmost importance to Latina. She is in Newcastle as she is studying a fashion course at Northumbria University. Her carefree attitude to life often gets her into trouble. She appears to have a certain soft spot for Daft Bass but clashes with Mizz Punk and Dapper, can they all get along well enough to become an unstoppable team. Her interests include fashion, beauty and boys but she also likes “showing Miss Punk a thing or two in all departments!”. in this issue Latina acquires a familiar ‘bottomless’ magical bag which can hold an endless amount of items. She also buys an enchanted hat which when worn changes her hair, nail and lip colour to a dark luscious red.

De Milo

Dapper When he isn’t Dapper his name is Josh Stoker. Smart, shy and witty, he plays the piano and loves to attend gigs, his passions are music and reading. He has is subtly charming without him knowing it. His best friend is Mizz Punk who he’s known since he was young. He is the ultimate in geek chic, always dressed smart but with a quirky twist. He’s quiet and doesn’t give much away and is strictly a nice guy, he helps keep Mizz Punk grounded. In this issue Dapper purchases a magical pocket watch which can stop time for one minute and charmed gloves which are a protective and magnetic devise.

When she’s not Mizz Punk her name is Anna Dutch she is a foul mouthed opinionated Geordie, a social outcast but that’s the way she likes it. Dapper is her best friend, she doesn’t have many friends as she often appears rude due to her bluntness; she acts like a true anarchist but is a secret a softy at heart. She is studying creative writing at Newcastle University. She either has her head in the clouds or her head in a book. She loves bright colours and anything out of the ordinary. In this issue Mizz Punk gains a magical hoodie and when worn with the hood up it makes the wearer invisible, an enchanted compact which makes her do her make up at super speed and bright pink nail varnish which is super strong and makes her nails able to penetrate any surface and material.

It wasn’t the usual way Damian would walk to uni but for some reason he walked a different route today..

.. past a shop he’d never seen before, where a pair of high tops in the window had caught his eye.

What? Reserved for M. Poppins?

Hmmm reserved eh?..

..Not any more!

“MOVE” What a BITCH! Was there ANY need?

Once inside the shop Anna and Josh start looking around at the wierd and wondeerful things

Hello, I haven’t seen you two before ...

Hey! We’ve never even see the shop before, how long you been here for?

You seen all these weird coins?

Oh well.. on and off here for years

“You want to be careful with this Fifty pence ...

... just you see the queen’s head side, just what you’re doing with it!”

“Hey Anna, you seen this one? it’s a two headed coin, but one of the side’s is all scratched and damaged... pretty weird!”



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comic book words update test

comic book words update test  

comic book words update test