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Journeys in time

Visit in PomPeii

Before my Journey When my editor told me that I should travel to Pompeii for another episode of the series “Journeys in time” I was so happy that I called all my friends to tell them the news. Then I realized that I didn’t know anything about my destination so my first movement when I got out of the office was to run in a bookshop and buy everything that had the word “Pompeii” on its cover .Then I booked an airplane ticket to Pompeii and made a reservation in a cheap hotel near the archeological site of Pompeii. My trip in Pompeii had already began….

these are some exhiBits i haVe seen in PomPeii But how on earth haVe they arriVed there ?????????????

in PomPeii When I arrived in Pompeii, the first thing I noticed was that the whole area was an open museum. At the museum, unless you look at the sellers’ offers, unless you get trampled by the crowds and unless you are “blinded” by the tourists’ flashes, you will finally see the amazing wall paintings, the broken pots and of course, the people’s figures that travel you back in time,. It was so lively that I almost felt I was experiencing this catastrophic August morning in 79 AD……

the story we haVe learnt Well in this part of my report I would like to show you what I have learned so far. It was a hot August morning when Vesuvius exploded. Ash made everything black. People were running without seeing where they were going. At midnight the first layer of lava arrived in town and destroyed everything there was on its way.18 hours after the explosion another layer came to destroy what the first one had left behind.

the story we haVen’t learnt Well, I know that my editor will get a little angry thanks to this part of my report but if you read it and have a little imagination you will travel back to this catastrophic day in Pompeii where you feel ash in your lungs, get hurt by the running crowd, hear the people’s screams and smell the burnt flesh. I will tell you the story I think the exhibits have. So get ready for our magic flight in ancient Pompeii.

5,4,3,2,1,0,lift off,………………….

ancient PomPeii Part i • It was a hot August morning in Pompeii. the farmers were harvesting grapes in the hillsides of Vesuvius, the women were knitting, men had gone to see the gladiators fighting in the arena, the priests were worshipping Hera and Zeus because Vesuvius was hurtling stones and ash for the past 3 days ‌

… But all of a sudden …

ancient PomPeii Part ii … a thunderous voice disrupted the boiling hot morning’s dead silence. Vesuvius was hurling pumice stones and hot slag was gushing from Vesuvius crater. People were pointing at Vesuvius and shouting “Monte! Monte!”.some were taking coins and jewellery with them. Everybody was yelling and children were crying. The fortune of Pompeii had already been sealed.

ancient PomPeii Parts iii,iiii,V,Vi,Vii,Viii

The following part of my report is dedicated to the imaginary story of the exhibits shown above

following the story of‌

‌the painted woman

It was a hot August morning when Marie ,the wealthiest woman in Pompeii, decided to call an artist to finish her portrait that would adorn the blank wall over her daybed. She took the right position after the kind suggestions of the artist. She stood still and waited for the artist’s movement to call her and check the painting’s progress. They were so quiet that for a while their eyes did not even blink‌

… But all of a sudden …

she ran out of her house and started running away when a rock fell to her head And then time stood still for the painted woman

following the story of ‌

the lying dog

• It was a boiling hot summer morning when Polybius, Socrates’ son was playing with his dog . They were playing for over 2 hours. When Polybius threw the ball, it fell onto some pots and broke them …

… But all of a sudden …

Socrates grabbed his son’s hand and locked the door of the yard . About 18 hours later he could hear the yells and then hot lava covered his body

and then time stood still for the lying dog

following the story of …

…the Praying man

• Iulious has gone to pray to Dionysus in the temple near his house. He also took with him a nice, big , fat sheep to sacrifice to the god so as to have a big harvest of grapes this year.

… But all of a sudden …

He stayed there to pray. He kept praying even when the roof of the temple collapsed and then time stood still for the Praying man

following the story of…

…the sleePing family

• The family had gone to the slopes of Vesuvius and was working there till eleven o’ clock so they fell asleep under a tree. They were sleeping….

… But all of a sudden …

The shock of the eruption made the children deaf and their parents died of heart attack and then time stood still for the sleePing family

following the story of…

… the sleePing man

• He fell asleep dreaming of this night that his father would come back from Mediolano. He would bring him a horse and he would pay at least some attention to him‌

… But all of a sudden …

He started running to go to the hills but he fell down and broke his foot.Then he got crushed by the crowd and then time stood still for the sleePing man

following the story of …

… “caVe canem”

• Apriliana was so glad when she hanged the sign she had made …“Cave Canem” which means “Beware of the dog”. Now her annoying neighbour couldn’t kill her dog on the pretext it had bitten him.

… But all of a sudden …

time stood still for “caVe canem”

Back to Brighton‌

Back to Brighton… • It was time for me to leave Pompeii. I packed clothes, books, memories …everything in the small, grey suitcase that was always travelling with me. It was with me in the documentary about India, in the episode in Parthenon even in the series about Costantinopole .The flight seemed to me that it lasted days but in less than three hours I could hug my children and wife at the 3rd terminal of Heathrow airport.

conclusion • I returned home in Brighton . I never forgot Pompeii ,the painted woman ,the lying dog, the praying man, the sleeping family, the sleeping man and Apriliana’s “Cave Canem” • My neighbor came to see me the day I returned and told me: • “Hi John! How was Pompeii?” but my dog bit him. • “Cave Canem” Michael ! ,I told him, “Cave Canem”

thanks for watching

stathis giannidakis 54th Junior high school of athens

adVanced english leVel class B1-B2 music: music Gustavo Santaolalla – “Endless Flight” (from the film “Babel”, 2006)

Journeys in time- STATHIS GIANNIDAKIS  
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