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SAF ETY 2009 Annual Report 2010 Overview

2009/2010 Board of Directors


Camille Benvenuti

I have had the privilege of serving as Board

Marty Cavanaugh* Susan Frazier Daniel Hahn Jeffrey Jensen** Vincene Jones Sotiris Kolokotronis Suzanne Mayes-Linville Brent McClure Dorothy Meehan Kim Mohler Barbara O’Connor Lilly Rankins Simone Rathe Sandra Vargas Jolene Wachowicz Jacques Whitfield Ryan Wood * 2009 Board of Directors Only ** 2010 Board of Directors Only

Sandra Vargas Partner K Street Consulting, LLC Public Affairs & Advocacy Sandra Vargas President 2009-10 Youth Development Network Board of Directors

President for the Youth Development Network (YDN) and have been extremely fortunate to work alongside a gifted group of individuals on our board. Our YDN Board has much to be proud of this year. One of our most thrilling accomplishments this year was the launching of our first annual “Ettore’s Coffee Break” event which helped raise considerable funds aimed towards helping young people thrive and succeed in our communities. The Board’s individual hard work and determination has allowed us to spread our passion for youth everywhere we go. The Board’s collective talents and strengths have proved to be invaluable towards creating the influential building blocks necessary in order to affect positive change in our local schools, in our own neighborhoods, in our greater communities, and beyond. In these most economically challenging times, our board fully recognizes the power and benefit of both fundraising and friend-raising opportunities. We’ve solidified key partnerships throughout the region and strengthened our ability to connect with community leaders and organizations. Our unwavering commitment to our youth continues to motivate us to further expand our networks and work collaboratively to find innovative ways to help inspire and truly empower and engage the young people in our communities. On behalf of our entire YDN Board, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of our partners, for continuing to share our vision and helping us further our mission to serve our young people in remarkable ways. We look forward to an even more prosperous year in 2011, one filled with hope and overflowing with progress. We must continue to join forces and work together for a brighter future – one that continues to put youth at the center of everything that we do.

Sandra Vargas

2009 Annual Report Highlights • Held first YDI at Pioneer High School with follow-up coaching. • YDN became certified External Evaluators on the YPQA Assessment as well as certified to deliver the supplemental trainings that go with them. • Co-assessed BOMUSD’s first self-led YDI facilitated without YDN staff as trainers. • Produced first two copies of “Connections”, YDN’s bi-annual newsletter. The two central topics were “21st Century Skills” and “Community.” • Worked on the REACH Camp Planning Staff. 2010 Overview • Provided technical assisstance support to the nine REACH Coalitions in the area of Youth Engagement including facilitating a YDI as part of this work. • Developed a Youth-Friendly Organizing Manual for Area Congregations Together as part of their youth engagement technical assistance. • Facilitated YDI’s in Galt and Yuba City as part of our Region 3 technical assistance work. • Developed a 4-hour Overview of Youth Development training and facilitated it in El Dorado Hills and Vacaville. • Revised the entire YDI Training Manual. • Produced two “Connections” newsletters on the central topics of “Service Learning” and “Impact.” • Facilitated a Tribes Trail Workshop for SJUSD • Facilitated two workshops at the Step Up Afterschool Summit in San Diego: “Youth Voice & Choice” and “Teaching to All Learning Styles.” • Facilitated “Foundations for a Healthy Youth Ministry” workshop for the Search Institute’s Big Tent Conference in Houston, TX. This was a workshop about faith-based youth development.

Message From the Executive Director’s Desk

On the wall in my home office I have a wonderful

Adrian Ruiz Executive Director Youth Development Network

quote by Fred Rogers written with blue ink on a yellow post-it. The quote reads: “In every neighborhood, all across the country, there are good people insisting on a good start for the young, and doing something about it.” If only Mr. Rogers could see the wonderful work that Sacramento’s youth, adults, neighborhoods, and large communities are doing to ensure that all youth get a good start on their journey towards adulthood. In the following pages we will share with you some of the amazing experiences YDN and our partners created or took part in, in order to better the lives of our youth. Through images, testimony, and stories, we hope to have gathered the essence of who we are as an organization and what this region is doing to develop our youth into strong, happy, productive, citizens. We are greatly humbled by the fact that the youth development cause is alive in the Sacramento region and that so many look to the YDN for partnership and support to ensure that the youth they serve have an optimal climate to participate in. As a network we are so fortunate to be part of such a talented group of youth systems and services. The amount of expertise that the Sacramento region has related to youth development is impressive to say the least. While YDN brings its own talents and expertise to the network we also have found it a true blessing to partner with those who have complementary talents and expertise, thus avoiding any competition for services. It is truly remarkable to see how laced together we all are within this vast network of youth-serving organizations. By all of us sharing our knowledge more freely within the network it has become clear that we are truly more intelligent together than apart. Finally, I want to thank the amazing YDN Board, staff, consultants, and volunteers for their creativity, passion, intelligence, and belief in our core values these past two years. They, along with many of you, are the reason why everything inside this annual report is possible. Seldom have I had the honor to work with such a great tribe of people. We look forward to many more years of taking youth development to the next level, together.

In community, Adrian Ruiz


SAFETY Vantage Points In fall 2009 YDN debuted its first 2-day training with a focus on diversity and awareness. Vantage Points: Diversity and Awareness from a New Perspective focuses on creating cultural safety in youth-serving organizations. Cultural safety is an integral part of the foundational layer of the Youth Development Supports and Opportunities. Up until fall 2009, cultural safety had not been highlighted in the large safety framework in an in-depth way. Participants in Vantage Points spend much of the first day gaining awareness of their own biases and hearing the cultural stories and perspectives of fellow participants. The second day is largely focused on identifying how personal bias plays into societal prejudices and how those biases affect our ability to provide all youth with the Youth Development Supports and Opportunities regardless of how like or unlike they are to their adult service providers. YDN was contracted by Sierra Nevada Journeys in March 2010 to provide a condensed 12-hour version of Vantage Points to their team of 40 environmental educators at their outdoor school at Grizzly Creek Ranch in Portola, CA. In October of 2010 YDN provided another Vantage Points community-wide training attended by direct service workers, administrators, and youth from as far away as Fresno. The impact of this training and research around cultural safety has also added a layer of knowledge to the YDI by drawing attention to the concept of and the need for culturally safe environments for young people. The training provides access for educators and administrators to gain skills to address some of the most pressing social issues around class and sexual and gender identity. In a society that is increasingly polarized by a cultural divide, this training seeks to help educators and those who work with youth build the skills to address what we understand are some of the underlying key causes behind campus conflicts and cyberbullying. YDN feels this mission falls within our core value of Social Responsibility and, with the proper exposure and funding, we hope to provide much more of this training in the future.

“Meeting new people and getting a glimpse of others’ work in society.” v “Fun and informative.” v “It definitely helps your organization with youth.” v “Very deep, thoughtful, well put-together, thought-provoking.” v “The activities help to learn from one another.”

e:merge e:merge, a regional collaborative supported by YDN, continued to promote the community compact for children and youth. Over 300 organizations have signed the compact including 7 cities and school districts. In 2010, e:merge coordinated an application for a 100 Best Communities award from America’s Promise. Sacramento received the award in October 2010. Also, in 2010, e:merge joined YDN’s Youth Action Team project and created an e:merge Youth Action Team. These students are working on creating policy changes around improving the quality and quantity of safe places for youth. The team has been researching where safe places are, what youth want to see in these places, and how to address transportation barriers in accessing safe places. The e:merge Coalition also held its second annual Pillars of Promise awards ceremony and was joined by America’s Promise staff to receive the 100 Best Communities award. In addition, 12 groups received recognition for excellent services in promoting the 5 “promises” in our region.

• Excellence in the Commitment – Supporting Community Involvement 1. The California Endowment – Building Healthy Communities Project 2. Area Congregations Together (ACT) • Excellence in the Commitment – Overall Pillars of Promise: Destiny Ranch—Phillip Goudeaux

These groups were: • Excellence in the Commitment -- Caring Adults 1. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Sacramento 2. Sacramento Asian American Minority Inc. • Excellence in the Commitment – Providing a Healthy Start 1. The GreenHouse Center 2. Dr. Liz Miller, UC Davis Medical Center—Marginalized Youth Coalition • Excellence in the Commitment – Providing Effective Education 1. Sacramento Charter High School 2. Elk Grove USD School Community Violence Prevention Program 3. Assembly Member Alyson Huber – Chair, Lowering Student Drop Out for State of CA • Excellence in the Commitment – Providing Safe Places 1. Cosumnes Community Service District—Wackford Center (Patrick Larkin) 2. The Refuge

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING HPHS Mentoring Program With YDN support, HPHS charged into two years of building a peer mentoring program. Two dedicated staff, Pat Bohman and Jennifer Clemens took on the herculean task of corralling and supporting the young leaders who applied to be mentors. YDN provided mentor training for the students, as well as coaching and support in the design and implementation of the mentoring program. So far, each year the PEEPS program--as it is known on campus—has grown in numbers, with more and more students wanting to step up and give a little back by mentoring an incoming 9th grader with the critical transition from middle school to high school.

Heart of Stone In 2010, YDN hosted a screening of “Heart of Stone,” a movie that showcases how one school successfully confronted gangs and achieved greater student success by creating caring relationships between students and adults, as well as demonstrating how conflict mediation can be a powerful tool to reduce conflict between gang members in a school setting. The Director presented her movie to a group of 35 educators in the morning on October 27th and then that evening to 170 community residents including youth, at the Guild Theater in Oak Park. The evening showing was followed by a facilitated discussion with a panel of community leaders including: • Mary Struhs, Healthy Start Director, Hiram Johnson High School • Daniel Hahn, Captain, City of Sacramento Police Department • Leora Matranga, Grant High School Alumni • Damion Osborne, Student, Juveniles at Risk for Success High School • Dr. Maya Leggett, Trauma Surgeon, Kaiser Permenante Event sponsors included: Sierra Health Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Nehemiah, The California Endowment, The Jewish Community Relations Council, The Police Foundation. Other supporters included: Asian Resources, Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce, e:merge Coalition, Hmong Women’s Heritage Association, Observer Newspaper, PowerForward, Sacramento Area Congregations Together, the Institute for Advancing Unity, Supervisor Roger Dickinson, Sacramento City Unified School District, Council member Sandy Sheedy, Paradise Missionary Baptist Church. YDN is using the movie to promote the importance of creating a caring school climate, community partnerships with Alumni groups and schools, and conflict mediation skill-building for students as key strategies to address gang violence reduction and improved academic success. The video is available from YDN for local groups who wish to share it with their own community.

“I thought the movie was very inspirational and moving. It prompted me to action.”

YOUTH PARTICIPATION Sacramento Youth Leadership Program 2009-2010 Camp is youth development in a vacuum. The impact of working with young people in an environment that clears away the distractions and stresses of their everyday lives cannot be overstated. We see the impact on young people through: • Confidence built • Healthy risk-taking • Identification of core beliefs • Self-advocacy • Stronger connection to their communities In 2009 the Sacramento Youth Leadership Program brought 35 youth up to Grizzly Creek Ranch at the end of July. It was the 7th year for SYLP. The theme of the camp was “The World is Ours.” Youth from all over the region had the opportunity to explore their personal leadership qualities and build community. In 2010 SYLP was integrated into the Youth Action Teams project and served as a launch pad for the upcoming year. By

coming to camp, 36 youth from Ubuntu Green, Gerber High School, e:merge, Greenhouse, VIBE, and Power Forward were able to begin to create a network of similarly-minded peers and develop a platform for the advocacy agenda they want to undertake in their communities.

“I learned that there’s something special about me.” v “I become a better person from learning from others.”

Area Congregations Together In 2009 and 2010, YDN worked with Area Congregations Together, a local organizing organization, to increase youth engagement in their work. YDN provided technical assistance in the areas of strengthening youth engagement in ACT’s local organizing committees (or LOCs). YDN also worked with ACT organizers to develop a youth-friendly organizing manual. YDN provided training to ACT’s staff around facilitation skills as well as provided a training for ACT’s Board of Directors around bringing youth onto their governing board.

Not Just a Vote A new community-wide training developed by YDN is focused on supporting organizations who want to see young people in more positions of responsibility and official decision-making such as advisory boards or school boards. This training, called “It’s Not Just A Vote,” was facilitated in 2009 and 2010 for a total of 40 participants from a wide range of community-based organizations and schools. Topics covered included: determining your organizational readiness for youth in positions of power and responsibility, creating youth-friendly agendas, and youth-adult partnerships. Delivering this training twice speaks to the growing need in the Sacramento region for this kind of support, thanks to the many youth-focused organizations that are stretching and growing to try and make this happen for their young people.

“It will guide my work for the rest of my life.” v “This was probably the most fun I ever had at a training.”

Youth Interns In 2009 and 2010, YDN hosted youth interns as part of SETA’s summer internship program. Both summers, YDN worked hard to support youth in our workplace, providing them with helpful feedback and advice, as well as engaging them in interesting work that went beyond the clerical and mundane.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Service Learning YDN is the Co-Lead for Region 3 Service Learning technical support. As part of this ongoing partnership with Deb Bruns (Yolo County Office of Education), YDN facilitated Service Learning 101, a one-day service learning training, for various organizations and school staff throughout greater Sacramento as a community-wide offering. In addition, the Twin Rivers Unified School District (a recipient of a CalServe Grant) contracted with YDN and Yolo County Office of Education to provide two one-day Service Learning trainings for a total of 70 staff. These trainings provided a solid foundation for teachers from this district who, thanks to CalServe funds, have small mini-grants available to them through their district to implement service learning projects in their classrooms and schools. YDN was also able to bring a two-day Service Learning training to teachers in the Black Oak Mine Unified School District on the Georgetown Divide. Also in 2010, Deb Bruns and YDN developed an Advanced Service Learning training to meet the growing needs of teachers and staff from community-based organizations who have begun implementing Service Learning and wanted additional training and support. This training was facilitated for a group of 23 participants in February 2010.

Connections Newsletter In 2009, YDN launched its bi-annual newsletter called “Connections”. The goal of Connections is to provide friends and alumni of YDN with updates on our work around a particular topic as well as give useful educational material on that topic as well. Since its launch in the spring of 2009, YDN has produced four newsletters. The topics covered were: • Community (Spring 2009) • 21st Century Skills (Fall 2009) • Service Learning (Spring 2010) • Impact (Fall 2010) (If you missed any of these, we encourage you to go to our website and check out the archived versions. Many of our partners have commented on how useful they are and full of practical ideas and resources.)

REACH In 2010, YDN’s technical support continued by helping the seven coalitions of the 1st cohort finish their projects and then working with cohort 2 to help their coalitions move toward their identified projects. In March of 2010, YDN facilitated a Youth Development Institute for the Rancho Cordova, Vacaville and Yuba-Sutter Coalitions. This training included 32 adults and youth who were directly related to the coalition’s work. Another highlight of this project was an Effective Parenting workshop that YDN facilitated in 2010 for the South Sacramento Coalition that was delivered in four different languages (Hmong, Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish). This two-evening training was attended by 30 participants.

“Thank you so much for being so open and transparent and enthusiastic about this process, it really helped engage me from the onset. Great training, thank you!” v “Helpful in bettering myself, my own work and preparing to be a mentor.”

SKILL BUILDING Youth Development 101 In 2009 and 2010, YDN continued to provide Youth Development 101, a 2-day training that provides a basic overview to youth development, and makes a short stopover on each Support and Opportunity, providing participants with some understanding of the key concepts as well as a few tools to take back and get started with.

“I really loved the agreement activity and how it was facilitated. I will most certainly try using this as it keeps youth 100% engaged in the process.”


Youth Development Overview In 2010, YDN developed and rolled out a new half-day workshop called, “Overview of Youth Development”. This 3-4 hour workshop was designed to give a high-level overview of the Youth Development approach. The workshop briefly explores today’s youth culture, the research behind youth development and the Youth Development Framework. Participants walk away with a better understanding of today’s youth and are introduced to a research-based approach to helping youth thrive and succeed. The workshop was delivered to the Vision Coalition in El Dorado Hills and the Vacaville Reach Coalition. Both workshops were well-attended and received high compliments.

Youth Development Institute (YDI) Training Manual Revision In 2010, staff from the YDN embarked on a project to do major revisions to the YDI training binder that each participant of the training receives. This project included, making an electronic version of each document, updating materials and resources and organizing it in a user-friendly way. The new and updated manual is expected to be unveiled in the early part of 2011. YDN’s summer youth interns played a key role in helping to electronically capture and design the pages of this manual.

In 2010, YDN asked Gallup to come to Sacramento to deliver a day of workshops around being strength-focused, putting together great teams, and also to share their take on education. (Gallup is a national consulting agency with schools and businesses. Their book: StrengthsFinder 2.0 is a YDN pick!) One of the key speakers was Gary Gordon, author of Building Engaged Schools, who spoke about what engagement really looks like and how to help schools (and teachers and students) be more engaged in school and learning.

CORE VALUES RELATIONSHIPS Region 3 Youth Development Institute Generously funded by Walter S Johnson, Packard Foundation, and SCOE, this project spanned two years and focused on bringing youth development training to Region 3 afterschool programs by means of three 4-day training institutes: The Youth Development Institute (YDI), the YDI Managers’ Training, and The YDI Train-the Trainer. The overall goal was to fully integrate youth development practices into many sites across the greater Sacramento region. We were proud to have representation from far and wide for this training: Grass Valley Unified School District, Rise, Inc. (Esparto), Yuba City Unified School District, Marysville Joint Unified School District, San Juan Unified School District, Sacramento Parks and Recreation, and Galt (High School and Elementary) School Districts.

YDI Train the Trainer (TtT)

YDI This training brought together afterschool providers from eight different parts of the region to reflect on their own practices and strategize on how to be more intentional on implementing quality youth development practices in their afterschool programs. Each program left with an action plan that captured the organizational changes they wanted to implement as a result of their experience with YDI. These program teams received coaching from the technical assistance team (made up of YDN and SCOE staff) around their action plan and assisted these teams in making a lot of their changes happen.

This training was designed for the afterschool programs who wanted to make the implementation of youth development at their programs more sustainable by creating a team of trainers on their staff who could train other staff in youth development, via their own in-house YDIs. This training spent an intense two days sharpening up the critical facilitator skills required to deliver a dynamic and rewarding YDI. Then participants had a week off during which they prepared various pieces of the YDI curriculum to bring back the following week to present for their peers and receive detailed feedback. After this training, each agency promised to deliver their own YDI in their respective regions within the next year. Five agencies have since gone on to provide their own YDIs, with YDN support, thus bringing YDI training to an additional 150 people.

“We got a chance to think critically about power and voice in our program.” “A different way of looking at leadership activities with youth, involvement with youth” YDI Manager’s Training This training engaged manager-level staff from the various programs to reflect on their own strengths and explore how they could manage or supervise with an eye towards being a coach and creating a positive environment for their staff. In addition, the program staff went deep with examining the kinds of policies, procedures, and programs that would implement sustainable youth development within their districts or regions.

Conferences In an effort to increase YDN’s reach at a statewide and national level, our trainers reached out to provide workshops at many youth development conferences in 2009 and 2010. In 2009, YDN’s entire training team participated in the California Afterschool Network’s Step Up Conference in San Diego. In 2010, YDN was a part of the Step Up Conference again with two workshops: Youth Voice and Choice (facilitated by Scott Mautte) and Teaching to All Learning Styles (facilitated by Andy Paul). In addition, Scott and Adrian represented YDN at the Search Institute’s Big Tent Conference in Houston, Texas, where they introduced a workshop called, “Foundations of a Health Youth Ministry” which explored the supports and opportunities from the Youth Development Framework in the context of a faith-based setting to help young people flourish in their faith. The expanded version of this workshop is available to begin bringing to the greater Sacramento faith community for 2011.

CHANGE Pioneer High School YDI and Train-the-Trainer Pioneer High School in Woodland requested two YDIs as part of their goal of training all of their staff in youth development. In August of 2009 YDN facilitated their first YDI at Pioneer High School with follow-up coaching. The training team included YDN staff, plus a community trainer from the YEOP Program at UC Davis as well as a youth facilitator from Black Oak Mine Unified School District. Several students attended this YDI, and had opportunities to share their opinions with their teachers about issues of school climate and engaging teaching. These youth were also part of the implementation of the action plan on their school campus. The action plans wanted to improve emotionally and physically safe environments on campus for both staff and students. As examples of this, the principal established agreements among the teachers at all staff meetings and many of the teachers who attended the training went back and began the year by developing agreements in their classrooms and facilitated teambuilding activities during the first week of school to help students build relationships in their classes. The culmination of our coaching with Pioneer High School’s first cohort of YDI participants was an Overview of Youth Development workshop where the entire school staff was present. In 2010, we held another YDI for Pioneer where half of the participants were students from the school. These trainings led to many programmatic changes and even a culture shift at this school towards much greater authentic youth involvement in decision-making. Spurred on by their success with the YDI training, Pioneer High School’s Principal, Kerry Callahan, requested the YDN to provide a Train-the-Trainer experience for a select group of staff, to ensure that over time, all staff would be trained in youth development. Having teachers who are certified YDI trainers would also ensure that in the future, when the need arises, Pioneer High School could facilitate their own YDI for new staff to maintain the highest quality youth development practices. This is a very exciting self-sustaining model for a high school that couldn’t have happened without tremendous support from the administrators on-site and some very dedicated teachers who volunteered a lot of the required time to make this happen. In addition, in the spirit of collaboration, Pioneer opened some spots in this training for another group of “wanna be” trainers from the Placer County youth System of Care so that they, too, could take part in becoming official YDI trainers (See “Placer County TtT”).

“YDI showed that it is possible for changes at this school to happen.”

Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) In 2009, YDN became certified External Evaluators on the Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) tool as well as certified trainers for the supplemental workshops associated with YPQA tool. This assessment tool matches nicely with the youth development supports and opportunities and is excellent at measuring the quality of a youth program. Through this amazing partnership, YDN has been able to provide program evaluation assessments for Health Professions High School, Skylab, Boys and Girls Club in Placerville, as well as some of the REACH Coalitions.

“YDN always provides great training.”

FUN YDI Alumni In 2009 and 2010, YDN worked hard on connecting (and reconnecting) with our alumni in various ways. We were able to hold two events during this time specifically focused on connecting our alumni with each other and re-activating the YDI learning community. The first event took place in November 2009 and focused on 21st Century Skills with the second event taking place in September 2010 and focusing on the impact that we have on the lives of others.


“I learned a lot, I like the impact part because it just got me thinking about the things I do and things that I can improve on” Health Professions High School Orientation Camp In 2009 and 2010, YDN had the pleasure of being involved with an amazing model of a youth-led camp. Health Professions High School contracted with YDN to train youth leaders on campus so that they could facilitate a 3-day Orientation camp for incoming ninth graders. Supported by the administration and some very dedicated teachers, the camp was a smashing success. The Orientation featured lots of teambuilding as well as short interactive activities designed to teach incoming 9th graders about the culture and climate of this unique small high school. The evaluation data captured from this orientation was powerful. Ninth graders reported feeling safer and more comfortable after experiencing this Orientation. They also felt more connected to the school and said that they now knew some people they could go to with questions or concerns. Clearly the new HPHS students got the message that their new school is one where youth are important and can do great things.

Placer Train-the-Trainer The Placer County group of staff received federal funding to provide more training for staff throughout the Placer County System of Care (adult and youth systems). To do this, they decided to bring the YDI to Placer County. They formed a partnership of staff from various programs that serve Placer and attended the YDI Train-the-Trainer in Woodland (with Pioneer High School staff). From there, they began their prep and coaching sessions with YDN staff with the goal of providing 2-4 YDIs in 2011 in their spheres of influence in Placer County. It is their hope that they can spread youth development throughout the Placer County System of care so that all young people, and young adults (including transitional age youth) receive the supports and opportunities that increase their chances of succeeding as adults.

Summer of Service YDN partnered with Sacramento City Unified School District and other community partners on their Summer of Service project over the summer of 2010. YDN’s role was to provide leadership training to the high school youth who would be serving as Student Ambassadors for the project. This two-day training equipped young people with facilitation skills, leadership skills and a host of other things that were designed to prepare them to lead other youth and function as part of a combined leadership team of youth and adults. Feedback from the youth participants was exceptional with many stating that, as a result of these trainings, they felt better prepared for life outside of the Summer of Service project.


YDN continues to diversify their funding streams in order to maximize their impact on youth development.

2009 EVENTS Training Youth Development 101(2) Region 3 YDI BOMUSD YDI Service Learning for SCOE (2) Using YPQA Data for Program Improvement Youth in Art Service Learning 101 Region 3 YDI Refresher Not Just A Vote: Youth on Boards Region 3 YDI Managers Training SYLP Camp Orientation Pioneer High School (Woodland) YDI STEM Training SYLP Camp HPHS Orientation Camp BOMUSD Service Learning Region 3 YDI Train-the-Trainer SYLP Camp Graduation Vantage Points Youth Activism Convenings Connecting Youth to the Outdoors (3) Youth Leadership Network Human Services Workforce (2) Youth Summit YDN Reunion Mixer Southeast Asian Community Network of Networks (2) YDI Alumni Gathering Fall Reception Service Learning Network YDI Alumni Lunch YDN Dog-A-Thon Region 3 YDI Year-End Celebration Youth Action Teams Recruitment Meeting e:merge Coalition at Large (2) Outreach Training Conferences and Coaching Black Oak Mine Unified School District (March) REACH Camp Planning Meeting (June) Step Up (high school afterschool) - presenters

2010 EVENTS Training Marysville Afterschool YDI Advocates Project Citizen SCOE Service Learning 101 Service Learning 202



Twin Rivers Service Learning 101 (2) YDI Train-the-Trainer Refresher REACH YDI YPQA Assessors Yuba City Afterschool YDI Esparto YDI Golden Sierra Collaborative Youth Development REACH Coalition (El Dorado) Sierra Nevada Journeys Vantage Points STEM Sacramento State SETA Youth-Friendly Business Pioneer High School YDI (2) REACH El Dorado Hills Vision Coalition Summer of Service Pioneer High School Train-the-Trainer Not Just A Vote: Youth on Boards SYLP Camp Pioneer High School YDI Galt YDI (2) Health Professions High School Mentoring SJUSD Tribes Trail Sierra Mentoring Cultural Competency SYLP Graduation Fresno Building Healthy Communities Vacaville REACH Vantage Points SETA Service Learning 101 Change the World Convenings GO (Get Outdoors) Network (3) World Café Ettore’s Gallup (Strengths and Education) SL River Cats Game Power of Networks YDI Alumni Homecoming YDN Dog-A-Thon Heart of Stone Movie Foundation Youth Ministry Conferences and Coaching El Dorado Coalition Health Professions High School Step Up Conference (presenters) Big Tent Houston (presenters) Youth Action Team YAT Kickoff YAT Meetings YAT Final Celebration YAT Coordinator Meetings e:merge Ensuring Academic Success Summer Summit Pillars of Promise Video Conference

2009 Collaborative Partners AT&T Black Oak Mine Unified School District California Health Incentives Improvement Project Crocker Art Museum Golden Sierra Job Agency Grant Union High School—GEO Garden Project Health Professions High School Region 3 Afterschool Technical Assistance Regional Transit Sacramento ACT Sacramento County Office of Education Sacramento Region Community Foundation SETA Sierra Health Foundation Valley Vision Woodland Joint Unified School District Yolo County Office of Education Corporate Donors KLS Air Express Inc Pacific Coast Producers Piano Disc Ed Staub & Sons Individual Donors Ann Bancroft Jennifer Bassett Steve and Lyn Belzer Camille Benvenuti Terri Smyth Canillo Pat Carpenter Marty Cavanaugh Jenna Chan Laurie Clothier Edith Crawford Cathy Din Carl and Karen Eilers Ana Estrada James Ferguson Judith Nunn Fong Terri Gaines Gail Halverson Carol Hinzman Mary Hinzman Frances Hopkins Eileen Jacobowitz Mary and Denver Jones Irwin Karp Terry and Penny Kastanis

2009 Individual Donors - continued Todd and Jennifer Kaufman Steve and Barbara Kronick Bina Lefkovitz June Lefkovitz Melissa Yee Littau Monica Marie Llano Susan Magill Scott Mautte Suzanne Linville Mayes Brent McClure Marilyn McGinnis Dorothy Meehan John Minkler Kim Mohler Floyd Moore Cynthia Myers Christina Nicholson Barbara O’Connor Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell Renato Parenti Andy Paul Lilly Rankins Lea Rathbun Adrian Ruiz Dr. Randall Sarte Elaine Schenirer Cheri Simmons June Springstead Lani Steers Vern and Eleanor Stockbridge

Vicki Stockbridge Denise and Tim Stuart Cathy Swagart Summer Thommen Julia Turrini Sandra Vargas Elisa Villarreal J. Nakashima Wang Christine Welsch Ryan Wood Alan and Helen Yee Helen Yee Michael Yee Nancy Yee Sacramento Youth Leadership Program (SYLP) Arata Bros. Trust Doni Blumenstock CC Myers, Inc Bonnie Ferreira Lawrence Garcia Jerry Greenwell Claudia Gamar Heinlein Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc Lefkovitz Foundation Betty Masuoka Samuel Miller Nehemiah Corporation of America Senator Darrell Steinberg Jim Sweeney Scholarship Fund Steven Weiss

THANK YOU! We extend our thanks to all of our funders, collaborative partners, individual donors and board members for their long-standing support and vision for youth development in our region.

Youth Development Network’s Core Values: RELATIONSHIPS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CHANGE FUN Youth Development Network is dedicated to creating life-changing experiences for youth to thrive and succeed.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 269003 Sacramento, CA 95826-9003 Office Address 10530 Mather Blvd. Mather, CA 95655 Phone: (916) 228-2227 Fax: (916) 228-2356

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YDN 2009/2010 Annual Report

YDN 2009/2010 Annual Report

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