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Charleston, South Carolina

ANNUAL REPORT April 29, 2018 | 9:30 am

2018 Annual Meeting: Agenda 9:30 Annual Meeting (Church) o o o o o

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Call to Order Approval of the Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting Parliamentary Procedure and Appointment of Officers Purpose of the Annual Meeting Voting 1. Vestry 2. Warden 3. Convention Delegates Treasurer’s Report: Gary DiCamillo Prayers for those Baptized, Confirmed, Married, and Died in 2017-2018 Rector’s Look Back, Look Forward 1. Holy City Connects, Youth Ministry, and Mission 2. Litigation Update 3. Gratitude and Thanksgiving for Nancy and Ray Hardwick 4. Discipleship and Theology Initiatives Commissioning our Mission trips and Vacation Bible School Gifts and Thank-You’s to our Outgoing Solicitor, Vestry, and Senior Warden Results of Elections Adjournment


Celebratory Eucharist (Church)


Picnic in the Churchyard

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2018 Annual Meeting: Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting of St. Michael’s Church Sunday, May 9, 2017 The 2017 Annual Meeting for St. Michael’s Church was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by the Rev. Al Zadig, Rector. Rev. Zadig directed everyone’s attention to the written annual report for the past year and thanked Vickie Vazquez and her team for their work putting the report together. A motion was made for approval of the minutes of the Annual Meeting held on May 1, 2016. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Rev. Zadig appointed the following officers for the meeting: Parliamentarian: Mr. Henry Grimball, Chief Teller: Mr. Wade Logan, and Secretary: Mrs. Ann Hester Willis. Rev. Zadig also appointed Mrs. Susan Waring as the steward of the ballots.Rev. Zadig explained that under the By-Laws for St. Michael’s Church, the annual meeting is held for the purpose of electing wardens, vestry members and delegates to the Diocesan Convention; and for reviewing our progress in our mission and vision of transforming hearts through Jesus Christ. Rev. Zadig summed it up by stating that the goals for our time together are electing servant leaders, reviewing our finances and looking at what God has done among us over the past 12 months. Rev. Zadig explained that the meeting would end at 10:15 a.m. and be followed by a service of Morning prayer and lunch in the Church yard with a book signing by Judy Biggie of her new children’s book. Rev. Zadig gave an opening prayer. Mr. Henry Grimball, Parliamentarian for the meeting, confirmed that a quorum was present. Rev. Zadig introduced the voting for vestry members by first explaining that the vestry is the board of elders, chief ambassadors of the mission and vision of St. Michael’s Church, and the legal representatives of the Parish for all matters related to finances. The Senior Warden is the Chair and the Junior Warden is the Junior Chair of the Board. Rev. Zadig explained that the By-Laws of St. Michael’s Church require that more candidates be nominated than the number of open positions on the vestry. Thus, necessarily some of the nominees will not be elected, and he expressed his appreciation for all of those who have agreed to be nominated. Rev. Zadig welcomed to the lectern the Senior Warden, Mr. Mikell Scarborough, chair of the nominating committee. Mr. Scarborough explained the three basic requirements found in St. Michael’s Church’s By-Laws to vote. One must be at least 18 years old and, for the year preceding the annual meeting be regular in worship at St. Michael’s and have a record in the Church’s office of regularly providing financial support to St. Michael’s. Mr. Scarborough said that the members of the vestry and wardens are elected by a majority of the votes cast. This year we do not elect Sr. and Jr. Wardens, but we will be electing three new vestry members, each for a three-year term, and one new vestry member to complete the remaining year of Mrs. Curry Smoak’s term. Mr. Scarborough referred the parishioners to the biographies for each nominee found in the printed material for today’s worship service. Mr. Scarborough then introduced the nominees for vestry membership (in alphabetical order), Mr. Lee Cox, Mr. Hal Frampton, Mrs. Laura Waring Gruber, Mrs. Betsy Kalman, Mr. Hamlin O’Kelley, and Mr. Matt Ozment. Mr. Scarborough directed the tellers to pass out the ballots. Mr. Scarborough prayed for the balloting process. Ballots were distributed by the tellers and then collected for counting. Rev. Zadig mentioned the series of Vestry Open Houses that had been held during the past week, pointing out that budgets and endowments are as much a part of our business as our voting. Rev. Zadig introduced the Treasurer of St. Michael’s Church, Gary DiCamillo, to give his report. Mr. DiCamillo directed everyone’s attention to the summary of the numbers on pages 46-47 of the Annual Report. He pointed out that there is an addendum that has been added that contains the report of the expenses. Mr. DiCamillo stated that 2016 had a solid financial performance, noting that the Church’s operating income essentially equaled its expenses. Mr. DiCamillo stated in summary that the Church has a balanced budget, that the balance sheet is healthy. He explained that there are three principal bank accounts: Operating, Missions and Restricted. He stated that the Restricted Account is primarily used for improvements in the Church structure and deferred maintenance. Mr. DiCamillo stated that the balances in all of the Church’s accounts together total about $1 million and reiterated his opinion that the state of the Church is healthy. Mr. DiCamillo stated that the budget for 2017 is about $2.2 million, which is basically the same operating budget as the Church had for 2016. Mr. DiCamillo announced that the Stewardship Task Force has been formed. The Stewardship Task Force will take a step back and look at how stewardship gets communicated and how we posture our stewardship year round. Mr.

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Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

2018 Annual Meeting: Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting DiCamillo stated that they plan to kick off stewardship on Pentecost Sunday, June 4th, with “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday.” Rev. Zadig announced that a Strategic Planning Task Force has been appointed, led by Jerry Reves. He directed everyone’s attention to a one-page insert in today’s handout. This survey will kick off the work of the Strategic Planning Task Force. Rev. Zadig encouraged everyone to complete the survey because they want to hear from as many in the congregation as possible. The members of the Strategic Planning Task Force will be announced in the next few weeks. Rev. Zadig turned the focus of the meeting to the ways in which the Church has fulfilled its goal of transformation of hearts through Jesus Christ. Rev Zadig gave thanks for those who were baptized and those who were confirmed over the past year. Rev. Zadig expressed thanks to Scott Cave, Potter Seibels and Al Philips for bringing St. Philips and St. Michael’s together for confirmation this year. Rev. Zadig gave thanks for the marriages at St. Michael’s this past year and stated that those whom God has joined together, let no one put asunder. Rev. Zadig noted that we are building our ministry on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. He asked the parishioners to stand as together we prayed for those members who have died since the last Annual Meeting. Prayers were said for: Mrs. Cora Jannice Moffett Beebe Mr. Robert Eugene Berretta Mr. Douglas Charles Born Mr. Thomas West Carr Judge Alice Ruth Williams Cupp Mrs. Flora Eustice Horne Mr. Nathaniel Joseph Little Mrs. Joan Bissell Lucas Mr. Burnet Rhett Maybank II Mrs. Anne Louise Bailey Middleton Mrs. Margaret Charbonnier Space Moore

Mrs. JoAnn Riley Nipper Mr. John Joseph O’Grien Mr. Wilson Heath Orvin, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Stuhr Parker Mr. Emerson Brackett Read, Sr. Dr. James C. Reynolds Mrs. Maria Ilona Sample Mrs. Margaret Shannon Broughton Tenney Mrs. Vicki Warren Washburn The Rt. Rev. Edward Lloyd Salmon, Jr.

Rev. Zadig then looked back at some of the highlights of the past year and slides were shown representing the following: 1. Church of the Resurrection, now being led by Rev. Mark Avera. 2. Pentecost House of Prayer where our first wedding was held last Saturday night and where St. Michael’s stained glass window will be ready and installed by Christmas, we hope. 3. Galatians Task Force, under the leadership of Hallie Seibels and Heidi Ravenel, consisting of so many who poured themselves into service this year through Tables for 10, lunches during the trials, and through which we developed a new relationship with Holy Trinity Church on Bull Street. 4. Mission trips to Boston, Kenya, India, and the local missions to Sanders-Clyde, McDougal Prison and Meals on Wheels. Before transitioning into a discussion of the future, Rev. Zadig addressed one final matter of importance. Mrs. Cyndee Cave has faithfully served the children, student, and family ministry at St. Michael’s over the past 5 years. After a prayerful discernment process with the Vestry and the Bishop, it has been decided that Mrs. Cave will begin a two-month paid leave of absence beginning on May 8. Rev. Zadig stated that the children and youth ministry will continue as planned through the work of the children and youth leadership team. Rev. Zadig expressed his support of the Caves. Rev. Zadig then looked forward to next year, stating that we will be working on transforming hearts through Jesus Christ through first connections and discipleship. A video was played. Rev. Zadig announced that the First Connect Team will be led by Ms. Lois Daughtridge and Mrs. Merilee Ross. Rev. Zadig stated that once

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2018 Annual Meeting: Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting people are connected we want them to grow through discipleship. A video was played about the Discipleship Task Force, including its Chair, Mrs. Susan Dicamillo, and Task Force member Mr. Charles Waring. Rev. Zadig pointed out that with more discipleship comes more involvement in mission. Through the GIC we are developing heart relationships and sweat equity for mission. Rev. Zadig blessed the GIC Financial Advisory Board Chair, Mr. Jay Seibels; the Hungering World Captain, Mrs. Betsy Henderson; the Holy City Captain, Mrs. Jo Cox, and our interim Mission Director, Rev. Mark Avera. Rev. Zadig reminded everyone that we are supporting the following missions this year to Kenya, Honduras, Burundi, India, Sanders-Clyde School, MacDougal Prison, and Meals on Wheels. Rev. Zadig asked for all involved in these initiatives to stand up and he prayed for those initiatives. Rev. Zadig introduced Mr. Johnnie Corbett to speak about the India mission in Durgapur. Mr. Corbett described accomplishments of the India mission and announced a date change to November 6-18, 2017 for the next India mission trip. Rev. Zadig announced that this year the St. Michael’s choir is going to Rome, Italy and he blessed the trip. At that point in the meeting, attention turned to voting for the delegates to the Diocesan Convention. Mr. Scarborough announced the candidates and explained that they are elected by a plurality. The four nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be St. Michael’s four delegates. The other four will serve as alternates in the order of the number of votes they receive. The nominees were introduced and are Mrs. Jo Cox, Mr. Wade Logan, Mr. Mikell Scarborough, Mr. Gary DiCamillo, Mrs. Heidi Ravenel, Mr. Hal Frampton, Mr. Dave Soutter, and Mrs. Ann Hester Willis. Ballots were distributed for convention delegates and then collected for counting. The four delegates elected to represent St. Michael’s Church at Diocesan Conventions are: Mr. Wade Logan, Mr. Mikell Scarborough, Mr. Dave Soutter, and Mrs. Jo Cox. The alternates elected are: First alternate: Mrs. Heidi Ravenel; Second alternate: Mr. Gary DiCamillo; Third alternate: Mrs. Ann Hester Willis; and Fourth alternate: Mr. Hal Frampton. Rev. Zadig expressed his desire to say “thank you” to our volunteers, specifically 12 people who have given their hearts and time to St. Michael’s Church. He thanked first the outgoing vestry members: Mrs. Jo Cox, Mr. Hal Frampton and Mr. Fred Willis. Rev. Zadig gave thanks to them in prayer and presented each with gifts. Rev. Zadig then recognized and thanked Ms. Barbara Miller who handles our database and Mrs. Trish McGuinn who works hard as a verger, a wonderful leader of events. Rev. Zadig announced that Mr. John Massalon is succeeding Wade Logan as Solicitor and gave thanks to Mr. Logan for his service as Solicitor for the past year. Rev. Zadig continued by thanking Mr. Scott Myers, Mrs. Vickie Vazquez, Mr. Wayne Colson, Mrs. Susan Waring, and the “A Team,” Arthur and Angela for their help. Rev. Zadig explained that when Rob McCrae retired the vestry decided not to replace him immediately and further empower Arthur and Angela. The election of new vestry members was announced. Elected to three-year terms are: Mr. Lee Cox, Mr. Hal Frampton and Mrs. Laura Waring Gruber. Mr. Matt Ozment was elected to fulfill the remaining portion of Mrs. Curry Smoak’s term (one year). Rev. Zadig again thanked those not elected for offering to serve. Rev. Zadig announced that the Fall Reunion would be held at St. Christopher Camp & Conference Center on September 9, 2017 and reminded everyone again about the “Bring One Person to Church Sunday” on June 4, 2017 (Pentecost). There was a motion to adjourn the Annual Meeting, the motion was seconded and the Annual Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m. Respectfully submitted, Ann Hester Willis, Acting Secretary for the 2017 Annual Meeting

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Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

2018 Annual Meeting: Rector’s Report We are fools for Christ’s sake 1 Corinthians 4:10 Annual Report 2018 The Rev. Alfred Thomas Kurt Zadig, Jr.’ It is a profound irony that for the first time since 1956, Easter 2018 came on the very same day that our culture

celebrated April Fools Day (akin to Ash Wednesday falling on Valentines Day)! Easter, April Fools, only God could bring both together on the same day! For many, Christianity represents a fork in the road. And the Easter resurrection, is it-truth or fairy tale? The call to Jesus as Savior and Lord is a call to live supernaturally in ways that often conflict with the world, and therefore requires believers to live as the Scripture says, as “Fools for Christ.” Listen to these words of Scripture: • 1 Corinthians 3:19 The wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: He catches the wise in their craftiness. • 1 Corinthians 1:1 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. • 1 Corinthians 4:1 We are fools for Christ’s sake, but you are wise in Christ; we are weak, but you are strong; you are honorable, but we are despised. The Bible mentions the word fool almost seventy times, but never does it define a fool as one lacking intelligence. The Bible defines a fool as one who mis-perceives reality because they have failed to take God into account in their life, and make Him the center of their lives. This is why Jesus called certain people fools, not to mock their IQ, but because they chose to live for things of this world: the created things and not the creator. The best cultural definition of fool for Christ is from late night entertainer, Porter Gaud Graduate, and Charleston native Steven Colbert, who during his show in 2015 defined a fool for Christ this way: “A fool for Christ, one willing to be, wrong in society, wrong according to our time, but right according to our conscience as guided by the Holy Spirit,” and, I would add, Holy Scripture. It’s living ‘in’ the world, but not ‘of’ the world. The Very Rev. William Ralph Inge, that 19th century Anglican Priest and Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, brings this to life when he wrote those years ago, Whoever marries the spirit of this age will find himself a widower in the next. (It is possible to be so wise in this world, that we become fools in the next). As I look back on 2017, I think of so many of you who are living as “Fools for Christ,” living counter-culturally, giving your time and money in ways that non-Christians would judge as foolish. In fact, let me highlight several St. Michaelites living as counter-cultural fools for Christ: ·

I think of Nancy Hardwick, a Washington DC consultant, who with her engineer husband Ray moved to Charleston to retire. Yet the Lord had other plans. Yes Nancy and Ray could have lived a comfortable retired life between their city home and their cottage on Edisto. But Nancy, with Ray’s full support, became a fool for Christ, saying yes to full time volunteer ministry as our Alpha and Connections Director. For nearly every Sunday, Nancy has stood up giving our announcements at three services! Fools for Christ!


The Rev. Randy Shirley, a former program manager for Charleston’s Space and Naval Warfare System, and Army Captain of forces in Somalia, Randy could have stayed in the world of the military for his lifetime. Instead, being a fool for Christ, he followed the Call of the Lord, and in the summer of 2017 was ordained a deacon. At the same time, he accepted our offer of joining our St. Michael’s team as Chief of Staff. We celebrated with the Shirley family Randy’s ordination to the Priesthood right here at St. Michael’s in December!


I think of Curry Smoak, busy mother and Real Estate Agent who left a career in selling homes to be a fool for Christ as our director of Children’s Ministries!


I think of Betsy Henderson, who left a career in foreign affairs and international relations to be a fool for Christ as our Director of Mission!

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2018 Annual Meeting: Rector’s Report ·

I think of Edwin Smythe, Citadel graduate, who felt called into the Naval SEALs program but instead as a fool for Christ is leading our ministry to Middle and Senior High School students as well as Young Adults


I think of Paige Feigley who as a fool for Christ said yes to leading the pre-school ministry we call Toddler Time, while at the same time is working as an artist downtown.


I think of Trish McGuinn who said yes to being our Director of Communications, replacing the amazing 10 year veteran Vicky Vasquez’. Trish started shortly before Holy Week and did an amazing job! Trish could be doing dozens of other things with all her talents and gifts, but as a fool for Christ has chosen the higher calling.


I think of Gary DiCamillo, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at the Polaroid Corporation, President of Worldwide Power Tools and Accessories at Black & Decker Corporation. Gary and Susan upon their move to Charleston could have led a life of golf and leisure but became fools for Christ as Gary is now going into his second year as treasurer and Susan the same as our Chair of Discipleship!


So many of you are living a life of foolishness for Christ, this report could easily turn into a book of praise and thanksgiving! But let me add one more - dear friend Jim Holman. Jim retired from his work at the V.A. Hospital here in Charleston and took up the ministry to be docent, a living incarnational presence in the Sanctuary during the week. In that ministry he leads people on tours, and spreads the love of Christ!

So many fools for Christ here at St. Michael’s. Amazing isn’t it? Yet being a fool for Christ can also get us into worldly trouble. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (an academic research center that monitors worldwide demographic trends in Christianity), estimates that between the years 2005 and 2015, 900,000 Christians were martyred, an average of 90,000 Christians each year. Being fools for Christ here at St. Michael’s means we are a church under the authority of Scripture. Meaning we don’t have the authority to rewrite, revise, or remake the Bible into our own image. We are willing to be wrong to the world, and wrong in our time, to be right to our conscience through the Holy Spirit and Holy Scripture. Those issues include: · · · ·

What we believe about the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ The Scriptural teaching on the issues of the sanctity of life Gender and sexuality The role of the church.

Being Fools for Christ on these issues has cost us. Over the last three years, the sexual revolution in our country has been nothing short of jaw dropping. From full acceptance of same sex marriage to gender choosing, our culture is changing at the speed of light. Thankfully we are part of the Diocese of South Carolina that is part of the Anglican Church of North America, both fools for Christ entities! It is also the reason we have been in litigation with the National Episcopal Church over the control of our property. Our relationship with the Episcopal Church began to unravel over a decade ago when, during its 2003 General Convention, an overwhelming majority of those present rejected Resolution B001. This resolution called us to affirm “Holy Scripture as the foundation of authority in our Church.” At the 2006 General Convention, a resolution declaring the Episcopal Church’s belief that salvation was through Christ Alone, “the only name by which any person may be saved,” was defeated. These and other similar issues led to the Diocese of South Carolina departing ways with the National Episcopal Church in 2012. Legal action commenced, with the national church contending that a local congregation can disassociate from the national church, but cannot retain possession of its property. This was based on the Dennis Canon, put in place in 1979 by the Episcopal Church, which claims that despite a congregation’s never having received money from the national church nor acceded to this canon, the Episcopal Church owns the property of the congregation. Though a previous court ruling in South Carolina ruled this not to be the case, litigation continued to make its way through the system until Tuesday, August 2, 2017, when the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled in a bitterly divided decision in favor of the National Episcopal Church.

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Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

2018 Annual Meeting: Rector’s Report In early 2018, the Diocese of South Carolina (to which St. Michael’s Church is party) made a formal appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). We now await that decision. At this time we do not know if we will be able to keep our property or not, nor do we know how long this could draw out. We do know that SCOTUS will make a decision by June of 2018 to hear our case or not. If they do, the case will resume at that highest level in the session beginning in October of 2018. If not, it will go back to a lower court to implement the ruling of the South Carolina Supreme Court. In response to the 2017 ruling of our State Supreme Court, I took two actions. First a Plan B team was formed to look into and secure other worship sites if we were removed from Meeting and Broad. Second, and in conjunction with the Theologian of our Diocese (The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon), we wrote and executed a six talk, three week teaching series called: Why the Battle, Different God and Gospel? We filmed it at St. Michael’s to a packed crowd. Since then we have given this teaching to every church in the diocese to use as a tool for congregations to understand what the real issues are. Let me pause here and just say thank you to our staff and Vestry for their unity and strength going through such a time as this. Major gratitude to Judge Mikell Scarborough and Heidi Ravenel (Sr. and Jr. Warden) leading through such a challenging time and giving up so many hours - more examples of fools for Christ! I would be foolish not to mention the attention to detail of our Solicitor John Massalon as well as the gifting of our treasurer Gary DiCamillo. For in many ways, 2017 was a legal and financial roller coaster. I said several paragraphs ago that being Fools for Christ is costly. There are certainly many folks who have come to St. Michael’s Church because of our Biblical stance on the issues of our time. There have been others who have departed from St. Michael’s because of the same. That in itself can be painful and financially difficult. Yet we live for an audience of one, and at the last day, our judge will not be a friend, a spouse or offspring, but Jesus Christ Himself. In fact, to quote my colleague, the Rev. Chuck Owens, Rector of the Church of the Cross, Bluffton: “If we have to vacate our Historic Church, those who call it home will have to make a theological choice between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church. I have made my decision: I will leave, for I will not deny the Truth of God’s Word. I will love those who stay but will no longer be their pastor.” John 15 gives us a critical way forward: Abide in the Vine: “I am the true vine, and My Father is the gardener. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He trims so that it may bear more fruit. Abide in Me, and I will abide in you. The branch cannot itself produce fruit, unless it abides on the vine. Likewise, you cannot produce fruit unless you abide in Me. My friends, while these are anxious times, they are also pruning times. Each of us will have to decide, am I under or over Scripture? Will I be faithful to Scripture over the cultural demands of our time? This requires us as a family to abide more than ever in the vine that is Jesus Christ. This is where as fools for Christ we need to press in and not press out! I know that many of us have been dealing with this issue for 20 years and more, and maybe like me, you’re just plain tired of it. Yet our character is determined by what we do when we are tired! In fact it feels like we are way out on a limb, yet that’s where Jesus does His best work, when we live in need of Him, abiding in him as our lifeblood. In addition to Sunday Worship, one of the ways we abide with each other is through Holy City Connects (HCC). We introduced three HCC’s this year, generous people opening their homes in downtown, West Ashley and Mt. Pleasant, praise God! Many thanks to John and Charlie Barnes downtown, Heidi and Arthur Ravenel in West Ashley and Paul and Noreen Herring, in Mt. Pleasant for hosting as well as our talk leaders, song leaders, food hosts, intercessors and administrators! It was also a year we began abiding in a deeper way with the Anglican Church of North America, specifically with the Rev. Anthony Thompson. Fr. Anthony is Rector of Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church on Bull Street. Anthony’s wife died in the Mother Emanuel massacre. Yet as a fool for Christ, Anthony was the priest who, in a packed courtroom, looked over at the convicted murderer, Dylan Roof and said: “Dylan, I forgive you for shooting my wife and taking her life.” This year and for the very first time, we added Holy Trinity to our Lenten ecumenical consortium of churches. I shall never forget entering Holy Trinity Church on Wednesday, March 21. This small clapboard church that was newly painted was packed! As I walked in I looked at the bulletin and was thrilled when I saw the back page: Holy Trinity Church, member of the Anglican Church of North America. The Lord is up to something very special right now.

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2018 Annual Meeting: Rector’s Report As we look deeper into 2018, our goal is to abide faithfully and more deeply with each other through these ecumenical partnerships and right here at St. Michael’s with each other. We will continue our rhythm of ministry that begins with Alpha, life groups, and Holy City Connects, but this year we will be adding a deeper discipleship track while teaching Scripture on Sundays unlike any other time in our history! I know we are living in times of uncertainty, yet we must keep our eye on the North Star! Our North Star is Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ in our Homes, Holy City, Hurting Coast and Hungering world! We exist to be UP in worship, IN through life groups and OUT to the world in mission. In 2017 we held our first youth mission trip to Honduras and the Lamb Institute, what an experience! Other St. Michaelites landed in India and Burundi on mission, as well as many, many others doing mission in their homes and locally in our city. One dream coming to fruition is our dream to build a St. Michael’s Clinic in Boogerama, Burundi. As the lead sponsor in this endeavor, ground has been broken! We first started talking about this dream back in 2010, now eight years later, it is becoming a reality! My friends, we are so blessed. I was given a reality check on our blessings when I was having dinner with the Rev. Dr. John Barr after our Good Friday evening services. John recently retired from decades as Rector of various churches. But as our Holy Week preacher he looked at me and said: “Holy Week at St. Michael’s has been the most powerful Holy Week I have ever encountered in all my years of ministry.” How encouraging! One more encouraging word to leave you with. Easter at St. Michael’s was glorious, from the sunrise service at the Battery, to our morning Easter celebrations, around 1,700 of you worshiped here at some point during the day. There were many highlights, but chief among them: our sunset 6pm service. There, former attorney and 32 year old fool for Christ Daniel Taylor Cohart decided to make the ultimate decision to be baptized. Isn’t this why we do what we do? Isn’t it why we serve on Vestry, altar and flower guilds, usher, greet, tithe etc.? As Fools for Christ together, we live praying to see all souls come to Christ! God is so good! Abide my friends, connect more deeply this year into the heartbeat of St. Michael’s. Whether we stay at the four corners of law or are forced to move, our heartbeat as fools for Christ will remain the same. Bless you and Much Love in Christ, The Rev. Alfred T.K. Zadig, Jr. 21st Rector of St. Michael’s Church, Charleston, South Carolina

St. Michael’s by the Numbers 27 Baptisms - 24 children, 3 adults 21 Confirmations - 14 youth, 7 adults 2 Reaffirmations 8 Marriages 12 Deaths 22 Transfers in 134 Visitors 27 members went on 4 mission trips to India, Kenya, Hondura, Burundi 25 Holy City volunteers 577 Operation Christmas child boxes collected 14 meals delivered each week by Meals on Wheels (annual: 336+) 10+ Mission Partners welcomed or hosted at St Michaels 22 Faith Promise Mission grants allocated

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Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

2018 Annual Meeting: Clergy Reports The Power of Unity and Community The Rev. David Booman Assistant for Pastoral Care and Healing Prayer Ministry Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!... there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life forevermore (Psalm 133.1,3). Our Lord is a Lord of breakthrough and new beginnings, and often this renewal is born from a place of spiritual unity and shared community. This theme of unity has characterized the ministry in 2017. In January I was humbled to be invited by the U.S. Attorney’s Office to be part of the Spiritual Support Team for the families of Mother Emanuel during the trial of Dylann Roof. Over the course of five weeks I was blessed to be able to see firsthand our legal system operate at the very highest level. I was also blessed to spend time with and learn from an extraordinary team of SLED chaplains, counselors and victim advocates. Finally, and most importantly, I was blessed to support the families of Mother Emanuel as they journeyed through a trying season with grace, honesty and astounding faith. I will never forget their courageous testimonies, their heartfelt prayers and their expressions of forgiveness and love that have forever changed our nation and the world. The Lord used the relationships formed during the sorrow and suffering of the trial to bring about one of the most beautiful moments I have experienced in ministry. On Michaelmas Sunday, Sep. 24, we held a joint worship service with the congregation of Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church on Bull Street (with whom we’d been separated denominationally for 140 years). The Rev. Anthony Thompson preached a powerful sermon on the parable of the Good Samaritan and was then presented with a staff carved by David Richardson, honoring God’s call on his life to be a good shepherd to many. It was a service that truly felt like a glimpse of heaven, and I will never forget it. The Healing Prayer Ministry continues to thrive. This year we had 6 individuals take the SHP levels 1 and 2 led by Jo Cox and Susan Herrmann. We also had 19 take an Advanced Healing and Deliverance course led by Ginny Good and Harriet Harris. From this class we had 15 prayer ministers attend a retreat at Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International in March. At the end of September we held our first-ever Prayer Ministry Retreat at Camp St. Christopher with over 20 prayer ministers in attendance and Mary Ellen Conners as the speaker. The retreat was a rich time of teaching, sharing, prayer, and fellowship with lots of holy tears and laughter. Our Days of Healing Prayer continue to offer moments of wonder and joy. On March 18 the Rev. Jason Hamshaw shared on the fascinating subject of ‘Neuroscience and the Power of Prayer,’ with nearly 100 in attendance. On October 21 The Rev. Cindy Strickler invited 70 of us to enter fully in Jesus’ ministry of healing. Our Worship on Wednesday healing continues to be a mid-week service of respite and renewal. We regularly see the grace of God moving to break down barriers, heal wounds, and restore people to greater flourishing. Our 9:30 intergenerational service continues to thrive as it completed its 3rd year. The service and music teams have grown significantly so that now over 50 people are actively involved in serving at this service. Our team captains Kimberly Moss, Julie Akers, Laura Gruber, Andi Tatem, and Megan Louis shepherd their teams with humility, humor, and grace. Most importantly, a sense of community continues to grow as new friendships and relationships are forged in worship. In this, our fifth year of the Eucharistic Visitation ministry, our dedicated captains Ellen Hollingsworth and Roger Poston sought to fine-tune our protocols to better serve the homebound and hospitalized with the love and presence of Christ. Our captains began reaching out to other

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2018 Annual Meeting: Clergy Reports churches in our diocese to glean best practices which we intend to implement in 2018. In January, for the fifth year, St. Michael’s joined churches from around the Anglican Communion and Diocese of S.C. to observe Sanctity of Life Sunday, a Sunday dedicated to celebrating and protecting human life in all of its stages. June 21 Linda Prince beautifully facilitated Tables of Ten for the second time, a city-wide (pop-up) Bible study event in remembrance of the Emanuel Nine. Over 80 people from at least 8 different churches came together to honor the Emanuel Nine and seek the Lord’s healing and reconciliation in our community. In July I was blessed to be invited on an Anglican Leadership Initiative backpacking trip in Colorado with a group of bishops, church planters, theology professors, the archbishop of the ACNA, clergy from around North America, and four llamas. It was a tremendous experience of disequilibrium, comradery, learning, and meeting with the Lord at 13,000 feet. In November I took the first overseas trip of my life, to Durgapur, India. Led by Jean and Johnnie Corbett, our team visited safe houses, hospitals, and churches and prayed for thousands of people. Without question, it was the most fun, inspiring, and moving trip I have ever taken. Looking back over the year I rejoice in the countless ways the Lord has formed and deepened relationships across these ministries, even as I pray for the day when we shall truly be one, even as Christ and the Father are one (Jn. 17).

Annual Report The Rev. Randy Shirley Assistant to the Rector and Chief of Staff It is a blessing to be your Chief of Staff, and a privilege that I do not take lightly. Since my arrival last May, I have recognized that God has surrounded me with the most talented and integrated team that I have ever served with. Coupled with the welcoming body of believers, I immediately felt at home. Thank you for your endearing support in bringing Liz and me into your fold. We praise God every day for our new life at St. Michael’s Church. I sincerely believe we have the best staff and I am thankful for their ministries where I have seen each one go above and beyond my high expectations Their servant’s heart and love for Jesus are consistently seen in their commitments to serve and extend God’s Kingdom. As many of you know, we launched a completely new Toddler Time, Holy City Connects, Student, Family and Mission Ministries this past year. Seeing the Holy Spirit’s increasing work within these ministries has been most encouraging, and His movement to integrate these new initiatives with established efforts was

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Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

2018 Annual Meeting: Clergy Reports an answer to many prayers. I am also equally amazed at His work within our supporting staff as we continue envisioning what He would have us do and become in the coming months and years. As we look forward, I recall one of the first counsels I received when joining the St. Michaelite Team. I was told to expect the unexpected, remain teachable, establish priorities and concentrate on a few things. These discerning words continually resonate within me, and I endeavor to live by them with our staff. In addition, I would like to share the most impressive traits of our staff as I have found these three to be most identifiable: (1) Faithful Christians, in worship and in Word, as spouses, parents and friends; (2) Servants within Ministries, each being entrusted to care for parishioners knowing that one day your staff will be asked for an accounting of how we cared, loved and served one another; and, (3) Being an Example to others, concentrating on living a joyfully holy life, and encouraging others in their walk. Your staff is postured and ready in Christ to move forward this coming year. I would like to finish by thanking our rector and vestry for their support. In a time of change and challenge, it has been a great year for the staff to deepen together missionally. We truly have found that God makes us better together. On behalf of your staff, I am bold to say, “Thank you for the privilege for us to serve. May the Peace of the Lord be always with you.”

Annual Report The Rev Mark Avera Assistant for Discipleship and Mission 2017 was a time of transition in the areas of Discipleship and Mission. I have been blessed to be a part of both these critical areas in our church’s life and ministry. At the beginning of 2017, I was serving as the Interim Director of Mission and transitioning to becoming the Vicar at our diocesan mission in North Charleston, Church of the Resurrection. In late January/early February our 2017 GIC had a special emphasis on the mission we all have in our own homes. Special guests Rob Reinow and Jonathan Ziman from Visionary Family Ministries and former St Michaelite Peter Rothermel of the diocese’s Faith Formation department helped us see the significance of the mission field in our homes and families. Interestingly enough, Peter’s participation paved the way for him to join St Michael’s staff in late 2017 as part of a partnered ministry with the diocese. Also participating in the GIC were mainstays Simon Mwaura and his wife Lucy from Kenya, and Simon Guillebaud of Burundi. Tim Terry of Fresh Start Ministry rounded out our guest preacher list and gave a powerful and challenging testimony at our 10:30 service. 2017 brought much needed leadership to our mission ministries: Jay Seibels became the new chair for the Financial Advisory Board (FAB), our board that vets grant applications and makes funding recommendations to the vestry for distributing Faith Promise contributions; and Betsy Henderson joined the staff as the new Director of Mission. Both Jay and Betsy have brought renewed vision, passion, and strong leadership to help grow us toward becoming a world-class mission organization.

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2018 Annual Meeting: Clergy Reports The year also brought renewal and change in discipleship. Realizing the difficulty for people coming out of Alpha to jump into already-existing Life Groups, Director of Alpha and Connections, Nancy Hardwick, and our Discipleship Task Force chair, Susan DiCamillo, teamed up and developed a mid-size fellowship and connection ministry known as HCC – Holy City Connects. These geographic gatherings of 12-25 people are modeled on a similar ministry at Holy Trinity Brompton in England. These groups are large enough for newcomers to feel comfortable dropping in and checking things out, but small enough to allow for relationships to be developed. Many of you joined our pilot groups in Mt Pleasant, West Ashley and downtown on the peninsula. Based on the turnout (on average, well over 25), it seems there is a need for such community-building ministries. We anticipate growing this ministry in 2018 and beyond. The most significant area of change, challenge, and growth for me personally came when I stepped into the position of Vicar at Church of the Resurrection in North Charleston. This is a mission congregation of our diocese that currently worships at Water Mission. In existence for five years as of this writing, it still has a mission status (which means it is not self-supporting). Thanks to the vision of Bp Mark Lawrence and our Rector, Al Zadig, and the generosity of St Michael’s, I am able to work full-time at Resurrection and still serve part-time at St Michael’s. March 1 of this year marked my one-year anniversary at Resurrection. When the congregation was formed, there was no real sense of identity or purpose. The people that came to our bishop in early 2013 found themselves feeling displaced. Their Episcopal church in North Charleston near Park Circle did not go through any discernment process, but chose to remain with TEC. Many leaders of our diocese’s ministries were at that church and felt they could not remain in TEC but wanted to stay with Bp Lawrence. Thus the start of Resurrection. But no one really understood that they were planting a church. There was no real vision or clear leadership. When I was asked to take over as Vicar, the small congregation of about 30 was in need of healing, leadership, and a new identity. We have grown in our love and trust of each other and largely healed and stabilized. Infrastructure has been established: we now have By-laws; we have had two annual meetings and elected new vestry members; last month the bishop confirmed six new members and we had three reaffirmations and one person received (these were our first confirmands ever). Teaching and preaching has been consistent with weekly Bible studies and the full churchyear of Sunday and special services. We ran the Alpha course in the fall and we have improved the appearance of our worship space to be more welcoming to our guests. These details of service, outreach and hospitality have helped us to see both ourselves and what God can do in and through us in a fresh light. There is new excitement. We are waking up! We are currently completing a study on spiritual gifts that we hope will result in more folks getting off the bench and in the game. Of great encouragement over the course of the year have been regular visitors from St Michaels, as well as newcomers from the community. We have grown a solid 33% and we hope to continue or improve that rate of growth this year. We are connecting with North Charleston High School through Communities in Schools and are looking at missional partnerships with other local ministries. We are stretching forward, turning outward, and pressing on, and we would love to have you join us for worship. We currently worship at Water Mission at 10:00 on Sunday mornings. I also encourage you to check out our website at

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Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

2018 Annual Meeting: Clergy Reports Annual Report: Anglican Leadership Institute 2017 The Rev. Dr. Peter Moore Director, Anglican Leadership Institute Scholar in Residence With gratitude for financial support from the Missions Committee of St. Michael’s, I’m happy to report that A.L.I. had an excellent year in 2017 Thirty “emerging” leaders from thirteen countries plus participants from Florida, California, New England and South Carolina descended on our shores for two three-week institutes. They came to learn how to become more effective leaders and more disciplined followers of Jesus Christ. Eleven of them were bishops, and one was an archbishop. While many are from 8 Sub-Sahara nations where Anglicanism is growing rapidly, we also had participants from Australia, India, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Indonesia, and Brazil. For the first time, we had one key leader who is Rector of a diocesan parish: Greg Snyder, Rector of St. John’s, John’s Island. One Institute was located in Isle of Palms, and the other on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Fortunately, we were there when hurricane Irma came barreling through South Carolina. Had we been here in September, we would have had to evacuate. But to where? We held two open lectures for lay and clergy leaders of the Diocese of South Carolina, and also sent out 30 podcasts on key Christian leaders through the centuries that are still available on our Anglican Leadership Institute website. They reached hundreds of people all over the world. Roughly half of the board members of A.L.I. are members of St. Michael’s Church, and they helped guide the three-year old ministry through the year, and provided accountability for our small staff of 1.25 people. Our team for each Institute increased to 5 – by the addition of three St. Michael’s parishioners and several volunteers who served as “ambassadors” for our participants. Many clergy, bishops and lay leaders from our Diocese spoke to our participants, and shared their insights on a leaders’ character and competence. It costs us approximately $10,000 per participant – which comes to something slightly short of $300,000 for our annual budget. Without donations large and small, we would close up shop quite quickly. Our aim in A.L.I. is to impact the 70 million member Anglican Communion by targeting key leaders and creating a fellowship of people committed to servant leadership in the style of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. We are on target. By a year from now, God willing, we will have trained over 100 such leaders – roughly 1/3 of our ten-year goal. Both our upcoming September, 2018 and January, 2019 Institutes are full, and we are accepting applicants for September, 2019. Thank you for your prayers and interest.

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2018 Annual Meeting: Treasurer’s Repor Annual Report: Treasurer Gary DiCamillo

At the close of 2017, St. Michael’s Church continues to be in sound financial condition, despite completing a year where expenses exceed income by $149.3K. The church bank accounts are healthy with $115.7K in the Operations Account, $136.1K in Missions and $188.8K in Restricted on December 31, 2017. We currently have no debt. For the 12 months ending December 31, 2017, St. Michael’s had total income of $1971.0K and total expenses of $2130.3K for a net deficit of $149.3K. The deficit was covered by sufficient cash from the balance sheet and did not require any borrowings. A summary of 2017 income and expenses are as follows: ($000) Contributions Ministries Administrative Total Income

$1813.1 146.5 11.4 $1971.0

Salary/Benefits $1312.0 Facilities/Maintenance 204.5 Insurance 116.9 Worship 100.2 Children/Youth 61.5 Diocesan Pledge 178.6 All Other 146.6 Total Expense $2120.3 As we continue in 2018, we have budgeted reduced operating expenses to match income expectations and plan a balanced full year budget. For the first six months of 2018, the Vestry has approved a budget of approximately $910,000 without reducing any clergy or staff. We seek to reduce costs of administration and events by seeking more volunteerism and requesting more event donations and income. We are very thankful for the faithful stewards at St. Michael’s Church. These are uncertain times in the life of our church, and we appreciate your timely gifts and contributions to meet our operating expenses each month. Gary DiCamillo Treasurer

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Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

2018 Annual Meeting: The Financial Report Date : 04/10/2018 Time : 5:55:17 PM Accounts

Page : 1

Saint Michaels Church 2017 Balance Sheet December 2017

ASSETS Checking Accounts/Cash Account 101100 - Operating Account 101200 - Missions Account 101300 - Restricted Account 101400 - Rector Discretionary Account 101500 - Booman Discretionary Account 101600 - Petty Cash Fixed Assets 102100 - Church/Sanctuary 1751 102200 - Rectory 102400 - Hewitt Building 102500 - Churchyard 102600 - Steeple Clock 102800 - A&E contract/reimbursables 102900 - Construction/Renovation Proj 102999 - Accumulated Depreciation Furniture and Fixtures 103100 - Church/Sanctuary 1751 103300 - Belser Building 103400 - Hewitt Building 103600 - HVAC Condenser Units

$115,657.35 $136,054.88 $188,790.18 $2,795.54 $2,529.37 $155.02 $148,335.00 $383,411.00 $2,532,400.00 $15,178.00 $7,483.00 $335,612.00 $3,060,501.00 ($2,358,251.00) $155,051.00 $34,674.16 $55,947.00 $18,114.00 $263,786.16

Total Furniture and Fixtures Total Fixed Assets

$4,388,455.16 $4,834,437.50

Total Checking Accounts/Cash Account Investments 104100 - Side Rocky Bottom Road

$20,000.00 $20,000.00 $4,854,437.50

Total Investments Total ASSETS LIABILITIES-In/Out(to be paid), FUND PRINCIPAL, & Restricted Funds LIABILITIES-In/Out(to be paid) Benefits 202100 - Health/Vision Insurance Benefits $1,509.60 202200 - Pension Liability $17,095.28


Total Benefits Total LIABILITIES-In/Out(to be paid) FUND PRINCIPAL 301100 - General Operating Fund 301300 - Restricted Fund Excess Cash Received

$18,604.88 $4,430,730.09 ($1,894.77) ($149,697.57) $4,279,137.75

Total FUND PRINCIPAL and Excess Cash Received Restricted Funds Total TEMPORARY RESTRICTED


Total Restricted Funds Total LIABILITIES-In/Out(to be paid), FUND PRINCIPAL, & Restricted Funds

- 16 -

$556,694.87 $4,854,437.50

2018 Annual Meeting: Financial Report Date : 04/10/2018 Time : 6:00:15 PM

Saint Michaels Church 2017 Analysis of Revenues & Expenses - Detail Fund: General Fund January to December 2017 YTD Actual (This Year)


INCOME/REVENUE Contributions Ministries/Events Administration Total INCOME/REVENUE

$1,813,064.75 $146,509.59 $11,437.87 $1,971,012.21

Date : 04/10/2018 Time : 6:00:15 PM

$2,124,425.00 $156,655.00 $5,500.00 $2,286,580.00

% of Annual Budget Used (This Year)

85.34 % 93.52 % 207.96 % 86.20 %

Saint Michaels Church 2017 Analysis of Revenues & Expenses - Detail Fund: General Fund January to December 2017 YTD Actual (This Year)


EXPENSES Transformation Ministry Children and Youth Ministry Pastoral Missions Operating Expenses Worship Administration Total EXPENSES Net Total

Annual Budget (This Year)

- 17 -

Annual Budget (This Year)

% of Annual Budget Used (This Year)

$56,484.55 $61,528.62 $20,212.20 $13,772.60 $100,196.45 $1,868,126.87 $2,120,321.29

$56,500.00 $56,730.00 $19,900.00 $20,740.00 $74,443.00 $2,058,270.00 $2,286,583.00

99.97 % 108.46 % 101.57 % 66.41 % 134.59 % 90.76 % 92.73 %



0.00 %

Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

2018 Annual Meeting: Financial Report

Date : 04/10/2018 Time : 6:03:50 PM

Saint Michaels Church 2017 Revenues & Expenses Graph January to December 2017

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2018 Annual Meeting: Mission Report

2017 Faith Promise - Mission Grant Funding

Communities in School (CIS) | Student Positive Behavior Support Program at Sanders Clyde School Fresh Start Visions | Support for 2017 Prison Outreach Ministry St. Albans Chapel | Support for Citadel Cadet Outreach Ministry Star Gospel Mission Ministry | Support for 2017-2018 Ministry Without Walls Ministry | Bike contribution for Christmas at the Citadel

$20,000 $4,800 $5,000 $1,000

Coalition for Christian Outreach (COO) | Anglican College Ministry Outreach at Clemson (Rev. Justin Hare)


Anglican Leadership Institute (ALI) | Support for 2017-2018 Ministry Evangelism Equipment (EE) Europe | Missionary ministry outreach support (Anne Schaffer) Water Mission | 2017 Cambodia Clean Water Project Water Mission | 2018 North Sumatra / Indonesia Clean Water Project

$10,000 $1,800

Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM) | 2018 Ministry support for CrossCultural Workers (missionaries) serving in the Middle East Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM) | 2017 Church Planting in Nepal Diocese of Durgapur (India) | St. Michael’s Safe House Operations Diocese of Durgapur (India) | Children’s Festival of Hope (VBS) Diocese of Durgapur (India) | Festivals of Hope and Healing Prayer Mission Trip God’s Grace for All Nations (GGFAN) | VBS led by “Fruit that Lasts” Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) | Contribution to Gitega International Academy (Burundi) School Bus Restoring Our Foundations Ministry | Support for ministry in Rwanda Samburu County Nkalup Vision (SCNV) | Training for Preaching Point Pastors in Northern Kenya LAMB Institute (Honduras) | Ministry support for Children’s Home LAMB Institute (Honduras) + Youth | Supplies for Youth Mission Trip Youth With a Mission (YWAM) | Support for International Chinese Discipleship Training School (ICDTS) Ministry (Rev. Tabitha Wang)

Total Faith Promise Funds Granted/Allocated in 2017:


- 19 -

$5,000 $10,000 $7,100 $1,215 $15,000 $3,000 $7,500 $2,798 $3,000 $5,000 $1,500 $10,000 $3,000 $8,000


Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

Vestry Nominees Martha Dougherty I have been a member of St. Michael’s for 19 years. I came to know Christ as I read the Bible with my children and through attending a Women’s Bible Study at St. Michael’s. But I would say conversion to knowing that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior came during a Biblicaloriented Bible study (BSF) where we read many books of the Bible, and I discovered the joy of hearing God speak to me through his voice in the words of scripture. That changed my life. I continue to keep the Bible as my primary guide for every problem, event, and situation that comes along. My first experience at sharing my faith was teaching Sunday School. Then as my daughter got older, we participated in the youth Burundi mission, which was very powerful. Then, on a deeper level, praying for and teaching pastors during the most recent trip to Burundi this past summer. Currently, I am technically leading a Women’s Bible Study, but it has not been regular due to HCC events. I am encouraging my members to attend that instead. I also sing in the choir. I feel God is calling St. Michael’s to continue to do what it is doing. Being a beacon for the light of Christ, keeping scripture at the center of all it does, and relying on Christ to guide us and show us the next step. I love the missions that St. Michael’s is involved in and would like to see us strengthen the interracial connections here in the city. We truly need to unite as brothers and sisters in Christ with all Christians in this city.

Noreen Herring Our family joined St. Michael’s Church in 2004. I was brought up in a very devout Catholic home and attended Catholic grammar and middle school. I then attended an Episcopal high school in Greenville, SC. Staying connected to Jesus and my faith has always been a priority for me even through college and medical school. In

the last year, since my parents have gone to be with the Lord, I have actually taken time to be quiet and listen and watch for God’s reassuring presence. I have been transformed into a more active believer and know that I am called to dive deeper into my Christian faith. I pray daily and read scripture including Bible in One Year and daily devotions. There is so much more to learn but I am actively soaking up all the lessons that I can from the Bible. I pray for my family, friends and patients. I also pray for St. Michael’s parish at this time. I have been on a Young Life mission trip to Tanzania, which was amazing. I feel I am an encouraging Christian and would eventually like to be involved with more mission work both in the Charleston area and beyond. Over the years I have been a Sunday school teacher and have participated in Bible studies. Recently, Paul and I hosted Holy City Connects and really enjoyed every aspect of the fellowship with other St. Michael’s parishioners. The clergy of St. Michael’s have said that the parish will remain “under” the guidance of Scripture. I whole heartedly agree that this is of utmost importance. There may be some major decisions in our future and we must trust that the Holy Spirit will guide St. Michael’s church down the correct path. I feel that St. Michael’s has so many wonderful, devout Christians. Some are talented teachers; others are supportive parishioners loving one another; others are missionaries, evangelists, administrators, talented musicians and of course devoted priests. “But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. ” (Ephesians 4:7) It is the people that make St. Michael’s such a wonderful parish. Together we can continue to grow not just in numbers but in holiness.

- 20 -

Chappy McKay In 1998, I returned to Charleston and quickly began attending St. Michael’s Church. By virtue of wonderful parents, I was raised in a very active Christian home. A love for Christ has always been in my heart. For a year, while in Washington, DC, I strayed away from regular Sunday attendance. A work friend invited me to the Stations of the Cross at Saint John’s on Holy Friday. My heart was once again sealed. In 1999, I attended Alpha at St. Michael’s. Through the Alpha course, I developed a deeper understanding and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Prior to Alpha, I always felt that my relationship with Christ was brokered through clergy or through a one way “telephone” line prayer to Jesus. Through Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Saint Luke, I have been blessed by the realization and recognition of my two-way conversation with Jesus. I cannot go a day without my personal conversations with the Lord. My relationship with Jesus is the cornerstone of my life. His will be done in my life. My first experiences with sharing “Christ in me” began as a volunteer at the Cannon Street YMCA, volunteering at evening shelter during college. This experience allowed me to comfortably share with other “safe harbor” Christian volunteers. My sharing was reinvigorated during Alpha, as a Small Group Leader and as an Alpha director. As my comfort level and confidence grew, I began sharing more in small group bible study, Days of Healing Prayer, and publicly giving my testimony. Today I freely and openly share my faith at work, home, and in my daily life. I am blessed by the freedom to share God’s Word. Recently, I served on a committee to renew our buildings and grounds. Through a wonderful gift, we were able to renovate God’s property and state off the effects of deferred maintenance. God’s financial gift was reinvested in God’s buildings. I also recently completed a personal faith renewal

Vestry Nominees through the Alpha program. Retaking the Alpha course is in anticipation of the upcoming Kenya mission trip, in which I intend to participate. Though complicated by weekend scheduling challenges, I continue to volunteer as a Lay Reader and usher. As a St. Michael’s outreach ministry, I continue to serve as a Lay Chaplain to the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy. My vision for St. Michael’s is a “new church,” not of old bricks and mortar or leases or purchased property. My vision is a congregation deep in the love of God, devoid of the National Church conflict, and in faithful devotion to the unchanged word of God. Our new church will be growing and prospering together in faith in a way we cannot imagine. Our renewal and dedication to the Word is our invitation to new wine skins. We will need to be a flexible and nimble Vestry. If God’s plan is for us to “wander in the desert,” we will need to minister differently than if we remain at Broad and Meeting. Through discernment, God will lead us in the right direction. As we are guided forward, our clergy and vestry must be unified. When decisions are made, unequivocally, we will speak with one voice. I wish I could say I have a deliberate vision for St. Michael’s, but the vision will be revealed over time to the Vestry and clergy. I can share, that my heart’s desire is a clear vision for a congregation that is on a focused effort for unity, growth, and engagement. I fervently believe we are a congregation ready to move forward in a loving direction. I tis time to accept and shed the pain of our Church Divorce.

Ted Moore

My wife Michelle and I joined St. Michael’s five years ago, when we moved to Charleston. I was born and raised in a Christian family, attending the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Greenwood, SC. There, I was baptized and confirmed at a young age. During my teenage years, in response to a shift in the fundamental beliefs of the Episcopal

Church, my family, along with several others, separated and formed what is now St. Andrew’s Anglican Church of Greenwood. I have always had a relationship with Jesus Christ, however, it was not until attending Alpha at St. Michael’s that I felt a deeper connection through the power of the Holy Spirit. My relationship with Christ has continued to grow over the years through regular attendance at worship, involvement in ministries at St. Michaels, personal prayer, and a commitment to have Christ as the center of my marriage and family. My faith has not only helped me to grow as a person but has strengthened my marriage and provided the framework to raise our son in a loving Christian home. Sharing my Christian faith hasn’t always been something I was comfortable with but my experiences in Alpha and a life group at St. Michael’s have helped me become more confident in being a witness. I try to build genuine relationships with those around me and share that I'm a Christian and how a relationship with Jesus has changed my life. I hope that people can see the impact my faith has on my life and want to know more. I also invite people to opportunities like worship, HCC, and Alpha where they can hear the message of Christ and experience Christian community. I attend Sunday worship regularly. I have also completed Alpha and I Like Mike. I then served 2 semesters on Alpha team. Additionally, my wife and I were life group leaders for over 3 years. I recently helped with the start of Holy City Connects in West Ashley and continue to be involved in this new ministry. My vision for St. Michael’s Church is to be a welcoming community of Christians that is guided by the Holy Spirit and under the authority of the scripture. I believe God is calling us to be a church that builds Christian community, develops disciples of Jesus Christ, and serves in mission to Charleston and beyond.

- 21 -

Beau Mueller I have been a member of St. Michael’s for about 27 years, since 1991. My foundation in faith was given as a child, and I did not have a thunderbolt experience. Instead, my life experiences and reading of the Bible proved my faith and relationship with the Lord. My current faith practice consists of daily prayers and attending 10:30 Sunday services. I have three examples of my experience in sharing the Christian faith with others. First, many years ago I gave my testimony at St. Michael’s. Second, I held various roles with the Alpha program for many years, and shared, and was shared with, in many ways. Third, much of my sharing of my faith has actually been as a witness and by inviting others to services and programs at St. Michael’s. Currently, I am ushering at the 10:30 service. Previously, I have worked on Alpha, the youth ministry, the 9:30 family service, and was in a Bible study. My vision for St. Michael’s is of a church steeped in the traditional Anglican liturgy. It is a generational church, where parents are married, then their children baptized and confirmed, and then those children eventually are married, and so forth. It is an evangelical church, that reaches out beyond our walls, whether it be to college students, young professionals, or simply the unchurched. I would like to see the family service grow so much that it would eventually move to the sanctuary and become the largest Sunday service at the church.

Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

Convention Delegate Nominees Jo Cox Jo Cox attended Hollins College and graduated (20 years later) from the University of South Carolina with a BS in Political Science-a minor in Communications. She joined St. Michael’s Church in 1961 and was an active member until 1978 when she moved to Columbia, SC. (Her children were raised at St. Michael’s and sang in the choir, attended Sunday School, Youth Group, etc). In Columbia, Jo was a member of Trinity Cathedral where she served on the Vestry and helped initiate several Outreach Programs, including feeding the homeless on Sunday with breakfast and lunch, and establishing a transitional housing facility for working, single parents. A subsequent move took Jo and her husband, Lee, to Greenville, SC where they were members of Christ Church. She worked with Cursillo, Kairos, and was a member of the Vestry of Christ Church. Jo’s professional career has been in the world of non-profit organizations where she served as Executive Director of the Central Carolina Community Foundation, The Byerly Foundation, and the Historic Greenville Foundation. Upon her husband’s “semi-“retirement, the Coxes returned to Charleston and the blessing of membership at St. Michael’s. Jo is a Life Group leader and has been an Alpha Team member and GIC Team participant.

Lee Cox I am a graduate of Wake Forest University and hold MA and PhD degrees in English from the University of South Carolina. My wife Jo and I have been members of St. Michael’s since moving to Charleston in 2010. For Jo, of course, this was a homecoming, St. Michael’s having been her church home beginning in 1961 and

where all three of her children were baptized and raised. Currently I am serving as a member of the vestry and chair the vestry’s strategic planning committee. I have been actively involved in men’s ministry activities, particularly at MacDougall state prison where I volunteer in educational programs for inmates which I approach from a Christian world-view perspective. Additionally, I have assisted with the Alpha program, have led a life group and am currently a member of the Life group led by my wife Jo. Much of my career has been devoted to Christian education. I served as headmaster at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville for ten years and, since leaving Greenville, have consulted and served as interim head at Christian schools in Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. I am presently the interim head at First Baptist School here in Charleston.

Grant Inscoe Grant Inscoe has been a member of St. Michael’s Church since 2012. During his faith journey commitment, Grant has been involved as a greeter, the Blue Bus ministry, Alpha, I Like Mike, Order of St Luke, GIC 2013, co-chair GIC 2014, Chair GIC 2015 and presently active in a Life Group. He has just completed 3 years on Vestry. Grant was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. He retired from IBM after 30 years. He was in the US Air Force for 4 years and attended the University of South Carolina Aiken. He has been actively employed for the past 20 years with Corporate Meeting Planning. Grant has been married to Angela Callis Inscoe for the past 49 years and they reside in Mt. Pleasant. They have two grown children and one grandson.

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Eunice Logan I have been a member of St. Michael’s for 50 years. I graduated from Ashley hall and the University of South Carolina, and married Wade 50 years ago. I have been a Bible Study leader for more than 10 years. I also serve as a prayer minister and as a LEM. I served on the vestry many years ago and have served on the Diocesan Council. Wade and I have been active in Cursillo for many years, and I served as the Diocesan Lay Coordinator for Cursillo. We both participated in the first Alpha, and I headed up the fourth Alpha. I served on mission teams to Burundi, as well as a team to Ukraine. .

Matt Ozment Matt Ozment and his wife, Whitney, live in Mt Pleasant with their daughters Arah Jane, 3, and Grady, 1. Matt is a sinner saved by grace. God used St. Michael’s to forever change Matt and Whitney’s lives through the Alpha course. God moved through Alpha to lead Matt and Whitney to put God at the center of their lives and marriage. Matt and Whitney went on to participate in Alpha six times at St. Michael's and Church of the Resurrection and served as co-directors of Alpha in 2016. Matt served on the Vestry for the past year. Matt is active in the Men’s Ministry. Matt started the Men’s Hike with Luke Rasmussen. Matt leads the weekly Thursday Men’s Lunch at 82 Queen. Matt and Whitney started a life group two years ago and often host it in their home. Arah Jane and Grady are both involved with the children’s ministry. Matt is an attorney and currently serves as a law clerk to United Stated Magistrate Judge Mary Gordon Baker. Prior to his clerkship, Matt served as a state prosecutor for four years. His wife Whitney is a veterinarian.

Convention Delegate Nominees Heidi Ravenel I graduated Ashley Hall and the University of South Carolina and worked in government relations and the Reagan White House during six years in Washington. Since 1989, I have been a real estate agent and broker at Arthur Ravenel Jr. Company and have been active in the Charleston community and at St. Michaels. I currently serve as the Secretary of the Ashley Hall Board of Trustees (past Chairman), and as Junior Warden at St. Michaels. I am a prayer minister, a Eucharistic Lay minister, and have served on the Vestry, the Financial Advisory Board, the GIC team, as Noonday Lay Reader, and have been active in mission at St. Michaels. Arthur and I have five children and two grandsons.

Mikell Scarborough

Rhett Smith My name is Rhett Smith and I have been a member here since I married a lifetime St. Michaelite, Alice Buist Smith in May of 2002. We have two children Lillian, 10 and Virginia, 7. My family is blessed to have a multi-generational experience with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and St. Michael’s members. We are currently active in the 9:30 family service to nurture this new service and our children. I am retiring as a Vestry member as of April 29, having served from 2015 to 2018. I also participate at other services as a prayer minister and usher. Of all my involvements at St. Michaels, the two closest to my heart are The Prayer & Healing Ministry and The Ministry to Men. Both reach and touch people and myself in amazing ways.

Mikell Scarborough, Senior Warden Heidi Ravenel, Junior Warden Gary DiCamillo, Treasurer

2018 Class – rotating off Grant Inscoe Matt Ozment Rhett Smith

2019 Class Gene Martini Jerry Reves David Soutter

2020 Class Lee Cox

St. Michael’s Member Since 1993, Usher Chairman from 1995-2007, Lay Eucharistic Minister since 2006, Vestry Member, 1998-2001, 2014, Junior Warden, 2015, Senior Warden, 2016 – 2018, Alpha, Financial Peace University, Cursillo #139, Cursillo #151 Team Member, Kanuga Parish Weekend coordinator with Mary in 2010, Small Group Member, Men’s Ski Trip, VBS Mission Trip with Ross to Dominican Republic in 2007, Participant in St. Michael’s Christmas Pageant Married to Mary LeMacks Scarborough since 1986, Three Children: Ross, Elizabeth & Thomas, Charleston County Master in Equity since 2003


Laura Waring Gruber Hal Frampton, IV

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Transforming Hearts Through Jesus Christ

CLERGY The Rev. Alfred T. K. Zadig, Jr., Rector The Rev. Randall R. Shirley, Assistant to the Rector and Chief of Staff The Rev. David P. Booman, Assistant for Pastoral Care and Healing Prayer Ministry The Rev. Mark W. Avera, Assistant for Discipleship and Mission The Rev. Edward T. McNabb, Jr., Vicar for Worship The Rt. Rev. Alex D. Dickson, Bishop in Residence The Rev. Dr. Peter C. Moore, Scholar in Residence, Director of the Anglican Leadership Institute The Rev. Canon Douglas Peterson, Volunteer Clergy The Rev. Richard Grimball, Volunteer Clergy STAFF Matthew Wilkinson, Organist & Choirmaster Melanie Wilkinson, Administrative Assistant for Music, Children’s Choir Director, Cantor in Residence Jo Vroon, Organist in Residence Melody Martini, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Nancy Hardwick, Interim Director of Connections & Alpha Edwin Smythe, Director of Student Ministries Curry Smoak, Interim Director of Family Ministry Paige Feigley, Director of Toddler Time Betsy Henderson, Director of Mission Jeanine Branham, Care Coordinator Trish McGuinn, Director of Communications Meredith Buyck, Chief of Finance Susan Waring, Executive Assistant to the Rector Catherine Bowen, Information Specialist Angela Stanley, Facilities Manager Arthur Bailey, Church Sext VESTRY Mikell Scarborough, Sr. Warden Heidi Ravenel, Jr. Warden Gary DiCamillo, Treasurer Grant Inscoe, Matt Ozment, Rhett Smith, Gene Martini, Jerry Reves, David Soutter, Lee Cox, Laura Waring Gruber, Hal Frampton DIOCESAN The Rt. Rev. Mark J. Lawrence, Bishop

Annual report 2018  
Annual report 2018