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The Christchurch Football Club (Inc.) The 153rd Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts For Year Ending 31st August 2016

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CONTENTS Contents 1 Notice of Annual General Meeting 2 Season’s Highlights 3 Officers 4 Chairman’s Review 5 Red and Black Foundation 11 Representative Honours 12 Club Captain’s Review 13 Awards 16 CRFU Competition and Trophy Winners 17 Division One 18 Women’s 20 Division Two 22 Division Three 24 Colts Alpha 25 Colts Bravo 26 Canardlys 28 Junior Club 36 Junior Advisory Board Competition Placings 39 Axemen 40 Christchurch Gentlemen (Golden Oldies) 41 CFC Netball 42 All Black and Black Fern Representatives 47 Canterbury Representatives 48 Playing Members 49 Financial Statements 51 Phone 03 385 1991 1

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given of the 153rd Annual General Meeting to be held at the Clubrooms, Christchurch Park, 250 Westminster Street, Christchurch on Monday 28 November 2016 at 7.30 pm. Business: 1.

To confirm the minutes of the 152nd Annual General Meeting.


To receive the 2016 Annual Report and Financial Statements.


To receive and approve the recommendation of the Board that the Membership Classifications of the Club be reviewed as per the paper circulated.

4. To receive and approve the recommendation of the Board that the subscriptions for 2017 be as follows: a. Senior Div. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & Women’s (reducible to $170 if paid by 31st May 2017 [or earlier])




Colts and any Under 21 player (reducible to $140 if paid by 31st May 2017 [or earlier])





Juniors – Player (first child in family) – Player (second child in family) – Family (up to two parents)

$85 $55 $30


To receive and approve the recommendation of the Board that a Ground Maintenance Levy be approved for the 2017 playing season in addition to the annual subscription, on all registered adult players of the Club as follows: $20


Election of Officers


General Business

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



An extremely successful season for all adult CFC teams

CFC winning four CRFU trophies, Redpath Shield, Evans Shield, Wilsons 45 South Cup and Press Cup

Matt Todd being selected to represent the All Blacks

Pip Love being selected to represent the Black Ferns

A very successful luncheon with Richie McCaw

Div.3 continue their amazing and dominant Trophy winning run of seven titles.

CFC Netball D team winning their grade

CFC U13 Red winning the Metro Championship Cup

CFC Red U12 winning both the Metro Championship Cup and Challenge Shield

CFC Red U11 winning the Metro Championship Cup and Challenge Shield


OFFICERS Patron K C Allsop President G P Wilson Life Members D J Abbott, K C Allsop, M J Ambler, K S Chambers, E M Ferguson, DS Menzies, J C H Mill, J M Rowberry, R D Smith, BWF South A I Stoneman, T A Thompson, A C S Trent, S R Wilder, D G Wilson, G P Wilson Board Members RF Eastgate ( Chairman ), T R Giles, MH Nutt J de Goew (Observer) B K Thomson, M Thompson Club Captain C W Hammett Rugby Committee M J O’Donovan ( Chairman ) K Brewer, T R Giles, C W Hammett, T Hussey (JAB representative), A Thompson, A Hawke Delegates to the CRFU C Calder, T R Giles, C Hammett, M J O’Donovan Solicitor T R Giles Auditor Bevan Smith Chartere Accountants


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

CHAIRMAN’S REVIEW It is with much pleasure that I report on the activities of the Christchurch Football Club in this its 153rd year of existence. Rugby wise this was another very successful season albeit not as successful title wise as 2015. The overall win/loss ratio for all the adult teams over the season was a high 75%. Div.3 again carries the day with yet another Championship title. Colts Alpha and the Women`s team were beaten finalists while Div.1 and Div.2 lost their Championship semi finals. Colts Bravo finished third in their competition while the Canardly`s were mid table finishers. All in all pretty successful and there would be a number of senior clubs wishing they had that sort of performance achievements. Colts Alpha won the team of the season award at the prize giving. They lost only one game in the round robin and were beaten finalists in the championship final beaten by a better Lincoln Uni team on the day. The women`s team dominated all but one game of the season. Unbeaten until the final, they were just piped by their nemesis University, The women`s team scored over one thousand points over the season and only had one hundred scored against them. In the junior section of the Club there were two title winning teams. U12 Red and U11 Red won both their grades Championship Cups and Challenge Shields which reflected very successful seasons for these two teams. As a result of the success of all adult and junior competition teams, the club has been awarded an unprecedented four major trophies by the CRFU. The Evans Shield, the Wilsons 45 South Cup, the Redpath Shield and the Press Cup which signifies the clubs strength over both senior and junior competitions . Unquestionably our greatest All Black and probably one of the greatest ever international players, Richie McCaw retired a two time World Cup winning Captain. Richie thoroughly deserved all the many accolades and tributes that were made on his retirement. It was wonderful to see recently that Matt Todd earned a well deserved recall to the All Blacks

which greatly pleased not only club members but the wider rugby public .There were also a number of CFC men and women players who attained provincial representation as players and team management and who are listed elsewhere in this report. Congratulations to those people. Tony Hussey and his great junior rugby committee continue to do a fantastic job of organising thirty eight junior teams. This is one of the big jobs in the club and Tony has a group of dedicated workers, who in conjunction with the team officials carry out this job so successfully. Tony is retiring from his Chairman`s position and we sincerely thank him for his wonderful contribution. Scott Murray, a long time junior rugby committee member is replacing Tony as Chairman and we look forward to working closely with him. The playing fields performed very well during the season. A hot summer followed by a second consecutive winter with little rain meant both Number 1 and 2 fields remained in very good condition throughout the season and served the club teams well for match and practice requirements . Once again number three showed the worst conditions and the City Council withdrew the ground from adult team use before the season. This was disappointing and meant some adult teams had to play home games away from CFC. Thanks to Roger Morgan of Readylawn and Grant Bunting of PGGW Turf for their expertise and assistance in the ground maintenance programme. The financial result for the year ended 31 August 2016 show a net deficit of $24,398 after a special dividend from CFC World and a write down in the value of investment in CFC World. The operating deficit was $110,681 (2015 $ 84,034). This was in the main due to a reduction in revenue from Gaming Trusts and the motels. A more detailed explanation of the financial result can be found in the financial report at the back of the Annual Report. Last year the Board started discussions with a local Bowling Club who wanted to look at a 5

significant facility development on the number 2 playing field. A year on and these discussions are still continuing. The original Bowling Club is no longer involved in the discussions but two other clubs have joined forces and are very keen to progress the proposal. These two clubs could possibly bring substantial funds to the table which could provide the funds for the facility development. For CFC the key to this proposal gaining traction amongst the membership is being able to get two playing fields (one with training lights) on Westminster Park. There has been engagement with the City Council regarding this but without any definite agreement or disagreement to date. We are still pursuing this with some urgency as the Board are determined to follow through on this unique business opportunity. During the year in review, the Board in conjunction with the World Co Trustees, embarked on a major refurbishment and makeover of the motel units. The motels were badly in need of money being spent on them and were looking fairly tired and drab. The funds for this work came from the clubs earthquake repair settlement. The scope of


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

works undertaken was considerable. Trent Building Solutions were the main contractors and were working onsite during the winter for some time. The units were repainted, had new furniture and fittings which included new carpet and other enhancements. The internal work has been completed now and we are just awaiting quotes for painting the exterior boards. There is also work to be undertaken on the laundry building to incorporate a basic kitchen area in the old swimming pool change room’s area. Talking of the swimming pool, that has now been compacted and filled in with a view to developing a grassed area which could include another barbecue and casual tables. All this work has been undertaken with a view to put the motels lease up for sale later this year. Time will tell if there is any interest in this from the business community as nine motel units is small as compared to other motel businesses. As was forecast last year the Board spent a good deal of time investigating how to make the assets of the club more financially sustainable. The possible sale of the

motels, discussions with the Bowling clubs have all been central to these considerations. Along with the motel refurb work and the filling in of the pit, CFC World also financially facilitated repair work on 254 Westminster Street, new cash registers for the bar and a fence at the back of the Aylesford Street sections. At the time of writing these sections still remain unsold.

a fantastic success in all aspects. Richie was superb and the attendees relished the opportunity to listen to him but to also seek an autograph and a photo. Richie was extremely generous in his time and very patient in his dealings with the participants. The decision to fill in the pit area earlier in 2016 was vindicated with the numbers attending the luncheon and for the club to have the lounge size to do so.

In late January this year, we welcomed Canterbury Senior Net as a new clubrooms tenant. They have taken over part of the restaurant as their operating space. They run sessions five days a week as well as a monthly social event in the main clubrooms. They are a very friendly group who really enjoy their new space at CFC .Autism NZ are still renting unit 10 (Managers house) and between both tenants contribute over $50, 000 in rental income to the club.

The other social event of importance was the visit of the All Black team and management in early September. We were delighted to host their ``Club`` night and for those present from the Club, it was a very special evening. Bob Eastgate and Jerry Rowberry spoke on behalf of CFC with Jerry speaking most eloquently about Jock Hobbs and his time at CFC. The All Blacks were most impressive and gave our club members an insight into the team dynamics and environment.

Socially the big event was the Richie McCaw luncheon held in June. Nearly three hundred people attended the luncheon and the clubrooms were heaving with people. Expertly MC`d by Lesley Murdoch, the luncheon was

Earlier, at the start of the rugby season, Gerald Wilson and Jerry Rowberry organised a reunion of the 1973/74 CFC Senior team. This was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees. The group watched the Crying


Towel match against Linwood then returned to the clubrooms for a meal. It was great to see many old faces who had been absent from the club for many years. They finished the gathering with a barbecue at Murray McEwan`s on the Sunday. A successful and well organised reunion of successful teams who are a part of CFC history. One of the great successes is the CFC Netball Club who continues to go from strength to strength. Under the inspirational leadership of Chrissy Willetts and with assistance from an effective committee they grew their team numbers to ten. This included four junior teams. For the club that looked down and out two years ago, their rise is testament to good people in the right positions. Club members will have seen the playground which has been erected at the Westminster end of the number 1 field. The Canardly`s team, led by Craig Armstrong, have donated the playground to the club. They purchased the equipment from the old Marshlands School and constructed the playground over the winter. It is to be painted red and black and


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

has already proved to be a popular addition to our facilities. Thanks to the Canardly`s for their generous donation of this asset to the club. Sadly during the year in review Westminster Sports signalled that they could no longer financially sustain their operation. In early July they ceased operating. To those involved with WSI, particularly Alan Trent, this was undoubtedly very disappointing. They could not quite get projects across the line despite best endeavours. The principle and objectives of establishing Westminster Sports was sound. It remains to be seen if the future of CFC and potential other sporting body partners can in some way, achieve those objectives I wish to thank the staff for their continued commitment to the Club. Russell Bayliss has recently advised of his pending retirement from work after twenty years of a wonderful contribution to the club. He won`t be easy to replace as his work ethic and multi skilled attributes cover so many areas of our work activities. Mike O`Donovan has enjoyed another very successful rugby year all adult teams performing very well. In addition to his many

tasks, Mike also assisted with the coaching of the Colts Alpha team .His recruitment skills are finely tuned and the numbers of new recruits annually reflect the many hours he spends on this important facet of the rugby function. Our Complex Manager Lynn Peacock resigned in February and was replaced by Karen O`Driscoll. Karen has settled in very well and is making a very significant contribution to the management of the complex facilities. She has a wonderful cheerful personality and is hard working. The financial improvement in the bar and restaurant performance can be attributed in a significant way to Karen`s beneficial input. Pauline Shutt retired at Christmas time and we thank her for three years of valuable assistance. In October last year the Board agreed to contract Game Plan who took over the financial management of the club from Charles Knibb. Principal of Game Plan, Kerry Dellaca attended Board meetings and gave valuable and considered financial advice. Game Plan also employed Tim Murdoch on a part time basis to provide the administrative link between

themselves and the club. Joy Reddiford was the day by day financial manager and Wendy Caldwell was the processing and support person. The prompt and detailed information received from Game Plan has been beneficial to the Board... The electronic newsletter was again compiled by Tim Murdoch with expert technical production from Vicki O`Sullivan. The newsletter is such a good vehicle for club communications and is an easy and efficient way to keep the members informed from week to week. The voluntary contributions of Mac Ferguson, Bryce Thomson and Ken Charlton to various maintenance matters around the club continue in their understated but valuable manner. Thanks for being loyal and unselfish club members. Before the rugby season started Peter Hunter and his band of workers painted the exterior of the clubrooms. This job was long overdue and their work lifted the previous tired looking appearance of the clubrooms considerably. Many thanks for this much appreciated contribution.


To the Axemen, many thanks for your support and encouragement of the Club. The organisation of this group is the envy of other rugby clubs and we are grateful for their loyal and unstinting support of the club. The monthly Pint Night was again successful with a good variety of interesting speakers and wine tasting evenings. Andrew McKellar, Don Quested and Bryan South are the executives driving the Axemen along with their fellow Trustees. Our grateful thanks are also extended to the Trustees of the Red and Black Foundation. Long serving Trustee Warren Thompson has now retired from his position. There is a tribute to Warren elsewhere in the report. Mac Ferguson and Tony Penny continue as Trustees and are joined by CFC Board member Mark Thompson. To Noel Walton and the Board of CFC World, thank you for your financial support of the club during this year. Noel has recently joined the Board representing CFC World a move which has already proved beneficial to both parties. To Charles Knibb and his staff, thank you most sincerely for your financial management contribution over many years. Grateful thanks to our Board members Toby Giles, Michael Nutt, and Jeremy de Goew (co-opted), Mark Thompson and Bryce Thomson for their guidance and considered management of the Club. Together with our President Gerald Wilson, they voluntarily give of their time and skills to help guide the club in these challenging times. Sincere thanks to all the team coaches and managers, team support staff, the Rugby Committee, our Patron, Ken Allsop, President Gerald Wilson and Club Captain Chris Hammett. Their contributions are so important and contribute to the running of a large and successful rugby club. Thanks also to Craig Calder for his work on the Metro Rugby Committee. To member’s friends and supporters of the Club who have lost family during the year, we offer you our sincere sympathy. We have just received word of the death of Doug Leckie at 10

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

the grand age of ninety three. Doug was an Axeman and a long time loyal and dignified club member. He enjoyed receiving a copy of the weekly newsletter and we published a photo and comments from him during this last winter. Other obituaries include Martin Coffey and Errol Williamson. At the AGM this year there will be a recommendation to consider adopting changes to the membership classifications of the Club, in particular to the categories of Old Members ( ten years ) and Forty Year members. While we will still acknowledge and retain those members who have been previously elected under these categories, we will seek to discontinue admitting any new people to these classifications. This is partly because of poor membership records and a desire to introduce new General Membership classification. There will also be a recommendation to discontinue the Fully Paid membership classification. The current members elected under this category will still retain their membership entitlement but no new members will be added under this category. The financial sustainability of the club is still the principal focus of the Board as it has been for some years. Rugby alone is not going to sustain the club and the assets need to be utilised more financially effectively. This includes such proposals as the Board are currently considering. Owning the land and buildings is an asset but it can also be a financial liability. A club, the size of CFC is a big business and needs significant resources to run it. We have managed to control our costs pretty well over the last twelve months as well as grow some income streams. These actions alone won’t make a significant difference to the financial viability of the club. There has to be an understanding and acceptance that the facility development proposal such as the Bowling Clubs proposal, is at the moment, the best strategic opportunity the Club has to forge a new way forward. Bob Eastgate

RED AND BLACK FOUNDATION – WARREN THOMSON The Foundation was formed to promote Amateur Rugby and to this end have been quietly accumulating funds over the years to achieve those goals. Since 1997 Warren Thomson has been a Trustee. Warren has a long history with the Christchurch Football Club which started in 1955 in the under 18 grade in a team coached by Toby Dixon. He then moved into the Third grade teams under Carl Palmer . In the 1960 team with Brent Bruce as captain and Warren as vice captain they won the CRFU 3rd grade competition. He then moved up into the Junior grades and in 1966 was in the team that won the competition with Bill Buckland as their coach. In 1967 he was in Senior Reserve that won their grade. This team contained Bryan South and was coached by Muir Gold and Jack Spiers. At this time he became a member of the Management Committee. Some of his duties included being on the Ways and Means and Social sub-committees .There were Saturday night socials and on the Friday night before a Test in Christchurch he organized old members get together For many years he arranged for all the gear for Friday night raffles at the Star and Garter Hotel . When the Squash Club started up he played competitive until knee problems forced his retirement. Also there were several years of playing Golden Oldies until he turned 65. The 1992 tour of Japan was a wonderful highlight as he played in every game. Rugby wasn’t his only game as has run in several marathons, half marathons, and triathlons in the early 1950s, and competed in the World Veteran Athletics Championships in 1981 competing in the 10,000m , cross country and marathon. Warren has now retired as a Trustee of the Foundation having served in this position for nineteen years. Warren has managed the finances of the Foundation very capably and professionally . The Foundation reports

annually to the Board on their activities and finances and recently helped facilitate the player exchange with the Brothers Club. The Club wishes to sincerely thank Warren for his dedicated and loyal contribution to the club through his work with the Foundation. Mac Ferguson 11

REPRESENTATIVE HONOURS 2016 All Blacks Matt Todd Black Ferns Pip Love NZ Heartland XV Kieran Coll Fiji Ben Volavola Crusaders Matt Todd, Ben Volavola, Tim Perry Chiefs James Tucker Samoa Under20’s Tui Sameulu Canterbury ITM Matt Todd, Inga Finau, Ben Volavola Tasman ITM Tim Perry Waikato ITM Brad Tucker, James Tucker Canterbury Womens NPC Melissa Ruscoe( Ass Coach) Kieran Kite (Ass Coach), Steph Te Ohaere Fox, Phillipa Love, Lucy Emery, Kaylee Tavendale, Estelle Uren,Tara Hornsell, Sam Curtis, Usipua Simaile, Chelsey Smart, Lucy Anderson,Rebecca Todd, Julie Briden Canterbury Women`s Wider Training Group Lucy Jenkins, Islay Fowler Canterbury Secondary School Girls Lucy Jenkins, Islay Fowler, Julie Briden Canterbury Men’s Sevens Brad Tucker Canterbury Women’s Sevens Lucy Anderson ( Co Captain), Sam Curtis, Taylor Curtis, Estelle Uren Canterbury Metro and Canterbury Development Dwayne Prendergast (Head Coach), Daniel Koster, Matt Kottier Canterbury Maori Tui Mika, Matt Kottier, Ethan Plaskett, Jordon Jackett, Matt Thatcher Canterbury Under 19 Mark Brown (Coach), Peter Bowden (Performance Analyst) Kurt Harrington (Physio) Sam Lane, Fraser Scott, Keegan Fairless, Tom Christie, Will Jordan, Will Tucker, Sam England Cantabrians Under 20 Sam England, Gerard Evans, Cam Bailey, Declan McCormick, Johnny Van der Velde, Josh Van der Plas Canterbury Metro u18 Sam Lester, Will Tucker South Canterbury Heartland Kieran Coll ( Captain ) , Matt Etheridge, Nick Annear , Cam Bailey Mid Canterbury Heartland Sam Cottam 12

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

CLUB CAPTAIN’S REVIEW Is it just me or do the years seem to fly by? Another rugby season is over and once again it’s time for the report has to be written. 2016 was another good year for the mighty Christchurch Football Club, although we didn’t collect all the silverware up for grabs we did achieve a 75% win/ loss ratio success rate over the seven adult teams. Firstly, a big congratulation to Div. 3 for collecting our only major championship for 2016. It was great to see these guys finishing off the season in style and win yet another trophy. Other highlights for the year was seeing Colts Prem and the Woman’s team making the final. Unfortunately both teams didn’t get the result in their finals that they had worked so hard for. What did we see eventuate as a result after twenty odd weeks of blood and sweat. • Div. 1, making the top four , finishing third in the Metro Championship, and the holders of the DCL Shield • Div. 2, making the Semi-finals of the Metro Championship • Div. 3, Metro Championship winners against HSOB • Colts Prem, Metro Championship finalist and first round Metro winners • Colts 20, finished in the top three • Woman` s, Metro Trophy winners first round, Metro Championship finalist. • Canardlys had a good season finishing in middle of table. •

Four trophies awarded to CFC by the CRFU to show the clubs dominance in both seniors and juniors in 2016. These trophies were Evans Shield, Redpath Shield, Wilsons 45 South Cup and the Press Cup.

I was lucky enough to be involved with the Div. 1 team at the start of the season before my ankle operation. Having been reappointed to coach Div.1, Daniel O’Brien signed a contract to coach in Japan. The club then had to put appoint Dwayne Prendergast to take over the Head Coach’s role. Despite this late change the team continued to put good structures in place and the coaching team worked hard to overcome this unsettling change. Div. 1 this year had mixed results albeit finishing in the top four. While the results did not always go the way that the guys wanted, they showed that they were a proud to wear the red and black and demonstrated a good style of rugby which helped them make it into the top four. The coaching and management team should be congratulated for all the hard work and time they have put in to help this team achieve their goals. Dwayne, Ross, Terrence, Duncan, Graham (Mitch) Mitchell, Trevor Best, Pete Bowden and Megan Williams have all done a great job organising behind the scenes so the guys could just concentrate on playing rugby. A big thanks to Mitch, Ross and Dwayne for their dedicated work they have done this year and over the past years in the roles you have all had with the club. All three have announced their retirement from their positions. I wish you all the very best for the future. Div. 2 had another good season. They found themselves in the semi-finals for a fifth straight year. Unfortunately they got beaten by Burnside after eighty minutes of footy, with an ex CFC player cutting up the middle field in referees time to clinch the last gasp victory for the visitors. The team was well lead by Kyle Brewer and Luke de Beus and the commitment from the guys on the field saw them achieve some great results throughout the season. They also picked up the Challenge Shield along the way. Peter Fulton did a great job taking over as Head Coach and Alan Harding had his first year 13

looking after the forwards. George In wood (Boon) and Marc Findlay (MF) did a fantastic job controlling the boys throughout the year and were awarded with joint Managers of the year at the prize giving. They have also been promoted for the 2017 season and will be looking after the Div. 1 team, well done lads. Colts Premier had a reasonably solid year and their commitment on the track was second to none. They also showed true professionalism and good spirit throughout the season both on and off the paddock. Within the team there are some great “club men” who have shown rugby ability well beyond their ages which bodes well for the club in the future. The team was coached by Simon Kneebone in his last season before he gets into a bigger role with Div. 1. Congratulation on this appointment Boner. I would like to thanks all the other coaching staff and management. This is a thankless job and the amount of time and hours you have all put in doesn’t go unnoticed. Colts 20 also had a new coach that came on board this year. Steve Bree took on the challenge and did a fantastic with these young men this year. This team had a bit of a strange season as towards the end of the year they didn’t play any rugby for four weeks due to holidays and defaults. While this was going on the guys still got on with their training and supported the club which we really appreciated.

the throat when the going gets tough and this is what they did in the final against HSOB.This was a tight final but one the guys weren’t going to give away easily. Despite being down at half time they put a lot of pressure on HSOB, eventually breaking them down to take the final out. Cory Tamou, Aiden Don, Ned Leatua, Matt Mustchin (Chops) and Manager Dave Southen all took the leadership role within the team to make sure that this team performed not only on the field but off the field also. Once again guys a big congratulation on taking out the Metro Championship Finals and I look forward to working with you all next year. Women’s rugby at CFC is in good hand, and thanks to Kieran, Stef and Wayne Love who have done a great job with these ladies. Winning the first round trophy and making the 2016 Metro Championship finals was a huge achievement and they were desperately unlucky not to get over the final hurdle. It great to have a good number of senior ladies who have taken some of the young girls under their wings and helped these girls out on and off the field. This will only make our women’s rugby team stronger in years to come.

We are really lucky to have such good depth and talent at this level and it will be great to see these boys come through the club and up the grades. The team did really well and were unlucky not to make the Championship finals this year. I would like to thank all of Steve’s coaching and management team, and wish you all the best for next season.

Canardlys had a reasonable year and at one part of the season were looking like they would feature up the charts and looking as final contenders. With some of the team having other commitments throughout the season and injuries (and these guys suffer from these a lot more than now than when they are 21!!!) they saw their dream slow slip away of making the top four. Their commitment off the field was great this year back at the club and also after hours setting up the new playground, a big thank you to Craig Armstrong for his efforts, Craig was awarded the David Burke award at the annual prize giving.

Div. 3 were once again a team of champions. This group are self-maintained with a truck load of sponsors. They know when to put the foot on

Another big part of our club is the juniors. I would like to wish Tony (Bones) Hussey all the best for the future. Tony is standing down as the Junior


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

Club Captain after a number of years running an extremely successful JAB having over five hundred kids running around each year in CFC teams. The three open grade teams had success also • U13 Gold took out the Championship • U12 Red also took out the Championship and retained the Challenge Shield • U11 Red won the Championship Finals and retained the Challenge Shield Congratulation to all these teams. A big congratulation to everyone who has been selected in a representative team whether you were a player or in a coaching role, CFC had a great presence in all areas from the All Blacks down to the Canterbury age grade. A very special mention to Mike O’Donovan for the relentless hard work and effort he has put in again this year. He is multi skilled, getting guys games, appointing coaches and managers, filling in and helping out with coaching and making sure that all the top team had enough numbers to field a team. Thanks must be giving to all the volunteers, coaches both Seniors and JAB, managers, the

folks that put the flags out every week, and the kids that sell the raffles very Saturday. Thanks also to the medical team Megan, Kurt, Scott, and Nick for keep our guys on the field. Thanks to the Board and Rugby Committee for their relentless hours behind the scenes. To Kyle and Andre for sorting the major club raffle as well as the social evening, many thanks. To our new Complex Manager Manager Karen O`Driscoll, I know I have enjoyed working with you and by the way the club was run this year people would agree with me that you and your team have done a fantastic job. I would like to thank Bob Eastgate and Andre Thompson also for helping me out this year with the Club Captains duties while I was off with my ankle operation and recovery. My personal thanks to everyone I have worked with this year and I hope you all have a great break and best wishes to you all for the up and coming festive season. See you all in 2017 Give ‘em the Axe Chris Hammett – Lofty






Millar Cup

Club Sportsperson of the Year

Luke de Beus

Catherall Cup

Player of the Year – First Year Division 1

Inga Finau & Tui Mika

Harvey Batchelor Cup

Most Helpful to Senior Division 1 Team

Peter Bowden & Trevor Best

Allan Robilliard Cup

Senior Division 1 Player’s Player of the Year

Matt Etheredge

A.I. Cottrell Cup

Senior Division 2 Back of the Year

Jack Pringle

Micky Seed Cup

Senior Division 2 Forward of the Year

Logan Allan

Club Captain Cup

Women’s Most Improved Player

Lucy Jenkins

Players Player Trophy

Most helpful to Women’s team

Alice Loft

Kit Chambers Cup

Women’s Player of the Year

Phillipa Love

TR Barber Cup

Senior Division 3 Back of the Year

Tom Crouch

Tom Mullan Cup

Senior Division 3 Forward of the Year

Matt Muschin


Colts Premier Back of the Year

Sam England

Carl Palmer Cup

Colts Premier Forward of the Year

Josh van der Plus

Fred Forsythe Cup

Colts U20’s Back of the Year

Jake Chalklen

Eric Phillips Cup

Colts U20’s Forward of the Year

Cyril Tamou

Keith Torrance Cup

Canardly’s Back of the Year

Richard Spivey

Alby Johnson Cup

Canardly’s Forward of the Year

Carlin Croskery

Ray Whitaker Trophy

Canardly’s Players Player of the Year

Cameron Kelly

O’Loughlin Family Cup

JAB Team of the year

Under 12 Red

Les Donaldson Cup

Outstanding Team Coach for the Year

Kieran Kite & Steph Te Ohaere-Fox

Denys Hoare Cup

Outstanding Team Manager for the Year

George Inwood& Marc Findlay

Craig Calder Cup

Team of the Year

Colts Premier

Hardy Johnstone Cup

Top Goal Kicking for the Year

Tara Horsnell

McCully Cup

Athlete for the Year

Jarvis Hansen

Jim Gregg Cup

Administrator of the Year

Marc Findlay

Tui Cup

Player of the Year

William Mills

Chapman Cup

Outstanding JAB Administrator

Michael Sheedy

Bryan Mustchin Trophy

Outstanding JAB Coach

Brad Anderson

Bob Hearn Memorial Trophy

Most Improved Front Rower

Braiden Broughan

Jock Hobbs Memorial Trophy

Sevens Player of the Year

Brad Tucker

David Burke Memorial Trophy

The Most Supportive Club Member or Friend to the Players

Tony Hussey


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016


COMPETITIONS AND TROPHIES WON BY CFC 2016 Evans Shield (total aggregate of points for Open grade and Junior competitive teams) Wilsons 45 South Cup (total aggregate of Open grade team points , dividedby the number of teams, minimum of three) Redpath Shield (total aggregate of points for Junior competitive grade teams) Press Cup (total aggregate of Junior competitive grade team points, divided by the number of teams, minimum of three) Div.1 DCL Shield Tom George Cup Div.3 Hawkins Championship Trophy Colts Alpha Hawkins Charlie Rhodes Cup Womens Challenge Shield Metro Women’s Cup Under 13 Red Metro Championship Cup Under 12 Red Metro Championship Cup Metro Challenge Shield Under 11 Red Metro Championship Cup Metro Challenge Shield Under 11 Black Section 2b Plaque Winners


DIVISION ONE Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Beaten Trophy semi finalist

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Cam Bailey 76 Inga Finau 8

The 2016 season planning was well under way with the inclusion of Dwayne Prendergast to add to the coaching staff along with Dan, Ross and Terence, when it was announced that Daniel O’Brien was offered a coaching position in Japan with Coca Cola. Thankfully Dwayne was able to step up and take on the head coach role, talks were under way with John Sherrat to join the squad but unfortunately his commitments meant he was unable to spare the time required. The pre-season was somewhat disrupted by the departure of Daniel, but this had little impact on the team’s season overall.


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

The first game was against the 2015 season Champions, Lincoln University played at Belfast with all other first round Div. 1 games. This ended in a 10-44 loss although the performance was encouraging LU scoring late tries to blow out the score line. With wins then over Belfast (50-12) and Linwood (41-21) handing them back the crying towel. Then a loss to Sydenham (15-24) a game that we felt got away on us. Back on the horse with wins over Shirley (48-0) Burnside (37-26) and New Brighton (18-14) before our disappointing loss to HSOB (10-17) two more wins Marist Albion (45-5) and Sumner

(25-6) before our last game of round 1 loss to University (30-28). Although making the top six, we were disappointed that a couple of games that we let slip when in control, could have had us finish Hawkins Cup winners. That now behind us we set off to make the semi-finals and started off well again a win over Linwood (30-16) then the prized scalp of Lincoln University (25-11) until another loss to Sydenham (35-24). That fired us up for the game at Rugby Park against New Brighton where we put them away convincingly (31-15). Our next target was a revenge match against University, although that wasn’t how we approached the match I’m sure it was on all our minds coming away winners (20-18). There was a lot of relief in the camp. That set us up for a semi-final show down with New Brighton at home, one game away from a grand final spot. However we were struggling with injuries throughout the week and were definitely not at 100%. The guys showed a lot of ticker but unfortunately New Brighton had the better of us on the day (20-24) and they went on to meet Lincoln University in the final.

and club over a long period, his commitment to the team has been immense. Also thanks to Dwayne who stepped up to lead the team through the year with his busy work schedule and taking on a new business venture, we wish you both all the best in your future endeavours. Thanks also to Terence, Duncan, Megan, and Kashi for their hard and dedicated work throughout this and previous years. We wish you all the best for the next year and beyond. Thanks also to all who put on the jersey for the team. Thanks to our team sponsors, March Construction, N0 4 Bar and Restaurant, C.A.R.S Ltd, and Spring Fresh, your assistance is very much appreciated. Finally, from me it’s been very rewarding to be involved with this team over the past four seasons. Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time, it is now time for me to move on and I wish my successors all the best for their challenges ahead. Graham Mitchell

Special mention must go to Ross Tarawhiti for his outstanding contribution to the team


WOMEN’S Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Beaten Trophy finalist

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Tara Horsnell 230 Lucy Anderson 35

2016 saw a change at the helm with Melissa Ruscoe stepping down to focus on FPC coaching, and Andrea Gordon focusing on being a new mum. With that this saw Kieran Kite step into Head/backs coach, Steph TeOhaere-Fox Assistant/forwards coach, Lee Stanley Team Manager, Lucy Emery Team Captain and Lucy Anderson vice Captain. Lucy Anderson returned from injury and had a fantastic season scoring an outstanding thirty five tries. Tara Horsnell, earns top honours of top points scorer with eight tries, eighty six conversions, six penalties and two hundred and thirty points. With that we say a very sad goodbye to Tara as she makes the big move to Wellington, she will be sorely missed by all! We had a few new players come on-board this season, one of which Lucy Jenkins who won our ‘Most improved player’ proving she has talent beyond her young age. Definitely one to watch out for in the future. This season saw a strong bond on and off the field. We went through the first two rounds undefeated, retaining the Women’s Cup and earning the Challenge Shield. Heading into finals against the old Foes University, saw a tight intense game, for us to fall by one point. All in all we are proud of the season and how we played. We have seen nearly half of our squad reach representative honours.


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

Team Awards Kieran Kite – Outstanding Coach of the year Steph Te Ohaere-Fox – Oustanding Coach of the year Phillippa Love – Women’s player of the year Alice Loft – Most helpful to the team Lucy Jenkins – Most improved player Tara Horsnell – Top goal kicker Lee Stanley


DIVISION TWO Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Beaten Trophy semi finalist

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Sean Murray Travis Moody

After taking out the competition in 2015 2016 came with a lot of pressure. But with the guideines from the new Head Coach (Peter Fulton) and forwards coach (Alan Harding), the team was feeling confident. With only a few of the previous year’s stalwarts returning, Div 2 was made up largely of older Colts boys moving through to senior rugby. After a successful pre-season, the competition began with an away game at Linfield Park. The game was closely contested, but we managed an 18-13 win. The success at Linfield began a four game winning streak, dispatching Sydenham at home 41-10, Shirley away 51-10, and our arch rival Lyttelton at home 26-15. Then came the rematch of the 2015 final against Lincoln, played at Lincoln. The game could have gone either way, but two yellow cards put the game just beyond our reach, narrowly going down


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

78 10

20-14. The loss at Lincoln heralded a slump in our season. An unconvincing 24-20 win against Burnside was followed up by a narrow 13-12 loss to HSOB, and capped off with a wet and miserable 18-8 defeat to Marist. A 23-5 win against University the week after, gave the team a much-needed boost of confidence heading into round 10 of the competition. Despite our freshly bolstered spirits, the unbeaten New Brighton were too strong, beating us 23-12. With three rounds to go we were seeking to finish round one well with as many competition points as possible. Winning all three games again Suburbs (37-0), Sumner (35-22) and Belfast (31-14), gave the team some timely confidence. With that,

we earned the right to play in the top four round robin for the second part of the regular season, alongside Lyttelton, Linwood and New Brighton - all very strong sides. We drew the short straw and our first game saw us playing away against Lyttelton, which isn’t fun any day of the week. The lads played an outstanding game of footy, and knocking Lyttelton over 17-7. Our next game at home was against Linwood, they showed up ready to win, but the lads showed a lot of character and keep them out, winning 22-5. With the last game of the top four round robin coming up, and the winner of that game getting a home semi, the boys were ready to take on an unbeaten New Brighton. Matching them physically, the lads played another fantastic game, winning 26-17. The win gave us a home semi against Burnside, a team who had just found form at the right end of the season.

The day of the semi was a great day for the club, with four teams that day playing in home semi-finals. Unfortunately, after a gruelling battle with Burnside (having been leading nearly the entire time), the lads slipped up in the final play of the game, letting through a try to lose on full time. Being humble in defeat we picked our heads up, shook hands and went on to celebrate a successful season none the less. Congratulations to Logan Allen getting Forward of the Year, and Jack Pringle getting Back of the year. Thanks must go to the coaching staff for giving up their time, as well as Scott the team physio, and MF for all his valued input. Finally, thank you to all the team members of the mighty Division 2 Crocs. George Boon Inwood


DIVISION THREE Playing Record Played




Points For

Points Against








Trophy Winners

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorers

Justin Hill Tom Crouch Matt Moschin

CHAMPIONS 09-10-11-13-14-15-16 Another season successfully completed. With the season starting in early April we got off to a good start against HSOB putting them away 33-15, this would by no means reflect our season as a whole as although we had some good wins we also dealt ourselves a few poor hands at times. With a steady 11 wins out of 13 in round robin play we set ourselves up in a reasonable position for the crucial play off games. Some of these round robin games were touch and go at times with a couple being won only by a couple of points. Going into play offs we had HSOB first up. We knew that at worst we could afford one loss only, well this was it!! Maybe what we needed was this wake up as the next two games were a far better build up for us. A strong win against Marist Beacons who we had lost to twice in earlier round games and a convincing win against a rather uninterested Burnside team. Finals day saw us at Hagley Park again. The whole squad was pumped for this and we needed to be. It was a good ding dong battle most of the game and with the last quarter spent in their twenty two we ground it out with a 25-20 win.


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

133 15 15

We had some new faces, and the usual annoying ones this season and benefited from all their input. There were also a few that were busy before Christmas and became fathers during the season, congratulations to them. Congratulations to all other teams for their performances during the season. Thanks to all of our sponsors throughout the season. Thanks to all the partners and wives for putting up with us during the season. Aidan Don

COLTS ALPHA Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Beaten Trophy finalist

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Sam England 93 Will Jordon 17

Colts Alpha’s motto for the season was “No stone left unturned” This started with a preseason camp in Otematata on the 4th-5th March The season plan was laid out, protocols were clarified and there was an element of team bonding the mood was fresh and exciting for what laid ahead.

Lincoln University at Rugby Park on finals day The result didn’t go our way, losing 27-21. I would also like to acknowledge the endless hours of review and planning by the coaching staff of Simon Kneebone(Head Coach) and Mike O’Donovan (Asst Coach) and assisted through the season by Nick Mannering and Chris Matthews.

Our two preseason games were against Sydenham Colts and Christchurch Div 2. In these games we ticked the boxes but there was still things to work on.

This also wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors which were •

Stirling Sports Northlands

ECL group

The only hiccup in the first round was against Sydenham going down 15-0

Stirling Sports Hornby

Portstone Garden Centre

That aside we marched on ticking all our other KPI’s of to win the other nine games in the 1st round and winning the Charles Rhodes Cup for the first round winners Christchurch hadn’t lifted this cup since 2012 this was a huge achievement for the group and gave us confidence leading into the 2nd round.

AJ Broughan Ltd

The top six teams for the 2nd round were Christchurch, Marist Albion, Burnside, Linclon University, Sydenham and New Brighton this was going to be a huge challenge but the lads were up for it.

Finally a thank you from me to the club and all the players I’ve been involved with over the season. I wish you all well in you rugby endeavours and rep team aspirations .It has been my pleasure to serve you as your manager. Matt Lewis

We went unbeaten through the 2nd round and set up a home semi final with Marist Albion at home to which we held on for a well earned victory. This set up our much anticipated final with 25

COLTS BRAVO Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against








Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Jessie Bryant 50 Jessie Bryant 10

Management: Forwards coach – Rob Benton Backs coach – Steve Bree Manager – Lucy Dewar 2016 Colts Bravo was a great mix of previous Christchurch Rugby club players and new members to the club led by captain Jonty Boyd. Management’s focus for this year was to build a good culture within the group and in doing so would bring the result that everyone strived towards. We started the season off with thirty players from many different places including Japan, England, Wellington and Dunedin. Preseason – The turn out during preseason was very successful. We didn’t exactly have an abundance of players, but the environment created for those players was extremely successful. This allowed our players to spread the word, which lead to the boys flatmates, classmates and workmates to come to training. By the end of season we had tripled the amount of players. It was a great base to start a successful season off with a bang. 1st Round The season started off strongly. The team had a great first round only losing two games, Boys High (Competition winners) and University. It took a few games for the 26

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

coaches to lock down the right combinations but the team were patient and flexible with many players stepping into new positions and adapting really well to their new challenge. As the season progressed they really seemed to click and social events as a team helped build the culture. We developed a small leadership group to help with on field decisions and teams motivation. We managed to win the Challenge Shield after a convincing win over Old Boys but unfortunately lost the shield the week after against University. We battled to adapt to the weather conditions which was the first wet rugby they played for the season. Nearing the middle of the season wehad three end of round defaults, a bye and a University holiday break which meant going into play offs we had five weeks without “game day” rugby. We continued to train and mixed up training with some team building exercises and off site trainings to keep everyone’s minds switched on, fitness levels up and team culture strong. Coach Steve Bree did a good job over these weeks of Round 1 with Rob and Lucy away on holiday. 2nd Round (Playoffs) Playoff round split the teams in half top 6 bottom 6. We managed to make Top 6 playoff where we would play five games with the top two teams on points making the final. We had a good first playoff game with a win despite not having not played “game day”

rugby for five weeks. The second game saw Glenmark default against us which gave us maximum points however no for and against points. We then played Boys High (Competition winners) which they lost, unable to turn field position into points and Boys High capitalising on two mistakes to come away with the closely fought battle. The team were hungry to back up the loss with a win in the last game, we played Merivale Papanui on a misty drizzly day. We were behind the whole game but were always close and had the passion to score a try in the last few minutes to win 12-10. Unfortunately we ended up second equal on points missing out on the final with a countback as we finished on the same competition points as Boys High and as they beat us in the round robin they went through. Although we didn’t achieve our goal of winning the competition ,we had a great season and the team really grew as individual players and as a group. We have all made some great friendships which can only mean good things for next season and hopefully we can bring home the silver ware. We had a very positive year and had a great group of boys.

We had a great management team with both coaches working extremely well together and Lucy in her first year as a team manager did a great job. All three are keen to be part of the 2017 season. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mike O’Donovan for his continued support. We would also like to thank all of our supporters, families and friends. Awards: Forward of the year: Cyril Tamou Back of the year: Jake Chalkin Jarvis Hansen winner of The McCully Cup. Sam Lester – Canterbury under 18 representatives. Steve Bree, Rob Benton and Lucy Dewar


CANARDLYS Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Third in the Plate

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Kieran Hughes 60 Kieran Hughes 12

We bid farewell to another season of Canardly Rugby. With the roller coaster ride that is social rugby, it’s been another great year to be part of and be proud to be a Canardly! The key to any good rugby side is of course the coaches. Changes were made from last year with last year’s coaches deciding they would like another crack at playing and a player from last year deciding he would like to give coaching a go. Thomo took the backs under his wing, with his past and present experience and playing abilities, he had to overcome the “No.10 curse” with two of our first choice first five’e (Fridge & Ray) suffering year ending injuries and blood some new faces, Angry & Chins. Even though things didn’t always go to plan there was still some fantastic try’s scored. Lefty decided it was time to add another strength to his bow and run the forwards. With the help of some old heads, Fluffy, Levy, Hitti (who can forget the 18 minutes of pure brilliance) to name a few the forward pack gave 100% all year and laid the platform for our backs to shine. Even though coaching was their focus both men always turned up to the games with kit in hand to help out the team when required. From a management point of view the Canardlys’ should be proud of what they have achieved. The way the team has carried themselves on and off the field is to be applauded. Thank you’s go out to, Spud/ Obelix/Pimp for organising the many social


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

events for the team and of course Hitti/Lord Sorcerer who lives and breathes Canardlys Rugby and who’s side-line BBQ’s, beers and everything else he has contributed to the team making my job easier and as a supporter a privilege to part of. I also acknowledge all the other people who have contributed to the season whether it be supporting, helping out or cleaning up after the game (you know who you are). As always recruiting is important and we had many new faces joining the team. Sparky was our new captain leading from the front and the team followed another solid overall performance from last year. Many tries were scored with Wheels amongst the top but who could forget the 80 metre gem (more like 40m) by Mark (Thomo) Thompson against Burnside one of the true highlights to remember!. Even though injuries hit during the season, the team still battled on and produced some great rugby to progress through to the Plate Final. The team also achieved taking the Challenge Shield (which is played for each week) off Belfast and holding for two weeks! It might not sound like much but a great accolade for the team. As players move on or hang up the boots we are always looking for new blood to come into our environment, so if you are wanting to play social rugby or move on from playing in the higher grades come and join us for next season!

The team accolades this year have gone to: Canardlys Back of the Year – Richard Spivey Canardlys Forward of the Year – Carlin Croskery Canardlys Players Player of the Year – Cameron Kelly The three men above have performed outstandingly on the field all year and are also gentleman off the field. They thoroughly deserve their awards and show others what it means being part of the Canardlys’. A huge thanks goes out to the teams sponsors who provide the extra monetary boost required to make the running of the team so much easier, especially Golden Homes for their funding this season. A big thank you goes out to Mike O’Donovan & the Christchurch Club for their support, communications and general commitment to the Canardlys’ this year. Other significant events worth a mention that happened through the year: Completion of the Carnardlys’ playground – A real labour of love that has been in the

pipeline for a number of years. Thanks to all that volunteered and helped out to get this project completed and now for all the kids to enjoy; Tranny has had some repairs undertaken but is still is available for hire, get in touch with Hitti (Craig Armstrong) to book your next night out or trip away; Bam Bam & Aleisha had a lovely baby girl; Best team trip ever to Hamilton to watch the All Blacks; just to name a few. Last but definitely not least, a huge thanks goes out to all our supporters, families, wife’s, girlfriends for supporting the team throughout the season. It has been great to see growing numbers and kids running around. Without all of you Canardlys would not be what they are today THANK YOU!!! Until next season, keep safe, rest the injuries and we’ll look forward to another cracker 2017 season. “I’m in love with the girl next door” Ferret



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016




print and digital

The Christchurch Football Club sincerely thanks the listed Gold Club Sponsors, Sponsors and Supporters and Funding Organisations for their generous support of the club and its activities. We greatly appreciate their involvement in the club and their support enhances our ability to provide an enjoyable experience for club members and to help retain our position as one of the Premier rugby clubs in Christchurch and New Zealand. Their support does make a difference to the clubs ability to function effectively and efficiently. 32

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



Canterbury Rugby Football Union Earthquake Fund cOrpOraTE LOGOS


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Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016


JUNIOR CLUB An annual report is a time of reflection at what has happened in the season past. With this being my last report as JAB Chairman my reflection, at times, will go back seven years to when I first walked in the clubrooms to register my son Patrick to play Under 6 rippa rugby. The then JAB Chairman when Graham Mitchell said “Hey, I have job for you………..”

normally only have two as we did in 2016. We also had a drop in players moving from Under 10 (78) to Under 11 (60). In the 2012 season, following the 2011 World Cup, there was a significant increase in registration numbers. There was no such uplift following the 2015 World Cup and our new player numbers were maintained in line with previous seasons.

The Christchurch Football Clubs junior rugby has once again continued its strong presence in Canterbury Metro Rugby. 2016 saw CFC in the Under 13 and below age groups register thirty eight teams (2015 forty) with nearest rivals Sydenham and Burnside registering twenty eight each. I must also comment that CFC only has teams up to Under 13 whereas Burnside and Sydenham have teams through to Under 18s.

Once again the kind generosity of life member Ron Smith saw all our players having the ability to walk away with a CFC jacket and hoodie for the season. Thank you again Ron. This is much appreciated.

Vicki O’Sullivan and Tere Ngariki joined the committee and our registration days were run as smoothly as you possibly can. 525 players registered this season compared 569 in 2015. A drop in numbers can be attributable to having three U13 teams in 2015 whereas we

So with good numbers again we were sure to be in for another good, busy and hopefully rewarding season. Under 6s this year had sixty eight players across seven teams. Scott Murray looked after this grade. It can be one of the challenging grades as we introduce new players and parents to the Club. He is also tasked with finding first time coaches as well. Under 7s. Marc Findlay looked after the sixty

U13 Red Team on The Gold Coast 36

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

players in the six Under 7 teams. (2015, fifty seven in five teams). Under 8s was managed by Vicki O’Sullivan. six teams with fifty six children (2015 one hundred and ten children in eight teams) playing their first year of tackle and as a result of merging previous year rippa teams together. In her first year on the committee Vicki found her feet very quickly. With other roles within the Cub she kept herself busy. Under 9s this year were looked after by Tere Ngariki, another first year committee member. Tere had the huge task of looking after our mini club of one hundred and seven players in eight teams make up the Under 9 grade. (2015 sixty eight children in five teams). All competed well in all grades. Thrown in the deep end Tere did well in looking after all these teams. Under 10s this year was managed by Amber Field. Amber has done another great job looking after sixty eight players in the five teams. (2015 seventy eight players in six teams). Next season will see these players move to fifteen-a-side full field. Amber also took on a role with CRFU Junior Advisory Committee. Outside of normal rugby the Under 10 Gold team travelled to compete in the Taupo NZ Junior Rugby festival. They did very well in round robin before bowing out to eventual winners Taupo in the semi-finals. Rhonda Kennett looked after our three Under 11 teams playing their first year of fifteena-side rugby. As with the 2016 season we had two teams competing in the Section 1 Championship and one in Section 2. Our congratulations to the Red team who won the U11 Championship and the White team for making their semi-final. The Red team also held the Challenge Shield Congratulations also to the Black team who won the Section 2 Plaque final. The Red team went to the NZ Junior Rugby Festival in Queenstown and made the championship finals. A very

big thank you to Rhonda who, after several years, is stepping down from the committee. Rhonda, on behalf of the Club, parents, coaches and players, thank you for all your help and support. Michael Sheedy managed the three Under 12 teams of sixty one players this season. All teams did well in their respective grades with Red and Black competing in Section 1 and Gold in Section 3. All teams made their respective semi-finals with our Red team playing the Black team. The Red team continued their unbeaten season and went on to win their Championship final. The Red team also held the Challenge Shield. The Black team attended the NZ Junior Rugby festival in Queenstown and won the championship final. Sue Hammett had a good year with the two Under 13 teams. The Red team played Section 1 and literally went through the season unchallenged. As well as winning the Metro Championship they attended a week long tournament on the Gold Coast during the school holidays break. The team did extremely well there and came home tournament winners. As well they picked up the sportsmanship award. After grading Black went through their season unbeaten but were beaten in the last five minutes of their final. We also had teams head to Nelson for the annual CFC v Nelson 1863 Cup challenge. Once again CFC hold the Cup. A great weekend for the players (and parents) I hear. At the annual club dinner the U11 Red team had the honours of being the recipients of the O’Loughlin Family Cup as 2016 JAB team of the year. U12 Red Coach Brad Anderson received the Bryan Mustchin Trophy for JAB coach of the year. A congratulations to all our representative age group players. Canterbury Metro Primary Schools U65kg George Roth 37

George Burrows Deijdre Siaki Nic Shearer

Armstrong and the Canradlys in bringing this idea to fruition. It’s tested and ready for 2017.

Noah Saukuru Cornelius Kaufuti Angus Hammett Jadyn Sa

Murray McEwan, our treasurer, a thank you also. Murray continues the task of ensuring we operate within budget. I appreciate this year was a tough one for us and am sure you will keep us on track.

Canterbury Metro Primary Schools U48kg Harrison Bruhns Lucas Jones Caleb Heyns Elijah Leifi Mitchell McMillan Fletcher Downing Jack Belcher

In Graham Mitchell’s handover it was noted the CFC Juniors had come off a steller 2011 season, Evans Shield & Redpath Shield holders, U13 Championship Cup and Challenge Shield holders, U12 Championship Cup and Challenge Shield holders and U11 Championship Cup and Challenge Shield holders…….

Canterbury Metro U13 Rudolf Stanley Justiz Pritchard Louis De La Tour Emmanuel Henry D’Angelo Tauti Haruya Fuchigami

2016: U13 Red Champions. U13 Black Plaque Finalist. No shield challenge. U12 Red Champions and Challenge Shield Holders. U11 Red Championships and Shiled Holders. U11 Black Plaque winners. CRFU Metro Junior and Teenage Evans Shield, Redpath Shield and Press Cup as well. 21 representative players. Another steller season….

Club Day continued to be the success that is. To have all teams play at Westminster St on this day took a great deal of organising. The weather, yet again, was on our side again and the fields held up well. Teams afternoon and nights continued to be well patronised this season. Sponsors continued to play a big part in JAB. Mark O’Loughlin of Harcourts Gold for supplying all the player of the day trophies, Player of the Day packs (boot bag full of goodies) on team day/nights supplied by Christchurch Electrical, Frontrunner Bush Inn, Canterbury Building Brokers and Stirling Sports Northlands. Player of the Day vouchers and caps from Joe’s Garage. Not to mention all the individual team sponsors. A big, huge thank you. As the season neared the end you will have noticed at the clubrooms a playground under construction. A great effort by Craig 38

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

After seven years with the Juniors I hand over to Scott Murray. Our junior numbers remain strong, our competition grade teams are competitive, every player that registers is in a team with a coach and a jersey to play in. There is sufficient gear to last the season. There is a hard working committee with succession planning in place. When you leave something you always hope you leave it better than when you found it. I think I have. I haven’t done it on my own. Since joining all those years ago we have an entirely different committee, completely different coaches and many, many new players. Each contributing in their own way. I do know though, I leave it in the hands of capable people who will continue to ensure CFC Juniors is the place to play rugby. Tony Hussey JAB Chairman (now Retired)






Points For

Points Against









1st Championship




































1st Championship








Plaque Winner








Under 13

Under 12 1st Championship

Under 11


AXEMEN Another year has flown by and some things just don’t change. The All Blacks remain dominant, the Silver Ferns are almost there and the Kiwis remain the hardest of all NZ teams to support. The Axemen’s Club has continued on as it has in the past but your trustees are continually looking at ways we can maximise value to our club and provide “a continued sense of belonging and purpose to members.” 2016 sees a change to our long standing Christmas Dinner as we, with the blessing of the club, widen the invite list and bring back the Annual CFC Christmas Dinner, proudly hosted by the Axemen. The rationale behind this is to be able as an entire club celebrate the season and share time together as this year closes and we ready for a new one. The day hasn’t changed, and as I write this I look forward to the last Wednesday of November, the 30th, dinner, an ale or two and listening to our speaker, Mr Gary Endicott. The Pint Nights held on the first Thursday of the month during the playing season continued to attract a loyal band of supporters, with a very high standard of speakers and the attractiveness of a $5 pint and free finger food. However numbers attending fell away towards the end of the season and unfortunately we had to end the Pint Nights prematurely. During the off season we are giving thought to how we can reintroduce them because they certainly have a place in our calendar, with the support of our members. The Axemen’s Wine Club, launched at the end of last season continued to add generously to the Club’s bank account. I would again ask you to please support this programme at every opportunity, and don’t hesitate to contact one of the trustees for an order


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

form. Of course, while responsible drinking is always advocated, with the wine being able to be purchased well below retail and an additional $3 per bottle being donated to the club by Sherwood, the more we drink , the more we save, and the more the Club benefits! In closing, I would like to again thank my fellow Trustees for their unfailing loyalty to the Club and the work they do behind the scenes. And to all club members I won’t see at the dinner, enjoy the lead into Christmas and the off season, and for those of you who struggle with last minute Christmas presents don’t hesitate to contact an Axemen about the Wine Club! Trust you will all take a well-earned break and be ready to come to 2017 and “Give ‘em the Axe”. Andrew McKellar

CHRISTCHURCH GENTLEMEN (GOLDEN OLDIES) 2016 was a steady flow of games for The Christchurch Gentlemen. Playing numbers continued to be the main issue however we always managed to get a team together on the day for a run around and more importantly a catch up after the game. Games this included two Woodend tournaments at each end of the season. In between there was Burnside Battlers,

Prebbleton, Oxford tournament and the now annual weekend trek to Hanmer to play Hurunui. Although two years away plans are afoot for the 2018 World Golden Oldies Festival being held here Christchurch. We are sure the Gentlemen will be in attendance. Bones


CFC NETBALL Our seasons started with a hiss and roar and then just before we due to start it nearly all came crashing down in a heap. All of a sudden with pre-season looming and ten teams on the books, we had no coaches and no development officer, and not enough uniforms to kit out the teams. It was at the stage I really got to see what a great bunch of people we have around this club. From the Rugby club for having my back, to Tim Murdoch for listening, and doing the hard work. To the amazing committee for seeing the vision and stepping up to take on extra roles and responsibilities, and coaching teams. Eight of our ten teams had committee members coaching them. To my amazing team-mates who supported me, listened to me for hours’ trying to figure out what was next; you ladies put our own team on the back burner and put the club first. I am forever grateful for the support you give me. One of greatest things I learnt over those challenging times was we are all a team and we are stronger together. One person doesn’t make a successful club. It’s the army of people you have around you and this club has a pretty fantastic army. This season we seen the bond between Rugby and Netball get tighter and it was great to see the social committees on the same pages and the rugby boys really helping out and making the Ladies night a successful event. Tony Hussey was so invaluable to us as we found dealing with juniors a whole new game and he steered us in the right direction, with resources and advice. It’s so great to see the girls proudly wearing their hoodies everywhere not just to netball! I had so many complaints from mums they couldn’t get the damm things off them and into the washing


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

machine. In addition teachers were constantly reminding the girls the hoodies were not regulation school uniform. These are just a couple examples of how the clubs have worked together to make the Netball Club stronger so thank you to everyone for the support this season. In regards to our results we pretty much had every team fall at the second to last hurdle. However there is a shining light and something lucky with being in the CFC D as this year’s team qualified for the finals and won. The Awards for the 2016 season are as follows F Team: Attacking Player of the Year Lindsay Durham Defender of the Year Charmaine McGregor E Team: Player of the Year Lisa McGregor Come back of the year Haley Murphy D Team: Player of the Year Lisa Woodbridge Most Improved Skye Fergus C Team: Players of the Year Leah Stockford and Gabby Tripp

Coaches Award Selena Harkess

Heather Forrester Memorial Club Team of the Year:

B Team:

The team of the year award goes to a team new to the club but hopefully will be around for many many years. They are a great bunch of ladies who just wanted to play some social netball and now they have formed some really solid friendships and make their way into finals netball and eventually won the final

Player of the Year Sarah Grant Most Consistent Player Monique Sullivan. A Team: Player of the year Virginia Loughnan

Team of the year Award D team

Players Player of the year Aimee Randall

Senior Player of the Year Winner Gabby Tripp

Most promising Player Gemma McKinstry

Gabby has been around the club for a while. She was very unlucky not to make the B team as her skills were worthy of a spot. It was early on she took the lead in the C team and pulled the girls together, showing the skills of a captain. She never missed training and also gives it 100%. She is the first to put her hand up and offer to play for other teams if they are short.

Official of the year: Lisa McGregor Flash has been a saving light this year she has single handed brought over six young girls as our club-umpires and developed the special bond with the younger umpires. She has done an amazing job to make sure all the games run smoothly.

Chrissy Willetts

Frank Townsend Trophy Sarah-Jane Oliver Sarah was a first year committee member and has been instrumental in making the social/fundraising committee run smoothly. Sarah stepped up and became assistant coach when she came down with a season end injury. She also co-Coached the C team taking them through to the playoffs.



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016


All Blacks DA Arnold MR Brewer WM Birtwistle SC Cartwright AI Cottrell RH Duff (Captain) H Frost FC Fryer ET Harper

GF Hart P Harvey GH Helmore SF Hill MJB Hobbs (Captain) J Hotop G Humphreys R H McCaw (Captain)

NP McGregor BE McPhail JE Manchester (Captain) MA Mayerhofler EB Millton W V Millton (Captain) PK Rhind AC Robilliard

G Scrimshaw RM Smith RT Stewart MB Todd BA Watt RG Wilson ME Wood

Black Ferns M Bosman KM Cocksedge P Love SA Mortimer

C Ross MJ Ruscoe (Captain) K Smith SA Te Ohaere-Fox


CANTERBURY REPRESENTATIVES Men’s Alfeld S Allsop K C Anderson A H Anderson J Jnr Anderson J S Applyby L W Archer F Arnold D A Aspell T Baird J S Ballantyne J M Bateman T Barber R J Bellamore A H Beswick H I Birtwistle W M Boulton C Bouterey N Bowden P Brewer M R Brown I H Bruce O D Busfield G J Button E Cartwright S C Charteris D Childs W J Clarke R Cochrane A R Cochrane B C Cochrane C F Collinson J Corlett L Corsbie D Cottam S Cotterill E J Cotterill H Cotterill W J Cotton H M Cottrell A I Cowlishaw F I Crawford W J Croxton C H Deans R

Denham C Denniston G G Dobson E Duff R H Eggleton G P Ellison D M Evans J R Everson J Field J Finau I Fisher F M B Fleming F R Fleming J Fleming W Frost H Fryer F C Fulton R A Gaskin J K Gerard G V Glendinning H L Godfrey A B Gold M Gordon G D Gordon T Green C Grigg J Hamersely A Hanna D F J Harley I W Harman R D Harman T D Harper E T Hart G F Hartland J F Hartland W Harvey P Hawkes E G Hawkes J Hedge B R Helmore G Henderson M B Hill S F Hobbs M J Hore C

Hotop J Houghton J H P Humphreys W Humphries C F Hutton G Irons J C Ironside J Jack A Jackson J B Jacobson A R Johnson G E Jones D Kilpatrick R Kerr J E B King C Kirby P Knight H B Knight R J Latham R Laurie J Le Cren W J Leahy G Lee A Lee H Lenihan J B Leota J Lewin M Linkhorn B MacAtamney M McCardell H McCaw R McDonald A McEwan M R McGregor N P McGuigan J F McKinley R J McNeight T McPhail B E MacQuarrie G Mahoney J Malcom J P Manchester J E Mathias G Mathias H R

Mayerhofler M Melvin W Mendelson W Middleton J S Miller D E Mills J Milton J D Milton W V Mitchell J H Moller O A Monaghan S Moore H W Morgan J W Morris R R Morton J D Mullan F Murray C R Murray F L Murtagh M J Mustchin M Naufahu J Nixon P Nowell B Ollivier K Ollivier A M O’Neill K Orsbourn K G N Osborne J M G Pascoe G D Paterson M Pawson J C Payton E W Phillips A E Polson J G Porter N Potts A Potts D Potts W Powley M Proctor W I Rhind P K Rice E D Risman W J Robilliard A C C

Robilliard J Robilliard N Rutherford G Scrimshaw G Smart G J C Smith R M Staines J N Steel C G Stokes J Stonehouse W G Stringer H G Stringer T W Talbot R O Tamou C Tawera T Taylor C Taylor J B Teen B N Thatcher M Thompson H J Tito M Todd M Tosswill LW Turnbull J M Turthill HS Vernon W H Volavola B Wachsmann J F Wade J F Wainohu R M Waller D M Walter W J Watt B A Watterreus G J Webb E R Wells R S White A E Wilders J E Wilkin J Wilson G B Wilson H A Wilson RG Wood ME

Curtis S Curtis T Dean J Deans M Elfast S Emery L Fibbes J Fitzgibbon M Griffith H Harrison V Hensley V Hiini D

Hira R Hornsell T Ili P Iosefa J Love P Jarden K Johnson Z Kaio Te Whetu B McCarthy M Mei K Mortimer F Mortimer S

Orange C Pomana T Prescott M Robinson K Lee Ross C Rossiter H Ruscoe M Ryan L Simaile U Smart C Smith K Speedy A

Stephenson R Tavendale K Templeman S Te Ohaere–Fox S Thomson C Todd R Tozer T Uren E Van Tongeren H Williams T Wright M

Women’s Anderson L Almond K Baker M Brett L Briden J Brown N Burchett M Butche r K Chase D Cocksledge K Crampton R Crothell P 48

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

PLAYING MEMBERS 2016 Team Division One

Team Division Two

Team Division Three

Coaches Dwayne Prendergast Terrence Hunkin Ross Tarawhiti

Coaches Peter Fulton Alan Harding

Coach Aidan Don

Manager Graham Mitchell

Managers George Inwood Marc Findlay

Physio Megan Williams

Physio Scott Suen

Trainer Duncan Trevella

Players Logan Allan Stefan Bendell Matt Brabazon Kyle Brewer Luke de Beus William Duncan Motu Fialele Phillip Ellis Matthew Freeman Curt Freeman Lewis Geer Angus Hawke Justin Iosefo Lulid Lafai Neville Magee Henry Marchant Oliver Marshall Travis Moody Sean Murray Larry Olive Jack Pringle Kimeon Reade James Richards Simon Roberts Facundo Salas Elliott Scott Oliver Stevenson Andre Thompson Shu Yoshimoto

Players Sake Aca Steve Alfeld Nick Annear Ben Ardagh Cameron Bailey Jack Bermester Kieran Coll Sam Cottam Daniel Dorgan Matt Etheridge Inga Finau Simon Forrest Bred Ineson Jordon Jackett Hamish Kilpatrick Daniel Koster Matthew Kottier Chris Mason Angus Middleton Tui Mika William Mills Kalolo Otutaha Tim Perry Ethan Plaskett Fraser Scott Matt Todd Matt Thatcher Brad Tucker Peter Valavala Ben Volavola Nafi Tuitavake

Manager Dave Southern Players Monty Aiono Alex Bratley Clinton Chase Vincent Codd Peter Crichton David Cronin Andrew Cross Matthew Cross Tom Crouch Aidan Don Nick Evans Josh Hamilton Jason Hand Justin Hill Michael Hillman Kevin Keegan Daniel Kingsbury Ben Kingsbury Ned Leatua James Lilley Matt Mustchin Keelan Paul Trent Richard Troy Russell Jayden Scott Dave Southen Cathal Sweeny Corey Tamou Richard Trent Chris Van Groen Geraint Williams


Team Colts Alpha

Team Colts Bravo

Team Canardlys

Team Team Womens

Coaches Simon Kneebone Mike O`Donovan Regan Finch

Coaches Steve Bree Rob Benton

Player/Coaches Daniel Irvine

Coaches Kieran Kite Steph Fox

Managers Matt Lewis Physio Kurt Harrington Players Seamus Bardoul Henry Bithray Braiden Broughan Joshua Brown Harry Chapman Thomas Christie Benjamin Cooper Sam England Nathan Evans Gerard Evans Keegan Fairless Bradley Johns William Jordon Sam Lane Samuel Lester Declan McCormick Harry McManus George Mirfin Bradley Munro Harry Murray Faletui Samuela Elliott Smith Sam Tatupu William Tucker Johnny Van der Velde Josh Van der Plus Josh Winsloe


Manager Lucy Dewar Players Jack Balloch Jonty Boyd Malachi Brocket Joshua Brown Kieran Brunel Jesse Bryant Antony Campbell Jake Chalken Morita Chikara Cameron Dyer Jack Griffiths Hugh Griffiths Jarvis Hansen James Harris Matthew Hazeldine Jason Lowe Chase Lucking Bramley McLean Connor McKinnon George McLean Cameron Millward Grayson Mitchell Caleb Owen Cameron Parnell Leo Petelu Ken Petelu Phillip Shaw-Rowling Daniel Smith Callum Steel Cyril Tamou Byron Van den Hoven Jim Walsh Joseph Wells

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016

Manager Justin Burton Players Craig Armstrong Justin Burton Adam Caves Carlin Croakery Daniel de Seymour Dean Delore Daniel Irvine Kieran Hughes Julian Kaufuti Cameron Kelly James Lee Sang Michael Levington Leighton McEwan Danny Mott Aidan O`Connor Taviri Ono Richard Owen Bruce Paulo Atu Rova Scott Sparks Richard Spivey Rangi Te Amo Wilson Varvao Daniel Vedder Raymond Vincent Chris Vuleta Alistair Watmuff

Manager Lee Stanley Players Lucy Anderson Leanne Bradbury Julie Briden Bethany Cross Sam Curtis Taylor Curtis Sarita De Goew Lucy Emery Islay Fowler Georgie Goodworth Carrie Gosney Jada Hammond Dianne Hiini Tara Horsnell Lucy Jenkins Zoe Johnson Alice Loft Phillipa Love Hayley Rossiter Rachel Scott Usipua Simaile Chelsey Smart Lee Stanley Aoife Sweeney Kaylee Tavendale Stephanie Te Ohaere-Fox Charna Thompson Rebecca Todd Estelle Uren Melanie Warren Hinerau Wetini


CONTENTS Page Finance Report




Statement of Financial Performance


Statement of Changes in Equity


Statement of Financial Position


Cash Flow Statement


Notes to the Financial Statements Independent Auditor's Report

58-64 65



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2016


The Christchurch Football Club (Inc.) Established 1863 – Registered 1905 – Colours Red & Black

Cfc annual report 2016  
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