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The Christchurch Football Club (Inc.) The 154th Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts For Year Ending 31st August 2017

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CONTENTS Contents 1 Notice of Annual General Meeting 2 Season’s Highlights 3 Officers 4 Chairman’s Review 5 Representative Honours 10 Club Captain’s Review 11 Awards 13 CRFU Competition and Trophy Winners 14 Division One 15 Women’s 17 Division Two 19 Division Three 21 Colts Alpha 22 Colts Bravo 23 Canardlys 24 Junior Club 26 Junior Advisory Board Competition Placings 30 Axemen 37 Christchurch Gentlemen (Golden Oldies) 39 CFC Netball 41 All Black and Black Fern Representatives 46 Canterbury Representatives 47 Playing Members 48 Financial Statements 50

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NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given of the 154th Annual General Meeting to be held at the Clubrooms, Christchurch Park, 250 Westminster Street, Christchurch on Monday 27 November 2017 at 7.00 pm. Business: 1.

To confirm the minutes of the 153rd Annual General Meeting.


To receive the 154th Annual Report and Financial Statements.


To receive and approve the recommendation of the Board that the subscriptions for 2018 be as follows:


Senior Div. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & Women’s (reducible to $210 if paid by 31st May 2018 [or earlier])



Colts and any Under 21 player (reducible to $180 if paid by 31st May 2018 [or earlier])





d. Juniors - Player ( first child in the family $85 - Player ( second child in the family) $55 - Family ( up to two parents) $30 4. To receive and approve the recommendation of the Board that a Ground Maintenance Levy be approved for the 2018 playing season in addition to the annual subscription, on all registered players of the Club as follows:

Senior players including Colts Junior players


Election of Officers

$20 $10

6. General Business At the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting there will be a presentation and discussion on the proposed facility development project between CFC and the Canterbury Bowling Club 2017.


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017


For the second consecutive year CFC winning the four premier CRFU trophies, Redpath Shield, Evans Shield, Wilsons 45 South Cup and Press Cup

Matt Todd, Tim Perry and Pip Love being selected to represent the All Blacks and Black Ferns respectively

Tim Bateman being selected to represent the Maori All Blacks

A very successful luncheon with Matt Todd and Russell Hargreaves

Stephanie Te Ohaere-Fox playing her 150th game for CFC

Women`s team winning the Championship Trophy

Div.2 doing the double, winning both Championship Cup and Trophy

CFC Netball F team winning their grade

CFC Red u12 winners of the Gold Coast carnival

CFC Red u11 winning the Metro Championship Cup


OFFICERS Patron K C Allsop President G P Wilson Life Members D J Abbott, K C Allsop, M J Ambler, K S Chambers, E M Ferguson, DS Menzies, J C H Mill, J M Rowberry, R D Smith, BWF South A I Stoneman, T A Thompson, A C S Trent, S R Wilder, D G Wilson, G P Wilson Board Members RF Eastgate ( Chairman ), T R Giles, MH Nutt J de Goew, A Thompson ( Observer) M Thompson, BK Thomson Club Captain C W Hammett Rugby Committee M J O’Donovan ( Chairman ) S Bree, K Brewer, J Burmester, T R Giles, C W Hammett, G Inwood, S Murray (JAB representative), A Thompson, A Hawke Delegates to the CRFU T R Giles, C Hammett, M J O’Donovan, A Thompson Solicitor T R Giles Auditor Bevan Smith Chartered Accountants


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

CHAIRMAN’S REVIEW It is with much pleasure that I report on the activities of the Christchurch Football Club in this its 154th year of existence. 2017 has been a rich rugby year none more so than here in Canterbury. Despite a wet winter, the wonderful success of the Crusaders in Super Rugby and the visit of the Lions, has kept rugby in the headlines. CFC had strong links to the Crusaders with Brad Mooar in a coaching capacity and CFC affiliated players in Tim Bateman, Tim Perry, Quentin Strange and the outstanding Matt Todd on the player roster. Scot Robertson brought a fresh approach to the Crusaders which was overdue and the team responded so well. We all enjoyed their success, their determination and ability to win close matches. Their performances enriched the local rugby community and interest was high, despite continuing poor weather throughout the season. In keeping with the great traditions of CFC, the 2017 rugby season was a successful one for the teams in both the senior and junior ranks. We fielded a total of thirty nine teams. In the senior club, team of the season, Div.2 won the double with a win in both the Cup and Trophy competitions. Their win over Lincoln University in the trophy final was one of the games of the season. They were very well coached by Peter Fulton and Henry Taylor and in Dave Stuthridge they had the outstanding team manager of the season. The Women`s team won their trophy competition with a convincing win over their nemesis Canterbury University. Both Div.3 and Colts Alpha fell at the final hurdle losing their trophy finals. Div.1 were beaten semi finalists and overall the win/loss ratio for the adult teams over the 2017 season was a highly creditable 72%. (2016 75%). In addition to these achievements, Metro Challenge Shields were won and retained for the summer by Div.2, Div.3, Colts Alpha and the Women`s team. In the junior section the u11 Red team won their Championship Cup and u11 Black held the Challenge Shield. The u12 Red enjoyed a very successful season, winning their grade Challenge Shield and losing only one game which unfortunately was in the

Championship Final against St Thomas. This team also enjoyed a very successful tour to the Gold Coast where they also tasted success with a win in their age group competition. The Canardlys, battled away for the season with limited playing numbers and limited playing success. They have been a strong part of the club for twenty four years. It is hoped that they can make it to twenty five. Some of them will be part of the CFC Golden Oldies teams participating in the Golden Oldies International tournament being played in Christchurch in April 2018. The playground, gifted to the club by the Canardly`s, one year down the track, looks like it really belongs on the park, it fits in the overall picture of the club so well and is a popular attraction for children. Success and strength across both the senior and junior competitions means that CFC has been awarded, once again, the four major participation and team success CRFU trophies The Evans Shield, Wilsons 45 South Cup, Redpath Shield and The Press Cup. There is a slight negative note to the 2017 season. There were some instances of poor behaviour by teams and individuals which do no one any credit. There are standards expected by the Club and any behaviour which could see the clubs liquor licence at risk then there are consequences which the players and team management need to take notice of. Socially the events organised by the rugby committee were poorly attended, the major raffle was poorly supported and a sense of “not my problem” seemed to pervade the club during the winter. We can do better and it is timely that the membership be reminded of their obligations and responsibilities to the club. The Club are very proud to record that six CFC players represented New Zealand teams during the season. Matt Todd and Tim Perry with the All Blacks, Pip Love the Black Ferns, Tim Bateman with the Maori All Blacks and Tom Christie and Will Jordon, the New Zealand u20 team who won their World Cup in Georgia. Both Tom and Will started the season in Div.1 and made quite an impression during their 5

short time with the team. Both appear to have a bright future in front of them. Stephanie Te Ohaere Fox played her 150th match for Christchurch during the season. Steph continued to play outstanding rugby for the women`s team and was awarded, with much acclaim at the senior prize giving, the Millar Cup for the Club Sportsperson of the Year. There were also a number of CFC men, women and juniors who attained provincial representation as players and team management and who are listed elsewhere in this report. Congratulations to those people. Chairman Scott Murray and the junior rugby committee continue to do a fantastic job of organising all our thirty two junior teams. A thankless task but one which is conducted in a very efficient and effective manner. Thanks to you all. As noted the winter was challenging with heavy rainfall being experienced in Christchurch during the winter. The number of matches cancelled throughout the season because of wet field and poor weather was the most for a number of years. Both our playing


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

fields suffered through this bad weather and practice and match requirements had to be very carefully managed. Thanks to Roger Morgan of Readylawn and Grant Bunting of PGGW Turf for their expertise and assistance in the ground maintenance programme. On the senior Club Day every CFC senior team played in a specially designed Camp Quality sponsored jersey. Club man Stephen Bree was behind this initiative and was the driving force in the club supporting this important charity for children with cancer. The jerseys were either auctioned off or sold the individual teams. Camp Quality raised some good money for their coffers. The Board have agreed to support a different charity each year on Club Day. In 2018, it will be the Bowel and Liver Trust which the Club has a long association with. Socially the big event was the Matt Todd luncheon held in June prior to the Lions v Canterbury match. This event, while not as well attended as last year`s function, was a very successful and enjoyable occasion. Russell Hargreaves, a Talk Sport radio host from England and who was on tour with the Lions,

was the other guest speaker. He and Matt complimented each other very well and both gave us a wonderful insight into the Lions tour and the current happenings in New Zealand rugby. There was an auction post lunch which provided valuable funds for the clubs rugby programme. Last year`s review spoke of discussions with two Bowling clubs and the possible sale of the motels. This sale was investigated by the Board but did not proceed. In the end, a motel business with only nine units plus a Managers house did not stack up financially for any potential buyers. The motels have been a very solid financial contributor to the club and the surplus they generate is critical to the clubs financial performance. If the Bowling Club proposal was to succeed then having the motels as part of the onsite facilities could be beneficial and complimentary. The discussions with the Bowling Clubs have continued positively over the year. The two Bowling Clubs, St Albans Park and the Canterbury Bowling Club have merged and formed one club, the Canterbury Bowling Club

2017 and are now based at the St Albans Park Club in Madras Street. The old Canterbury Bowling Clubs property in Salisbury Street was now been sold and subject to some conditions being met, the funds should be received by the new club later this year. With this financial backing and the money that St Albans Park have from their earthquake claim, there is quite a sizeable sum of money available to be invested into the development we have been discussing with them. A joint working party comprising of representatives of CFC and the Bowling Club have been meeting to progress the discussions. A Heads of Agreement document has been signed and while not legally binding, commits both parties to investigate this development proposal with full intent and with alacrity. The Working Party has engaged an architect to initially develop concept plans for indicative costings to be determined. All these initial costs are being met by the Canterbury Bowling Club. There have been discussions on how a possible future governance structure might look and a recent meeting with the Chief


Executives of Bowls NZ and Bowls Canterbury was informative and beneficial. There is another sports club in Christchurch looking to undertake a similar development so there is some pressure to get the various processes underway and some way along a time plan. The key to this proposal is of course Westminster Park and our ability to develop two playing fields (one with lights) on Westminster Park if we give up our number 2 playing field. Progress on securing this vital aspect of the proposed development is frustratingly slow. Not much has changed in a year with the Council. If the work does get the tick of approval from the Council, then the remediation work would start in September 2018. The Board understands the importance of this decision is critical and has been working with Nathan Godfrey, CEO of Canterbury Rugby, and the Council to continue to press the case for Council to understand the benefits that could arise to the community from such a facility development. We are not asking the Council for financial assistance just their support by getting the work done on Westminster Park. The CFC Netball Club continues to go from strength to strength. They again grew their team numbers from ten in 2016 to fourteen teams in 2017 including seven junior teams. Congratulations to the F Team who won their Championship in fine style. The club is so fortunate to have Chrissy Willetts as their Chairperson. She performs a huge number of roles for the club, all with passion, commitment and determination. Congratulations to Lynnette O`Neill, who during the season, played her 300th game for CFC Netball. I wish to thank the staff for their continued commitment to the Club. The improved financial performance of the bar, restaurant and motel cost centres are a testimony to Karen O`Driscoll`s skills and abilities. She is a great people person who looks after club members, motel guests and clubroom hirers like family and they enjoy the personal touch Karen brings. Her catering abilities have been 8

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

put to very good use and to the beneficial financial performance of the restaurant and venue hires. Kerry Dellaca, Joy Reddiford and Wendy Caldwell from Game Plan Limited manage and report on the clubs finances in a most professional and efficient manner. Their detailed and informative financial information provides the Board with the tools to make appropriate decisions. Tim Murdoch continued in his role as Business Development Manager and has made a solid contribution to the overall management and direction of the club and its activities. Mike O`Donovan, the god father of Rugby Development Managers in Christchurch rugby, oversaw another very successful season. Mike is a hardworking, committed and passionate staff member. CFC is very lucky to have him on our side.Other clubs look enviously at his success season after season. It doesn’t come about by chance. Bernie Szymanski had the unenviable job of replacing the legendary Russell Bayliss. Bernie is coming to grips with the varied nature of the groundsman/ handy man job around the club with a limited budget. Cleaners Angela McKay and Lisa Neiman are hardworking people who round up the CFC staff. The voluntary contributions of Mac Ferguson, Bryce Thomson and Ken Charlton to general maintenance matters around the club are most gratefully received. John Mill and his band of OAP`s have met regularly to try and get the complex gardens and shrubbery into shape. This is quite a large job. They have made great inroads into this maze with more work yet to be started. Many thanks Milsie and crew. David Wilson has been working with the City Council on the classification of the Aylesford Street sections. A time consuming and somewhat frustrating exercise. Thanks for your contribution David. To the Axemen, many thanks for your support and encouragement of the Club also for financially supporting the club. Thanks are

also extended to the Trustees of the Red and Black Foundation. Mac Ferguson, Tony Penny and Mark Thompson and to Noel Walton and the trustees of CFC World, thank you for your support of the club during this year. Sincere thanks to our Board members Toby Giles, Michael Nutt, Jeremy de Goew, Mark Thompson and Bryce Thomson for their valuable contribution towards the governance of the Club. Andre Thompson was co opted to the Board during the winter and will become a valuable acquisition to the Board. Together with our President Gerald Wilson, the Board give of their time and skills to help guide the club. Noel Walton (as Chairman of CFC World) and Kerry Dellaca (Game Plan Limited) attended Board meetings in an unofficial capacity and freely gave their professional and balanced opinions on issues the Board considered. Sincere thanks to all the team coaches and managers, team support staff, the Rugby Committee, our Patron, Ken Allsop, President Gerald Wilson and Club Captain Chris Hammett. Their significant contributions to the relatively smooth running of a large and successful rugby club are appreciated. Chris Hammett is finishing at the AGM after five years

as Club Captain. Many thanks Chris for your enduring contribution. To member’s friends and supporters of the Club who have lost family during the year, we offer you our sincere sympathy. The financial result for the year ended 31 August 2017 show a net deficit after depreciation of $9,115 (2016 $24,398) the trading deficit was $41,716 (2016 $ 110,681). A more detailed explanation of the financial result can be found in the financial report at the back of the Annual Report. This is my last Chairman`s review as I am stepping down as Board Chairman after four years at the AGM in November. I am most grateful for the support and encouragement of my fellow Board members and for the friendly advice freely given by club members on many a range of topics. Best wishes to the Board as they consider the future of CFC and the complex. Potentially exciting times ahead with challenges a plenty but a possible life line for the club as it’s strives to see life beyond just being a rugby club. Bob Eastgate


REPRESENTATIVE HONOURS All Blacks Tim Perry Matt Todd Black Ferns Phillippa Love Maori All Blacks Tim Bateman New Zealand Under 20 Tom Christie Will Jordon New Zealand Barbarians Inga Finau New Zealand Heartland XV Kieran Coll New Zealand Women’s Sevens Development Squad Sam Curtis New Zealand Deaf Blacks Rueben Buzzard Canada Under 20 Will Percillier Crusaders Tim Bateman, Inga Finau, Matt Todd, Tim Perry, Quinten Strange Canterbury ITM Steve Alfeld, Tim Bateman, Tom Christie, Matt Todd, Inga Finau Tasman ITM Tim Perry, Will Jordon, Quintin Strange Taranaki ITM Brad Tucker Canterbury Womens NPC Melissa Ruscoe( Ass Coach) Kieran Kite (Ass Coach) Megan Williams ( Physio) Steph Te Ohaere Fox, Phillipa Love, Nina Poletti, KayleeTavendale, Charna Thompson, Estelle Uren, Dianne Hiini,Sam Curtis, Lucy Jenkins, Lucy Anderson, Taylor Curtis Canterbury Secondary School Girls Lucy Jenkins Canterbury Men’s Sevens Matt Lewis ( Manager) Matthew Taula Fili Canterbury Women’s Sevens Sam Curtis, Dianne Hiini, Islay Fowler Christchurch Metro Simon Kneebone (Head Coach) Oakley Johnston, Daniel Dorgan Canterbury Maori Tui Mika, Matt Kottier, Ethan Plaskett, Matt Thatcher Canterbury Under 19 Mark Brown (Coach), Peter Bowden ( Technical Advisor) Kurt Harrington (Physio) Tom Christie ( Captain) Will Tucker, Dallas McLeod, Atu Manu, Zach McKay Southland Under 19 Mitch Taylor Cantabrians Under 20 Sam England ( Captain) Declan McCormick, Harry Murray Canterbury Metro Under18 Simon Kneebone Head Coach Canterbury Metro Under 16 Chris Hammett Coach South Canterbury Heartland Kieran Coll ( Captain ) 10

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

CLUB CAPTAIN’S REVIEW 2017 was another good year for the mighty Christchurch Football Club, although we didn’t collect all the silverware up for grabs we did achieve a 72% win/ loss ratio success rate over the seven adult teams. We won 76 matches from 105 games played by the senior teams. The weather during the winter played a big part with only 105 games being played. Last season 118 games were played.

group. Simon Kneebone was the new Head Coach. The team probably never really hit their stride. They had moments of dominance and brilliance but never really looked like they could topple the top sides consistently. They won several games late in the match which tested players, coaches and supporters alike. Made the top four but were beaten by a stronger Lincoln University team.

A big congratulations to the Women`s team and Div.2 for collecting the major championship trophies for 2017. Both teams enjoyed stellar seasons with the women`s team also holding the Challenge Shield. Div.2 did the double, winning both the first round cup and the Championship trophy. In summary

Div. 2 coaches Peter Fulton and Henry Taylor certainly got the most out of this group on and off the field. They played good rugby, full of passion and determination. A happy group who enjoyed the team and club culture. Deserved Championship winners over Lincoln University. Very well managed by Dave Stuthridge. This team got the results they deserved.

• Div. 1, making the top four, finishing third in the Metro Championship • Div. 2, winners of the Hawkins Cup and Trophy • Div. 3, holders of the Metro Challenge Shield and beaten finalists • Colts Alpha, Metro Championship finalist, first round Metro winners and Challenge Shield holders • Colts Bravo, made the top four • Woman’s, Metro Championship winners and holders of the Challenge Shield • Canardlys, beaten plate finalists •

Four trophies awarded to CFC by the CRFU to show the clubs dominance in both seniors and juniors in 2017. These trophies were Evans Shield, Redpath Shield, Wilsons 45 South Cup and the Press Cup.

Div. 1 started the season with new appointments in the team management

Colts Premier coached by new coach Chris England they were the dominant team in the grade. Winning by very large margins and scoring numerous tries, they did look like going the distance. Unfortunately once again they ran into a red hot Lincoln Uni team in the final and came a distant second. This was no disgrace but a reality of the significant difference in mentality, game awareness and playing skills on the day. This however is a talented team and CFC will benefit from these players in the seasons ahead. Colts 20 a very awkward and interrupted season for this team. Byes, wins by default, games called off saw them finish a few spots lower than they would have liked. They were beaten semi finalists. I would like to thank all of Steve’s coaching and management team, and wish you all the best for next season. Div. 3 a slow start to the season by their standards. This was however short lived and they got into stride at the right time of the season. They charged into the Final but were tipped up by a determined Burnside team. There wasn’t much in it and a late penalty could have won it. 11

Women’s what a great season. An early loss to Suburbs was quickly forgotten and the team just got better and better. A loss to University didn’t deter them and when they met University again in the final, CFC were victorious. Congratulations to the group, the coaches and their loyal supporters. Big ups to Steph Fox for playing her 150th game for CFC during the season. Canardlys battled away for playing numbers throughout the season. Thanks to a combination of the old and new guard they got through the season, albeit not a very successful season from the win/ loss columns. Several of the open grade junior teams had success also • U12 Red held the Challenge Shield. This team also won their age group competition at the Gold Coast carnival they attended. • U11 Red won the Championship Finals and held the Metro Challenge Shield at the end of the season A big congratulation to everyone who has been selected in a representative team whether you were a player or in a coaching role, CFC had a great presence in all areas from the All Blacks down to the Canterbury age grade. A very special mention to Mike O’Donovan for the relentless hard work and effort he has put in again this year. Mike is the glue to the club. Multi skilled, getting guys games, appointing coaches and managers, filling in and helping out with coaching and many other tasks none of us would know about. Thanks must be giving to all the volunteers, coaches both Seniors and JAB, managers, the Axemen that put the flags out every week, and the children that sell the raffles very Saturday. Thanks also to Megan, Scott, and Nick for keeping our guys on the field. Congratulations to Megan and the team for being awarded the prestigious David Burke Memorial Trophy for 12

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

the most supportive club member / friend to the players. Thanks to the Board and Rugby Committee for their relentless hours behind the scenes. We do need to support each other to drive the club forward and help the club make the right decisions going forward to protect and enhance the future of the club. I would like to thank the junior committee for their contribution and hard work. Scott Murray was Chairman for the season of the junior committee but has decided to step down. Thanks Scott for your contribution and for agreeing t9o take over from Tony Hussey for the season. To Complex Manager Karen O`Driscoll, you and your team have done a fantastic job in the bar and food areas. Well done to you all. I have decided to retire from the Club Captain`s position after five years. I have loved every minute of being in this position. I will enjoy just coming down to the club for a beer and watching the various teams perform and I will especially miss working with Mike O`Donovan, a true legend of the club. I also want to pay tribute to my wife Sue for her support and encouragement which I have greatly appreciated. My personal thanks to everyone I have worked with this year and I hope you all have a great break and best wishes to you all for the up and coming festive season. Chris Hammett





Millar Cup

Club Sportsperson of the Year

Steph Te Ohaere Fox

Catherall Cup

Player of the Year - First Year Division 1

Dallas Mcleod

Harvey Batchelor Cup

Most Helpful to Division 1 Team

Ollie O`Connell

Allan Robilliard Cup

Division 1 Player’s Player of the Year

Oakley Johnston

A.I. Cottrell Cup

Division 2 Back of the Year

Robbie Polson

Micky Seed Cup

Division 2 Forward of the Year

Brad Johns

Club Captain Cup

Women`s Most Improved Player

Charna Thompson

Players Player Trophy

Most helpful to Women’s team

Lucy Jenkins

Kit Chambers Cup

Women`s Player of the Year

Charna Thompson

TR Barber Cup

Division 3 Back of the Year

Justin Hill

Tom Mullan Cup

Division 3 Forward of the Year

Jason Hand


Colts Premier Back of the Year

Elliott Smith

Carl Palmer Cup

Colts Premier Forward of the Year

Declan McCormick

Fred Forsythe Cup

Colts U20’s Back of the Year

Jake Chalklen

Eric Phillips Cup

Colts U20’s Forward of the Year

Byron Van de Hoven

Keith Torrance Cup

Canardly’s Back of the Year

Sele Tuilomo

Alby Johnson Cup

Canardly’s Forward of the Year

Greg Lindstrom

Ray Whitaker Trophy

Canardly’s Players Player of the Year

James Lee- Sang

O’Loughlin Family Cup

JAB Team of the year

Under 12 Red

Les Donaldson Cup

Outstanding Team Coach for the Year

Peter Fulton & Henry Taylor

Denys Hoare Cup

Outstanding Team Manager for the Year

Dave Stuthridge

Craig Calder Cup

Team of the Year

Division 2

Hardy Johnstone Cup

Top Goal Kicking for the Year

Daniel Dorgan

McCully Cup

Athlete for the Year

James Smith

Jim Gregg Cup

Administrator of the Year

Michael Nutt

Tui Cup

Player of the Year

Declan McCormick

Chapman Cup

Outstanding JAB Administrator

Amber Field

Bryan Mustchin Trophy

Outstanding JAB Coach

Jade Kirk

Bob Hearn Memorial Trophy

Most Improved Front Rower

Simon Forrest

Jock Hobbs Memorial Trophy

Sevens Player of the Year

Declan McCormick

David Burke Memorial Trophy

The Most Supportive Club Member or Friend to the Players

Christchurch Park Physio Clinic staff



COMPETITIONS AND TROPHIES WON BY CFC Evans Shield (total aggregate of points for Open grade and Junior competitive teams) Wilsons 45 South Cup (total aggregate of Open grade team points, divided by the number of teams, minimum of three) Redpath Shield (total aggregate of points for Junior competitive grade teams) Press Cup (total aggregate of Junior competitive grade team points, divided by the number of teams, minimum of three) Div.1 Tom George Cup Div.2 Hawkins Championship Trophy Hawkins Cup Div.3 Hawkins Cup Metro Challenge Shield Colts Alpha Charlie Rhodes Cup Metro Challenge Shield Womens Metro Championship Trophy Metro Challenge Shield CFC Sevens Championship Cup Under 12 Red Metro Challenge Shield Gold Coast u12 Rugby Carnival Under 11 Red Metro Championship Cup Under 11 Black Challenge Shield


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

DIVISION ONE Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Beaten Trophy semi finalist

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Dan Dorgan 150 Simon Forrest 6

The 2017 started with introducing a new Head coach in Simon Kneebone, and with him Paul Stewart and Terrence Hunkin completed the coaching staff. A call was made early for a pre season camp to Hamner, where we would set our protocols, game plans and some much needed team bonding. With a successful unbeaten preseason campaign, we started the season with the Division 1 Gala day which this year was held at Linfield. Up against Sumner the boys didn’t glue as well as we wanted and made hard work of the first win (20-14).

First home game of the season, we faced HSOB and a complete turnaround from the week before (62-8), Will Jordan running in four tries. Marist Albion were up next. It was a tightly fought contest with CFC coming out on top (31-23). Out to Belfast for round 3, with only forwards scoring the tires, you can understand the type of game it was (42-14). Battle of the two former coaching partners against Shirley, Simon wanted to make sure Bruce Morton did not get the win over us. Thanks to a three try game by Inga Finau we walked away (38-24).


Now on a two game away leg, against arguably the two title contenders for the season. Sydenham first at Hospital Corner, was a hard and gritty win showing great ticker (35-28). Then out to Lincoln facing the former champs, a game we had to put behind us losing (14-54). Back on horse thumping old rivals Linwood (60-15), and Canterbury Uni (22-10). Away trip to Burnside winning (27-14), and final game of round 1 was against New Brighton at home (33-11). With Round 1 over we were very happy with way we travelled through the competition, only falling to one team. So our goal in the second round was to make sure we didn’t lose any games running into the finals. Up first was Canterbury Uni This was a very close game, but thanks to a last minute Dan Dorgan drop goal we were victorious (26-25). Lincoln had to travel to us this time and we had to redeem ourselves from the thumping we got during round 1. Although we didn’t come out on top, we definitely gave them a run for their money (18-20). A very comfortable win against Burnside (5014) and then again over New Brighton (33-11), led us to our final game of round 2. Against Sydenham, the boys knew they were for a hard fight, and that is what they got going down (10-21). That final result, set us up a semi final against Lincoln University, which would be played out in Lincoln. After a great deal of terrible weather there was talk of the game being cancelled because of so much water on the field, but after some time a ground change was decided and the game was back on. Lincoln were never going to make it easy for us, and win testing conditions, that was the case, unfortunately ending the season with a loss (5-19). It’s not how we wanted to end the season, but it gives us plenty to work on for 2018, we can 16

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

come back better and stronger and take out the Championship. I would like the thanks everybody that was involved throughout the season, that made it possible.Thank you to the coaching team, Simon, Stu and Terrence a great first season together, you all put in a lot of your own time, and everyone really appreciated it. Same for our fantastic team physio Megan for keeping them all together, be it all in tape. To Duncan and Kashi, thank you for all your hard work this year. To the players, of course, thank you for all the hard work, knocks, and bruises, and to get up and keep going week in week out. I am looking forward to doing it all again with you next year. Special thanks to our team sponsors listed below. Their generous support helped make it all happen, without them we wouldn’t be able to function as a team. March Construction Accessman Plato Creative Schick Construction Fresh Choice Merivale Elmwood Trading Co op No 4 Bar Stirling Sports Northlands George Inwood

WOMEN’S Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Trophy Champions & Shield Holders

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Lucy Jenkins Estelle Uren

2017 became our year, but not without its challenges. Kieran Kite, as Head Coach, enlisted the help of Guy McEwan as Assistant/Backs Coach. Steph Te OhaereFox stepped up again as forwards coach for the first few weeks of the season. We then welcomed back Lester Te Ohaere-Fox who took over as forwards coach, which then took the pressure off Steph to concentrate on playing and captaining the team. 2017 saw the team struggle for numbers at the start of the season. We lost a few players from last year as many had moved away for uni etc. We saw out most of the season with

110 12

a team of only 17-18 players week to week, and that was with having the manager having to gear up more often than not. We were also plagued with injuries this year. Lucy Anderson and Philippa Love both missed out on most of the first round recovering from surgeries in the off season. You would think with these odds stacked against us that it would be an uphill battle, and yes it was at times but the results really shows the determination and fight that these women have. We started the season with a close loss to


Suburbs. We scored five tries to four but goal kicking won them the game. We put that behind us to only have one other loss for the rest of the season. That loss was against University in a close hard fought match. That loss certainly stiffened the resolve of the team and we were determined not to slip up again. When we met University again in the second round we ground out a good win which gave us belief we could beat them if we happened to meet them in the final. From this point on the team grew in confidence and we played very good rugby and comfortably qualified to play in the final again. First round winners Suburbs were well and truly put to the sword this time with a 58-0 thrashing and the semi final against HSOB was once sided with CFC convincing winners by 72-07. Again we met our old foes University in the grand final for the third consecutive year. In 2015 we lost to them by two points, 2016 we lost by a heart-breaking one point. This year we went into the final with the quiet confidence that this was our year. Good


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

things come to those who wait and in 2017 it was our time. We won the final by ten points, a relatively comfortable victory considering the previous years. If you had asked us at the beginning of the season if we thought that we would have made it to where we did, I cannot say confidently that we would have. However like I said at the beginning this became OUR year. The good season resulted in a large number of players making the Canterbury Representative team. Congrats to all those players. Pip Love was selected for the Black Ferns which was fantastic. Our major highlight of the season was seeing Steph playing her 150th game for CFC. What a wonderful achievement for an outstanding servant of CFC women’s rugby. Steph capped off a great season by being named the club Player of the Year (covering both men`s and women`s teams). Bring on 2018 and retaining the Trophy Lee Stanley

DIVISION TWO Playing Record Played




Points For

Points Against








Trophy & Cup Winners

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Ben Cooper Rob Polson

Well, what a season culminating in an epic Final on our home turf in front of our own supporters. This game had everything. Three very good tries, one of which belonged to Lincoln University. Jesse Bryant’s try was as good as you would see anywhere. Courageous and unflinching defence in the second half, and a heart stopping end to the game when Lincoln University had a try disallowed, over ruled by the assistant referee. The team was well coached by Peter Fulton (backs) and Henry Taylor (forwards).They both adopted a laid back style which created a happy and productive environment within the group. In fact, part of the success of this team was the great environment and comradeship

80 11

that was within the team. Those not on the field were always supportive. The team always supported the club at the after match on a Saturday. I would like to thank Gus Hawke and Andre Thompson for assisting me when they could during the course of the season and for Pete Hunter and Graham Mitchell for filling in with managerial duties on one occasion. Also to the many club supporters who attended our games, and in particular the families of some of the boys who were at most games. This team was outstandingly lead by Luke De Beus who pretty well played every minute of the season. A phenomenal work rate who


encouraged the boy’s to follow him. Every single player in this team can look back and say to themselves that they contributed significantly in each game in which they played.. We had an outstanding loose forward contingent led by Luke, Logan Allan (what a game he had at No 8 in the final), Matt Brabazon, Ollie Nielsen, Matt James and Reuben Buzzard.

48 tries and the forwards 23. This shows a bit about the way we played this year

Our forward pack held most in the set pieces, and in the Final, in particular, at times dominated a very strong Lincoln University unit. The front rowers Matt Freeman, Matt Flowers (who made giant strides )and Travis Moody all excelled. The hooker Brad Johns was our everywhere man and was outstanding as the forward of the year. Nev Magee, Henry Marchant and Tom Currie locked the scrum well and all were effective around the field. Henry’s lay off pass for our second try in the final was a beauty.

A big thank you to Mike O’Donovan for his support and Tim Murdoch putting together my regular “ravings” in the newsletter each week. Thank you also to the Club for their support. I think they were rewarded.

This year we had backs who could score try’s and cut defences up. All starting with our Japanese half Ippei Oshima who was outstanding in the final. Rob Polson (back of the year), provided most of the thrust. He had good mates in Jack Pringle, James Smith and Kyle Brewer, in the midfield. Will Duncan, Rob Samson and Sean Murray filled the fullback duties and all added value. Ben Cooper on the wing was always reliable and outstanding in defence. His goal kicking was a saviour on a couple of occasions. Tom Meyrick made great progress on the wing and turned in a couple of “man of the match`` performances. Unfortunately he was injured in the latter part of the season. The star of the show in the last couple of games was Jesse Bryant,our speedster on the wing. Jesse came into the team mid season as he had athletic commitments. What a revelation, and his two tries in the final, particularly the first from half way were as good as you would see. The backs scored 20

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

This was a very good team, and an outstanding bunch of lads, which the club can be proud of. I certainly was. You have duly earned your end of season celebratory trip to Queenstown. Club Team of the year, and deservedly so.

Enjoy your summer David Stuthridge (Sponge) Mana

DIVISION THREE Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Beaten Trophy finalists & Challenge Shield Holders

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorers

Justin Hill Justin Hill

Another season over...... It was a bit of a mixed bag this year for us. The first round was a different kettle of fish this year due to the combining of Div. 3 and 4. A split draw keep us away from a few of the old foes but we still had to contend with some of our nemesis teams. All in all a fairly good first round albeit with a rather uncharacteristic loss to Otautahi followed the next week by a loss to one of the Marist Albion sides. After that we got our s…t together and put ten consecutive wins together up to the final. Round 2 was back to business as usual with the top teams coming together to take us through to the final rounds. We did have to contend with a rather disrupted and frustrated last few games due to weather and confusing decisions from the union re games being played or not. Second time around we put Otautahi away and captured the Challenge Shield. We defended the trophy throughout the remaining games including a 12-0 victory over Burnside. The semi final against Marist Albion ( who had beaten us earlier) was a tight game but we prevailed 17-8 and qualified for another final.

134 14

for us to get a draw and then maybe to extra time, but that wasn’t going to happen for us and Burnside took out the Trophy. Our run of four consecutive trophy wins came to an end but has made even more determined to see if we can get back to the winners table in 2018. All the usual guys were there again with a return of some of the older usual guys, Carlos and Stu. The latter of the two keeping Beiber honest… most of the time. Some solid work from Bundy and Neddy also needs to be acknowledged. Thanks to all the guys for putting in their time and thanks to the partners/wife’s/ families for their support also. Thanks to the sponsors of the team, your support is very much appreciated. Well done to all other club teams in Netball and Rugby for their results and commitment during the season. Congratulations to Justin Hill and Jason Hand who were named players of the year for the backs and forwards respectively. Aidan Don

So came final day.... Burnside at home. A slow start by us and being a bit stunned by them we put ourselves in an awkward position. An opportunistic drop goal by Justin Hill in the first half really keeping us in touch. The second half was much better and we started to claw back some territory on them. The last play of the game was a penalty shot at goal 21

COLTS ALPHA Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Beaten Trophy finalists & Challenge Shield Holders

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Sam England 108 Declan McCormick 19

The 2017 season was a year of many highs culminating in a final that promised so much but fell short of the ultimate season. The CFC Premier Colts squad was blessed with a raft of talent and maturity, a balance that was created by the return of key players from 2016 and quality members graduating from the first XV competition.

We managed to come out on top but certainly knew we had been in a battle. A balance of rest and fine tuning was required before we were to meet Lincoln University in three days. The previous two results against Lincoln had little meaning now, with a shorter turnaround until the final show down we knew we had to be at the top of our game.

Our preseason program enabled everyone to show their skill level and experience during a four match campaign that saw convincing wins over Ohoka Div.1, Marist, Sydenham and Burnside. Once the squad was named, it was time to smoothing off the rough edges and establish a game structure leading into our first competition against Marist. We managed a victory here amongst a somewhat staggered start to the first round due to holidays and a bye. The momentum rapidly increased with an eight win run, taking out the first round and the Charlie Rhodes Memorial Cup.

Our team certainly gave it everything but came up short against an opposition that took their chances and converted their opportunities into points, running away with the win and the title. Congratulations go to Lincoln University.

With the competition now split into a top five bottom four scenario, the latter part of the season promised to heat up. Further second round wins over Sydenham, Marist, Lincoln University and HSOB put the team on top of the ladder relatively injury free and ready for the final push. Bad weather postponed our semi final moving the match to the following Tuesday night. As expected Marist came with a view to spoil the party and played with intensity, something they lacked in the previous game. 22

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

It would be unfair to mention outstanding individuals or credit special performances, so I won’t, rather to say that, everyone contributed to a wonderful professional team culture that was a pleasure to have been a part of. Thank you to all of our loyal supporters and sponsors for their positive nature, we felt your presence as family of the team and club. A big thanks to all of our management team who worked hard throughout the season. As holders of the Metro Challenge Shield we look forward seeing you all for our first defence in 2018. For those who are moving on, we wish you all the success and remember “ You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take “ Have a great Christmas. Chris England

COLTS BRAVO Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against








Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorers

Grayson Mitchell Jake Chalken

70 8

Management Team

won games.

Forwards Coach - Steven Bree

We did enough to get through to the top tier for the second round. This round started well with a good win over Ashley which was followed by a close lost to Merivale Papanui in a game we let them run away in the first quarter and run out of time to catch up. The next game against CBHS saw us short of players with injuries and holidays affecting the squad and in the end the team run out of legs with a well drilled CBHS finishing strongly. Our last game of the year was against to eventual grade winners Lincoln University Hunters. This game was important to both teams as the winner went onto the semi finals. It was a physical game which saw the score line seesaw but in the end Lincoln finished the game stronger.

Backs Coach - Tim Brocket Manager - Lucy Dewar 2017 Colts Bravo had some good returning players and some exciting new players, also with a good mix of international players and were captained by James Braham. We didn’t have long together as a team before the season started with one preseason games against Shirley which was easily won. After being short of player for our preseason game, we had more players turn up for our first game against HSOB. We had some periods of great play and some chances but lost a close game. The following week was rained out which become a regular event during the season. We then played Shirley,which was a different looking team than we had played in the preseason, but had a good win on the back of some great team running and good defence. This was continued the next weekend when we played the Lincoln Uni Dags or second team. The forwards set a good platform and ran the play hard which lead to a large score line and some great tries. The score of 111-0 could have been larger as the game lost structure in the second half. This was the peak of the first round with weather meaning training was limited and this showed in our mixed results of the first round of wins or close losses/should have

It was a season of what could have been if we were able to play the way we had shown in some of our games. We have a good core looking to return next year which will be great. We would like to thank Mike O’Donovan and Christchurch for the support during the season along with families and friends. Awards: Player of the Year: Jake Chalken Forward of the Year: Byron van den hoven Back of the Year: Jake Chalken Steve Bree, Rob Benton and Lucy Dewar 23

CANARDLYS Playing Record Played



Points For

Points Against







Third Equal Plate

Top Points Scorer Top Try Scorer

Kelvin Scott Atu Roua Julian Kaufuti

Well it was a tough year for the Canardlys on the paddock. But at least we didn’t come away empty handed. No… we got to split the wooden spoon with Burnside. A team that until meeting us earlier this year had not won a game for two full seasons. We felt it was important for them to enjoy their Club Day. Enough said. Off the field however the team was still in good heart. We enjoyed some new blood this year but we need plenty more if we are to make a team for our 25th anniversary next year. Additions to the playing roster this year included Panda, a guy who doesn’t look like it but is one that puts absolutely everything into his game. Simply went from strength to strength all year and was deserving of his Forward of the Year gong. Another to stamp his mark, in the backline this time, was our brother from Samoa, Sele. Uncompromising in all aspects of his game, he put in big hits every time and only a few of them were a little high. Personally I thought the apology to the team for punching the guy from which he got the red card was a nice touch. Luckily for Sele there were a record number of red cards that weekend so he was denied his visit to the judiciary and received his two match stand down by email! Despite some areas of his game that might need a little refinement, Sele was appropriately named Canardly Back of the Year That really only leaves one more guy to mention. How he managed to get himself 24

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

27 4 4

back in some sort of playing shape from one Saturday to the next is all a mystery. This guy, who has been plagued with foot injuries that make even walking hard, for some reason, perhaps sensing the plight the team was in from a numbers perspective, managed to drag his way across the pitch before every game with his gear back slung over the shoulder. But then the whistle goes and look out! All of sudden SBW is back with the one handed runs, the big hits and a few word of encouragement for his team mates (and the ref) all with a big smile on his face. A few tries here and there and then the final whistle goes. It’s like a switch gets flicked and he walks off the field, head hanging low, feet dragging, barely able to open his beer. We all know that he’ll be back next weekend to do it all again. That said there is a little nervousness about whether he can make another full season. We’ll have to see how the off season goes. Perhaps being named Canardly’s Players Player might help. Well-deserved Fluffy! So that’s it for the Canardlys in their 24th year. As mentioned there is no certainty about the ability to put a team on the pitch for our 25th. If we don’t then it will be a huge disappointment for the players who have the will but not the way. Sad too for the Club who need and appreciate the “social” teams and what they bring to CFC. Let this then be a call to all who might be able to help. We need players and plenty of them. We have the core of the team but too many of us are on the wrong side of 40 (45). We need young

blood. Keen guys willing to give an hour on Wednesday night and an afternoon (most) Saturdays. You don’t need to be All Black material but don’t be fooled into thinking this is touch rugby. It is good, hard and fun. We play teams just like us and we enjoy the social as much as anything. We are a family team and have worked hard to make our environment as welcoming as we can to all who want to join us. Once a Canardly, always a Canardly. This is also a good place to wish Lefty and Kirsty all the best as they leave Christchurch for the warmer GC. This is a guy who will be missed. He sums up all it is to be a Canardly, plays a great game and is the backbone behind the team. On and off the field. All the best Lefty, there will always be a spot for you back in the team (probably quite a few spots really).

So we move into summer and for a change we take up the bowls. Our wives are so proud... not. We have five teams entered into the Wednesday night social tournament held by Canterbury Bowling Club at St Albans Park. This might be more Fluffy’s pace. Can’t wait to see what the new team shirts will look like now that we are a dual code team. Congrats to all teams in the Club for their fine season this year and all those who managed to get some silverware. Thanks to all of Canardlys that did a bit more than put on the playing boots. There is a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes and much of the thanks goes to Hitti, Ferrit, Fridge, Obelix and Spud. Apologies to anyone I have missed out. See you all over the summer. “I’m in love with the girl next door!” Thomo


JUNIOR CLUB CFC Junior 2017 season commenced with thirty two teams and four hundred and fifty seven registered players. As a club we were well supported by volunteers to coach and manage our thirty two teams. This aspect of our Junior Club is one of our biggest assets as we are truly fortunate to have so many dedicated and loyal people to develop and enhance our junior rugby players program every season. Our CFC U13 held preseason trials for forty players for two Under 13 teams. The decision was made at the beginning to create two even teams aiming for U13 teams in section one. Two sets of coaching groups put their hands up to look after the squads for 2017. The trials went to plan. The coaches picked teams which ended up being the 2016 U12 Black and U12 Red teams with the bulk of U12 Gold team put with the U13 Reds and any new players in the U13 Black team. The teams ended up with unbalanced playing numbers, the U13 Black team fielding twenty two players and U13 Red only having eighteen.


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

The grading games went well with both teams winning two out of their three games. The Metro U13 grade was then split into three sections with U13 Black in Section 1 and U13 Red in Section 2. Section 1 was tough with the U13 Black losing most of their games against strong high school teams. In Section 2 the U13 Red struggled through with very low numbers and injuries but won half of their games by some good margins. The middle of the season was a struggle with school holidays and lots of rain cancelling some of the games. This created a big disconnect between the start and end of the season. CFC U13 Red had Jayden Sa and Ben Findlay selected for the U13 Canterbury team. U13 Black had Reuben Hewitt and Joe McLeod selected for the Primary Schools U48 kg with Corbin Hooper and Cylas Siu being selected for Primary Schools U65 kg. The Club would like to sincerely thank the coaches and managers who have assisted these teams / players over many seasons. These being Andy Blair, Bruce Havea, Chris Hay, Greg Mangles and Marc Finlay.

Our CFC U12 Grade this season produced 2 teams from 42 players. The players were selected predominately on their 2016 season performances. The U12 Red team was placed in section 1. By seasons end they held the Challenge Shield and unfortunately came second in a hard fought final against St Thomas’s. This team also played in the Gold Coast Tournament in July. They won their age group at the tournament in addition to taking out the sportsmanship award. In addition they also took out CFC Junior team of the year Award amongst some stiff competition from some CFC U11 teams. U12 Red Coaches were Matt Mustchin and Chris Hammett with Manager Vicki O’Sullivan. Many thanks guys. Numerous players from U12 Red were in the Metro Zones East team. U12 Red had Edwin (Burt) Short selected for Primary Schools U65kg Representatives U12 Black team was placed in a very competitive Section 3. They had a hard start to the season through injury and two players pulling out. To their credit the team toiled well throughout the season with a mixed bag of results. On the field this team never gave up heart when faced with some adverse decisions and injury showing great character, an attribute that will hold them in good stead for the future.U12 Black Coaches were Cory Jury-Lynn and others with Manager Toni Kerr. CFC U11 has had a very successful season. We had fifty seven children at the start of the season, but managed to recruit in a few extra players over the season. Having trials was a new experience for these players as we were working towards combining four ten a side teams from 2016 into three fifteen aside teams. The U11 Black team (Coached by Jade Kirk) and our U11 Red team Coached by Tim McLeod and Ned Leatua were both graded

into section one and our White team Coached by Kain Parsons graded into Section 2. The season was very successful for our Section one teams with the only losses they sustained being against each other. At the end of the Season Black were the proud holders of the Challenge Shield going into the Finals Rounds. We ended up going into a CFC Red vs CFC Black Final 1 all. Red prevailed on the day taking home the U11 Championship. Jade Kirk, Ned Leatua and Tim McLeod were instrumental in assisting at the start of the year with the trial process, and managed well to bring this process together. Jade was awarded the JAB Coach of the year. Kane Parsons stepped in to coach the U11 White team and did a fantastic job with the players. The U11 White team had a tough start to the season and took some big losses. This group of boys was our development squad, and so was a full mix of players from all four teams as well as some staying down from U11 last year and new players. It took some time to find their feet. The team was relegated to Section 3 in the second round, in the hope of finding meaningful opposition and did not lose a single game until the final which was a great effort. Both the Red and White team (with a couple of spare players from the Black team for numbers) travelled to the New Zealand Junior Rugby Tournament at Queenstown in September. CFC U11 Red took out the title while CFC U11 White had a tougher run and just lost out in the Shield Final to Ashley. Thanks to all those who assisted in fundraising to make this trip a success for both teams. Our CFC U10 Grade consisted of one hundred and two players and seven very competitive teams. Of the seven teams four were placed in section 1 and three teams in section 2. This was a true reflection of the quality of player and culture we have in CFC 27

U10. We played against each other most every other weekend which really lifted the players to compete for “bragging rights”.

which enabled them to compete better. They finished their season with a mixed bag of results.

The U11 Red / Silver and White teams had an outstanding season in Section 1 being in the top four teams and the remaining teams in section 2 all finished well placed.

Over all our three CFC U9 teams are very well coached and managed and are very competitive. There is tough competition in this metro grade and we are always competitive which something we pride ourselves on is. These players will form two good competitive fifteen aside squads in Under 11 grade in 2018. They are building well towards this goal.

Some U10 season highlights were Silver and Red travelling to Queenstown Tournament, with Red winning the U10 title. There was also two “mini” tournaments arranged in the school holiday breaks with Linwood, Sumner, Lyttleton and Ashley being invited to participate. 2018 brings the game of rugby into context for these players with U11 being the beginning of the fifteen a side game. CFC will be looking to field five teams in the U11 competition, a feat no other club has ever done previously in Christchurch. There will be changes to existing team structures and new groups will be set up from within the player cohort. This is an exciting time for the players with all they have learnt to date now about to be applied in a proper team structure. These players have been well trained and prepared by their coaches since U6 so we are really looking forward to watching this group of players exhibit their skills in a suitable grade for their enjoyment and abilities. We wish to thank this great group of coaches and managers for their dedication and enthusiasm in 2017. A job well done. Our CFC U9 grade had returning players forming three teams for the 2017 season. All the three teams coaching and management structures rolled forward from 2016. The Red team were placed in Section 1 and competed well with their fair share of wins. The Silver team were also placed in Section 1 but unfortunately lost more than they won. The Bronze team were in initially placed in Section 1 which was tough competition. They were regraded into Section 2 midseason 28

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

In the U8 grade s we had four teams and fifty eight players. All teams competed well with the Red and Black team playing in Section 1, winning most of their games, Blue in section 2 and Green section 3. With such large squads the parent help and understanding was appreciated. One highlight was also the fact that we had four girls playing in this grade, all of them being very good players. These teams are well coached and resourced. Next season we are aiming to have five teams in this grade. Our CFC under 7 grades had fifty two players spread across five teams. Mark Weeds took up the reigns of looking after this grade in his first year on the Committee. We were lucky enough to have all our coaches from 2016 put their hands up again, which enabled a smooth transition into the season. All five teams enjoyed themselves in the Rippa format, running at the gaps in preparation for tackle next year. Well done to U7 Red who remained unbeaten for the second successive year. We look forward to watching these players evolve in the tackle and contact aspects of their game, a step up from their Rippa game. All players are looking ready for the challenge. Our CFC U6 grade welcomed sixty players and formed six teams to begin their rugby careers playing rippa rugby. Every team was well resourced and coached by an enthusiastic group of parents. The coaches and managers really enjoyed their season helping to develop these young players. To

see the U6 players in Red and Black tearing around the rugby parks of Christchurch at 9am on cold Saturday mornings really endorses their eagerness and passion to play the game with their new found friends. An enjoyable season. We look forward to the players / coaches / managers returning next season where most will move up to U7 rippa rugby in 2018. To have good keen and dedicated coaches and managers are vital to the success and enjoyment of Junior Rugby at CFC. We take this opportunity to whole heartedly thank each and every one of you who made the commitment to a CFC team this season to share your skills / experiences and ideas with developing young players. The CFC Junior Club are well support by our game day sponsors and we wish to acknowledge the following : Fit and Well, Spring Fresh, Front Runner, Stirling Sports Northlands, SBS, AMI, Harcourt’s – Cally Burke, Harcourt’s – Mark O’Loughlin, McDonalds, Pita Pit, Burger King, Joes Garage, One Good Horse, Willowbank. This season we had a visit from Napier Marist U13 who played a combined CFC U13 team. Napier won this contest in a hard fought battle. Queensland Brothers U13 played our CFC U13 Black Team on route to the Queenstown Tournament in September. CFC won on the day. Brothers were staying in our CFC complex and enjoyed a BBQ with the CFC team as an after match function. Our long term relationship with this club remains strong; the team gifted us a Brothers History Book and Shield.

We acknowledge the following people who were selected as award recipients this year 2017 Junior Administrator of the year – Amber Field 2017 Junior Team of the year - U12 Red 2017 Junior Coach of the year –Jade Kirk 2017 Sportsperson of the year – Darryn Findlay The Junior Club also wish’s to acknowledge all the support and assistance received from within CFC. Mike O Donovan for all things rugby, Karen O Driscoll for her gracious hospitality, Tim Murdoch for his support and guidance, your assistance has been valued and greatly appreciated. In 2017 the CFC Junior Committee consisted of: U13 – Michael Sheedy, U12 – Sue Hammett, U11 – Amber Field, U10 – Tere Ngariki, U9 – Vicki O Sullivan, U8 – Kelvin Forbes, U7 – Mark Weeds, U6 – Scott Murray My thanks to the Junior Committee members for all their work before and during the season. Without your care and attention to the details we would not be able to be as successful as a junior club as we have been. Also big thanks to Bones for his ongoing support and enthusiasm. Scott Murray

Nelson Club and CFC Juniors have an annual fixture competing for the 1863 Cup; it was Nelsons turn to travel to Christchurch this year. Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled due to snow weather conditions that prevented Nelson from driving to Christchurch.







Points For

Points Against





































1st Championship








Challenge Shield Holders








Under 13

Under 12 2nd Championship & Challenge Shield Holders

Under 11


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017




print and digital

The Christchurch Football Club sincerely thanks the listed Gold Club Sponsors, Sponsors and Supporters and Funding Organisations for their generous support of the club and its activities. We greatly appreciate their involvement in the club and their support enhances our ability to provide an enjoyable experience for club members and to help retain our position as one of the Premier rugby clubs in Christchurch and New Zealand. Their support does make a difference to the clubs ability to function effectively and efficiently. 32

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017





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Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

AXEMEN In reminding me to write an article for the CFC Annual Report, Tim Murdoch kindly sent through my effort from last year which started with “Another year has flown by and some things just don’t change. The All Blacks remain dominant, the Silver Ferns are almost there and the Kiwis remain the hardest of all NZ teams to support.” That’s a ditto for 2017. The Trustees this year have looked to challenge what the Axemen’s Club stands for and our relevance within the CFC, as we continue to look to improve how we can provide “a continued sense of belonging and purpose to members.” To that end we are looking to work more closely with the Club to see how we can build value in membership and social events with the aim to make the CFC a more viable alternative to the other options we all have in regard where we spend our dollar. I hope to come back to you with some positive developments before the start of next season. It has also been a busy period recently for the Axemen as we continued to follow our objectives regarding the making of grants to the Club, which is “to support the development and enjoyment of the players, and their families, of the Christchurch Football Club” For your information, grant monies paid out over 2016 & 2017 include the following; CFC Academy 2016


Contribution to Playground


CFC Academy 2017


Contribution to UK tour Deaf ABs - R Buzzard


Purchase Full set playing gear Golden Oldies for World Tournament


Purchase New Speaker CFC Clubrooms CFC for Plants

627 3,000

Total 20,060

2016 saw a change to our long standing Christmas Dinner as we, with the blessing of the club, widened the invite list and brought back the Annual CFC Christmas Dinner, proudly hosted by the Axemen. The rationale behind this was to be able as a club to celebrate the season and share time together and after looking at alternate possibilities we have decided to continue with that theme this year. The day hasn’t changed, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the last Wednesday of November, the 29th, for dinner and cleansing ale or two. The Pint Nights held on the first Thursday of the month during the playing season continued to attract a loyal band of supporters, with the attractiveness of a $5 pint and free finger food and we look to promote these evenings more next season. The Axemen’s Wine Club continued to add generously to the Club’s bank account, however we are looking at alternate suppliers for next year. I would again ask you to please support this programme at every opportunity, and don’t hesitate to contact one of the trustees for an order form. Of course, while responsible drinking is always advocated, with the wine being able to be purchased well below retail and an additional $3 per bottle being donated to the club, the more we drink, the more we save, and the more the Club benefits! The Crying Towel lunch was well patronised, with the usual brave statements made prior to the game. But all in good taste, which the beer certainly did after a 60-15 win at home. Put a note in your diary for Friday 2nd March 2018 to get a team together and come along to the inaugural Axemen’s Club Bowls Tournament. The organising committee is in full swing on this event, and it promises to be fantastic afternoon. More detail to follow. In closing, I would like to again thank my 37

fellow Trustees for their unfailing loyalty to the Club and the work they do behind the scenes.

upon those who are prepared to put their hand up to do this type of work.

In particular I would like to acknowledge Wayne Sapwell who retired as a trustee during the year. Sappy is a strong believer in the Axemen and his input since coming on board as a trustee was always been with the best interests of the Club at heart. I look forward to his support for the club going forward and wise counsel if we get off track.

And to all club members I won’t see at the dinner, enjoy the lead into Christmas and the off season, and for those of you who struggle with last minute Christmas presents don’t hesitate to contact an Axemen about the Wine Club!

Being a trustee is a challenging commitment and often entails more effort than reward but a club such as CFC is absolutely dependent


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

Trust you will all take a well-earned break and be ready to come to 2018 and “Give ‘em the Axe”. Andrew McKellar

CHRISTCHURCH GENTLEMEN (GOLDEN OLDIES) Despite our regular number of games this year, the 2017 season seemed to have flown bye. A lot of this can probably be attributable to everyone awaiting the 2018 World Golden Oldies Festival being held here Christchurch. The other great benefit of having a tournament such as the Golden Oldies Festival to look forward to is the amount of interest for people to play in it. It only seemed fair that to play at next year’s event, is that you play this year. So for once, we had great numbers and subs (beer funds) were happily paid. Our first gig was the Woodend mini tournament at Woodend which normally coincides with the first round of their rugby season. 2nd April is a bit early for us but you have to put the boots on at some stage I guess. The weather was warm, the port carried special powers that made you run and the beer was chilled to perfection for afterwards. Playing numbers were and this continued throughout the season. Sydenham were in attendance as well. Games were played in the right spirit and the usual amount of banter on off the field prevailed.

Second outing of year was the April 23rd against Burnside Battlers at Christchurch Park. For once we outnumbered the Battlers and for the first time in a long time we held our own on the field. A few beers and something to eat in the clubrooms ended a great day out for all. Next up was the annual Oxford tournament 7th May. Yeap, our 3rd outing in 4 weeks! Whilst some though we may have been turning professional the intention though, was to get a few games out of the way before it got too cold and wet to play. Whilst rugby is a winter sport, us older fellas like to keep warm and dry on those cold wet wintery days. Oxford was great as always. Canardlys lent us Tranny for the day. We were able to park up beside the fields, roll out the picnic tables and blankets and enjoy a great day in the sun. We picked early games this year in the hop of playing different teams. It appears the Oxford lads don’t like tweaking things too much out there, so much so the draw, the fields, the times, the changing shed, the raffles are practically the same every year. Did we get


new teams play? Well, Yes and No. We played Woodend and Prebbleton, who we play regularly already during the year. So, maybe the old fellas at Oxford have got it right. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! There was a bit of recuperation time before we hosted Prebbleton at home on the 128th June. A nice sunny winters day. A few new players for us and even better we had more than Prebbleton. Most times they have a spare team on the side-line. Having said that, the 15 they fielded weren’t too shabby and gave us a good run for the money. I think the port was off that week as it’s magical powers weren’t working as it in previous games. For the first time in a long time we had a mini tournament at Chch Park. This was on the 2nd July with Woodend and team we have not played in the past, Merivale. Woodend were their jovial selves but we did struggle to understand Merivale’s interpretation of how Golden Oldies is played. So much so even the ref was busy with pocket of red and yellow cards. Overall though, the days was a success and we look to expand to 4 teams next season. Our last outing of the season was the annual trek to Hanmer Springs for a game against the Amuri Rams. This has always been a


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

great family weekend away and is a great spot to spend a couple of days. Sadly thougha couple of days out, according to Amuri, the weather was not the best and the game was cancelled. Reason being the the fields would not be playable. With a few of the lads already having accommodation book they headed away, 30 or so, and had a great time. Sunshine and all. Not many Amuri lads around. An annual report is to reflect on the season gone but I must draw attention to the year ahead. 2018 promises to be a fun year for the Christchurch Gentlemen starting the year off with the World Golden Oldies Rugby Celebration being held right here in Christchurch. A lot of work has gone into this event already with arranging enough players, getting funds in, finding sponsorship and fund raising. At this early stage our sincerest thanks go to the Axemen’s Club for helping us get a new playing strip. Have a great summer and see you all next year. Give ’em the Axe! Bones

CFC NETBALL This is my third year in the hot seat and yet again more lessons learnt and good progress made. This year the netball division had fourteen teams. Seven seniors and seven juniors. We have four competitive teams and three social teams. Every team finished at least int the top four in their grades. Three teams made it through to semi finals and our F team came through and won their final. That is 42% of our teams playing finals netball. I was going through old minutes and couldn’t find a year which we have had so many teams go through so well done ladies a fantastic effort. To the teams/players that just missed the cut you can all hold you head high you turned up and put the effort in so that’s all you can ask for One lesson learnt this year its quality, not quantity that makes a good club and we definitely have the quality ones. Thank you again to the committee for your work through the season and going along with my random ideas. We got a few of them over the line this year and will try for a few more next year.

Lastly, thanks to the quality players, you guys are what makes a club so thanks for choosing us and we look forward to having you back again next year. Team Awards: Award for G Team: Attacker of the Year - Zoe Marshall Awards for F Team: Come back of the year - Leanne Mott Team player of the year - Lana Tamou Awards for E Team: Player of the Year - Kerry Mahuika Most Improved - Diana Crawford Awards for D Team: Player of the Year - Amy Simpson Most Improved - Lisa Edwards Awards for C Team: Attacker of the Year -Olivia Saunders Defender of the Year: Amy Weeks


Awards for B Team: Players player of the year Gabby Trip Most Consistent - Mady Parker Awards for A Team: Players player of the year - Rebekah Winter MVP - Rachael Mortiaux The official of the year: Rachel Henderson. Rach was the Manager of B team, Committee member and also looked after all the entertainment book. Stepped in to head coach when Nic was away. All while being pregnant. Frank Townsend: Chrissy Willetts. Chrissy has taken a lot of board this year. Coaching four teams including the A team also doing her duties as Chairwoman of the Club committee. Heather Forrester Memorial Club Team of the Year: B team


Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

Tough start with a key player having to pull out and others with season ending injuries. Having to call new players into the team, they have pulled it together and the first time in years the Club had a B team go through to the finals. Most promising player: Georgia Galbraith. Georgia is a rookie to the club, a young lady who is a fantastic defender and who took on a challenge when I asked her to become a shooter this year. Although a free spirit she listened and worked really hard to become a really reliable confident shooter with her stats pretty much in late 60% each game. Senior player of the year: Mady Parker B team A big step up from last year. Has been the lead shooter for the B team and always helping out with other teams. Also, coaches a Junior team. Chrissy Willetts



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



All Blacks DA Arnold MR Brewer WM Birtwistle SC Cartwright AI Cottrell RH Duff (Captain) H Frost FC Fryer ET Harper

GF Hart P Harvey GH Helmore SF Hill MJB Hobbs (Captain) J Hotop G Humphreys R H McCaw (Captain)

Black Ferns M Bosman KM Cocksedge P Love SA Mortimer


C Ross MJ Ruscoe (Captain) K Smith SA Te Ohaere-Fox

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

NP McGregor BE McPhail JE Manchester (Captain) MA Mayerhofler EB Millton W V Millton (Captain) PK Rhind AC Robilliard

G Scrimshaw RM Smith RT Stewart MB Todd BA Watt RG Wilson ME Wood

CANTERBURY REPRESENTATIVES Men’s Alfeld S Allsop K C Anderson A H Anderson J Jnr Anderson J S Applyby L W Archer F Arnold D A Aspell T Baird J S Ballantyne J M Bateman T Barber R J Bellamore A H Beswick H I Birtwistle W M Boulton C Bouterey N Bowden P Brewer M R Brown I H Bruce O D Busfield G J Button E Cartwright S C Charteris D Childs W J Christie T Clarke R Cochrane A R Cochrane B C Cochrane C F Collinson J Corlett L Corsbie D Cottam S Cotterill E J Cotterill H Cotterill W J Cotton H M Cottrell A I Cowlishaw F I Crawford W J Croxton C H

Deans R Denham C Denniston G G Dobson E Duff R H Eggleton G P Ellison D M Evans J R Everson J Field J Finau I Fisher F M B Fleming F R Fleming J Fleming W Frost H Fryer F C Fulton R A Gaskin J K Gerard G V Glendinning H L Godfrey A B Gold M Gordon G D Gordon T Green C Grigg J Hamersely A Hanna D F J Harley I W Harman R D Harman T D Harper E T Hart G F Hartland J F Hartland W Harvey P Hawkes E G Hawkes J Hedge B R Helmore G Henderson M B Hill S F Hobbs M J

Hore C Hotop J Houghton J H P Humphreys W Humphries C F Hutton G Irons J C Ironside J Jack A Jackson J B Jacobson A R Johnson G E Jones D Kilpatrick R Kerr J E B King C Kirby P Knight H B Knight R J Latham R Laurie J Le Cren W J Leahy G Lee A Lee H Lenihan J B Leota J Lewin M Linkhorn B MacAtamney M McCardell H McCaw R McDonald A McEwan M R McGregor N P McGuigan J F McKinley R J McNeight T McPhail B E MacQuarrie G Mahoney J Malcom J P Manchester J E Mathias G Mathias H R

Mayerhofler M Melvin W Mendelson W Middleton J S Miller D E Mills J Milton J D Milton W V Mitchell J H Moller O A Monaghan S Moore H W Morgan J W Morris R R Morton J D Mullan F Murray C R Murray F L Murtagh M J Mustchin M Naufahu J Nixon P Nowell B Ollivier K Ollivier A M O’Neill K Orsbourn K G N Osborne J M G Pascoe G D Paterson M Pawson J C Payton E W Phillips A E Polson J G Porter N Potts A Potts D Potts W Powley M Proctor W I Rhind P K Rice E D Risman W J Robilliard A C C

Robilliard J Robilliard N Rutherford G Scrimshaw G Smart G J C Smith R M Staines J N Steel C G Stokes J Stonehouse W G Stringer H G Stringer T W Talbot R O Tamou C Tawera T Taylor C Taylor J B Teen B N Thatcher M Thompson H J Tito M Todd M Tosswill LW Turnbull J M Turthill HS Vernon W H Volavola B Wachsmann J F Wade J F Wainohu R M Waller D M Walter W J Watt B A Watterreus G J Webb E R Wells R S White A E Wilders J E Wilkin J Wilson G B Wilson H A Wilson RG Wood ME

Curtis T Dean J Deans M Elfast S Emery L Fibbes J Fitzgibbon M Griffith H Harrison V Hensley V Hiini D Hira R Hornsell T

Ili P Iosefa J Love P Jarden K Jenkins L Johnson Z Kaio Te Whetu B McCarthy M Mei K Mortimer F Mortimer S Orange C Poletti N

Pomana T Prescott M Robinson K Lee Ross C Rossiter H Ruscoe M Ryan L Simaile U Smart C Smith K Speedy A Stephenson R Tavendale K

Templeman S Te Ohaere–Fox S Thompson C Thomson C Todd R Tozer T Uren E Van Tongeren H Williams T Wright M

Women’s Anderson L Almond K Baker M Brett L Briden J Brown N Burchett M Butche r K Chase D Cocksledge K Crampton R Crothell P Curtis S



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Coaches Simon Kneebone Terrence Hunkin Paul Stewart

Coaches Peter Fulton Henry Taylor

Coach Aidan Don

Manager George Inwood Mark Findlay Physio Megan Williams Trainer Duncan Trevella Players Steve Alfeld Nick Annear Tim Bateman Jack Burmester Tom Christie Kieran Coll Sam Cottam Daniel Dorgan Matt Etheridge Inga Finau Simon Forrest Oakley Johnston William Jordon Hamish Kilpatrick Daniel Koster Matthew Kottier Neville McGee Chris Mason Tui Mika William Mills Charles O`Connell Tim Perry Ethan Plaskett Fraser Scott Harry Scott Quinten Strange Sam Tatupu Matt Thatcher William Tucker


Managers David Stuthridge Physio Scott Suen Players Logan Allan Matt Brabazon Kyle Brewer Jesse Bryant Reuben Buzzard Ben Cooper Tom Currie Luke de Beus Robert Dods-Samson William Duncan Matthew Flower Matthew Freeman Jamie Garcia Valquez Mitch Harding Matthew James Bradley Johns Lulld Lafai Tom Meyrick Henry Marchant Travis Moody Sean Murray Ollie Neeson Ippel Oshima Baden Petrie Robbie Polson Jack Pringle Kimeon Reade James Richards James Smith Christopher Taylor Andre Thompson Andrew West Shu Yoshimoto

Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017

Manager Dave Southern Players Stu Atkins Monty Aiono Rob Benton Michael Borthwick Andrew Bower Alex Bratley Clinton Chase Andrew Cross Matthew Cross Aidan Don Nick Evans Josh Hamilton Jason Hand Brendon Hall Justin Hill Hiromu Inque Ned Leatua James Lilley Matt Mustchin Keelan Paul Jason Puddle Jaidyn Renton Simon Ruri Troy Russell Jayden Scott Dave Southen Carlos Sumner Cathal Sweeny Corey Tamou Richard Trent Chris Van Groen Jeremy Van Ameyde

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Coaches Simon Kneebone Mike O`Donovan Regan Finch

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Manager Lucy Dewar Players Sam Alexander James Braham Oliver Brunton Antony Campbell Jake Chalken Angus Chapman Rory Enright Jarvis Hansen Taine Hintz Sergio Johnson Anup Khapung Jack McGreogor Keegan Marsh Matthew McKellar George McLean Grayson Mitchell Caleb Owen Cameron Parnell Leo Petelu Ken Petelu George Pio Roman Satele Daniel Smith Byron Van den Hoven Toby Venner

Manager Justin Burton

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Managers Simon Cooper Physio Kurt Harrington Players Braiden Broughan Ben Chippendale Oscar Engelbrecht Sam England Nathan Evans Gerard Evans Keegan Fairless Jack Griffiths Oscar Howat Sam Lane Connor MacKinnon Lockie Macrae Atu Manu Declan McCormick Zachary McKay Cameron McLeod Dallas McLeod George Mirfin Harry Murray Elliott Smith Daniel Tau Matthew Taula Fili Faletui Samuela Mitchell Taylor Josh Telfer Sam Tatupu Josh Van der Plus Brad Wang

Players Craig Armstrong Justin Burton Aaron Chinnery Daniel Clarke Dean Delore Rohan Hume Daniel Irvine Julian Kaufuti Cameron Kelly James Lee Sang Michael Levington Greg Linstrom Leighton McEwan Danny Mott Aidan O`Connor Taviri Ono Daniel O`Sullivan Richard Owen Atu Rova Kelvin Scott Scott Sparks Richard Spivey Rangi Te Amo Mark Thompson Daniel Vedder Chris Vuleta Alistair Watmuff

Manager Lee Stanley Players Lucy Anderson Cheree Bray Kayla Chergui Olivia Cox Bethany Cross Sam Curtis Taylor Curtis Caitlyn Ellis Lucy Emery Julia Fraas Johanne Garcia Georgie Goodworth Amelia Hammett Dianne Hiini Lucy Jenkins Zoe Johnson Emily Lester Alice Loft Phillipa Love Emily McElravey Tash Mills Nina Poletti Libby Reeves Usipua Simaile Chelsey Smart Lee Stanley Kaylee Tavendale Stephanie Te OhaereFox Charna Thompson Estelle Uren Simone Walker



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Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017



Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts 2017


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CFC Annual Report 2017  

CFC Annual Report 2017