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She would always say no!i can do it myself and she would finish it herself and be quite proud of it. Activities we enjoyed doing together were as I mentioned were painting and cookie decorating , mom also loved to look at pictures we always had photos to look at which would bring out conversation in her.picture books of her favorite things babies and flowers,she loved the royal family so lots of magazines were in our home of the royals.she could look at them over and over. She liked to read the words and liked for me to read to her. Her bedtime was the same every night we looked at her magazines and I would read to her until she would say I need to go to sleep now.she would just go off to sleep after quite a few kisses and reassuance that I would be here when she woke up.! Many happy memories of my mom’s bedtime. Activities With My Mom This is really an honour for me,to be asked to share my ideas with your newsletter. I chose to share the activities I did with my mom and how I could get her interested in taking part. Mom would love to watch me do crafts and household chores ,bake or cook meals. My mom had Alzheimers disease and I was her primary caregiver for seven years .It was easy at First the first two years she could still do a lot of tasks herself.She could still iron clothes ,hang out Clothes on the clothes-line some hand crafts and gardening and some small jobs around the house. Cooking was the first to go,she just lost all aspects of putting a meal together quite suddenly, and Then all her activities started to fade from her interest.Iknew she was bored but,if I asked her she Would say no.If iasked her if she wanted to paint or do any type of activity she would say no.I soon figured out that she did not know what I meant, and her answer of no was safe,nothing changed if She said no. I started by using key words with her,can you HELP me with this or would you LIKE TO HELP ME do this. If I asked her to help me she always said yes, as long as I made the task easy she loved to help me.If I was cooking she would like to stir or mix and we often talked all the while.we would stand at the stove or kitchen counter together with one arm around each others waist while she stirred. She would never start anything on her own,if I put a word search book in front of her it just sat there closed,but if asked her do you want to look for words with me we could do word search for an hour or any task that I introduced to her by saying do you want to do this with me got a yes.! Mom loved to paint so we made salt dough pieces for each occasion and she would paint sometimes for a couple of hours .I always had her favorite music on, she would love to listen to music from her younger years.That combined with any task she could go off into a very happy place humming to the music and painting.We always had her music on.that’s how we would get her to come to the kitchen for lunch .! Mom’s favorite activity was painting and I could get her to paint one piece at a time as long as I painted at the same time.she would love to pick her own colors and I would let her do what ever she wanted.

I could see that she still had the creative ability but,sometimes she would just get mixed up,still the idea to let her do it on her own was best and very satisfying for her. Cookie decorating was another activity she was good at,she was very precise with her decorations and again I would let her do what ever she wanted, I just had to keep the decorations in front of her so she could choose what she wanted. Most of the time we could do activities for an hour or two,then she would tire. I found that if I kept the project in view of her she would want to do more after a rest.and most times she would go to them herself.she would sit and look at them until I suggested lets do some more and she would willingly want to begin again. Activities with an Alzheimer patient take a lot of patience from the caregiver because you need to let them go at their own pace,and make their own decisions .i found that I could not take over mom’s project for her, I had to ask her if she wanted me to help her with something if she seemed stuck.surprisingly

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