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To get pretty, golden light – we will be shooting during “magic hour” (hour or so to sunset). So, please be on time. Since I’m a natural-light photographer, the sun dictates how long I can photograph you. Make proper considerations for traffic, hair delays, and fashion emergencies! ;) An average shoot lasts 1-1.5 hours...if you show up 30 minutes late, the session is not extended, but, rather, ends at the regularly scheduled time. Please don’t think ill of me...I just want to be honest in advance and let you know I want the BEST photography experience for you. And being on time achieves exactly this! :)

My photography style focuses and plays with light, so wearing colors that reflect well off the sun are recommended. This means neutral tones, light and airy colors. Axamples are blush, nude, yellow, gold, pastels, etc. Black and other dark tones tend to absorb light in, which in turn don’t reflect light on faces. So please – no black tops.

Stay away from anything with patterns or colors too heavy in the red/orange range b/c they don’t register as well on camera. I recommend one “dressed up casual look” like a sundress with cardigan and one “fancy” look like a cocktail hour sort of dress. I love seeing guys in button down & vest/blazer with dark jeans or gray pants.

But above all, I want these pictures to feel like you guys. So think of it as your style, just dressed up a little.

Some girls will have their practice run regarding hair and makeup for the engagement shoot. This helps them feel a little more ‘done-up’ for the shoot and boosts their confidence. I’m not saying this is a must at all. However, what I can say is that in my experience shooting engagement sessions, girls want to feel pretty and confident...and sometimes spending a little extra time getting ready achieves just that. If you’d like recommendations, I’d be happy to pass a few a long who’ll take amazing care of you. This could be a trial run for the wedding and a great way to see how your hair/makeup will translate on camera on the big day.

Girls, bring extra bobby pins or other styling products such as hairspray to help fly away hair and help your hair stay in place. Often couples will bring an extra bag with them to carry outfit changes, hair accessories, shoes, etc.

Let's face it, most men don't love being in front of the camera. For many couples this will be the first time that they've spent in front of the camera in such a substantial way. Help your guy feel more relaxed by checking out some previous engagement sessions on the blog beforehand. I’ve discovered that when the prospective groom views an engagement session in advance (links attached in email), it helps him feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Girls are usually more likely to model or what I lovingly refer to as “work-it” in front of the camera. Guys, on the other hand, are sometimes not.

However, if they see some of my images and poses beforehand, they know that I’m only there to make them look extra handsome. ;) He’ll see other guys looking good, having fun and enjoying the evening with their fiancé. This is a great way to ease expectations and calm any nerves.

It’s always fun to bring along props. I view every engagement session like a mainstream shoot--complete with models and props and scenery. I want every engagement shoot to look like it could be in a magazine, so feel free to bring things along that really reflect your fantastic personalities.

If you like wine, bring a bottle to enjoy during the shoot. If you like books, grab a few favourites. The list is endless! Some suggestions are: bikes, cameras, magazines, books, maps if you like travel, picnic basket, desserts, records, etc. Whatever feels like you!

Finally, come to your engagement session ready to relax and have fun! This is a carefree time that you should be excited for! It’s an excuse to spend the evening with your fiancÊ celebrating your future together. Often couples will make a night of it, going out to dinner or a movie afterwards! Come ready to be affectionate, laugh, and play!

Engagement Session Guide  
Engagement Session Guide  

Tips to get the most out of your engagement session