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January/February 2010




Letter for the reader

Well it’s February, black history month is

here and as people pay homage to all the great African American trailblazers in history, there is this other thing that happens in the month of February as well, besides 2 huge east coast blizzards that is. It’s Valentines day…..yup for some the most lonely feeling time next to the Christmas holiday season. You have all this love to give but, no one special to give it to. For the few truly happy couples though, Valentines day & night are special and all stops are pulled out, tricks come from under the sleeves, & every other cliché you can imagine. Which leads me to my entire question….why does it take a commericialized day to express your love towards your better half? Shouldn’t these feelings be expressed at every chance you are able to express them? That is my question to you as you read this issue….If someone is special to you do not wait for V-day so it EVERYDAY don’t pick and choose when to so the greatest emotion available to us….


Brian Stratton Brian Stratton Editor-in-Chief of Vicissitude Magazine



c o n tri b u tor s Head Photographer Keith Angelitis Photographers Elga Lyle Jim Dundon Keith R. Jerry Cappolla Hunt 4 Photos Gregory Maxx Designers Miskeen Ladies and Kids Cultures Clothing Co. Lang Hu Clothing Co. Makeup and Hair Stylists Bea Alexandria Iris Felder Founder/CEO/Publisher John Shumate Editor-in-Chief Brian Stratton Imaging Consultants Iris Felder Davonne Harvin Contributing Writers Benjamin Berrios Tony Biggs Angela O Keefe Elga Lyle Executive Assistant Dominique Rivera

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DEPARTMENTS Glamour 37 - Dark & Sultry

Health & FITNESS 11 - Get Fit Tips By Lady El

Fashion 13 - Vicissitude Spotlight: Ariel 43 - Vicissitude Spotlight: Kate

Sex & relationships 21 - Dedan Tolbert Advice Column


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Shiny New Things

33 - Vicissitude = Controversy

Music 47 - Music Reviews

2010 is not only a new year, but a new decade, and with a new decade upon us, we thought this would be a perfect time to introduce the newest up and coming models the industry has to offer today,


Kristal Ashely

A very courageous and unique model indeed Kristal Ashely takes the cake.

On the cover : Kristal Ashely,, Photo by Keith Angelitis On the top left: Ariel, Photo by Keith Angelitis



Shiny New Things


2010 is not only a new year, but a new decade, and with a new decade upon us, we thought this would be a perfect time to introduce the newest up and coming models the industry has to offer today, along with one of the hottest fashion trends going on right now, which is anything that’s shiny and/or metallic. Model: Anna Lebron Photographers: Keith Angelitis and Elga Lyle MUA: Dominique Rivera Director: John Shumate Clothing By: LVL X 8

VICISSITUDE health & fitness

Bio Elga Lyle has over 15 years photography and 10 years of teaching experience as a AAA-I and ISMA certified group fitness leader, Pilates instructor and personal fitness trainer . She is a cancer, obesity, youth and healthy lifestyle coach , advocate and radio co-host for tips to be fit with Vince Faust of (WDAS FM Radio/Tribune paper) and has lead the warmups for National Cancer and Recovery walks with him for the past 2 years. Elga is an exercise leader known for her powerful combination of compassion and encouragement. She has been featured on CBS3 TV, Fitness Magazine , Spirit community Newspapers and University City Press. She has transformed her own body with Pilates and fitness training, losing over 120 pounds all naturally and keeping it off for over 12 years. Her mission is to inspire individuals of all ages to participate in exercise and healthy lifestyle choices regardless of age, health, fitness or skill level. Elga “blends� many styles of exercise together to create and achieve more versatility and creativity within her classes. She has attended many workshops over the years continuing her education, experience and passion.

Specializing in Pilates, Elga believes that posture and core strength are the root of all exercises and that by incorporating Pilates into your daily exercise routine, you become more aware of your body and of your form in all the exercises that you do, which translates into better results, more stamina and less incidences of injury. She originally attended pilates classes in attempt to improve her own health and posture after being diagnosed and treated for Hodgeskins Lymphoma and was unable to continue her regular workouts . She was surprised to gain not only inner and outer strength but better posture, greater confidence, body awareness, and balance in all aspects of her life . She now works diligently to help others find these traits within themselves, Elga’s heightened awareness of anatomy enables her to guide her students to move safely, intelligently and with grace through all their moves . She enjoys guiding clients to gain a greater understanding of their bodies as they engage in dynamic movement, catered to the individual, teaching that living a full life begins with good health. Elga trains out of her own private studio in Philadelphia and at many places in and around the Philadelphia area including Temple University, Angler Movement Arts Center and The Aquatic and Fitness Center. She is also a singer/songwriter /vocal coach and Photographer owning and operating with her husband Angel Studios their photography studio and Art Gallery in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. 11

In the beginning...

Get Fit Tips... By Lady EL

What’s hot and what’s not when it comes to looking good ??? How much tummy should we allow to hang over those jeans ?? How short should that skirt be ?? ( if indeed we can still call it a skirt and keep our own body type in mind when coming up with the equation..) When is too much Rice and Beans ???..and Tell me more about that white rice...What’s so wrong with it ?? Is it okay If we can see the constellations in the cellulite dents in our legs?? IF NOT... How do we get rid of them and ...GET FIT?? Mind- Body- Spirit !! These question and many, many more will be answered in Vicissitude magazine’s new Get Fit column by, Lady EL . Featured in Fitness Magazine and CBS3 News, See her her unique transformation and send her all your inquiries on health, fitness and fashion as well as find out great advice to help you with your own Metamorphosis. Well, in Vicissitude magazine there’s no doubt that you’ve seen the fashion, found out where to go and who’s hot and who’s not. Now, It’s your turn to live like the stars or at least obtain true wealth. That wealth is found in YOU and taking care of YOU. Always stay physically active. I see the payoff when I look at an 84-year-old client who is more flexible and healthier than my 20-something client. Don’t take your body for granted! If you do not take care of yourself and your body now, your body will not be able to care for you and your family later. Even if right now your metabolism is high and your body easily burns off all the crap your putting in it.. Yes, I said CRAPC- chemicals created by man R- Ralph(Vomit) when you find out what it’s really made of. A- A bunch of (CRAP) P-Pre and Post Processed CRAP they are feeding US. You’ll will inevitably pay the price later on down the road.. It is true...You really are what you eat...Sooo How do we begin to make better, healthier choices all the way around in our lives? Well, it starts with modest changes, like starting a food diary to see what you are really putting into your body.. Right Here and Right Now! Then you can begin to set realistic goals and take steps each and every day toward achieving them. Stay tuned to Vicissitude for more from Lady EL and send her your GET FIT questions! See Elga’s before and after pictures @ and send her your GET FIT inquires @ 12




Photographers: Keith Angelitis and Elga Lyle


VICISSITUDE Sex & relationships

Creeping With His Brother By: DEDAN TOLBERT

A Reader’s Question: Three years ago my boyfriend moved away. I was seventeen and he was twenty-one. I tried to keep in touch with him for as long as I could, but he eventually cut me off. After he’d been gone for a year and a half, I really began to miss him. I started hanging out with his younger brother because he reminded me of my boyfriend. At first things started out as a playful brother/sister type of relationship, but after a while, things began to change. His brother started feeding me this negative stuff about my boyfriend. He kept saying that I should give him a chance. So for about a month I did, which ended up with us almost having sex. I was a virgin, naive, and lonely. I wasn’t thinking, and ended up making a big mistake.

Now, my boyfriend is back in my life. After three years apart, we discovered we still have love for each other. Unfortunately, three months ago he found out about the situation with his brother and me. He was angry but mostly because I tried to hide it from him. He says he will always love and respect me, but it’s hard for him to look at me without any hostility and distrust. Then there’s his brother saying that I’m a slut, and can’t be trusted, out of jealousy and spite. Is there anything I can do to help the situation?


My Advice: This is a tough situation for you to be in because your actions have basically eliminated any chance of your boyfriend or his brother taking you seriously ever again. You messed up when you decided to deal with his brother. Chances are that you may have had genuine feelings for the brother, but he was probably just looking at you as just a fling. You have to remember that blood is thicker than water. There’s another popular saying shared among men, which is, “Bro’s before hoes”. I’m not saying you’re a hoe, but my point is that most men will never let a woman come between their friendships. Your second mistake was when you tried to cover the situation up. You need to realize that all men talk, especially brothers. You should have known that your man was going to find out about your little fling. Honestly, to answer your question of is there anything you can do to help the situation, my answer would be no. It’s best for you to just move on. You said that the brother looks at you like a smut. Well unfortunately, he and your man will always look at you that way because of your actions. I’m sorry that I have to be so blunt, but it’s true. You might want to start fresh with a new set of brothers. Just kidding! Hopefully I’ve shed some light on this situation for you.

Dedan Tolbert Award-winning author, advice columnist & host of “The Dedan Tolbert Show”, which is nominated for the AAMBC Award for Best Talk Show. To vote, please send an email to Listen to “The Dedan Tolbert Show” live weeknights at 9:00 pm EST by calling 646-200-0366 or by logging onto



l a t s i r K y l e h s A

A very courageous and unique model indeed Kristal Ashely takes the cake. Starting modeling at the age of 17 this 23 year old model is no stranger to doing what she has to do to make it in the modeling industry. From commercial print work to eye candy modeling she does it all. Born in Los Angeles California and raised in Brigantine New Jersey this 36-26-36 model has had her fair share of life hardships. Being diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma (a blood cancer) at the age of 18, she thought her modeling career was over. Doctors told her it would take six months to a year before she would be off chemotherapy, but she showed them recovering in five months! She now is pursuing her other dream of 3D Animation and working towards her Bachelors in Media arts and Animation (which she’ll receive in June of 2010). Cancer hasn’t stopped her and being only 5’6” wont stop her either, this model stands tall and hopes to show other people as long as you keep at it you can accomplish anything. She has been featured in various websites and has been in music videos by artist such as Castro, Method Man and Redman, and Ready Roc

Photographer: Keith Angelitis MUA: Bea Alexandria Director: John Shumate


Liquid Leggings from Wet Seal: $30 Slate Gray Corset by H&M: $30 Black Lace Blouse by bebe: $15 Silver boots by cutsey girl -

Multi-colored Metallic Dress from Barefeet Shoes: $40 Black Heels By Steve Madden: $25


Vicissitude = Controversy By: John Shumate


o, another year is here. Time to make a new year’s resolution…yeah…right…ok…like that’s going to make things happen for me in my life. It’s been a while since I’ve actually been able to sit down and write a column for your enjoyment. As most of you already know, I’ve been dealing with a lot when it comes to my father and his battle with cancer. It hasn’t been easy, and to be honest, I’ve been looking for some, I guess you can call it “soul searching” in my life these past couple of months. I’m happy to say that I have the strongest team since I started Vicissitude 2 years ago. Having people that are passionate about what they do, love to do what they do, and have fun with it are people that are needed in order to make Vicissitude a huge success this year. So, half the battle’s won. We now have reinforced our product to be of high quality and we have the team to back that up. Which now allows me to focus on more of the corporate aspects of the company, such as advertising, marketing, and event promotion, just to name a few. On top of that, we now have a brand new, easy to use website that allows you, the reader, to interact with us like never before, and within the next few months, we will have an online reality TV show and an online radio show on Blog Talk Radio. It will be one of the first online radio shows that talk about fashion and entertainment, along with other topics that are normally discussed in our magazine. Last, but not least, as you’ve already seen, there’s a huge improvement on production values and a lot of different faces inside our magazine now. I’ve personally decided that this needs to be more of a competition for models to be inside of our publication, and so far, our methods of finding models that are looking to learn more about the industry and step their career to the next level has greatly improved already, and its only the first issue of the year. We need to get rid of the people who take us for granted and think that this is just a means to get free photos. Unfortunately, last year we didn’t have the best possible product with some of our issues because some of these models thought that their looks is all that was needed to sell themselves to the readership. Well that is entirely wrong. A Vicissitude Model must be able to have the personality, and intellect to go along with the beauty they have, and this is something that we will make sure is accomplished in everything we create for this company. 33

So, a lot of things are coming along well for Vicissitude right now, although things have been kind of slow since its winter here in Philadelphia, and well, people seem to fear the snow since they haven’t seen a substantial amount since 1996. So it can sometimes be like pulling teeth to accomplish meetings and bookings with club owners and models at times, but I’m very optimistic that things will explode to a whole new level once the weather breaks and spring rolls on in. As I said at the beginning of this column, I’ve been doing some “soul searching” of sorts. My birthday just passed, and it was a very quiet one. I must be one of the only men you would know that hasn’t had a birthday celebration or date of some sort in his entire life. Anyhow, I’m 22 years old now, and I asked myself, “John, what makes you happy?” I honestly had to sit down for a while in my office, and really contemplate on that question. I mean, I know that this company, although frustrating at times to manage, makes me happy, networking and meeting new people makes me happy, but something’s missing. Or should I say someone’s missing? All I ever asked from anybody, personally or professionally, is to first off, be honest and straightforward as I am with you, and to appreciate me as much as I appreciate you. That seems very hard to find nowadays, and to be honest; it seems to be the one thing that’s missing. That person that is willing to take the risk, that person that truly believes in me, motivates, and just is an easy going, amazing, independent, classy, but unique female. Just someone that I can relax, have fun with, and just see what happens. No need to rush or be hasty you know. You know what really pisses me off about this whole situation? I’ll tell you. I have many choices in front of me when it comes to females, but there’s always the one that’s the “challenge”. The unicorn so to speak, and that’s one sexy unicorn by the way. It’s the one individual that just is simply amazing, but for some reason, you seem to always get overlooked by that person, and you’re like…”huh? What the hell? Is there something wrong with me?”

Now don’t get we wrong, I do have a lot of choices when it comes to female companionship, but it’s always something. One female’s too busy to even say Hi or pick up their phone, then there’s one who argued with you a long time ago that was near and dear to your heart that has came back into your life, but you’re worried about being hurt again, then there’s the one who’s a year or so younger than you and is just a total blonde about certain things, then there’s the last ex girlfriend that never knew what the hell she wanted and tried to use to you for money (thank god she’s gone), and then of course, there’s the amazing female that you’re into…the unicorn, and did I say she was a sexy unicorn if there ever was one? It just really sucks, because I’m not even looking for a full blown relationship, I want to just hang out with someone and have it grow into that if its meant to be. Nobody being shallow or big expectations just have fun and let things flow. Am I asking for too much, or am I really under some sort of curse now that I run a magazine that’s comprised of mainly females, and because of that, I can’t seem to hang out or date anyone? Then everybody wonder’s why I’m an asshole at times. It seems that you just can’t be nice, because when you are, you seem to be looked upon as weak and vulnerable. Yet, I try my hardest not to give up on that thought of being nice. Well, on the bright side, Valentine’s Day is something that shouldn’t be just celebrated for just one day; it should be a daily practice. Well, that’s if people actually love and care about someone for who they are and not for materialistic things. Yes, I’m annoyed a little bit about being alone on Valentine’s Day, but I’m honestly afraid about being alone period. All I can do, is just keep on pushing for the best to happen as I do with this company, and maybe somebody will make me happy. One day at a time, of course, one day at a time.


VICISSITUDE Glamour As you already know, Vicissitude doesn’t conform, therefore, it doesn’t necessarily believe in the overly commercialized day that is Valentine’s Day. So, instead of creating a theme revolving around love and happiness, we thought it would be different, (and sexier in our opinion) to showcase a dark side of the Vicissitude Model.

Dark &


Photographers: Keith Angelitis and Elga Lyle Model: Regina MUA/Director/Stylist: Dominique Rivera





Photographers: Keith Angelitis and Elga Lyle Wardrobe by: Miskeen Ladies 43


Review: Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes by BEn Berrios


hen you think of the future of R&B and soul music, you tend to start to bring up names like Lloyd, Ne-Yo, The Dream, etc. but never the eclectic duo of Brook D’Leau and Ms. Davey which make up the dope futuristic R&B that dabbles in a lil of this and that, that is J*Davey.

Dropping this dope EP, called “Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes”, on yes of all days Christmas, yup a nice free gift to the fans whom continue to support their efforts since their debut double disc LP, “The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost” in mid to late 2008. the stretch of dopeness, unique crooning on songs like “Crawl All Over” and the immense funkiness sound in the drums and programming of the drums similar to electronica music, and that fusion is what gives the song and the EP a solid sounding cohesiveness. This EP is overall a solid 3 out of 5 stars for the fact that the shortness doesn’t give the listener a deep diving point yet it’s allot better and less contrived then allot of candy coated R&B acts of the last 10 years and as we enter 2010 in hope more quality artist come, heres to J*Davey for being a group about innovation and quality over quantity.



Review: Cam’ron: Boss of All Bosses 2 by BEn Berrios


hen Cam’ron came back after a lengthly hitatus due and dropped a banger in “Crime Pays” with none of his usual cohorts, many cats were left wondering what’s next for the Harlem Diplomat. Well what cha got was two mixtapes in the year and one of those just came out about a few weeks back, in the form of DJ Drama, Gangsta Grillz presentation in Boss of All Bosses 2. With Cam seeming like he’s back in form and bringing artist like Vado up with him like he did previously with Jim Jones & Juelz Santana. The chemistry with Vado and Cam together made dope records like “Stop it Slime” was hard and it was also a dope song with a lot of swag all over the song. What really makes a lot of this mixtape is Cam’ron’s dead pan humor that carries a lot weight on the whole mixtape. A lot mixtape has all original beat and exclusive tracks and by no means is it a bunch of filler,etc. Overall I’m going to give this mixtape a 3 out of 5 because of the dopeness of the material just some of it wasn’t all great but none the less, still all Cam’ron.



Review: Charles Hamilton - Normalcy by BEn Berrios


ou can hate the emo rapper or love the emo rapper, or you can hate Charles Hamilton or love Charles Hamilton, but if you heard one of his many mix tapes or street albums IE “Normalcy” or “The Pink Lava lamp” or his shelved opus “The Perfect Life”. And when “Normalcy” opens with a funny proclamation for a song title “New Music from Charles Hamilton” which Charles proclaims “he’s back” and lyrically the dude isn’t the most complicated or vocally complex but dude is the everyday man rapper that allot people strive but few have the funny bones and authenticity to pull it off. From the illness on the boards to lovely lady records like “Baby Says What I Want” to the emotional pulls in “See & Say” it’s hard not to hate a guy the idolizes “Sonic the Hedgehog” whom stated allot on his now defunct blog (paraphrasing) “bury himself in music”. And thus the result of no content since being dropped from his label right before his album “The Perfect Life” dropped and thus “Normalcy” is the result. Overall I’m giving this LP a solid 4 out of a solid 5 just for the fact lyrically and beat wise dude never slacks and knows how to tug on them heart strings. To also say this album is more focused than both his unbridled debuts that neither hit the shelf, let’s hope the hedgehog can drop more speedier stuff like this.


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