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October 2010

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07 To Fur or Not to Fur


AC/DC Gets the 21 Gun Salute

08 Early Fall Trends




A Changing Tide

Game - Brake Lights


F E AT U R E S VI C I S S I TUDE M AGAZ INE - October 2 0 1 0

17 IVA IN A.C. Our Annual Photo Shoot in Atlantic City, NJ features Model/Dancer Iva Porfirova


Miss Mary Vicissitude Travels to Virgina to do a photo spread with Moon Stomp Studios


Stephon Wright’s Opening Attraction Vicissitude’s newest photography aquistion, Stephon Wright, showcases his talent with model Brea Smith 5





ur in no doubt one of the most sought after trends for Fall. From the fur boots on the D&G runway to the polar bear look of mukluks sashaying down the runways of CHANEL, fur is definitely in!. So what’s a fashionista to do?

Well, if you are like most divas, you are on a budget when it comes to fashion and fur, something like fur boots just aren’t in your budget. Or, if you have the money, you may feel that wearing animal fur is ethically wrong. Or you could be a mix of both, Giuseppe Zannoti Design a fashion diva on a budget who doesn’t like the thought of wearBlack Fur Boots ing animal fur. Whatever category you may fall into, there is an easy answer to your problem…faux fur! Now, I’m not talking that cheesy, matted 80’s faux fur that looks fake from a mile away, I am talking about the soft luxurious faux fur that looks like the real thing but costs way less. If you have the paper, there are runway designers, such as Calvin Klein and Juicy Couture, who only use faux fur in their clothing and footwear. If you really want to splurge, even Manolo Blahnik has a pair of faux fur boots that are to die for—I personally would wear the ‘Blehnha’ boot every where this winter if I could get a pair! However, if you are a fashion diva on a budget but want a few pairs of hot faux fur boots in your closet, follow these tips: • Look for longer hair—This means when you are out shopping around and a few faux fur pieces catch your eye, look for the faux fur to be in longer (more believable) lengths as compared to short close cropped fur. • Stay with traditional colors—If you want your faux fur to look real, look for shades of browns, creams, caramels, grays, and black. Stay away from anything bright or not a color of a real animal pelt in nature.

Giuseppe Zannoti Design Brown Fur Boots

• Accents & Trim are Better—When most people wear fur, it is in the form of an accent piece or detail on their clothing. Yes, you can get a whole faux fur coat, but it is more believable, affordable and tasteful to get a few pieces trimmed or accented in faux fur. Go for a handbag with faux fur trim or boots with faux fur trim and/or lining. Follow these tips and you will be sure to look like you just stepped off the runway, but with a much more money and ethically conscious approach. Have fun this Fall with faux fur and achieve a very similar look and feel to the real thing! 7



ven though it is still blazing hot outside, it is never too early to begin thinking about next season’s trends. From the runways of Gucci to Iceberg, these are the top five trends that will be in vogue for fall! Trend #1: Military Chic: Be all you can be with the military trend. Double-breasted brass button jackets, thigh high low-heeled leather boots, and intricate detailing are some of the hallmarks of this trend. Jazz up your basics with a more streamlined military-inspired piece of clothing. For instance, pair dark wash skinny jeans with over-the-knee black boots and a cropped black jacket accented with brass buttons and you have achieved a look straight from Bryant Park! Trend #2: Sophisticated ‘70’s Chic: No flowery prints here; this take on the 70’s for fall is all about going glam! Deep plunging necklines, long skirts with high slits and luxurious fabrics are how 70’s is done for this season. Straight off the runways of Elie Tahari and Chloe, sophisticated chic is ultra feminine in silks, high shine knits, satins, and Lurex. To try this trend, pair a high-waist sexy satin jumpsuit with chunky gold jewelry and high strappy heels and you will definitely own the night! Trend #3: Underwear as Outerwear: Combine 80’s Madonna plus Beyonce and a splash of Lady Gaga and you get the idea. Using beautiful lingerie as outerwear isn’t a new trend, just a lot more refined for fall. If you are more conservative with your style but want to try this trend, go for layering frilly camisoles to wear as a top with a pair of denim leggings.

Are you more of a fashion maverick? If so dare to bare with a slinky knee-length slip, dark tights and ankle boots. Trend #4: Leather: No longer limited to just shoes, boots and belts, leather is hot for fall. From vests to jumpsuits and everything in between, wearing leather is a must! This trend is general enough to be interpreted to the style of the wearer. If you want a bit of vintage in your look, go for leather pieces that are more in neutral tones. Want edgy and S&M inspired? Then go for fitted structured pieces like corsetsinspired shirts and multi-strapped accented leather pants.

Wearing unexpected colors like teal, turquoise, orange, or pink will allow you to be flirty and fun

Trend #5: Buttoned-Up Collared Blouses: The emergence of the classic blouse is back in a big way for fall. No matter if you are the corporate type or just want to add more structure to jeans and skirts, the buttoned-up collar blouse can add much versatility to your wardrobe. Wearing unexpected colors like teal, turquoise, orange, or pink will allow you to be flirty and fun without taking away from the simplicity of the blouse. These are just a few of the emerging trends for early fall. Keep an eye on the runways and what you see on the streets to stay current for all of the latest fall trends. About the Author: Sasha is a fashion addict, accomplished fashion stylist, avid blogger, and writer. Got questions, comments or want a consultation? Then contact her at: 8


Wardrobe: Leopard & Lace Apparel Model: Miss Mary Photographer and Art Director: Maggie Winters




Iva in A.C.

Model: Iva Porfirova Photographers: Keith Angelitis & Jim Dundon






here’s no band quite like AC/DC. It’s a fact, really; one that should be printed on the bottom of Snapple bottle caps ASAP. They thunderstruck stadiums across the world and made love to a whole lotta Rosies at each stop. When they reached the long way to the top and shouted “Let there be rock,” a high voltage ignited guitar power chords worldwide. And they’re still sizzling. They drove down the highway to Hell to throw the devil from his fiery perch and ravage Hell’s seven layers. And they did. They put their love into Rock and shook it all night long. It still hasn’t recovered. Simply put, they’ve got the biggest balls of them all. And now, rock’s problem children are being rewarded for every last violation of the rock scene. Opening in Sydney, Australia’s Powerhouse Museum on September 11, a new exhibition called Australia’s Family Jewels will honor the country’s greatest Rock n’ Roll band since the birth of the band’s home nation. “There is little doubt that after 35 years on the world stage AC/DC are by far Australia’s most successful and influential performing artists,” Tim Fisher, museum curator, said. Fisher may even be underestimating the Grammy Award winning Aussie rockers. AC/DC have sold over 200 million albums worldwide since their debut album High Voltage came out in 1975. Despite changing singers after tragically losing the established face of the devious rockers and one of the world’s greatest frontmen, Bon Scott, in 1980, their success hasn’t wavered. In 2008, they released what was then a highly anticipated album entitled Black Ice to critical acclaim and immediate success. Black Ice escalated to number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 and hit the top spot in 28 different charts across the globe. The Black Ice Tour lasted three years and the band just completed the last leg of the tour this summer. With much history and music, the exhibition is sure to have plenty of promised jewels. The exhibition will follow the band’s start in Sydney nearly three decades ago, to their explosion onto the music scene, to the death of Bon Scott to where they are today with Brian Johnson. It will cover all of the albums and history, featuring never before seen interview and rare concert footage and photos. “AC/DC Australia’s Family Jewels links the material history of the band to the experience of their music.” Also on display will be material items, such as original guitars from Angus’ collection, his classic blue schoolboy uniform, Bon Scott’s leather jacket, and hand written letters, notes, and lyrics.



Review: Game: Brake Lights BY BEN BERRIOS


ou know with Game’s Red Album having numerous push backs, putting out another mix tape makes as perfect sense as it would be dropping another single for the album. And with “Break Lights” another tape that is deep with dope tracks and some definite throw away tracks as well; it’s not hard to argue Game’s lyrical dexterity hasn’t been channeled since his sophomore album “Doctor’s Advocate” which shows on tracks like “Stadium Music” “Ecstasy” and “MIA (3 Heats)”. The tape has much going for it such as DJ Skee’s mixing ability where the mix tape sounds like a mix tape, but also could be chopped down into an album format if needed to be. The west coast vibe provide Game’s visual cues and lyrics show why he’s one of the west coast premiere emcees, but you can argue the point with his lame, obnoxious image that sometimes goes over the top, but it’s about the music right???????? Yes it’s about the music because without the music, where would Game be. Standout songs really make this tape bust when you put in the player and busts the reel (if only this was on cassette then it’d be a true mix tape) but either way the back button on your mp3 will be used a lot on this tape. Stand out tracks like “Break Lights” and the semi annoying call and response track “Cold Blood” show’s Game’s experimentation and boldness to do him. Overall this tape is a 3 out of 5 it has some bumps in it’s tires; yet still trots along the pavement and keeps on rolling on them 64 Impalas. Yet maybe not a classic but it’s enjoyable for those that dig it.




steady trend in the rock music scene is occurring, one that has been on a persistent rise since the early 2000’s. While this certain trend has its origins cemented in the confines of garages all across the globe, it’s slowly starting to turn the knob to eleven and garner the attention of everyone in the house. This is the idea of Revivalist Rock, a sound that conjures images of Pete Townsend mercilessly smashing his guitar on stage and Hendrix the Fire God bowing to the flames that blister the strings on his Strat and lick the electric air. It’s kids jamming in their parents’ garages to the music that first graced their parents’ ears back in the classic days of Rock n’ Roll. It’s strapping on a Les Paul and knowing that Keith Richards and Eric Clapton paved the quintessential rock path. Contemporary bands like The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Jet, and The Hives have found mainstream success. More bands, like The Black Angels, flying high on Jefferson Airplane’s 60’s psychedelia, and Black Mountain, equally immersed in the psychedelic but with shades of Deep Purple, help reinforce this classic movement. So it’s no wonder this trend found in music is also occurring in other forms of art. Transforming the fashion world is a wave of the nostalgic. Like the heavy 70’s riffs that helped shape contemporaries Wolfmother, you now have clothing options to live out the days of yore with a 70’s inspired flare. But the fashion trend does not end with the revitalization of bellbottoms. For current and future models strutting down runways all across America, fashion designers are turning to the past to determine what will strike chords for the future of fashion. According to Elle’s current fashion trends, 50’s pink Cadillac skirts and 60’s flower power dresses are making a triumphant return. David Wolfe, Creative Director of The Doneger Group, the prestigious fashion forecasting firm in New York, forecasted this very trend we’re seeing now on runways and on young men and women on the streets. In 2007, he predicted that “lengths of dresses are going to get longer, similar to what women were wearing in the late ‘60s early ‘70s, and men are going to be wearing sports jackets. This ‘youth gone wild’ theme in fashion is starting to fade away.” David Wolfe, avid listener of the latest Indie Rock music hitting the underground scene, understands the evolution of the times is a sort of devolution, that more artists are seeking refuge in muddled guitar riffs and silk baby doll dresses. “Youth is out, old is in.” Today, his prognostication is becoming more evident. Pringle of Scotland, famed clothing design company, is rounding their 195th year and to celebrate, they’re banking on the past. “We have to focus on reinventing our past and using it to create our future to be successful,” Mary-Adair Macaire, CEO of Pringle of Scotland, said. Currently, heritage brands are looking to reissue classic looks of the past (such as Persol sunglasses worn by Steve McQueen in the 1968 cinematic great The Thomas Crown Affair) to propel them forward. Classics, Pringle say, simply withstand the test of time. That sentiment never held more truth than it does now. - Patrick McNulty


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Vicissitude Magazine - October 2010  

Vicissitude Magazine - October 2010 - Featuring our annual Atlantic City photo shoot!

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