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February 2011

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You are woman: Hear you Roar!

How to Wear Body-Con Dresses!


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Kanye West - My Twisted Dark Fantasy


Redman - Reggie


F E AT U R E S VI C I S S I TUD E M AGAZINE - Febr uar y 2 0 1 1

19 Cover Model: Nadine Cataldi Vicissitude’s 2nd female to be featured on 2 covers.

11 Valentine’s Day with Evelyn Pastrana






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ne of the most popular trends seen on celebrities has to be the bodycon dress. “Body-con”, short for body-conscious, describes a dress that hugs the curves of the wearer in a sexy yet classy way. Some of the most popular versions of body con dresses are the Herve Leger “Bandage” dresses. Besides the stunning construction, these dresses are very sleek and feminine, therefore classic in their appeal. They’re usually simplistic embellishments also make them perfect to wear season after season. So, now that you understand why you need to buy bodycon dresses, it is time to understand how to wear them.

• Go Up A Size. For starters, it is safe to go up a size when you buy body-con dresses. Since the fit for most brands ranges from close to slightly constrictive, you want to be able to comfortably move, sit, and walk in your dress. • Go For A Style With Simple Straps. Unlike many other types of dresses, bodycon dresses are worn best with simple straps or strapless. This means stay away from any styles that have sleeves! Since your goal is to be comfortable in the dress, the less material gathering, bunching or shifting when you move the better. Your best style choices are strapless, v-neck, or halter.


• Wear Shapewear! Another argument for going up a size when you buy body-con dresses is so that you can wear shapewear underneath. Try the SPANX Hide & Sleek Strapless Full Slip or SPANX Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Panty with Thong Back. The truth is no one’s body is perfect, no matter how in shape you are, so boosting the firmness of any of your problem areas will only make the body-con dress appear more flattering. These two styles of SPANX shapewear in particular will create a flawless silhouette and are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. So ladies, be fearless, be bold and be sexy! Try on a few body-con dresses this season and be a hit at your next cocktail party. As a last tip, don’t be afraid of color. The beauty of the body-con dress is that the material is essentially the same no matter what season a designer designed the dress for, so go for color as well as fit when trying on different styles. Good Luck & Happy Shopping! About the Author: Sasha is a fashion addict, accomplished fashion stylist, avid blogger, and writer. Got questions, comments or want a consultation? Then contact her at:



Model: Evelyn Pastrana Photographer: Keith Angelitis



Valentine’s Day Wirh Evelyn





Model: Nadine Cataldi Photographer: Stephon Wright


Review: Kanye West - My Twisted Dark Fantasy BY BEN BERRIOS


hen Kanye West announced that his album was finally coming out this year after multiple delays & push backs it’s hard not to see why it was pushed back & thus now we have “My Dark Twisted Fantasy”. The whole point of the album is that we’re not all perfect and one of the themes Kanye explores throughout the album is on the song “I always find something wrong” and the single “Runway” expounds this notion in multiple ways with a dope verse from Pusha T of the Clipse whom also makes another appearance on GOOD Friday song & album track “So Appalled” alongside with Kanye, Hova, RZA, Swizz Beatz & Chi Town rapper newcomer & GOOD music artist CyHi Da Prynce. The albums production value is actually more top notch than his last two efforts even though they all were thematic, & production style that he used now & then is similar yet different & has evolved to the point where tracks like “Power” isn’t the same things he was doing on “Graduation” yet they still feel all like Kanye hasn’t changed at all production wise. The album overall isn’t flawed by the means of being flawed, it’s more progressive hip hop which means a lot of purist won’t like it. This album is like seeing a movie you have to be open to songs like “Runaway”, “Hell of a Life”, “Power” and other songs even the soon to be released bonus tracks that initially didn’t make the cut will be out and up on the next pressing according to some hip hop websites. The album is 4 star album because it succeeds were some artist may fail, in that it’s not forward thinking trying to reinvent the wheel isn’t something Kanye did, he just did what he does& that’s why you’re buying because of Kanye and not the other guest.


Review: Redman - Reggie



hen Redman said he was going to do a whole album as Reggie Noble & not as Redman, & that there weren’t going to be any Erick Sermon, but a slew of new dope beats from various producers such as Ty Fyffe, Rockwilder, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, DJ Toomp, DJ Khalil, Don Cannon, Illmind, it was a shock. Tracks like “Tiger Style Crane”,”That’s Where I B” fill out the album. With a shorter album than Redman’s previous efforts, he left no room for filler & more killer tracks and for the most part you get that from this 15 year Vet. On songs like “Def Jammable”,”Mics, Lights, Camera, Action” and the heavy featured “Light One wit cha Boi” featuring Method Man and Bun B where the simplistic beat with typical piano keys and 808 drums banging out makes another dope smokers anthem that gives all the emcees there room to breathe & kill the beat easily, even though I think it could have been a better beat, but it’s all right & it is still a banger. One of the more potent songs that show Redman’s (I mean Reggie’s) depth as a lyricist on a track called “When the Lites Go Off” where Reggie goes on talking about what this new era means and what having Obama in office means to him coupled with the typical Redman punch lines. Overall the album has laced dope beats, but it’s experimentation & isn’t always hot but, more or less lukewarm. Some haters & fans feel Reggie does not have an ear for beats any more but, at the same time look how dope “BlackOut 2” was & look how banging this album is versus some other material he’s put out in the last 5 or 6 years. This album is a solid 3 out of 5 stars due to the better tracks like “Coc Back”, “Lookin’ Fly” & “Mind on My Money” all three got cut which hinders how banging it could have been. At the same time look at what the label Def Jam has become, a shell of its former self & this is the best Redman we’re going to get right now, so light one up “wit cha boy” & bump the album. Cause it’s a HEADBANGER!!!


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Vicissitude Magazine - February 2011  

Vicissitude Magazine February 2011 issue - Featuring Nadine Cataldi

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