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Telling Each Family’s Story Photo by Dan Epstein


’m all about telling stories with photographs,” says photographer Dan Epstein. “For a couple of decades, I shot stories for major news magazines, and that’s where I honed my skills. In the Mid-Nineties, I became fascinated with all kinds of family life-cycle events, and that’s how I came to working with families documenting the celebrations around Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.” And do that he has. By his count he’s captured images for over 500 local families. His religious portrait sessions are beautifully lit, and deeply moving, evoking the rich spirituality of the service. The images he captures at the actual celebration go way beyond the obvious photographs usually made at parties. You can see searches for a deeper truth: not just what did it all look like, but what did it actually feel like to part of that family on that day. So much so that he says: “strangers I’ve shown sample albums to get caught up in the story of another family they’ve never met.”

If you’re interested in having your family’s story told in a very special way and likewise creating an album that’s sure to become a family heirloom for generations… reach out to him. His calendar still has openings in 2017.

Dan Epstein Photography

And of course, if you simply want a very special family portrait, his portfolio is likewise worth a look. You can see samples of his work on his website:

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