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The Power of PERSISTENCE Things are rarely accomplished in one great burst of energy; success comes when we continue to work day after day, tirelessly putting in the effort even if it takes far longer than we’d ever imagined. Barry Farber


ersistence pays off. Those who steadily pursue a course of action despite any obstacles along the way have a far greater chance of success than those who get fired up—and then quickly burn out and lose interest and energy.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.” –Calvin Coolidge In fact, persistence is one of the most powerful traits shared by successful people. Successful people do not give up. They’ll try over and over again and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. When they meet rejection, they use it to motivate them even more to move forward, coming up with new ideas and approaches. When they meet obstacles, they find ways around them. When

they get tired, they find a way to rejuvenate. Successful people don’t quit; if they stumble, they always start again. There are two parts to persistence; the first is having a goal—and the second is moving toward it. Once a goal is etched in your heart, you dream about it, believe in it, live it… and you’ll do anything to reach it. But sometimes, persistence alone is not enough. For example, say you’re trying to reach someone who is never available by phone and doesn’t return your messages. You could give up and call someone else or you could keep calling. Perhaps you’ll wear the person down until he says in exasperation, “This guy is still calling? Fine, let me take the call.” However, a more effective way to get through to this person is by offering value with your persistence. To accomplish that, you first have to do your homework. Discover what this person’s goals are. Learn what is important to him. Then figure out exactly how you can help him achieve those goals.

Well prepared, you can place that call— and articulate clearly what you can bring to the table for him. He will soon be on your side—because he sees that you are on his. And the next time you try to reach him, most likely he will quickly take your call. As we can see in this example, it’s not just increasing the quantity of your actions that counts; it’s also making every action more efficient and effective. Finally, persistence means constant improvement. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, in just the same way, you’ll always get the same results. Instead, learn from every step you take—and find shortcuts or make other changes as needed. Then, as you continue your efforts, you’ll increase your efficiency and every action will become more meaningful than the one before. Develop these traits of persistence, and in time you will find success. Step by step, you may even achieve greatness.

Barry Farber consults with corporations, professional athletes and entertainers to help them market their products and land more deals. He is the best-selling author of 12 books translated into 25 foreign languages with over one million copies sold. His latest book is Success Secrets of Sales Superstars (Entrepreneur Press). You can see him on QVC selling unique and innovative inventions. He is a featured guest on CNN, Fox, CNBC and hosted over 400 Radio and Television shows in New York City, Washington and on the Comcast Television Network. Visit him at: or email him at: Listen to the new show:


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