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IN THE MARKETPLACE By Diane Haase, photos by Dan Epstein

Boone Studio Enriches Montclair Fitness Scene by Keeping It Fresh & Finding Balance


estled among the hip stores and restaurants of Montclair’s Church Street, Boone Studios offers a sunny and intimate setting with two handsomely renovated workout studios equipped for a wide variety of exercise regimens. Classes include traditional Pilates, Yoga, Barre and TRX, (a regimen created by Navy Seals using suspension ropes and body resistance). Perhaps more unusual is the additional array of fusion sessions including Barre-Yoga, Pilates and Barre, Cardiobarre, Kettlebells and Tabata, (a high intensity interval training discipline mixeat an adjustable height barred with lifting of kettle shaped weights), Kettlebells and Foam Rolling. All the Barre classes involve ballet moves with core conditioning—a highly effective way to shed bulk, lengthen muscles and sculpt bodies. Class size is limited to 8 in one studio and 16 in the other, meaning clients receive individualized instruction, allowing for a range of abilities in one class. The owner, operator, guru and inspirational force behind Boone is Hala Ghanem. Her youthful demeanor and petite physique topped by chocolate and caramel ringlets belie her years of training. “I first started teaching Yoga in 2003, owning a similar studio in Beirut. When I came to the U.S. I became certified through Yoga Works, and

then took 12 different certifications—4 in Barre alone. My certification spans Pilates, Barre, TRX and Kettlebells. When asked how she finds teachers, Ghanem explains that she has to invest in “training and qualifying promising talents who have already worked in the fitness industry. I like to work with teachers who have multiple certifications, (preferably yoga or pilates), as they tend to understand body mechanics and alignment well.” Ghanem began teaching BarreYoga “as a method to achieve greater flexibility and alignment. The multi-discipline sessions we offer are very well blended as they combine flexibility and strength equally. Cardio is the newer addition to the mix because of its benefit for fat burning and cardiovascular health. People are generally time-crunched so it’s nice to be able to get everything you need in one class. Multiple disciplines keep workouts fresh and effective.” People who only have one routine tend to become bored and often plateau physically. Perhaps the most important benefit of more than one discipline is that tightened and stressed muscles receive a much-needed release. As Ghanem points out, “There is so much to be said about doing a deep yoga stretch after a kettlebell class. However, we ensure that strength will be enhanced and sculpting ac-

complished by taking our pure, single discipline classes as well as the fusion. All of our sessions are results oriented”. While Boone is providing a way to keep working out fresh, challenging and restorative, Ghanem has thought of small but important amenities as well. Her studios have babysitting for harried young mothers, showers for those heading to work and her husbands’ lattes, crepes and gelato right across the street at “Yalo and Me,” for those who need to refuel. She even encourages signup for classes via text. Looking ahead Ghanem expects to focus on training teachers while allowing demand to dictate the direction of new classes. “Currently there is a shortage of Barre teachers and we are introducing Barre teacher training in January.” They are also planning to add 8am and 5:30pm classes in February. So check out the schedule online at There is something for everyone.

Boone Studio 40 Church St Montclair NJ 07042 973-901-1392

October 2014


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October 2014