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PORTFOLIO Vicente Baranda Montalvo 2014 - 2018







































1 My name is Vicente Baranda Montalvo, I was born in CĂłrdoba, Veracruz in 1995. I am an industrial designer graduated from TecnolĂłgico de Monterrey, Puebla (Mexico). During my stay at the university (2013 to 2018) I was able to develop different skills such as freehand and digital sketching, knowledge in carpentry, digital modeling, methodologies such as ethnography, design thinking, usercentered design, among others. I am interested in

the field of sustainable spaces and interior design, because these are topics where I can help improving people’s quality of life and work. Below I will present in this portfolio some of the work I did individually and with work teams.

Bachelor´s degree


Industrial Design in Tecnológico de Monterrey (México) 2013-2018

Modelation: maya, rhinoceros, solid edge, 3ds max

Continuing education Certificate in illustration/ COCO SCHOOL (Spain) 2016 Sustainable urban design diploma / IBERO (Mexico) 2017

Graphic: photoshop,


Methodology: design thinking, ethnography, user centered design

Abilities: digital and freehand sketching

office package, SPSS

Professional characteristics

Spanish (mother tongue) English (TOELF 553) French (DELF A2)

illustrator, indesign, sketchbook

Other programs:

Interiorism diploma / Anahuac (Mexico) 2018




Phone: (+52)2711529220 I am a confident person that assumes with responsibility and efficiency the objectives that I propose to myself. I learn about my work environment and I do Nationality: mexican y spanish my best to improve constantly. I believe that offering my knowledge to others is Birth: January 5, 1995 important because it can be helpful if someone needs it. I am a person who seeks to constantly improve to give greater value to my work

Herso 2014

3 Objective: Create a display for Hershey’s brand flavored milks to be easily accessible for children

Mision: Bring sweet moments of happiness Hershey to the whole world every day Vision: To be the largest confectionery company in the US extending our market to the world Values: Always open, grow together, make a difference, a single Hershey



Description: Herso tries to imitate the bubbles

that are formed when serving milk in a glass or when blowing inside the container, it was thought to give bubble shapes at the beginning but it was chosen for hexagonal shapes to give greater stability and easy to put divisions Its size is made for children from 5 to 10 years to easily access the milk and can choose the taste they want

“Give them quality, it’s the best type of advertising that exists” Milton Hershey

130 cm high 70 cm width

Laser cut

Saturno 2016


It is a set created for people with diabetes and who work in office or have their own workspace Facilitates users to eat snacks without the need to measure portions for their health

The project could became real thanks to an investigation about the disease that affects the country and to obtain the greatest amount of information from people suffering from this disease. Everything done through a design thinking process

15.8 9.9










The following project is aimed at people with diabetes

What is diabetes?

It is a disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body is not able to use it

40% of adults does not perform some type of preventive measure to avoid complications




A: Chile B: Colombia C: Brazil D: United States E: Turkey F: Mexico

15.8 % of the Mexican adult population suffers from diabetes, biannual report Health at a glance 2017 (OECD)

Diabetes type 1

It does not produce insulin and you have to inject it

Diabetes type 2

It is produced but hard to use it

Percentage of first places on the OECD list. Data of people between 20 and 80 years old with type 1 and 2 diabetes

Health at a glance 2017

Porciones: “I hate to use a measuring cup, so I serve a portion and if I am still hungry I eat more”

Variety: “The fact that

I can not eat many things does not mean that I can not combine to give different flavors”

Diabetes type 1

Diabetes type 1

Integration: “My habits do not affect my family because they take it as a preventive measure”

Diabetes type 1

Insights: We talked with people who had diabetes to know their eating habits

The berries have properties that help control diabetes, are recommended but almost not consumed by diabetics The decaffeinated coffee can be consumed without any limit

Cookies made for diabetics who do not have sugar and can be combined with coffee

Sketching We opted for a more organic tableware, because of this the name of Saturno giving alution to the rings of the planet The base has a space to accommodate the three pieces of the plate in only one way with the cookies in the middle and has a place to prevent the pieces from falling.

Prototyping We look for the measurements for each of the pieces mainly the 150 ml cup and then see the space for the other parts

We finished with a small size tableware due to the psychological factor that shows that if the person has a large cup not full he thinks it is little and returns to be served but if it is small you have the feeling of having the pieces full.


In the same way, the tableware can be had in many parts as it is proposed the office of the person and that does not interfere The tableware finely consists of a 150 ml cup, a plate for cookies, a container for red fruits or seeds and a wooden base

Modeling y render 2016

Program: rhinoceros, 3ds max Time: 3 days


Program: Maya Time: 3 days


Park IBERO 2017

130 km south from Mexico City

2135 meters above sea level

524 m2

Central western part of the state of Puebla

Annual rainfall 1270mm

Mild weather

Driest month 40 mm


Elements and uses


Weather data

Temperature 17.5° and 29°

Required points



Invisible Octopus

Entrance 1 and 2: They are created so that the park is not seen in the first instance, but rather that it creates a route to surprice you while you are inside, in this way people do not know what awaits them from the other side and cause greater emotion and wonder



Deers Entrance 2

Entrance 1

Wall of trees that avoid the view of the city and the noise of it to be able to feel in a calmer place without the urban chaos

First route: When you reach the end of entrance 1 you see a set of trees that prevent access to the university, there are also “Vestige” sculptures (Rob Milholland) that reflect what surrounds them and camouflage with nature Exposition: it was thought of a space where students could present what they have done during their career so that people can appreciate their work. Inside that space you will find a sculpture of a couple dressed as in the 1920’s



Exposition Lighthouse

Lighthouse: a fountain with a sculpture of a lighthouse where boats can be rented for adults and children to play, there will be benches and large trees to generate shadows. This idea is taken from the Luxembourg Park in Paris. A fountain is placed because water is an element that always attracts attention and people enjoy it Lecture: space where students and external people can sit and read or play music since it is a space to have a cultural time. In one of the modules you will have the sculpture of Alex Lora because he is a well-known figure from Puebla in the musical field

Octopus: sculpture of an octopus whose function is to encourage imagination because a child can use it to play anything

Deerss: sculptures of white-tailed deer originating in the state of Puebla and with information about them to generate interest and awareness

Why sculptures ?

To create a different space and that people can make their own, also to be easily located or to function as a meeting point for ease in remembering the place. Also the sculptures generate amazement to be some hidden inside the park



The plants were chosen because it grows easily in the area, do not require much maintenance, give variety of species and helps to give variety of animals within the park that can live, also prevents them from being all infected by a plague at the same time


Lavander tree


Thunder tree

Ash tree

Sycamore tree

Guava tree

Framboyan tree Santolina tree

Blue grass


Furniture and materials


Wooden trash cans


Flat specific areas (entrance 1, fountain, exhibition)

Flat specific areas (octopus, entrance 2)

Digital sketching 2018


Program: SketchBook Pro

Program: SketchBook Pro

Program: SketchBook Pro

Time: 1 day

Time: 2 days

Tieme: 2 days


Illustration 2018

Program: Illustrator Time: 3 days

Ollín 2017


Ollin is a bench with pieces of three different woods (oak, melina and cedar) and steel base painted black. It is engraved with prehispanic images of animals which is the reason why it is given the name because the meaning of that symbol is we are all united in one way or another and that we depend on all of us and in the middle of the banking can be see a Quetzalcoatl that is the deity of life

Mistra 2017

10 Mistra is a lamp made of oak and acrylic, has a height of 35 cm, is made for desks or bureaus, has warm light and due to the wood gives a rustic touch to the place where it is placed



Characters 2014

Characters made of resin. For this, the main figure was made and then a rubber mold to replicate the piece several times. Once the piece is obtained, it is sanded and decorated with acrylic paint to finally give a layer of lacquer to avoid scratching and protect it

Crate 2017


It is a tribute made to the Dutch designer Rietveld for his chair Crate made in 1935, this chair has only one modification in terms of height because the original is 68 cm and this has 90 cm in height


Beer holder 2017

The beer holder is a presentation box for the craft beer “Alma de Oro” of the “Grupo Cervecero Mestizo”, created in the city of Puebla. It has two spaces to show your product

The fountain 2017


The fountain is a small cellar made of oak wood with black galvanized tubes with a capacity of maximum three bottles, it is a product easy to elaborate and elegant for those who want to show important bottles


Initials 2017

It is a tableware made of ceramic with a base of purely decorative wood, the reason for this is to put the initials that anyone wants and use it to decorate any space they want

Malta 2017

16 During this investigation, we worked for “Grupo Cervecero Mestizo� with his beer called FRIDA. What we wanted to achieve with the following research is to know the way in which potential customers perceive the taste of beer according to their senses and giving a series of adjectives with their antonyms that serve to quantify the information Now I will present the project in which the perception of people about a product is analyzed, as is craft beer in three different containers of the same material. This to be able to give the owners of the beer data that are useful to help to form the identity of their beer based on the experiences of the customers customers test.

Product selection


Gesell camera


Survey design

Cylinder Pilot tasting


Tasting design



Data analysis


To carry out the investigation, we first joined a group of individuals in a gelser chamber so that 26 words could be taken out of that meeting along with their antonyms that would help us quantify what people thought about beer. The words that were selected along with their antonyms for the investigation are: Soft Attractive Organic Appetizing Subtle Simple Elegant Craft Expensive National Original Carbonated Light

Aggressive Repulsive Processed Unpleasant Eye-catching Presumptuous Ordinary Industrial Cheap International Past fashion Non-carbonated Strong

Refreshing Sweet Accented Ephemeral Ancient Sea Snow Day Fresh Vigorous Scented Smoked Translucent

Burning Bitter Faint Permanent Contemporary Mountain Sand Night Pass Weak Odorless Dry Turbid

Experiment: surveys were done to 100 people, the dynamics was to test the beer in three different containers without the subjects knowing that it was the same beer, in that way not knowing what they were taking, their answers were based merely on the taste of the product and the only thing that could influence their responses were the containers because they could change their perception



Results: the responses of the 100 people

were put into the SPSS program to be able to quantify and obtain the significant results of the investigation. With this we could observe the results is that only 2% could know that it was the same beer, the container where beer tasted better was the cylindrical with 56%, however in positive words, the square was the one that had the greatest advantage. Proposal: people pointed out that beer did not taste well in general, so we decided to propose a container with a square mouth and circular base to join the figures with the words we wanted to potentiate, these being: original, appetizing, subtle , nice.

Ferrolac 2018

What is anemia?

is a disease characterized by the reduction of red blood cells in number or size causing the difficult transport of oxygen. People who need to fight the disease require a certain dose of iron.

Objective: our function is to help in branding issues to be able to give them better image results and that is reflected in the quality that people perceive about the yogurt.

Ferrolac is a small company that is just beginning to work, its main product is a yogurt with iron that helps fight anemia and due to chemical requirements, is focused on women over 18 years. The product is distributed in 250ml glass containers providing the necessary daily amount of iron for those who need it.


Surveys were conducted to know what people thought about anemia, the surveys showed us: The color that people associate most with anemia is first yellow and then red The most affected people are women between 12 and 20 years old, it also affects pregnant women It is preferable to take some kind of supplement and avoid iron pills because of their taste or strong medical intervention Women are revised more than men and continue for more time prescriptions

Nwe logo is a reference to the disease itself, because it is reflected in the red tones used that represent the levels of blood that can be from a person with a severe case of anemia to a totally healthy person. Presentation cards were created three possible options so that they choose one and then with that, small modifications can be made. In this case they opted for the option on the right

Label: the label had aesthetic changes, we put on the silhouette of a woman to imply that it is a product mainly for women, we put on the information that they had not worn before and the large logo

18 Gratitude My parents have been my mentors and at the same time a great support for me, they were my first teachers and without their help I could not show the portfolio they just saw. I dedicate this space to give thanks for helping me to become a person, a professional and to show me that with effort one can achieve great things.






Juanita Hernรกndez

Elisa Melchor Carmen Matamoros

Fernanda Nava Lourdes Noriega Mauricio Gallardo

Leizahi Tomรกs Diana Teomitzi


Vicente Baranda portfolio  
Vicente Baranda portfolio