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COMENIUS REFLECTIONS – IES Torre del Rey María Suárez Quintero 2º ESO C 2nd COMENIUS VISIT TO SPAIN This week that we were with the Comenius boys was very funny. We did a lot of excursions, we met teenagers from other countries (France, Italy, England and Germany), but especially now we are friends of them. The excursions were to Itálica, to Doñana and to Sevilla. In my house stayed a French girl (Laurine) during that week. On Tuesday, after the excursion to Itálica, two English girls went to have dinner to my house too (Izzy and Elizabeth). The foreign children have had a great time in this week, and the Spanish people too.

With Laurine and my horse

With my Spanish friends in Itálica


With Izzy and Lizzy in my house

By: María Suárez Quintero 2º ESO C Bilingüe


María Barragán López I had a French girl hosted in my house for a week. It was a great experience, but we were very tired everyday at night. The trips were fantastic. I find them interesting and Doñana´s trip was the funniest. I met French, Italian, English and German people and I spoke to them in English. I spoke a lot of English that week because in my house I had to translate everything my parents said to Juliette, the French girl. At home, my family, Juliette and me had breakfast and all days together. For dinner my mother prepared Spanish food such as Spanish omelette and strawberries. One night for dinner two English girls: Izzy and Elisabeth. They were delighted after the dinner. I enjoyed the week very much. The welcome dinner, the paella in the highschool and the last day dinner with all members of Comenius project included the teachers and parents were fabulous. I consider it as a positive experience. María Barragán López

Paco Barragán In my house we hosted a French girl coming from the city of Dijon. She spoke a little Spanish and some English. I coincided with her at breakfast and dinner. For breakfast she liked having toasts with oil and ham. So we bought olive oil from Pilas´ cooperative for her. A day for dinner also came two English girls Izzy and Elisabeth. We prepared typical Spanish meal: tapas and Spanish omelette. We really enjoyed it, it was a very interesting experience.

Lucía Naranjo MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE COMENIUS STUDENT. The experience with the Comenius pupils it has been positive for all the students of IES Torre del Rey, also for all the families because all of we were enjoyed with them. The coennivance has been so good , because we could speak a foreign languaje and we have the experience of practise English with the foreing students, although in my case the French language too. The proyect is positive and very good, so this iniciative, we could make all years. In that way the boys become independent more easily, and the families life with others cultures and customs.


It would be important that collaborat more families, it is the nucleus of this proyect, and it could be a good experience for all of them. This project has been very amazing for me, each day we made excursions to differets places of our province. They have enjoyed a lot and of course we too, because we were able to enjoy with them in our visits. A experience to repeat! Congratulations for all the team and the very good organization!

Mª Carmen Delgado Rojas 1º ESO C It has been a very nice experience. Thanks to them we have known people from other countries. English and French students spoke a bit with us in English and French. We celebrated Andalucia´s day and we shared with them our culture and economy. Written by: Mª Carmen Delgado Rojas 1º ESO C

Paula Becerril This experience has been very wealth-producing for me. During this week I have learned a lot of about the different countries: the way they live, their customs, their language .. and I've made many friends, too. I loved it and would love to repeat it if given the chance.

Juan Aranda – 1º ESO C THE VISIT OF the COMENIUS A few days ago some people came from other countries and adopted our customs as they were staying in the homes of other students, others remained in a mini-hotel called "Lantana". The next day were excursions and they had a lot of fun. One of the days they were on tour, when they arrived they came to some people's houses to have dinner and then they left. When we had a better time was on Día de Andalucía, they set up a small desk and exposed foods typical of their countries. The next day they had to go and some of the children can contact them by phone or WhatsApp application.


I enjoyed that week very much!!!

Mª José Medina del Valle. 1º ESO C My experience with the Comenius students Before the arrival of these students I was a little nervous. I wondered what they would be like: tall, short, blond, dark-haired… The day that they came arrived and the first day I met three French girls and they seemed very nice. The next morning, before going into the class I saw the French girls but I got so nervous that I did not know what language to speak, and just said a simple “Hello!” Then, after a few hours I was not nervous anymore and I did not feel embarrassment and I talked to them in French with the vocabulary we know by now. I was super proud that I understood what they told me. It´s so exciting when you speak another language and you can understand!!! Then we met the Italians, who knew how to speak Spanish. That was no trouble and they were very friendly to us. I also met the English students and with them and with them I felt a blast on my face… and the Germans, who made me laugh a lot. These guys have been here in Pilas and I think it has been a privilege to have them. I value very much this opportunity that I have had. In the trip I did to Seville with them on Thursday ( because I was chosen as a good student in my class), I made new friends and I spoke in several languages. I have had the opportunity to know more things about them, for example that the best ice cream in Italy is in Calabria and that they call it “gelato”. It has been an unforgettable experience and I will never forget it !!! Written by: Mª José Medina del Valle. 1º ESO C

Alvaro Vela 1º ESO C The Comenius Experience is a student’s exchange programme, where young students from countries like Germany, England, Italy or France went to visit us. The main language during this experience was English, but we've learnt also words from other languages.


The purpose of this programme was to improve our English, and to exchange ideas and experiences with students from other countries. I’ve not only improved my English, but I’ve also learnt to speak English in public, in front of other people. I've lost my fear to speak English with other young people. I’ve learnt how important is to speak other languages, to be able to communicate with people from different countries. I've also learned that young people are quite similar, that we all have similar problems and needs, and that it doesn't matter from where we come. It was an awesome experience, and I would like to take part in other similar experiences again.

Alvaro Vela 1º ESO C

Alicia Antón SECOND COMENIUS VISIT (Spain) Reflection by Alicia Antón Having all the teachers and students from the other four Comenius partner countries from 17th to 21st February 2014 was just unbelievable. We had been waiting for your coming the whole winter and had been making plans for that week… Winter time had been long and the sun was reluctant to come out until the week before your coming, so we were starting to get nervous about the weather… Happily everything turned out Ok: your arrival to Spain, your stay with us, all the activities we did… Even the sun wanted to accompany us to Seville, Itálica, Doñana and Pilas. Our students at IES “Torre del Rey” were really excited about you coming and kept on telling everyone how happy they felt that you were here… having the chance to speak another language, meeting new friends, enjoying new experiences… Parents also told us how happy and grateful they were to have the different students in their homes, since their own sons and daughters were so enthusiastic. All the activities we did together turned out fine and you were tired but happy. Celebrating Andalucia´s day with you was an achievement for all of us: sharing our most emblematic festival with you and even the fact that you had your own stand with the different products from your own countries… Thank you ever so much for coming and sharing those wonderful days with us!! All those wonderful pictures we took are a living memory of those unforgettable


days. The memory of your stay will be with us for many years since your visit has motivated us to learn new languages even more… Organizers of the rest of the trips to the different countries we have to visit would like to take all our students with us being aware that this is what the students wish… Unfortunately this is not possible due to different reasons… however, we would like to involve them as much as we can in the project “Let´s Explore our Wonderland” where they have the chance to learn about new cultures, languages and people. Summarising, we will do our best to try to make them understand that “the limits of their language are the limits of their world”


Reflexiones Comenius - IES Torre del Rey  
Reflexiones Comenius - IES Torre del Rey