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Wednesday 30th April Trip to Bolonia Visit the Roman Village remains and museum SATURDAY 19TH APRIL


INTERNATIONAL CLUB OF ESTEPONA FOR ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE of San Pedro - Estepona - Casares Manilva - Sotogrande & Beyond

APRIL 2014 Edition Now on

Based near Puerto de la Duquesa (Urb la Almadraba) PERMANENT MAKE-UP: Wake up with make-up perfectly applied every day. Anyone who wants to improve their appearance and have the convenience of lip colour and eye liner that won’t rub off or smear can enjoy the benefits of permanent make-up tattoos. For more information visit my website SPECIAL OFFER for ICE club members, 10% discount on permanent make-up on show of this advert.

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President Doug Mitchell Editor Terry Smith Advertising Jackie Simmonds Disclaimer: - The committee wishes to declare that ICE does not accept responsibility for the contents of articles nor the claims made by advertisers. Printed by Digiprint, Avda Litoral, Edificio Visamar, Blq 2 Local 9, 29680 Estepona Visit Our New Improved Club Website: Free Wi-Fi for members at the clubhouse. Now upgraded to 8Mb The magazine is published on the website on or before the first day of each month.

PLEASE MENTION ICE CLUB & MAGAZINE WHEN CONTACTING ADVERTISERS. EDITORIAL: So the weather has got somewhat better as the month of March went on but we had better not get too complacent as past years’ weather over the Easter period has not been too good. However as Easter is somewhat later this year we will keep fingers crossed that Spanish Easter parades can go ahead with no interruptions. I believe this is the mildest winter we have experienced since coming to Spain 7 years ago. Terry Smith Editor Terry Smith Phone 951 276 690 Mobile 677 656 319 Email:

Input from members for your magazine, interesting articles and experiences. Important information, funny stories, poetry, recipes, restaurant revues, etc. These can be emailed to me or left at the clubhouse. 3

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PAUL KNIGHT Bsc(Hons) Ost.

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The Friendly British Hair Salon Unisex Peluqueria For Every Day & Those Special Occasions 952 805 485 Ask For THERESA or SARA We are offering a promotion on Blow-dries, Shampoo and Sets for 12 Euros. Monday to Friday OAP days are Monday to Friday Estepona Port Opposite Club Nautico

At the corner of C/ Sevilla & C/ Lopez de Mena behind the Bus Station in San Pedro Open Monday to Friday 10.00am to 2-00pm

Tel: 952 788 117 4

PRESIDENTS LETTER APRIL 2014 As you can see, I am still your President and I would like to thank everyone who attended the AGM and all those who contributed to the lively meeting. Jo-Anna Huisman and Bea Sykes have retired from the committee so I would like to thank them both for the work that they did over the years. We now have a new Vice President, Sue Potter and some new faces on the committee – Keith Ranshaw, Diane Hackett and Anna Tandy. The committee will be looking into the purchase of a defibrillator, as voted for by the members, to see which will be our best option for the club. It is always interesting to consider new ideas for trips, functions etc. so please let me know if you have any thoughts on the subject. The volunteers that ensure the smooth running of the club are always needed and it seems to fall to a dedicated number of people to help in all aspects, so if you can help in any way, in any capacity , it will be appreciated. Doug

Dear Friends the

My husband and I would like to thank you all at the I.C.E. club for the lovely 50th Anniversary card you signed and 50€ voucher to be used at Restaurant de la Mar for a meal to celebrate our anniversary. Best Wishes Ken and Georgina DO YOU LIKE PREPARING DESERTS??? To assist the hard working catering teams our catering manager Brenda Taylor is seeking ladies or gents to make deserts of 12 portions at home or the club that can be then frozen or delivered on a Thursday morning. You will have your costs reimbursed. Please contact Brenda 952 805 739 / 654 579 492 YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU MORE VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED Your club is run by volunteers, without them we cannot function. Help is required for the following: Bar staff, training will be given, see Mac McIntyre Bar Manager. Help required by catering teams for preparation and serving to members, Thursday mornings, no cooking, no clearing up. See Catering Manager Brenda Taylor. See also above. Meeters and greeters to man the front door for just an hour on a Thursday club morning, see Maureen Baldwin-Winckle. Food For Thought Submitted by Rosemary Ferguson ‘It’s not always what we see, it’s sometimes what we miss’ 5

1st 2nd 3rd

Lottery Winners February Helen Oldfield 56€ Jean Galloway 28€ Maeve Cripps 14€ Club 42€



BOOK LIBRARY: CAN MEMBERS PLEASE NOT SUBMIT HARDBACK BOOKS TO THE LIBRARY, PAPERBACKS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED. Returned books should be placed at the foot of the first half of the alphabet as designated - the librarian will then sort. DVD/VIDEO Library: Can members please ensure they sign for all borrowed films and add membership number, Please return films as soon as possible and sign as returned. Jigsaw Puzzles: There is a selection of jigsaw puzzles available stored under the video library. They are mostly 500 pieces, some 1,000. Glasses, cups etc: Please return to the bar before leaving the club. Please place used unbroken bottles carefully in bin provided, which is positioned under the dartboard. Return plates and cutlery to the kitchen. Terrace Doors: Those people who open terrace doors are responsible for closing same. TRIP CANCELLATIONS MUST BE REFERRED IN FIRST INSTANCE TO THE ORGANISER IMPORTANT: TELL THE BAR STAFF OF ANY BROKEN GLASS AND THEY WILL DISPOSE OF IT.

Members’ Comments

here. Still not a lot of posts on Please feel free to add any comment regarding a past event or any other suggestion for future event or club issue on our page.

IMPORTANT, ALL ORGANISERS PLEASE NOTE: THE CLUBHOUSE FURNITURE MUST BE LEFT AS SET FOR A THURSDAY MEETING BEFORE LEAVING CLUB. ICE RAMBLERS GROUP: Contact Sue Potter Walk Co-ordinator 637 148 660 or 952 892 386 Ramblers Please Note: The organiser is not responsible for organising transport , participants must make their own arrangements. The club does not have any Insurance Policy in force in relation to its Rambling activities, and all members and their guests participate entirely at their own risk. Neither the club nor any walk leader will be responsible for any injury or loss suffered by any participant however caused. Those attending rambling events should be suitably attired with stout walking footwear and carry waterproofs in case of weather change. You should carry a packed lunch and adequate liquids for the duration of the ramble.

Should you have suggestions for any event or activity at your clubhouse, or for a trip whether for a day or longer period, please contact a member of the committee.

International Emergency 6

Peter Dowd

Vic Loughran

Monthly Computer Tips – April 2014

Office 2010 introduced the concept of a Ribbon. This month and next month we remind you how to find common functions. Command

Keyboard Shortcut

Ribbon Location


Ctrl + B

Home tab, Font group


Ctrl + I

Home tab, Font group


Ctrl + U

Home tab, Font group


Ctrl + E

Home tab, Paragraph group

Left Align

Ctrl + L

Home tab, Paragraph group

Right Align

Ctrl + R

Home tab, Paragraph group


Ctrl + J

Home tab, Paragraph group

Clear Formatting

Ctrl + spacebar

Home tab, Font group


Ctrl + X

Home tab, Clipboard group


Ctrl + C

Home tab, Clipboard group


Ctrl + V

Home tab, Clipboard group

Remember the Computer Group meets at the Clubhouse on the third Friday of the month at 11.00am. No need to book – just turn up. We have WiFi broadband internet available, so why not bring your laptop / netbook / tablet etc along. If you have any questions or suggested topics for future please email us or


Scam of the Month – April 2014 THE YAHOO SCAM If you receive the following scam email – beware! The email is supposedly from Yahoo. It states that one needs to update personal details after a series of illegal attempts on the email account from different IP addresses. It continues to say it is for one’s own safety and if one wishes to keep the account open one would need to fill in details such as, email address, password, date of birth and country of residence. Some Advice: Most scam emails will direct you to a website which replicates a genuine website. Look at the web address that you have been directed to and check if it is the true web address. Another option is to download the Rapport Trusteer software from any UK bank website. This will alert you to scam websites which mimic most financial institutions. You can also add other websites which you might want the software to monitor. More detailed information on the Rapport software is available on the ICE website under Activities | Computers. Scroll down to Links to a few topics covered at our Computer Club sessions and select Function Keys and Rapport Software. Surprising China (continued from previous magazine edition) Before leaving Xian, home of the Terracotta army, we visited the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. This is a very famous symbol of China and was built in 652 BC during the Tang Dynasty. It is a very Holy Buddhist Temple storing ancient relics brought back from India. How did the Pagoda get its unusual name? According to ancient stories of Buddhists, there were two branches of Buddhism, for one of which eating meat was not a taboo. One day, they couldn't find meat to buy. Upon seeing a group of big wild geese flying by, a monk said to himself: 'Today we have no meat. I hope the merciful Bodhisattva will give us some.' At that very moment, the leading wild goose broke its wings and fell to the ground. All the monks were startled and believed that Bodhisattva showed his spirit to order them to be more pious. They established a Pagoda where the wild goose fell and stopped eating meat, hence its name. It’s been suggested that this is the origin of Vegetarianism. On the fifth day of our trip we took yet another flight down to Chengdu. This is a major city in China with a population greater than London but one which we, and we suspect many others, had never heard of! It is a centre of the Chinese Electronics Industry but our main aim was to visit the famous Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base. The Pandas are most active in the early morning and as we had arrived at noon the day before our planned visit, our guide took us on a tour of the ancient city walls which had guard towers built every 120 meters which was twice the lethal distance for a crossbow arrow i.e. they could fire arrows from two adjacent towers and thus cover the entire cites walls. The guide also took us to a wooden Muslim mosque built in the Chinese style which was entirely different to the typical mosques with minarets we had become accustomed to whilst working in the Middle East. The following morning we set off very early to visit the Giant Panda Centre and two of our tour members were shocked to discover that their long planned photo opportunity holding a Giant Panda was going to cost them 200 Pounds each and not the 100 Pounds they were expecting. They were only partly placated when they discovered that the price was going to rise to 300 Pounds next year! In order to protect the Pandas from any diseases they had to get dressed up in protective plastic gowns, bootees and gloves before they could handle the Young Panda. >>9 8

<<8 The Giant Pandas should theoretically not exist as they have been around for eight million years, whilst most other species typically become extinct within about five million years. There has, however, been a dramatic fall in the number of Giant Pandas in the wild due to loss of habitat. Current estimates are that there are only 1,600 Giant Pandas still surviving in the wild in China, chiefly in the North Western regions. This was the reason why the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base was established. The Chinese have been very successful in their captive breading programme and we saw 12 baby Pandas in various stages of development some of them in incubators just like human babies. Some new Panda mothers do not know what the tiny baby panda is when it is born and may kick it out of the way. Mating Giant Pandas is a very tricky business as the Pandas typically lead a very solitary life in the wild and the Female only comes on heat for 3 or 4 days per year. It is said that Giant Pandas don't fall in love on first sight but on first smell! The Chengdu Panda research centre has developed various methods of artificial insemination but they involve collecting the semen using electric shock stimulation treatment along with gentle massaging, enough said! Giant Pandas were originally carnivores and their internal systems are still set up to eat meat. Due to their loss of habitat they have had to adopt to being herbivores eating mainly bamboo. Unfortunately bamboo has a very low nutritional value meaning that the Pandas have to eat around 15 kg of bamboo each day to survive. Having said all that, it was a real treat to see the captive Pandas munching their way through piles of bamboo and sometimes performing for the research centre visitors. They are a very loveable animal and it is not surprising that they have been chosen as the well known symbol of the World Wildlife Fund. China loans out breeding pairs of Pandas all over the world. The cost is of the order of one million US dollars per year but the zoos have worked out that they can easily pay that from the increased income generated from Giant Panda visitors. Any baby Pandas born belong to China and must be returned there at some point. One of the aims of the Tour Operator was for us to experience the regional cuisines. After visiting the Pandas, our guide took us along to a restaurant to try out Sichuan Province food. This is very highly spiced and you do need to have copious quantities of cooling liquids available to quench the tastes! In the afternoon we visited two old street markets. They turned out to be very touristy and they had figured out how to charge 7 Pounds each for a Gin and Tonic. In the evening we went along to a Sichuan Chinese opera show which included the famous Face Changing performers. The show included very colourful acrobats, flame eaters and very a clever figure shadow act. The face changing performers at the end of the show were brilliant. They could change their face masks and even entire costumes instantaneously. How they do this is a closely guarded secret. Next month we will describe our final few days in China when we visit the ultra modern city of Shanghai and China´s answer to Gibraltar - Hong Kong. Submitted by Ron and Bea Sykes 9


The all-new most up to date hearing centre in the Costa now opened.

* * * *


Call for your appointment. Michael Briales Total dedication to your hearing needs. Mobile 660 892 627

TEL: 952859925


PAST EVENTS Friday 21st February - Trip to Real Tesoro y Valdespiro Bodega, Jerez (1) After a pleasant journey with a welcome coffee stop we arrived at the Valdespino Winery at midday. We assembled in the entrance hall and were warmly welcomed by our lovely Dutch guide, Narike. We were most impressed by the collection of antique furniture, tapestries and paintings. We were given a short history of the origin of the winery. It dates back to 1264 when Mr Alfonso Valdespino was given the land by King Alfonso X after fighting, with the King, for the reconquest of Jerez from the Arabs. The winery was acquired by the Estevez family in 2000. We visited La Bodega de Lola Flores where barrels of Tio Mateo Fino are maturing for a minimum of 10 years. We were then escorted to the stable block to see the pure Spanish bred horses that are used for many ceremonial occasions. We were also shown a collection of vintage carriages. Our tour continued to see the bottling plant, one of the most up to date in Jerez, then onto the great bodega which houses 25,000 American Oak Barrels which we viewed from the balcony above â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a memorable sight. An unexpected surprise followed, when we were taken to the Gallery of Contemporary Art, which houses 100 Picasso prints as well as works by Dali, Miro and many others, owned by the family. Finally we arrived at the beautiful inner courtyard where we were invited to sample the sherry. Each table of 10 was given 5 bottles to share, ranging from the dry Fino to the sweetest sherry. The fino disappeared very quickly on our table! A variety of tapas accompanied the wine. After lunch, the shop did a roaring trade and on the return journey, the only sound to be heard was the gentle clinking of bottles in the overhead lockers. A big thank you to Bea for organising a very interesting and enjoyable day. Sorry we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have time for Ikea Bea! Submitted by Tessa Henry & Sheila Kirkham Friday 21st February - Trip to Real Tesoro y Valdespiro Bodega, Jerez (2) Well Bea's last coach trip was voted a resounding success. We set off on a sunny Friday, a cheerful crowd, surprising as some of us had to get up much earlier than usual. Bea gave us interesting information sheets to read on the journey about the bodegas, their history and their methods of producing different types of sherry. We had a coffee stop at a typical Spanish hostelry with time for tostada. There were some interesting plates high up on the wall showing the different brand designs used on the Spanish horses. Looked painful to me, glad I'm not a horse. When we arrived at the Bodega, a beautiful building, we were met by Marike, an enthusiastic, informative guide. She explained how the building came to be owned by the present family, took us through the rooms, while describing the paintings and artefacts. Then through to the building where the sherry is made, which was very cold, and we saw the barrels stacked up. Marike explained how they make the different sherries, from dry fino to the sweet sherry, how long it takes, and how often they have to check all the barrels, quite complicated processes. We then went off to see some very handsome horses in their stables and the collection of historic carriages, which are still used at ferias. Marike showed us a large scale model of the bodegas and their outlying buildings followed by a viewing of the bottling and packing plant, all very mechanised and efficient looking. We then saw where the full barrels are stored over 30,000 of them so they won't be running out any time soon. The art gallery with drawings and paintings by Picasso and other artists was fascinating especially for the artists amongst us. Can't imagine how much that collection was worth. Then our long waited sherry tasting and tapas lunch. We were all more than ready for that. Tables of ten were set out in a lovely hall with typical Spanish tapas of Serrano ham, manchego cheese, croquetas etc. >>12 11

<<11 All very tasty and plenty of it. Marike made a special toast before we started tasting with bottles of fino, the driest sherry. There were 5 types of sherry to taste from dry fino to the sweetest which was like a dessert wine. Needless to say everyone got happier and noisier as they tried the different sherries. There was a shop where you could buy sherry and some of the men were so happy they bought straw hats as well. We were having such a good time that Marike had to ask us to leave as she had another group coming in. We all piled back onto the coach, which rattled a lot with all the bottles on board. Bea tried winding up the men by saying we had time to go to IKEA but to their relief we made our very jolly way home. So thanks Bea for all your hard work and Ron for helping you. Submitted by Sheila Defries Tuesday 4th March - Pancake Races and Pancake Lunch A good turn out for the races and even more for the pancake lunch. Noreen Cook tells me this was the 13th annual pancake race, having been started by Dan during 2001, and been a regular event since. This year the race was again around the swimming pool which was lucky as part of the course was being dug up the next day!!! The pancake races: ladies’ was won by Raiki Groeneveld and the gents’ race by Ted Lunnis. The lunch pancakes were then served up with choice of caramel, ice cream or lemon, and most delicious they were too. Thanks to Doug for the organising and manning the bar together with Mac. And well done to Wilma, Brenda and Barbara for the pancakes. Tuesday 11th March - Gardening Club Meeting The first Gardening Club Meeting of 2014 was held at the Clubhouse, it was good to see previous members and new. One of our members kindly brought along several informative gardening books she no longer required which was a big treat. Other members brought along cuttings to share. Any gardening problems raised were followed by other members’ experiences and useful advice. Anthony had hoped to show a gardening programme on the TV but this had to be postponed due to upstairs being used by the Spanish class. We will, hopefully, be able to arrange this viewing at a later date. A discussion then took place as to where we could hold future meetings and it was decided the next meeting on Tuesday, April 8th, will be at Martins Garden Centre in San Roque at 11.00am. Moving on from there to another Garden Centre (just minutes away further along the same road) for a wander around and to have coffee. So why not come and join us, everyone is welcome and maybe purchase some of your Spring plants. Tip of the month: Pour boiling water on parsley seeds once they are in the soil as it helps them to germinate Submitted by Sandy Avis Ladies and Gents Lunches Out - Wednesday 19th March A welcome return for 20 Juliets to Restaurant del la Mar in Estepona Port, a great favourite with many members. bit of a cooler day so glad to be sat inside for an enjoyable meal, thanks go to Maggie for the organising. 10 Romeos braved the cooler day and sat outside at Bar las Niñas, restaurant opposite Estepona bull ring, good menu del day at 8.50€, good banter with Spanish waitress who’s English is now very good. Thanks to Doug for the organising after having to rush from church to attend! 12





Friday 4th April - Quiz Night - New quizmaster Jan Monday April 14th April - Members’ Film Night Saving Mr. Banks Saving Mr Banks is the glorious behind-the-scenes portrait of Hollywood icon Walt Disney desperately trying to persuade reluctant writer, PL Travers, to allow her Mary Poppins book to be transformed into a movie. Wednesday 16th April - Ladies and Gents who lunch out. Saturday April 19th - Easter Saturday Celebrations Return of the club’s favourite Country & Western Group ‘The Texas Pearls’, Dancing, American Supper, Special Easter Raffle. 7.30 for 8.00pm, 10€ current members, 13€ guests. Organiser Doug Mitchell. Tuesday 22nd April - Golf Society Spring Cup The Spring Cup 2014 Stableford Competition at Doña Julia Golf Club. 8.00am for 8.45am Shot Gun Start, 46€ Green Fee. 3€ entry Fee. Please print your name, handicap and telephone number on club poster. Organiser Alan Davis. If you have not entered an ICE golf competition before, please put an *asterisk* next to your name to be eligible for the Newcomer’s prize. 'You can expect even better prizes this year thanks to the Sponsorship by Totus.' Competition is sponsored by Totus financial advisers see advert page 19. Lunch following the Spring cup will be back to Restaurant La Choza, a great favourite in the past,. EVERYBODY WELCOME. 3 Course lunch for 16€ at this very popular restaurant, menu is displayed on club notice board. Lunch to follow the morning golf competition and will be served at approximately 15.30pm. Table allocation at the time of lunch ticket purchase. Tickets can be obtained from Peter or Tessa Henry, or Audrey Jinks. Members’ Music Night - Friday 25th April Annie (Musical Film), 7.30 for 8.00pm, organiser Anthony Shine. Saturday 26th April - French Themed Supper Evening - Chef Debra Coleman 7.30 for 8.00pm, why not come dressed for the occasion. Wednesday 30th April - Trip to Bolonia Visit the Roman Village remains and museum, walking is on mostly level surface gravel paths, flat shoes are advised. See spring flowers in the green areas. Time for lunch at local chiringuito. Organiser Richard Wood. First departure 8.30am Benevista, coffee stop en route. 10€ members, 13€ guests. ANOTHER CLUB NEW VENTURE SEE PAGE 20 14


GLASSES.... 25% OFF or GLASSES 2 X1 16

April 2014 DATE




1 Apr


11.00 am Mah-jong 11.00-2.00pm Bar Open Spanish Classes Beg 10.30 Adv 11.45 7.30 pm Canasta

2 Apr


10.30am Rambling 7.00 for 7.30pm Whist

3 Apr


10.30am-2.30pm Bar Open 11.30am Weekly Meeting, 1.00pm Lunch 2.00pm ICE Players 7.00pm Duplicate Bridge

4 Apr


10.00am - 1.00pm Art Group

5 Apr


10.30am Rambling

6 Apr


12.30pm-2.30pm Bar Open & Tapas

7 Apr


2.30 - 5.00pm Art Class


11.00 am Mah-jong 11.00-2.00pm Bar Open Spanish Classes Beg 10.30 Adv 11.45 7.30 pm Canasta

8 Apr

2.30pm - 5.00pm Stitch and Bitch (Needlework etc.)

11.00am Computer Meeting Only by prior arrangement and for NOVICES ONLY! 8.30pm Quiz Night


10.30am Rambling 7.00 for 7.30pm Whist

10 Apr


10.30am-2.30pm Bar Open 11.30am Weekly Meeting & Open Forum 1.00pm Lunch, 2.00pm ICE Players 7.00pm Duplicate Bridge

11 Apr 12 Apr

Fri Sat

10.00am - 1.00pm Art Group 10.30am Rambling

13 Apr


12.30pm-2.30pm Bar Open & Tapas

14 Apr


2.30 - 5.00pm Art Class


11.00 am Mah-jong 11.00-2.00pm Bar Open Spanish Classes Beg 10.30 Adv 11.45 7.30 pm Canasta

9 Apr

15 Apr

11.00am Gardening Club Meeting at Martins Garden Centre in San Roque 2.30pm Committee Meeting

7.30 for 8.00pm Film Night 11.00am Ladies' Book Club


16 Apr


10.30am Rambling 7.00 for 7.30pm Whist

1.30pm Ladies Lunch 1.45pm Gents Lunch



10.30am-2.30pm Bar Open 11.30am Weekly Meeting, 1.00pm Lunch 2.00pm ICE Players 7.00pm Duplicate Bridge

18 Apr


10.00am - 1.00pm Art Group

19 Apr


10.30am Rambling

20 Apr


12.30pm-2.30pm Bar Open & Tapas

21 Apr


2.30 - 5.00pm Art Class

22 Apr


11.00 am Mah-jong 11.00-2.00pm Bar Open Spanish Classes Beg 10.30 Adv 11.45 7.30 pm Canasta

23 Apr


10.30am Rambling 7.00 for 7.30pm Whist

24 Apr


10.30am-2.30pm Bar Open 11.30am Weekly Meeting 1.00pm Lunch, 2.00pm ICE Players 7.00pm Duplicate Bridge

25 Apr


10.00am - 1.00pm Art Group

26 Apr


10.30am Rambling

27 Apr


12.30pm-2.30pm Bar Open & Tapas

28 Apr


2.30 - 5.00pm Art Class

29 Apr


11.00 am Mah-jong 11.00-2.00pm Bar Open Spanish Classes Beg 10.30 Adv 11.45 7.30 pm Canasta

30 Apr


10.30am Rambling 7.00 for 7.30pm Whist

11.00am Computer Group 7.30 for 8.00pm Easter Saturday Celebrations, Live Country & Western 4.30pm Songs of Praise 8.00 am for 8.45 Golf Spring Cup at Do単a Julia, 3.30pm Lunch and Prize Giving at La Choza

8.00pm Music Night 7.30 for 8.00 French Themed Supper

Trip to Bolonia

QUESTIONS THAT HAUNT ME! Can you cry under water? How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? Why do you have to 'put your two cents in'... but it's only a 'penny for your thoughts'? Where's that extra penny going to? 18







El Rincon Toscano Restaurant Pizzeria Wine Bar Calle Real 22-26, Estepona Telephone 952-795914 Roberto 648 263 369 or Yuri 610 336 547 A little taste of Italy Come and enjoy the excellent cuisine and service provided by Roberto and Yuri Opening hours Lunch every day 1.30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4pm Dinner 7pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; midnight Closed on Wednesdays 23


MAY EVENTS Wednesday 7th May - Ramblers BBQ - Usual Venue Music Night Program Pinar del Rey San Roque 2014 11/12/13th May - 3 Day/2 Night Trip to Cordoba Patios 30th May Chicago (Musical Film) Full payment now being taken Organiser Sue Potter . 27th Jun Singing in the Rain See notice board and page 31 for details. First departure (Gene Kelly) Sabinillas 8.00am Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th May - ICE Players New Presentation An original comedy play presentation called ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ based in a doctors surgery in Sussex about ‘What Goes On’. Intriguing!!! We must see it!! 5€ members, 8€ guests. Organised by Julie and Richard Wood. Wednesday 28th May - Trip to El Torcal and the Dolmen Megalithic Burial Tombs Some walking involved to see views, you need good walking shoes or trainers, take a bottle of water. Time for lunch at Fuente de Piedra, at La Tejada . Organiser Joan Thompson. 12€ members, 15€ guests. El Torcal Park Nature Reserve is known for it's unusual limestone rock formations. Located about 30 km north of Málaga city in the direction of Antequera near the village of Villanueva de la Concepción, within El Torcal Park's 17 square km are some of the most beautiful and impressive limestone landscapes in Europe. The whole area was under sea until one hundred million years ago. The Dolmen is a corridor tomb in which a forecourt open to the exterior leads to a second, rectangular section that acts as a passage leading to the oval-shaped chamber. In the cave, as well as the dolmen, fossil remains can be found and studies made of the layers of the earth. EVENTS FOR YOUR DIARY

Saturday 21st June - Midsummer Party - Caribbean Themed Supper - Chef Wilma Watch this space for news of further supper evenings. Wednesday 25th June - Club Annual Trip to the Lakes for Swimming We will leave Sabinillas at 8.30am, usual pick ups then stopping at the Finca la Motta near Mijas for optional Bacon Butties and coffee. Then on to The Embalse de Guadalhorce, parking at Restaurant El Kiosko for lunch in the open or the air conditioned terraces, with views of the lake. (Lunch not included in ticket price). Alternatively you can bring a picnic. Swimmers don't forget your swimming costume as hopefully the water will be warm. Saturday 11th October - Bob & Terry’s Walking Treasure Hunt - Streets of Estepona Saturday 18th October - Autumn Fayre at Clubhouse Saturday 25th October - Naughties Celebration and Dinner. 25

Why not come along; We meet Monday mornings no later than 9.45am for a 10.00am start. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed a game. Players are organised by ‘ranking’ in order to have teams of more or less equal standing. Most matches are played over 16 ends but this can be 18 by mutual agreement of all players. Dress code is predominantly white but the critical factor is footwear. Shoes must be smooth-soled with no ‘pimples or crinkles’. This is to prevent undue damage to the play- “My name is Alan!” ing surface which is the duty of all to maintain in good condition. Beginners coached by prior arrangement to achieve the required level to compete. The title was deliberately chosen as most of us play Monday only. We are an informal group and not ‘Officially Recognised’. Hence this gives us a degree of license when interpreting the rules as officially prescribed. Alan Whiteman International Club of Estepona - Golf Society We play twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, at Casares Costa Golf Club where our members benefit from discounted green fees. The twice weekly competition is organised on a ‘Roll- Up’ basis and we play individual stableford, using full handicaps. Tee off times vary between 08.15 and 08.30am, dependent upon the time of year, and on a good day we can have 12 or more players rolling up. It’s all very friendly, light hearted and is open to all. We traditionally have two major competitions a year. The Spring Cup, Stableford Competition at Doña Julia Golf Club 22nd April 2014 . (See page 13). The Autumn Cup will take place during October. These two competitions have become great social events with a very popular celebratory luncheon after each. The Ice Club Order Of Merit competition. The trophy will be awarded to the player recording the best 10 individual cards achieved at the Tuesday and Friday ‘RollUps’ during the 12 months between each Spring Cup. In addition we also arrange ‘Away Days’, every 4 to 6 weeks, to other golf courses within the local area. It is always a treat to play at other clubs and we are usually given a preferential rate. Keep your eye on the club magazine and web site for details of all activities. If you would like to get involved, phone or enrol on our e-mailing list. Contact and Golf Organiser: Alan Davis Tel: 952 897 670 Mob: 699 712 804, e-mail: 26



Why pay monthly for Free UK TV? We are offering the G-IPTV box which allows you to watch Free UK TV programs absolutely free. In addition to this our G-IPTV box offers you the opportunity to stream the latest 2013/2014 movies and enjoy box sets of your favourite series new or old, UK or US completely free of charge. You also get the opportunity to take advantage of a 3 Day Trial of all of the other popular subscription channels, with the option to subscribe yourself for just €14.49pm.

English Optometrist now available for consultation on the Costa del Sol.

Jane Staunton Machin BScMB Optom CNOO Av. Litoral – Ed. Vistamar Blq. 2 – Local 1 29680 ESTEPONA MALAGA Tel: 952 806 813 Full Eye Examinations: Glaucoma Screening: Designer & Non-Designer frames & lenses: Sunglasses: (prescription & non-prescription) Domiciliary Visits: (by appointment) Contact Lens Fitting.

€250 installed Full operating instructions demonstrated and complete after sales back up service given. Please note an internet connection with a minimum speed of 3 megs is necessary. For best results we would recommend an HD or HD Ready TV

Call Hilary (formerly PSS) 951 893481/680837169



FOR SALE: EPSON PRINTER Model XP-202, never used, 6 months old. Cost Price 55.00€. Will accept any sensible offers. Sheena Reid Telephone: 952 888 731 Mobile: 699 276 658 Email: FOR SALE: SAMSUNG SLIMLINE TV. 22½" x 12½" with swivel wall bracket, barely used, 170€. Contact Annette Holmes FLAT TO LET (IN PRIVATE VILLA) Short Term Basis. Two bedrooms, living room/kitchen (open style), shower room with two hand basins and toilet, also separate toilet room with wash basin. Private courtyard. Use of private pool. Close to Doncella Beach, near Port of Estepona in the Urbanisation of Seghers. 16E per day per person or 100€/200E a week to include all services. Dependent on season. For more Information, Telephone Barbara Salisbury 952 796 368 Email: FOR RENT 2 CAR GARAGE SPACE 9 METRES IN LENGTH Edificio Acuario (across from Estepona Port Lighthouse), price negotiable. Maureen Baldwin-Winckle 952 791 812 A FEW LINES ABOUT GOLF AND NORWAY. Handicap: When he was nine, Erik Compton was diagnosed with heart trouble and he had to undergo heart transplantation when he was 12. He was forced to give up contact sports. His father took him golfing and soon discovered that he had a unique talent for the sport. He attended the University of Georgia and played on the 2001 Palmer Cup and Walker Cup teams. He turned Professional in 2001 and played on the Nationwide Tour in 2002 and again for 2005 to 2007. In 2008 he had a heart attack on the golf course and again had to take a heart transplantation. He went back to professional golf with his third heart. He said that he has a strong VIKING background that makes him fight back. He played in the US Open in 2010. In 2011 he won the Mexico Open. Last year he recorded his first top-10 finish at The Honda Classic. Erik Compton has a Norwegian citizenship and hopes to play for Norway at the Olympics in Brazil in 2016! Submitted by Rasmus Falck 28

For all Property Maintenance Services and key holding, let me care for your property whilst you are away!

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Gas Service/Installation All plumbing requirements Tiling Home Refurbishments Painting, inside & out General repairs and maintenance to your home & garden or pools Anything from a complete bathroom to a curtain pole or a light fitting. No job too small and all at realistic rates. 35 Years experience. UK Corgi & ACOPS Reg. Telephone for a free, prompt and efficient service on: 650 884 147 or 952 891 619. e-mail:

Monday to Saturday 10.30 - 14.30 hrs. Tel; 952 80 22 21 Mob: 636 538 877 Calle Nuevo 8, Estepona 29680, Malaga

Anglican Church of Costa del Sol (West) Each Sunday we hold Services as follows: San Pedro at 10.15am In the hall adjoining Parroquial Virgen del Rocio (Near McDonalds)

Sotogrande at 11.45am In La Iglesia Sra. de la Merced, the "Big Church"

Coffee Morning each Tuesday in Sabinillas from 11am In La Vicente Square, behind the taxi rank

Home Groups take place every week Everyone is welcome For further details contact: Roger Richards (Church Warden) 952 891 765 Email: 29

Lamb and Red Pepper Stew, Serves 8 Takes, 50-60 minutes JULIE’S INGREDIENTS: RECIPE 1.25kg/2Ib 8z boneless lamb fillet cut into small chunks 40g/1oz plain flour, seasoned 3 tbsp olive oil 3 garlic cloves, crushed 300ml/½ pint dry white wine 3 large red peppers, seeded and cut into 5cm/2in pieces 3 bay leaves 500g jar passata (sieved tomatoes) 300ml/½ pint stock (lamb, chicken or vege 175g/6oz ready-to-eat dried prunes or apricots Tender neck fillets of lamb are more expensive than pre-diced casserole lamb but do cut down on cooking time PREPARATION: 1. Coat the lamb in the seasoned flour, shaking off the excess. Heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a large saucepan until hot. Tip in a third of the lamb and fry over a medium-high heat, turning occasionally, until browned, Transfer to a plate with a slotted spoon and repeat with the remaining lamb adding the remaining oil when necessary. 2. Return all the meat to the pan, sprinkle in the garlic and cook for 1 minute. Pour in the wine and, scraping up any residue, cook over a high heat until reduced by about a third. Stir in the remaining ingredients except the dried fruit. Cover and simmer for 30-40 minutes or until the lamb is tender. 3. Stir in the dried fruit and heat through for 5 minutes, then taste for seasoning before serving . APRIL EASTER QUIZ Answers page 34 1. What day is Easter celebrated? 2. Where does the name Easter come from? 3. On Palm Sunday, Christians celebrate this day for what reason? 4. How long is Lent is western churches? 5. Why do we have eggs at Easter? 6. The night before his death, Jesus finished the Passover of what meal with disciples? 7. What traditionally happened on Ash Wednesday? 8. What does Shrove Tuesday have to do with Easter? 9. Lent is the time of what? 10. The ashes used on Ash Wednesday are made from what?


Word Grid Find the 9 lettered word and see how many words of 4 letters and over you can make using the centre letter in all words and each letter only once. Word answer at bottom of page 34 30



Who is this young lady? Photo taken in 1952 before she came sailing! See the editor to win your free drink at the bar.



General Information Coach trips: See trip information for times. Please ensure that you sit in the seat numbered on your ticket. We regret that we cannot stop at any other point unless agreed with organiser, to pick up or put down. The organiser reserves the right to refuse to include any member they feel is not sufficiently able-bodied to follow the itinerary. Members are responsible for their own travel insurance. Buying your ticket: Please produce your membership card together with the correct money. Have prepared your choice of menu if applicable. Final ticket booking: All tickets must be booked and paid for on or before the last Thursday coffee morning before the event. Late phone bookings cannot be accepted. Members are advised to attend the last Thursday before a trip in case there are any last minute alterations. Refunds: Cannot be given for either deposits or tickets, unless the organiser is notified in time, always providing the trip is full and a replacement can be found from the waiting list. Tickets are not transferable to other members without authorisation of the organiser. Tips: Included in the cost of coach travel and restaurants, but not for hotels. Smoking: The smoking of tobacco and any other substance is not be permitted anywhere in or on the premises of The International Club of Estepona, Bahia Dorada. Dogs: Dogs are not allowed inside the clubhouse. They are permitted on the lower terrace but only when they are under the owner’s control by being attached to a lead which is held by the owner or attached to one of the hooks on the wall which are provided for that purpose. Club magazine by post: If you leave Estepona for longer than a month, your magazine can be posted. Please hand stamped envelopes (correct stamps in Euros), to Terry Smith. On the reverse, please write the months you wish to receive, they will be posted to you as soon as they are issued.

Parking: When visiting the club please park considerately between white lines and never on yellow lines. ACTIVITY ORGANISERS Art Group Bird Watching Books Bowls Bridge…”Duplicate” Computer Group, Posters Film Night Gardening Group

Regina Stall John Brooks Peter Galloway Reg Astle Tim Taminiau Vic Loughran Sue Potter Sandy Avis Pamela Shine Alan Davis Margaret Hall Sue Jenkins-Better Krista Carter

Golf Organiser ICE Players (Drama Group) Keep Fit Ladies’ Book Club Ladies’ Lunches Margaret Whittley Lottery Organiser Mavis Tolfree Music Night Anthony Shine Quiz Night, Songs of Praise, Art Class Joan Thompson Rambling Sue Potter Spanish Lessons Martin Holmes Stitch & Bitch Nina Taminiau Ticket Sales Joanna Mitchell Ticket Sales, Advertising Manager Jackie Simmonds Ticket Sales Patricia Smith Videos Roger Richards Whist Ian & Lin Ingram


663 557 738 620 584 436 952 794 270

637 148 660 697 941 869 699 712 804 634 273 194 696 259 644 634 328 114 697 941 869 653 488 030 637 148 660 607 963 254 652 798 107 677 656 319 669 661 660

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CLUB COMMITTEE AS FROM AGM 13th MARCH 2014 PRESIDENT Doug Mitchell 667 998 800 952 897 977 VICE-PRESIDENT Sue Potter 637 148 660 952 892 386 SECRETARY & PUBLICITY Joan Thompson 653 488 030 952 804 799 TREASURER Ted Lunniss 608 601 230 952 923 892 MAGAZINE EDITOR Terry Smith 677 656 319 951 276 690 CATERING MANAGER Brenda Taylor 654 579 492 952 805 739 HOUSEKEEPER Margaret Whittley 634 328 114 951 972 577 MEMBER Julie Wood 639 542 387 952 913 174 MEMBER Diane Hackett 626 080 829 MEMBER Keith H. Ranshaw MEMBER Anna Tandy 619 673 320 NON COMMITTEE POSTS LOCAL KEY HOLDER Nigel Nevshehir 689 457 410 952 791 449 (If available) MAINTENANCE MANAGER Rob Potter 671 725 243 952 892 386 MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Anthony 697 941 869 951 272 360 & Pamela Shine BAR MANAGER Mac McIntyre 610 047 228 952 808 556 ASST BAR MANAGER VACANCY AUDITOR Ron Pegrum 680 718 990 952 891 175 ASST. TREASURER Vic Loughran 952 886 772 WELFARE: Members are requested to notify our welfare officer, Barbara Salisbury if they know of any member who is ill. 952 796 368, email HOSTESS : Introduce new members : - Maureen Baldwin-Winckle 952 791 812

MAGAZINE ADVERTISING RATES AS FROM 1ST JANUARY 2011 For adverts presented in desired layout, includes inclusion on our web site with links to your site if applicable. Classified Ads: Members Only, Free Quarter page - 6€ per month - colour 7€ per month Half page - 12€ per month- colour 14€ per month Full page - 24€ per month - colour 28€ per month (Discounts:- for 6 months 10%, and for the whole year 20%) PLEASE NOTE: Colour is only available to inside front and rear cover pages and rear cover, also adjacent to centre pages. Advertising fees to be prepaid before the 20th of the month to:Jackie Simmonds, Advertising Manager, Tel. 952 797 921 or 652 798 107 Copy to be in before the 15th of any month, for inclusion in the following month’s issue. Copy can be e-mailed to: - ICE (Siberme) accepts no responsibility for contents of any advertisement appearing in magazine. INTERNATIONAL CLUB OF ESTEPONA (Siberme) I.C.E. Clubhouse, Urbanisation Bahia Dorada, Entrada 5, at Km. 149, A 7, Estepona 29680 Malaga

Clubhouse: Telephone 952 802 549 ICE Web Site: 33


BANK DEPOSIT Imagine that you had won the following prize in a contest: Each morning your bank would deposit 86,400€ in your private account for your use. However, this prize has rules, just as any game has certain rules. The first set of rules would be: Everything that you didn't spend during each day would be taken away from you. You may not simply transfer money into some other account, you may only spend it. Each morning upon awakening, the bank opens your account with another 86,400€ for that day. The second set of rules: The bank can end the game without warning; at any time it can say: Its over! The game is over! It can close the account and you will not receive a new one. What would you personally do? You would buy anything and everything you wanted right? Not only for yourself, but for all the people you love, right? Even for people you don't know, because you couldn't possibly spend it all on yourself, right? You would try to spend every cent, and use it all, right? ACTUALLY – This GAME is REALITY! Each of us is in possession of such a magical bank. We just can't seem to see it. The MAGICAL BANK is TIME! Each morning we awaken to receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of life, and when we go to sleep at night, any remaining time is NOT credited to us. What we haven't lived up that day is forever lost. Yesterday is forever gone. Each morning the account is refilled, but the bank can dissolve your account at any time… WITHOUT WARNING. SO, what will YOU do with your 86,400 seconds? Those seconds are worth so much more than the same amount in Euros. Think about that, and always think of this: Enjoy every second of your life, because time races by so much quicker than you think. So take care of yourself, be happy, love deeply, and enjoy life! Start spending.

Puzzle page answers: Quiz 1. Sunday. 2. An Anglo-Saxon Goddess named Eastre. 3. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was greeted by a cheering crowd. 4. 40 days. 5. They are a symbol of rebirth. 6. Sharing bread and wine. 7. People put ash on their foreheads. 8. Shrove Tuesday is the last day to indulge before Lent. 9. Abstinence (giving things up) 10. Burning palm crosses which have been saved from Palm Sunday last year. Word grid; 9-letter word PENTECOST 34

â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have 10 years experience Of selling Spanish Propertyâ&#x20AC;? If you wish to sell or rent your property Please contact us for a free market Appraisal and take advantage of our local and overseas marketing network C/Caridad77,Estepona T: 951 318 480 M: 678 452 109 E: Exclusive Costa Del Sol Partner Office Leading Property Agents In Spain


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April 2014 Edition  

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