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A Guide to Island Life

Published by The Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber


What awaits you on Vashon? a vibrant arts scene festivals and music good people and good times Take a look inside, and discover a world apart.













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The Good Life. It’s Just A Ferry Ride Away.

The Best of Puget Sound If this is your first visit to Vashon Island, you’re about to discover one of the best-kept secrets on Puget Sound. A fifteen-minute ferry ride from either Seattle or Tacoma, Vashon Island offers more than fifty miles of saltwater beaches, acres of rolling pastures, breathtaking views along its country roads, and majestic forests. The thriving community offers a full range of services, top-rated schools, and encourages active involvement at every cultural level from the arts to the environment.

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The Good Life Can Be Yours - On Vashon Island. 8JOEFSNFSF7BTIPOt 1IPUPÂŞ1FUFS.VSSBZ


short takes

CONTENTS | features

10 | Beaches worth an explore 15 | Whales: Shoreline observations 16 | Strawberry Festival (and a few other fests) 25 | Vashon’s Heritage Museum 28 | Art, music, theater and more 34 | Church of Great Rain 35 | Vashon Opera 36 | Sheepdog Classic 38 | Running: Wend through the woods 39 | Cycling: Thrills and hills 40 | Got a dog? A few things to know 43 | Burton: A hamlet on the bay 44 | Traveler’s guide: Helpful information 51 | Fun abounds for kids 53 | Vashon’s mural tells a story 54 | Calendar of events 56 | Farmers Market: A Saturday affair 57 | Restaurants: A listing 65 | Quirky Vashon 66 | Farm stands offer up a bounty 67 | Places to stay: A listing 72 | Island hikes: Take a walk in the woods

8 | A native daughter returns to her island in the Sound By Bianca Perla 12 | Kayaking on Vashon: A paddler’s paradise By Leslie Brown 18 | Color and creativity: Quilters find their place on Vashon By Susan Riemer 20 | Dockton: Where the past comes alive By Karen Dale 23 | Long ago, dozens of communities dotted the island By Juli Goetz Morser 26 | Celluloid dreams come to life at a rural theater By Elizabeth Shepherd 47 | What does an islander look like? A portrait of Vashon By Elizabeth Shepherd and Michele AnneLouise Cohen 63 | A hand-crafted brew makes the scene By Natalie Johnson





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Vashon Destination Vashon is a publication of the





Vashon Island

Daralyn Anderson

Editor Leslie Brown

Design & Production Nance Scott, Kyle Cruver

Marketing Daralyn Anderson, Matthew Olds

Writers Leslie Brown, Karen Dale, Natalie Johnson, Juli Goetz Morser, Bianca Perla, Susan Riemer, Elizabeth Shepherd


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Leslie Brown, Rebecca Douglas, Jeff Dunnicliff, Martin Halliwell, Lawrence Huggins, Natalie Johnson, Cindy Koch, Rondi Lightmark, Ralph Moore, Ray Pfortner, Mike Urban, Rick Wallace

Cover design by Nance Scott About the cover: Mary Lawrence and her daughter Eloise romp in the water at Vashon’s annual low tide festival. Photo © 2012 by Ray Pfortner.

To get reprints of these or any other pictures found in Destination Vashon, email The Beachcomber at Destination Vashon is published annually by Sound Publishing, owner of The Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber. No part of this publication may be reprinted without permission. For additional copies, call (206) 463-9195 or e-mail ©2012 Sound Publishing

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Windermere Real Estate Vashon-Maury Island, LLC 6 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Welcome to our Island

Vashon is off the beaten track. You have to take a boat to get here. So in that way, this little island in central Puget Sound truly is a destination — a place one visits intentionally, not en route to somewhere else. It offers much to those who choose to hop on a ferry and visit. Consider long walks on the beach, a hike through a quiet forest, excursions to farm stands where fresh produce abounds. But Vashon is also a happening place. The first Friday of the month, the town comes alive with art lovers who peruse the galleries and shops. Live music can be found nearly every weekend. A community theater group, a local opera company and a popular homegrown comedy revue give visitors an intimate, insider’s take on Vashon life. And, of course, there are fine restaurants and bakeries, shops and accommodations, playgrounds and pools. Destination Vashon is The Beachcomber’s annual guide to island life. It includes restaurant listings, directions to Vashon’s best beaches, descriptions of evening activities and feature stories that illuminate some of the truly special aspects of island life. We hope you find it helpful as you explore this fine place. And we wish you a wonderful stay. Leslie Brown, editor

Ray Pfortner Photo

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an essay Vashon

A native daughter returns to her island in the Sound Cindy Koch Photo



he first time I set foot on Vashon I had no choice. I came here crammed in the back of my parents’ Saab amidst suitcases, birds, a dog, a cat and my infant brother. I probably didn’t care where we ended up as long as I could get out. As a child, I lived here like I would have lived anywhere. It didn’t occur to me that these forests, creeks and beaches were gifts. Or that it meant anything to grow up in a community infused with the creativity of artists, writers, musicians and independent thinkers. As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to leave. One day, walking through summer woods, I came across yet another rusted-out bus. Moss grew on every surface. Blackberry vines protruded out of empty

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headlight sockets and broken windows. Could I actually see the plants growing? Nettles licked my knees. My chest tightened. These woods were engulfing me just like the bus. I whispered angrily to that incessant green force, “Stop!” And then I left for 14 years. Oh, the novelty of drier, sunnier places. But after awhile, like many children of this island, a sliver of longing entered my heart. I met people whose hometowns were dead — fields buried under shopping malls, towns reconstructed into sterile replicas of the past. How devastated I’d be if the same happened to Vashon. I wished for the unforced beauty of the lands, homes and people I knew as a child. Vashon changes, certainly. But it doesn’t die. What sustains its beauty? Islanders understand that it takes effort to protect and create beauty on Vashon. The staff, boards and members of the Vashon-

It’s time for a new look.

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Vashon an essay

A Vashon car says it all.

Maury Island Land Trust, Vashon Park District, Vashon Allied Arts, Vashon HouseHold and countless other nonprofits work endlessly to protect the natural and creative assets of this island. Individually, we wear our love for our home not only on our sleeves, but in our houses, artwork, gardens and even on our electric, or glittered, or falling apart bumper-stickered cars. Islanders seem relaxed, but give them a threat to their shores (copper smelters, bridges, gravel mines), and they will mobilize in droves to

protect their home. These efforts are critical to maintaining Vashon’s beauty. But there is another thing that helps. Northwest poet Gary Snyder writes, “there is play in the way things work.” On Vashon there is lots of play in the way things work: week-long power outages, randomly long ferry lines, buses without designated stops, ninja raccoons, highway haikus and trees growing around bicycles. We have views of mountains that sneak up and floor you on sunny days, and locals with strong opinions, a good sense of humor and the willingness to act on both. Vashon can be uplifting, humorous and Ray Pfortner Photo uncomfortable all at once. Some recognize this archetypal energy immediately. Cultures personify it in Coyote, Raven, Kokopelli and Green Man. Through isolation, rural circumstance and creative artistry, the trickster remains alive and well here. Because of this, Vashon isn’t contrived. Witness the mish-mash of digital signs, sandwich boards and antiqued storefronts. Evolution happens loosely here, with plenty of human effort, but also with a bit of chaos. The beauty of this community is not in its perfection, but on a deeper level, in its surprise.

The trickster plays between dark and light, destruction and rebirth. And Vashon has been born many times. The terrifyingly slow scrape of glaciers first gave the island life. View their toe marks in the rollercoaster hills by town and in the depressions that form our bogs. Imagine smoke from S’homamish fires creating huckleberry meadows. Feel the crash of big cedars shaking the ground. Taste rows of strawberries growing where those trees fell. Walk by alders growing on those now fallow fields. Live through a windstorm and sense the maddening inconvenience of the trickster’s restructuring. But feel the change in perspective a storm brings, and the camaraderie it creates as neighbors saw through fallen trees together or have impromptu potlucks with headlamps and candles. In a world so fixated on power and control, Vashon gifts us with the alchemy of graceful surrender to circumstance. Throughout history, Vashon’s wild places and people have engaged each other, helped each other and pushed each other’s edges. When you are here, appreciate the power of that play and what it has created. Especially in today’s world, it is good medicine.

Bianca Perla is director of Vashon Nature Center and the author of a walking guide, “Family Walks on Vashon Island.” She enjoys sharing a home with her two trickster children, a senile dog and a wonderfully calm husband who balances them all out.

Do you love to garden? Adore opera? Are youth sports important? Your faith? How about a studio or room for a horse? My years of dedicated community involvement, including service as PTSA and Vashon School Board presidencies, give you an insiders’ edge in making connections to those fulfilling activities you love best. So Vashon means more than a new house... it’s a community you’re part of. Let me introduce you to a wonderful Island life.

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beaches Vashon

short takes Û Beaches Being an island, Vashon has its share of fantastic beaches. So grab a towel, your binoculars and head for the shore. And if you’re lucky, you just might see a river otter.

Cindy Koch Photo

Vashon Park District An Island Natural ... not your average park district You get – 18 parks

KVI Beach This beach, named for the AM tower that provides not only a radio signal but also a roost site for bald eagles, is a favorite among locals. With its expansive sandy spit and slow-moving slough, KVI is especially fun for young ones. Dogs are allowed off-leash, but please remember to clean up after them. Directions: From town, head south on Vashon Highway. Turn left at S.W. 204th Street. Turn left on Chautauqua Beach Road, then right on S.W. 204th Street. Limited parking.

Lisabeula Park A quiet west-facing beach, Lisabeula is

the perfect spot for evening sunsets and family picnics. It also boasts a grassy expanse for Frisbee throwing, some picnic tables and restrooms. Directions: From town, head south on Vashon Highway. Turn right at S.W. 204th Street. Turn left on Old Mill Road. Turn right on S.W. 220th Street. Continue down a winding road until you reach the park.

Jensen Point This small beach and boat ramp on the Burton Peninsula is a great spot to head to on the Fourth of July, when fireworks are launched over Quartermaster Harbor. It’s also home to the park district’s kayak rental center and has a public restroom. Directions: Head south on Vashon Highway until you reach the four-way stop at Burton’s main intersection. Turn left onto the Burton Peninsula, and when you reach a T, take either a left or a right. Jensen Point is about midway on the loop.

hiking & horse trails, play fields, beaches 3 beachfront vacation rentals tours of the Islands’ only lighthouse

Paddle the Sparkling Waters of Quartermaster Harbor

a public pool

Single and Double Kayaks for rent

kayak rentals


outdoor concerts theatre, ballet youth sports adult fitness yoga, dance summer camps for kids & adults Visit us at or call 206-463-9602

10 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

0QFOm.BZUP4FQU Friday - Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm



Vashon beaches Dockton Park Owned by King County, this 23-acre park is a favorite on Vashon — especially among teens, who swear the water is the warmest on Vashon. The park has a playground, a grassy lawn, restrooms, a boat launch and a pier. It’s also the beginning of the Dockton Historical Trail. (See page 20.) Directions: Go south on Vashon Highway. Turn left at S.W. 204th Street. When it comes to a T at the water’s edge, turn right onto Dockton Road S.W. Cross the isthmus to Maury and continue south until you enter Dockton.

Wingehaven Park This 12-acre park on the north end of the island suggests Vashon's grand past; it's the site of a former waterfront estate and still boasts a crumbling balustrade. The rocky, quiet beach offers views of Mount Rainier. Owned by the Vashon Park District, it’s a great place to collect beach glass. Directions: From the north-end ferry dock, head south on Vashon Highway. In about a mile, take a left on Cunliffe Road. The park entrance is a half-mile down the hill, on the left side.

Point Robinson a beach that beckons

Ray Pfortner Photo

Point Robinson, on the easternmost tip of Maury, is a particularly beloved spot on the island, with its historic lighthouse, white-washed keepers quarters and silver ribbon of beach. The lighthouse began as a fog signal in 1885; a light was added in 1887. Built on 90 pilings, with walls a foot thick, it also boasts a fifth-order Fresnel lens, a beautiful piece of Victorian technology that traveled from Paris to Vashon in 1915. Though now decommissioned, the

lens still holds a special place: it sits in its original spot and is wired, so visitors can see how it works. Point Robinson is managed by the Vashon Park District and is open dawn to dusk. Tours of the lighthouse take place between noon and 4 p.m. every Sunday, mid-May to mid-September. The park also offers vacation accommodations at the two keepers quarters, built in 1911 and beautifully restored. Call the park district at 4639602 for more information.

LAVENDER HILL FARM Open daily in July 10-5 U-Cut and lavender essentials 12 varieties Fresh bunches, dried buds, oil, soap, gifts

10425 SW 238th St. Two blocks from Burton - follow our signs

call 206-463-2322 (July) email: Find out what’s blooming: Our farmhouse is also a vacation rental! See and our ad under accommodations for more info DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 11

kayaking Vashon

A paddler’s paradise

Vashon has 45 miles of shoreline, offering a rich world to explore By LESLIE BROWN


iffle French has seen some amazing things from the cockpit of his kayak during his 15 years of paddling around Vashon Island.

He’s had a humpback whale pass a few feet under his boat, then surface 20 feet away, so close he could smell its breath. He once came upon a raccoon on a boulder in shallow water, trapped there by a barking dog as the tide was coming in; he didn’t linger long enough to see how the stand-off played out. He’s witnessed eagles courting, seen ospreys dive and had stare-downs with curious seals. Indeed, he says, the reason he likes to kayak is because of the immediate gratification it provides. “You don't have to get very far off shore

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Vashon kayaking before you’re in nature,” he said. “It’s different from hiking.” With 45 miles of shoreline, Vashon is a bit of a kayaker’s paradise — providing plenty of easy, shore-hugging paddles for those inexperienced in the sport as well as more exciting challenges for kayakers who choose to venture farther off shore. Robert Teagardin, another avid kayaker who’s part of a loosely organized group called Vashon Island Paddlers, said he’s had plenty of thrills around Vashon. Like French, he’s had close encounters with whales. He’s also come to enjoy what he calls the Colvos Flush — a tidally influenced current that a paddler can catch between Tahlequah and Point Defiance. If you hit it just right, it’ll spit your boat into Colvos Passage on the west side of the island — thus its name. “You’re looking at this rushing river of water, and you paddle into it. And four hours later, you're having lunch at the Mexican restaurant on the north end of the island,” Teagardin said. “It’s very fun.” Vashon’s epicenter for kayaking is Jensen Point on the Burton Peninsula, where the Vashon Park District owns and manages a

Courtesy Photo

Biffle French has been kayaking around Vashon for 15 years. He once got so close to a whale he could smell its breath.

boathouse that rents double and single kayaks — by the hour, the day or the week. The boat launch at the site makes for an easy way to put-in. And the location, especially for beginners, is inviting. Jensen Point juts into Quartermaster Harbor, a calm, sinuous bay that makes for a comfortable paddle. Consider kayaking across the bay to Raab’s Lagoon, a small King County-owned

park where one can beach the kayak on a strip of driftwood-strewn sand and have a picnic. Or head a little farther south to Dockton Park, also owned by the county. Another sweet way to enjoy the water is at night. On a moonless night, a kayaker can sometimes see the bioluminescence playing off his or her paddle, twinkling like a spray of fairy dust.

DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 13

kayaking Vashon Teagardin, who works as a guide for the park district, said he’s come to enjoy the bright, moonlight paddles the park district offers in June, July, August and sometimes September. The paddles take place during the full moon and a couple days on either side of it — five nights each month, depending on the weather. The bioluminescence can’t be seen, but the play of the light on the water and the sheer brightness of the moon are magical, Teagardin said.

If you go The park district’s boathouse is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday to Sunday until early September. Hourly rates for a single kayak are $20; daily, it’s $75. Weather permitting, moonlight paddles will take place June 2-6, July 1-5, July 30-Aug. 3 and Aug. 29-Sept. 2. Visit or call 463-9602. For those who want to camp, Vashon is part of the Cascadia Marine Trail and has three official sites. Visit www.wwta. org/trails for site information.

“It’s really kind of sublime being out there at night,� he said. “It’s very calm. Very peaceful. The moon’s shining; you can see everyone’s reflection.� Teagardin also guides trips to Blake Island, two miles off Vashon’s northern shore. This is a more challenging trip; it means crossing open waters and a shipping lane. But Teagardin says it’s well worth it. Blake Island is a 475-acre state park with five miles of beach, three campgrounds open only to paddlers and lovely views of the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Seattle skyline to the east. The crossing only takes an hour. “But there’s a bit of a thrill to it, going from one island to another,� Teagardin said. Kayaking, of course, has its dangers. Pam Wise, who manages the park district’s boathouse, said one of the biggest is the weather; it can change rapidly, turning a lovely day into a miserable one for those who aren’t prepared. And of course, those who aren’t careful can capsize. Teagardin recalls escorting a family to Blake Island when the father turned to hear something Teagardin was saying, twisted around a little too much


Vashon Visitors! Enjoy one of Vashon Island’s most beautiful recreation facilities during your visit!





and ended up in the water — with his wife scrambling to get his paddle. “It’s a risky activity,� Teagardin said. French, who kayaks every day during the summer, has written a book about the sport, called “Paddling the Waters of Vashon Island: A circumnavigation and some adventures.� A photographer, he often shoots from his kayak, capturing remarkable pictures of herons in flight and loons preening. Like Teagardin, he recognizes there are risks. When he was first learning, he fell out of his boat a few times. But now, he said, he feels completely confident in a boat, able to work the currents and tides. “The boat’s part of me,� he said.

Leslie Brown is the editor of The Beachcomber. She moved to the island six years ago with her husband and son. She and her family occasionally kayak; she once managed to do so with her terrier in her lap. She also enjoys hiking on Vashon’s many trails.



A Vashon thrill: When the whales come close to shore Vashon’s shoreline provides a front row seat when Puget Sound's resident orcas come to town. Pods J, K and L — about 90 whales in all — spend the warmer months in northern Puget Sound. But periodically during the fall and winter — and sometimes at other times — they venture south to Vashon, feeding on salmon and providing a spectacle for those lucky enough to see them. The show is greatest when the whales pass Point Robinson, Vashon’s easternmost tip, where they often come very close to the shore. The point has even been named as a site on the Whale Trail, a list of the best whale watching spots in the region. Those with sharp eyes might also spot other types of whales, such as gray whales, humpbacks and small minkes, animals that make occasional visits to our waters. Whale sightings aren’t necessarily frequent, though, so those wishing

File Photo

An orca, part of a large group that visited by Vashon last fall, passes by near the shore at Point Robinson. This photo was snapped from a research boat.

to see them should be proactive. The Orca Network and Preserve Our Islands Facebook pages often post alerts when the whales visit, and for a small annual fee Preserve Our Islands will either email or text message you when orcas come to Vashon. See The Vashon Hydrophone Project, a local

whale research group, also asks that whale sightings be reported to them at 463-9041. Don’t forget, however, that the orcas are endangered. Vashon activists promote only shore-based whale watching, and under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, boats must stay at least 100 feet away from whales and other marine mammals.




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DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 15

festivals Vashon

shorttakesÛStrawberry Festival

Proud to Work and Live on Vashon since 1994

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The Strawberry Festival is Vashon’s summertime claim to fame — a three-day celebration of music, art, kids and community. It features most of what people have come to expect in a street fair: Booths stuffed with colorful goods, kiddie rides, sinfully delicious food, a hopping beer garden. But Vashon’s summertime festival also has a home-grown feel, a quirky, only-on-Vashon touch that makes it hardly a cookie-cutter affair. Saturday morning’s Grand Parade includes stilt-walkers, tractors, hand-crafted floats, largerthan-life puppets and Thriftway’s shopping cart drill team. Booths showcasing locally made art, jewelry, soaps and silks line Ober Park. And in one of the best tributes to this island of talented souls, ad-hoc stages throughout the town crop up, providing venues for musicians of all stripes, styles and ages. The festival, now in its 103rd year, has had various incarnations over the decades. It was once a peach festival, later a harvest festival. The name Strawberry Festival occasionally raises eyebrows, as Vashon no longer boasts commercial strawberry fields. But don’t worry: There will be plenty of strawberries to be had at this weekend extravaganza, not to mention many other earthly delights. This year's festival is July 20-22. Visit the Chamber of Commerce's website,, for details.

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Vashon festivals

Celebrating island life

Fun unfolds throughout the year

Liz Lewis’ studio, where the Vashon potter makes her colorful wares, is a favorite stop during the Art Studio Tour.

A Simpler Way of Life

Vashon Island

When you’re looking for a home or land, let my 23 years of Vashon real estate experience be your asset. VAS H O N I S LAN D

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What do you get when you take 10,000 souls and put them on a ferry-dependent island where it rains about nine months out of the year? A group of resourceful people who know how to have a good time. We celebrate pumpkins and tomatoes, poetry and pottery, Halloween and Christmas. There’s Shakespeare in the park, a lowtide festival and a home energy fair. Here are a few things you can look forward to on Vashon Island in 2012-2013: If you happen to be here in February, consider Oscar Night at Vashon Theatre, a chance to mingle with the glitterati, eat good food and watch the Oscars on the silver screen. There’s even limo service for the occasion. It wouldn’t be Vashon if we didn’t celebrate solar energy and home conservation. So come on over on June 30, when Caulk the Rock and the Solar Home Tour take place — put on by WisEnergy, a Vashon-based nonprofit that’s helping the island move closer to energy self-sufficiency. Vashon will have four Concerts in the Park. Avaaza and Manooghi Hi will perform world music on June 23; Adrian Xavier will perform July 26; Alma Villegas and her Latin band will play Aug. 2, and Global Heat will perform Aug. 16. The concerts, put on by the Vashon Park District and Vashon Allied Arts, are free and held at Ober Park. Vashon will celebrate its seventh Low Tide Celebration on July 4, an event that takes place at Point Robinson on one of the lowest tides of the year. Beach naturalists will be on hand to discuss the rich intertidal ecology; there will also be food, music and lighthouse tours. Another homespun, summertime highlight will be Shakespeare in the Park — this year, the “Merchant of Venice” on July 5, 6 and 7 at Ober Park. The production, starring a host of Vashon thespians, promises to be a lot of fun. Don’t miss it. Ciderfest, sponsored by Vashon’s Rotary Club, will be held on Oct. 13. It will include apple pressing, apple samples, a chance to enjoy hard cider from regional and international cideries and a barn dance. n, Halloween is a special time on Vashon, when the town core is closed to cars and the evening is given over to ghosts, goblins and ghouls traipsing through town. Islanders’ penchant for costumery and theatrics will be on full display. The Farmers Market has celebrations arr throughout the summer and fall, but a particularly fun one is the Pumpkin Pie Contest on Nov. 17. Pie bakers turn out with their finest creations, served up for $1 a slice, with the proceeds going to the island’s food bank. Winterfest, this year the weekend of Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, is a fun time on the island. Expect a Santa-led parade, a traditional treelighting, roasted chestnuts and more. The holiday Art Studio Tour — when as many as 100 artists open the doors to their studios and invite the public to step inside — takes place over the course of two weekends. This year, it will be on Dec. 1, 2, 7 and 8. DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 17

quilting Vashon

Lawrence Huggins Photos

Anja Moritz, owner of Island Quilter, recently moved into a new shop, giving her more room for the store’s offerings.

Color and creativity: Quilters find a place on Vashon By SUSAN RIEMER


quilt display hanging at the Vashon Library caught the eye of islander Daphne Purpus while she was tutoring students there three years ago. Filled with vibrant fabrics and unusual designs, the quilts took hold of her imagination. “Somewhere in there, there must be a place for me,” she recalls thinking. Now, thousands of stitches, miles of thread and countless bolts of fabric later, Purpus has sewn 173 quilts and given most of them away to island organizations that help families in need. “If I did not give the quilts away, I’d have been buried in them by now,” she said. 18 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Purpus, a prolific quilter by any measure, has plenty of company on Vashon, where the art of quilting thrives: The Vashon Quilt Guild boasts 70 members; American Hero Quilts has delivered more than 10,000 quilts to service men and women wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a raffle for a coveted community quilt brings in thousands of dollars for Vashon Allied Arts each year. At the heart of the quilting scene and supplying much of the fabric, inspiration and instruction is the most colorful store on Vashon, Island Quilter. With more than 8,000 bolts of fabric, complete with a gallery and class space, Island Quilter offers the largest selection of quilting fabrics in the Seattle area, according to owner Anja Moritz. The store also offers an abundance — some 700 bolts — of fabric by Kaffe Fassett, an internationally known textile artist and author known

for his use of bold colors. “A lot of people think on an island you can’t have much,” Moritz said. “I want people to know it is worth the trip.” The store has been open in downtown Vashon for five years and moved across the street from its previous location in December. The move doubled the store’s size and gave it a 2,000-square- foot gallery, where Moritz invites quilt guilds from around the Northwest to show their work. Classes meet there too, including lessons in embroidery, knitting, weaving, how to use a sewing machine and a variety of quilting techniques. Islander Christine Millican frequently teaches at the store, Moritz said, sometimes offering on-the-spot lessons when people walk in wanting to learn a new sewingrelated skill. “She seems to have the right approach to

Vashon teaching anyone anything,” Moritz said. The store has been featured in two national quilting magazines, Quilt Sampler and Quilt, and draws customers from far and wide. Luring quilters from beyond Vashon’s shores is essential, Moritz stressed. In fact, she noted, laughing, a few years after she opened the store on Vashon, she read that to be successful, quilt stores should draw from a population of about one million — far more than Vashon’s population of 10,000. Paul Robinson, Moritz’s partner who frequently helps at the store, said Island Quilter is not alone in its reliance on far-flung customers, and indeed, to be profitable all fabric stores rely on people who visit from out of the immediate area. Fortunately, those who are dedicated to sewing and quilting typically enjoy a good outing to scout out new fabric. “Fabriholics love to get in the car and go visit shops,” he said. “That’s pretty universal. They’re nomadic.” About half of the store’s business comes from off-Island customers, Moritz estimates.

Common Thread: A textile gallery Those who love fiber arts should visit Common Thread, a fiber arts and textile collective that opened last year. From hand-spun yarns to hand-painted silk scarves, Common Thread offers a colorful array of clothing and accessories designed by Vashon artists. Currently, 15 textile artists make up the collective, each with her own specialty. Common Thread is located next to Café Luna at 9922 S.W. Bank Rd. Or call 408-7170.


Lawrence Huggins Photo

This quilt made by a number of Vashon quilters will be raffled off and the winner announced at the Strawberry Festival in June, with proceeds going to Vashon Allied Arts. This year’s quilt is a tribute to Vashon’s vibrant farmers market.

One day recently, two women came from across the water and greeted Moritz and Robinson like old friends. They are loyal customers, the women said, because of the store’s selection and customer service, including that if they get home and realize they need something else, Moritz and her staff will happily mail them whatever they need. In addition to quilting supplies, the store carries a modest selection of yarn, embroidery floss, sewing notions, buttons, thread and a variety of patterns not just for quilts for but everything from bags to table runners. The store, staffed only by Moritz, Robinson and two part-time people, is open 363 days a year, Moritz said, so sup-

plies are readily available for most any quilting emergency. As for Purpus, she is an avid customer too, and sings the store’s praises. She shops only there for her quilting supplies, which she expects she will need for years to come. “I really don’t see ever giving up quilting,” she said. She frequently points out that you do not need to be a quilter to enjoy the store. “If you need a color fix,” she says, “just walk through Island Quilter, and you will feel so much better.” — Susan Riemer is a reporter at The Beachcomber.

Stitching for a cause: American Hero Quilts From the basement studio of islander Sue Nebeker's home, more than 10,000 quilts have been delivered to men and women wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2004. The quilts are part of Nebeker’s American Hero Quilts project and are a symbol of gratitude for the military men and women and the sacrifices they have made. Currently, Nebeker, right, and her employee Su

DeWalt, left, deliver 75 quilts each month to the Warrior Transition Battalion at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and another 175 are shipped to Afghanistan. The project has volunteers in each of the 50 states, but no matter who makes the quilts, Nebeker sets the bar high. “The quilts are for heroes,” she said, “and we make that very clear.” DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 19



The past comes alive in Dockton

By Karen Dale


lapping flags, waves lapping on the beach or boats, the rumble of a Harley Davidson taking the corner on a Sunday drive. This is the soundtrack of today’s Dockton, pop. 300, a quiet waterfront village on the heel of Maury Island. Leslie Brown Photo

G o f o r t h ARCHITECTS Gi ll


Creative . Contextual . Sustainable CUSTOM HOMES & RENOVATIONS PO Box 650, Vashon Island, WA 98070

Mon - Sat 10am-8pm Sun 11am ‘til at least 4pm 463-2163 17607 Vashon Hwy SW 20 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013


File Photo

Anita Halstead collects pottery shards on the beach in Dockton, fragments that speak to the area's rich history.

But stand before the signs of the Dockton Historic Interpretive Trail, and you can almost hear another set of sounds — the hammering at Dockton’s shipyards, the rumble of barrels on the cod fish dock or the clang of the dry dock’s bell, heard from Tacoma to Southworth, summoning workers to the Dockton dry dock. “From the 1890s through 1930s, Dockton was a busy, noisy place,” says community activist Anita Halstead, who with other longtime residents resurrected Dockton’s history for the signs along this mile-long walk. “With sawmills, shipyards and brickyards, processing plants and agriculture, Dockton in its heyday was the Island’s industrial center.” Start at Dockton Park at the dry dock bell, restored here in 2008. Notice the tall pilings off the parking lot entrance: They’re all that’s left of the West You can find additional copies of Destination Vashon at The Beachcomber office or visit our website at www.vashon

Coast’s once largest dry dock and Puget Sound’s first. When this structure, large as a football field, was towed here on Thanksgiving 1891, what had been a small fishing community of Croatians and Scandinavians became a maritime mecca. In the decades before railroads or cars, Puget Sound enterprise relied on boat transportation. The dry dock and shipyards here grew so busy that they drew workers from Tacoma and elsewhere. The dry dock had four supervisors, who lived in the four cottages nicknamed “Piano Row” because only managers could afford pianos. (Sign No. 3 on the interpretive trail at the bluff top) Cross the corner to the flagpole where the three-story Drydock Hotel bunked its workers (it burned in 1922). Behind you under the oval boat sign is the 1930s boatwright’s shop for Stuckey Shipyard; now a private garage, it still sports a hand-crank phone and the line-shaft that propelled its belt-driven machinery. Down Dock Street, a cabin now sits on what’s left of the Bering Sea Packing Company’s dock (sign No. 4). Cod was caught in Alaska, salted and barreled here, then shipped to market. Walkers can access the beach here, but be aware that high tide can block beach access east. Though most structures from Dockton’s heyday are gone, still standing is the Plancich Net Shed (sign No. 5), built in 1908. On the beach nearby was the John A. Martinolich Shipyard (up Stuckey Avenue at sign No. 6). From 1904 to 1930, workers built ships, steamers and purse seiners in a style that soon dominated the Pacific Coast fleet. Their biggest job: three topmast schooners for the Norwegian Navy during World War I. Imagine these ships, rising side by side on the beach, each over 200-feet long — four

Open for tasting Saturdays 2-5 April 1st to October 1st 10317 SW 156th St (206) 567-0055


Come sample our award-winning hand-crafted wines Open for wine tasting year-round, Fri.–Sun. 12:00-5:00PM Available for private events Just one mile from the north end ferry landing

N  ( 12431 Vashon Hwy SW 206.567.4994 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 21



times larger than the net shed nearby. Near sign No. 4, gardeners will enjoy Halstead's garden, second-place winner in the 2008 Pacific Northwest Gardens Competition sponsored by the Seattle Times. At the top of Stuckey Avenue, look for

If you go The Historical Interpretative Trail is under a mile and about an hour’s walk; add another mile to include Hake Road/268th. Longer trails are in Dockton Forest above the park (see page 72 for more information). A playground, picnic tables and the only public restrooms in Dockton are at Dockton County Park.

Dr. Al Watts of Appleyard Farm. This chatty Minnesotan, a retired dentist who lives with his wife in a 19th century farmhouse, has a nursery of conifers, rhodies, tomatoes, scented geraniums, grapevines and pumpkins, and he’s occasionally won the “Tall Corn� prize at the Puyallup Fair with his 17-foot corn stocks. He’s also besotted with chickens. He has more than 300 birds, 15 to 20 varieties’ worth. Now 88, he has been showing chickens at various competitions for 81 years. On 99th Avenue S.W., at sign No. 8, where one can read about Dockton’s berrygrowing days, take a left and head past the old post office and general store (now a private home) where kids once redeemed their berry-picking tickets for popsicles. If you hang right and walk half a mile, you’ll reach the corner of Hake Road and S.W. 268th Street, present-day Dockton’s most enterprising avenue. Langley Fine Gardens’ farm stand is open daily. You can look around if you ask, but no pets, no bathroom, no unruly adults. Across Hake Road is the All-Merciful Saviour’s Orthodox Monastery, where Russian Orthodox brethren will welcome

you to Sunday service or evening vespers if you call the day before (463-5918). If the sign’s out, you can pick berries or flowers at the Old Winery Blueberry Farm down the road. Dockton is now a bedroom community for retirees and commuters, but it’s still a maritime mecca for boaters who berth at the public dock. Much of Dockton’s industry has been lost, but its two-story cottages, large gardens and fields have largely retained their pre-1930s form — so much so that in 1995, Washington state tried to bestow the village with Historic District status. That failed, but you can still take that trip a century back and enjoy what Dockton was, and still is, today.

Karen Dale gardens on the south end overlooking Quartermaster Harbor, with a view of Dockton. She writes a weekly blog for The Beachcomber called “Garden On, Vashon!� and is working on a book about the way islanders have gardened over the years.


Vashon Sportsmen’s Club If you enjoy archery, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting, or any other outdoor sport, please come and join us at the V.S.C. We meet the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month at 8 P.M.


Harbor Mercantile (Burton Store)




Long ago, dozens of communities dotted the island By JULI GOETZ MORSER


hen an islander traveling today is asked where he or she lives, the answer, inevitably, will be Vashon. Or possibly Maury.

Not so 100 years ago. Instead, the answer would have been Burton, Portage, Shawnee, Glen Acres, Colvos, Lisabuela or Cove, among others. Definitely not Vashon. Today the town of Vashon lies close to the geographic heart of our approximately 15-by-five mile isle, while at the turn of the last century no single economic or social center defined the island. Instead, multiple independent communities at water’s edge dotted the island, like jewels on a sparkling necklace. Ask island historian Bruce Haulman how a single solitaire —Vashon Town —

Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association

Lisabuela, on Vashon’s west side, was once the site of one of Vashon's many bustling, waterfront communities. Today, it’s an island-owned park.

supplanted these gems circling Vashon’s shores and he’ll answer that the commercial and cultural evolution of our island





9925 178th Ave. SW

Michelle Reed


Sandi Silagi

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is a story of consolidation, a story unlike that of other Puget Sound islands, a story unique to Vashon. Vashon, Haulman points out, is the only Puget Sound island where the major


7BTIPO)XZ48   DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 23



economic hub resides inland and not on its shoreline. Of course, it didn’t start out that way. Burton, with its steamer dock, post office, elementary and high school, college, missionary home and hotel became the first significant area of commerce in the early 1900s. Other waterfront towns developed their own docks, stores, schools, post offices, churches, clubs, resorts and even ethnic identities. Scandinavians settled Colvos and Cove, Croations gravitated to Dockton, and New Englanders founded Vermontville. Though privately owned ferries — dubbed the Mosquito Fleet because they swarmed like mosquitoes across Puget Sound — stopped at all the docks for passengers and freight, precious few roads connected the scattered villages, isolating the communities from one another. If evolution gives rise to diversity, then what accounts for the exact opposite, where Vashon Town developed into the dominant core of island life? According to Haulman, history points to two major factors, two significant advances that foreshadowed the evolving character of the island: the rise of the automobile and the ferries that transported them. The first King County auto ferry sailed across the Sound from Des Moines to Portage in 1915. Four years later, the county established the north-end ferry service, and Pierce County opened the south-end run in 1920, forcing the closure of the Portage dock in 1921. Road construction began in earnest, connecting the satellite waterfront hamlets to both Vashon Highway and the two ferry terminals, initiating the demise of the island’s 30 steamer docks. Consolidation of the schools, stores and post offices followed. In the early 1900s, Vashon supported 13 different school districts.

By 1940, one district served the entire population, and when Chautauqua Elementary School opened its doors in 1992, one central campus united the three public schools. Out of 13 local stores, only Burton’s Harbor Mercantile, built in 1892, remains to serve its neighborhood. Two shopping areas located in the town of Vashon supply the rest of the island. At one point in the early 20th century, 16 post offices provided multiple options for mailing a letter versus our single post office in Vashon and sub-station in Burton. Though the waning of these distinctive waterfront communities might seem a sad conclusion to this story of consolidation, the evolution toward an all-Island identity imparts a sweet postscript. As Haulman observed, “If you need to buy anything, you go uptown. It’s the central business district and it’s on the main highway. Everybody goes there at some point for something, and that helps create a greater sense of community. A greater island identity. In fact, the town and the island (now) have the same name.�

Juli Goetz Morser is a freelance writer who lives on Maury Island but says she’s from Vashon. She and husband Bruce, an illustrator, moved here in 1987. Since then they've added a daughter, a sailboat, two dogs, a cat and many wonderful island friends.

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Windermere Real Estate Vashon-Maury Island, llc 17233 Vashon Hwy SW - PO Box 1867 24 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

short takes Ă› Heritage museum Vashon’s small history museum was a long-held dream by a group of islanders who knew their family heirlooms, sepia photographs and dog-eared journals told a story about a vibrant but hard-scrabble past. So they gathered up what was then collecting dust — their candle molds and arrowheads, their crockery and folk art, their crosscut saws and waffle irons — and began to search for a place that could house the detritus of Vashon’s past. In 1998, they found their site — a 1909-era building that had once housed a Norwegian-language Lutheran church — and opened up The heritage museum shop. Today, that well-kept building, is located at 10105 S.W. located just west of the town’s main Bank Rd. and is open 1 intersection, is the island’s thriving, to 4 p.m. Wednesdays, volunteer-run heritage museum. Saturdays and Sundays. Visit www.vashonhistory. The Vashon-Maury Island Heritage org for more information. Museum is small. It’s also jam-packed. Here, one can see photographs of the island’s earliest settlers, many of them taken by O.S. Van Olinda, a newspaperman and photographer who became the island’s first official historian. The stuff of island life — herring rakes, tarnished school bells, a shaving kit from 1880 — lines the walls and sits in cases. Famous islanders — writer Betty MacDonald, for instance, who penned the beloved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series — is honored here. Photographs and letters from the sadder parts of our past — the Japanese-Americans, for instance, who lost their strawberry farms after the Internment Order during World War II — are also part of the collection. Besides its permanent exhibit, the museum also displays periodic special exhibits and has a history resource room, with gems like a three-volume original journal of the 1841 Wilkes Expedition. And be sure to talk to the volunteers who staff the museum. Many of them are living repositories of island history. Island historians Bruce Haulman and Jean Findlay have written a fresh account of the island’s storied past, looking at everything from the glaciers that shaped Vashon to the Native people who first lived here. “Images of America: Vashon-Maury Island,â€? 125 pages, boasts 200 photos, each with long, descriptive captions. It’s available at various locations in town. All proceeds from book sales go to the historical association.

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the arts Vashon

Celluloid dreams come to life at a rural theater By ELIZABETH SHEPHERD


n the center of Vashon stands an Art Deco building where it has long been possible to get a fast and inexpensive ticket out of town. That’s right — since 1947, Islanders have entered its doors and found themselves transported to exotic places, populated by beautiful people and filled with fascinating, far-fetched stories. Welcome to the 400-seat Vashon Theatre, one of a vanishing breed of independent, single-screen movie emporiums still thriving in small-town America. “I adore the theater — we call it the uniplex,” said local film buff Chris Greenlee. “I love the fact that there is just one screen, and that you can talk to the lady who sells you your tickets, and it might influence what she shows there. I love the fact that she’s open to that.” Not only Islanders are enamored of the old cinema. The place was recently named “best rural movie theater” by the Seattle Weekly — a selection that writer Mike Seely proclaimed by calling the theater “a community anchor, and a sure sign that the silver screen experience can be preserved for as long as people are willing to breathe ingenuity and life into it.” Vashon has been home to a movie theater almost since the dawn of cinema — the town’s original theater opened some26 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Ray Pfortner Photo

Vashon Theatre, in its current incarnation, has been a landmark on the Island since 1947.

time around 1910 in a converted YMCA building situated where Movie Magic now stands. But that cinema burned to the ground in the mid-1940s, and the presentday theater opened in 1947. Old newspaper photographs from those days show a theater that seems outwardly much the same as now, and inside, wild Polynesian-themed murals painted in 1952 by artist Jon Tabor still grace the theater’s walls. But in recent years, thanks to a vigorous management, much about the vintage movie house has changed — it has new

If you go Vashon Theatre is located in the heart of Vashon town, a block south of the main intersection. Visit its website,, for movie listings, times and dates.

seats, a new sound system and many other improvements. Islanders perhaps also use the theater more than ever before. It draws locals in not only for its offerings of Hollywood blockbusters, foreign films and independent fare, but also concerts, comedy nights and raucous Oscar night celebrations. And in recent years, the theater has become the go-to spot for island children’s birthday parties.

Vashon the arts

Leslie Brown/Staff Photo

Eileen Wolcott has owned the theater since 2003. She runs it with the help of her husband and three adult children.

This year, the theater’s owners opened Wolcott had never worked in the film business — at the time, she was a special the place for free for islanders to gather to events coordinator. But she said she was watch the royal wedding, and in 2009, an instantly drawn to the idea of owning a overflow audience packed the house for small-town cinema. another free event It took Eileen Wolcott two — a broadcast of It took Wolcott two the inauguration of years to close the deal years to close the deal. Barack Obama. — a process that she “There were so many said was filled with At the helm of financial hurdles. times it could have died,” all this activity is “There were so Eileen Wolcott, she said. many times it could the determined have died,” she said. blonde matriarch “I’m still kind of shocked it ever happened.” of a West Seattle family who has owned the theater and commuted to work there Wolcott said that from the start, she felt for almost a decade. Wolcott’s grown chilwarmly welcomed on the Island. dren help operate the business, and her Vashon Film Society, a nonprofit group, husband Gordon Wolcott, a fire chief in has played an important role in supportWest Seattle, also pitches in to help with ing the theater and encouraging filmgoing, the bookkeeping. she said, and individual islanders have also stepped in to give her surprising boosts. The Wolcotts bought the movie house in 2003, purchasing not only the theater “It started with Dan Brown bringing business from its then-owner Carolyn me business cards he had made for me Youngblood, but also the entire building, two weeks after we opened,” she said. “I which was owned by another island family. thought, what planet am I on? Things like that have been happening ever since.” Wolcott first heard of the theater while watching Seattle evening news coverage of Wolcott is thrilled that local tile artist Vashon Film Society’s 2001 Oscar Night David Blad is currently donating his time celebration — a segment that mentioned and materials to do a complete Egyptianthat the theater was in danger of closing. themed remake of the men’s bathroom of

the theater — the first step in what she hopes will be the installation of several tiled areas throughout the theater. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the theater, though. Several years ago, Wolcott began to notice onerous new restrictions, fees and other practices in the film distribution process — changes that have spelled the demise of many single-screened, rural theaters — and then came the crippling economic slowdown of 2008. The theater was also hit with a devastating burglary in 2009, but once again, islanders stepped up with an outpouring of support. Local screenwriters, directors and editors quickly organized Vashon FilmAid, a week-long festival that showcased films that had island connections, and all proceeds went to help the Wolcotts recover from a $10,000 loss. Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan — a frequent visitor to Vashon — has also hosted two benefits for the theater. But now, Wolcott faces perhaps her biggest challenge yet. Movie studios are quickly escalating their phase-out of 35-mm print as a film format — a move that will require Wolcott to soon install an $80,000 new digital projection system. Wolcott said she still isn’t sure how she’ll make the switchover happen, but she’s determined to not only add the new projector, but also use the upgrade as a way to enlarge the theater’s stage and widen its screen. “Like any fixer you ever had, you have to do one thing before you can do the next thing, but I’m excited because all these things will make the theater better,” she said. “I think this place is viable.”

Elizabeth Shepherd is the arts editor at The Beachcomber. In her other life, she works at the Northwest Film Forum, where she curates an awardwinning and much-celebrated children's film festival. DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 27

the arts Vashon

short takes Û Vashon Allied Arts

Islanders enjoy the art gallery during a recent First Friday event.

Acclaimed poet Heather McHugh spoke at VAA's Island artist Donna Botten’s work was lecture series last year. recently featured at VAA’s annual auction.

Vashon Allied Arts is the island’s premier arts organization, a venerable institution that has been showcasing art, music, drama and dance for more than 40 years. Community favorites — “The Nutcracker” every December, a New Works series featuring aspiring island artists — have made VAA part of the fabric of the island. Recently, it added a new crowd-pleaser to its lineup — an arts and humanities lecture series that brings regional luminaries to the island and that regularly sells out. It also now hosts a chamber music series — it, too, sells out — often featuring guest performers from the Seattle Symphony and other regional stars. VAA is situated about two miles south of town in the Blue Heron Arts Center, a beloved historic structure built by the Odd Fellows 100 years ago. The building, rich in character, holds both a small gallery and small theater, and on any given day, it’s a hub of activity: Dance classes take place upstairs, the gallery’s rotating exhibits are on display, events — dance, drama, jazz and more — occur nearly every weekend. VAA has grown over the years, and the arts organiza-

Come capture the magic of Vashon! Experience Color (206) 713-6000 17639 Vashon Hwy, Vashon Island WA, 98070


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Your Community Metaphysical Center

206-463-0025 Tues–Sat 12-6pm

17331 Vashon Hwy SW 28 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Vashon the arts tion is in the midst of an ambitious fundraising campaign in the hope of building a new, 20,000-square-foot performing arts center. The Blue Heron won’t go away, however. Under the current plans, the whitewashed, clapboard building will house the organization’s administrative offices.

Mike Urban Photo

Dancers practice for “The Nutcracker.�

If you go

Other galleries showcase island art Maybe it’s the long winters, gray days and quiet nights. For whatever reason, Vashon bursts with creativity. Indeed, it’s become something of a mecca for artists over the years, luring painters, sculptors, printmakers, potters, tile-makers and others to create studios and make their art. And where to look for such art? Consider: Heron’s Nest

Run by VAA, this downtown shop — located at 17600 Vashon Hwy. S.W. — features jewelry, pottery, scarves, paintings and more by local and regional artists and craftspeople. Ignition Studios

One of the newest venues, Ignition is located in a former garage in town (17630 Vashon Hwy. S.W.) and has become a bit

VAA’s Blue Heron Arts Center is located at 19704 Vashon Hwy S.W. Its two biggest fundraisers are its Garden Tour June 23-24 and its auction Sept. 21-22. Visit its website,, or call 463-5131 for more information.

of an all-purpose gallery with rustic retro charm. A handful of artists have space there. Raven’s Nest

Located downtown at 17639 Vashon Hwy. S.W., this small shop showcases the work of Tlinglet master carver Israel Shotridge. SAW

Brand new in May, SAW is adjacent to The Hardware Store Restaurant and is named after the site’s former use as a saw shop. Today, it stands for Starving Artist Works and boasts jewelry, mosaics, handbags and more made by Vashon Island artists. VALISE

This collective, located in town at 17633 Vashon Hwy. S.W., shows a provocative mix of fine art, installations, sculpture, photography and other kinds of message-driven art.

First Friday Gallery Cruise Vashon’s vibrant arts scene shines particularly bright on the first Friday of every month, when galleries and shops showcase work. The fun usually begins at 6 p.m. See The Beachcomber for details.

19704 Vashon Hwy SW 206.463.5131

Collaborative Studio Space Monthly Fine Arts Exhibitions Art Parties New Summer Outdoor Arts Market Workshops & Classes in Encaustics, Portraiture, Still Life, Collage, Plein Air and more Visit our website for more information 17630 Vashon Hwy SW, Behind the Red Bicycle Bistro XXXJHOJUJPOBSUJTUTDPNt

Monthly Gallery Exhibits PerformancestDance Art ClassestTheatre

watercolor by Donna Botten

coral necklace by Maria Marcy

17600 Vashon Hwy SW 206.463.5252

Fine ArttJewelry WoodtGlass CeramicstTextiles & more!

DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 29

music Vashon

short takesÛMusic Rumor Has It is a popular Vashon band.

What’s happening on the Rock? The best way to get the weekend’s lineup is to pick up The Beachcomber, published each Wednesday, or visit us online at Or check out these websites: t 7BTIPOT$IBNCFSPG$PNNFSDFBU t 5IFJTMBOETQBSLEJTUSJDUBU t 7BTIPO"MMJFE"SUTXFCTJUFBU

Every weekend, it seems, Vashon’s venues are alive with the sound of music — from folk and rock to chamber and opera. Consider what the island has to offer: It’s own opera company, an 80-person chorale, two chamber orchestras, a choir that sings world music, dozens of small, independent bands and its own beloved big band, known as the Portage Fill. Vashon also has some wonderful venues. The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi is one of the island’s hot spots, a place that’s rock-

ing most weekends with an eclectic lineup featuring players from Vashon and beyond. The bistro features every kind of music, including rock, country and reggae. It also has a full menu — from burgers to sushi. The Blue Heron Arts Center brings an impressive lineup of local, national and even international acts to its intimate stage. Jazz, classical, chamber music or vocal soloists are on tap nearly every weekend. One of our newest venues, the Open Space for Arts & Community, is a warehouse-turnedarts space that brings a remarkable variety of acts — from hip hop to jazz. It also hosts Vashon’s popular Church of Great Rain Rick Wallace Photo variety show (see page 34). The Vashon Island Chorale often performs at a local church.

HAND DYED ORIGINALS WORKING STUDIO & BOUTIQUE 17600 Vashon Highway SW Vashon Island, WA 98070 206.463.4888

Your Island and Destination Wedding Florist Decorative Home Accessories Featuring Exclusive Island-made Artistic Treasures At the corner of Bank Road & Vashon Hwy SW XXXWBTIPOCMPPNTDPNr 30 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Creative, Elegant, and Beautiful Clothing for all occasions and custom designed for you.


Wine Department Visit our extensive selection of hand selected Northwest and Vashon Island wines. We also offer a large selection of domestic and international wines. Fully staffed with wine stewards to answer all your questions and handle any special requests. Check our website for times of upcoming wine and beer tastings.

r out ou Check e at websit if t hr ls ashont w w w.v eek ly specia w fo r r e! a nd m o

ritos ✓ Mission-Stypsle&BurHoagies ✓ Island Wra dwiches ✓ Made-to-order Sanls Beef Burgers ✓ 1/2 lb. Painted Hil icken ✓ Fried or Baked Ch Bar ✓ Hot Soup & Olive o- Jo’s, Corn Dogs ✓ Chicken Strips, J uie, & House Salads ✓ Caesar, Shrimp Lo ed Sandwiches ✓ Italian Panini Grill 8a.m – 9:30 a.m. ✓ Serving BreakfastDaily Lunch e our ✓ Visit us to seSpe and Dinner cials e... And so much mor you! A delicious meal awaits

Call ah have it m ead or ade you wait while !

-5711 Deli 206 - 463



Great selection of Fresh Seasonal Seafood sourced from local vendors. Our seafood specialists can provide you with all your seafood needs. We carry fresh wild fish, shellfish, smoked seafood, frozen seafood, and daily made in-house cioppino.


-0$"5&%*/%08/508/7"4)0/t'6--4&37*$&(30$&3:4503&t&7&3:%":8 A.M. - 9 P.M.

Locally owned and operated by Norm and Jan Mathews since 1965

thrift shops Vashon

SW 174th St

await you at Vashon’s thrift, consignment, and antique shops

Wendy’s Weathered Wear

SW Bank Rd

Duet Treasure Island

SW 178th St

Post Office

Monarch Gallery

South of Town Granny’s Attic

Vashon Hwy SW

Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe, searching for that heirloom piece of furniture, or wanting to be surprised on your next shopping trip, stop by these quality merchants to see all that they have to offer you.

Ober Park

97th Pl SW


Vashon Hwy SW


Downtown Vashon 100th Ave SW

Treasures Variety


in Burton Map not to scale 2012-2013

Lost & Found

The businesses shown on this map are paid advertisers.

Have an adventure and shop Vashon!


32 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Vashon thrift shops

• Variety


Unique boutique & gift shop


More Treasures



An eclectic mix of new, vintage & recycled home decor, clothing, jewelry and local art Exclusive retailers of original art by Michael Spakowsky

Hours: Tues-Sat. 11-6 Sun 12-3

206.724.2904t206.920.7695 7BTIPO)XZ48tXXXEVFUPOWBTIPODPN

7BTIPO)XZ48t7BTIPO 206-455-1801


Wendy Rogers, Owner


A sustainable Home Resource

Lost F Found

t Furnishings t Housewares

Eclectic & Affordable • Furniture, Antiques, Clothing, Art & Consignments

Design Services t Staging t Consignment

206-730-0283 17123 Vashon Hwy S.W.

“You never know what you’ll find at Granny’s�

206.550.6204 Bonnie Auer & Diane Rice (owners) 23832 Vashon Hwy SW, Burton, WA 98013 (next to the Burton Post Office)

“Vashon’s Quality Second-Hand Merchant�

Treasure Island Choice and Vintage


Estate Jewelry Pre-Owned TOOLS Quality FURNITURE • COLLECTABLES Like-New Kitchenware • Vintage Clothing Antiques • Fine GARDEN ART WE BUY WE SELL WE CONSIG N

206-463-3161 Retail Hours: Tues/Thurs/Sat 10-5pm Donation Hours: 7 days a week 8-4pm



OPEN EVERY DAY 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

206-463-2083 Located in Town, across from the Vashon Movie Theater DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 33



short takes Ă› Church of Great Rain

Jeff Dunnicliff Photo

Cast members act out a scene during a recent show.

Want to know the island’s dark secrets? What it’s really like to live here? The underbelly of this little burg? Then go to church — the Church of Great Rain, that is — where you’ll discover the truth. The Church of Great Rain takes great delight in poking fun at Vashon — its hippie culture, its obsession with organic food, its utter dependence on the ferries. Much like Prairie Home Companion (but with more edge), the 90-minute live-theater show is a mix of salty skits, witty repartee, ads about products that don’t exist and foot-stomping music. It ends with an impromptu, fire-and-brimstone sermon, usually laced with some Vashonstyle wisdom about love and peace. The revue started out in 2007 as a Sunday night performance at the Red Bicycle Bistro. But the Bike can only seat about 90, and within a couple of years, it had outgrown the venue. It’s now at the cavernous Open Space for Arts & Community, which seats around 600. In a testament to the show’s incredible popularity, it now routinely sells out at the O Space, as well. The show boasts a stable of humor writers and draws some of the island’s best thespians to the stage. The humor is Vashon-specific, and newcomers might not get every joke. But there will be plenty to appreciate, and it will certainly give a visitor an inside look at this fair isle. Greg Parrott, one of the show’s founders, puts it this way: “If Prairie Home Companion is the Beatles, we’re the If you go Rolling Stones. We’re the bad boys of the The six-show season begins in SeptemBritish Invasion.� ber. For more information, visit www. The O Space is located at 18870 103rd Ave. S.W.

Trees of Legacy TREE NURSERY We have 1,000’s of trees in containers! Choose from different types & sizes.

Michael L. Maki DDS

Buy direct from a local grower. Lower prices/higher quality.

Marc O. Langland DDS

tSpecimen trees in exotic shapes, windswept, leaning and dwarf trees. t8FBMTPTFMMXIPMFTBMFUPDPOUSBDUPST and landscapers! t#ZBQQPJOUNFOUPOMZBOEBMNPTUBMXBZTBWBJMBCMF

Located on Vashon Island

(206) 463-1588 (206) 853-4387

13005 SW 267th Lane‌at the south end of Wax Orchards Rd.


Our office is located up town Vashon where we provide state of the art care in a comfortable setting. We are pleased to offer comprehensive dental care and treatment including: All Digital X-Rays Restorative Crown and Bridge Root Canal Dentures Oral Surgery Cosmetic Dentistry Preventive and more Call to schedule your appointment

(206) 463-9282

206-715-0258 34 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

17425 Vashon Island Hwy SW Vashon WA 98070


Vashon Opera It’s pretty rare that a place the size of Vashon would boast its own opera company. But after a pair of professional opera singers landed on the island, Vashon Opera was born — and since its inception, the small company has drawn sellout crowds and considerable praise. Jennifer Krikawa, a willowy, full-throated soprano who hails from the East Coast, founded the company in 2009. Since then, she and her husband Andrew Krikawa (he’s a baritone) have produced seven full-scale operas — including “La Boheme,� “Madama Butterfly� and “The Tender Land.� The Krikawas have sung principal roles in each opera. They’ve been joined on stage by up-and-coming singers and well-known luminaries from the Northwest’s vibrant professional choral scene. This year’s season opens Sept. 14 and 16 with Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte,� held at Vashon High School, followed by a production of Puccini’s “Il tabarro/Gianni Schicchi� May 17 and 19, 2013, at Bethel Church. See for more information.

“Life Lived Healthfully� Kimberly Scheer, ARNP Primary Care Provider Certified Menopause Practitioner

206-463-2777 Offering a full range of primary care services to teen girls and women of all ages.

Teen Drop-ins Welcome Anytime. Call to schedule an appointment 17407 Vashon Hwy SW (just south of Giraffe)


A bold new effort takes hold Brendan Tuohy and Jennifer Krikawa in ‘The Tender Land.’ Rebecca Douglas Photo

Advanced Dental Care of Vashon adam cramer, dds & jim cunnington, dds

FREE Teeth Whitening For Life! With Initial Exam, X-Rays and Cleaning.

*()$"%!-+ ) " # "!'&* '#)! )')"#)$'()) + )# #($" '()' ) $#("-%%!-


Special pricing on dental implants through August. We are preferred providers for most insurances, including Washington Dental Service.

GENERAL & SPECIALIZED CARE: . '$+#(/!! #(' (#)! "%!#)( . )'$*($, $'!() $# .$$)#!( .'!(*''-+ )() $# .#$' #(!% ($''(

Adam Cramer, DDS and Jim Cunnington, DDS  ($# +-* )  $*')$*(&*' 206.463.9115 |

DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 35

sheepdogs Vashon

Lisa Chabara Photo

Sheepdog Classic: A new tradition

Leif Rasmussen DDS, PLLC

Once a year, the rolling green pastures of Vashon’s Misty Isle Farm transform into a bustling scene resembling pastoral England, with sheep dotting the landscape and working dogs and their handlers at the ready to herd them. The three-day Vashon Sheepdog Classic, which Maggi McClure began in 2010, is becoming a Vashon staple. The only herding competition in the region, it draws some of the West Coast’s most talented dog and handler teams, as well as thousands of spectators that come to watch the highly trained dogs in action. McClure, a Vashon resident and professional dog trainer, said

Persephone Consulting A Whole Systems approach to business and workplace coaching

Committed to providing excellent care and personalized treatment for the whole family. Services include all aspects of preventative, restorative and esthetic dentistry in a gentle, relaxed atmosphere.

10904 SW 238th St. Vashon, WA 98070


Elizabeth Dinan-Slack, M.A. Owner

persephone Whole Business Design, Entrepreneurship, Communications, Customer Service



YogaforEveryBody•AllLevels 463-2058 Located in Thriftway Shopping Center

Vashon sheepdogs topic tab Misty Isle is an ideal spot for the herding competition. Not only is Misty Isle bucolic and peaceful, but the gently sloping pastures create a natural amphitheater, so the crowds can easily see what’s happening on the course. Visitors often spread out blankets and picnic while watching. The event also includes shearing and fiber arts demonstrations, food and craft vendors and a raffle. McClure said last year the Sheepdog Classic drew more visitors from off-island than ever, and she believes it’s becoming a popular regional event. “I met a lot of folks who visited to check it out and can’t wait to come back,� she said. The Sheepdog Classic is also a nonprofit event; nearly all the proceeds to go to Vashon’s Partners In Education, which supports Vashon’s public schools.

The Island’s largest selection of toys and games for kids, Vashon shirts, and gifts for the home. Our pharmacists are here to help with your healthcare needs.

Steve Bird, Dave Willingham, Myra Willingham, Tom Langland

The Vashon Sheepdog Classic will take place Sept. 14, 15 and 16. Learn more at www.vashonsheep


Serving Vashon Since 1972

'VMMTQFDUSVN'BNJMZ1SBDUJDF Pre-natal care, pediatrics and geriatrics t Medicare Advantage Plus and Medicaid Accepted t Participate in most insurance plans including Group Health Cooperative t Laboratory and x-ray facilities on-site t








24-hour on-call doctor at 463-3671



running Vashon

Crist Granum

Leslie Ferriel

Welcome to Vashon Island From the family of professionals at

Susan Lofland

Ishan Dillon

VAS H O N I S LAN D File Photo

A runner makes his way through Island Center Forest. Deb Cain

Your Best Source for

Take a run in the woods

Real-time Information, Jean Bosch

Free Maps and Catalogs of Homes and Land for sale

Ken Zaglin

on Vashon Island.

Len Wolff

Diane Stoffer

Nancy Sipple

Vashon Office


Val Seath

Toll Free

800/346-3332 Phil McClure

Krista Dehnert

1.8 miles south of the Vashon/Seattle ferry terminal. Just one click away on the web!

38 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Vashon, with its miles of trails and rural pace, is a great place for runners. Several forests beckon. Consider Island Center Forest or Burton Acres if you’re looking for trails that are fairly flat, Dockton Forest or Maury Island Marine Park if you want the challenge of hilly terrain. (See pages 72-73 for directions.) Thanks to an active running club, Vashon is also making a name for itself as a great place for organized events. A “fun run” built around a theme — tropical attire, ugly sweaters, jingle bells — takes place monthly at Island Center Forest. The Saturday morning run is, indeed, fun; it’s not a race and no one is timed, but a contest is sometimes held for the best costume, and refreshments are served afterwards. All are welcome. Check out its Facebook page, Vashon Running Club, to find out when the next run will take place. The same folks behind the running club have organized races for those who are more serious about the sport, and those, too, are attracting attention. Particularly noteworthy is the Vashon Island Ultra Marathon and Trail Run, now in its third year. The race is special in the region: It takes place almost entirely on forested trails. What’s more, it includes two different courses — a 10-mile race and a 31-mile race. The race is certified by USA Track & Field, the national organization that governs track and field events for the Olympics. It also has strong local support; last year, 45 percent of the entrants were islanders. The event is scheduled for June 30, 2012. To sign up, visit its website, Another event for the serious athlete is the Heart of the Sound Triathlon, slated to take place Aug. 5, 2012. The event, now in its 12th year, includes a half-mile swim in Quartermaster Harbor, a 14.5-mile bike ride and two laps — or 3.6 miles — around the Burton Peninsula. To learn more, visit

Vashon topic cycling tab

The view from a bike Those who travel from Seattle to bike on Vashon face an immediate and tough challenge. They’ve got to climb the so-called ferry hill — a staggeringly steep, mile-long climb up a narrow stretch of road. But it’s worth it, a bit like going through a portal. Once that hill is topped, Vashon’s expanse of rural roads — some hilly, some not — takes cyclists past forests, farms and beaches, as well as some great places to stop for a bite to eat. Vashon is known throughout the region as a great place to cycle. Though the roads are narrow, the share-the-road ethic runs strong on Vashon. And there are plenty of great routes to consider. Popular among serious cyclists is a 32-mile loop of the island, which takes riders along the quiet west side, as far south as the socalled Tahlequah Y and back north along Quartermaster Harbor. Add in a circumnavigation of Maury Island, and it becomes a 50-mile loop. An easy 12-mile loop starts at the north-end ferry terminal, heads down the highway to 171st and then veers east along the Dilworth Loop, ultimately circling back to the ferry. Another fantastic loop — especially on a warm, summer day — takes riders from the north-end ferry dock south to Quartermaster Drive and then north to KVI Beach, a great place to stop and relax. All of these routes, and much more information, can be found on a new website — — created by a group of cyclists concerned about recently installed rumble strips that

Rent a bike Leslie Brown Photo

Cyclists crest a hill on Quartermaster Drive.

Vashon Island Bicycles, located in town at 9925 S.W. 178th St., rents and repairs bikes. It’s also a great place to get route suggestions. Visit its website at Or call 463-6225.

have made cycling more difficult. Find “selected rides� on the home page and follow the prompts. The site links to, which lists nine different suggested routes for Vashon, replete with detailed maps. Ride with care. And steer clear of the rumble strips.

Where wishes are granted and gifts are wrapped!

Š 2009 Anne Gordon

6 Time National Award Winner!


Monday – Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-5 8FSFPOFCMPDLXFTUPG7BTIPO)XZUI"WFOVF48t7BTIPOt DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 39


Got a dog?

Here’s what you need to know

Vashons Feed, Farm & Pet Store Cindy Koch Photo

Dogs, just like people, love to explore and play on Vashon. There are, however, a few things to know when bringing your canine friend to the island. Most parks, beaches and nature preserves allow dogs to be off-leash as long as they’re under voice command. KVI Beach is a great spot for a romp, or a swim, with a dog. (For directions,

206-389-1085 Cat & dog adoptions, spay/neuter program and lost and found. Visit for information, adoptable cats & dogs, and VIPP events.


$J$J$BSTPO 206-463-9828 XXXXFTUTJEFTUBCMFTDPN EST. 1985 50 Years Experience

Bay Breeze Farm Joe Cunningham Riding Lessons - All Disciplines Boarding, Training, Hauling, Summer Day Camps

17633 97th Place Sw Vashon 206-463-5000 - Open 7 Days A Week 40 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

206-459-5343 8BY0SDIBSE3E48t7BTIPO 8"

Vashon topicpets tab see page 10.) For a walk in the woods, consider Burton Acres or Dockton Park (See pages 72-73.) To throw a ball or Frisbee, try the field at Agren Park. Keep your dog close by, and don’t forget that equestrians sometimes use the island’s wooded trails, and horses and dogs can spook each other. Many parks also provide bag dispensers to help dog owners clean up after their pets. If your dog becomes lost while visiting, consider contacting Vashon Island Pet Protectors, an organization that helps reunite pets and owners. See for the phone number and to fill out a lost dog form. And for a medical emergency, there are two veterinary clinics on the island. Fair Isle Animal Clinic, located in town, can be reached at 463-3607. Vashon Veterinary Clinic, just south of town on Vashon Highway, can be reached at 463-3668.

One-stop shopping for your horse, barn, pets and more: t&BTUFSO8"5JNPUIZ"MGBMGB0SDIBSE(SBTT)BZ t'VMM4FMFDUJPOPG'FFELife Design, LMF, Nature Smart Organics, Nutrena, LeFeber, Nature’s CafÊ, Sun Seed & Zupreem + Dog Food, Collars, Leashes, Crates & the best dog toys on the Island!


GYf\gjY½kÛ9gp gkWb_jof[jfheZkYji

17321 Vashon Hwy. SW


Vashon Island


206-463-2200 Open 7 days a week


VI Horse Supply, Inc. (206) 463-6430

17710 112th Ave. SW


worship Vashon




9933 SW 268th St (south of Dockton) SUNDAYS: DIVINE LITURGY 10 a.m. – followed by Potluck – Visitors Welcome – Call 463-5918 For gift shop hours, call the monastery


14736 Bethel Lane S.W. Sunday School - 9 a.m. Sunday Worship Service - 10 a.m. Sunday Children’s Church, Fellowship Groups, AWANA 1BTUPS#PC(FOU[FMt8PSTIJQ%JSFDUPS$BNJ-VOEFFO Youth Pastor: Gregg Bernheisel Phone: (206) 567-4255 E-mail:

BURTON COMMUNITY CHURCH 23905 Vashon Hwy S.W. Sunday Service - 11 a.m. Pastor: Bruce Chittick (206) 463-9977




15401 Westside Hwy. S.W. Serving the spiritual, social, and intellectual needs of Vashon’s Jewish community Saturday Morning Torah Study 9:30-11:00 am, Bet Sefer Sunday School 10-12 noon, twice monthly 1SFTJEFOU-PVJTF%PSGNBO0MTFO Phone: (206) 567-1608 - (206) 463-1399


UI"WF4810#PY7BTIPO 8" Anticipated Sunday Mass, Saturday - 5 p.m. Sunday Masses - 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Pastor: Rev. Marc Powell Phone: (206) 567-4149 &NBJMWBTIPOTKW!DFOUVSZUFMOFUtXXXTUKPIOWJBOOFZWBTIPODPN

VASHON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 7BTIPO)XZ48t10#PY 7BTIPO 8" Sunday Worship and Children’s Sunday School - 10:00 a.m. Youth Class – Sun., 11:30 a.m. Adult Bible Study - Wed. 11:00 a.m. Pastor: Rev. Dr. Kathryn Morse 1IPOF  t&NBJMPĂŻ DF!WBTIPONFUIPEJTUPSH

BU-JTBCFVMBt48UI4U Sunday Morning Worship/Children’s Church - 10:30 a.m. Sunday Evening Worship- 7:00 p.m Saturday Prayer - 7:30 p.m. Midweek Bible Study- Thursday 7:00 p.m. Pastor: Steve Sears 1IPOF   DIVSDI t   QBTUPS





15420 Vashon Highway S.W. Sunday Services: 7:45 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. Religious Exploration and Childcare – 9 a.m. Wednesday Mid-week Eucharist - 12:30 p.m. The Rev. Carla Valentine Pryne, Rector Phone: (206) 567-4488 E-mail:


7BTIPO)XZ48t10#PY7BTIPO 8" Sunday Service - 10:30 a.m. Pastor: The Rev. Bjoern E. Meinhardt The Rev. Jeff Larson, Ph.D. Phone: (206) 463-2655 E-mail:

42 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

9318 S.W. Cemetery Road Sunday School - 9:00 a.m. Sunday Service - 10 a.m. Sunday Children’s Church and Nursery Call about Adult Education Pastors: Frank Davis & Mike Ivaska Phone: (206) 463-3940 &NBJM7*$$-JGF!DFOUVSZUFMOFUtXXX7*$$-JGFDPN

23905 Vashon Hwy S.W. In Lewis Hall behind Burton Community Church 10#PY7BTIPO 8" Community, Diversity, Freedom of Belief, Enrichment of the Spirit Sunday Services - 9:30 a.m. Mid-September through Mid-June Religious Exploration for Children and Youth Phone: (206) 463-4775 E-mail:


Sunday Silent Worship Service - 10 a.m. Phone: (206) 567-5279 E-mail:


Vashon topic Burton tab


A hamlet on the bay Perhaps because of its striking location, maybe because of the merchants who have made it their place of business for so many years, Burton is a burg rich in personality. Approach it with urban eyes, and it might seem inconsequential. Get to know it, and it becomes a place full of life. These days, two commercial operations provide its anchor: The Harbor Mercantile, where Sandy rules, and the Burton Coffee Stand, a veritable meeting ground run by a barista named Kathy. (Last names? Don’t bother in Burton.) The Merc, as locals call it, is a general store of the sort one doesn’t see much anymore — an eclectic mix that offers up everything from supplies for your boat to kitschy ceramics to nails and hardware. Oh yeah, there’s even food. As Will North, a writer and Burton resident, put it, “If they don’t carry it, you probably don’t need it.� The Burton Coffee Stand, meanwhile, is a social hub — the local hang-out, with its brightly painted Adirondack chairs and its wise-cracking collection of regulars. It makes a mean cup of joe. Other places beckon. Lost & Found is a sophisticated thrift store, selling items on consignment that are old, colorful, stylish or simply cool. The Inn on Vashon provides four gracious rooms. And the Burton Community Church, a Baptist church with a decidedly liberal bent, opens its doors every Sunday morning. Burton is situated in one of the most picturesque spots on the island, bracketed between Inner Quartermaster Harbor, home to both a marina and a yacht club, and outer Quartermaster Harbor, a long and narrow bay. Founded in 1892 by Miles Hatch, Burton — named for Hatch’s birthplace, Burton Township in Illinois — was once

Leslie Brown Photo

A cyclist buys a latte at the Burton Coffee Stand on a recent Saturday afternoon.

Vashon’s biggest town. It’s wharf, which jutted into the bay on the southern edge of the town where the highway turns sharply to the west, brought scores of visitors from Tacoma and Seattle. A hotel — recently restored as a private home by an extended Vashon family — was perched on that southern corner just above the wharf.

And topping it off was Vashon College, one of the first 10 colleges founded in the state, built in 1892 on the hillside to the west of Burton. A brick edifice, it was a going concern until 1906, when a dormitory fire demolished part of it. A crippling fire four years later proved its demise. So drop by Burton. Grab a cup of coffee. And be sure to say hi to Sandy.

Vashon’s Independent Choice



           !    !



Grades 4-8

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade


Carpe Diem is a well-established primary school on Vashon Island. Small class size, challenging curriculum, character education, and lots of enrichment make Carpe Diem a great place to learn! 2012-13 enrollment is full. We have started a wait list for 2013-2014.

through 3rd Grade


DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 43

information Vashon

Helpful information Though not far from Seattle, Vashon is a rural place with rural sensibilities. That means the two grocery stores close at 9 p.m. and there’s no bus service on Sunday. Here are a few other things you might find helpful. Note that the only area code on the island is 206.

Vashon Island Fire & Rescue 10020 S.W. Bank Rd 463-2405 | Emergency: 911 Vashon Island Fire & Rescue is equipped to handle major emergencies and has the cooperation of the ferry system and local medical helicopters.

King County Sheriff’s Office 19021 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-3618 | Emergency: 911 The local sheriff’s station is located south of town in Courthouse Square.

Medical Clinics Vashon has several clinics that

provide care for islanders and visitors when health needs arise. You can reach Vashon Health Center at 463-3671, Vashon Plaza Medical Clinic at 463-3696, Chad Magnuson Family Medicine at 463-5401 and Vashon Women’s Health Center at 463-2777. Naturopathic physicians are available at Vashon Natural Medicine at 463-4778, Maxwell Family Practice at 463-1480 and Vashon Plaza Medical Clinic.

Post offices There are two on Vashon. The downtown office (463-5134) is located on S.W. 178th Street. Another is in the core of Burton on Vashon Highway.

Whales / Marine Life Support marine mammal research by promptly calling the Vashon Hydrophone Project at 463-9041 if you spot a whale. VHP also handles calls about injured or dead marine mammals.

Made on Vashon The Meadow Creature Broadfork, endorsed by farmers, gardeners and MOTHER EARTH NEWS, is the best tool for hand-tilling. Opens up beds so water and nutrients can reach plant roots, easier on your back than a spade. Guaranteed for life. TM

Now at Vashon True Value. We also provide design solutions and abrasive waterjet cutting for art, architecture, signage and machine parts.

New to the island? Here are a few important things to know Restrooms Public restrooms are located in the Village Green, Dockton Park, Jensen Park, Ober Park, the Vashon Library and the north-end ferry terminal.

Tides For information on tides on Vashon, visit, go to “Washington� and click “Burton� or “Tahlequah.� For information on red tides, visit gis/mogifs/biotoxin or call 800-5625632.

Chamber of Commerce New in town? Visit the Chamber of Commerce office at 17141 Vashon Hwy. S.W., across the street from Ober Park and right next to The Beachcomber offices. The chamber is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Saturday. For more information, call the chamber at 463-6217 or visit its website at

8JOHT#JSETFFE$PNQBOZ 4 &&% t4 6&5 t' &&%&3 4 t# 00,4 ( " 3 %&/ " 35 . 03 &


Weds-Sat 8 to 5 & Sun Noon to 4 99231/2 SW 178th4USFFUtOFYUUP7BTIPO*TMBOE#JDZDMFT


Meadow Creature LLC Vashon Island, WA


Limit one coupon QFSDVTUPNFS Not good with PUIFSPGGFST


Vashon automotive

Automotive ServicesĂ› On Vashon

Need auto help while visiting Vashon? The island has great mechanics, towing services, even a place where one can rent a car. Vashon also has public transportation: King County Metro runs buses on Vashon every day but Sunday.


Light & Heavy Duty Flatbed Carrier Auto Repair A/C Repair, Tire Sales and Service Fuel Sales


463-9106 17224 Vashon Hwy SW 10#PYt7BTIPO 8BTIJOHUPO

463-9277 DIAGNOSTIC & REPAIR SERVICE, INC. Full Service Auto Repair & Towing Lock Out & Emergency Road Service

SINCE 1951


Serving Vashon since 1989

Premier Collision Collision Repair and Glass Replacement Matt & Sadie Earsley 702 North 1st Street Tacoma, WA 98403

253.722.5225 PH 253.722.5223 FX 1.800.CARSTAR

Vashon Rental Cars, Inc. The Island’s Only Rental Car

463-RENT or call DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 45




sary! Anniver



MEMBER Better Business BureauÂŽ Oregon & Western Washington





206 935-1575 425 454-3036 206 362-3278 206 870-1661 4126 AIRPORT WAY SOUTH SEATTLE, WA 98108

Kurt & Scott MacMillan Family Owned and Operated

Providing Personal Service From Start to Finish


Vashon island style What does an islander look like?

A portrait of Vashon How brightly does the fashion spotlight shine on Vashon? At first glance, islanders may seem like a denim, fleece and flannel kind of crowd. But take a closer look and you’ll see that the people of this fair isle adorn themselves with a rich array of costumes, colors and coiffures. And so, with a nod to Bill Cunningham’s celebrated “On the Street” column in The New York Times, we asked photographer Michele AnneLouise Cohen to capture some of the stylish folk of Vashon. Who showed up for the photo sessions? To name just a few, a robed monk, a kilt-clad piper, a decked-out hairdresser, an extreme cyclist, cutting-edge

kids, supermoms in their pajamas, opera and rock stars, overthe-top artsy types, straw-hatted farmers and one adorable baby in cowboy boots. But the common theme of the portrait sessions turned out to be about the human spirit — and how a diverse group of islanders quite literally wears their passions on their sleeves. And by the time the camera stopped clicking, we found ourselves wishing we could have captured even more fashions and faces in this celebration of a community that looks like none other.

Vashon Opera stars Andrew and Jennifer Krikawa

— Elizabeth Shepherd

Photos by Michele AnneLouise Cohen Studio space donated by Ignition Gallery

Farmers Jasper and Will Forrester

Rower Avalon Koenig

Turn the page for our photo spread Michele AnneLouise Cohen is a photographer living on Vashon. Before arriving here, she worked for the Naples Daily News in Florida. She can be reached at washedlikeadish@

Green Certified

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✶ Computerized matcutter (many design options) ✶ Creative design suggestions ✶ Custom ordering of prints & posters

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DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 47

island style Vashon

Art lovers Joy and Chai Mann

Singer/songwriter Ian Moore and his son Max

Shopkeeper Claudia Sahagun and Julian

Middle school thespian Quinn McTighe

Musician and nurseryman John Browne

Cheerleader/wrestler Julie Wilson

Child advocate Diane Brenno

Videographer/farmer Andrew Plotsky

Cyclist and illustrator Bruce Morser 4th-grader Jose Sahagun

Musician and firefighter Jason Everett 48 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Mothers of four, Jill and Trish Dziko

Tattoo artist Paco Rollins, Laura Rollins and Shorty

Russian Orthodox Priest Father Tryphon

Vashon island style

Forest kindergarten founder Erin Kenny Middle schoolers Mary Lawrence and Kavi Rana Conservationist and dog rescuer Amy Carey, with Cita

Arts administrator Janice Randall

Piper John Dally

Salon owner Sarah St. Germain, Dwayne Mitchell and Zeona

Shop owner Bettie Edwards

Soccer player Diego Gray-Wishik Barista Meredith Harton

Actress and singer Elizabeth Ripley Gallery owner Lisa Hurst

Performer Steffon Moody

Grocer Brian Henderson

Barista Laura Downey

Folksinger Kat Eggleston DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 49



Visit our website:

Vashon Park District offices are located in the Ober Park Community Center, 17130 Vashon Highway SW. Our offices are open MondayFriday 8a-4p. Phone: 463-9602 Fax: 463-9614 Parks are open Dawn to Dusk. No smoking. No alcohol without permit/insurance. No removal or destruction of park property.

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50 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

John L. Scott/Vashon

topickids tab

Fun abounds for kids In the age of endless electronic entertainment and jam-packed schedules, Vashon is a place to unplug and take in life’s simpler pleasures. Pick a park or beach, pack a picnic and spend the afternoon playing catch, building sand castles or lying on your back, watching the clouds overhead. With its beaches, woods and parks, Vashon is the perfect playground for kids of all ages. Here are a few ideas. Mike Urban Photo

Take a dip

Kids splash at the Vashon Pool, owned and managed by the Vashon Park District.

The Vashon Pool, owned by the island’s small park district, opens on May 28, 2012, with a pool party from 1 to 4 p.m. After that, it’s open daily until 8 p.m., closing for the season in early September. The pool has a curlicue slide, diving board and plenty of pool toys. It’s also affordable — daily admission is $5 and a family season pass is $350. Individual and group lessons are available, too. Call the pool at 463-3787 for more information. The pool is located at 9600 S.W. 204th St. next to the high school. For the brave of heart and those who prefer to take to the open waters, head to Dockton Park and jump off the dock. Locals say it’s the warmest water in the Sound.

BMX trails. BMX and disc golf are free. The skate park charges a small fee. Bring your own equipment. It’s located at 10500 S.W. 228th St. in Burton. See for details.

Go camping Vashon has only one place to camp (unless you are traveling by kayak) — the 10-acre AYH Ranch Campground at 12119 Cove Rd. Families can pitch a tent on its expansive meadow or sleep in one of its teepees or covered wagons. The campground, open May through September, borders Fisher Pond’s nature preserve with miles of hiking trails. Call 463-2592 or visit

Head to the park Ober Park, at the north edge of town next to the Vashon Library, is an excellent choice and was even once handed the Seattle Weekly’s Reader’s Choice award for Best Children’s Playground. Other play areas include Dockton Park, with play equipment feet from the beach, and Chautauqua Elementary School’s play equipment, which also offers basketball hoops.

Skateboard at BARC The Burton Adventure Recreation Center — or BARC — is the park district’s “alternative park,” offering a supervised indoor skateboard and in-line skate facility, a nine-hole disc golf course and

Bob Webster handyman service

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(206) 408-7155

17504 Vashon Hwy SW (Next to Bob’s Bakery)

DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 51

West Seattle

You’re only minutes away! The These West Seattle merchants are just a ferry ride away from Vashon.


VOLVO, SAAB, SUBARU OR MINI FREE shuttle to/from ferry (and loaner cars) AAA Approved

7901 35th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98126


Tuesday-Thursday 10-8pm Friday-Sunday 10-5pm Closed Mondays 206-935-2010

Inspiring Your Creativity

5633 California Ave SW Seattle 98136

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.® Call me for all your insurance needs. Terry Gangon 4727 44th Ave. SW, Ste#100 Seattle, WA 98116

(206) 935-9955 State Farm Insurance Companies Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois

52 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013



Vashon’s mural captures 100 years of island life In 2008, a lanky island painter named Will Forrester was given a commission. U.S. Bank asked him to capture a century of island life on a 38-foot board that would hang on the north side of its building in town. Forrester took his task seriously. He spent months researching, unearthing old photos that contained images his artist’s eye found interesting. He set up shop in a warehouse — a place big enough to accommodate his huge canvas — then began the arduous process of first sketching, then painting his scene. In a decidedly Vashon touch, he brought in children toward the end; they painted the birds that border his mural. Forrester’s painting is now a centerpiece of the town and to take a close look at it is

Leslie Brown Photo

A crowd gathers for the unveiling of the mural in April 2009.

to drink in island history. It includes the beginning of EuroAmerican life on Vashon, depicting not only the pioneers but also Native American Lucy Gerand, whose stories provided some of the best oral histories of those early days. Betty MacDonald, the beloved author of “The Egg and I,” is there, next to B.D. Mukai, a Japanese-American strawberry

farmer who left the island in 1942, just before the federal internment order. So is the island’s first librarian, Marjorie Stanley, magazine publisher Bill Spiedel and Terkel Hansen, a resilient banker who kept the doors open in 1929, when other banks fell apart. Vashon’s sometimes bucolic, oft-times hard-scrabble history is captured in this colorful mural. An annotated description can be found on the east side of U.S. Bank.

Visiting Vashon? Tune to 1650 AM Voice of Vashon in a


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NEWS ADVICE What to do if you’re stuck on an Island SE"WF48t7BTIPO8" DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 53

calendar Vashon

Enjoy the island all year long Calendar of events June 1 First Friday Gallery Cruise. Artist receptions. Most galleries are open from 6 to 9 p.m. Free. 1 Main Street: Vashon Highway from The Heights to Tahlequah. This exhibit will open then show until Sept. 23 at the Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum. 2 An Evening with Michael Tomlinson. This Northwest singer and songwriter is known for his friendly stage demeanor, sense of humor and kindness. 7 to 9 p.m. at the Blue Heron. 8 Ian Moore in Concert. Moore will perform with Grand Marais, which blends punk, dance and acoustic folk music. 8 to 10 p.m. at the Blue Heron. 16 Water Daze. Try kayaking and rowing for free. 1 to 4 p.m. at Jensen Point. 23 Concert in the Park. Avaaza and Manooghi Hi will perform world music. 6:30 p.m. at Ober Park. Free. 23 and 24 Vashon Allied Arts Garden Tour. Experience five outdoor Island gardens, sit in on seminars and enjoy live music in the gardens. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For tickets, call 463-5131. 30 Skate Park Concert & Family Carnival. See www.vashonparkdistrict. org for details. 2 to 6 p.m. at the Burton Adventure Recreation Center. 30 Vashon Ultramarathon & Trail Run. Run a 50k or 10-mile route mostly on Vashon’s woodland trails. See www. for details. 8:30 a.m. at Paradise Ridge Park. 30 Caulk the Rock and the Solar Home Tour. WisEnergy’s third annual energy fair will feature experts on weatherization, alternative energy, green building, water conservation and more. There will also be food, music and maps for the solar tour. Caulk the Rock 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Island Lumber parking lot; solar tour 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

July 4 Low Tide Celebration. Enjoy one of the lowest tides of the year, complete with music, food and children’s activities. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Point Robinson. 5, 6 & 7 Shakespeare in the Park: The Merchant of Venice. 7 p.m. at Ober Park. Free. 6 First Friday Gallery Cruise. Artist receptions. Most galleries are open from 6 to 9 p.m. Free. 20 to 22 Strawberry Festival. Vashon’s annual summer festival includes a parade on Saturday, a classic car parade on Sunday, a carnival, plenty of music and more. See page 16 for details. 26 Concert in the Park. Adrian Xavier’s reggae band will light up the night. 7 p.m. at Ober Park. Free.

August 2 Concert in the Park. Alma Villegas and her Latin Band Azucar will heat up the night. 7 p.m. at Ober Park. Free.

HOUSECLEANING O R G A NI Z IN G & M O R E Let me help you “green up” your home with green home product services. Bathrooms t Kitchens t Floors t Dusting Cobwebs t Barns t Real estate clean up t Move in/out Garden Weeding t Watering Organizing t Closets t Drawers t Pantries Experience – Attention to detail – Great rates & References Call Karilyn (206) 463-9587 t 54 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Alex de Grassi plays Aug. 11.

3 First Friday Gallery Cruise. Artist receptions. Most galleries are open from 6 to 9 p.m. Free. 5 Heart of the Sound Triathlon. Swim, bike and run in the annual event. Kids can compete, too. See for more information. 9:30 a.m. at Jensen Point. 11 Alex de Grassi in Concert. A stellar guitarist, de Grassi will perform on the island. 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the Blue Heron. 16 Concert in the Park. Global Heat will energize the waning days of summer with hip-hop music and dancers. 7 p.m. at Ober Park. Free. 19 Engels Annual Vashon Island Car Show. A variety of cars will be on display, from classic restored vehicles, to hot rod muscle cars. No prizes given, but plenty of food and music. 11 a.m. at Engels Repair & Towing. 25 Vashon Island Salmon Derby. All ages are invited to fish for salmon in support of Vashon’s Interfaith Council to Prevent Homelessness. Midnight to noon, prizes awarded at 1 p.m. at Dockton Park.

Vashon calendar September 7 First Friday Gallery Cruise. Artist receptions. Most galleries are open from 6 to 9 p.m. Free. 15 Passport to Pain. Brave bicyclists take on a challenging course with 10,000 feet of elevation gain over 76 miles. Shorter courses will also be available. 8 a.m. at Jensen Point. 14, 16 Vashon Opera performs “Cosi Fan Tutte.” The opera’s 2012 series opens with this work by Mozart. 8 p.m. Friday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Vashon High School. 14, 15 and 16 Vashon Sheepdog Classic. Learn the ins and outs of sheepdog herding when sheepdogs come from across the United States to compete. Dawn till dusk at Old Mill Road and 220th Street. See page 36 for details. 21 and 22 Vashon Allied Arts Art Auction. Two evenings of art, food and entertainment in support of island arts. 6 to 10 p.m. at the Blue Heron.

7 Arts & Humanities Series. The series will open with art historian Rebecca Albiani discussing work at the Seattle Art Museum. 7 p.m. at the Blue Heron. 13 CiderFest. The daylong event will include cider pressing, youth events, hard cider tasting and a barn dance. 19 Chamber Music Series. Musicians Rowena Hamill, Doug Davis and guests will open the chamber music series. 7:30 p.m. at the Blue Heron. 31 Community Trick or Treat. Island merchants open their shops to trick-ortreaters. 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

30 Winterfest Weekend Begins. Enjoy the best of Vashon on a winter weekend, and on Saturday night, take in the Santa parade, tree lighting and community celebration.

December 1, 2, 8 and 9 Holiday Art Studio Tour. Island artists open their studios to the public. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

November 2 First Friday Gallery Cruise. Artist receptions. Most galleries are open from 6 to 9 p.m. Free. 30 First Friday Gallery Cruise. December’s gallery cruise will take place in November. Most galleries will be open from 6 to 9 p.m. Free.

The art studio tour is part of Winterfest.

October 5 First Friday Gallery Cruise. Artist receptions. Most galleries are open from 6 to 9 p.m. Free. 5 Passion in the Dirt: 60 Years with the Vashon Garden Club. This exhibit will open then run until Feb. 17 at the VashonMaury Island Heritage Museum.

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VAA’s auction takes place Sept. 21-22 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 55

farmers market Vashon

Ray Pfortner Photo (left) / Ralph Moore Photos (center, right)


from the Farmers Market

If you want a hit of island life, visit the Farmers Market in the heart of town on any Saturday. The place, even under gray skies but especially when the sun is out, is full of life. The produce is about as local as it gets — it all comes from small, family-run farms on Vashon, often just a few miles away. Two other vendors — Midlife Crisis Farms and Quality Seafood — offer sustainably harvested fish and grass-fed lamb, pork and beef. Other stands sell islandgrown flowers, hand-made soaps, beachglass jewelry, wooden bowls and spoons and hand-crafted caramels. All told, some 40 vendors sell vegetables, crafts and flowers, all of them local.

Savory treats baked by island bakeries and spicy Mexican fare from Zamorana’s taco truck are sold. And every weekend this summer, expect to hear tunes by some of Vashon’s beloved local musicians. Farmers markets have become the norm in the Pacific Northwest. But Sheree Tomoson, a jewelery-maker who chairs the farmers market committee on Vashon, says she believes it’s the lively, eclectic flavor of the place that sets Vashon’s market apart. “I just feel like it really represents Vashon,” said Tomoson, who grew up on the island. “There’s a sense of community that’s been created by this market.” Vashon family farmers are working hard to restore and sustain the island’s rich

If you go The Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Village Green, a small park in the heart of town. It will continue until Dec. 10, but will likely move to the Vashon High School cafeteria in November. Consider these special events, when the market celebrates some rich island traditions. July 7: Lavender Harvest Celebration September 8: Family Harvest Fair October 6: Cider Fest November 17: Pumpkin Pie Contest agricultural heritage. Meet the men and women behind this important local effort and get tips on preparing the season’s freshest produce.

Visit Vashon’s lavender farms Drink in the fragrance and beauty of lavender at two of Vashon’s lovely lavender farms this summer. On the south end, Lavender Hill Farm will open its U-pick operation from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily for the month of July. The graceful spread overlooking Quartermaster Harbor will also sell a variety of lavender-inspired gifts, including soaps, oil and sachets. 10425 S.W. 238th St. On the north end, 7 Strand Gardens will also be open for U-pick from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; the season will end in mid-August. The garden’s popular lavender-mint tea and handembroidered sachets will be for sale. 10025 S.W. 122nd Pl. 56 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Vashon restaurants Restaurants

Enjoy the island’s many flavors What’s cooking on Vashon? A lot, it turns out. The island boasts two Mexican restaurants, some great American fare, Asian and Indian food, hearty burgers and more. Here’s a listing of some of the many fine eateries on Vashon. Bon appetit!

Bob’s Bakery This anchor in the heart of town has been a going concern for 25 years. It serves delicious baked goods — from rich cinnamon rolls to gluten-free muffins — organic bread made from grains milled at the bakery, pies and cakes. It also offers several lunch and dinner items, including pizza, sandwiches and soups. 7506 Vashon Hwy S.W. 463-1441. 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon.-Sat., extending to Sunday in June.

CafÊ Luna An island institution, CafÊ Luna is a classic coffee house — a bustling place with comfy couches, free wi-fi and some of the best coffee on the island. It also serves scones, brownies and other baked goods made right at the cafe, as well as soup, paninis, breakfast sandwiches and a great organic salad. Beer and wine are available. 9924 S.W. Bank Rd. 463-0777. 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sun.

Casa Bonita This small, family-run restaurant is a favorite among families, offering up heaping platters of food in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Its menu includes homemade tamales, mol-

Vashon Tea Shop 206-463-5202

B ri


. Enjoy r B i n , g , k o d a n F e i r o B a

cajete or Mexican stew, vegetarian entrees and a nice tortilla soup. On Sundays, children’s meals are $1.79. 17623 100th Ave. S.W. 463-6452. 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Green Ginger Chinese Cuisine Green Ginger serves nicely seasoned Asian fare. The menu is vast, offering both vegetarian and meat dishes. The Mongolian beef is particularly good, as are the shrimp curry, szech-


Organic Teas-Coffees Light meals-Desserts-Unique gifts Vegan/gluten-free options available

Open Everyday 10am–5pm

New O wner



Monday - Saturday 11am - 9pm Sunday 12pm - 9pm air conditioned - banquets - beer & wine


Hand Tossed Gourmet/Traditional Pasta & Salads Ribs & Wings Beer Garden/Lounge Fireplace Families Welcome Lunch & Dinner Open Tuesday – Saturday

" - t

9851 SW Bank Road, Vashon Island

463-6813 17322 Vashon Hwy SW

DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 57

restaurants Vashon

uan-style green beans and almond chicken. 9851 S.W. Bank Rd. 463-7788. 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., noon to 9 p.m. Sun.

The Hardware Store Restaurant Located at Vashon’s busiest intersection, this lively eatery offers a fine selection of American-style fare — from premium steaks to gourmet burgers to flat-bread pizzas. It also has daily specials, vegetarian dishes and ample salads as well as an extensive wine list and full bar. It

serves breakfast until 2:30 p.m. daily. The restaurant is located, as the name suggests, in a former hardware store — Vashon’s oldest commercial building. A historic landmark, the restaurant retained many of the old store’s features, including its wide fir floors and high ceilings. 17601 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-1800. 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sun.-Thurs., 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fri.-Sat., with a latenight bar menu most nights.

La Boucherie This intimate restaurant adjacent

to a small cheese and meat market features unusual recipes laced with local ingredients. A recent menu — it changes frequently — included arugula and radishes with chèvre and rhubarb vinaigrette, lamb and olive ragu, seared savoy cabbage raab with andouille sausage and pork bolognese with housemade rigatoni. Much of the meat comes from animals raised on the island at Sea Breeze Farm; islander George Page owns both the farm and restaurant. A regional draw, La Boucherie has captured the attention of serious food-lovers. Reservations are recommended. 17635 100th Ave. S.W. 567-4628. 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. Wed.-Sat., with lunch service 11:30 to 2:30 p.m. Sat.

La Playa This cozy Mexican restaurant on the north end of the island holds a special distinction: It’s Vashon’s only waterfront eatery. A lively spot with an extensive menu, it serves all the favorites — from nachos lathered with cheese and beans to chili rellenos, traditional Mexican stew and a

Premier Live Entertainment


Call For Tickets

206.463.5959 Located in downtown Vashon on Vashon Hwy.

Pool Tables 58 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

17618 Vashon Hwy SW Vashon Island, WA

Serving Lunch & Dinner

Vashon restaurants special Vashon burrito. Check out its seafood selection — where you’ll find dishes featuring scallops, prawns, crab and halibut. La Playa has a full bar, an espresso machine and free wi-fi. In the summer, enjoy its small deck overlooking Puget Sound. 10824 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 567-0020. 11 a.m to 10 p.m. daily.

Mileta Creek Restaurant The only restaurant on Maury Island, Mileta Creek is part of the Vashon Golf & Swim Club, perched above the rolling golf course with views of Quartermaster Harbor. For years, it operated under another name and was open only to club members. This year, it changed its name, revamped its menu and opened to the public. Mileta Creek offers a wide range of American fare — salmon, pork, fish and chips, pasta and more; it also has a full bar and an extensive wine list. In the summer, its large deck will open. 24615 75th Ave. S.W. 463-9410. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Tues.Thurs., 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Fri-Sat., 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Sun.

CASA BONITA Mexican Restaurant

Lunch & Dinner Daily 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. –Summer Hours– Fri. & Sat. open til 11 p.m.

(206) 463-6452 17623 100th Ave SW Vashon, WA 98070

Breakfast Lunch Live Entertainment

0QFOEBZTBXFFLrBNmBN Family run business for over 30 years

Nirvana An Indian restaurant located at Vashon’s busiest intersection, this spacious eatery serves authentic Indian cuisine. Lamb, chicken and seafood in rich sauces are its mainstay, as well as a rich selection of appetizers — including pakoras, samosas and garlic naan. New to

17611 Vashon Hwy SW ★ Where the Locals Go!

All listings shown are paid advertisers.

Mon-Fri 5am-5pm Sat 7:30am-3pm Sun 8:00am-2pm

Drive-up Espresso Salads Sandwiches Wraps Baked Goods Yogurt fruit cup with granola Don’t forget to get your “Frequent Buyer� Card double-punched on Sundays and Mondays. Swing through AJ’s Espresso today! Conveniently located on Vashon Hwy SW on the north end of town

DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 59

restaurants Vashon its menu are dosas, a southern Indian delicacy served with coconut chutney. Sit on the floor on pillows or in a spacious booth. It has a full bar, wine and beer. 17526 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-4455. 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m. Tues.-Sat., 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sun.

Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi This roomy restaurant in the heart of town offers both American fare and sushi, with a classic menu that features salads, several types of burgers, steaks and seafood. There are at least two dozen different sushi rolls to choose from, and several Islanders who claimed not to like sushi have been won over by sampling a Red Bicycle sushi roll. The adjoining bar has two pool tables and serves a limited bar menu until 2 a.m. There is live music every weekend. 17618 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-5959. 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sun.-Thur. (lounge open until midnight), 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fri.-Sat. (lounge open until 2 a.m.)

The Rock Island Pub & Pizza


WiFi – Wine – Beer Local & Organic ingredients are used to create our savory and sweet menu items. 9924 SW Bank Rd


60 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Known by locals as The Rock, this hopping restaurant has pizza as well as salads, pasta dishes and, at lunch time, subs. Its specialty pizzas are inventive and popular; consider the spicy Thai chicken pizza, the Burton Blaster, with bacon, red onions and gorgonzola cheese, or the Mexican-inspired tostada pizza. The restaurant has a full bar and several beers on tap. It also has a cozy fireplace and a large-screen TV. 17322 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-6813. 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tues.-Sat.

Vashon restaurants Snapdragon

Vashon Eagles #3144

Vashon Pizza

This popular eatery on the south end of town offers hearty vegetarian food — soups, salads and pizzas — as well as delicious pastries, rustic breads, wine and beer on tap. At night, the fare will be lighter — cheese plates and sweet potato fries, for instance. It’s a local hang-out, much-loved because of the warmth and generosity of its owners, Adam Cone and Megan Hastings-Cone. Check out its flower-bedecked patio in the summer. 17817 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-1310. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wed.-Sun.

Vashon’s chapter of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles is open to the public for dinner weeknights, lunch on Thursday and breakfast on Sunday. The dinner menu varies nightly, usually offering one item — tacos on Tuesday, burgers on Wednesday and prime rib on Fridays. Breakfasts include a wide range of items — steak and eggs, a breakfast burrito and the popular Eagle Slam, to name a few. 18134 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-5477. noon to 10 p.m. Mon.-Thurs., noon to midnight Fri.-Sat., 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sun.

Vashon Pizza is the only restaurant on the Island that delivers, and they’ll go anywhere for $3 to $5, depending on the distance. They also have calzones, cheese bread and cupcakes for dessert. Try the “Price Destroyer,� a souped-up supreme pizza with three meats, three veggies, garlic and double cheese. 17639 100th Ave. S.W. 567-4992 (56-PIZZA). 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mon.Thur. (closed Tues.), 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fri., noon to 9 p.m. Sat. and noon to 8 p.m. Sun.

Sporty’s Sporty’s is a popular, down-home breakfast spot and bar. Heaping diner-style breakfasts are Sporty’s specialty, though the cook can also oblige smaller orders. Its pancakes fill an entire plate. It also has a bar and a limited bar menu and sometimes has live music at night. 17611 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-0940. Open 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily. Full breakfast from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Limited bar menu from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Authentic Indian Cuisine In The Heart of Vashon Island Reservations or Take Out


Full Bar and Catering 17526 Vashon Highway SW, Vashon, WA 98070

Great Food! Great Prices! Great People! Don’t miss our locally known... MONDAY Dinners 5–7pm TACO Tuesdays

Vashon’s Farm-to-Table Restaurant

Hard or Soft Shell or Taco Salad 5–7pm



17635 100th Ave SW 206.567.GOAT

BURGER Wednesdays Our “Eagle Burgerâ€? is 1/2lb. premium beef with fries or onion rings Don’t forget‌ Sunday Night Family-style Dinners!

THURSDAY Lunch 11–1pm PRIME RIB Fridays Best price in town! 6pm ’til it’s gone

SUNDAY Breakfast Cooked to order! 9am–12 noon

Non-members always welcome!

VASHON EAGLES #3144 18134 Vashon Hwy SW

206.463.5477 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 61

restaurants Vashon Vashon Tea Shop The Tea Shop serves tea, of course; in fact, it offers dozens to choose from. But it also serves much more — including espresso drinks, pastries and light lunch items. The shop’s miso soup is delicious, as are its sushi bowls with brown rice, quiche, Japanese pickled vegetables and smoked salmon. New to the menu are glutenfree cookies and gluten-free scones. The shop also sells colorful teapots, French presses, candles and cards. 17610 Vashon Hwy. S.W. 463-5202. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie & Minglement The roasterie is located in a centuryold building, with floors made from old-growth fir, wide paned windows and an inviting front porch. As the name suggests, the roasterie roasts its own coffee beans; it also has several coffee-related antiques, making up its “coffee museum.” The food includes a wide range of lunch-style options — sandwiches, salads, soups and dips, all made with organic ingredients. It also sells organic produce and other healthy

NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! Newly launched and immediately adjacent to the 9th hole, Maury Island’s only full service restaurant and lounge

Reservations & Hours 206-463-2005 Stop in for a frosty beer or glass of champagne, wide choice of foods & special menu for KIDS! Well-appointed Banquet facilities for 50 to 200. 24615 SW 75th Ave., Vashon, WA 98070

62 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

grocery items. It is located at Center, a historic area at the crossroads of Vashon Highway and Cemetery Road. 19529 Vashon Hwy S.W. 463-9800. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sun.

Editor’s note: Restaurants paid to be included in these listings, which were written by Beachcomber staff.



What’s on tap?

Where to get a glass of Cliff’s Lawrence Huggins Photo

Cliff Goodman takes a sip of his hand-crafted brew at The Hardware Store Restaurant, one of many Vashon eateries that carries it on tap.

A new hand-crafted brew makes the scene By NATALIE JOHNSON


or Islander Cliff Goodman, brewing beer isn’t just a hobby or a business — it’s an art.

“There’s something magical about brewing beer,” Goodman said, standing outside the small brewing building at his home one day. “To me, it’s amazing to take hops and malted barley water and yeast and make it into something different.” Goodman, the owner of Vashon Brewing Company, carefully selects the ingredients he uses — hops from Eastern Washington

and other ingredients mostly grown in the state — to hand-craft different flavors of beer and sometimes experiment for unique tastes. “Flowery, earthy, spicy, all different flavors and aromas,” he said with a smile. “I really like playing around with them.” Goodman has sold his beer on the Island only since last winter, but Vashon Brewing Company’s beers — which locals often call simply “Cliff’s Beer” — have received a resoundingly positive reception on the island. The beer is now available at several restaurants around town, and it’s sold at the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie both by the

Vashon Brewing Company beer is available at The Hardware Store Restaurant, Rock Island Pub and Pizza, Nirvana, Snapdragon and the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie. It is also available in quart-sized bottles at the Roasterie and seasonally at the Vashon Farmers Market.

glass and in refillable quart-sized bottles to take home. The beer is a hot seller at The Hardware Store Restaurant, where it often taps out, and during the first few weekends of the Farmers Market, Goodman sold every bottle he had. “They seem to love it, and that’s what makes this fun,” he said. “I really enjoy brewing beer that people really enjoy and appreciate.” Goodman, 55, first began brewing in his garage about 20 years ago, just before moving to Vashon. Friends raved about how much they loved his home brew, Goodman said. But he didn’t think of takDESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 63



supporting a ing his hobby local entreto the next level preneur who’s until a couple of creating a qualyears ago, when ity product,” he he donated a said. case of his beer to an auction to Islanders benefit Vashon will find difCommunity ferent types of Care. The beer “Cliff’s Beer” quickly garnered at different top bids. restaurants, as each business “It turned out Natalie Johnson Photo has different to be really popGoodman sometimes grows his own hops. preferences and ular,” he said. Goodman is Goodman, at constantly rotating his stouts, porters and the time, was an empty nester who was IPAs. growing tired of commuting to his finance And the beer’s flavor will also depend job in Seattle. His children had recently on the time of year. Goodman likes to graduated from college, so he had a little brew seasonally, meaning beers he makes more time and money on hand, he said, in the winter are usually heavier and have and it seemed the perfect time to start a more hops, while summertime brews are small business. And so he began the long lighter and might have flavors of citrus. and complex process of constructing a small outbuilding to brew beer in and Goodman also enjoys using island licensing the operation outside his home ingredients when he can. One of his and near Quartermaster Harbor. his wife’s favorite brews is an alder-smoked Goodman has since stepped down from porter, which Goodman makes by coldhis off-island job and now devotes his time smoking barley, often using scraps of alder harvested right on Vashon. to making one to four batches of beer a week. Technically, his business is a nano“It has a smokier flavor that I really brewery — a notch down from a microlike,” he said. “It adds extra complexity brewery, which can produce 10 or more and gives it a little Northwest flavor.” batches at a time. Now that he’s established his business, Nanobreweries are a growing trend, Goodman says he is often asked when he’s Goodman said. Home-brewing products going to expand and perhaps take his beer are becoming easier to get, and small off the island. For now, though, he’s happy operations are popping up all over the with his small-scale brewery, serving just state and the country, run by people who Vashon. love to brew but don’t want to do it on a “You’re never going to find Cliff’s Beer large scale. on the East Coast,” he said. “Or Seattle, “I’m not ready to retire, but I was defifor that matter.” nitely tired of the five-day-a-week commute,” he said. “This is a happy medium for me.” Natalie Hardware Store Restaurant manJohnson ager Alex Van Amburg spoke highly of is a Beachcomber Goodman’s beer, calling it comparable, if reporter who has lived not better, than the beers the restaurant on the island two years. She studied carries from larger breweries. Plus, Van journalism at Amburg said, the restaurant is thrilled to Whitworth University offer another local product. and has embraced island life by becoming “(Vashon has) a lot of wineries. It’s a Vashon Beach about time we had a brewery on the Naturalist. Island. … The real appeal is that we’re 64 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Wine tastings on Vashon Vashon boasts a small but vibrant collection of award-winning vintners, some of whom are using local grapes to produce their vintages. The island has also begun producing hard ciders. Two wineries are open for tastings. Palouse Winery produces 1,000 cases of wine a year. The grapes — from five vineyards in Eastern Washington — are crushed on site then aged in French oak barrels. Its rieslings, merlots, syrahs and cabernets have won several awards and attracted regional attention; the Seattle Wine Blog named Palouse one of the 15 best winemakers in the state. The winery, run by longtime islanders George and Linda Kirkish, is open for samples every weekend from noon to 5 p.m. Private tasting parties can also be arranged. It’s located at 12431 Vashon Hwy., just a mile south of the north-end ferry terminal. Visit its website at Vashon Winery — located at 10317 S.W. 156th St. on the north end of the island — also offers tastings; it’s open from 2 to 5 p.m. weekends from April 1 to Oct. 1. The winery is owned and operated by longtime vintner Ron Irvine, who makes some of his wines from Vashon-grown grapes — including a limited-quantity pinot noir. For his other wines, he uses primarily Bordeaux varieties — cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet Franc, malbec and Semillon. Irvine will also release a hard cider this year, made with apples from Vashon and other parts of Western Washington. Vashon Winery will host three concerts this summer — the Island Jazz Quartet on July 7, Danny O’Keefe on Aug. 4 and an afternoon of music, called “Uncorked and Unplugged,” on Aug. 18. It also offers wine tastings at Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie once a month. Visit its website, www., for details.

Vashon quirky Vashon

Quirky Vashon

A few things worth checking out

Throw 11,000 souls onto an island in the maritime Northwest served only by ferries, and strange things evolve over time. So it is on Vashon, home to the bike in the tree, the John Deere Pond and the Jesus Barn. Here are a few places you might want to visit, some quirkier than others. The bike in the tree, Ray Pfortner Photo behind Sound Food on Vashon Highway, has been a curiosity for years and a mecca for many tourists, made famous by Berkeley Breathed’s book “Red Ranger Came Calling.” How did it get there? Turns out Don Puz left it there when he was a kid in 1954. He didn’t like the bike very well, so he ditched it next to a tree while playing in the woods one day. There it still sits, encased, now, in that tree. Travel to Maury around Christmas and you’re likely to see a wintertime delight — a tow truck at Engels Repair & Towing outlined by hundreds of colorful lights. Those on the wheels flash, making the wheels look like they’re endlessly turning. The John Deere Pond, shaped, of course, like the famous logo on a certain brand of tractors, is another December must-see, when it’s outlined in 1,200 feet of Christmas lights, with a big red one for the deer’s nose. It’s quite a sight — the carefully deer-shaped pond measures 150 feet. Built by brothers William and Harold Mann 17 years ago, the pond is found on the 11800 block of Cemetery Road, between Vashon Highway and the Westside Highway. The Jesus Barn at the corner of S.W. 204th St. and 111th Ave. S.W. was once the epicenter of the island’s famed hippie culture. The words were painted on the side of the old barn in the 1960s, and it soon became a place name and directional, as in, “take a left at the Jesus Barn.” Sometime in the 1970s, it collapsed, and in 2005 it was reborn when owners Craig and Jennifer Sutherland rebuilt it. And while not so quirky, certainly delightful is the barn on the corner of Cemetery Road and 87th Avenue S.W., where artist Annie Brulé was commissioned to paint a replica of a 1920 advertisement for “Vashon Chickens.” The vintage white, blue and yellow depiction suggests an earlier era, when this corner of the island was a 40-acre Chris Beck Photo chicken farm.

Join us for your 103rd VASHON ISLAND

Strawberry Festival JULY 20, 21, 22, 2012

Engles Annual Vashon Island Car Show August 19, 2012 Ciderfest October 13, 2012 Trick-Or Treat Night October 31, 2012 Vashon Island Winterfest Weekend November 30, December 1-2, 2012 Spring Fling Egg Hunt March 30, 2013

Chamber of Commerce 206-463-6217 17141 Vashon Hwy SW, Suite A PO Box 1035, Vashon, WA 98070 email: DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 65

farm stands

Farm stands offer up a fresh bounty

Drive the back roads of Vashon, and you’ll come upon them: hand-painted signs boasting fresh kale, pole beans, sugar-snap peas, mixed greens, organic eggs, heirloom tomatoes and fingerling potatoes. Vashon’s many farm stands underscore the Island’s growing commitment to organic, small-scale agriculture. Some are run by families, others by a growing crop of young farmers determined to carve out sustainable lives for themselves. Many of these farmers extend their farm stand hours into the winter months. So be prepared to put on the brakes and stop for farm-fresh produce. You’ll be supporting a movement.

Country Store & Gardens

Langley Fine Gardens

Sea Breeze Farm/La Boucherie

Vy Biel 463-3655 20211 Vashon Hwy. S.W. Produce, plants and more

Matt and Leda Langley 463-3516 10012 S.W. 268th St. Produce

GreenMan Farm

Lavender Hill Farm

George Page 567-4628 17635 100th Ave. SW Dairy, eggs, meat, wine

Jasper and Will Forrester 567-4548 8800 S.W. Dilworth Rd. Produce, eggs, plant starts

Cathy MacNeal and Tom Dalzell 10425 S.W. 238th St. U-pick lavender in July

Hilltop Garden

Jen Parker 463-9002 23720 Dockton Rd. S.W. Produce, fruit, eggs, plant starts

Nistor Turca 13011 Vashon Hwy. S.W. Produce

Hogsback Farm Brian Lowry 463-0738 16530 91st Ave. S.W. Produce, eggs, plant starts

Island Meadow Farm

Pacific Crest Farm

Pacific Potager Farm and Nursery Michelle Crawford 463-2750 27918 Vashon Hwy. S.W. Plant starts, produce, eggs, flowers

Greg Reed, Caitlin Carnahan 463-6355 10301 S.W. Cemetery Rd. Produce, eggs, plant starts

Plum Forest Farm

LaBiondo Farm & Kitchen

Ravensong Farm

Karen Biondo 20602 111th Ave. S.W. Produce, plant starts, eggs

Lynanne Raven 12202 S.W. 153rd St. Produce, crafts

66 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Rob Peterson and Joanne Jewell 20020 107th Ave. S.W. Produce, fruit, eggs

Stop Sign Farm Deirdre Grace and Mark Wells 463-0595 14016 SW 240th St. Produce, eggs, culinary specialities

Sun Island Farm Joe and Celina Yarkin 463-0007 7330 S.W. 248th St. Produce, fruit, eggs

Tahoma View Farm Carolina Nurik 463-7216 Fruit, flowers. Call for availability

Wolftown and Yam Lamb Sheepp Co. T. Martino 463-9113 by appointment only g

Ray Pfortner Photo (left, right) / Karen Dale Photo (center)

Vashon accommodations

Home away from home

places to stay on Vashon

Vashon offers a wealth of accommodations. Charming cabins tucked in the woods. Spacious homes perched on the water’s edge. Historic cottages. Romantic B&Bs. Places that are kid-friendly, dog-friendly, even horse-friendly. So don’t just come for the day. Visit for a week or two and find out what it means to truly experience the relaxed pace of island life. Following is a list of some of Vashon’s many vacation rentals.

Rondi Lightmark Photo

Romance,Charm & Sunsets await you…

Newly Remodeled · Hot Tub View of Colvos Passage Beach Access You’ll feel right at home.

Last Resort Guest House 206.463.5286 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 67

accommodations Vashon A Beach Retreat

Betty MacDonald Farm

(206) 463-5329

(206) 567-4227 or (888) 328-6753

Andrios Guest House

Castle Hill Bed & Breakfast

(206) 817-4764 (#31704)

(206) 463-5491

A&E Bed & Breakfast

(206) 227-3564

Cottage Paradise

(206) 276-5136

Dilworth Point Bed & Breakfast

Artist’s Studio Loft B & B

(206) 550-7714

(206) 463-2583

AYH Ranch Campground

Eagle Heights Cottage Bed & Vegetables

(206) 463-2592

(206) 304-7188

Belle Baldwin House

Giraffe Guest Suite

(206) 463-9602

(206) 463-1372 Free

y *2-daum m i min

W iF


Northview Guest House

We have plenty of room and a view at our 2,000 sq. ft. guest house on Vashon Island!

Castle Hill B &B and Reservation Services 26734 94th Avenue Southwest Vashon, Washington 98070 (206)463-5491





The Swallow’s Nest

"/:/&45 w w



Romantic Island Getaway... Maury Cottage

...a bed and bath experience! An elegant, northwest-style guest cottage featuring: t8FTUJOTM)FBWFOMZ#FE t0GVSPTPBLJOHUVC t$IBSNJOHLJUDIFO t1SJWBUFPVUEPPSEJOJOHBSFB t3FMBYJOH QBTUPSBMWJFX



See Destination Vashon on our website:

topic tab Vashon accommodations

ANDRIOS GUEST HOUSE Vashon Island Retreat Dean Andrews

206-817-4764 #31704





DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 69

accommodations Vashon The Inn on Vashon

Lavender Duck Inn

(206) 463-5355

(206) 463-2592

Last Resort Guesthouse

Lavender Hill Farm

(206) 463-5286

(323) 376-6444

Artist’s Studio Loft B&B “Best Places to Kiss in NW” Fireplace Hot tub/Jacuzzi Spa Private Baths Private entrances Luxury Cottages Wonderful Gardens Light delicious Breakfast

Please call Direct for Reservations

(206) 463-2583 email:

Cindy Koch Photo

Built 1896

Three bedrooms (queen beds); one bedroom (twin beds), full guest kitchen, all rooms have private baths. Close to town, on bus line, newly remodeled Exceptional Value – $85 per room


Quiet one-bedroom suite with kitchenette, bath and private deck located on Burton Hill. (206) 276-5136 70 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

Wolf Glen Vacation Rental Getaway 2 Bedrooms + Loft 1.5 Baths Sleeps 4–6 Hot Tub


Vashon accommodations topic tab Maury Cottage

The Two Tides

(206) 463-4558

(206) 445-2412

Northview Guest House

Villa Vashon Suite

(206) 463-9181

(206) 650-0766

Our Island Beach Getaway

Wolf Glen Vacation Rental

(206) 463-1999

(206) 409-5579

Point Robinson Keeper’s Quarters (206) 463-9602

Swallow’s Nest Guest Cottages (800) ANY-NEST All listings shown are paid advertisers.

VACATION RENTAL Lavender Hill Farm 6 bedroom farmhouse available weekly and weekends views of harbor and Mt. Rainier

323-376-6444 Visit our lavender farm in July (see our ad on pg. 11)

DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 71



Take a walk in the woods

Island hikes

Vashon is a great place for a walk in the woods, with kids in tow, a dog on a leash or in the simple company of no one but the birds. Thanks to the work of Vashon’s small but active land trust and a robust local park district, the island boasts about a dozen forested parks and preserves large enough to get lost in. So lace up your boots and head for the woods.

Island Center Forest This 363-acre expanse, owned by King County and managed by a consortium of users, was once a working forest. Today, it’s the largest contiguous forest on the island, boasting a warren of trails, two ponds and extensive wetlands. And, as the name suggests, it’s centrally located. Kiosks are now in place, replete with maps that can help hikers find their way. But be sure to wear your boots. Trails are often muddy. How to get there: There are several entrances into the forest, but the one that offers the best parking is off of Vashon Highway. Head south from town, take a right on S.W. 188th St. Go to the end — about a quarter of a mile; the entrance is on the right. Dogs, horses and mountain bikes are allowed.

Fisher Pond Preserve

Cindy Koch Photo

A lovely, half-mile trail circumnavigates Fisher Pond, named for Islander Bill Fisher, who donated this 90-acre preserve to the land trust more than a decade ago. At the west end, a picnic shelter and table are perched above the pond, providing views of this shal-

VOICE OF VASHON Island Powered Media

Web Radio Station

CAMP BURTON 206.463.2512

Island Television Channel 21

Emergency Broadcasting 1650 AM

Summer Camps for Kids & Rental Facilities for Schools and Non-Profit Organizations 72 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

FaceBook Alerts

Church of Great Rain Vashon’s Own Music Comedy Variety Show

Planning a wedding? Beautiful Church Picturesque Setting Reception Facility with Kitchen Reasonable Rates


206-463-9977 • 23905 Vashon Hwy SW

Vashon low, bird-friendly pond. Look for wood ducks, herons and pied-billed grebes. The land trust has built an additional trail from the east end of the loop, which extends through a lovely forest to Cove Road, and another from the west end, which extends almost to Agren Park. How to get there: Fisher Pond is located on Bank Road S.W., about a mile west of town. Just before reaching the pond, there’s a pullout along the road with room for a few cars. The trail heads north from there. No dogs are allowed.

Pick up maps at the land trust office

Shinglemill Creek/Fern Cove Vashon’s newest trail is a delightful twomile traverse that takes hikers along the crest of a ridge, into a tree-studded ravine, across Needle Creek and along the shores of Shinglemill Creek, a salmonbearing stream that empties into Fern Cove. At the end of this topographically diverse trail, cross Cedarhurst Road S.W. and pick up the last leg — a final stretch that leads to the expansive mudflats at Fern Cove on Colvos Passage. Bring your binoculars; birds abound at Fern Cove. How to get there: From Vashon town, head north on the highway about two miles; head west on S.W. 156th Street about a third of a mile. The trailhead is on the north side of the road. Parking is very limited. Dogs are allowed on the trail but not at Fern Cove.

Burton Acres This 64-acre park on the Burton Peninsula offers several lovely trails winding through a mature, diverse forest, with towering big-leaf maples, Douglas firs and the occasional Pacific yew. The trails are flat and provide easy walking. How to get there: Take Vashon Highway into Burton and head east onto S.W. Burton Drive. Turn right at 97th Avenue S.W. and follow the road to Jensen Point Park, where parking is available. Dogs are allowed.

Dockton Forest This county-owned forest is 125 acres, second only in size to Island Center Forest, offering visitors a meander through a mixed forest of Douglas firs, mature maples, madrones and alders. Its hilly web of trails is popular among the equestrian community and mountain bikers. How to get there: The easiest entrance is right across the road from Dockton


Natalie Johnson Photo

Island Center Forest is popular among dog owners. If dogs are off-leash, they must be under voice control. Park. Head to Dockton on Dockton Road S.W. A pullout large enough to accommodate horse trailers can be found on the east side of the road just before reaching the park. Dogs and horses are allowed.

Christensen Pond Preserve A birder’s paradise, this 30-acre preserve on the west side of the Island was protected in 2000 with the help of the Vashon Audubon Society. It offers both a small pond and extensive wetlands — a haven for migratory songbirds, waterfowl, owls and hawks. A trail, not quite a mile long, circumnavigates the pond through a pleasant coniferous forest. The pond forms the headwaters of Christensen Creek, the best preserved drainage area on Vashon. How to get there: The preserve is due west of Burton on Wax Orchard Road just south of S.W. 232nd Street. Look for the small sign that says “nature preserve.” Dogs are not allowed.

Maury Island Marine Park This 320-acre park, owned by King County, was once a gravel pit. But thanks to an ongoing restoration campaign by an active group of Islanders, the park — an undulating expanse that begins in the woods and ends at the shore — is looking increasingly natural and verdant. Scotch broom and blackberries are still present; little by little, though, they’re being replaced by native trees and shrubs. There’s

Detailed trail maps of some of these preserves are available from the Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust, located at 10014 S.W. Bank Road. Or download them from its website at www. Information and directions can also be found on the Vashon Park District’s website: www.vashon

one picnic table and a porta-potty near the shoreline. How to get there: From Vashon town, head south on Vashon Highway and turn left on S.W. 204th Street. When it comes to a T at the water’s edge, take a right onto Dockton Road S.W. After crossing onto Maury, at a Y in the road, veer left onto S.W. Point Robinson Road. Take a right onto 59th Avenue S.W. and a left onto S.W. 244th Street. Proceed to the end of the road, where there’s a parking lot. Dogs and horses are allowed.

Former Glacier Mine Site This 250-acre site on Maury Island, with nearly a mile of shoreline and an extensive madrone forest, is now in county ownership, after a 13-year battle by conservationists to protect it from industrial sand and gravel mining. It still looks like a former gravel pit and has yet to be named, but the views are dramatic and the history rich. It’s worth an explore. How to get there: A gated entrance is at the corner of 79th Ave. S.W. and S.W. 260th St., just west of Gold Beach. It can also be reached by walking up the trails of Dockton Forest. Dogs and horses are allowed. DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013 73

visit again Vashon

Visit again soon

Once you’ve gotten a taste of Vashon’s sweetness, you’ll likely want to experience it again and again. We hope you will. It’s a special place — warm, welcoming and full of good people. A place to breathe in clean air, dig your toes in the sand, hear chorus frogs sing and eat good food. So stay in touch. Check The Beachcomber’s website often. And come back soon. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the island’s lure so powerful you won’t want to leave. It’s happened to many of us. — Leslie Brown, editor

Cindy Koch Photo

“We live here. We work here. We love our community, and we’d like to share it with you.” For a real sense of what Vashon Island has to offer, join the conversation with our family of real estate professionals.

VAS H O N I S LAN D 1.8 miles south of the Vashon/Seattle ferry dock 206.567.1600 /

74 DESTINATION VASHON || 2012–2013

88 89 90

19529 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9800 VASHON ISLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH 9318 SW Cemetery Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3940 VASHON LUTHERAN CHURCH 18623 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-2655 VASHON SPORTSMEN’S CLUB 19720 Singer Road SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9440


*B NUMBERS BELOW ARE IN THE TOWN OF BURTON A&E BED & BREAKFAST 10910 SW 232nd St. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .206 276-5136 A BEACH RETREAT 14101 SW Pohl Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5329 BAY BREEZE FARM 22725 Wax Orchard Rd SW . . . . . . . . .206 459-5343 BURTON COMMUNITY CHURCH In Burton on Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9977 CALVARY FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 13107 SW 220th Street............................... 463-2567 CAMP BURTON ....................................................................463-2512 HARBOR MERCANTILE Burton Store ...........................................463-2500 THE INN ON VASHON 24007 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5355 LAVENDER HILL FARM 10425 SW 238th St. ..........................(July) 463-2322 MADRONA MEADOWS BED AND BARN 21828 Monument Rd SW . . . . . . . . . . .206 295-6233 SWALLOW’S NEST GUEST COTTAGES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 (800) ANY-NEST or 463-2646

91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101


DENTAL CARE OF VASHON 76 ADVANCED 19001 Vashon Hwy SW, #100 . . . . . . . . . . .463-9115 HERON ART CENTER 77 BLUE 19704 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-5131 STORE & GARDENS 78 COUNTRY 20211 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3655 PALMER CONSTRUCTION, INC. 79 ED22024 103rd Ave SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-4111 ORDER OF EAGLES 80 FRATERNAL 18134 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5477 ATTIC 81 GRANNY’S 10010SW 210th St. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-3161 CREATURE, LLC 82 MEADOW 18850 103rd Ave SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . .206 271-9547 CHANGE TATTOO PARLOR 83 SEA 19603 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . .206 408-7067 METHODIST CHURCH 84 UNITED 17928 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9804



MERCIFUL SAVIOUR ORTHODOX 105 ALL MONASTERY 9933 SW 268th St. . . . . . 463-5918 HILL B&B & RESERVATION SERVICES 106 CASTLE 26734 94th Ave SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5491 REPAIR & TOWING 107 ENGEL’S 22725 Dockton Rd SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3330 COTTAGE 108 MAURY 5313 SW Pt Robinson Road. . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-4558 CREEK RESTAURANT 109 MILETA 24615 75th Ave. SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-2005 KEEPERS QUARTERS 110 PT3705ROBINSON SW Pt Robinson Road . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9602 NEST GUEST COTTAGES 111 SWALLOW’S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 (800) ANY-NEST or 463-2646 GOLF & SWIM CLUB 112 VASHON 24615 75th Ave. SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-9410

NOT ON MAP A Better Roofing Company ..... 206 935-1575 All Around Upgrades ............. 206 940-7535 Bob Webster Handyman .... 206 455-4245 Dogwood Associates .....................463-9995 Goforth Gill Architects ................... 463-5222 Healthier Air & Heating ..................463-4265 Jennifer Pratt Reiki..................206 619-0714 Joanna Gardiner ............................567-0560 K's Housecleaning..........................463-9587 Marla Smith Photography........206 755-2138 Persephone Consulting ...................463-9052 Schmeets Plumbing .......................463-7586 Seattle Distilling Company...... 206 355-4100 Sutherland Home Inspection.....206 617-1981 Trilogy Homes ...............................463-1963 VashonBePrepared Vashon Caretakers - Roger Hills .......567-5009 Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 206 389-1085 Washington State Fairies

206 463-9195


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

BELLE BALDWIN HOUSE 11408 SW Cedarhurst Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9602 BETHEL EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH 14736 Bethel Lane SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .567-4255 BETTY MACDONALD FARM 11835 99th Ave SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 567-4227 DILWORTH POINT BED & BREAKFAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .206 550-7714 EAGLE HEIGHTS COTTAGE 13528 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . .206 304-7188 JOHN L. SCOTT REAL ESTATE 13401 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .567-1600 LA PLAYA 10824 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 567-0020 NORTHVIEW GUEST HOUSE 104th Pl SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-9181 ST. JOHN VIANNEY CATHOLIC CHURCH 16100 115th Ave SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .567-4149

9 10 11 12 13 14 15

AYH RANCH CAMPGROUND 12119 SW Cove Rd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-2592 ARTIST’S STUDIO LOFT B&B 16529 91st Ave SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-2583 CHURCH OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 15420 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 567-4488 HARBOR SCHOOL 15920 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .567-5955 LAVENDER DUCK INN 16503 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-2592 PALOUSE WINERY 12431 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .567-4994 VASHON WINERY 10317 SW 156th Street. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 567-0055



RESORT GUEST HOUSE 16 LAST 19807 Robinwood Road SW . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5286 TRIPLEBROOK GUEST COTTAGE & BARN 17 17705 Westside Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3386

29 CONSTANTINOPLE! 17508 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-0994 CORE CENTRIC PERSONAL TRAINING 30 17205 Vashon Hwy SW B-3 . . . . . . . . 206 388-8953 DOUG’S AUTO REPAIR 32 17224 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9106 SILKS 33 DOVA 17600 Vashon Hwy SW Suite 112 . . . . . . . . 463-4888 34 DUET Across from the Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . 206 787-2842 ESSENTIALS 4 35 17326 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-7706 FRAME 36 9926 SWOFBankMIND Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3933 37 GIRAFFE 174th and Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-1372 GINGER 38 GREEN 9851 SW Bank Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-7788 HARDWARE STORE RESTAURANT 39 THE Corner of Hwy / Bank Road . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-1800 NEST 40 HERON’S 17600 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5252 STUDIOS & GALLERY 41 IGNITION 17630 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . .206 856-6906 ESCROW SERVICE 42 ISLAND 9929 SW Bank Road #204 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3137 HOME CENTER & LUMBER 43 ISLAND 17633 97th Place SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5000

Downtown Vashon

AND ASSOCIATES 21 AMIAD 17500 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-4060 BEACHCOMBER 22 THE 17141 Vashon Hwy SW, Suite B. . . . . . . . . . .463-9195 BLOOMS & THINGS 23 Corner of Bank Road & Vashon Hwy SW . . . 463-3682 BOB’S BAKERY 24 17506 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-1441 CAFÉ LUNA 25 9924 SW Bank Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-0777 DIEM PRIMARY SCHOOL 26 CARPE 10014 SW Bank Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . .206 375-8898 BONITA 27 CASA 17623 100th Ave SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-6452 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 28 17141 Vashon Hwy SW, Suite A. . . . . . . . . . 463-6217


22, 28 58


32 74





SW 174th St



WESTSIDE STABLES 21200 Westside Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9828


48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57

17425 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9282 MONARCH ANTIQUE & ART GALLERY 17803 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . 206 612-7235 NORTHWEST SPORTS Thriftway Plaza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5906 PANDORA’S BOX 17321 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3401 RED BICYCLE BISTRO & SUSHI 17618 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5959 RICK’S DIAGNOSTIC & REPAIR SERVICE 9919 SW 178th Street. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9277 ROCK ISLAND PUB & PIZZA 17322 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-6814 SAW 17601- 1/2 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . .206 979-4192 STUDIO 101 9929 SW Bank Rd, Suite 101 . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3414 TREASURE ISLAND 17722 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-2083 TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Thriftway Plaza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3852 Continued on back… 67 Ober Park

ISLAND HAVURAH 18 VASHON 15401 Westside Hwy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-1339 SUPPLY/CEDAR VALLEY STABLES 19 VI17710HORSE 112th Ave SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-6430


SECURITY SELF STORAGE 44 ISLAND 10015 SW 178th Street. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-0555 LA BOUCHERIE/SEA BREEZE FARM 45 17635 100th Ave. SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 206 567-GOAT LITTLE HOUSE 46 17636 100th Ave SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9033 MICHAEL MAKI, DDS. 47 MARC LANGLAND, DDS.

97th Pl SW

UNINHIBITED INK! 17205 Vashon Hwy SW C2. . . . . . . . . .206 455-5284 VALISE 17633 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . .206 375-5886 VASHON FARMERS MARKET Village Green . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .206 778-8001 VASHON FLOOR STORE 17504 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . .206 408-7155 VASHON INTUITIVE ARTS 17331 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-0025 VASHON ISLAND BICYCLES 9925 178th Ave SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-6225 VASHON ISLAND LIQUOR STORE 17607 Vashon Highway SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-2163 VASHON-MAURY ISLAND HERITAGE MUSEUM 10105 SW Bank Rd.. . . . . . . . 463-7808 VASHON ISLAND MUSIC Thriftway Plaza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-0552 VASHON PARK DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS 17130 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9602 VASHON PHARMACY 17617 Vashon Hwy SW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-9118 VASHON PRINT & DESIGN 17627 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-6100 VASHON RENTAL CARS, INC. 9919 SW 178th Street . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-RENT VASHON TEA SHOP 17608 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-5202 VASHON THRIFTWAY 9740 SW Bank Road. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-2100 WENDY'S WEATHER'D WEAR 17502 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . 206 455-1801 WINDERMERE REAL ESTATE 17233 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-9148 WINGS BIRDSEED COMPANY 9923¹/² SW 178th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .206 408-7018

DENTAL/LEIF RASMUSSEN, DDS. OF LEGACY 85 VASHON 102 TREES 19715 Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3685 13005 SW 267th Lane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .463-1588 HEALTH CENTER ISLAND UNITARIAN CHURCH 86 VASHON 103 VASHON 10030 SW 210th Street . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 463-3671 In Burton on Vashon Hwy SW . . . . . . . . . . . 463-4775 ISLAND COFFEE ROASTERIE VASHON ISLAND KAYAK CENTER 87 VASHON 104 Jensen & THE MINGLEMENT Point Boathouse . . . . . . 463-9257 or 463-9602

47 60



Vashon Hwy SW

58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75


100th Ave SW


21 73 61 24 29



66 49


SW Bank Rd


42 55 27












68 69

51 34



56 SW 178th St


Post Office

63 75

52, 70 48

Map not to scale 2012-2013

The businesses listed on this key and on the reverse map are paid advertisers.

Visitors Guide to

Vashon-Maury Island Passenger only Ferry to Seattle Fauntleroy Ferry to West Seattle or Southworth/Kitsap Penninsula

Vashon Point




Patten Palisades

Rd 6

Vashon Highway

SW Bunker Trail

SW 112th St SW Biloxi Rd 7

Bike Loop Dolphin Point

SW 116th St

Sylvan Beach

Popular Bike Route on Vashon

Map is not to scale


SW Sylva

d. S W aR Bu rm

91 Ave SW



98 Ave SW 95 Ln SW

87t hP


Dockton Rd SW 64 Ave SW

yS W

99 Ave SW 97 Ave



Tahlequah Ferry to Tacoma



297 Wy


Pt P Rd Siner W

101 Ave SW


SW 125 P l

94 Ave SW



Va sh o

129 Pl SW

135 Ave SW y SW 133 Ave SW


hl R


Vashon Hw

142 Ave SW

141 Ave SW 140 Ave SW 139 Ave SW 137 Ave SW

Manzanita 131Ave SW

143 Ave SW

SW 280 St

SW 300

75 Ave SW

Luana Beach Rd 50 th SW Pl

Luana Beach Lighthouse

SW Pt Robinson Rd 108

SW 244 St 111



Pt. 110 Robinson Park

Racoma Beach

Maury Island Regional Marine Park

SW 275 St

n 0 LSW 280 St


ta zani Man Rd SW Bch

145 Ave SW

SW 276 St

SW 92

Dalco Point

n 6L 26

Spring Beach

Luana Ln SW

Maury Island


SW Spring Beach Rd

79 Ave SW


ton R

d SW



143 Ave SW


Burton 104 Acres Park SW 244 SW 97 96 St Ave Shawnee Vashon Hwy SW SW 244 Pl 109,112 135 Ave SW B94 Rd Magnolia B97 SW Caster Rd SW 249 Ln B98 SW 248 St SW 248 St Wy SW 250 Ln 250 B101 SW 138 Pl SW SW 251 Ln B103 SW 252 Ln 121 Ct SW 255 St 140 SW 86 Pl SW d 120 Ave Bates R 254 Ln SW Windmill St SW Dock St Gold Beach SW Wesleyan Stuckey Ave SW Paradise Dockton Bates Wy Cove Park Walk SW 120 Ln 101 Ln SW SW 260 St W r. S 101 Pl SW 262 Pl hD Harbor SW Camp Dockton eac B Heights Sealth Rd 264 St ld SW 263 St Go Pillsbury 265 St SW 264 67 Ln Rd SW 2 Camp 102 Inspiration Sealth 106 SW 268 SW 270 Point SW 270 St 105 SW 274 90 Ave SW Sandy Shores Dr SW B

Luana Beach Rd

43 SW


59 Pl SW 60 Pl SW

49 Pl 48 Pl 47 Pl

Harbor Dr Jensen Point Boat Ramp SW 236 237 Pl Bayview 111 Dr.

63 Ave SW

96 Ln SW Quartermaster 100 Pl SW Harbor Kingsbury Marina Rd SW

SW 228

71 Ave SW

Burton Street Course

99 SW 238 St

90 Ave S

Monument Rd SW

M or 103 SW ga n Hi ll

107 Ave SW



Heyer Point Chautauqua Beach Rd SW Ellisport

68 Ave SW

SW 232 St

Bicycle in a tree

Tramp Harbor Dock Public Fishing Pier Tramp Harbor Rd. SW SW 216 St Elish Portage a 100 Tramp Harbor ster Dr a Portage Wy SW rm e rt Qua W S DugwayRd SW Melchert Way SW Deppman Rd SW SW Maury Pk Rd 107 99 Ave SW

SW 212 St SW 216 St

107 Ave SW

111 Ave SW 111 Ave SW

Wax Orchard Airport

198 St

Vashon High

SW 210 St SW 211 St

SW 225

Beall Rd SW

103rd Ave SW


Chautauqua Elementary

SW Klahanie

80 A v SW e

107th Ave SW W 112th Ave SW

96 Pl SW 94 Pl SW

115th Ave SW

115th Ave SW Old Mill Rd SW

119 Ave SW

SW 220th St

SW 240 St

83 85

88 McMurray Middle School

86 81

Paradise Ridge Park

SW 236 St

SW 192nd St 87

SW 184 St


SW 206 Ct

SW 272 Pl

SW 236 St

Vermontville Rd SW

rs t

Ce d Rd arh . u

SW Commons Rd SW

125th Ave SW

Westside Hwy SW 131 Pl SW Westsid e Hwy Wax Orchard Rd SW

SW Be Redd 93 ach ing Rd s

SW 180th St 80 SW 183

SW 188th 76

SW Cemetery Rd 90

115th SW

Landers Rd SW

Raymond Rd SW Reddings Beach SW Cross Landing Rd

la eu ab Lis

Carey Rd SW

SW 224 St

Christianson Cove


107th Ave SW

129th Ln Westside Hwy SW

131th Ave SW 131 Pl SW

135 Ave SW

141 Ave

SW Lisabeula Rd

119th Ave SW




er Sop SW Rd

87 Ave SW

Lisabeula Park


See map inset on reverse

SW 208th St 20

SW 216th St

SW 174th 74th 65

er Sing W Rd S

SW Gorsuch Rd



SW 204 St

SW 204 St SW 207 Ln SW Madrona Rd.

SW 171st

Ober Park

(green shaded area)


SW Glen Landing Rd SW 152nd Ln SW VanOlinda Rd 82nd Pl SW SW Hawthorne Ln 80th Pl SW 3 SW 157 Pl Dilworth Point SW 159 St Shanahan Rd SW 87th Ave SW SW Dilworth Rd 10

Rd S


Robinwood Beach

13 SW 166th St

Downtown Vashon



S 148

e Ridg


. Rd

SW 184

Sunset Rd SW




SW Cove Rd.

Fisher Pond

l 45 P

SW 161th St 12

Vashon Airport

SW Bank Rd

Sunset Beach

Robinwood Rd SW

SW 160 St 8


Agren Park


SW 156th St 15 SW 158th St

SW 148 Pl


King County Transfer Station


Glen Acres



SW 140 St


121st Ave SW

ia Ave

Columb SW 166

Paige Ln SW


SW 156 St

SW 158

James Point


en Gl

Crescent Dr. SW

SW 132 Pl

Hwy Old W S

SW 151 SW 153 SW 154 18 SW Ober Beach Rd


Bethel Lane SW SW 146


SW 144 SW 148

SW 1

y SW 107 Wa




Olympic Dr. SW


SW 133 Pl

SW McCormick Pl

Winghaven Park SW 122 Pl SW 123 Pl

fe Rd. Cunlif

Bea SW 125ch th

SW Corbin Beach Rd Fern Cove


SW 288 Rd

SW Summerhurst Rd Summerhurst

SW 285 St Piner Pt

124 Ln SW 129 Pl SW 129 SW SW Bachelor Rd Neill Point

See Table of Contents for Park Listings

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