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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

t’s a stereotype with some truth to it: A mom, babe in one arm, phone in the other, discussing a major business decision while comforting her young one. Born out of a genetic predisposition or sheer necessity, women over the years have learned to juggle. Little wonder, then, that they’re shaping the business climate on Vashon — where an ability to multi-task is essential. Here, on an Island with a small customer base and high transportation costs, a businessperson has to know how to balance the books and market a product; how to craft a business plan and woo a major customer. And women, who after that big call to a customer is on the phone with their teenage daughter making sure she made it home from crew, know how to juggle a lot of balls. Take a look at the pages that follow, and you’ll see the faces of some of these women. They’re shopkeepers and law-

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VASHON’S IN BUSINESS yers, dentists and realtors, restaurateurs and landscapers. They profoundly shape our economic landscape, transforming what might otherwise be a sleepy Island into a thriving place. And they do so while struggling with the vicissitudes of Island life — ferries that aren’t always on schedule, goods that sometimes don’t make it from the mainland on time, customers who are sometimes a fickle lot. October 19 marks the beginning of the National Professional Women’s

Business Week, an opportunity to take stock of just what it is these female entrepreneurs bring to our community. We urge you to take a look around and consider the faces of our Island’s economic life — the many women who add immeasurably to this Island’s eco-

nomic health. Patronize your favorite woman-owned shop. Send a note of thanks to your wonderful hairdresser. And keep in mind that because of these fantastic jugglers, Vashon is a richer and more vibrant place. — Leslie Brown, Editor

Molly Barclay, Kathy Pine & Debby Duchan OWNERS & JUGGLERS EXTRAORDINAIRE


• Logos and business cards • Personalized party and event invitations • Brochures, postcards and newsletters • Creative event posters • Ad design • Digital photo restoration—Give new life to vintage family photographs, a truly personal and wonderful holiday gift idea! • Digital photo artistry—All kinds of digital photo repairs and alterations, from adding Uncle Ted to that family group photo he missed to enhancing your recent vacation photo. Call me to discuss your ideas!

phone: 206.818.1927

On-Island concierge Services (Every Wednesday & Friday) Post Office • Book Store • Pharmacy Dry Cleaners • Grocery Store • Recycling Pet Store • Farm Stand • Library • Bank

Off-Island concierge Services (Every Thursday) Costco • Shoe Repair • Trader Joe’s Dry Cleaners • PCC • Ikea • Whole Foods Home Depot • Office Depot • Target

Why struggle? Let us juggle!

Email: or Phone: Molly 206-463-9345 • Kathy 206-679-3636 • Debby 253-208-8457

Ann Mayeda, DDS


or over 20 years Dr. Mayeda and her caring staff have provided high quality preventive and restorative care for Vashon Islanders of all ages. From remineralization of beginning tooth decay to Invisalign and implant crowns and bridges, a wide variety of services are offered, with an emphasis on preventive and minimally-invasive dentistry. *Reduced fees for seniors & “standby” *Interest-free financing

Office hours: M-T-Th-F 8:45-4:45

17510 Vashon Hwy SW • 206.463.5899 •

rom one generation to another continuing a tradition of excellent service for superior clients.

Beth de Groen

206-567-1600 Ext. 20

Sophia de Groen


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Dova Silks

Dorothy Dunnicliff, Owner

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

National Professional Business Women’s Week October 19–23, 2009


Dorothy Dunnicliff, owner, with fellow collaborator Sally Shivers

t Dova Silks, you will find uniquely designed hand dyed silk clothing and a line of fashionable, handcrafted accessories. Founded by Dorothy Dunnicliff and her close friend Val Speer over 12 years ago here on Vashon Island, Dova Silks now has clients in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. Dorothy also collaborates with independent designer Sally Shivers of Wild Life Clothing, pictured here at the recent Viva Vashonistas runway show. Together they continue to create custom tailored and ready-to-wear fine silk clothing from the casual to the elegant. Please come by our store in the Wallflower Building or visit us on-line at

The Women of the Brown Agency


e love to help you find the best value for your health insurance dollars. • Small Businesses • Families • Individuals Come by and check out our new and improved office (Previously Wendy’s Weathered Wear)

Morgan Farrell, Office Manager & Licensed Agent, LeeAnn Brown, CFP, Co-Owner & Licensed Agent

206-567-4600 17205 Vashon Hwy SW, Suite A-1, Vashon, WA

Kimberly Scheer OWNER


omen have special health care needs, and I believe they deserve specialized health care. As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, I feel privileged to offer the women of Vashon Island quality women’s health care in an inviting environment. Vashon Women’s Health Center provides individualized and holistic health care to women of all ages.

Services include:

Preventive Care – Annual Women’s Exams with PAP Family Planning – Pregnancy Testing - Birth Control Gynecology/Reproductive Health Care including management of: Menstrual Cycle Concerns/PMS/PMDD • Abnormal PAPs, Vaginal Infections • STDs • Urinary Tract Infections • Breast Concerns • Incontinence • Pelvic Pain • Perimenopause/Menopause Teen Health Services – Sports Physicals, Acne Treatment, STD Testing Lifestyle Support – Nutritional Counseling, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation Walk-In Teen Clinic every Thursday Afternoon

Vashon Women’s Health Center

Olympic Instruments, Inc. ANNE THEISS AND SANDRA BLAKE

Anne Theiss, Assistant Manager. Employed at Olympic Instruments, Inc. since 2006. Anne is in charge of ordering shop material, scheduling work for the employees, payroll and accounting. Sandra Blake – Office Manager. Employed at Olympic Instruments, Inc. since 2006. Sandra is in charge of receiving new orders and scheduling them to be shipped, accounts payable and receivable. Both do considerably more than above and have demanding jobs that change quickly each day. In a nutshell, they keep the office and company running smoothly to sell our products nationally and internationally. Olympic Instruments, Inc. manufactures a proprietary line of measuring equipment entirely on Vashon Island since 1946, found most commonly in hardware stores to measure the length of wire or rope that customers want to purchase. We own Cunningham Air Whistles, and are the fifth owner of this ongoing Puget Sound business since 1927. Our sound products can be heard on many vessels in Puget Sound when they toot their horns. We also use our machine shop to manufacture custom products for other companies on and off the Island, we help local Islanders with everything from simple repairs to elaborate projects.

17407 Vashon Highway SW (between Giraffe and Luna Bella’s)

Please call for an appointment - 463-2777 Visit my website at I look forward to working with you! –Kimberly

Dawn Loraas



tarted in the spring of 2003 by my husband and me, Vashon Coffee Company was created for our love of coffee and its complex flavors, diversity of origin and all the wonderful people involved along the way. Our team of women carefully select the best coffee varietals available: mainly organic, shade-grown and fairKim Cantrell, Coffee Roaster trade. Each varietal is then roasted to the desired profile to enhance its best characteristics. We are proud to specialize in tasty and interesting single origins vs. many blended coffees. Bright and early every Tuesday & Thursday morning, Kim Cantrell arrives to Dilworth Point and fires up the UG15 Vintage Probat roaster. While the roaster heats up, Kim calculates the “roast to order” jobs for the day. “Kim is a fantastic roaster, one of the few women roasters in the country. We discovered this while attending the Roasters Guild Retreat this summer. She really has the touch and I feel so fortunate to have her.” Also on the team is Agatha Dammann, who arrives just in time to start the packaging process. Agatha makes sure all the orders go out perfectly and keeps the roasterie clean and organized. What would we do without her! I am very proud to be part of a team of Vashon women who are so passionate about coffee and what they do for a living.

(206) 463-3604

Since 1946

Happy Brewing!

16901 Westside Highway SW, Vashon, WA 98070

Vashon Coffee Company • • Since 1927

Stop in at the Thriftway for a pound or two.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

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To All the Women at Pacific Research Laboratories on Another Successful Year!

Thank You to All the Women in Business at Thank You!

Great Job!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

“If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse gift will find a fitting place.” — Margaret Mead

National Professional Business Women’s Week • October 19–23, 2009 Debbie Mitchell



have been the majority owner of Mitchell Contractors, Inc. since 1982 and am proud to continue to do so. As one of Vashon’s Women Owned Businesses I am happy to announce our new regional subsidiary company Safely Senior, LLC Safely Senior is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors and older adults with mobility issues. We improve the living environment of private residences, condominiums, apartments or manufactured homes to improve safety, security and peace of mind. A SUBSIDIARY OF

Come visit us at or call us at 1-888-625-1801 or 206-567-0083.

Safely Senior PO Box 1342, Vashon, WA 98070 email:

The Women of Café Luna & Chris

T hank you for making us a part of your daily routine!

Bottom Row: Heather, Morgan, Natalie Back Row: Sarah, Deborah, Victoria, Chris, Brittany, Anna, Laura

Café Luna • 463-0777

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber


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Tina Shattuck

Ronly Blau



Café Luna co-founder and proud mother of Lucca, Laith & Sabine


CERTIFIED AYURVEDIC PRACTICTIONER Ayurvedic Consultations & Yoga Instruction

others everywhere – join the Revolution! Be part of the change!

If you are feeling ready to work outside of the home – we can help. If you are interested in finding a work life that fits who you are NOW – look no further. WMR is dedicated to helping mothers re-enter the workforce in a balanced and meaningful way. We’ll work with you to re-discover your passions and help guide you in that direction. We specialize in giving you the tools necessary to successfully re-enter the workforce – skills assessment, resume updating, interviewing in the marketplace today, salary & benefits negotiation and anything else you might need. WMR specializes in the development and placement of job-sharing positions within various industries. We are carving new roads in the job-share market and want YOU to be part of the revolution. Join us to help change the paradigm - we have the ability and the RIGHT to have a great job/career AND a nurtured family. Mothers Unite - together we can! • •


am a whole health counselor. I help folks understand their natural constitution— tendencies, strengths, weaknesses. I will then guide and support you in regaining your health, staying balanced and enhancing your well-being using the gems from Ayurveda’s treasure chest. These tools include lifestyle counseling, individual diet/nutrition plans, herbs, yoga, breathing practices, meditation and cleansing. My intention is to empower you in caring for yourself deeply and living your potential!

(206) 499-8488 |

Jennifer Foege, MS, CN

Miriam Perez



am thankful to be a woman in business on Vashon. I appreciate our unique community and enjoy the daily challenges of running a business. Recently, a client asked me who my boss was because he wanted to let them know that he thought it was great I was able to bring my 5 month old daughter to work with me. It is great, actually it is wonderful. What is even better is that our clients think so! I did let him know I am my own boss and partner to my father, John Anderson. Island Insurance Center is dedicated to helping you attain the greatest value for your insurance dollar. Times are tough, no one wants to pay more than they should. And no one wants to find out they don’t have the coverage they need. We are here to help. Let us put to work our more than 45 years of experience in this business for you. We are Certified Insurance Counselors who take insurance seriously so you don’t have to.

Island Insurance Center

463-9125 • 17804 Vashon Hwy SW •



offer Nutritional Counseling, Whole Food Cooking Lessons, and Personal Cheffing Services through my business, The Joyful Kitchen. I have recently put together a cookbook that will be for sale around the island in mid-November. These cookbooks will streamline our interactions if you hire me to be your personal chef – you simply pick the meals you want from the book and I shop, cook, and clean up for you. The cookbook will also be a mainstay for those of you whom want to cook nutritious, delicious and expeditious meals. They also make great holiday gifts. I have my Masters Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University. I am licensed as a Certified Nutritionist through the WA State Department of Health. I help a wide variety of people and audiences develop a sustainable and joyful relationship with food. I love being a nutritionist – if you want to take advantage of one of my services, now is the time – I look forward to meeting you.

(206) 330-9621

Shady Lady



herry Evans continues to develop Shady Lady Interiors by blending her interior design skills with the window coverings specialty of the Shady Lady. Sherry has put her talents to create a business that provides her clients with beautiful, functional and unique homes. She works with people on large interior design projects and remodels, developing furniture plans, color palettes, window treatments and kitchen and bath designs; as well as projects that involve window treatments only. “My goal is to help my clients by enhancing their personal style, creating a place that is beautiful, comfortable and welcoming. I use my design skills to help my clients create a home that truly reflects their unique lifestyle. It is a very rewarding process.” In moving toward creating a destination studio, Shady Lady Interiors and Rebecca Douglas Photography have integrated the working studio space creating a synergistic design studio and gallery. Shady Lady Interiors is located in the Wallflower building.

Shady Lady Interiors 17600 Vashon Hwy SW • (206) 463-6200 • Hours: 12-5 Weds – Sat.

Barbara O’Block

Ruth Williams




Lost at year end tax preparation for your CPA? Need help to generate your income statement and balance sheet? No time to prepare payroll forms?

Barbara O’Block

• Start now to file your tax return on time. • Training and set-up on QuickBooks. • Full service bookkeeping. 206-713-6232 or Vashon, WA 98070

Ruth Williams

uth Williams, has lived on the Island since 1995, and spends her time consulting with folks in all 50 states and around the globe, specializing in using a safe, natural and very effective program for “Bone Health”. This program was developed by world renown medical microbiologist, Dr. Narain Naidu, PhD, who published his amazing results in the Osteoporosis Journal in January, 2009. She works from her home on the South end, overlooking the entrance to Quartermaster Harbor. “Let me help you enjoy better health and wealth!” By appointment on Vashon Island


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what


self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through


—Helen Keller

National Professional Business Women’s Week • October 19–23, 2009 Chase Bank

Diana S. Garrett



d like to recognize and thank all the women in business that keep our community going even though their efforts may go unnoticed or under appreciated. Women like Marie Bradley that has delivered my mail for years. Always going out of her way to make sure I got my letters and packages even when it was difficult for me to be available. Women like Karen Eliasen at Vashon Island Music, her smiling face always welcomes you when you enter her music store. And for her amazing personal service, she will always find that special CD you’re Diana S. Garrett searching for. Women like Ann Murray and Cathy Bailey and other school bus drivers that have carried our children safely to school each day. Getting up before the crack of dawn and monitoring a challenging situation even on the best days. Women that choose to stay at home and take on the business of raising children and developing families. Striving to raise a more compassionate, responsible and better educated generation. Young women like my daughter, Jennifer Garrett, struggling to put themselves through college. Working two jobs and juggling classes, so that they can provide the foundation of our future society.

Back row left to right: Charon Scott, Linda Yurisich, Karen Beck, Sarah Burger. Front Row from left to right: Stephanie Bentsen, Patte Wagner, Adria Singer.


ere at the Vashon branch of JP Morgan Chase, we have over 100 years of collective banking experience. Many of us have been here at this branch for over 15 years. Our team is our strength. When asked what we do for a living, we generally respond, “We help make people’s dreams come true.” Whether it’s saving for retirement, buying a home, paying for college, creating a budget, teaching kids to save or building an emergency fund, we can help you achieve your goals and we love doing it. We look forward to providing the best products and services around, all with a smile and genuine desire to make your banking experience a bright spot in your day!

Visit us at 9922 SW 178th St • (206) 463-9197 • Hours M-F 9-6, Sat 9-1

To all the women that are always there when you need them... THANK YOU!

Chanda Carlson



“Helping new ideas blossom and old gardens rise again!” • Restoration

• Problem Solving • Plant Selection • Garden Design

• Native Coalescence

206-463-5165 Over 30 Years of Vashon Gardening Experience

m grateful to love what I do and do what I love! I’m a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation – simply, I partner with you to create your juiciest, most fulfilling life by your standards, not mine or anyone else’s. People come to coaching for various reasons; some are very clear about the changes they want to make in their life. Others want more for themselves and are not sure how to articulate it, much less know how to go about getting it – whatever “it” is. I hold you (individual, couple or team) as creative, resourceful and whole, having the answers within themselves. Who else knows you better than you know yourself? I simply provide tools and techniques that guide folks in a self-discovery adventure that is in alignment with your values and passions. As clients become enthused with the benefits of individual coaching, they increasingly want to extend those benefits to their personal and professional relationships as well. Certified in Relationship Systems Coaching, as well as Team Coaching, I co-create with couples and/or groups in designing their partnership alliance. You learn skills for promoting more positivity in your relationships and tools for creatively managing conflict. Are you living your best life? What are you tolerating? What would compel you to take charge of your life? Curious? Contact me for a complimentary session at 206-463-3415 or Chanda@

Chanda Carlson, MA, MCC Professional Coaching • 463-3415

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber



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“Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.�

—Eleanor Roosevelt


Karen Pruett, OWNER


National Professional Business Women’s Week October 19–23, 2009

Introducing the Women of Trigg Insurance


e are a full commercial and personal line insurance agency with a team approach and a personalized touch. Do recorded menus and remembering what button to push drive you crazy? No worries – we aim to have a live From left to right: Stacie Trigg-Office Manager, Dale CunninghamCustomer Service Specialist, Betsey Gleb-Customer Service person available to take your call Specialist, Bryn Bjorklund-Agent during regular business hours. Stop in and see us and bring your current policies along. We will review them with you and answer any questions you might have.

Trigg Insurance Agency 17425 Vashon Hwy SW


Little girls grow up to be business women.

aster Barber, Karen Pruett, has served Island residents for nearly 20 years and every client enjoys her 30 years of experience in listening, interpreting, and creating the cut that fits into their lifestyle. After all, Islanders are real people who take care of their own hair everyday, not models who have styling teams waiting offcamera. Time with thousands of clients has taught her that individuals want consistency at a fair price and you’ll find both at Karen for Hair. Her repertoire encompasses the Classics to the Cutting Edge. Plus she has access to more than sixty Professional Product Lines. It’s all about client care at Karen for Hair, a family-oriented, non-smoking, mostly chemical free environment. Please visit http://karenforhair.mapmate. com/maps/340 or email

Karen for Hair at the Historic Colvos Store


8 Vashon Women in Business

March Twisdale



n college, I discovered the joys of Ballroom Dancing at my local Arthur Murray Dance Studio. I worked and learned full-time for five years, but my career ended with a broken foot in 1996. The next ten years were full of college, marriage, and two beautiful boys. But, the love of dancing still remained. Three years ago, I decided to offer my first Ballroom Dance Session on Vashon Island... Island enthusiasm for partner dancing has kept me as busy as my family commitments will allow! This Summer, I began teaching at the Red Bike, as well. My classes are fun and full of humor, my tuition fees are kept very low (especially compared to city prices), and my students range from teens to seniors. Ballroom Dancing is all about relationships and community. So, I’d like to thank my husband for his generous support, the volunteers at the Havurah, where I teach, who are lovely to work with, and Pete at the Red Bike who is fabulous, as well. Thank you for supporting our island dance community!

For Information, Contact March Twisdale at: 463-0870 or

Back Row from Left to Right: Lynne Chunn-New Banker, Cheryl Hunt-Branch Manager, Oanh MeyersNew Teller, Robin Vogel-Teller Coordinator.Front Row from Left to Right: Heather Russell-Customer Service Manager, Susan Darr-New Teller, Judith Comstock-Teller. Not Pictured: Rose Dublin, Banker.

Outstanding Personal Service “We put the power of to work for you.� Banking on Vashon for 100 Years and Still Strong

9910 SW Bank Road r 463-9161

Tammy Thomas

Wendy Dahl, M.A. ANIMAL BEHAVIOR CONSULTANT Understand. Learn. Bond.




Wendy Dahl, M.A. r 206-463-9721


t was almost 8 years ago that I started pampering your pets on Vashon. At our all ladies salon we always use a gentle approach to make it an enjoyable experience for your pet. We treat them like one of our own, and I have had a wide variety of pets over the years. From the smallest dwarf hamster to llamas and everything in between. I currently have a house pig and German shepherd puppy. We offer a variety of services, from walking in for a nail trim, always only $5.00. They can have a full pampering, bath; fluff and trim of your choice, they can even have their nails polished in a beautiful color for that special occasion. I have a wide variety of all natural shampoos, so that I have the perfect one for your pet’s coat and skin condition. Don’t forget that your cat needs special attention and can use a day of pampering too. I keep up on the latest in grooming techniques and equipment by attending a variety of trade shows, seminars and classes which I am certified in. Be sure and come by to check out our wall of fame where we have your pampered pet’s pictures in the lobby.

7BTIPO)XZ48 $r  

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

Priscilla Schleigh Kimmel, OWNER



s a business owner, I am privileged to be a small part of a multitude of women business owners in this wonderful world of ours. A majority of products at GIRAFFE are from small Fair Trade Co-ops, in developing countries that have been started by women, and are making a huge difference in their community. I am honored to present their work at GIRAFFE and pass their passion on to you. Thank you for participating in the process.

IN BUSINESS National Professional Business Women’s Week October 19–23, 2009 Amy Kessel



am a resource for women seeking clarity, greater balance, and more fulfillment. As a Transformative Coach, I work with women ready to make powerful and lasting changes in their lives. Through the learning that comes out of our coaching partnership, my clients shift their limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns, and they live more authentically, in alignment with their values. I also offer special workshops and one-on-one personal coaching for moms wishing to bring more intentionality and meaning to their busy lives. A mom myself, I recognize the challenge of nurturing ourselves while caring for others, and am committed to helping other moms remember that this is not only possible, but absolutely necessary.

Priscilla on a recent trip to Bamako, Mali with Sissoko Ramatoulaye making a purchase for Giraffe. An Aid to Artisan sponsored visit.

174th and Vashon Hwy SW • 206.463.1372

Anne Gordon OWNER


ordon Marketing specializes in helping small businesses grow. I am personally thrilled to work with other business entities as a consultant, designer, and visionary. Together we create a dream to graphically execute unusually provocative imagery intended for branding and market share. Logos, postcards, DVD’s, Photographic Services, Retouching, Image manipulation, Teaching, and Marketing Consultations, are among the services provided.

For more information, please visit my website at Call for a sample session today! phone: 206-459-4825

Robin Blair, OWNER



am thrilled to bring my passion into focus by providing quality college readiness coaching to teens both on and off island. My unique approach to college readiness provides an opportunity for students to fully explore their passions and develop a plan to incorporate those passions into a successful college experience. My goal is to relieve the stress in your home by working with your teen to get them focused and then keep them on track through the application process, securing financial aid and scholarships, and then heading off to college. If you are a parent or a student and have questions about college readiness, you are not alone. I will customize a plan to meet your needs and walk the path with your student. I have been doing this work for 6 years and learn something new everyday; I get the biggest kick out of sharing that knowledge with families.


Nancy Morgan


ashon ventures that utilized my eagle eye in 2009 – self-published books, a screenplay, advertising, historic signage, grant applications, resumes, brochures, artbook text, a memoir, posters and tickets, a novel, and newsmagazines. Collaborating with people on their projects is challenging and fun. Each job is new and different. Eagle Eye has assisted Islanders with 80 different types of material.

206.463.3075 or 206.617.5190

I enjoy helping individuals to give voice to their writing and refine their finished product. It’s a privilege to polish their work before print or publication.

Theresa Shipley, RN and Naomi Shipley, OWNERS Adult Family Homes on Vashon Island A Loving Alternative to Nursing Home Care

Naomi Shipley volunteering at a Belize clinic.

❤ 24 Hour Personalized Care in a Family Home ❤ Nurse Always on Call ❤ Certified Dementia Specialty Adult Family Home ❤ Full Range of Care Services, and Therapies ❤ Trained & Caring Staff Experienced in Long Term Care ❤ We Offer a Higher Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio than Institutionalized Nursing Facilities, at a Lower Cost

Island Elder Care 206-856-1670 or 206-852-4123


Eagle Eye Proofreading & Editing PO Box 2393, Vashon, WA 98070 • 206/567-5463 Email:

Sound Food Catering

& Events

Open for Dinner 5–9 p.m., Tuesday – Friday

Three Olive Catering at Sound Food Fast Gourmet Take-Out Garden View Dining Open Tues. Nights 5-9pm

& Party Rentals


Catering, Venue

Shefidgets Catering at Sound Food Seasonally and locally minded menus Great Beer and Wine List Dinner served Wed., Thurs. & Fri. 5-9pm


Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber


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Lisa Ryan Devereau Island Funeral Service


been with Island Funeral Service (IFS) since 2000 and I have have been a Licensed Funeral Director since August of 2008.

Along with being a funeral director I have been a nurse for 26 years, 22 of which I worked at the King County Jail and now am the nurse manager of a six bed adult family home on Vashon. My husband John and I have 3 children and are active in their lives as well as with our work. As a life long Islander I consider it a privilege to serve local families and help them to arrange a meaningful service that honors their loved one. When your loved one is entrusted to us, we do all the arrangements from the time of death to final disposition, including necessary permits. We offer affordable cremations, burials, caskets, urns; respectful services, markers, cemetery arrangements, pre-need planning and can arrange military services at Tahoma, Arlington and other national cemeteries. IFS is family owned and available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays, and honors all pre-paid burial and cremation plans. IFS also manages the Vashon Cemetery and I currently hold a commissioner position, allowing me to oversee the cemetery use and maintain its historical value for Vashon residents.



have been in business for 39 years and have owned my shop for 34 of those years. I have had my business in my home for 17 years now. We offer coloring, highlighting, permanents, haircuts and shampoo and sets. We also have tanning available. My shop is for the whole family.

Lisa Ryan Devereau Funeral Director

Island Funeral Service

(206) 463-9300 • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 18005 Vashon Hwy SW • Vashon, WA. 98070

Monday thru Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Beauty Nook

10304 SW 188th Street • Vashon, WA 98070 206-463-2901

Kathy Pine

Jewelry Designer & Owner Every purchase we make has an impact on the world. Buying socially responsible and eco-friendly jewelry shows you value not just a “product” — but our environment and the lives of the people behind the materials in each necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings you own.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

My handcrafted jewelry combines the vibrant colors of Fair Trade artisan beads, the natural elegance of reclaimed gold and fine silver, and recycled and eco-friendly materials. And 10% of my earnings is donated to Women for Women International, which helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

9700 SW 285th Street, Vashon, WA 98070

206-463-2837 w w

The Women of Dr. Maki and Dr. Eckman Dentistry

Thanks for Sharing Your Smile With Us! Front row, left to right: Kim Sudduth, Jill Yates, Tena Palmer. Back row, left to right: Jeanine Carlson, Sue Smith, Carol Maki, Shawna Jackson, Mandy Richards.

Michael L. Maki D.D.S. • Clifford J. Eckman D.M.D. 17425 Vashon Hwy. S.W. • 206-463-9282

Vashon Natural Medicine is pleased to welcome

Dr. Michelle Obertacz to our office. 463-4778 Kelly Wright, ND Michelle Obertacz, ND, LAc Meg White, MA, LMCH Gail Murphy, LM Lisa Lenihan, LMP Paula Pelletier-Butler, LMP Georgia Galus, RN, BSN Amber Starcher, Office Manager JoAnne Hennessey, Staff Support

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

Vashon Pizza

MEAGHAN SOHL AND NATALIE HARKINS, OWNERS hanks to all of our wonderful customers, a year and a half later Vashon Pizza is still going strong. We are now open for lunch! Pizza by the slice is now available! Soup and chili have made it on to our menu! Check out our sign board for new and exciting pizza combinations. We love to play with our food! Have a board meeting, band practice, ball game? Let us feed your crowd! We deliver hot, fresh pizza ANYWHERE on Vashon and Maury Island!



Hours: Closed Mondays Tuesdays 11 – 8 Fridays Wednesdays 11 – 8 Saturdays Thursdays 11 – 8 Sundays

11 – 9 11 – 9 11 – 8

IN BUSINESS National Professional Business Women’s Week October 19–23, 2009 Lee Gelb



17639 100th Ave SW (next to Vashon Market) • 567-4992


avida Gemstones offers semi-precious handcrafted jewelry and is also helping to make a global difference. Zavida travels to the far ends of the earth to find artisans in struggling regions who have the passion and talent. These artisans and designers often rely on ancient designs and techniques to create works of art that transcend ordinary style. Zavida further gives an unprecedented 25% of its profits back to the regions where its pieces originate. Through micro-finance loans, scholarships for girls who want to become silversmiths, a tool loan program and design input, Zavida is helping artisan families earn a living from their art. Pieces from Zavida Gemstones are not only guaranteed to make a statement, they’re also guaranteed to make a difference.

14010 SW Bates Road, Vashon • • Hours: 10-6 by appt.



Jessica Bolding, MS, LAc

feel very fortunate to be able to provide a place ofhealing and community to many individuals, families and children on Vashon Island. Thank you to all that come here and help to make this happen. When I lived in Asia, I noticed that the heart of a person, their family and business and home, were all in the same place. This bringings a special sense of community and commitment from the owner… like we feel here at PRAHM. Our next venture will befurther developing the cultivation of medicinal herbs on our property to be fully sustainable in the medicine that we offer.

11520 SW 220th St., Vashon 98070 206-463-9066 ∙

Joanna Gardiner, OWNER Loving care for animals, plants and homes


have loved and cared for animals all my life. In 1996, I began taking care of animals in their homes when their families were away. Over the years, a business has grown until today we are a team of 10 loving, trained and experienced caregivers providing a wide range of animal services including home visits, walks, housesitting, doggy b & b’s, and large animal/farm care. We are also happy to look after homes, plants and gardens. We offer rides to the vet or groomer, woods and beach walks, and nursing care-giving pills, shots, fluids. Our goal is holistic: to attend to needs for physical comfort, safety, mental stimulation, communication, companionship, and love. We work with reliability, attention to detail, discretion, and compassion. And we have lots of fun! It’s hard work, but incredibly rewarding: doggy kisses, purrs, horse nuzzles. Thanks to all the island families who have entrusted the care of their non-human children to us. We are grateful for the love and friendship of the animals in our care.

567-0560 or 228-4841

Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Proud supporter of Vashon Island Pet Protectors


Cat 202 Special Section Topical/Non Tourism