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elcome to the new version of Healthy Choices. Our rather talented team consists of some highly over qualified people who hope to rock your world. Big time! We are starting out small with an incredibly big dream. A veritable hive of activity, we are about offering informed choices to what is happening around us in the health, wellness, healing, fitness, beauty & movement industries. We offer our unique questions. Our name says it all. Our analogy is that of bees, working as a unified whole in their hives to promote their ultimate goal. The honey (or goal) for us

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What is Sutherlandia? Milk Thistle Optimum health without pharmaceutical drugs Sceletium Tortuosum To juice or not to juice What is Biodynamic farming? The Sky is Alive! Meat free Mondays The way forward for Health Shops

is the enlightenment of humanity. The shift we all are striving for in our consciousness. The giant leap. The big dream. Health & wellness on all levels. The questions we ask are the process of making honey. The hive has a queen... our communities also have queens, they are the leaders, the masters, the people who help others reach their goals. There are quite a few around at present, we hope to introduce you to one or two. Happy reading & get ready for the launch of our website & online newsletter, which will offer a more in depth look at each issue & the articles therein.

Editorial team Design & Layout Ronel van Heerden Photography Nic Redelinghuys of The Pixel Revelation This booklet is printed on sustainably farmed paper using vegetable based inks that are not harmful to our environment in any way. The printing plates & water used during the process are also recycled for minimum wastage of our planet’s resources.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


The Editors

Paul de Kock

Lesley-Ann Green

For the last 12 years I have worked with brands that bring products to market focused on the empowerment of the consumer. Most of these brands are organic and quite a few are bio-dynamic. I have a strong focus on healing the planet. I am also a qualified Inner Life Skills Coach with This has been a very satisfying personal journey. One that made me realise that sometimes the questions are more important than the answers.

Lesley is part owner & founder of Integrity Wellbeing situated in the heart of Somerset West. She practices as an acupuncturist & teaches Tai Chi & Qi Gong. Lesley is also a fine artist. 0823932888

Lesley’s words... ‘I made a promise to myself several years ago that I would honour my own sense of integrity business wise. Paul & I resonate on many levels. Our paths kept intersecting & Healthy Choices is a heartfelt choice for both of us.’

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


Winner of the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Canal Walk Retailer Excellence Award in the category Health and Beauty Winner of the prestigious CEO Retailer Excellence Award (2008) We are open daily from 9 am to 9 pm Shop 37B (Next to Dis-Chem), Lower Level, Canal Walk, Century City. Tel: 021 551 2931/555 1638 6

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


In a world where Cancer, Viruses, Diabetes and Low Immunity plague our population daily, never before has it been more important to look at preventative natural medicines. Dr. Boxall’s Sutherlandia with Olive Leaf Veg Capsules and Dr. Boxall’s Sutherlandia Tincture Drops contain two of nature’s superpowers when it comes to blood sugar, immunity, anti-oxidants and anti-viral assistance with 400% more anti-oxidant capacity than vitamin C or green tea! Our products are free from gluten, animal products, yeast, added sugar or sodium. No artificial colourants, flavourants or preservatives. Vegan & animal friendly. All natural produce grown organically.

A 2-in-1 must have health product! A powerful antioxidant combination that boosts your immunity!

2 in

This premium health range consists of both veg capsules and organic tincture drops for on-the-go support. Follow us:

See to order online with free standard delivery or for more detailed product information.


What is



utherlandia contains a wide range of molecules that could explain the plant’s efficacy, either individually or in combination with one another namely: L-Canavanine is a potent nonprotein amino acid & a L-arginine antagonist with documented antiviral, (including influenza virus & retroviruses) , anti-bacterial, antifungal & anticancer activities. L-Canavanine is also a selective inhibitor of inducible nitric oxide synthase & therefore has possible application in the treatment of septic shock & chronic

inflammation. Pinitol, a known anti-diabetic agent, quantitative work is in progress & suggests that pinitol may have clinical application in treating the wasting in cancer & AIDS patients. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter & could account for the use of the plant for anxiety & stress & for the improvement in mood & well-being experienced by many patients. A novel triterpenoid glucoside has been isolated & characterized which has promising biological activities & is under ongoing research.


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01



healthy choices magazine issue 01

healthy choices magazine issue 01


When your mind is clear & your body healthy, your soul & spirit can shine We stock herbal, homeopathic and Chinese remedies, quality vitamins and aromatherapy oils.

Freshly made sandwiches and heartwarming veggie soup in winter.

Organic fruit and vegetables available as well as nuts, dried fruit and wheat-free bread & rolls.

Indulge in our freshly squeezed fruit and veg juices. Friendly service and professional advice.

Sea Point Medical Centre Arcade 11 Kloof Road, Sea Point 8005 Tel: 021 434 5490 Fax: 021 439 9432

Milk Thistle COMMON NAME: Milk Thistle LATIN NAME/S: Silybum marianum PART USED: The seeds. INTRODUCTION: Milk Thistle is a biennial plant which originates in South-west Europe. CONSTITUENTS: Flavones silybin, silydianin and silychristin; essential oil; bitter principle; mucilage. KEY ACTIONS: 路 Cholagogue 路 Galactogogue 路 Demulcent INDICATIONS & USES: Milk Thistle is most commonly

used for liver detoxification & support. It is an excellent liver tonic & promoter of milk secretion too so also used safely by breastfeeding mothers. In support of the liver, it can also be used to increase the secretion & flow of bile from the liver & gall-bladder. It is thus also a great herb to use where problems of the gall-bladder are concerned. PREPARATION: Infusion: 1 tsp of dried herb to 1 cup of boiling water. Allow to steep for 15-20 minutes & strain. Add lemon and/or honey to sweeten. This should be drunk three times a day. Tincture: 10-20 drops three times a day. Caution: Avoid during pregnancy.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


It’s often so difficult to make positive changes in your life without someone’s help. JASON SANDLER Master Hypnotherapist Unlock Your Full Potential For help with: Stop Smoking, Panic Attacks & Depression. Phone 072 239 2760

Sea Point • Wynberg • Somerset West

139 Wellness Centre, Blue Shed Craft Market, V&A Waterfront | t: 021 421 4149

100% YOU 100% OF THE TIME: THROUGH RADIANT BALANCE Between us we have 30 years worth of experience in assisting people, just like you, achieve a healthy, balanced body that heals quickly, maintains a healthy weight naturally and fights off disease with ease, NATURALLY. If you want to experience an abundance of energy, move more effectively and sleep better, then call us today on 0825003464 or 0842250652 or contact us through the website Chris Devenish: Physical performance practitioner with 18 years experience.

Dr Shania Ellis-Lee Functional approach to health using DNA, blood and Hair analysis to design tailor made health packages that match you 100% 16

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


What makes a


multivitamin? Biolife Multivitamin + Antioxidants has been developed to incorporate all important vitamin & mineral ingredients in quantities in excess of the minimum recommended daily requirements. The product is suitable for vegetarians.

The Immune System The immune system plays an integral part in ones well-being. Immune simply means that you are protected from acquiring something. Essentially, when one is in good health one’s immune system is working optimally.

Supplementation If one ate five portions of fresh vegetables daily in addition to following a good eating plan, exercised 3-4 times a week, was stress free, emotionally well-balanced, and lived in a pollution free environment, then supplementation would be unnecessary. Unfortunately the manner in which we ‘work, eat and play’ within a polluted environment, necessitates supplementation with vitamins and a balanced approach to exercise, work and nutrition.


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

COENZYME Q10 Coenzyme Q10 is part of the ATP fuel process that the body needs like a motor car to ‘run’, to allow the body to function optimally. It is a network antioxidant and taken in conjunction with the multivitamin acts synergistically to boost the immune system and we believe will provide all your energy needs for the day. Starting one’s day with a Biolife Multivitamin and Coenzyme Q10 will certainly boost your immune system and in so doing reduce the incidence of disease. It is available at leading Pharmacies and Health Stores. If you have difficulty in finding it please call: Western Cape: Ellis 0836586490

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01



Present this add for a 25% discount on your first treatment

For more information contact HeinĂŠ at 072 293 9478 or

struggling to cope with life and its demands suffering with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Myofascial pain highly sensitive and are easily over stimulated recovering from chemo-therapy and cancer recovering from surgery and illness recovering from emotional trauma due to illness, divorce, death of family members or major life changes

Experienced Wellness Facilitator HeinĂŠ de Waal offers various holistic treatments such as massage, reflexology, Reiki and counselling in order to benefit people who are:

Wellness Facilitator

HeinĂŠ de Waal


Inositol Inositol is a naturally occurring nutrient and an important part of the B group of vitamins It plays a major role in removing fats (cholesterol) from the liver. It is also believed to be important for hair growth, skin and eye health. It also helps in the process of energy production. It has been shown to aid in the transmission of messages within the central nervous

system and it is thought that it could slow the advances of Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been used in large doses to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia and is also believed to help memory. Dosage for cholesterol reduction: 500mg once or twice daily depending on severity.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


Do you know your


Do you live your life with an abundance of energy? Or does your life feel empty? Do you know where you are heading or are you just along for the ride? Is it time for you to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you? Inner Life Skills Coaching offers many tools to help you help yourself on your journey.


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

Contact: Paul de Kock t: 082 3932888 e:

The first 20 people to respond to this ad will receive a 50% discount on their first coaching session and only pay R200 instead of R400

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


Optimum health D

r Mercola in his on-line article has brought attention to the fact that, according to statistics & his research, pharmaceutical drugs are 62 000 times more likely to cause mortality than taking supplements. All the data was collected from official sources in the UK & EU. The data shows that food supplements & herbal remedies are in the safe category for individual risk. One is more likely to perish by being struck by lightning or drowning in a bathtub, than from a lethal reaction to herbs or supplements. Over half of the population of the USA takes nutritional supplements. Over 60 billion doses of vitamin & mineral supplementation per year & zero related deaths. In contrast, pharmaceutical drugs have been known to cause over 125 000 deaths per year in


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

the US & this is when they are administered as prescribed. According to the US National Poison Data System, the categories among the most lethal include: · Analgesics, sedatives, hypnotics & antipsychotics · Cardiovascular drugs · Opioids (central nervous system depressants) · Acetaminophen combinations · Antidepressants Muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormones, antacids, anticoagulants & antihistamines are further down on the list, but still there… It is important to ask questions, to be informed, to know that each time we ingest a prescription drug there is a risk of side effects. Everyone needs to be aware of risks, what goes into our bodies, know that these bodies are ours. They do not belong


pharmaceutical drugs to our physician, pharmacist or health care advisor. It is vitally important for each & every one of us as human beings to take responsibility for our own health. This way, by asking the right questions, being in control of our lifestyle & habits we can stay healthy. And, we can do this naturally, often without the use of drugs or frequent conventional medical care.

Our important choices health wise include: 1. The Correct Food Choices 2. A Correct & Comprehensive Excercise Program 3. Stress Management & A Positive Outlook 4. Sun Exposure To Optimise Vitamin D 5. High Quality Omega-3 6. Chemicals, Toxins & Pollutants to be eradicated.

Be awake, aware, take responsibility & keep up to date on the available information. Be well informed. Be healthy, happy & live well. Dr Mercola has made significant steps to bringing practical solutions to health issues. His website provides up to date information & articles. There is movement towards exposing corporate, government & mass media hype. Dr Mercola is an osteopathic physician. He is licensed to prescribe medication & perform surgery in 50 states in the US. His focus is on preventative health care. He is trained in both traditional & natural medicine. In November 2009, he was named the top Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by the Huffington Post. He has been on CNN, the Today Show, Dr Oz & featured in Time Magazine. He has written 2 bestsellers, The Great Bird Flu Hoax & The No-Grain Diet. Have a look at the website

This article consists of extracts from Dr Mercola’s online article ( Copyright Dr Mercola. All rights reserved. Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01




to all major city centres

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could use a boost of HAPPINESS, STRESS RELIEF, CONCENTRATION and PEACEFUL SLEEP … not? Sceletium is nature’s answer and most powerful and trusted selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It has been used successfully for many years and has been researched in numerous clinical and patient review trials. This safe herb is used to combat depression, tension, stress and anxiety while inducing a sense of well being. Only Dr. Boxall’s add Avena Sativa to two of their Sceletium product varieties for those patients seeking to additionally enhance concentration and cognitive function. Both Sceletium and Avena Sativa are not addictive or hallucinogenic in any way and possibly the safest and most effective approach to anxiety, insomnia and low libido available today. This premium health range consists of both veg capsules and organic tincture drops for on-the-go support.

Follow us:

The No. 1 selling Sceletium brand worldwide! See to order online with free standard delivery or for more detailed product information.

2 in


What is

Sceletium Tortuosum?


istorically Sceletium Tortuosum was chewed, smoked or used as snuff, producing euphoria and alertness which gently fade into relaxation. The mood-elevating action of Sceletium is caused by a number of alkaloids including mesembrine, mesembrenol and tortuosamine. These alkaloids interact with the brain’s dopamine and serotonin receptors, also known as neurotransmitters, as a potent serotonin-uptake inhibitor. As a serotonin – uptake inhibitor, the brain is made proficient

in reclaiming neurotransmitters from the neuron receptors to the originating nerves thus keeping more serotonin in circulation. Sceletium is known to have a balancing effect on other feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and on adrenaline. Thus, mesembrine allows the brain to function with reduced levels of serotonin, allowing time for natural levels to build up with coping mechanisms. Sceletium is non- addictive, not hallucinogenic, and no severe adverse effects have been documented.


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


When red blood cells stick together the amount of oxygen your body can utilise is reduced! Leading to energy loss & fatigue. You can, however, correct this by using Ionic minerals! The minerals and trace minerals found in Concetrace act as catalysts for vitamins, enzyme and other supplements; enhancing their nutritional properties. Concentrace also plays an important role in body functions including muscle contractions and nerve transmissions.

In short if you use Concentrace daily you should feel more energetic and who knows, it might even put the bee back in your bonnet! Contact Tony: 0823932288

To juice or not to juice.. By Simplici-tea deli


or those of you that are already juicing, you can skip to the recipes and tips. For those of you that still believe it is a menial and laborious chore, read further. We are living in a society that tries every known diet to lose weight or look and feel good. Maybe for once we must look at creating balance in our diet rather than having a quick fix. One of the things that you can do daily to create balance is juice. For years we have been eating junk food that has little or no nutritional value. Even the fruit and vegetables that we get in supermarkets have been sterilized to such extent that what is left over has little value to the body. This makes us consume more to sustain ourselves and we overeat to feel full. The answer is to eat

organic vegetables and fruit that come from a farm not too far from you. The further vegetables and fruit have to travel, the more they need to spend time in fridges and cold lines that take nutrients out of them – fridges dehydrate items that are porous, so water and other valuable things such as vitamin c is lost. Coming back to juicing. The first principle is “what you put in is what you get out�. So start with good vegetables and fruit. Markets are usually the best place to

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


get good quality vegetables and fruit as they will be in season and most of the time they will be organic. At markets you will mostly buy from the farmer directly which benefits the cost of items. Also try green grocers, delis or supermarkets and keep asking for the organic version. They will eventually catch on. Secondly, get a good juicer. It would be great if you can get a juicer that crunches the juice out of veg and fruit, but that is rather costly. For home use get yourself a centrifugal juicer (grinds and spins the juice out at a high speed), for which you shouldn’t pay more than R800.. Here are a couple of tips when you start: Tip 1: Do not peel vegetables or fruit


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

(except some citrus fruit such as oranges, naartjies and grapefruit). Most of the nutritional value lies just beneath the skin of vegetables and fruit. Tip 2: If the vegetables are organic, you don’t have to wash them, except if they are full of mud. Proper natural soil has amazing enzymes and bacteria that your body needs for digestion. Yes, you heard right! Normal tap water has chlorine which kills enzymes that your body actually needs. Over the past few decades we have lost those enzymes and bacteria, but through better farming practices we are slowly getting them back into our system. Tip 3: Don’t throw or scoop away the foam! This is aerated goodness, it normally comes from the skin and puts you into direct contact with the

greatest nutrients. Have a look at how beetroot foams... Tip 4: Drink the juice within 30min of being made. The longer you wait, the quicker the nutrients escape. The Recipes: All recipes make juice for two, depending on the size of the glasses (based on 250ml glasses). HOLY TRINITY 1 x medium Beetroot 4 x medium Carrots 4 x medium Apples Juice the whole fruit and vegetables. Enjoy! FLU BUSTER ¼ of a medium Cabbage ½ a small Lemon, with skin and all!!!

4 Swiss Chard leaves 4 medium red Apples 1 medium Beetroot Juice the whole fruit and vegetables. Enjoy! SPRING RENEWAL 4 Celery Stalks A handful of Parsley 6 medium carrots ½ a cucumber A thumb sized piece of Ginger 4 medium green Apples Put the parsley and ginger through the juicer first, followed by the rest of the vegetables. Enjoy!

Next chapter: Know what you can get out of juicing – the nutritional benefits of vegetables and fruit for everyday juicing.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01



Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

What is

Biodynamic Farming? Y

ou may have noticed more and more products on the market that come from Biodynamic farming. Product like Dr Hauschka (skincare), Holle (baby foods) and of course Bloublommetjies from Wellington. Now having done a lot of training on this topic I do realise that quite a few people still struggle with the concept of organic farming. So I won’t make this technical. If you wish to learn more you can always Google it. Biodynamic Farming has its origins in the work of Dr. Rudolph Steiner. His work also spawned the Waldorf Schools. Biodynamic farming emphasises the interrelationship of soil, plants and animals, and views farms as self-nourishing eco-systems. Regarded as the first modern ecological

farming system and one of the most sustainable, biodynamic farming’s unique approach includes the use of homeopathic, herbal and mineral preparations as compost additives and field sprays, and the use of a sowing and planting calendar guided by the movement of the planets. Obviously no chemicals are used that can cause harm to you or the environment. And what you end up with is delicious and nutritious foods as well and skin care products that embrace you harmoniously.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01



Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


strology is an art thousands of years old. The Sumarians were advanced in their understanding of the cycles of time, reflected in the seasons of the Sun, Moon & planets. Also in world events & individual lives. Ancient societies knew that what happens on earth is a reflection of the cycles recorded above. Astrology is the combination of this wisdom & the scientific reality of the solar system cycles visible to the human eye when we observe the night sky. When we look often & for long we notice that the sky is alive. Steadily, the Moon waxes & wanes, forever in relationship with the shifting Sun. Mercury & Venus play like children – interacting with each other & the Sun as either the morning or evening stars. Mars (receiving a visit from the space craft Curiosity at present) glows red, sometimes very bright as it draws closer to the earth, always moving across the sky on the same path travelled by the Sun & Moon. Saturn appears much smaller, dimmer & therefore harder

to spot, but travelling the same route. Jupiter, the largest planet & one of the brightest points in the sky, is easily recognizable. The other planets:- Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are not visible to the human eye. We can only see their slow moving rotations with a telescope. The wonder of these cycles & the key to astrology is that they are so reliable, they are predictable. If we know where the planets, Sun & Moon, will be at any given moment - past, present and future - we are able to understand the trends & potentials of what occurred in the past, what is happening now & what to watch out for in the future. The planets describe the cycles of time & have no direct influence on us. They are our messengers.

Monica Cromhout talks on the current cycles on the first Wednesday of every month at Mayfair Cottage. She teaches astrology at Healing House Helderberg. 021 8524728 / 083 4530052

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01



Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


Be true to Yourself

Integrity Wellbeing is a new concept store serving the greater Helderberg & Somerset West area. We offer an integrated look at health care. Stockists of top quality international & local health supplements, herbal, homeopathic, naturopathic remedies & a selection of natural, gluten free & organic foods. Integrity Wellbeing • Mayfair Cottage • 3 Bright Street • Somerset West • 7130 t: 021 801 3959 • email:

A TRULY UNDILUTED ORGANIC FOOD SOURCE THAT MAY ENHANCE ENERGY LEVELS, STAMINA AND OVERALL HEALTH & WELL-BEING, ENCOURAGING EACH CELL TO RUN AT PEAK EFFICIENCY. Every scoop provides 12g of 71 certified organic concentrated foods and extracts, selected and balanced to support overall health. Green Vibrance also helps rebalance the gastrointestinal flora and may improve the overall health of the digestive tract, and all your body systems. BENEFITS: • Digestive tract health (such as: gas, bloating, IBS†, leaky gut†, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, ulcerative colitis† & diverticulitis†) • Helps increase energy & endurance • Helps improve circulation • Helps strengthen the immune system • Improves nutrient absorption • Helps decrease age-related cellular damage • Eliminates waste products, and detoxifies • Weight loss & food cravings • Enhances liver health • Assists with blood sugar control • Helps improve skeletal health


(Suitable for Vegetarians) This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. DISCLAIMER: The information above is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by a competent health care professional. You should not use this information in diagnosing or treating a health problem. No claim or opinion is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. If you are taking any drugs (prescribed or not), or have a medical condition, please consult a physician or health care professional, who is aware of herb/drug interactions before taking any herbal or natural supplements. Vibrant Health uses 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible with whole food concentrates for maximum absorbability and efficacy. Available from practitioners, leading health stores nationwide, or directly from Natural Vibrance +27 (0)21 852 3021 |

SOMERSET WEST EASTERN CHINESE MARTIAl ARTS & WEllNESS CENTER Move with grace, power, and beauty and harmonize with the cosmos. This is the gift of Tai Chi. A 10 minute Tai chi practice can benefit you the whole day and extend beyond practice into every day life. It should never become a treadmill activity that dulls the imagination. It invigorates the mind and cultivates the creative spirit. For more information on our Tai Chi classes and other services, kindly contact Master Nicola Thysen. Email: Affiliated Website:


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01




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Meat free Mondays


ave you often thought about becoming vegetarian for the health benefits and then said to yourself, “But what the hell do they eat?”. Are you considering introducing more vegetarian food into you and your family’s diet but scared that there will be an outcry? Meat Free Mondays is a good place to start. Every Monday you cook and eat vegetarian food as a way of slowly cutting down on the meat. And If you need some inspiration about what to cook, you should take a look at Cook Eat Live Vegetarian. This food blog has hundreds of delicious recipes from all over the world. Taking the best from Middle Eastern,

Asian, South American, Indian and European cuisine and turning it into food you are powerless to resist. If you think that vegetarian food is bland and boring, think again! www.foodblogandthedog.wordpress. com

Other blogs we like is

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


Nutrients, Oxygen & Water, essential elements of health! OZONE THERAPY & LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS Contact: Eileen Jacobs Tel: 021 851 7037 Cell: 082 721 8149 “All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” ~ From to the textbook of Medical Physiology ~


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


The Way Forward for

Health Shops W

ith all the articles being published & rumours abounding, one of the questions being asked is if the health shop industry is going to fade into obscurity or become a fad that belongs in the past. As humanity surges forward with bigger, better, faster & more efficient ways of doing, are we, as shop owners going to be eclipsed by the bigger corporates & the pharmaceutical industry? What do consumers want? As mentioned in the introduction to ‘Healthy Choices’, a lot has to do with the questions we ask. And, equally perception & choice. As co-owner of Integrity Wellbeing I choose to see the present situation as a challenge, a way to integrate the alternative with the allopathic, a way towards better service, more informed, well trained staff & superior service for our clients.


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

After all, at the end of the day, that is what we are all about. Our clients. We are a service industry. Health shops & staff offer one on one service, an open minded approach, the ability to listen & advise. Earlier this month in Cape Town, the first Health Shop Association meeting was held. To date, only 25 shops have joined up. Discussed was the necessity of standing together as a group, which the HCA has pledged to administer, the supply of informative legislative protocols, important industry feedback, the information gained through IADSA & CODEX of the CAMS industries abroad & the facilitating of an introduction to the appropriate government departments when the proposed association is ready to work with the government to create the correct legal protocols for health shops.

The HPA has offered their help & guidance from over 30 years experience in the South African CAMS industry. We need to be proud of our collective knowledge, our skills & ability to advise in our respective fields. If our staff need extra training, what a bonus. If our products have a greater efficacy, we can be grateful. If the government needs help understanding some of our products & what we do, let us work as a team to make a smoother transition. And, we need to be informed. It is up to us as shop owners to keep it real, not to get caught up in misinformation & to keep our clients informed. And, we can help educate those making the decisions which affect

our livelihood. As a group we can only go from strength to strength. We can bring about change & we can work towards a review of our constitution. And, we have the freedom to keep asking questions. I would recommend each & every health shop owner to join the HSASA & get ready to embrace the challenge & changes we are moving towards. And‌ we can ask our clients about how they feel, what they want & continue to offer a necessary service. With so much information available via the internet, the ability to listen is a gift we can offer. Written by Lesley-Ann Green, part owner & founder member of Integrity Wellbeing.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


Healthy Choices Rate card Advertising Rates Full page ad: R750.00 or R650.00 when booking for 3 issues Contact: Paul de Kock: 0823932888 Lesley-Ann Green: 0824310640

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In the Next Issue: Heart health, gifting, the gift of health & wellbeing 50

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

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Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 1  

a health and lifestyle magazine

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 1  

a health and lifestyle magazine