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Living festively this festive season... T

he word festive means to rejoice or be be joyous or jovial. So many of us get caught in the outward expression of striving, finding the perfect gift, cooking the exceptional meal, travelling to spend time with family & friends after a year of hard work & effort. Maybe, less is more? We can be festive & joyous in the small things. Sharing special moments with those we love. Sitting quietly. Preparing simple, nutritious food. Taking time to rest, relax & replenish. Being mindful & aware... in each moment & practicing gratitude for the miracle of being here, now.

Index 14 Mouthwatering Quiche Recipe 20 Giving from the heart 22 Action plan for the New Year 23 Navigation by the stars 26 The keep it natural sunblock 30 Purpose Fairy quotes 34 Join us at Bloublommetjieskloof farm 38 Gluten free mince pies 54 No more dieting 58 What do I get out of juicing and so much more ....

Setting our intentions inwards to what inspires us deeply. Looking at our consumption of food & alcohol & limiting it to not over indulging. Loving ourselves & those close to us not to drive under the influence of intoxicants. Protecting our livers with herbs like milkthistle. Drinking enough water & using a good sunscreen. Meditating, practicing one of the internal arts to keep us whole & centred. Gifting with consciousness. Knowing where our gifts originate from, how they are made & giving them from our hearts. The energy of giving & receiving should circulate freely & effortlessly.

Editorial team Design & Layout Ronel van Heerden Photography Nic Redelinghuys of The Pixel Revelation This booklet is printed on sustainably farmed paper using vegetable based inks that are not harmful to our environment in any way. The printing plates & water used during the process are also recycled for minimum wastage of our planet’s resources. www.deep

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


Where Health, Wellness, Awareness & true care meet! You will find this under one roof at Mayfair Cottage 3 Bright Street · Somerset West · 021 8517037 · – a life changing space –

The Editors Paul de Kock

He is meditating at the moment. Or is that his happy look now that this issue has gone to press… ? Paul has a strong focus on global healing & is a qualified inner Life Skills Coach with www.innerlifeskills. com. Find out more about his company, Global Energetics Health and Wellness Marketing, on page 61. He continues in his search for the better question. 0823932888

Mindful eating this season I resolve to eat mindfully this season. I will be mindful of how my food was treated. I will be mindful of those that laboured to bring me such delicious and nutritious food. I will be mindful of how what I am eating or drinking will impact on my older self. I will eat and drink in good spirit. - Paul de Kock

Lesley-Ann Green

Lesley has shared her writing in ‘Living Festively This Festive Season’ Lesley is part owner & founder member of Integrity Wellbeing. She practices as an acupuncturist & teaches Tai Chi & Qi Gong. As an artist, Lesley’s focus on healing is a creative & all encompassing one.


he end of year (& second issue) of HC has been a true work of devotion & teamwork. Each member of our team has shone with a combination of exceptional organizational skills, creativity & tenacity. We wish to thank all our readers, contributors, colleagues, friends & families for their support & to wish each & everyone a safe, blessed, joyous, healthy, abundant & peaceful festive season as we celebrate a remarkable year ending. And, a bright new one rising, bringing fresh challenges & inspiration.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


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healthy choices magazine issue 02

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The Mysterious Acai berry A

couple of years ago, due to some serious hype by Dr Nicholas Perricone & media coverage the acai berry became a little famous & slightly misrepresented. Weight loss claims, arthritis cures, cancer & even erectile dysfunction! The benefits of the acai berry were buried under an avalanche of bad publicity. Acai has been a staple of the Amazon rainforest for centuries. It supplies energy, stamina & strength, which come in useful when living in a jungle as a hunter-gatherer. This plant, to protect itself from the sun, produces a deep purple pigment rich in antioxidants, known as anthocyanins. Similar to resveratrol found in red grapes, but with the difference that the concentration of antioxidants is reputedly higher than most other fruit. This fruit is virtually sugar free, so it is diabetic friendly & low GI. Acai is also fairly rich in Omega 9 fatty acids (like olive oil). As it does not travel well,


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02 01

freeze drying is the key to protecting the nutrient integrity of the berry. Spray drying kills a lot of nutrients. Bruce Cohen of Absolute Organix tells us that until recently their acai was preservative free, but that the shelf life is easily affected by the way it is handled. Suppliers add a minimal amount (0.5%) of citric acid from lemons as a preservative. This is done with the approval of Eco-Cert, their organic certifying agency. It may taste slightly tart, but is still fresh. They import only certified organic acai & have independent, third party verification of the overall quality of the product. They sell acai powder in 100g tubs, which is great added into smoothies. For those not keen on drinking their acai, capsules are also available (made from cellulose, so completely vegan). Antioxidants are one the keys to superior cellular function & maximum health. This version of the acai berry superfruit is one of the top options.

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healthy choices magazine issue 01



Roasted Cauliflower& Chickpea Quiche Recipe by Natalie Ward (

Makes 1 large quiche. Vegetarian Tandoori Spice Mix Adapted from My New Roots. You only need 1 Tbsp for this recipe


∙ 1 tsp chilli powder ∙ 1 1/2 tsp ground cardamom ∙ 2 Tbsp cumin seeds ∙ 1 Tbsp coriander seeds ∙ 1/4 whole nutmeg grated ∙ 1 tsp whole cloves ∙ 1 1/2 sticks cinnamon, broken ∙ 1 Tbsp turmeric ∙ 1 Tbsp paprika

∙ 350-400 g cauliflower florets ∙ 200 g cooked chickpeas, rinsed & drained ∙ 1 Tbsp tandoori spice mix (recipe above) ∙ 4 cloves garlic, minced ∙ 1 tbsp minced ginger ∙ 1 tsp salt ∙ 1/4 tsp black pepper ∙ juice of 1 lemon ∙ 1 pot (125 ml) goats or Greek yoghurt ∙ 50 gr toasted almonds or cashews ∙ a handful of fresh coriander

Grind everything except last 2 ingredients in a mortar & pestle or spice grinder to a powder then mix with the turmeric & paprika. Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

Tip all the ingredients except the nuts into a plastic freezer bag, seal and mix together well by smushing it about in the bag with your hands. Leave to marinate in the fridge for 1 hour minimum.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

Preheat the oven to 180C and line a baking tray with baking paper. Tip the contents of the freezer bag onto the tray and spread out evenly. Roast for 25-30 minutes until dried and slightly browned then leave to cool. Stir through the toasted almonds/cashews and chopped coriander. Taste and add more salt & lemon juice as required. You can use the cooled mixture as a filling for samosas, see recipe here or continue on to make the quiche. Makes a 28-30 cm quiche. Vegetarian. Pastry recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini ∙ 250 g spelt or wholemeal flour ∙ 1 tsp salt ∙ 1 tsp tandoori spice mix (see above) ∙ 4 Tbsp (1/4 cup) olive oil ∙ up to 120 ml (1/2 cup) cold water ∙ 3 eggs ∙ 1 pot (125 gr) goat’s yoghurt (or greek yoghurt) ∙ milk ( I used oat milk) ∙ salt & black pepper ∙ a handful of grated manchego/ cheddar (optional)

Lightly oil & flour your tart tin. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, salt and spices, drizzle in the olive oil mixing/mashing it in with a fork until well combined (a bit like crumble mix). Measure out the water then drizzle slowly into the flour a bit at a time and mix it in with the fork until just absorbed then bring it together with one hand kneading a little just until it forms a cohesive ball. you may not need all the water. Do not over work or it will be tough. You can refrigerate it now if it is warm. Preheat the oven to 190C. Roll it out on a lightly floured surface, turning it quarter turns as you go to stop it sticking, to the correct size about 2-3 mm thick. Flour your rolling-pin and roll the pastry

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


onto it lifting it gently over to the tart tin and unroll the pastry onto the tin. Push the pastry into the tin (do not stretch it) and trim off the excess. Keep it to make a little tart if you have enough. Prick the base of the tart all over with a fork. Separate one of the eggs and use the white to brush all over the base of the pastry and the sides. Bake for about 8 -10 minutes until the egg white is cooked and the pastry is starting to dry out. This creates a barrier and stops the bottom from becoming soggy when you add the liquidy filling. Spread the roasted cauliflower chickpea mix over the base of the pastry in an evenish layer, you will probably not need all of it. In a measuring jug whisk together the two remaining whole eggs and the extra yolk then add the goat’s yoghurt and whisk again. Add enough milk to take it to the 450 ml mark, season well with salt & black pepper and mix again. Open the oven, put the tart on the middle oven shelf, pull it out


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

and then pour the egg mixture into the tart, top with the grated cheese (if using), gently push the shelf in and close the door. This stops the mixture slopping everywhere hopefully. Bake until the quiche is just set and nicely browned about 30-40 minutes. Leave to cool slightly and serve warm (not hot) or at room temperature. Serve the quiche or samosas with a green salad and a yoghurt, lemon & mint dipping sauce.

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Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

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from the heart


iving from the heart is different to just giving. When a gift comes from the heart there seems to be more love, sincerity and compassion behind it. Anything that truly comes from one’s heart is shared without the hope of getting anything in return or any kind of expectations. My experience is that when I give from the heart, it is often my heart that is filled with more love. Yoga is a beautiful way of experiencing this. Yoga is a connection to oneself and a form of giving, nurturing and feeding goodness to our whole being. I always feel blessed and thank myself when I get on my yoga


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

mat – especially those times when it seems impossible due to a busy day. Karma Yoga is also about selfless service and giving to others less privileged than ourselves. After travelling for nine months and doing yoga for charity, I truly learned the meaning of giving from my heart and sharing all the love I was receiving. Give without expectation this festive season… to yourself and to others. Give from the heart.

By Sharni Quinn from ‘Follow the Sun’ Yoga –


Inositol Inositol is a naturally occurring nutrient and an important part of the B group of vitamins It plays a major role in removing fats (cholesterol) from the liver. It is also believed to be important for hair growth, skin and eye health. It also helps in the process of energy production. It has been shown to aid in the transmission of messages within the central nervous

system and it is thought that it could slow the advances of Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been used in large doses to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia and is also believed to help memory. Dosage for cholesterol reduction: 500mg once or twice daily depending on severity.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02



How to destress and detox – body mind and spirit –

1. Breathe more - Learn to breathe deeply, fully and in different ways. 2. Be more – Quiet, mindful, aware, accepting and grateful. 3. Meditate. 4. Take up Tai Chi or Yoga or an activity that you find sticky (as in you’ll stick to it) 5. Drink more - Water and a good red wine. 6. Be sure to nourish yourself with a healthy diet. look for good local organic produce. 7. Live your purpose with passion (find a good life coach) 8. Find the right practitioner. What do you want to address? Body, mind or spirit? 9. Take a bath. Epsom salts or mustard bath are great to assist aches, pains and detoxing. 10. Smile, and if you don’t feel like it, releases endorphins which help you destress. 11. Clear toxic habits or relationships. 12. Be more involved, inspired and inspiring - In uplifting yourself and those around you. 13. Be more compassionate and loving. Love feels good!


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

navigation by the stars “A

s above, so below” is an ancient wisdom that reminds us that the journey of life on earth can be navigated in accordance with the road signs portrayed by the heavenly bodies. We can choose to optimally use the energy present on earth as represented by planetary configurations in the heavens. The Sagittarius New Moon on 13 December is an opportune time to set off on a journey – exploring our faith, philosophies and beliefs. For this quest we dress in a maverick cloak and equip ourselves with the powerful tool of transformation. This journey may however not be true to the buoyant Sagittarian nature, but rather be a contemplative walk of introspection and reflection. Although the Sun’s energy on the Summer Solstice of 21

December is filtered by caution, it is also boosted by a freedomdesire. A road sign of “change” may present itself. The potential is there to transform defence systems and old fears. This will aid the possibly needed adjustment of deep seated beliefs and alteration to the structures that give meaning to our lives. The Capricorn New Moon of 11 January calls for establishing a new set of rules. We can empower and take responsibility for ourselves. We need not be limited but can test the un-travelled road – the one that goes beyond the ordinary way of doing things. Hettie Malan D.F.Astrol.S +27 82 776 3535

healthy choices magazine issue 02


Healthy hearts with CoQ10 C

oenzyme Q10 is an enzyme working with a coenzyme to produce a particular reaction in our body’s energy cycle. Coenzyme Q10 is known as the cellular ‘spark plug’, as we need an adequate supply to function at our maximum capacity. CoQ10 is essential for energy production. A powerful antioxidant, synthethized by the body, it does however deplete as we age. CoQ10 rejuvenates brain cells. It may help prevent Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s & has been used successfully to treat gum disease in Japan. USA & European physicians treat heart disease preventatively with CoQ10. It is found in salmon, liver & other organ meats, but not enough is consumed from diet alone. The Packer Institute of the University of California, after extensive research suggest that people over 40 be on a minimum of 50mg daily. Those with heart disease


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

need 100mg. Biopsies in patients with a variety of heart diseases show a deficiency in up to 75% of all cases. The person to first isolate it was Dr Folkers. He laid the groundwork for numerous studies showing CoQ10 as a promising treatment for angina, congestive heart failure & cardiomyopathy. Countless USA doctors incorporate it into treatment protocols for heart disease. Statin drugs used in the treatment of high cholesterol reduce levels of Coenzyme Q10, which lead to tiredness & lethargy. Many health professionals recommend supplementation of CoQ10 for all on statins. As heart disease is linked to deficiency of CoQ10 & with great results shown with supplementation, this is one good way to look after our hearts. Credits: Ellis Henen & The Antioxidant Miracle, Packer & Colman 1999

COENZYME Q10 Coenzyme Q10 is part of the ATP fuel process that the body needs like a motor car to ‘run’, to allow the body to function optimally. It is a network antioxidant and taken in conjunction with the multivitamin acts synergistically to boost the immune system and we believe will provide all your energy needs for the day. Starting one’s day with a Biolife Multivitamin and Coenzyme Q10 will certainly boost your immune system and in so doing reduce the incidence of disease. It is available at leading Pharmacies and Health Stores. If you have difficulty in finding it please call: Western Cape: Ellis 0836586490

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


The ‘keep it natural’ sunblock I

n the development of Sunumbra sunscreen, Sue Ingram (the manufacturer) had a list of stringent requirements. She wanted a sunscreen that would provide high level protection against both UVA & UVB radiation, as well as protection from free radical damage & atmospheric toxins. In keeping with her core philosophy - ‘keep it natural’, Sue also insisted it contain active natural nutrients to reverse the effects of any damage from radiation. In losing a brother to


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

melanoma, Sue realized the cost of an active outdoor life without proper protection. South Africa is truly the country of blue skies & sunshine. Our skin is the largest organ of our body & more than 60% of skin care products are absorbed through it. Many ingredients in sunscreens are more than just a little harmful. Two of the 16 chemicals considered dangerous are acrylamide & octinoxate. The first is linked to cancer & the second has estrogenic effects & disrupts the thyroid hormone

& brain signalling. The USA Environmental Working Group (EWG) recommend avoiding all sunscreens containing Vitamin A, due to a recent survey linking it to accelerated growth of skin tumours & lesions. Specifically, they highlight avoiding the hormone disrupting ingredient oxybenzone. Sunshine IS essential for good health. Exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) is the best source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for healthy mineralisation, growth & remodelling of bone. Studies show that it prevents up to 77% of all cancers in women, lessens the risk of prostrate, colon & pancreatic cancers, aids in relieving depression & chronic pain & helps control heart disease, blood pressure & MS. Of the greatest importance to Sue, in her research is that she discovered that UVB light is actually necessary in the fight against melanoma, caused primarily by exposure to deep-penetrating UVA light. Sunscreens that completely block UVB, but ignore UVA increase

our exposure to a possibility of melanoma. Over exposure to sunshine is the real issue - severe sunburn potentially causes skin cancer, can cause the skin to become infected, body salt levels to drop & dehydration to set in. In search of a unique combination of ingredients from organic plant extracts as a substitute for the harmful chemical filters in other sunscreens, Sue & her team looked at many of the plants & herbs used in traditional medicines. these include Aloe Ferox, Kigellia, Green Rooibos, Cape Chamomile & a host of others. After 3 years of research & testing, a non-toxic, natural sunscreen made from organic ingredients came into being. The guiding principle in formula compilation was that of ‘divine proportion’ - phi- & the Fibonacci ratio. ‘I respect that the natural world is governed by this ratio, which is evident in formulations as seemingly diverse as ferns, broccoli, river networks, blood vessels & coastlines’ says Sue. This has created a unique, natural, effective & safe product.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


The basis of the sun care range is zinc oxide with naturally preserved coconut & olive oil derivatives, wild sourced Cape Chestnut oil, organic emulsifiers from olive oil & photo-protective & antioxidant rich botanicals. Sunumbra is entirely natural, contains organic antioxidants & is manufactured by an Ecocertified laboratory. It is certified by the Photobiology Laboratory of the Medical University of South Africa under the latest standards. It is not tested on animals, only humans. The range consists of an


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

SPF30+, SPF40+ (Sport) & a Sunkids (also SPF40+). All are water resistant, non-greasy & pH balanced. This summer, be informed, be safe & enjoy the sunshine! Sunumbra P contains:. No chemical sun filters . No mineral oils . No colourants . No PEG emulsifiers . No parabens . No added fragrances . No titanium dioxide . No animal derivatives

NATURAL SUNSCREEN with Organic Ingredients

Protects against the highest level UVA and UVB light ∙ Contains natural, organic, photoprotective botanicals (plant extracts) ∙ Contains no parabens, harmful chemicals, animal derivatives, colourants, fragrance or preservatives ∙ Dermatologically tested and approved ∙ Specially formulated for children and people with sensitive skin ∙ Tested on human skin only, not on animals ∙ The pH in the sunkids SPF 40 is in balance with childrens’ delicate skin ∙ Can be used by anyone with a dietary or environmental concern ∙ Developed, formulated and manufactured in South Africa ∙ Passed stringent regulatory standards to be sold in the USA. t: +27 (0)21 702 3617 f: 086 663 1053 e: w: Tocara Skin & Body Science is the sole distributor of sunumbra P in South Africa.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


Quotes from the

Purpose Fairy – find her on facebook –

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings. – Nelson Mandela Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. – Joseph Campbell There is more wisdom in listening than in speaking – Nilotic Proverbs Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. – Rumi 30

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


∙ Aura Sprays ∙ ∙ Chakra Anointing Oils ∙ ∙ Healing Products & Services ∙

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


We’ve had a makeover to bring you even better products in up to date packaging with: More economical quantities More products for vegetarians Small but marked improvements in formulations We’ve kept the following the same: Highest quality Personal service 24 hour customer support Speedy delivery Our commitment to your wellbeing


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

Contact t: 0861 102020 (S.A. Only) +27 21 657 1020 (International) f: 0861 113092 (S.A. Only) +27 21 674 6978 (International) e: Geoff: (083) 2752795 Paul: (082) 3932888

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


Food & Chaatter F

ood & Chaatter is passionate about connecting people by sharing delicious food from all over the world. Our new series “Take me to the farm” is designed to re-establish people’s connection with nature and understanding of where their food comes from. As we believe in healthy and sustainable choices, we will focus on organic and biodynamic farms in the Western Cape.


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

Our first visit on 15th Dec 2012 will take us to the biodynamic Bloublommetjieskloof Farm in Wellington. The full-day activities from 10 am- 4 pm include cheese making, plum harvesting, composting, socialising and tasting wholesome farm meals! LIMITED seats available: Early bird (now- Dec 3) R300/pp Noon bird (Dec 4 - Dec 9) R350/pp Late bird (Dec 10- 12) R400/pp

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 01


Hop, Skip, a Stone Throw away! 10 am: During a warm welcome with coffee/ tea and some homemade snacks, you will get to know your hosts Wendy and Ishaan as well as learn about the history of the farm. 10:30 am: In the dairy, you will learn how butter, yoghurt as well as cottage, feta and peasants cheese is produced from unpasteurised and not homogenised milk. Thereafter the plum orchard is calling and you will harvest ripe plums used to make the farm’s lekker plum juice and other products. Children, in the meantime, will go for a fun egg hunt and collect eggs laid by the hens all over the farm. For more information: Visit: FoodAndChaatter/events Or contact Lisa & Ovi at:


healthy choices magazine issue 02

12 noon: A freshly prepared, hearty lunch with salad and a delicious dessert will revitalise your strength and energy. The lunch break gives you time to socialise with like-minded people and drill your hosts with questions. 1:30 pm: After lunch Wendy will explain the secret of biodynamic fertilising, and you can participate to “brush the 500” over the farm’s herbs! Wendy will also show us how to build a compost heap in your back yard or balcony. 3:30 pm: After some more refreshments with tea and coffee, you can round off your experience at the padstal! How about buying local Christmas gifts - organic body care products, wine and more.

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


gluten free mince pies by Basic stock deli

Preparation time 30 mins to 1 hour ∙ Cooking time 10 to 30 mins ∙ Makes 12 pies

For the mince meat 225 gr vegetarian suet or holsum 225 gr granny smiths, peeled, cored and chopped 125 candied peel, chopped 225 gr sultanas 225 gr raisins 175 gr brown or dark brown sugar 1 tsp mixed spice 1 orange, zest and juice 60 ml brandy Mix all the ingredients together, pack into sterilized jars and store until you want to use it. For the pies 350 gr mince meat 55 gr corn starch 70 gr tapioca flour 70 gr potato starch ½ tsp xanthan gum 40 gr brown sugar 75 gr almond flour 125 gr butter 1 egg Milk, to glaze Preparation Lightly butter a 12-hole pie or


healthy choices magazine issue 02

patty tin. Tip the mincemeat into a bowl and stir so that the liquid is evenly distributed. Rub the butter into the dry ingredients by hand and stir in the egg. Bring the mixture together with your hands, wrap in cling film and chill for an hour or so. If it’s very sticky, use some tapioca flour to bring the mixture together. Thinly roll out the pastry on a floured surface. Cut out 12 circles with a fluted pastry cutter, large enough to fill the base of the prepared tin. Press gently into each hole, then fill with the mincemeat. Cut out another 12 slightly smaller discs and use to cover the mincemeat. Press the edges together to seal. Make a small slit in the top of each, then brush lightly with milk. Chill for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Bake the pies for 20 minutes until golden brown. Remove to a wire rack and serve warm with brandy butter.

Be true to Yourself

Integrity Wellbeing is a new concept store serving the greater Helderberg & Somerset West area. We offer an integrated look at health care. Stockists of top quality international & local health supplements, herbal, homeopathic, naturopathic remedies & a selection of natural, gluten free & organic foods. Integrity Wellbeing • Mayfair Cottage • 3 Bright Street • Somerset West • 7130 t: 021 801 3959 • email:

Be Unique Be Spontaneous

The finest boutique wine warehouse with over 300 wines from 55 top producing wine estates. We cater from R29 upwards on various boutique wines. Our aim is to bring the wine farms closer to you, with each estate’s entire range. Our wines are available in-store, online or from the farm. We do not stock retail lines, so why not impress guests with the very best affordable prices? Plus, send us your party menu, and (with our 35 years of experience)we will pair the perfect wine with each course for free! Every Saturday we have the winemakers instore. For free tasting do pop by and enjoy a glass or two... Address: The Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town (Shop 110 - 111, Block A)


healthy choices magazine issue 02

What makes a


multivitamin? Biolife Multivitamin + Antioxidants has been developed to incorporate all important vitamin & mineral ingredients in quantities in excess of the minimum recommended daily requirements. The product is suitable for vegetarians.

The Immune System The immune system plays an integral part in ones well-being. Immune simply means that you are protected from acquiring something. Essentially, when one is in good health one’s immune system is working optimally.

Supplementation If one ate five portions of fresh vegetables daily in addition to following a good eating plan, exercised 3-4 times a week, was stress free, emotionally well-balanced, and lived in a pollution free environment, then supplementation would be unnecessary. Unfortunately the manner in which we ‘work, eat and play’ within a polluted environment, necessitates supplementation with vitamins and a balanced approach to exercise, work and nutrition.

It’s often so difficult to make positive changes in your life without someone’s help. JASON SANDLER Master Hypnotherapist Unlock Your Full Potential For help with: Stop Smoking, Panic Attacks & Depression. Phone 072 239 2760


Sea Point • Wynberg • Somerset West

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

When red blood cells stick together the amount of oxygen your body can utilise is reduced! Leading to energy loss & fatigue. You can, however, correct this by using Ionic minerals! The minerals and trace minerals found in Concetrace act as catalysts for vitamins, enzyme and other supplements; enhancing their nutritional properties. Concentrace also plays an important role in body functions including muscle contractions and nerve transmissions.

In short if you use Concentrace daily you should feel more energetic and who knows, it might even put the bee back in your bonnet! Contact Tony: 0823932288 Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


NEO Trading is a sales and distribution business of sustainable and natural products. We actively source products which are made in South Africa in an environmentally and socially responsible way. For wholesale enquiries please contact or 021 701 7172 For more information on becoming a supplier, please contact or 083 270 9312 Unit 2, Bateleur Park, Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, Tokai 7945 Some of the great brands you’ll find with us


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


Bloublommetjieskloof Farm T

his beautiful farm is hidden in the valley of Wellington, and was converted to biodynamic farming methods in the late 60’s. In 2008, Bloublommetjieskloof became the second farm in South Africa to be certified by Demeter International - regarded as the highest grade of organic farming certification in the world. B l o u b l o m m e t j i e s k l o o f ’s produce is 100% organic and only Biodynamic Preparations are used as fertilisers. The farm produces body care and household cleaning products cultivated from herbs; dairy products; and delicious fruit jams


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

and compotes. All products are available in markets and outlets across South Africa. The farm places high priorities on animal welfare, thus all animals roam freely and graze on mixed pastures. This includes a small dairy herd - which provides the raw milk for the dairy, and chickens providing free-range eggs. Social education is a crucial part of anthroposophy: the philosophy behind biodynamic farming. Bloublommetjiekloof Farm offers an authentic oldstyle farm experience for guests, hosting school groups, conferences and workshops.

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Safe, gentle, fast, visible, intelligent, unique …

allanetics is a highly effective non-impact exercise programme, isolating muscle groups by using small, precise, powerful three-dimensional movements, which develop long, lean looking muscles. It focuses on lengthening the spine and correct activating of the pelvic floor. Callanetics is an intelligent form of exercise, focusing on deep muscle work, there is no bouncing or jarring found in high impact activity and the first results are visible fast – often after only 3-4 classes. SA Callanetics is taught in small classes of no more than 12 participants so everyone receives individual attention and all ages and levels of ability can be accommodated. Often classes take place in studio environments with mirrors and barres to assisting participants in using their body correctly. Foundations : Callanetics was originally developed by Callan Pinckney in the USA in the 1970’s. Callan suffered from physical problems with her spine and legs leading her to develop an


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exercise regime based on ballet lessons she had taken as a child and the Lotte Berk Programme, and the foundations of Callanetics was born. The exercises are being further developed in close co-operation with Swiss doctors and movement specialists and are formulated according to the most modern knowledge of anatomy. Callanetics has a calming effect, helping to focus the mind and improving sleep. Most people find they “grow” due to the stretching of the spine – a few centimetres are not rare. Many sufferers of back and joint pain report less pain and generally people need less sleep and enjoy improved appetite control. Clients find they lose centimetres all round and the exercises have a lifting and tightening effect on sagging body areas. Cellulite improves and sometimes disappears all together!

For more information: On studio locations, DVD workouts, teacher training courses and workshops, contact info@ / 011 795 3311,

The Callanetics Teachers Association of South Africa


The South African Callanetics Programme safe ∙ gentle ∙ fast ∙ visible

Experience: ∙ More energy & strength ∙ More beauty & leanness ∙ Centimeter loss ∙ Better coordination, balance ∙ Natural appetite control & posture and more … Contact us for: Callanetics Studio Locations Teachers Training Courses Workshops DVDs t: 011 795 3311 / 021 554 2124 e: w:


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Chinaherb The Chinaherb range is a selection of the most well known so called classic formulas in addition to a number of very effective modern formulas. The range includes nourish formula, warm interior, harmonize Qi and liver, calm shen, harmonize stomach, flush downwards, clear heat, expel wind cold, expel wind heat, expel damp, relieve cough, remove phlegm, remove blood stagnation, skin, and exterior formulas. The formulas are available in


containers of 120 tablets. This supply is intended for a 15 day treatment. The tablets are manufactured in according to international GMP standard for the production of food and dietary supplements. Only carefully selected herbs are used. These are pure natural plant and mineral products, free of any animal part or product.

t: 021 6742804 f: 021 6834718 e:

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New Year’s resolution;

no more dieting by Basic Stock Deli


he holidays are upon us and it means we are getting our New Year’s resolutions ready. For many people this is the time to lose weight, even if it’s only the few pounds gained over the holidays. A great way of doing this is by incorporating some form of exercise into our daily routine and by eating healthy. This is easier said than done. We find ourselves in the middle of summer and we want to get in shape as soon as possible, so we opt for the quick diet that promises results in under a month. If we can just leave the carbs for a while, eat only protein or leave out all meat, we will be beach ready before any one can say ‘chocolate chip muffin’. These diets may or may not


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

work, but they have one thing in common; they are unhealthy and counterproductive in the long run. Our body is not a machine. We assume that if we do not feed it, it still runs as it did before, only now it will use the excess fat and that way we’ll lose weight. When we’ve lost enough weight, we can go back to eating normal. This is not how it works. When we deprive our body of essential nutrients, it will react. It senses that it’s being starved and therefore stores energy in wait of better days. When we go back to eating as we did before the diet, the body is slow to catch on. It is getting more energy than during the diet, but is still storing it instead of using it at a normal rate. This means we


Come and see our full range of organic products and place your order for fresh organic vegetables weekly We accept all medical aids

We keep Colic Calm - first homeopathic gripe water

Stockists of Solgar, Solal, Viridian and The Real Thing Suppliers of a full range of herbal and homeopathic products

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Full stock of BALLET ESSENTIALS 12 Mill Street, Gardens Tel: 021 465 4217/8 or 465 4479 Fax: 021 465 4479 Cell: 082 789 8352 Email:

Oh-Lief organic baby products, Dream Cookies gluten / wheat free, Superfoods, Honey,

Oh-Lief organic baby products, Dream Cookies gluten / wheat free, Superfoods, Honey,

Soil organic aromatherapy, Himalaya Herbal ayurvedic products,

Soil organic aromatherapy, Himalaya Herbal ayurvedic products,

will gain weight again very quickly after the diet. A diet is also very damaging to the way we relate to food. While we follow a diet, we condition ourselves to thinking that food in general or certain food groups are bad. This change in thinking is difficult to reverse once we’re done losing weight. It leaves us with a distorted attitude towards food and now we feel guilty every time we want to eat a cookie. Being on a diet actually increases our obsession with food and makes us constantly thinking of food during a time when we’re supposed to be eating less. This makes it more difficult to follow the diet. It is easier on the mind to replace the bad foods with healthier alternatives, because it means you can still eat the same quantities of food. Make sure you stock up on healthy snacks that you enjoy eating so that there is always something within reach when you feel peckish. Also, and this is very important, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you really want some chocolate, have some. Just make it a smaller portion


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

and a better quality chocolate. Or compensate afterwards with some exercise. A very harmful side effect of dieting is the message it sends to our children. In a society that predominantly promotes skinny as the ideal body type, the last thing kids need, is a parent who is not overweight going on a diet. You look fine to them, so if you are on a diet, they must surely be on one too. Rather teach your children about healthy eating and make them understand that the way to feel and look great is not through starvation, but through making healthy choices. So what’s the solution? We must nurture our body, not punish it. We should accept that the body needs a large variety of nutrients to function normally and if you leave one out, the body will react in a negative way. Understand that change takes time and will be more sustainable if achieved over a longer period of time. It is more effective to change our eating pattern than to do a crash diet for a few weeks.

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CLINIC FREE blood pressure tests (offer valid until 8 december 2012)


t y m die all t re e at c se abl hes ail nc av bra

within walking distance from university

we offer various services & products

DAY SPA book a standard facial & receive a FREE mini manicure book a full body massage & receive a FREE mini pedicure book a Spa Pedi & receive a FREE 15 minutes scalp massage purchase any 2 Vichy sun products & receive a FREE pair of sun glasses to the value of R120 Environ - free gifts with purchases

we also have 3 other phamacy branches in stellenbosch : die boord pharmacy - your 7 days a week pharmacy ALWAYS 08h00 - 20h00! (except on Christmas day : 09h00 - 13h00 & 17h00 - 20h00) tel : (021) 887 9400 (for after hours service) stellenbosch square pharmacy - tel : (021) 880 2189 medi-health pharmacy - tel : (021) 883 2360

ei ste kes lle tad nb m os a ch ll


tel : (021) 809 5440 fax : (021) 809 5479 e-mail : shop no. E109, eikestad mall, andringa street, stellenbosch

prescriptions may be picked up at any of these branches (linked profiles)

eikestad mall pharmacy : public holidays hours :

17 Dec 2012 - open from 09h00 - 19h00 25 Dec 2012 - closed 26 Dec 2012 - open from 09h00 - 14h00 1 Jan 2013 - closed

What do I get out of juicing? by Basic Stock Deli


t has become clear that it is very good for your health to do a fresh juice daily. But do you know what you get out of each vegetable or fruit that you put through your juicer? Here is a list of common vegetables and fruits and how they affect your body: Carrots Stimulates the appetite, helps with digestion and is a good remedy for IBS and flatulence. The detoxifying effect helps treat eczema, acne, gout and arthritis. Overall it is an immune booster! Beetroot Nature’s laxative, helps with constipation. It’s a huge detoxifier and immune booster, helps with regulating blood pressure and supports the nervous system. Lemon Nature’s strongest anti – carcinogenic fruit on the planet. Do not peel to juice, as long as


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the lemons are un-waxed and organic! The juice makes blood alkaline and no virus or bacteria can live in an alkaline state. And of course it’s a vitamin C bomb, so immune boosting. It’s also an antiseptic for the digestive system and lungs. Apple Digestive aid, the pectin in apples is a detoxifier. It binds with metals such as mercury and regulates blood sugar levels. Very good for diabetics. Cabbage Viral and bacterial fighter, very strong antiseptic! The sulphur in cabbage helps to dilute and expel mucus through the respiratory system, so use it when you have the flu, a cold or asthma. It helps to heal ulcers, inside and out. Cucumber Cooling and cleansing, clears inflammatory skin conditions



· · ·


d e e p a g e n c y. c o . z a


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7 3 7

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


and aids the elimination of toxins through the kidney and bladder. Pear The brain supporter, the boron in pears helps with mental alertness and aids in digestive disorders such as IBS and heartburn. It’s a detoxifier, good for gout sufferers. Apricot They make you happy, are stress relieving and nourishing and strengthen the body! They slow the ageing process and contain lots of vitamin C and A. Ginger Used against bacterial and viral infections in the digestive system, enhances appetite; and is a remedy for nausea. Ginger relieves headaches and migraines and is an expectorant. Spinach Detoxifier and mild laxative, it’s nature’s waste remover. Blood cleanser and builder, vital for pregnant woman to ensure normal development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord. Pineapple The bromelian in pineapple assists in improving your digestive system. Don’t take out the core


Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02

of the pineapple, as this is where the bromelian is concentrated. Pineapple assists in the treatment of allergies, strengthens bones, helps your eyesight and is an anti parasitic. So with this information we can make combinations to fight off certain problems and ailments. Here are some suggestions of combinations to juice: To strengthen the digestive system: Carrot, apple, beetroot, ginger and pineapple. Also try pineapple, plum, spinach and lemongrass. Lemongrass helps the digestive system and plum relieves constipation. Colds and flu: Lemon, cabbage, ginger, apple or beetroot, lemon and cabbage. Don’t be scared to use lots of cabbage... Detox: Beetroot, spinach, cucumber and pear. Also try pear, cucumber, carrot and apple. Skin: Carrot, pineapple, cucumber and ginger.





CONTACT: PAUL DE KOCK Cell: 082 3932888 Mail:

Healthy Choices Magazine Issue 02


healthy choices rate card Advertising Rates Full page ad: R750.00 or R650.00 when booking for 3 issues Contact: Paul de Kock: 0823932888 Lesley-Ann Green: 0824310640

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healthy choices magazine issue 02

healthy choices magazine issue 02


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Quality men’s haircuts Traditional Gentlemen’s Hot Towel shaving.

A trendy new hair-cutting hotspot in the heart of Cape Town, finding our home amidst the trendy hustle and bustle of Loop Street, Sweeney’s Barbershop is the place to be for men looking to keep themselves chic. Even though we are so centrally and conveniently located, our stylish salon still provides an ideal place to kick back, relax and soak up some old-school barber style pampering. Pricing Haircut Hot Towel Shave Beard Trims Clippercut(Buzz)

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