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Deeping St. Nicholas


Deeping St. Nicholas Primary School visits the flower festival

A full house for the Barnaby Boys concert at Church

Paul Whiteley shows children around the flower festival displays


Welcome to the September edition of the quarterly Deeping St Nicholas Village News. We’ve given the magazine a lick of paint and a new style in this issue, but as ever, we’d love to hear from you with your feedback, suggestions, and of course any stories and articles of interest. See the contact details at the bottom of this page.


Teddy Bear’s Picnic Phoebe and her friend Peter (the Vicar) invite every bear in the land to the parish church on Wednesday 17th September at 10am for a Teddy Bears Picnic! Children, Mums and Dads are welcome too!

We need your help to ensure the Village News continues! Every time, we have to write most of the content ourselves and chase people up. Please help us, by writing to us with your articles! Peter Garland: Christopher Smith: Danielle Clark:

Published By Peter Garland, The Vicarage, 66a Hawthorn Bank, Spalding, PE11 1JQ Front Cover Photo The Changing Face of Farming A 21st Century sat-nav harvest in Banks Drove, Deeping St Nicholas 3

Calendar of Church Events For both the Parish Church and Methodist Chapel

Sunday 31st. August..6p.m. Welcome service to our new minister, Rev. Ann Bossingham at the Deepings Methodist church. Wednesday 17th September 10 am Teddy Bears’ Picnic Saturday September 27th 6.30 pm Harvest Festival and 7 pm Harvest Supper at the Parish Church - Tickets from Sue Steele - 630256 October 5th Methodist Church Harvest 1p.m.. Three course Harvest Lunch...followed by Harvest service at approximately 2.15p.m and cuppa. Preacher :Mrs Lorna Valentine.....followed by the auction of produce. Details from Dave and Val Wakefield - 760431

Sunday October 26th - 3pm Memorial service at Parish Church Sunday November 9th 10.45 am for 11 am Remembrance Service at Parish Church Saturday November 15th 2 – 4 pm Methodist Chapel “Nearly Christmas Fayre” at the Jubilee Hall Sunday December 14th 4 pm Methodist Chapel Carol Service, followed by Buffet Tea. Sunday December 21st 3 pm Parish Church Carol Service

If you have any questions about the Village News or the Parish Church, then please contact Peter Garland at the Vicarage 01775 722816 4

Photo: Jim Scott

Christmas Eve. 11.30 pm Parish Church Midnight Mass

Get Snapping!

We are after your photographs of Deeping St. Nicholas and surrounding area to adorn the front cover of our next issue. You’ll receive a credit inside the magazine, and have your photo printed in full colour on the cover. Email your photos to before the 1st November

Thank you! Alice Liquorish would like to say a big thank you for the £350 raised for the Cancer Care and Cancer Research charities from presents for her 95th Birthday.

Flower Arranging Workshops with Tina Brace 10am - 3.30pm in Church - £7.00 Please bring a packed lunch - drinks provided. Book your place with Sue Steele - 01775 630256. Autumn/Harvest workshop - Saturday 27th September Winter/Christmas workshop - Saturday 13th December

Worksheet for materials/flowers required supplied on confirmation of your booking You do not have to be a proficient flower arranger. All abilities welcome to have a go at creating a flower arrangement and enjoying a very relaxing and therapeutic day. 5

Deeping St. Nicholas Farming in the 50’s


y 1950 mechanisation was creeping into farming. The first combine harvester arrived in this area in 1948, every farm over 100 acres would have a tractor but nearly all of them would be petrol paraffin. Horses were still being used on every farm, as most farms did not have a combine; all the wheat, barley and oats were cut by binder and made into sheaves. These sheaves were stood up in the field to dry and after a few days were carted to the edge of the field and made into stacks which were threshed later in the year by a threshing machine. The straw from these stacks was used for animal feed or bedding the animals. The bedding turned into farmyard manure which was taken out of the yards and put into heaps. This was done after the beasts had gone to grass fields in the spring or sold to be slaughtered for human consumption. All the potato planting was done by hand and all the potato picking was also done by hand with gangs of men who came over from Ireland for the

potato picking season or by gangs of local women who used to be employed throughout most of the year on farms that grew potatoes. There were no forklifts, there was a hand tool for every job, now there is a machine for every job. The sheaves were all loaded by men with forks, the manure was moved by men with another type of fork. The potato sacks were 50kg and were all loaded on to trailers or lorries by hand. Wheat and barley was put in 100kg or 112kg bags and they were carried by men. If you were with a horse in a field cultivating or drilling you would be walking all day long. The horse and the man would be tired by 3.30 and so would be making their way home which could take up to half an hour as our farms are long and narrow. Elsewhere on the farm workers would also be tired by tea time as they were using a spade or a fork so there was very little evening work. Yields of wheat were between one and one and a half tons per acre, now they are between 3.5 and 4 tons per acre.


North Drove, 4.5 miles there are about 14,000 acres which would employ around 450 men and women. Pupils could leave school at 14 then and several did, so you Barley yields were about one ton per acre and now could say that workforce included boys and girls. The houses in Chappell Road they are 2.5 tons per acre. Potatoes would were built in 1955 as at that time workers were still cycling or walking the 6 or so be yielding about miles from Spalding or Market Deeping to half as much as work here in the village. they do now. To do all this hand work a lot of Mechanisation has swept through the men and women were needed and countryside and this virtually the whole village was emarea of 14,000 acres ployed on the farms in the village. There was about one man or women now employs less than 20 full time men. employed for every 30 acres. Nicholas Watts Between Bank’s Drove and Randall’s Garage, 5 miles, the Welland and the

50’s Farming


Deeping St. Nicholas Parish Church Vicar and Assistant District Dean : Revd Peter Garland (01775) 722816 66a Hawthorn Bank, Spalding, PE11 1JQ Associate Minister : Capt Paul Whiteley (01775) 720381 6 Wedgewood Drive, Spalding, PE11 3FJ Church Warden Sue Steele, Chapel Farm, Hop-Pole (01775) 630256 Secretary/Treasurer Sue King,8 Lavender Drive, Spalding (01775) 725988 Deputy Church Wardens: Danielle Clark (01775) 630760 and David Steele (01775) 630256 Our normal service is at 9.15 am on Sunday but watch out for notice of special services at 3 pm . Times are given on the noticeboard and underneath the Lych Gate.

Deeping St. Nicholas Methodist Chapel

Sunday Services at the Methodist Chapel continue to be held at 10.30 am – details from Val Wakefield on 760431. There is often a Fellowship meeting on alternate Thursdays at 10 am at the chapel – with tea and cakes – please check with Dave and Val Wakefield on 760431.

For details of any events or for preliminary advice about Baptisms, Funerals and Weddings, please contact Dave and Val for the time being. Ann Bossingham is being welcomed as the new Minister on Sunday 31st August at 6 pm at the Deepings Methodist Church.

Harvest Sunday October 5th. Methodist Church 1p.m.. Three course Harvest Lunch...followed by Harvest service at approximately 2.15p.m and cuppa. Preacher :Mrs Lorna Valentine.....followed by the auction of produce. 8

Advertise in the next issue of the Village News The Village News goes out to every home in Deeping St Nicholas and Tongue End, and you could be taking advantage and reaching over 800 potential new customers for as little as £10! Perfect for tradesmen and small businesses!

B/W | £10 Quarter Page £15 Half Page £30 Full Page Colour | £80 Full Page

Ring Peter Garland on 01775 722816, or email or Christopher Smith on 01775 888102 or email

Littleworth Station For the latest updates on the Transport Forum’s campaign to re-open Littleworth Station, please visit the website at: 9

Deeping St. Nicholas Parish Council

The Clerk to follow up the problem of the overgrown hedge at Banks Drove that was blocking the view of the A16 for traffic pulling out of Banks Drove.

Notes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on 21st July 2008 at the CP School

Apologies were received from Mr McDonald, Mr Planning Applications Julian Davis and Mrs McGuinness, and the Proposed conservatory to rear of dwelling at Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in 16 Stowgate May were approved by the Council. Partial change of use of agriculture yard to light storage of plant and office at Chapel Farm

Playing Fields

Mr Steve Williams confirmed that there had been no 106 Agreement for the playing field at St Nicholas Park at the time of the development. As a result, SHDC were unable to carry out any enforcement for further improvements to the facility. The Clerk had started to deal with the insurance claim for the damaged fencing at Littleworth, possibly caused by a large vehicle reversing.

Planning Refusals

Highways-Campains Lane

Polling Stations

Paul Rusted (LCC) had written to say that the Parish Council's request for a passing bay at Campains Lane had been evaluated and found to be of insufficient priority; SHDC had also rejected the proposed use of the entrance into Queen Elizabeth Crescent. Although 2 Councillors felt that there was little support from residents in the Lane for a bay, the Clerk to write and request a further site meeting. It was reported that Campains Lane rail crossing is to have the speed restrictions on the line removed, and also flashing lights put in place.

Other Highways matters An E mail had been received from Kate Weston, a Tongue End resident, who is still campaigning for road improvements. LCC have set up a new Area Response Team initiative, in order to deal more quickly with smaller repair and maintenance work. The original anti-skid surface outside the Old Post Office that had not been up to specification, has now been replaced.


Retention of twin unit mobile home at Gull Farm, Deeping High Bank Demolition of existing derelict house and erection of new detached house at Homeleigh, Tongue End Installation of new UPVC windows to Deeping St Nicholas Chapel that has gone to Appeal

Following a recent SHDC review of polling stations, the Council has placed a request for the Church and Chapel to replace the School for future use.

Allotments The Parish Council had placed a request to take over the 8 allotments at the rear of Chappell Road from SHDC, who replied that it purchased the land for housing and has absolute title. It was agreed to continue pressing this matter.

Accounts The accounts were approved for payment and the Annual review of the Clerk's salary was deferred until the next meeting.

Parish Funds Mr Branton reported that money left over from the Jubilee Fund had been spent on playing field equipment and the remainder

Deeping St. Nicholas Parish Council left in Trust; this had later been transferred to the VJ Fund. Money left from the VJ Fund (approx. ÂŁ1200) had then been transferred to the Community Centre Fund, which is currently being short term invested until it can be handed over to the Parish Council, that has agreed to manage the Fund.

Other Matters A notice of removal of Everard Road telephone kiosk had been received. Mr Williams reported that no action is to be taken over the illegal caravans at Barr Farm until a planning application has been received for a new gypsy site. All caravans are covered by the same legislation requiring a suitable site, and it is difficult to move them without one.

Next Meeting 15th September 2008 at 7.00pm at School

Council Contacts

Parish Councillors: Mr. P. Barrett (Chairman)

10 Campains Lane,

Deeping St. Nicholas. PE11 3EX

Mrs. G. Scholes (Vice-Chairman)

Byron Cottage,

Campains Lane, Deeping St. Nicholas.

About your Parish Council Did you know that your Parish Council meets six times each year – Jan, March, May (Annual General Meeting), July, September, and November? The Annual Parish Meeting for Parishioners is also held in March, when Parishioners are able to speak on any issues that concern them. Additional Special Meetings are often called if anything important needs to be dealt with between regular meetings. An Annual Playing Field Inspection is held each spring when Councillors tour all playing fields, including St Nicholas Park (eventually to be adopted by SHDC).

County Councillor for Spalding Elloe: Steve Williams, Brownhill Farm, Campains Lane, DSN, PE11 3EX 01775 630375

Mr. D. Branton Willow Tree Farm, Deeping St. Nicholas. PE11 3BN

District Councillors for Deeping St

Mr. D. Chappell Stonehouse Farm, Deeping St. Nicholas. Nicholas and Crowland: PE11 3DJ

Mr. J. Davis

Grays Farm, North Drove Bank, Spalding.

PE11 3JU

Mrs. E. Firmager 4 Campains Lane, Deeping St. Nicholas. Mr. G. Fitzgerald 12 Carrington Drive, Hop Pole, PE11 3HR

Mrs. L. McGuinness

3 Banks Drove, Deeping St.

Nicholas. PE11 3BJ

Mr. I. McDonald

The Cottages, Blue House Farm, Deeping St. Nicholas. PE11 3DH

Mrs. L. Williams St Nicholas Park Parish Clerk Helen Scott, 3 Westminster


Spalding, PE11 2UW.


Bryan Alcock (Independent), 81 Postland Rd., Crowland, PE6 OJB 01733 210749. Angela Harrison, 9 Monks Meadow, Crowland PE6 0LJ - 01733 210992 Paul Przyszlak, 2 Monks Meadow, Crowland, PE6 0LJ - 01733 210936

From the bats of Deeping St. Nicholas As our friend the Church Mouse wrote to you in the last edition, we thought we would have a go too. Did you know we were here? A while ago the PCC asked the local Bat Protection people to come over and check out the area before they decided on any action to be taken with the roofing of the Church. They found evidence of Long Eared Brown visiting the Church although we are not roosting anywhere within the building itself. Unfortunately for the PCC any work on the roof will have to take into account our habits and will also have to be done during our dormant time. Have any of you spotted us around the village? Flying between trees & buildings, hunting for food, maybe you have even done your own check, I know the bell ringers have. he Bats T

From the Parish Church Registers Baptisms We welcomed into God’s family: Isla Cait Jenkins – 17th August Lewis James Reynolds – 17th August Thanksgiving service Leah Nicole Blood – 6th July Funerals We remember those who have died and for whose lives we gave thanks : Jean Elizabeth McDonald – 21st August Leah Blood’s thanksgiving service


Deeping St Nicholas Primary School A warm welcome is extended to everyone beginning a new school year at Deeping St Nicholas Primary School. There have been several developments over the summer holiday that will benefit everyone. The outdoor learning area for the Foundation Stage and KS1 has been extended, so that all indoor learning areas can be enjoyed outside. New storage facilities have also been provided. The school entrance, main office, stairs and landing have also been re–decorated, making the areas much lighter and more welcoming. As this is written, we are waiting for a new carpet to be fitted in Mrs Sandall’s Classroom, and new flooring to be laid in the kitchen. This completes the project to ensure that children are able to take part in food technology lessons, and we all look forward to the smell of baking permeating the school!

This is also an exciting time for the curriculum. Children in KS2 will be speaking French as a part of the government’s initiative to develop foreign languages in primary schools. The study themes for this term are “All About Me” for Mrs Sapsford’s Class and “Invaders” for Mrs Sandall’s Class. We are also hoping that activities organised by the Deepings Children’s Centre will begin in The Ivatt Suite from 8 September. Planned activities include: Baby Beans; Homestart; W8 Away; Breakfast Meetings for mums and dads; and a Health Visitor Clinic. Further details are available from Fiona Railton at the Deepings Children’s Centre.

Headteacher: Mrs. Anita Bandey 01775 630280 Governors: Paul Barrett (Chairman) 10 Campains Lane, Deeping St. Nicholas. PE11 3EX

Peter Garland (Vice-Chairman) The Vicarage, Hawthorn Bank, Spalding, PE11 1JQ


Deeping St Nicholas Women’s Institute The W.I. recently enjoyed a pleasant walk around the Deeping Lakes nature reserve. The W.I. meets at 9th September - Harvest Meeting and Auction Speaker from ‘Riding for the disabled’, and proceeds of auction to go to this charity. 14th October - Speaker Mr Brian Holdich Stanground Boy - Competition: a poem 11th November - 7.30pm - 60th Birthday Jaqueline Tevlin - ‘A bit of a Drama Theatre Co.’ Presentation ‘Joyce Grenfell’ Competition: A childhood memento

the Jubilee Hall on the second Tuesday in each month, at 7.30pm. Want company for your first visit or to find out more? Ring Elizabeth on 01775 630254 – or just come along. Our WOMEN’S INSTITUTE WEB PAGE is NOT available at the moment. Some information can still be obtained by following the links Go to : Find your WI then English Federations, Lincolnshire South or

9th December - 7.30pm Speaker Mr Chris Smith - Polar Bears of Churchill Competition: a bear (in any medium) viewFederation.aspx?id=130

D.S.N. 200 Club These are the winners of the June 2008 halfyearly draw. £199 Sharon Wright No. 98 £15 Sheila Forman No. 74 £10 Joan Richardson No. 93 £5 Johnny Molsher No. 192 £2.50 Sheila Forman No.174 The winners for the July 2008 are: £15 Elizabeth Futter No. 67 £10 Janet Seymour No.109 £5 Louise McGuinness No.86 £2.50 Joan Richardson No.93 14

Well done to you all! This is the first time in the history of the 200 Club that Sharon’s name has been drawn, and also the first time ever that a name has been pulled out twice in the same draw! Thank you to Jade for drawing the numbers at the Barnaby Boys concert as part of the Flower Festival, and thank you all for your continued support.

‘Bag 2 School’ for DSN Primary School

Our last collection was incredibly successful and on behalf of FODSN and the school we would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill their blue bags for all their efforts. We raised an amazing £696, which is our best collection yet. Please continue to help us raise these valuable funds for the village school, and start saving all your old clothes, curtains, shoes and bags for our next collection which will be the 24th October.

British Legion - Ladies Section

We meet regularly for functions, and anyone wishing to join us should ring our secretary Mrs Hetty Phillips on 01775 630330.

Whist Drives

We still regularly meet at The Plough Club Room for Whist Drives. Our next booked dates are September 1st & 22nd, and one for the church on October 6th. Any donations of raffle prizes will be greatly appreciated. All are welcome to join us and should contact Beryl for further details on 630577.

Ladies Guild

The Ladies Guild normally meet every 3rd Tuesday at the home of Mrs Doreen Hare, 30 Chappell Road, DSN, from 2pm until 4pm. We are just a small group, but we sometimes have speakers, or go out for Cream Teas or just a social afternoon. Anyone interested in joining us is very welcome and can contact Doreen on 01775 630434.

Don’t forget our local pubs... The Plough John and Angie, the hosts at the Plough, tell us the pub has a wide choice of meals and guest ales. Children are welcome. To find out more, ring them on 01775 630260.

The Blue Bell

where George and Doreen extend their welcome to you - for more details, ring 01775 630202. 15

The people of Deeping St Nicholas Parish Church invite you to their

Harvest Festival And Supper In our new facilities in Church

Saturday 27th September 6.30pm Harvest Thanksgiving and Songs of Praise 7pm Harvest Supper 3 Course Meal Soup ~ Sausage and Mash ~ Dessert Only ÂŁ6.00

Tickets from Sue Steele - 630256 or Beryl Wright - 630577


Recipes from Stonehouse Farm Sarah Chappell, our resident gourmet has given us another couple of recipes that are delicious and well worth trying! Easy Meringues

Microwave Creamy Fish

4 egg whites ¼ tsp cornflour ¼ tsp vinegar 8 oz caster sugar

2 x 6oz skinless white fish fillets 4 tbs crème fraiche 1tbs horseradish sauce Half a bag of watercress Salt, pepper and lemon wedges Place the fish in a microwaveable dish and season with salt and pepper. Chop the watercress and put in a bowl with the crème fraiche and horseradish and a pinch of salt. Mix well and spoon on to the fish. Cover with cling film, pierce several times and cook on high for 4 – 5 minutes until the fish is white and starts to separate into flakes. Leave to stand for 2-3 minutes with the cling film still on the dish. Serve with the lemon wedges.


Whisk the egg whites, cornflour and vinegar until it is forming stiff peaks. Add the caster sugar gradually, whisking all the time until the mixture is smooth and glossy. Pipe or spoon onto a baking tray which has been lined with lightly greased grease-proof paper. Put into a pre-heated oven at 150° for approximately 30 minutes or until slightly golden. Allow to cool then eat! They are delicious on the own or can be topped with fruit and cream for an extra indulgent treat.

Pause for thought

If we go to Morrison’s or Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s, it is easy to take food for granted. Food from foreign lands – from avocados to satsumas – is there whenever we want it. We assume that the fish will be in the sea. That the fruit will come from the earth. That the producers will be able to grow it. That the shops will buy it and sell it to us at a price we can afford. But it still costs the farmers much effort to produce – even if (as our cover picture shows) combine harvesters and big machines help. The danger is that we take everything for granted. But if we needed a reminder that our lives are delicately balanced, we just need to think about petrol. A short while ago, we wondered what would happen if it reached £1 a litre – now we wish it was that cheap! We have to depend on the shops to sell us the goods. We have to depend on the farmers here and farmers throughout the world to work hard to produce it – and they deserve a fair price for their work. It is good that we have a farm shop in the village for local goods and that we can support farmers in poorer countries through fair trade. Most of all, we have to depend on God – because everything came from him in the start. That includes the raw materials, that go to make things everything from petrol to the food we eat. The picture on these pages of our local skyline reminds us of the old saying “Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning.” As we look at the world around us, we have to read the signs of the times. Many people say that the hour is getting late if we want to save our world. We need to take drastic action. Yet the temptation is still to drive to the supermarkets in our cars and stock up. Wind farms remain controversial (the jury is still out), but is the answer to our energy problems just to drill for more oil? 18


for danger? By Peter Garland

My view changed many years ago when I went into a newsagent and picked up a magazine called “The ecologist” which showed how the fuel and food simply would not last for ever. I felt helpless. But what could I do? “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little”, said Edmund Burke. What can we do? Some local Churches have recently formed a “green team” to look at what we can do to be “eco-friendly” to reduce waste and save energy. We all need to take some action if our children and our children’s children are to enjoy our world as much as we have done. With best wishes for a prosperous and peaceful Harvest, Peter Garland For details of what Churches – and you – could do, see


Paul Whiteley is welcomed to Deeping St Nicholas

Churchwarden Sue Steele gets inspiration from flowers at Middle Rasen, Chris Harrington’s new church after his ordination.

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