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American Signing Connection


American Signing Connection


American Signing Connection

ASC is a full service nationwide scheduling agency with an extensive listing of registered loan closing specialists. Our online site allows our vendors as well as our clients to view REAL-TIME status anywhere they are connected to the Internet. Our objective is to ensure that we are working together as your industry partner to meet and exceed your clients needs. We have been rated excellent in our communication and EDOC


Our History ASC began scheduling for it’s clients in 2002. We have proven ourselves to be a reliable and stable influence in this industry by consistently exceeding our clients expectations. Caring, communication, and commitment is what differentiates the service we provide from others in our field. 2005- ASC created an abstract scheduling division. ASC assures their clients that our abstractors MUST carry E&O insurance in order to be an approved vendor for ASC. No exceptions. 2007 we expanded our services to include RESPA pre-closing services for the client who wants to be assured that they have the best chain of custody for their clients data. 2010 we were approached and committed to managing our newest division of notary fingerprint agents and DNA agents for our exclusive client for submission to the FBI. We hold our management, staff and vendors accountable for the services they perform for our clients. Our vendors are consistently reviewed and rated on the quality of service that they provide. Only our best agents receive a “preferred” rating. Lorrie Todd is the CEO and Founder of American Signing Connection. Her commitment in today’s economy and to our industry remains strong. She believes that the economy will recover and that with the new safeguards in place the public will be better protected and both her vendors and clients will continue to profit from a job well done.


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AMERICAN SIGNING CONNECTION Phone: 770-205-5788 Fax: 770-889-7787 Email:


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