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Picture Integrated Cinema Speakers

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The best looking In-wall speaker ever created





Introducing PICS from VIBE The best sound It’s not a speaker mounted in a cheap plastic white grill mounted to your wall or tiny tweeter stuck in the corner of your room. PICS is a studio quality speaker that in appearance looks like a picture.

The best looking The grill of the PICS speaker can be a picture of you and your family, a favourite photograph or a print

The best solution


from your favourite artist.

Totally flexible speakers with multiple size options to fit any room, any size, blending perfectly



with your personal taste and the design and dĂŠcor of the room.

PICS speakers deliver true hi-fi sound quality due to their high quality speakers mounted in a perfectly measured, finely tuned wooden cabinet as opposed to a cheap plastic frame used by most in-wall speakers.

463 536


Design with function 4

Example The customer’s requirement was to create a dual purpose room that can not only be used as the main family room but also a home theatre room. The room is set out as a 9.1 home cinema system using a combination of PICS 5566, PICS 555588 and PICS 10 SUB. The PICS 555588 have been mounted in portrait orientation and the PICS 5566 have been mounted with the woofers at the top to allow the tweeters on all of the speakers to be on the same plane to give the best possible sonic performance.




PICS 555

PICS 5566

Ideal as a discreet speaker, a rear

Exceptional vocal clarity making it ideal

The PICS 555 is a centre, front left

The most capable speaker in the PICS range,

channel, surround sound speaker or

as a centre speaker. Can be paired

and right speaker system. Ideal for

sonically rich in the full sound spectrum.

for use with

with the PICS 8 subwoofer and used

use under plasma/LCD screens. As a

Its size is particularly well placed as a focal,

multi-room sound systems.

as a large front speaker resulting in

complete front solution. Can be paired

picture, painting or print. Used as front left and

crystal clear midrange and extended

with PICS 8 subwoofer and PICS 5 for

right or front, left, right and centre for both a

bass reinforcement.

a complete cinema solution.

visually stunning array of picture speakers and overwhelming audio performance.





736 664

256 181

736 664

10 220


10 133



336 264







981 1056

164 236 164 236

463 536

• Frequency response : 70~30KHz • Sensitivity : 88dB • Crossover frequency : 2.7KHz • Recommended amplifier power : 50W per channel • Impedance : 6Ω • Single 5” fiberglass full range driver and high definition silk tweeter • Housed in a compact enclosure allowing accelerated fast, tight responses

• Frequency response: 50~30KHz • Sensitivity: 88dB • Crossover frequency : 2.7KHz • Recommended amplifier power : 80W per channel • Impedance: 6Ω • Twin 5” fiberglass midrange drivers and high definition silk tweeter • Housed in a tall cabinet allowing portrait or landscape installation options

• Frequency response : 70~30KHz • Sensitivity: 85dB • Crossover frequency : 3.3KHz • Recommended amplifier power : 60W • Impedance : 6Ω • Two full range 5” fiberglass drivers used for left and right front speakers and single 5” fiberglass midrange driver housed in its own partitioned cabinet and three high definition silk tweeters. • The cabinet is over sized and carefully tuned to deliver earth rumbling bass


• Frequency response : 43~30kHz • Sensitivity : 88dB • Crossover frequency: 400Kz, 3.2KHz • Recommended amplifier power: 100W per channel • Impedance: 6Ω • Twin 5” fiberglass midrange drivers and twin 6” absorbing paper pulp bass drivers and high definition silk tweeter • Housed in a large cabinet typically sized as a portrait painting. The twin 5” are separately tuned and focused to midrange frequencies leaving the twin 6” bass drivers to deliver up tight, deep bass.

PICS 555588



The PICS 555588 offers the truest full range

The PICS 10 can be used as single subwoofer placed in any wall of the

Primarily designed to drive the PICS 10 Sub, this mono amplifier is

frequency response of all. Taking depth and

room or as multiple units for increased bass performance for a more present

equally at home amplifying a wide range of passive home cinema

presence to a new level the PICS 555588

cinema experience. With most subwoofers being floor mounted they can

subwoofer options.

delivers realism and power never before heard

often cause weighted areas in the room. The PICS subwoofer allows direct

outside of a professional auditorium. If you

firing of the lower frequencies and upper bass frequencies resulting in tighter

want to experience home cinema like never

more accurate bass aimed into the listening zone. This brand new technology

before then the PICS 555588 is the only choice.

is a first for home cinema and in-wall/on-wall subwoofers. Powerful bass has never been delivered to this extent from an in wall system. 500

736 664


736 664

133 108

981 1056



463 536

• Frequency response: 43-20kHz • Sensitivity: 88dB • Weight: 31kg • Inpedance: 6Ω • Height: 1000mm (39.4”) • Width: 700mm (27.6”) • Depth: 139mm (5.5”) • Mounting Depth: 92mm (3.6”)

• Frequency response: 43~500Hz • Sensitivity: 88dB • Crossover frequency : 40~150Hz (adjusted) • Recommended amplifier power: 100W • Actual amplifier RMS power: 120W • Impedance: 6Ω • A single 10” woofer using a shaped cone to combine additional cone surface area and forced motor cooling. The cabinet measures the same size as the PICS 5566 meaning a pair can be used to give focal and audio balance to the room. • The cabinet is over sized and carefully tuned to deliver earth rumbling bass. • Amplification is provided by an independent monoblock class AB amplifier with frequency and phasing controls. Alternatively the PICS 10 can be bought on its own and used as a passive subwoofer allowing it to be driven from the front channels of your amplifier when partnered with other PICS units.


Output Power NOTE :THD@1% 1Ω NOTE :THD@1% 2Ω NOTE:THD@1% 4Ω

(Normal Mode) 100Hz 100Hz 100Hz

(Watts) 225W 200W 120W

S/N Ratio @Full Rated Power /150Hz(+A)

(dB) 82dB

T.H.D 4 ohm Load Full rated loss power Full efficiency LPF (1W/50Hz) FOR-3dB SUBSONIC

223W 54.00% 40Hz-160Hz 20Hz-55Hz

Input Impedance Idle current (unit:A) 4ohm Load Max current (unit:A) 1ohm T.H.D=1% Max current (unit:A) 2ohm T.H.D=1%

0.06A 2.3A 1.7A

PICS front features

• Super tweeter features a revolutionary multi roll diaphragm and alloy phase plug which also acts as an additional heatsink increasing the power handling and extends frequency response to an incredible 30kHz

• Measured MDF enclosure delivers tighter bass, cleaner midrange and superior power handling

• Paintable frame allows the colour to be perfectly matched to the interior décor

• Fibreglass midrange driver delivers tight, controlled bass and crystal clear midrange. The cone is coated with a polymeric resin to improve damping and transient response

• Flared port to increase efficiency and produce deeper bass


PICS rear features

• Screw down terminals allow heavy gague speaker wire to be connected directly to the voice coil

• Front support brackets for securing PICS in-wall

• Rebate for wiring aids installation

• Rear support brackets for securing PICS on-wall


ARTWORK Acoustically transparent Every PICS image is printed onto our specially developed ‘acoustically transparent’ PICS cloth. The process begins with the artwork you supply being printed onto a transfer paper. The print is then allowed to dry fully. The printed transfer paper is then fed over a heated roller along with the unique PICS cloth. As the dyes reach their sublimation temperature, they become gaseous and the only destination for the reactive gaseous molecules is the fabric surface. The result of this is a vibrant, full colour image that does not muffle the sound from your PICS speaker.

It’s your choice PICS is about more than just great sound, PICS can be customised with artwork of your choice. Inspirational, abstract, nature, a family photograph almost any image can be printed onto PICS You can choose from our huge range stock of images, or from our illustration partners. When purchasing VIBE PICS you receive your standard grills in white or black. After you have purchased your PICS System You can cheaply acquire your own choice of images or own artwork by logging online to the VIBE PICS website and following the online artwork submission form. PICS frames are supplied in either a matt white or matt black finish. The frame material is suitable for painting and can therefore be customised to a colour of your choice.


Applications The perfect install PICS are designed to fit seamlessly into virtually any environment. Perfect for restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, function rooms and homes.


System examples Fully scalable A PICS system can be scaled from a 2 channel hi-fi stereo up to multi-channel cinema audio system. Simply connect to the amplifier of your choice. Two popular home systems are shown below, speak to your PICS dealer to create the perfect PICS system for you.

Basic 5.1 This basic PICS 5.1 system is great for small / medium sized rooms.

• REAR - 2 x PICS 5 • FRONT (L/R) / CENTRE - PICS 555


Large 5.1 This large PICS 5.1 system is perfect for bigger rooms.

• REAR - 2 x PICS 5 • FRONT (L/R) - 2 x PICS 5566 • CENTRE - PICS 55



Install options Simple to install PICS offer flexible mounting options and can be installed flush into a wall, mounted on the wall, in wall offset, landscape, portrait and with or without acoustic cloth. Suitable for use as hi-fi or home cinema speakers.

In wall

On wall


In wall offset

Installing PICS 1.






Picture Integrated Cinema Speakers

VIBE PICS 2011 Product Brochure  

Information and specifications on the 2011 PICS range from VIBE AUDIO

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