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In the public eye, the most ­recent news of P-Square ­splitting up, was the 2017 ­ edition of the now-so-stale break up threat ­ that always ended as a s­ trategy, for yet another smash hit. These 2 had literally sat on the ­ Nigerian music industry for ­ almost 2 decades, Sumo style, with nothing short of premium music artistry. They ­ had ­ managed to break out of a ­ dead-end era in N ­igerian music to gain and retain an ­ ­outrageously history ­worthy relevance; and by every ­ standard possible, they had ­ ­truly earned it. Peter and Paul could sing, they could dance, they were “marketable”, ­ they were ­focused, they could make a hit out of any genre they chose to, the replay value of their ­albums was an ­ insanity, they raised the bar- video after ­video, they kept the scandals at the barest ­minimum, they had the heart of almost e ­ very Nigerian girl, They raked in awards upon awards, their music surged through borders and possibly unknown to them, they ­ subconsciously became a societal symbol

for family, togetherness and brotherhood. From that kind of perceived stability, p ­articularly with their big Brother Jude ­holding down the business side of things (visuals too), ­splitting up was definitely a far cry; ­completely unfathomable… Or, so the public thought. “30 children cannot continue to play for 30 years” ‘Aliona…’, Peter Okoye’s voice bellowed from the upper stairs of his Ikoyi home. There I sat in the living area, carefully processing the environment ­ that looked like it was straight out of Music Television’s popular celebrity real estate ­ show, MTV Cribs. It definitely would have made a worthwhile episode though: The camera taking close ups of the 3 super high end SUVs that sat pretty in calculated a ­lignment, Lola Omotayo Okoye, ­(Peter’s wife) warmly welcoming the crew with a smile as she stepped

out, Cameron, (Peter’s son) running around the house with his friend; their faces and arms covered in experimental body painting, producer and m ­ anager introducing themselves, Aliona (Peter’s daughter) taking up the attention of the ­domestic helps, Yuki and Yoko (their dogs) running to and fro from the ­ ­excitement of new faces. All of that did happen but this was no MTV Cribs. Matter of fact, this would be one of the earliest interviews that Peter Okoye would grant as Mr P, a former member of the now ­defunct P-Square, gone solo. Even though he tried to not go too in-depth with details, his ­ analogies kept painting what might be the real ­picture of things. Half the time, his responses veered off the ­ ­premise of the question to shed more light and I did not try to get in the way. He was the one in the group for 18 years. He was


the one who knew where it pinched him. This We’ve seen videos of people crying on was his story to tell. ­ ocial media because they heard about the s ­breakup. How do you think fans will handle 18 years down the line-what would you say is this ­transition? your fondest memory of P-Square? Change is constant. I always hear people say Ever since we started till date, it has been fun till blood is thicker than water. I’m married. I did not like probably late 2013. select a wife for anybody. The question is, who is water? Are my brothers blood and my wife and Is there anything you’re likely to miss? kids the water? It’s like asking me who is priority. Like I said, 30 children cannot continue to play When was the last time your parents decided to together for 30 years. We are at a point where look after their siblings more than you? we no longer have respect for each other. It is not ego or pride; it’s respect… Respect as an To the fans, we’re sorry. You don’t want to see ­individual, and as family. This is the best solution P-Square on stage when they just fought back we could come to. stage; pleasing you guys when we are not happy. I’ve tried many times to make it work but it did not You guys have been together for quite a long work… I just had to give up for the sake of the time. Not many groups have done that. What respect of our individual families. helped the group last as long as it did? Respect. It was respect all through. What made us Is there a slight possibility that some day, we grow was respect? Not because we’re ­brothers. will get back the P-Square we used to know? Not even because we’re twins. It was because Of course. When the respect is back. When you we had respect for each other. stay apart for a while, the respect will come.

We’ve lost it. People will never understand but we’ve lost that respect. Like I said in the open letter, we will work in future but when we come back, it will be from respect. There was no respect that’s why there has been a back and forth. Aren’t you guys tired of it? If I tell you that P-Square is back now, ­people will say “You guys are tricking us”. Don’t play with people’s minds. I don’t have any problem. All I said is that, have it at the back of your minds – P-Square is for the fans. Peter, Paul. Jude and family, is family.

Whatever is out there, is what the fans need to know. Last year, nobody knew what was happening. “When are you guys releasing a ­ song?” They did not know we were fighting but we’d still go on stage and perform. All I wanted was to keep the family together but what the fans wanted was to have P-Square. We gave you guys P-Square even though the family had been ­fighting for about four years-even as of last year that we claimed we were back. I cannot even face the shame of making the fans feel that we are okay. We are not okay. It’s not healthy. I don’t have any problem with their own ­family. The wives, everybody. I am cool with them. I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t know why it looks as if the hatred is on my family. I’ve tried to ask them what the problem is but nobody is telling me ­anything.

People say why do I put my business on social media? If I say I am not dealing with this manager (Jude Okoye), it is for the public to know because it is the public that will still call and book a show with him. It’s like saying Mr Charles and Mr James are business partners and they own a beverage ­ I give him my respect as an older brother. I don’t ­factory together. Mr Charles and his partner work have a problem with that but when you disrespect together but Mr Charles doesn’t like his partner’s me based on the job, then there’s a problem. One family. All the time, he insults the family. All the thing I will never do when I come back to this life time, he says sh*t about the family. All the time again is mix family with business. he doesn’t attend the family’s functions. Do you expect two of them to still be working together? “You can’t remain in one place. People must Be honest with yourself. ­expect and respect change.” Now it looks as if the most important thing is for Sometime in late September 2017, a letter of the 2 partners to be in the business while they are termination from Peter Okoye hit the internet, fighting. They will come and smile to the people ­ preceded by numerous subs and shades on that everything is fine. It’s not fine. There’s a way ­social media, that pointed out the strife between you pinch someone; it will be painful at first and the Okoye brothers. A video was also released of then later, you don’t even feel anything. I don’t three of them arguing in the office of their lawyer feel it anymore. Festus Keyamo, while Peter recorded. Though he received a lot of backlash for releasing the What major lessons would you say you learnt video, his reason was because he got tired of while in the group that will be applied to your keeping up appearances and he wanted people brand as Mr P? to know exactly what the situation was. Don’t put yourself in a corner. Let no one ever tell you “You cannot do it without me”. If there’s Social media has indeed been utterly crazy. one thing I have learnt in all this, it is that being ­Everybody has an opinion about this matter. a man is not just having 2 balls. Being a man is How have you managed this intrusion? about standing for your family. I cannot trade my

family for anything, I’m sorry… They cannot trade their family for me. It’s like waking up and asking me “Your family and me; who is more important here?” And I throw the question to you and you cannot even answer it.

an influential figure in the society and ­changing a large part of Nigeria’s notorious reputation through the music. He had received numerous calls from the “who is who” of the society, over and over again, concerning the breakup and it did not sit well with him. ‘It pains me a lot.’ he Do you think it’s possible for any music group says in regret. “It should be an achievement. It to remain together till retirement? should be “mehnnn I heard how good you guys It is not possible. It has never happened. are doing” not “What’s the problem again?”. ­Never. Some individuals decided to separate 2 ­individuals by saying this person Is better than ‘I have achieved the fact that when they call my this person but my motto is, if you steal from Peter name or my brother’s name (of course it will to pay Paul, you’re paying P-Square. “Oh I hate still be tagged as P-Square), it can be said that this Peter.” Well if you see 2 of us on stage, with we have done wonderfully well in the society. I Peter on one side and Paul on the other side, you think people no longer talk bad about Nigerians will watch the show like this. (He covers one side anymore. I don’t want to give the props to only of his face with his phone). P-Square. I give it to everybody. The Faze, 2 face, Remedies till Davido, Wizkid, Tekno, J The reason why I started responding to social martins, Bracket, Flavour, everybody. We have media is because there was something that changed people’s mindset. Nigerians are known came out one time. I was advised “Peter do not as 419ers, scammers, but now, I think our music say anything” but it’s affecting me today. When has diverted that negative thought from people’s my brother put out that he sings and writes all minds.’ the songs. I never responded but right now, there are 50% of our fans and some groups that From the little glimpse into the plans for him as ­believe Peter doesn’t sing. All because I wanted an individual act, Mr P is a ticking bomb. His Glo peace. But now if you say anything about me, sponsored Dance with Peter show which halted I will ­respond. I don’t respond harshly if you’ve due to the numerous conflicts will soon be back noticed. I’m not like last year. I decided to calm in full effect, He has another reality show in the down because my family is more important here. works, he had just paused his tour to be with the I cannot trade my family. If you do not like it, don’t Mrs and the babies for a week, he just dropped be my fan. If you do not like the fact that I am arguably the most popular music video on the standing for my family, then you should not be block –Cool it down-, He had just signed an my fan and I am serious about it. My brother is ­impressive digital marketing and distribution deal my twin, fine, but you keep asking me blood is with American based Empire records, P Classic thicker than water. Obviously you think Paul is records is still going on strong and has a new act my blood and my family is the water? You guys called Singer in addition to Papi J and DJ Switch ­better be out of your minds. and we might just have a P-Square cartoon show running soon! Even with all these, he chose to go Being apart is the best solution at the moment. all modest on me. It’s not pride. It’s not ego. It’s respect. We’ve lost it. ‘I’m upcoming… I will say it. I won’t lie. I want to say it boldly. The ones that want to insult me, so The highest point of Peter’s success has got to be it. When I mean I’m an upcoming artiste, I’m be going from absolutely nobody to becoming an established, comfortable, if you wanna use

rich, upcoming artiste. I’m okay with it. Change is constant. People are scared of change. You can’t remain in one place. People must expect and respect change.’ He looked nothing like 37 as he told me about his tattoos and their various meanings- some of which were the first instrument and the first note he ever played. Knowing that he had stopped putting that much effort into “fitfam” was almost unbelievable. He continued to downplay the fact that he has forever been eye candy for the gals dem. ‘I don’t think I look good. If you see my old ­pictures ehn… If I was a carpenter, e no go dey like this. I’m not that handsome, I’m not that ugly. Even the workout, I don’t do it as usually ­anymore. I can do twice a month. I was the first person to start doing Mr sexy in the industry but now I have my guys like Iyanya. (He laughs.) Looking good is good business. Once you look good, it’s a plus. It’s an added advantage.’ Peter’s gorgeous wife made the news few days after the Cool It Down video after she asked what the vixen was doing on her bed. Of course she was joking but I wondered, had she a ­djusted to her husband’s lifestyle as an entertainer whose constant contact with females was h ­ ighly ­inevitable? How different were things for Peter after his marriage? How was he managing the expectations of his female fans? ‘I knew her for nine to ten years before we got married so when we did our marriage; according to her, we just dey waste our time. We don marry since. Well on my Instagram I don’t behave as if I’m married. It’s showbiz, you have to be happy and play along. It doesn’t mean cheating. Just be happy and know that you are an entertainer.’ Cameron and Aliona watched from a distance as we chatted. Peter explained how he tried his best

possible to make sure he was always in their lives; no matter how much his job demanded from him. ‘Thank God for phones’ he said. I video-call and talk to them all the time and one thing for sure is, out of sight is not out of mind. I try my p ­ ossible best to make sure that the little time I have I spend with them. I was on tour but I’m back for a week to head out on Thursday…Look at them here watching us because they feel you guys are taking their time because I’m supposed to be chilling with them. I promised to take them to the park today but I told them we will go tomorrow; I don’t joke with my family. i can’t trade them for the fans… I’m sorry…’ Cameron’s friend had asked him in school about the disbandment of P-Square and he brought the question home to daddy. ‘I told him we just don’t sing together anymore. Music is like football. Morata and Ronaldo used to be together but where’s Morata today? He is in Chelsea…what if it is a particular company that wants to sign me for three hundred ­million Pounds? The same money, I go collect am give Paul fifty million Pounds. We go even fight real fight post am for una. Abi? It is showbiz for Christ’s sake…’ Celebrities like Waje and Tiwa have expressed their fear of their children gravitating towards ­music but not Peter. ‘I will allow them. Truth is our parents never gave us that moral support 100 percent; except our mother when she discovered that it was going to work out. but I think some of us, our parents stopped us from being whatever we wanted to be. They always wanted us to be doctors or ­lawyers… You can’t beat talent. It stays in you.’ Despite the numerous projects Peter has in the works, he has learned the magic of delegation. Back in the day, he would choreograph dances

for videos and performances but now, he would rather hire professionals to do his bidding; including songwriting – one of the bones of ­ ­contention that played a part in the dissolution of the P-Square group.

what Peter loved to waste money on.

‘Party! Chilling in my house. Instead make I waste the money for club, make una come here. There’s never a dull moment, anybody that knows me know. I still go clubbing o but I still love the fact ‘I’m not 100% a good song writer but it does not that I can stay in my house. Even if I get drunk at disqualify me as a musician. Michael Jackson, least I’m in my house and not outside. Usher Beyonce; people write for them.’ For new life to occur, something must give. In all truth, Whatever Peter lacks in the ­songwriting P-Square will forever have a place in the hearts department, he makes up for it in quite a number of music loving Nigerians but in a world where of ways especially in other music arts. He plays even Siamese twins sue themselves for the most almost every music instrument, he is a walking trivial of things, this separation may have been dance machine and he used to be a professional written in the stars. footballer. When I asked what part of his body he would most likely insure, I already knew what the For Mr P, this individual journey is deeper than answer would be. His legs. trying to outdo another. This was mostly about the freedom to explore and channel his creativity He joked: ‘Imagine a Mr. P show and Mr. P comes in all the ways he had always wanted to. on stage limping…After the show they will tell him to refund the money.’ Of course there are quite a number of things to prove especially as he has been confined to a In this new era of Nigerian music, Mr P is quite particular profile all through his career and he is impressed with Tekno, Wizkid, Davido and well within his rights to change whatever notion ­Runtown especially because of how they remind that did not sit well with him. him of P-square, 2face, 9ice and Styl Plus back in the day. As for the music industry in ­general, He said to me; ‘There are a lot of things that he agrees that albeit slow, there is positive ­people don’t really know about me but I think ­progression. time will tell. All they just believe is that I dance but what happens when you realize that I know ‘We have done well so far but some things are still how to sing? It will come. let’s wait for it.’ lacking. It may get better but so far we have done really well. A few of us started off selling albums Photography by Image Faculty in Nigeria but now, some people even throw their songs for free. “Just download make I blow.” As Styling by Peter Okoye long as that is still existing we still have a long way to go. An upcoming American will stick to his rights saying you must download it from here o. They won’t give you for free. I pray the change will come. We are between 35-40 percent. Not bad but we will get there.’ By far the most intense interview I had ­conducted, there was still some time to ask questions like


Remember back in the days when we’d attend birthday parties and the DJ would play a hit track like ‘Awilo logomba‘ and everyone would start to dance as if they were possessed by ­demons, those were the good times. Anyways, we all ­assumed that by the time we’re older we’d ­outgrow that demon that made us dance like we were possessed but apparently that’s a fat lie.

5. FREE MADNESS by Terry G Another song that revolves around dancing like a lunatic, sounds crazy but hey, we loved it back then. He even went further and did a remix of the track and as usual everyone ate it like hot buns.

4. SHOKI by Lil Kesh This song takes us back to 2013, arguably the number one track that year. All the club and rave Below are 9 Nigerian songs that if you hear parties jammed this track. It was the song that ­anywhere you’d be forced to dance like a child shoved Lil Kesh into the limelight. The original with no home training. track was a hit but when Lil Kesh did the remix with Davido and Olamide it became more p ­ opular 9. KONKO BELOW by Lagbaja and all the Lagos clubs couldn’t get enough of it. The oldest song on this list but it’s still gold. One of the evergreen Nigerian songs that will pass the test of time, it’s not as crazy as the other songs 3. SHAKITI BOBO by Olamide on this list but if you’re a 90s baby there’s no way This is a fan favourite of Olamide Baddoo. It’s you’d hear this jam and not dance to it. Seems a mellow song that invented the shakiti bobo like Lagbaja is on a sabbatical leave and his son dance. Arguably one of the biggest song of 2016, ‘Prince Laado’ plans to fill his father’s shoes. then again is there any year that Olamide doesn’t drop a hit track. 8. ALANTA by Artquake This song takes us way back to 2009. The 2. WO by Olamide Artquake group were smart enough to jump on This is arguably one of the hottest songs in N ­ igeria the dance trend ‘Alanta’ and turned it into a song at the moment. If a party is dead, all the DJ has and the formula worked for them. to do is put this music on and everyone would go gaga. The video of this track was ­temporarily 7. YAHOOZE by Olu Maintain banned on Nigeria television because it ­indirectly This song was the biggest song in 2007. Like promoted the smoking of weed, still, everyone ­Alanta it was also a dance step that an artist starts to jiggle when the track comes on. jumped on and quickly turned into a musical. One would argue that this track is Olu Maintains 1. PENALTY by Small Doctor biggest track. This song was the starter pack “If you no get money, hide your face”, the ­moment song for those who were learning how to dance everyone hears that line they start jumping and because the moves were very easy to learn. twerking to the beat of the song. Some would say this song is more litt than ‘Wo’ by Olamide, well, 6. KOLO MENTAL by Faze maybe we agree. But any Nigerian that hears This song was the epitome of the phrase ‘Lose this song and doesn’t dance should have his your home training dance’ as the theme of the ­citizenship revoked. song is to dance like a mad person. It was hot back then and is still hot now. Faze is one of the formerly defunct plantation boys trio which had Tuface and Black Face as members.

DAVID JONES ­DAVID Waging a War Against Drug Abuse Using ­Music and Comedy BY STEPHANIE NWANNUKWU

The creative industry has seen the proliferation of ­ individuals with several ­ talents ­ merging and enjoying the best of both worlds, the ­ ­­ music & movie ­industry. They’ve ­mastered the art of infusing their ­talents/ skills into ­ dominating their art thus ­ dominating the industry. ­ ­ Musicians such as ­Tuface, Adekunle Gold, ­Justin Timberlake, ­ Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez etc ­ have changed the narrative and have shown that excelling in different creative industries can be done. Actor, host/presenter and music composer & winner of ­ best actor in a drama, David Jones seems to be a jack of all

trades, strongly determined to make a change and impact in the music/movie industry while addressing and combating one of the evils of the industry. The ills of social media have been tempered seeing how it helped boost a not so popular David to being a name on the streets. His anti-drug campaign song was such an inspiration that A-list music producer Don Jazzy and his fellow Maviners had to ­remake their own version. Jovial and quite energetic D ­ avid Jones is an ultimate delight to converse with. He was a ­delight to look at dressed in a T-shirt, jean and in the coolest ­sneakers. He is an avid lover of excellent materials, good music,

interesting scripts thus making him a well-rounded person. Vibe.ng caught up with David Jones to discuss his ­inspiration, motive and drive for the ­anti-drug campaign and also to tell us what he has planned in store. SO TELL US ABOUT ­YOURSELF My name is David Jones D ­ avid. I’m from Akwaibom, I’m a ­Nigerian. I’m a singer, an ­actor, a music producer and that’s just a few things about me. I’m predominantly sanguine, that means I joke a lot, I’m sociable, that means I make friends a lot, that’s that for now. HOW DID COMEDY AND ­ACTING START FOR YOU? Basically, I’ll call myself more of a singer than an actor, because I started with singing, but you know how it is you know, you enter Lagos, you try to push one or two songs, nothing ­happens. I don’t think there’s any singing without acting so I decided to

go into acting and see whether I can use the ­platform to push my songs then I went for a ­ uditions in African magic with Mnet series and I got the role as Timi in hotel Majestic-a very ­serious role. ­Nobody even believed I could be that serious and that put my face out there. For me, that was a c­ hallenge that I had to go through.tI built me up and all that, then I got the best actor in a drama ­series AMVCA 2017, for that ­particular role and that gave me the platform to put out stuff on ­Instagram, so when I’m less busy, I just put out skits and that was it. HOW DID YOUR SAY NO TO DRUGS C ­ AMPAIGN START? First of all, I don’t drink or smoke except maybe to smoke in movies. Just like every other skit or cover I do, I picked up the soundtrack of the lion king song “ circle of life “. I tried to make my lyrics similar to the original song and at the same time, pass a message across. it was a challenge for me but at the end of the day it came out well and that’s how it all started. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE R ­ ESPONSE YOU HAVE GOTTEN ON THE VIDEO SO FAR? The response knocked me off my feet. I knew that if I remained consistent in my craft, I would go far in life, but I didn’t know it was going to be this big. Infact, the day this thing ­skyrocketed, I was in the studio recording the next video I ­wanted to post about say no to drugs, then I just s­ tarted getting notifications about people ­reposting and acting out their own skits and ­giving my own original skit massive airplay. My director asked me to put aside the new video and just ride on the p ­ opularity the current video was bringing me. I didn’t even announce a challenge but it ­started getting reposts from major artists and I was blown away. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT USING I­NSTAGRAM TO PROMOTE YOUR CRAFT AND HOW DO YOU THINK IT CAN BE ­IMPROVED? Sometimes people call me asking me how to use Instagram to promote their craft that they heard I produce music, I act, I sing etc. and I always refer them back to their cell phones. Once you have a smartphone, then you’ve gotten the ability to do a lot. I shot the say no to drugs video with my phone. With your smartphone, you can make all your creative ideas a reality, same way you can chat with me and see my videos. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE F ­ UTURE AND WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY W ­ ORKING ON? Yeah, I have big plans for this say no to drugs campaign because its very positive and the response I’m getting is so amazing. I give God the glory for using Donjazzy because trust me, I didn’t see this coming. For me, that’s a sign that God really wants me to push this campaign further. For now, I’m already getting calls from several N.G.Os who want to collaborate on several things and for me, that’s a positive response, so there’s more to come. DO YOU HAVE A SIDE HUSTLE, ­SOMETHING YOU DO APART FROM E ­ NTERTAINMENT? Some people might see singing and acting as a side hustle, so the term side hustle is subjective to the individual, so for me, my side hustle is my career. Singing, acting and entertainment, in general, is what I do. HOW ARE YOU COPING WITH THE STRESS OF THE INDUSTRY? In any industry, passion is key. Passion brings you happiness, passion makes mountains look like

molehills. First of all, discover your passion and follow it, when you have done this, no matter the obstacles in your way in any industry, you will scale through. WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TOO IN THE E ­ NTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? Apart from God, I love good things. So, anybody who is doing well, and producing good music or good movies, I look up to them, so far you are doing well, then I’d look up to you. WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK WITH? Anybody that is doing well in their field, I would like to associate with them. YOU ARE INTERESTED IN POLITICS? I don’t like politics, it is not for me. So I don’t see myself practicing it. LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR COMEDY, HOW DO YOU CLASSIFY IT, DO YOU DO S ­ TAND-UP? I’ve never done stand-up. Most of the people that watch my movies don’t even know I do comedy except those that watch my skits on ­Instagram. Anyway, comedy is what my friends know me for. It’s unfortunate that the first ­major role I took in a movie was a mean role and I’ve been getting those same kind of roles even in comedy. I love comedy, when I talk, people laugh, my friends tell me “you can do comedy” but I’ve never done stand-up before even though I’ve anchored events before. I even did comedy skits where I played two characters, the serious and the unserious. So comedy is a yes for me. WOULD YOU LOVE TO OWN YOUR OWN SHOW? Well, I had a bigger picture in mind-“David Jones House”, where I would have David Jones kitchen, David Jones garage where they would sell cars, David Jones studio, David Jones wardrobe. So I’ve always seen things in a ­bigger picture. I believe that no time is too late, no ­matter what it is, if you have something in mind then it’s going to come through. So to have my own show would sound good. HOW DO YOU MANAGE YOUR MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES? I’m a different person when I’m not performing and it’s quite easy to separate my act from my real self. So its very easy to differentiate and manage my act from my real self.


While most ladies shy away from dating Dj’s (because they’d rather go for the artistes), dating a DJ has loads of ­benefits. Ask Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift who dated DJ’s, their life was a bag of fun and their boyfriends (now ex) took them to loads of events. Here are a couple reasons why dating a Dj won’t be a bad idea 1. PARTY GALORE: You can party ­whenever you want because you’d be his ­automatic plus one. While he’s busy doing his magic you ­can dance away your stress and worries. That’s a win-win. 2. THERE’LL BE SO MUCH DANCING: With partying comes dancing. If you weren’t much of a dancer before, best believe your dancing skills would be upgraded and even if you’re already a good dancer that means more dancing. Another win-win. 3. YOU’D BE MORE OPEN TO NEW MUSIC: You’re probably going to be the first person he’d give his mixes to listen to. Also, Dj’s are always the first people to get wind of new and banging tracks and the more you’re with him the more likely you’d be open to all genres of music. 4. NEW FRIENDS: Well, you gotta protect your territory but you also can’t be clingy. When you’re his plus one to all the parties he Dj’s for you’re bound to meet new people, mostly celebrities and people in the music and ­entertainment ­industry. 5. IT WOULD TRAIN YOU NOT TO BE TOO ATTACHED: He’d be dealing with a lot of people in the industry and by people we mean ladies. If you’re not ready to die of hypertension you’d have to let loose a little and let him do his thing. 6. YOU’D BE HIS SOURCE OF PEACE AND QUIET: After a hard days work of playing music and noise, he can be rest ­assured that he’d be going to a quiet home with bae who would comfort him and be his source of peace.



Even though she had to wait for close to one hour or more, not once did she pass a complaint or nag when the ­interview was about to start. ­Beauti fully adorned with a flawless carriage, she ­entered the interview room and ­everybody sat up a ­little taller to catch a glimpse of this ­seemingly ­confident ­melanin skinned beauty. ­Radiating with life and vigor as the interview started, not giving any sign of discomfort, ruby was the ideal dream of any interviewer. Chocolate City artiste and ­afro-soul singer Ngohide Ruby Ann GyangGyang popularly known as RUBY GYANG is a force to reckon with. She was born in Zaria, Kaduna State, and spent her earlier years there before moving to Jos, Plateau state with her grandparents. From songs like Good man to Okay O to No No No and Kale Ni, her EP is brimming with feel-good timeless romantic songs. Her recent video Kale Ni which means look at me, Ruby gives us a classic artsy vibe. Alongside the watchful cat peering at us from the lenses, it screams unconventional yet oddly fascinating. Sporting a new sound, new twist to her image and a brand new outlook on life, Ruby shares with the world, a sizzling hot, dance-driven song. How was growing up in Jos like? I actually was born in Zaria, I have 4 older siblings and a younger sister. Jos was where my ­grandparent lived. They were actually missionaries, so that was home. We eventually moved to Jos. As far as I’m concerned I’m from all three places, I’ve lived there, my family is there, so there’s no distinction.

Tell us about your EP ‘This is love’ is a bunch of songs and some of them were like 10 years old. I felt like I have ­recorded all this music and it was time to put it out. There are 7 songs on the Ep. It’s very ­soulful, it’s about relationships and love, my favorite topics. I was finally excited to get it off my chest.

Your favourite actor: Bimbo Akintola – female RMD – male

Nigerian fashion entrepreneur? Jewel by Lisa, she’s a bonafide ­international ­designer, not just a Nigerian designer. She’s ­taking the whole Ankara and African style to a What song has been your best collaboration whole new level. song? The word to describe it wouldn’t be best but most Where is your go-to place and thing to do for surprising. In 2008 I was watching a TV c­ hannel inspiration and how does the process starts? and I saw this very eccentric female singer. My mind…I don’t talk a lot or emote a lot, so ­­I ­noticed that she sang in English but she had whatever speaks to me, I do try to put it together. a very serious Igbo accent specifically a Warri ­accent. I just liked how she was. I liked her sound How do you write your song? Your ­experience and vibe. It was Nneka and I was like I would or gist from people? like to do something with her when I moved to People always come to me for advice, I’m just ­Lagos, however, I never had the liver to talk to like doctor Ruth. I’m fascinated by relationships her about it. She was working with this ­producer so I’m always reading stuff and sometimes I Kid ­Konnect who lived behind me and that’s how get a flashback and I want to write from it. Also we connected. I played the song for her, she ­sometimes, it’s just about the struggle, being an liked it and she was supposed to record it the artist is tough and I just want to take something next day. I went to watch Femi Kuti perform and from the experience and sing about it. she just called and said she wanted to record the song now. That’s how passionate she was. Define your style: When she heard the song, she was like she’s Classic with a modern twist. ready and she’s in the zone. It was just very nice. I’m not a fan of trends and wouldn’t kill myself for it. I get stuff that I can rock for a long time. Who’s your favourite artiste? It’s really hard to pick but Tuface is ­definitely Best fashion item: on the top of the list because he started this Jeans. You’d always need it. ­movement and because of him I’m here. In your kale Ni video, there was a cat. What Female; Yemi Alade. I remember in 2012 I put was the idea behind it and its significance? together this all-girl event and she came begging The director just saw the cat and shot it, I didn’t to perform, even when I told her it was full, that even see it until I got to the end of the video. He babe is a hustler and 5 years now she’s mama likes to just use random stuff and it was just really Africa, it’s no wonder. nice and cinematographic. I don’t do no voodoo, it was just a cat that was at the venue and we What’s your favourite song off your EP? shot it. It depends on how I’m feeling. I would pick ‘No no no’ because of the story-line and how I felt at What message do you always try to pass in that period. song? Of course it necessary to pass a deep reflective

message but sometimes it’s not about the message. Sometimes I just try to have fun, I ­ just want to spread positivity and hope. You can say heavy things lightly. There’s a lot going on in the economy, flooding everywhere, the unrest in ­certain parts of the northern part of Nigeria. So for me, anything that helps take their mind off that, even if it’s for four minutes.

a lot like some people. I feel like music has a way of moving. I believe in just pushing out the music. Whoever it’s meant for will find it. While it’s important to push the face and brand, I feel like music has a way of just reaching people.

If you were to be invisible for a day what would you do? I would steal gold bars from American ­reserves.*laughs Favourite Nigerian movie: Violated; starring Joke Silver, Rmd etc.

Motherhood and music, how has balancing it been like? I have a great support system, my mum, friends, siblings. It’s tough and there is always the guilt that comes with taking time away from my child, but I’m blessed to have a daughter that’s my fan and is also quite understanding.

Favourite American movie: Sound of music.

Makeup or no makeup; No makeup.

How does it make you feel being referred to as the perfect hook singer? It makes me feel great because all the people I grew up listening basically did that. Mary J Blige and Aretha Franklin. If people know that you can help better their song, it’s a nice feeling.

Relaxed hair or natural hair; gurl, relaxed hair; who’s running around with kinky hair.

Tell us about your passion for child ­development, art development, and gender What’s your worst peeve in guys? advocacy: I hate been accused falsely, it really pisses me I’m the mother of an amazing 13-year-old girl off. If he says I did something and I didn’t. Its and I have a natural nurturing vibe so I feel the better that the dirt is out and I decide what to do children of the world are my children just by with it than you trying to act sharp and smart and ­extension. And I think that for girls, as a resource, try to play with my intelligence. we’re so underutilized and underestimated and the only person that can help to change that are If not music what else would you do? women. I work with a lot of female artists. I’m As of last year, I was like if not music, nothing the kind of person that if you hit me up on social else. But I’m growing older and there is a need to ­media and ask for help, I would send you links take care of your body so I would go into organic and e ­ ncourage you to come over and meet me at product for the skin, hair, body and also artiste the office. That’s like the plan for me- to set up an development. Not necessarily starting a label but artist development center and I think education is I would like to see a raw artiste being transformed key. I also try to partner with some organizations and then a talk show host plus I also want to act. to help.

Favourite outfit; Bubu and kaftan. Just throw it on and go with no underwear.*giggles What can’t you live without; My phone it’s where everything is at.

How do you try to push your brand ahead of the music? Favourite social media app; Whatsapp. I’m almost hermit, like and I’m not out and about ­Instagram has too much hassle, it’s all about the

perception, the right picture, any small mistake, What American musician would you compare label is calling and saying we don’t like that yourself with? ­picture take it down. and Twitter sometimes when Voice-wise; Jenifer Hudson. I want to drop a quote. What international collaboration are you lookYour favourite fashion designer: Valentino red ing forward to? dress, if he makes one for you, you don enter. Black coffee; a South African DJ: I love how smooth he is and his soulful voice still makes you dance. Your fairytale man: He should be between 6.2 John Legend is a dream. If he was to write a song and 6.4 in height, dark, have a deep voice, buff and do a duet with me and perform together, it’s as and big- someone that can carry me. good as done. Personality wise; His relationship with God has to reflect in how he lives his life, sense of humour is a must, respect for females, respect for strong women especially. There’s nothing wrong with liking a chilled woman but I like a man that likes a fiery woman, someone that listens, basically someone that’s open. Favourite quote: Do unto others as others would do unto you.

How has it been handling the pressure of being a single mum in the entertainment industry? Baby mama just comes with drama..as a mum, time is never enough, no matter how much you put in. What are your future projects and what do you have in store for us? The new single is ready, once I’m done pushing this video out, I’m working on an EP with an incredible artist from the northern part of Nigeria. The album would be next year God willing.



Felabration, a week-long event held ­annually at the New Afrika Shrine, ­Ikeja to celebrate the life and music of Fela ­Anikulapo-Kuti, is a major event that draws thousands of people from Nigeria and ­beyond, who come to experience awesome performances from top acts both local and international, as well as symposiums, talks, comedy and theatre acting.

So if you missed Felabration 2017 that had a lineup of amazing acts like Wizkid, Burna boy, Lil Kesh, Femi Kuti, Adekunle Gold, Simi, Small Doctor, Cdq, Oritsefemi, Mayorkun, Iceprince, Kiss Daniel, Majek Fashek, Qdot, Jamican reggae band “Third World” well here are 30 pictures taken by @blackprintgram that might give you a clear idea on the amount of fun you missed.

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Mr. P: One Named Peter | Vibe.ng Magazine  

In this edition, Peter Okoye of P-Square also known as Mr P talks about the ‘P-Square Split’ and his plans for the future and more!

Mr. P: One Named Peter | Vibe.ng Magazine  

In this edition, Peter Okoye of P-Square also known as Mr P talks about the ‘P-Square Split’ and his plans for the future and more!

Profile for vibe.ng