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Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.

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FAREWELL to 2011‌ 2011 Toodyay Bug-In

Well all good things must come to an end...and so be it with the 2011 Toodyay Bug-In. By all reports and comments a very successful event and from a club and committee point of view a very satisfying one. This final issue of the 2011 Bug-In Bulletin is just a small wrap up of the weekend for those that were there and those that wish they were. So much to say and so little space to say it...see you at the SA Bug-In 2012.

Friday 22nd April to Monday 25th April 2011 Ray Willis President / Editor Mob 0407347340

Rod McSwain Secretary / Membership Officer Mob 0403259719


Road Trip 2011 Tuesday 26th April to Saturday 30th April 2011

Rod McSwain Mob 0403259719

Karen Fyfe Mob 0417173886

Photography by Wayne Weaver Montage by Guido Verschoor Thanks to Toodyay Herald for the photo.


The Volkswagen Club of Western Australia (Inc), the 2011 Toodyay Bug-In Committee and the Road Trip 2011 organisers, would like to publicly thank our sponsors and support for this national event.

All our sponsors received a trophy of the event, and a collection of all the material that was used for the 2011 Toodyay Bug-In.

Another important ingredient for the success of the 2011 Toodyay Bug-In was the Without our sponsors and support of Toodyay busisupport the event would be nesses and the Toodyay beyond the financial capabil- people themselves. ity of the VW Club and the 4 THANK YOU -day 10-event program may EVERYBODY... not have happened.

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The Newspaper articles can be read in full on our website...



„Thanks to the TOODYAY HERALD for their support for the BugIn and publishing our articles...”

“It was great to get some coverage in several newspapers for the Bug-In and the Road Trip.”

Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.

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Each one individual - mounted on “Toodyay Stone”


Scott Printers Pty Ltd

Aberdeen Street, Perth, WA, 6000. ABN: 21 008 719 5154 Website:


Typical Trophy...

Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.

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Bug-in convoy 2011… Busselmann and Bernd Wachs in Rob‟s Golf GTI, who all joined us. Monty and Margaret had come from Port Macquarie, with a stop in Peterborough to visit the train museum, while Rob and Bernd had come from Melbourne with a stop in Clare to sample the vintage. Thus we now had nine people in five vehicles.

By John Short VW Club SA

“this is an abridged version...the full text can be found on the SA VW Club website is at the end of the article.”

Thanks to John Short for being our CONVOY leader!

The convoy began from my home in Klemzig (Adelaide) at 8 a.m. on Monday 18 April, when Terry Patterson and Maurice Cornish from Hobart met me there. They had a new Passat wagon, which they had brought across Bass Strait on the ferry, and driven to Adelaide the previous day.

We pressed on to Ceduna, with „comfort„ and fuel stops at Kimba and Wudinna. Ceduna was our last town of any size until Norseman, so we stayed the night there. Day‟s run (from my home) was 775 kilometres (enough for the day anyway).

Tuesday morning some of the party sourced provisions in Ceduna, then we set off west. At Penong there was a notice that the museum was open every day, so we Simon Thompson had bought turned in, only to be cona Type 3 Karmann Ghia in fronted by a closed gate with Adelaide, so he joined out another notice saying „Closed convoy at Bolivar (just north Tuesdays‟. So that was that; of Adelaide). Our three vehi- we pressed on, with a break cles then proceeded to Port at Nundroo, to the Head of Augusta, where we joined Bight (which was 12 km Corey Seegers and Colin and sealed road from the highSonya Gambold (in Corey‟s way). It was too early in the T4 campervan) for lunch. year for whales, but some After a few phone calls we paid the $5 to walk to the located Monty and Margaret cliff edge ($12 when the Love in their Golf and Rob

whales are there). Took another short side trip to the Baxter Cliffs, which are quite spectacular. Notices warn against going too close to the edge, and I made it clear that my duties as team leader did not include jumping after anybody who landed in the ocean! Overnight was at the Border Village (on the SA side); day‟s run just over 500 km. Next (Wednesday) morning we set our clocks/watches to WA time and passed through the quarantine check point. We drove through Eucla, which is a small town comprising accommodation, roadhouse, police, ambulance and other services (including mobile phone if you are with one of the major carriers). Then we went down to the old telegraph station. It was established in 1877as a repeater between Albany and Adelaide. In the 1890s a rabbit plague destroyed the vegetation, which allowed the sand hills to drift and cover the station and other buildings (which have at various times been almost completely covered and at others almost fully exposed). Some of us walked across the sand hills to the beach, where we saw the remnants of the jetty which was used to land supplies before the road was „trafficable‟. Next stop was at the top of Madura Pass, from where there is a view over a vast expanse of nothing much (but it is worth the stop to see it, and to „stretch the legs‟). (Continued on page 5)

Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.

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Aberdeen Street, Perth, WA, 6000. ABN: 21 008 719 5154 Website:


“Yet again, this was a true national event with every state being

2011 BUG-IN



To those that have ordered and paid for a PHOTO CD through their Registration Form, we have had some delay in its production, but be assured that they will be posted to you as soon as we have them. Please accept our apology.


For those that went on the Road Trip 2011 following the Bug-In we did not have a formal photographer, but everybody that went along were well and truly snap-happy.

Otherwise photos will be displayed on the Toodyay Photography website and will be available for sale from Tom Carter, our Bug-In Photographer.

There may be some spare CDs available for sale after we post the others out. We will let you know and how to order and pay for them.

It will be good to have a range of photos from different peoples perspectives.


(Continued from page 4)

Bug-in convoy 2011…

“thanks to Julie for being our Coolgardie guide for the Convoy...”

We will be compiling all the participants photos into one PHOTO CD and this will be posted out as soon as it is compiled.

a longer time in Kalgoorlie/ Coolgardie next day.

So on Thursday we drove to Norseman for fuel and reMadura Pass and Eucla Pass freshment, then to Coolare steep climbs/descents gardie where we were met (depending on your direction by Julie Beccaria (Ray of travel); they were sealed Willis‟s nephew‟s wife – it during WW2 to facilitate pays to have contacts!). Afmovement of military supter lunch Julie took us on an plies. Both were further iminteresting tour of Coolproved when the Eyre Highgardie. First stop was to way was sealed in the have been the local mu1960‟s and „70‟s. seum, but they were closing Next stop was at Caiguna for early; so Julie had to revise fuel and food, then on to the the schedule, which she did ‟90 mile straight‟ (or 146.6 most admirably. km in more accurate terms). We left Coolgardie at 3:45 (Of course there is claimed p.m. and drove to Yelto be a longer one in Amerlowdine. This section of road ica, but the authorities say ran somewhat south of due that it has a slight „kink‟ in west, so as the sun sank low the middle.) it was off to our right. But at 5 km along the „straight‟ Yellowdine the road turned we paused to see the north of west, so the setting „Caiguna Blowhole‟. This sun was straight ahead of is a hole about 1m wide us, and it was almost suiciand 2m deep just off the dal to press on. road, which connects to But with help from Ray Willis an underground cave I had planned for this; we system. pulled off to the side of the Next overnight stop was road for about 15 minutes at Balladonia for a day‟s while the sun went down, run of 532 km. Corey, Sonya then drove in comfort and and Colin elected to press on safety to Southern Cross for to Norseman in order to get the night. Day‟s run 546 km.

That night we all had a pleasant dinner at the Club Hotel. Friday 22 April. Leisurely start from Southern Cross, arrived at the meeting point in Northam just after noon. Presently the WA deputation arrived. We all made our way to Toodyay. Day‟s run an easy 297 km. A 4-page Coolgardie Bulletin was made available to those on the convoy...

Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.

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FIRST BUG-INs… stories 42 Bug-Ins a part... “...a blast

1st NATIONAL BUG-IN 1970...

from the

By Rick and Jenny Feruglio


“...the 2011 Toodyay Bug-In had over 30 new BugInners...”

The first Bug In was organised and promoted by (then) Volkswagen Australia through its network and by the Sydney VW distributor and dealer, House of David.

and a few people said that they would attend, including us. Well, the time soon came and Jenny and I headed for the first Bug In.

The venue was Hume Weir Motor Racing Circuit, situated in Vic. near Lake Hume Village on the NSW side of the Murray River, which separates NSW /Victoria and situThe VWC NSW held its ated near the twin towns of monthly meetings there and Albury/Wodonga. we were presented with a glossy pres- The VW clubs were invited, entation leaflet and together with the Formula a gaudy fully sik Vees and all other motor poster (60's style) sport clubs who would be to mark this specinterested in racing at the tacular event to be race circuit. held at Wodonga, The race circuit is kind a which would be shaped like a knife, 1 mile situated near the long in a sort of amphitheabig population centre, with a foot bridge where tres of Melbourne, the handle met the knife Canberra and Sydblade (sort of). ney. There were a number of There was a lot of races with mixed cars and a interest in this coming event separate one for the Formula

LARA AND STUART'S IST BUG-IN 2011... By Stuart and Lara Rundle

After missing the past 3 Bug-ins (due to distance), we were very excited to hear that the 2011 one was going to be held in Toodyay WA. Initially we were very excited about the weekend, but we were unsure about what to expect and what the weekend would bring. However, after 4 fun and well organised days, we are now hooked and we‟re al-

ready pre-planning next year‟s trip to SA. For us, this year‟s journey started in Kalamunda, with a 45 min drive in our 56 beetle. It was rather amusing watching peoples reaction to see her flying along at over 100km/h up hill and was a great chance to blow some cobwebs off.

Vees. Also, there was a grass motorkhana in a nearby paddock. There was also a tour of the Victorian snowfield of Falls Creek near Mt. Beauty in Alpine National Park. To this day, it is the only time that SNOW has featured in a Bug In!

After checking into our accommodation, we had time to check out the town before heading off to the welcome BBQ. The evening was very well catered for and provided a great chance to meet our fellow Bug-in‟ners and exchange a few VW stories. We were surprised to hear how many (and far) people had travelled to make it to Toodyay, including their chosen transport! Though the events of the evening, we learnt how some dedicated people had attended over 40 events. The next day included the Show & Shine, where VW‟s took over the main (Continued on page 7)

Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.

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Scott Printers Pty Ltd

Aberdeen Street, Perth, WA, 6000. ABN: 21 008 719 5154 Website:

uestions? Just catch up with the Toodyay Visitors Centre for information, assistance and accommodation arrangements in planning your visit to Toodyay.

Toodyay Visitors Centre Address: 7 Piesse Street, Toodyay Post: PO Box 96 Toodyay WA 6566 Telephone: +61 08 9574 2435 Fax: +61 08 95742431 Website: Opening Hours: Sun-Sat: 9am-4pm Email:

Volkswagen Club of Western Australia (Inc)...since 1955 Post…


PO Box 175, Victoria Park WA 6979

(08) 9342 8703



“thanks to Lara and Stuart for being part of the Bugin...and sharing in all the good times”

street of Toodyay. We particularly enjoyed seeing the old beetles and Kombi‟s and were very amused by Herbie – a beetle that sprayed water, honked and flashed it‟s lights at unsuspecting passersby.


(Continued from page 6)


50% of the time. It was amusing watching the different cars winding around the tracks and throwing large amounts of dust into the air – even more amusing was watching the drives who forgot to wind their windows up! It was clear that each driver had their own driving style and some had more practice than others, but everyone had an absolutely great time.

ple walked away with welldeserved medals. There was even one man that walked away with the “Mal Dodd Memorial Flag – National Bug-In Hard Luck Trophy” for his occasional “wrong directions in the Motorkhana.

All in all, we had an absolutely brilliant and memorable weekend. A great big thank-you to everyone who organised the event and volThat night we enjoyed a deliunteered their time and of cious Italian dinner at the The presentation dinner that course to everyone who atlocal‟s best Italian restauevening was another extended and made the weekrant. The evening was filled tremely well organised event. end so special. with lots of food and drink The awards ceremony was We look forward to seeing and a few raffles. exciting for all and may peoyou next year! Following this, the next day brought the (my) most anticipate event, the Motorkhana. The vehicles competing in the race were made up of several beetles (old and new) and a few VW hybrids (modified Hyundai Getz‟s). The main event involved 6 driving skill tests, each more difficult than the last! They were occasionally tricky to negotiate (remember) but I am please to say I completed them 100% accurately nearly

Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.

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What they had to say... Just a small random selection of emails received and posts to our website forum…

I had a great time at the Bug In over the weekend. The motorkhana was a highlight for me Unfortunately too (even with a couple many too print and of WW's)... some too long, so excepts used..

“To those who specifically

You will get the general theme of WHAT THE PARTICIPANTS HAD TO SAY...

travelled from each and every other state of Australia, we applaud your efforts and hope you returned home safely with many memories.”

I had a great time at the Bug In this year and am thinking of going to the one next year...

This was our first Bug-In and we had a great weekend. We really hope to make the next one, and many more to come. Great to see the cars out in force again, but most of all to get to know people a little better. Its a great thing that we have in common!

I'd like to thank the committee and other club members that have spent a lot of their own time making all of this possible... I had a wonderful time at my first Bugin. Thanks so much for all the hard work over many months to get this event to run smoothly and professionally. The BBQ was great to meet all the people and the bug in pack with all the information would put some professional companies to shame in the way it was presented and packed. Finally the Motorkhana was for sure the highlight of my first bug-in...

Thank you thoughtful people for the Welcome Home postcard! A big thanks to all those involved in organising, getting it going, helping, volunteering, attending (esp. from over east) and to the people of Toodyay for letting it happen. Well done great show great weekend and great people. I personally had a ball loved every minute...

you and proved yet again it is THE BEST TRUELY NATIONAL VOLKSWAGEN EVENT. The camaraderie at this annual event is 2nd to none.

Thanks very much for the most enjoyable Bug in and Road Trip.

Just a short note to say a big "THANK YOU" to you and your hard-working team. A fantastic I like everyone I have effort. I had a great spoken to had a great time and the locatime. Thanks to all the tion was wellpeople that worked on chosen… laid back but with with a this. Great Job well buzz. Buggered up Done. the motorkhana though..... Thank you to each and every one of you who took part in some form or another, especially those at their first Bug-In. The 2011 Toodyay Bug-In was successful because of

The organising committee and VW Club of WA thanks everybody for their kind words.

Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.

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Road trip 2011…

Scott Printers Pty Ltd

Aberdeen Street, Perth, WA, 6000. ABN: 21 008 719 5154 Website:

By Rod McSwain

“The camaraderie was warm and the experiences were hopefully ones that those who took part, will last a lifetime...”

fragmented leaving town but regrouped For the first time in WA, a 5 to a synchronised re day 1000 km road trip was -entry into a break organised and it began on in the holiday traffic. We the night of Anzac day with a were met by Gary in Dunsdinner to discuss a few exborough and we pushed onto pectations during the convoy, Yallingup for lunch before we to hand out a goodies bag split up in all directions to do that contained maps and broour own thing. At tea in Marchures and to give everyone garet River that night, all their official road trip t-shirt. were accounted for and stoIt was then early to bed for ries of the afternoon‟s advenan early rise on Tuesday 26th tures were exchanged. April to head down to the Top of The Terrace for a 6:30 breakfast. Day One morning was fresh and we hit the road just after 8am, heading west out of Toodyay to view the lasting devastation of the bushfires of 15 months prior. They were great driving conditions for air cooled vehicles. Commentary along the way, with the standard banter helped to pass the time, but there was more than enough to see and the route was chosen to keep the drivers awake. A quick stop at the Mundaring weir was followed by morning tea at Canning Dam before pushing onto Serpentine dam, then Dwellingup for lunch. Down the hill to Waroona and onto Bunbury via the Harvey Cheese factory was the afternoon schedule. Thanks to an invitation from Amanda & Noel Whittle, a pleasant evening was spent on their back deck despite the rain.

drive their VWs to the base for a group photo. It certainly attracted a lot of attention from the tourists and we are thankful for the rare opportunity to do it. We then picked up lunch back in Augusta and stopped at Alexandra Bridge on the Blackwood River before pushing onto Pemberton for a tour of the timber mill. Day Four was another 8am start with fog in the valleys and the sunshine glistening through the tall Karri trees, kangaroos, emus and the best homemade scones in the country by Pip in Bridgetown for morning tea. Lunch on the road and a ceremony in Gnomesville concluded a day that exposed us to more of the sights sounds and smells of Western Australia‟s southwest. The farewell dinner in Bunbury was interrupted by a wedding on the tv.

Day Three saw the convoy head down the scenic Caves Road all the way to Augusta and the Leeuwin Lighthouse on the most south west corner of Australia – where the 2 oceans meet. The weather looked somewhat threatening but after a tour to the top, the group were allowed to

Day Five, the last day, was a civilized 10:30 departure and a casual cruise 120 km up the coast to Mandurah for a very casual lunch on the foreshore, where we farewelled one another. Karen & I thank those who joined us and hope all your pictures turn out.

Day Two we left Bunbury via the back beach and headed to the Busselton Jetty via the Tuart Forrest, with a short hold up when Ray got a flat tyre. We were met by Ross who had the local press in tow. The wind was blowing at over 29 knots, so the train to the end of the jetty was cancelled much to our disappointment. The convoy was

Australia’s National VOLKSWAGEN club event since 1970 - now in its 42nd year.


Bug-in Logos…


The only one missing was 1994 - a Queensland Bug-In.

Since the first Bug-In Bulletin 12 months ago we have been trying to collect all the Bug-In Logos or Stickers to get an archival collection.

Since the Bug-In, Keith Lawer returned home and went through his Bug-In memorabilia and found the missing logo on a shirt.

For those not at the Bug-In we drafted a poster of all the BugIn logos that we have been able to get a copy of since 1976.

Like the 1999 logo, the 1994 one is very unique in illustrating the environment or surroundings where the Bug-In was held.

The project now is to complete the poster and make it available to all Bug-Inners past and present. To do this, we would like to add the South Australian 2012 logo so it is as up to date as it can be. When this is done the poster will be made available for cover costs of printing and postage...probably in an A2 size and on good quality paper.


Details on cost and how to order the poster will be placed on our Bug-In page of our website, so keep a lookout.

until the

from the Bulletin next WA Bug-In...”

The last word… By Ray Willis - Editor of the 2011 Bug-In Bulletin

I would like to mention a number of significant events that occurred around this event. The 2011 Toodyay Bug-In;

 was the first WA Bug-In to be held outside of Perth and it proved to be a winner with the whole of Toodyay being involved.

 saw Mal Dodd attending his 40th Bug-In and being presented with a commemorative jacket to mark the occasion. A Bug-In Icon.

 had the first organised Convoy to come to a WA Bug-In, with John Short (VW Club SA) as the organiser. Thanks again.

 was followed by the first WA Road Trip, with Rod McSwain and Karen Fyfe as the coordinators. Well Done!

 saw Monty and Margaret

 witnessed my 2000 New Beetle clock over 300,000 kms during the motorkhana, a memorable moment. Due for retirement?

 was the first time a ‘Welcome Home’ postcard was sent to all participants after a WA Bug-In. Yes, another innovation, this one from Rod McSwain.

Love drive across the Nul included the ‘VW’ test for labor for the very first time. Excellent Effort! the first time in the motorkhana as a mystery  saw Terry Patterson, Maurie test. Many recorded a result Cornish and Marie Butler as of WW (wrong way). the first Tasmanians to attend a WA Bug-In. Maybe more next time.

Well that is just about THE LAST WORD…

The South Australian Bug-In will be held at Aldinga from 6th - 9th April 2012 . . . See you there !

For all those that could not make the 2011 Toodyay Bug-In...see you at the WA Bug-In next time...

2011 Bug-In Bulletin Final Issue