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Say “hello” to accounting education at its best! The days of education remaining within the four walls of a classroom are over. We take our students out into the field and into the real world where they develop the skills needed to enter the workforce:

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Communication skills Leadership Skills Responsibility & Deadlines Client Relations Teamwork Job Skills

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Recent studies reveal the importance of students developing leadership skills prior to graduation. A Mentee-mentor program is the best way to develop those

Now more than ever before students are required to have the work readiness skills needed for employment upoin graduation. F.E.I provides students with the opportunity to develop those skills outside of the classrom, in real-life work experience. Students are employed. Parents are happy. Employers


We understand how difficult it can be to find a job candidate that meets the qualifications for.

Traditionally it costs


an employer 30% of a positions salary to find a qualified candidate. This cost increases. when hiring recent graduates.

From sophomore year to senior year, we guide you through the ropes of the real world; providing you with opportunities to get out into the field and develop the skills needed to enter the workforce. From assigning a mentor to work with you, to developing you to become a leader yourself, we are the first to congratulate you and pick you up when you fall. We will ensure that you to reap the benefits of F.E.I and most importantly, pay it forward. We look forward to

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Preparing Students for Success

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