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Viatorian Community

Fall 2007

Volume 12, No. 3

Provincial’s Perspective finally did it! It has been a long time, but I finally did it. I have been promising myself to go on a five day quiet retreat for the past several years, but of course “never got around to it.” Something always seemed to be more pressing, more demanding, more immediate. Yet, all the while, deep down I knew that what I really needed was to take some time for myself, put everything aside, so that I could “stop and reconnect” with Christ!


we bring our loved ones and those with whom we have troubles, we bring our hopes and we bring our fears, we bring our joys and our sorrows, we bring our successes and our failures, and most of all, we bring our faith and our doubts to this quiet time.

And so, while being connected by a computer, I write this letter as a way of letting you know that you are with me on these days of retreat. I am staying connected to let you know that you are being remembered in a special way in prayer, a prayer of gratitude to our loving God for all the blessings that you: our friends, benefactors and collaborators in mission have given to me and to the entire So here I am! I arrived at The Retreat Center at St. John’s, Viatorian Community over these past 125 years. in Plymouth, Michigan on August 22. I quickly unpacked Three weeks ago, as we closed our anniversary year on my luggage and started exploring the center and its beauti- the last day of our provincial assembly in Kankakee/ ful surroundings. After the quick tour and a bite to eat, I Bourbonnais, I was deeply struck with the sense of God’s returned to my assigned room on the second floor. The presence. As we celebrated our history and anticipated first thing I noticed was the absence of a telephone in the our future, there was a discernable calm in the air that room. Then, I also noticed that there were no televisions seemed to whisper, “All is well, all is well.” or computers anywhere to be found. What was I going to As I walked around the gardens this morning at the retreat do for five days? The beauty of the place began to dim. center, I came upon a cluster of bright red flowers with I glanced around again and noticed a variety of subtle purple buds. The biblical passages “God is with you in all reminders of what I was to be about during my retreat. There was a crucifix, stained glass windows, a bible on the that you do” (Gen. 21.22) and “Stop and consider the wondrous works of God” (Job 37:14) were inscribed on table, and quiet in the hallways. This was to be “God’s Time” not office time. It quickly became obvious that by two plaques nearby. I was struck, once again, that our God being instantly “connected” by phone, internet, television, is indeed in charge, giving direction, leading us. That all is email, etc., it would be difficult to keep “connected” to the indeed well when we stay connected to our God. One whom I was seeking while being on retreat. So, I Thank you for walking with us thus far on the journey. promised myself each day to stay disconnected to those May our pathways continue to cross and, even when we wired and wireless devices and stay more connected to the might stumble and feel alone, may we be reconnected in Infinite Connection found in Jesus Christ. It is now day the tender mercy of our God. three of my retreat and I am writing this letter to you In St. Viator and Fr. Querbes, using my laptop computer. I have failed! Or have I? You see, you have been on my mind (and I dare say heart) during these days of retreat. I have brought you with me, as all of us do when we go on retreat or spend time away. We bring with us not only our luggage, but

Reverend Thomas R. von Behren, CSV Provincial

Celebrating 125 Years of Specialized Ministries The Viatorians greatly appreciate your financial assistance, which helps to sustain our ministries in the United States and overseas. If you would like to assist us, please send your gifts to: Viatorian Development Office 1212 East Euclid Ave. Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847-637-2124 You can either designate where your gifts will be used or delegate us to distribute the funds where they are most needed. As a non-profit and tax-exempt organization, the Viatorians are very grateful for your prayers and financial support in “educating for the future.” For wills and bequests: Clerics of St. Viator an Illinois Corporation

The Nazareth League of Prayers

provides an opportunity to share in the Viatorian prayer life. Prayer requests are inscribed in a special book and then placed in the chapel at the Province Center. When Viatorians gather daily in communal prayer, they specifically remember the intentions of their friends and gratefully thank everyone who has so generously supported the Viatorian ministries. To participate in the Nazareth League of Prayers, simply list your intentions in the envelope provided and mail them to us. You can also request specific cards by calling 847-637-2124 or online at

When Fr. Louis Querbes founded the Viatorian Community in 1831, he envisioned its members going as individuals or in groups of twos or threes to various locations where the need was most pressing, addressing the tasks at hand, and then moving on to the next ministry. This pioneering spirit brought three Canadian Viatorians (Fr. Pierre Beaudoin, Br. JeanBaptiste Bernard, and Br. Augustin Martel) to Bourbonnais, IL in 1865 to minister among the local French-speaking people; this same spirit animates the Province of Chicago today. Throughout its 125 year years as a province, a ministerial focus has always been with the marginalized. For example, the rampant poverty during the Great Depression caused many young men to be homeless and/or imprisoned. Viatorians responded to this crisis through staffing vocational schools in Savannah, GA; Detroit, MI; and Chicago, IL. Auxiliary Bishop Bernard J. Shield, a St. Viator College graduate, founded the Mission of Our Lady of Mercy in Chicago for boys between the ages of sixteen and twenty-six. His concern was for young men who were over the age limit of Catholic orphanages but not yet ready to live independently. He designed a residential program that provided young men the opportunity to learn needed skills to live as responsible young men. During their stay, some were employed while others attended school. Knowing firsthand the quality of Viatorian educational ministry, he called upon the Viatorians to staff the school. The Viatorians enthusiastically responded and ministered there during the 1940’s. Viatorians continued their outreach in the ensuing years. Some Viatorians learned sign language and taught hearing impaired children at St. Joseph School for the Deaf, New York

Early Viatorians at Ephpheta School for the Deaf, Chicago 2

City and Ephpheta School for the Deaf, Chicago. Viatorians served as counselors to orphans at Camp Villa Marie in Fox Lake, IL, which was sponsored by Catholic Charities. Others taught incarcerated youth at detention centers in Laurel, MD.

Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV, President of St. Martin de Porres High School, chats with some students. Viatorians continue to work in Church educational institutions that reach out to economically disadvantaged youth at St. Martin de Porres High School in Waukegan, IL. SMdPHS is a member of the Cristo Rey Network, a national association of nineteen high schools that provide quality, Catholic, college preparatory education to urban minorities who live in communities with limited educational opportunities. Students participate in a work study program through which they finance the majority of their tuition and gain job experience in the corporate world.

Two Viatorian state hospital chaplains; Frs. Patrick Hayes, CSV and Andrew Bialas, CSV Viatorians also demonstrate a ready responsiveness toward adults, especially those who are often accounted of little importance. For many years, Viatorians served as chaplains at the Illinois state hospitals in Kankakee and Manteno where they worked with the emotionally and mentally challenged and their families. Their work included educating the public about the patients’ needs.

Viatorians have worked with individuals and families living well below the poverty level through street ministry and social service agencies. Viatorians secured federal funding to provide housing for homeless people living with HIV/AIDS as well as providing personal support to them and their loved ones. Viatorians have also spent decades ministering to those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction as counselors, retreat directors, and advocates - a ministry that continues to this day.

Fr. Charles Riedel, CSV celebrating Mass on the island of Saipan on June 19, 1994, six days after the armed forces landed

Fr. Eugene Bertand, CSV of the U.S. Navy

have been stationed at bases in the United States as well as in Diego Garcia, Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Albania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their ministry of being present to the young men and women, especially those who are caught in the midst of conflict far from home, tells them that they are not alone. Within the political and academic worlds, Viatorians advocate for social change. In the early twentieth century, Fr. John W.R. McGuire, CSV became a hero for men and women in Fr. John W. R. the labor unions by McGuire, CSV testifying before the Illinois Legislature and congressional committees promoting social legislation such as the Injunction Limitation Act, One-Day Rest in Seven, Child Labor, Women’s Eight-Hour Day, and Workman’s Compensation and Occupational Diseases Act. He was well known throughout Chicago as the “voice of labor in Chicago” due to his radio talks on WCFL. Following his lead, Fr. Joseph L. Donahue, CSV served as chaplain for the Chicago Building Trades Council and the Illinois AFL-CIO and assistant to the president of the Chicago Building Trades Council.

address this need. The community worked with local officials and agencies to bring to fruition this plan only to have the U.S. Supreme Court block the effort in a landmark decision that was handed down on January 11, 1977. Within the academic world, Viatorian impact has been significant. Viatorian educators served in the offices of education Fr. Thomas F. for the Archdiocese of McMahon, CSV, Chicago and the Diocese of Springfield. a former university professor and advocate Fr. James Michaletz, of business ethics CSV, who has over thirty years of experience in educational administration as a supervisor and university teacher, recently lead an extensive evaluation of the school programs at St. Francis Xavier Church in Corozal, Belize. In business ethics, Viatorian scholars have published more than 100 articles, authored five books, established curricula in university business programs, and organized ethics seminars. Recently, the Polish government awarded Br. Leo V. Ryan, CSV with a “Medal of

Br. Leo V. Ryan, CSV, professor emeritus of management and international consultant on business ethics issues

Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV in the Middle East Throughout Viatorian history, several priests have ministered to our armed services personnel. During World War II, Viatorians enlisted as chaplains and were stationed throughout the world. Recently, Viatorians

Editorial cartoon printed the day the Viatorian Community agreed to negotiate the property sale. (Reprinted with permission from Paddock Publication.)

Due to a serious shortage of affordable housing in the Arlington Heights, IL area, an offer was made to sell Viatorian property adjacent to St. Viator High School to 3

Fr. C. Gregory Jones, CSV in Nicaragua with a Food For The Poor nutritional program Continued on page 4

Celebrating 125 Years… Continued from page 3

Viatorian Associates Kenneth and Michelle Barrie with the St. Patrick Youth Group in Mexico

Catholic Charities Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America, and Chicago Priests for Justice for Immigrants, to name a few. The council has ensured that all Viatorian investments are subject to a social justice screen that excludes investing in companies that are involved in activities deemed contrary to professed values such as militarism, landmines, firearms, and the genocide in Sudan. The council also oversees the granting of funds from its social justice portfolio to support peace and justice projects that directly assist “those accounted of little importance.” As the Canadian Viatorians left their homeland to implant the Viatorian charism in the United States, the American Viatorians have in turn traveled to Manchuria, Taiwan, Japan, Colombia and Belize to further the mission of Fr. Querbes.

Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV; Br. John Eustice, CSV; Br. Rob Robertson, CSV; Br. Michael Gosch, CSV; and Fr. Corey Brost, CSV march in protest against the School of the Americas, Fort Benning, GA. Merit” for his “civic and educational contribution to Greater Poland.” Special mention was made of his efforts to introduce business ethics and management curricula in Polish universities during its transition to a free market economy. These mentors have laid the groundwork for contemporary Viatorians. Social outreach programs are an integral part of every Viatorian parish and school as they reach out to the needs of others _ locally, nationally, and internationally. Viatorians travel throughout the country raising public awareness and funds to serve the needs of the marginalized. Several Viatorians have taken public positions on the invasion and occupation of Iraq, a just and sane immigration policy that respects the rights of all people, the ongoing genocide in Darfur, the abolishment of all forms of torture, and the closing of WHINSEC/SOA and the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay. At the Viatorian leadership level, the provincial council has supported campaigns advocating for justice such as National Religious Campaign Against Torture,

In the 1930’s, the American Viatorians, in collaboration with their Canadian confreres, established a school in Manchuria. Fr. Francis White, CSV during After their the early days of the Viatorian expulsion mission in Japan following the Communist takeover, they transitioned their work to Taiwan. Immediately following World War II, American and Canadian Viatorians went to Japan and opened a parish and high school in Kyoto. The parish in Kyoto and the secondary schools in Japan and Taiwan continue to flourish under Viatorian direction. In 1961, three Viatorians journeyed to Bogotá, Colombia to establish Colegio San Viator. Under the current leadership of native Viatorians, the school enrolls over 1,000 students and enjoys an outstanding academic reputation. A distinguishing characteristic of the school is its scholarship program that awards tuition assistance to roughly twenty percent of the student body who are from economically disadvantaged families. Through this initiative, students 4

from differing income levels receive the same quality education while breaking down social barriers in the process. In addition to the colegio, Colombian Viatorians administer two parishes, a second colegio, and Centro Viatorian; a social service center that provides employment, housing, and nutritional services.

Students at Colegio San Viator in Bogotá, Colombia, wait for classes to begin. In 1998, two Viatorians arrived in Corozal Town, Belize, to assume administration of St. Francis Xavier parish. The parish consists of a town church and school plus twenty-three village base communities, nineteen elementary schools, and one high school, Chunox St. Viator Vocational School. As in all Viatorian parishes, the emphasis is on quality liturgy, academic excellence, and social outreach.

Br. Jason Nesbit, CSV with students at Chunox St. Viator Vocational High School The 125 year history of the Province of Chicago has been varied as Viatorians took on, and continue to take on, new ministries to implement the vision of Fr. Querbes by being open and responsive to the needs of the Church. Whether the work has been at home or abroad, the ministerial emphasis has been to enhance the dignity of each individual, to raise awareness of one’s responsibility to those who have less, and to build a more just world.

Assembly 2007 August 2, 2007 marked the 125th anniversary of the Province of Chicago. In celebration of this important historical milestone, Viatorians went to Bourbonnais, IL, the province birthplace, for a special three-day assembly. The event provided a unique opportunity to listen, reflect, and discuss the Viatorian heritage and the Viatorian response for today.

The Colombian Viatorians with one of the three founders (L to R) Br. Gustavo López, CSV; Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV; Fr. Edgar Suárez, CSV; Fr. James Crilly, CSV; Fr. Carlos Luis Claro, CSV; Fr. Albeyro Venegas, CSV; Fr. Luis Eduardo López, CSV; Br. Fredy Santos, CSV; Br. Frank Enciso, CSV; Fr. Alejandro Adame, CSV; and Fr. Rafael Sanabria, CSV The Viatorian attendees, associates and professed religious, reflected the community diversity. Province members came from throughout the United States, Belize, and Colombia. Furthermore, Viatorian leaders from the provinces (and their foundations) of Canada, Chile, France, Spain, the region of the Ivory Coast, and the general direction in Italy joined in the celebration. In summary, the Viatorian presence in sixteen countries on five continents was represented at this important gathering. Within this rich mixture of cultures and languages, an underlying theme emerged: God calls each person to bring about God's realm here on earth. The challenge for each Members during a general session Viatorian is to carry out the work of God in the world, broken as it is through poverty, war, torture, and other injustices. Matthew 13:38 reminds the community that when seeking to minister, one must remember that the “field is the world.” Thus, one Fr. Alan Syslo, CSV and must be open to go beyond Br. Patrick Drohan, CSV the familiar.

Viatorians are called to work in the field within the Viatorian context of education and to raise up communities of faith. Viatorians do this in solidarity with the international community. For Associates Margery Gill and example, while a hurricane in Francisco Javier Magaña Belize or civil unrest in Haiti impacts each human family member, it has a special relevance to Viatorians because of the Viatorian presence there. Collaboration between associate and professed members is an essential element of Viatorian ministry, and it clearly indicates the way Viatorians Fr. Robert Lachaine, CSV and express the reality of the Church Associate Marilyn Mulcahy share a humorous moment. being the People of God. It is in prayer that one realizes that each vocation is a reflection of the hunger for union with God. Guiding the community through the first two days of the assembly were speakers who are well-known in their fields. Fr. Donald Senior, C.P., President of Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in Chicago, spoke about each person's vocation as a call from God. CTU scripture professor, Sr. Dianne Bergant, C.S.A. reflected on religious life and lay leadership in today's world that is grounded in scripture. Msgr. Kenneth Velo, former president of the Catholic Extension Society, addressed his remarks to mission and ministry in the Church today. Bishop J. Peter Sartain, Bishop of the Diocese of Joliet (IL), highlighted the interrelationship between religious communities and the local church, stressing the importance of collaboration between the two. The final day of the assembly emphasized the international dimension of the Viatorian Community. Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, Superior General, offered a presentation on Viatorian international solidarity. He noted that Superior General, Viatorians are becoming increasingly Fr. Mark Francis, CSV African, Caribbean, and Latin American. This emerging new identity challenges each Viatorian to go beyond sharing material and personal resources to a new appreciation and awareness of the ways Viatorians express their charism. This calls for an increased sensitivity to what Viatorians are experiencing in Belize, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Peru, Japan, and Taiwan. Continued on page 7 5

Sacred Liturgy - Sacred Spaces - Sacred History Highlights of the three days of our provincial assembly of the Viatorian Community were celebrations of liturgy in three of the special churches of our history. The Illinois parishes of St. Anne (St. Anne), St. Patrick (Kankakee), and Maternity BVM (Bourbonnais) were wonderful hosts to the international community. Each church is more than 100 years old. Each is an example of well cared for and beautifully adorned worship spaces. The music provided by the choirs was truly inspiring.

Viatorians gather at St. Anne Church.

Associates Lynda Connor, Patty Wischnowski, Randy Baker, Cathy Abrahamian, and Henrietta Chamness Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV presided at liturgy on Tuesday, July 31 at St. Anne. In his homily, Fr. von Behren noted: “As we celebrate 125 years, we gather to celebrate a new way of being community, of being Church, of being the People of God.” After his homily, Associates Cathy Abrahamian, Randy Baker, Henrietta Chamness, Lynda Connor, and Patty Wischnowski renewed their commitment for a five year period. At the end of the Mass, Associate Daniel Lydon was formally welcomed as the new Director of Associates. Following the ceremonies, more than 100 members of the assembly gathered on the church lawn for a light supper. In attendance were associates, brothers, and priests from California to New Hampshire, Belize, Colombia, as well as

Viatorian provincials and guests from Canada, Chile, France, Ivory Coast, Italy, and Spain. On Wednesday, August 1, the liturgy was held at St. Patrick Church where Viatorians have served for seventy-five years. The jubilarians of 2007 were the honorees. Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Fr. John Milton, CSV celebrating twenty-five delivers the homily years of priesthood, honoring the jubilarians. presided. Fr. John Milton, CSV, celebrating fifty years of priesthood, was the homilist. Fr. Francis White, CSV, celebrating seventy years in religious life, Fr. Kenneth Morris, CSV, and Fr. Robert Cooney, CSV, celebrating fifty years of priesthood, and Fr. Mark Francis, celebrating twenty-five years of priesthood, concelebrated at the liturgy. Father Milton’s homily wove together history, years of service, and celebration of the Viatorian call to “exercise a different mission at a different time using distinct personal gifts, often overcoming distinct personal limitations.” Fr. William Mayer and Fr. Thomas McCarthy, celebrating sixty years of religious life, were unable to attend.

Spain (Fr. Pedro Maria Lahora, CSV) and the United States (Fr. Thomas von Behren) as well as members of the General Council Fr. Alain Fr. Gregorio Esquibel, CSV Ambeault, Fr. Andre Crozier, and Fr. Gregorio Esquibel. In his homily, Fr. Francis quoted lines from the poet T.S. Elliot’s “Little Gidding” to characterize his reflection for the occasion: We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. He noted that the anniversary gave us a “chance to reflect on how grateful we ought to be to others for the life and work Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV that we are and Fr. Claude Roy, CSV able to accomplish today as Viatorians.” Following the liturgy, everyone processed outside to the newly erected statue of St. Viator, which is located next to the rectory. Bishop Peter Sartain blessed the statue.

The jubilarians (Frs. Kennth Morris, CSV; John Milton, CSV; Daniel Hall, CSV; Mark Francis, CSV; and Francis White, CSV) process from the church. The community gathered at Maternity BVM church on Thursday, August 2nd, as Superior General Fr. Mark Francis, CSV presided at the liturgy marking the day the province was established in 1882. Concelebrants were the Viatorian provincials of Canada (Fr. Claude Roy, CSV), Chile (Fr. Eduardo Millan, CSV), France (Fr. Pierre Demierre, CSV), 6

Despite language and cultural differences, all three liturgies provided opportunities for associates and professed to share their faith – opportunities that serve to strengthen the bonds of community.

Bishop Peter Sartain, D.D. blesses the recently unveiled statue of St. Viator.

Ordination of Fr. Daniel Belanger, CSV On June 1, 2007, Bishop Joseph A. Pepe D.D. of the Diocese of Las Vegas ordained to the priesthood Daniel Belanger, CSV at St. Thomas More Catholic Community in the presence of family, friends, parishioners, and members of the Viatorian Community. Fr. Belanger is a native of Glendora, CA. He met the Viatorians while he was working in Las Vegas during the early 1990’s. He entered the community in 1993. After professing his first vows in 1996, he taught religion at St. Viator Elementary School (Chicago, IL) and Maternity BVM Elementary School (Bourbonnais, IL), where he also served as Director of Youth Ministry. Fr. Belanger earned a Master of Religious Education (Loyola University, Chicago, IL); a Master of Art of Teaching (Dominican University, River Forest, IL); and a Master of Divinity (Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, IL). Fr. Belanger served his diaconate at St. Thomas More Catholic Community under the direction of Fr. Patrick Render, CSV. During this time, he concentrated on officiating at funerals and weddings, pastoral care, preaching, sacramental preparation, and numerous other pastoral duties.

Bishop Pepe of Las Vegas, NV ordains Fr. Daniel Belanger, CSV.

Viatorian Provincial Fr. Thomas von Behren remarked that Fr. Belanger’s ordination “is not only an important moment in Dan’s life, but also is an important moment in the life of the Viatorian Community.” Fr. Belanger spent several weeks this past summer at the Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio, TX where he studied pastoral Spanish in preparation for his assignment to St. Francis Xavier parish in Corozal Town, Belize. He will assist Fr. Christopher Glancy, twelve Viatorian associates, and Pre-Novice Ricardo Sedacy in furthering the mission of Fr. Louis Querbes at the town parish, twenty-three outlying village base communities, nineteen elementary schools, and one high school. Two weeks after his arrival in Belize, he found himself boarding up the windows of the parish buildings in anticipation of Hurricane Dean. Since that time, his days have been filled with sacramental and pastoral ministry as well as assisting families and individuals who were adversely affected by the hurricane.

Fr. Daniel extends his appreciation to his family, friends, and fellow Viatorians.

Assembly 2007… Continued from page 5 Following Fr. Francis’ talk, visiting Viatorians from various countries gave presentations that highlighted their communities and ministries. Listening to each presenter afforded community members the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Viatorian mission throughout the world. Belizean Associates Ayonie Briceño, Desideria Cob, and Glenda

Francis ended this segment by performing a native Mayan dance. Throughout these special community days, there was ample time for establishing new relationships and renewing old friendships. The prayerful spirit was very evident as morning prayer and evening liturgy began and ended each day. 7

Associates Ayonie Briceño, Desideria Cob, and Glenda Francis perform a Mayan dance.

Welcome Daniel Lydon On July 31, 2007 Associate Daniel Lydon assumed responsibilities as the new Director of Association for the Province of Chicago. Before the final blessing that ended Mass at St. Anne Church, Associate Marilyn Mulcahy handed to Dan the Charter of the Viatorian Community, the 2006 document that recognizes associates and professed as the new Viatorian Community that will guide his Daniel Lydon work in the coming years. This Director of Association symbolic gesture marked the end of Marilyn’s five years as Director of Association and the beginning of Dan’s term.

to the Viatorian Community. Dan, along with the Committee on Association, will develop a formation plan as well as discernment tools and experiences for association in the province. Dan will also invite professed members to become more actively involved in association.

Associate Daniel Lydon, Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV, and Associate Marilyn Mulcahy

On August 1, 2007, Dan assumed the new role of Coordinator of Vocation Ministry for the Province of Chicago. He will work with teams of professed and associate members in each of the Viatorian regions to promote and foster vocations to the religious life. Detailed information about this exciting new initiative will be provided in the next issue of Viator.

Since 1999, sixty-two individuals have made commitments as associates of the Province of Chicago. Viatorian associates share in the mission, spiritual life, and community life of the community. Associates are lay men and women, married and single, who commit themselves to be of service to the Viatorian mission and strive to lead an evangelical life and a life of prayer.

Dan is a 1973 graduate of Saint Viator High School in Arlington Heights and served at the school as teacher and administrator for twelve years. In May 2007, Dan received the Doctor of Ministry degree from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, with a concentration in the area of spirituality. Dan hopes to use what he learned to serve the community and strengthen the initial and ongoing formation of associates as well as help create innovative ways of inviting individuals to consider religious life.

As Director of Association, Dan will maintain, publicize, and strengthen association in the province. A major aspect of Dan’s ministry will be to accompany prospective candidates for association as they discern their call

Social Justice Grants In its commitment to “those accounted of little importance” in the world, the Clerics of St. Viator recently granted $64,770 from its Social Justice Portfolio to twenty-three projects that are either directly administered by the congregation or nominated by individual members of the community. Established in 1982, the Social Justice Portfolio is “utilized for activities in favor of social justice.” Allocation of grants is based primarily on Viatorian involvement in projects that “directly serve the needs of the poor and marginal” as well as projects that promote “peace and justice education.” The fund was created with remittances from Viatorian brothers and priests. Recipients of the 2006-2007 grants include projects that provide obstetrical services to an underserved multi-cultural area, employment, medical and transportation services, emergency food and nutrition programs, tuition scholarships for elementary and high school students, and outreach to the elderly. While members of the congregation are not always able to work directly with those marginalized by society, they are able to indirectly provide assistance through this program. 8

In the Footsteps of Our Founder (Article No. 13 in a continuing series)

The Archbishop Proposes a Union The first foundations of Fr. Querbes were well received. Fr. Pierre Robert noted that “The organization of his Society bore witness to … foresight, to a judgment very shrewd … to the needs of his time.” (Life of Querbes, p. 112) Archbishop Gaston de Pins had also come to a greater appreciation of Querbes’ unique talents. He sought to involve him with the Institute of the Brothers of Mary. Three times the Archbishop had sought civil approbation for them. Three times he was refused. Some clergy, including some Society of Mary priests, challenged the leadership of Fr. Marcellin Champagnat, the Institute founder. Their challenges especially criticized his lack of attention to the quality of teacher preparation of his brothers. The criticism was so persistent that the Archbishop felt he should intervene. The bishop decided to make a request of Fr. Querbes. The Archbishop proposed a union of the Brothers of Mary and the Catechists of St. Viator. The Vicar General, in the name of

the Archiepiscopal Council, appointed Fr. Querbes to prepare a plan for the union. It was a request Fr. Querbes could not refuse his bishop. Fr. Querbes and Fr. Champagnat both knew and respected each other. Neither saw the union to be the answer to the crisis in the Brothers Institute. Both entered into negotiations out of obedience to their bishop. The Brothers of Mary was founded in 1817 as an institute of vowed religious. Fr. Querbes had founded a confraternity of Catechists (voluntarily observing the evangelical counsels), Aggreges (bound by teaching and Christian life) and Externs (lay associates). Both founders concluded that their membership, customs, rules and spirit were sufficiently different to preclude a successful union. Even with modifications, the union asked by the Archbishop proved “impossible.” The Archbishop reluctantly concurred. In 1921, Fr. Pierre Robert wrote: “The two founders learned from their dealing with each other a greater esteem for each other. Their works remain distinct for the honor of the Diocese of Lyons and the adornment of God’s holy church.” (Life of Querbes, p. 113) This experience convinced Fr. Querbes of the value of ecclesiastical approbation beyond the diocesan level. Fr. Querbes was prompted to give serious consideration of possible Papal approbation for his Society of St. Viator. - Br. Leo V. Ryan, CSV

Viatorians Around The World

Clerics of St. Viator

Belize Bolivia Burkina Faso Canada Chile Colombia France Haiti Honduras Italy Ivory Coast

Japan Peru Spain Taiwan United States

Our priests and brothers ministering in parishes and schools give witness to Jesus Christ in our modern world.

Vocation Ministry 1212 East Euclid Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847.398.0685 •


Around The Province United States Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland celebrated the eightieth birthday of Br. Leo Ryan on May 12, 2007. Acting Mayor Tomasz Kaiser presented Br. Ryan a Citation of Appreciation for his contributions to the city of Poznan. Marshall Marek Wozniak, representing the country of Poland, decorated Br. Ryan with the Polish Medal of Merit for his service to Poland.

worship space. His departure marks the first time in seventy-seven years that a Viatorian has not served in the Diocese of Springfield.

meets to discuss the needs of the international Viatorian Community. A focus of this summer’s meeting was the creation of the Viatorian Solidarity Commission that will develop mechanisms for creating solidarity among the five provinces and ten foundations of the community.

Volunteers from Maternity BVM parish

One Bread, One Cup participants From June 11-15 St. Viator parish (Las Vegas, NV) St. Patrick parish (Kankakee, IL) and Maternity BVM parish (Bourbonnais, IL) youth group members attended the One Bread, One Cup conference, a liturgical leadership training for youth, held annually at St. Meinrad’s School of Theology in Indiana. This is the sixth consecutive year that Viatorian parishes have sent young people to develop their leadership skills in the areas of liturgy.

Fr. John Corredato, CSV The parishioners of St. Boniface parish (Edwardsville, IL) bade a fond farewell to their pastor, Fr. John Corredato, CSV, who has served the parish for the past twelve years. Among his many accomplishments at the parish was the building of a new church that kept the original church as part of its

Believing in the importance of reaching out to others, the youth group of Maternity BVM parish traveled to New Orleans, LA to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity. Sixty-four young people, accompanied by twenty-one adults, spent July 15-22 demolishing old homes and building new homes.

Viatorians honor deceased Viatorians at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, IL.

Viatorians at Maternity BVM Cemetery in Bourbonnais, IL Fr. John Puisis, CSV, his sister, Sr. Paulisa, SSC, and Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV share a happy moment at a party celebrating Fr. Puisis’ 90th birthday. Fr. John Puisis, CSV celebrated his ninetieth birthday on July 22, 2007 surrounded by family, friends, and the Viatorian Community. Fr. Puisis is the eldest member of the Province of Chicago. In addition to serving as a missionary in Japan for twelve years, he has served as a high school teacher, parish priest, and hospital chaplain in Illinois. Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV hosted the Extraordinary General Council of the Clerics of St. Viator August 3-7. The council, comprised of the superior general and his council from Rome and the provincials from Canada, Chile, France, Spain, and the U.S., 10

Viatorians gathered at Queen of Peace Cemetery and Maternity BVM Cemetery in prayer to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Fr. Louis Querbes. During the prayer service, the life and vision of the community’s founder, as well as the lives and gifts of all deceased Viatorians, were remembered. St. Mary’s Press published Gospel Connections for Teens: Reflections for Sunday Mass, Cycle A, written by Fr. Corey Brost, CSV. The book provides teens an opportunity to prepare for Sunday Mass by offering the Gospel reading followed by a reflection. For more information, please visit St. Viator High School (Arlington Heights, IL), owned and operated by the Viatorian Community, began its 47th academic year on August 20 with an enrollment of 1095

students. Currently nine Viatorian brothers and priests and four Viatorian associates are on the staff. For information about SVHS, please visit

Young people who attended the Viatorian discernment weekend in Colombia

St. Martin de Porres Br. John Eustice, CSV, High School, a a member of the campus Viatorian-endorsed ministry staff, addresses school, began its fourth year on August students at St. Viator High School. 27 with an enrollment Br. Frank Enciso, CSV discusses one of the of 218 students. Housed in a former many facets of Viatorian religious life. elementary school building, SMdPHS is quickly outgrowing its space. Plans are schedule included presentations, discussions, underway to expand the facility. Currently liturgy, and good fellowship.

Students at St. Martin de Porres High School one Viatorian priest and two Viatorian brothers are on the staff. For more information on SMdPHS, please visit

Eleven Colombian Viatorian brothers and priests attended this summer’s annual provincial assembly. They enjoyed praying, sharing, and spending time with their U.S. confreres and associates. They reported that their ministries at Colegio San Viator and Parroquia San Basilio Magno in Bogotá and Colegio San Antonio Maria Claret and Parroquia San Vicente de Paúl in Libano are doing well.

A group of Viatorians and staff recently completed designing a new web page for the community. Please visit at Colombia The Viatorian Community of Colombia welcomed Fr. Thomas Long, CSV for six weeks while he studied Spanish at Javeriana University in Bogotá. While there, Fr. Long visited the Viatorian schools and parishes in Bogotá and Libano and saw firsthand the Viatorian ministerial works. Br. Frank Enciso, CSV and Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV hosted a weekend retreat for nine young men who wanted to learn more about the Viatorian Community. The

The first of 32 homes being built under the leadership of Fr. Brian Cooper, CSV for low income families in Libano, Colombia.

Students and their teacher at Colegio San Antonio Maria Claret in Libano, Colombia 11

Superior General Fr. Mark Francis, CSV will be making his official visitation of the Colombian foundation as this issue of Viator goes to press. During his visit, Fr. Francis will visit each of the local Viatorian communities and ministries. He will provide the members of the region with a written report based on his observations. Fr. Francis will be accompanied by Vicar General Fr. Gregorio Esquibel, CSV. Belize After five years of service at St. Francis Xavier parish, Fr. John Peeters bade a fond farewell to his parishioners this past July. Fr. Peeters, who has either ministered or studied in five countries, has been assigned as the pastor of St. Patrick parish in Kankakee, where he served his diaconate year twenty-six years ago. On July 25, eleven Belizean associates traveled to the U.S. to participate in the annual provincial assembly and 125th anniversary celebration of the province. Their visit provided the opportunity for the Belizean Viatorians to become better acquainted with the members from the U.S. and Colombia and viceversa.

Fr. John Peeters, CSV (left) shares a humorous moment with Fr. Bill Carpenter, CSV.

The Belizean associates gather for a group picture. (Front Row) Associates Haydee Magaña, Sylvia Vargas, Desideria Cob, Rafael Cob, and Martin Noble. (Back Row) Associates Francisco Magaña, Esteban Pasos, Herculana Bastarachea, Ayonie Briceño, Glenda Francis, and Patty Noble

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Newsletter – Fall 2007


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Hurricane Dean On August 20, the community braced itself for Hurricane Dean that was quickly approaching the northern shores of Belize. After boarding up St. Francis Xavier church, Pre-Novice Ricardo Sedacy, Fr. Daniel Belanger, and Fr. Christopher Glancy headed for higher ground to wait out the storm. Returning home twelve hours later, they found shattered glass from broken windows, water, and debris floating in the church and rectory. Nearby homes were either partially or completely destroyed due to the hurricane winds. Several of the schools the parish manages lost their zinc roofs that resulted in water and wind damage to the materials within the schools. Luckily, no lives were lost to the hurricane. Fr. Glancy quickly established an emergency account for the many people whose lives were adversely affected by this unpredictable force of nature. If you would like to contribute to helping the people of Corozal rebuild their homes and schools, please use the enclosed envelope.

Parishioners rebuilding their home A Belizean woman beginning the cleanup process

Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV and staff at one of the elementary village schools inspecting the damage

Hermana Rosaria, MSCGpe visiting one of the villages

Youth at a hurricane shelter

Viator Newsletter 2007 Fall  

Vol. 12, No. 3

Viator Newsletter 2007 Fall  

Vol. 12, No. 3