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Your Projects are Our Passion!

We’re the full service partner that fits your budget and needs.

Online Marketing, Telemarketing and Customer Service

Email: USA Phone: 786 924 3809 Ext. 1015

We have re-invented

Viapin Colombia. have adjustable budgets are customer-centric are MORE digital are experiential are MORE trendy



We help clients build and strengthen relationships with their valuable customers

We provide marketing solutions of the highest quality aimed to reach your revenue goals

We offer a unique competitive advantage based on Affordable prices in $CO (lower than many US agencies)

High quality at affordable prices!

Make the most of Viapin Colombia’s extensive experience, cultivated through years of working on IDT’s projects, as well as some projects.

Experience and background are our main voice!

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MISSION & VALUES Our customers’ Customer interests are Oriented considered our own.

For what we do is paramount Passion among our employees.

Integrity and Loyalty

We encourage personal growth: intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sets the stage for trust and respect within the organization.

Positive Relationships

We’re inspired to improve every day’s Excellence performance.

Employee Empowerment

Special opportunities to create the best work teams.

We encourage constructive relationships with customers and coworkers.


Viapin Colombia’s objective is to serve our customers in the best way possible!  FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE

Our experience is based on long-distance work and easy-going talks!


It’s a must in our day-to-day customer management. It’s basically gold!


Our customers will have all the time they require , and their expectations will be met with patience.


By using the correct words we are able to understand your requests and fulfill your expectations.


As leaders in the marketing and CRM fields we provide our customers the best alternative possible.

 ANSWERS 24/7

Here, we are available all week if needed. Remember your projects are our passion!

Share your projects with us, we will work together to help you meet your sales goals.

Why Online Marketing? The main advantages of our Online Marketing are:

IMMEDIACY and ADAPTABILITY of the commercial campaigns Reach your target audience effectively wherever they are with campaigns specially designed for any mobile device. email inboxes | tablets | smartphones | laptops and others devices.

Remember that the success of your projects is our fundamental passion! Online Marketing: generates better results (leads)! saves you money! adapts to ever-changing technology!

Experience, affordable costs and agility!

• Web and Mobile Development • Email Marketing Campaigns • Social Networks Marketing • Strategic Content Creation • Consulting Customer Acquisition and Retention (Digital Marketing Campaigns) • Multimedia, Animation and Video • Print and Corporate Image

Web and Mobile Development Let’s facilitate Web promotion and communication of your products and services with the latest strategic Internet channels. Did you know that you can…? Acquire and retain loyal customers by having a reliable presence in the digital world. Be a step ahead of your competitors and send your customers ‘the hook’ before they do. Create brand value. Mark a difference and be recognized for it. To assure you the best results we offer…

 To maintain a dedicated and creative and Web development team for all your needs  Keep you updated about regarding new trends, languages, Internet technologies and every all Web marketing metrics.  Monitoring any and all projects entirely: from the brainstorming session to until the controlling process.

Web and Mobile Development

Web and Mobile Development

Email Marketing Campaigns it’s a high ROI marketing method - not just on your investment of money - but also your investment of time. With our Email Campaigns you can take your marketing dollars further by:  Sharing your ideas!  Strengthening your customer relationships!  Increasing your brand awareness through email! Our Experience: More than 1,000 campaigns planned, designed, developed and launched. This is how we do it : • • • • • • • •

Email Marketing Strategy and Planning Integration of email with other channels, such as offline direct marketing, mobile, social and SEO HTML Email Design and Coding Email Design for Mobile Devices Email Programing Optimization Landing Page Optimization Testing and Optimization Plan Market status Reports and Competitive Studies

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Social Networks Marketing

Marketing in social networks has become a must! Every day your prospects spend their time surfing the web, therefore you should fit your commercial goals here:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and many more!

ďƒź Be visible to a large number of potential customers. ďƒź Maximize your position integrating different channels. ďƒź Position your brand, your service and company.

Social Networks Marketing

Strategic Content Creation People say content is the king! And it’s true! Catchy words are what people may remember the most when reviewing a campaign.

ns otio em

And we transform that information into commercial content to make your campaigns successful and bring you the results you expect!.


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s ling fee

We study your customers’:

ugh ts


Strategic Content Creation

Strategic Content Creation

Consulting Customer Acquisition and Retention

(Digital Marketing Campaigns)

We help you create and develope your marketing plan, with a strong commitment to achieve your Goals. The result is a successful strategy for your online presence:

Effective online communication Brand positioning Acquisition and retention of customers Best online providers and platforms

Let’s contribute to the Increase of revenue and strengthen the brand/business unit!

Our goal is to help you easily incorporate Internet in your business strategy.

Consulting Customer Acquisition and Retention

(Digital Marketing Campaigns)

Consulting Customer Acquisition and Retention

(Digital Marketing Campaigns)

CLUSTER 1 Main observations –

This is the larger cluster in terms of customer number (17.8% of the customers belong to this cluster), but it only represents the 4.3% of the total sales.

The number of orders per customer is really low compare to the portfolio (2.8% vs. 11.7%) but their purchase per order level is between the average ($12.0 vs. $12.1).

Its low number of orders is the reason why its purchase per customer average is so low, just a 24.08% of the portfolio’s average ($141.6). Its low orders level also makes that the cluster has a low usage frequency average if compared against the portfolio (1.9 vs 7.3) and a low level of items purchased (3.1 vs. 13.9).

Obviously, it’s low spending level produces a very low gross profit, that is not enough to pay for its acquisition and maintenance costs, even when the retention investment is below the portfolio average ($1.4 vs $7.8).

Its gross profit over sales is higher than the portfolio (18.7% vs. 18.0%). This cluster

These customers do not receive a lot of discounts due to their low purchase levels that does not allow them to obtain and accumulate frequent buyer points, ($1.5 vs. $8.1 in average). Even so they redeem almost the double than the portfolio (91.3% vs. 55.5).

The percentage of customers who recharge their cards is very similar to the portfolio (32.4% vs. 33.5%), the percentage of one time recharge is higher than the portfolio (27.5% vs. 25.2% over sales), the Auto-recharge percentage is way lower than the portfolio (3.2% vs. 10.1% over sales)

The number of cancelled orders is higher than the portfolio (5.9% vs. 3.4%) and the percentage of the sales is a lot higher too (6.2% vs. 4.4%). The percentage of credited orders is higher too (4.5% vs. 0.9) and the same happens with the percentage of the sales (5.7% vs. 1.4%).

Customers from this clusters are prone to pay with Amex (12.1% vs. 10.0% of the sales), discover (2.5% vs. 2.0% of the sales) and Paypal (2.4% vs. 2.2%). Visa is not that used.

Customers from this cluster refer less than the base (0.5% Vs. 1.5%) and the conversion levels are a lot lower too (5.8% vs. 14.5%)

The average age of this cluster is higher than the portfolio (22.2% vs. 20.7) and their live time is somehow higher too (17% vs. 16.7)

There is a large presence of Asian customers in this cluster representing a 35.9% of its sales.

This group of customers prefer to buy these calling cards: Mega Clean & Stable 34.9%, Boss USA 19.2%, ARCADE 19.6% and Simply Asia 7.8%.

They recharge the same cards Mega Clean & Stable 31.3% of the cluster sales, Simply Asia 25.3%, ARCADE 12.4% and Boss USA 11.5%

Cluster 1 value in customer total base

generates loss to the company (-19.1% vs. 7.0% net income).

Main Impellers compared with the rest of the base

Multimedia, Animation and Video Are you conveying your message differently than your competitors? Your marketing efforts will go viral in short time using tools for optimal video marketing. Usually when viewers like anything on the Internet they share with others!

People who watch a video are more likely to purchase what is being offered.

A dynamic and technically accurate video clip makes your message not only easy to understand but more effective.

Boost any product or your marketing goals using cutting edge video technology.

Be competitive with a plus factor inside the Internet world.

Print and Corporate Image

If a image is worth a thousand words, how good is your Corporate Image? Let’s highlight all the benefits and features of your products or services on:

logos, flyers, posters, brochures, displays, newsletters, advertisements, signs

Achieve maximum results in sales and positioning of your products or services combining Internet sales and implementing printed/P.O.P. material. Strengthen the corporate identity of your business and make your company’s image more present in your customers’ daily life.

Print and Corporate Image

Share your projects with us, we will work together to help you meet your sales goals.

What is Telemarketing? The Viapin Colombia telemarketing team has more than 6 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the calling card market; targeting immigrants in the USA! We support your commercial labor with 3 main objectives:

 Reduce costs and operation times!  Raise Route Sales!  Increase market coverage, optimizing representatives’ time! Free your sales representatives so they can do what they do best: Acquire new customers and increase sales! r s you w o l l that a heir sales y g e strat ocus on t a dar y, s n i o f s c i o e Th rce t ave all s ive tasks o f s e d le sal ens n p a x e s t resul ctive and e! du asid unpro

Warmth, commitment and logistic processes!

• Telephone Agents: Outgoing Campaigns • Chat and email Agents: Outgoing Campaigns • Route Management • Telephone Surveys • Collection and credit Agents • Operative Agents: Report making • Operative Agents: Support of office administrative tasks

Telephone Agents: Outgoing Campaigns

PCI Certification In Progress

We use innovative resources and high quality service in order to achieve an effective and direct communication with your customers and prospects.

We want not only to increase your sales levels but also to improve customer loyalty. Main strengths:     

Wide experience in the calling card market Specialized Staff, constantly trained Use of cutting edge technological tools Specialized Project leaders Responsible, committed and dedicated staff Our Service includes: o Promotion of any product (even using fax service)! o Support of product launches and campaigns o Processing your purchases orders or transactions o Management of daily customer situations

Our team will always be directed, and 100% committed to your goals!

PCI Certification In Progress

Cordial, warm and professionally written emails

Chat and email Agents: Outgoing Campaigns Let’s take advantage of new promoting channels for your products, via email or live chat. Communicate, inform, raise awareness and promote

Highlight your features, attributes and benefits.

DIVERSIFY YOUR SALESFORCE VIA LIVE CHAT! Take advantage of the technology and target customers seeking your products from any PC or mobile device!

become a completeintegrated sales team!

1. More contact platforms available for your prospects 2. Better support in the launching of new products 3. Increase the customers’ life time value It will be more than a pleasure to support you during this stage!

Sales Routes Management We’ve implemented a service that accomplishes one of the most important goals of any manager:

Optimizing your sales force time by plotting the route of visits to distributors and stores.

This is how we do it:

We update sales information of each product managed in every store and segment it by effectiveness of each category.

We organize the store´s data base by a RAM: address, ZIP code, phone number, type of store.

We Present a daily route map, drawn with the highest technology based on physical proximity.

 Save time and Money!  Increase the effectiveness of your sales force!

Telephone Surveys You will Get:  Customers’ insight and data  Satisfaction levels  Reports of specific customers  Questionnaires answered  Compliance of stores agreements

Well structured survey campaigns will deliver…  MORE EFFECTIVE COMMERCIAL EFFORTS  TIME AND MONEY SAVINGS  IMPROVEMENTS IN INTERNAL PROCEDURES AND STRATEGIES Our Team!  We only hire experienced people with good communication skills in English or Spanish!  Trained people for each project, with the profile required depending on what our customer’s goals are.  Team leaders focused on doing follow up to agent’s work and helping them solve any kind of situation. Viapin Colombia has made 2,993 calls to stores on behalf of IDT during 2012; supporting 3 different projects. Supporting the development of accurate action plans!

Collection and credit Agents Recovering balances due and keeping your office’s portfolio at optimal levels is our goal!

This is how we do it: You’ll have an analyst or assistant who will be in charge of: 1. Informing the offices, RAMs and customers, about the accounts status. 2. Making payment agreements, according to office requirements. 3. The agent is part of our specialized staff with knowledge in financial analysis and administrative tools.

Allow your business to speed up its operations while your sales force focuses on other important activities! Selling!

 Increase of recovery levels of customer's pending balances.  Avoid portfolio increase or lose of financial resources.  Simplify processes for the RAMS and offices.  Generate good payment habits in the customers.

The collection team is always generating solutions, willing to help, with a positive response to all your requests.

Operative Agents: Report making NEW!

Information is one of the great capitals of a business! This is a new service based on analyzing and generating data reports depending on customer requirements:

 Organize and update data, to successfully make the follow up of the business.  Make special reports and graphics using business data, to generate effective action plans.  Generate accurate reports to evaluate internal procedures and strategies.

Improve processes and find new business opportunities! There are several elements that can be strategically measured:  Level of effectiveness (marketing strategy)  Market penetration and visual stats (business intelligence)  Accounting results and analysis of each KPI Among others!

Operative Agents: Support of office administrative tasks NEW!

A dedicated agent, available 24 hours, from Monday to Friday (if needed) and 100% qualified to support any requirement! Our Service includes:

 Assistance for incoming calls.  Managing your agenda efficiently.  Absolute confidentiality in handling your information.  Warm and high quality service.  Quality in connectivity when users call our dedicated agent.  Telephone network with nationwide coverage.

In Viapin Colombia you will find more than a call center, you will find a company that understands the importance of your business, and therefore wants to contribute to the development and optimization of administrative processes.

Share your projects with us, we will work together to help you meet your sales goals.

Viapin’s Customer Service The best communication tool, to connect with your customers and gain their loyalty! Our philosophy: SERVICE BEYOND SATISFACTION! Our Objectives: Having thousands of satisfied customers. Telling everybody about your service and products, spreading a positive buzz about a memorable customer service! Our strengths: personal attention

warmth and real empathy

The CS team has more than 5 years of experience!

real commitment

effective and timely solutions

avoid cold strict protocols

Quality, personalized and HUMAN SERVICE!


Service beyond satisfaction! A positive phone experience!

• Telephone Agents: inbound Campaigns • Chat and email Agents: inbound Campaigns • Social customer service: Social media and community management. • Operative Agents: Logistics support to offices and different departments

Telephone Agents: inbound Campaigns PCI Certification In Progress

High customer satisfaction AS A RESULT OF personal customer service & HUMAN TOUCH

“treat customers as we would like to be treated”

We are known for:  Creative solutions to every situation  Proactive Agents  OUTSTANDING employee turnover: An average of two years. (Market’s average is 3 months)  Customer centered service  Always giving reliable information  Constant follow up with customers’ situations Viapin customer service has gone from a simple informational service to a truly valuable and complete experience for our customers!

Chat and email Agents: inbound Campaigns PCI Certification In Progress

Warm attention trough email and live chat enrich your customer’s experience!

DIVERSIFY YOUR SALESFORCE VIA EMAIL & LIVE CHAT Take advantage of the technology and target customers seeking your products from any PC or mobile device!

 More contact platforms available for your prospects  Better support in the launching of new products  Increase the customers’ life time value  It will be more than a pleasure to support you during this stage!

Social customer service: Social media and community management.


Develop strategic content to bring traffic from the different social communities to your business!

We provide you with a team of social community managers, 100% trained in strategic content creation to deliver customer service through each social network either: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, among other.

Opportunity to REACT AND RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to the concerns of your customers!

Venture into the world of promotional social networking!


Operative Agents: Logistics support to offices and different departments There’re many operative activities we can support strategically!  Increase customer retention.  Speed up new customer conversion.  Decrease time and costs for processes.

We can help you improve your service: 1. Ticket management. 2. Failed Transactions management: Guidance for your customers. 3. Double charges: Increase customers’ satisfaction. 4. Suspected Fraud: Follow up for special situations. 5. Raise Recharge/Purchase Limits: Accomplish expectations.

 Save time and Money!  Increase effectiveness of your internal procedures!

Your Projects are Our Passion! Online Marketing, Telemarketing and Customer Service

Email: USA Phone: 786 924 3809 Ext. 1015

We’re the best alternative to plan, develop and launch your projects.

Let’s reach your goals together!

We’re the full service marketing partner that fits your budget and needs.

Viapin Colombia portfolio, general & services, complete