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Your Projects are Our Passion!

We’re the full service partner that fits your budget and needs.

Online Marketing, Telemarketing and Customer Service

Email: USA Phone: 786 924 3809 Ext. 1015

What is Telemarketing? The Viapin Colombia telemarketing team has more than 6 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the calling card market; targeting immigrants in the USA! We support your commercial labor with 3 main objectives:

 Reduce costs and operation times!  Raise Route Sales!  Increase market coverage, optimizing representatives’ time! Free your sales representatives so they can do what they do best: Acquire new customers and increase sales! r s you w o l l that a heir sales y g e strat ocus on t a dar y, s n i o f s c i o e Th rce t ave all s ive tasks o f s e d le sal ens n p a x e s t resul ctive and e! du asid unpro

Warmth, commitment and logistic processes!

• Telephone Agents: Outgoing Campaigns • Chat and email Agents: Outgoing Campaigns • Route Management • Telephone Surveys • Collection and credit Agents • Operative Agents: Report making • Operative Agents: Support of office administrative tasks

Telephone Agents: Outgoing Campaigns

PCI Certification In Progress

We use innovative resources and high quality service in order to achieve an effective and direct communication with your customers and prospects.

We want not only to increase your sales levels but also to improve customer loyalty. Main strengths:     

Wide experience in the calling card market Specialized Staff, constantly trained Use of cutting edge technological tools Specialized Project leaders Responsible, committed and dedicated staff Our Service includes: o Promotion of any product (even using fax service)! o Support of product launches and campaigns o Processing your purchases orders or transactions o Management of daily customer situations

Our team will always be directed, and 100% committed to your goals!

PCI Certification In Progress

Cordial, warm and professionally written emails

Chat and email Agents: Outgoing Campaigns Let’s take advantage of new promoting channels for your products, via email or live chat. Communicate, inform, raise awareness and promote

Highlight your features, attributes and benefits.

DIVERSIFY YOUR SALESFORCE VIA LIVE CHAT! Take advantage of the technology and target customers seeking your products from any PC or mobile device!

become a completeintegrated sales team!

1. More contact platforms available for your prospects 2. Better support in the launching of new products 3. Increase the customers’ life time value It will be more than a pleasure to support you during this stage!

Sales Routes Management We’ve implemented a service that accomplishes one of the most important goals of any manager:

Optimizing your sales force time by plotting the route of visits to distributors and stores.

This is how we do it:

We update sales information of each product managed in every store and segment it by effectiveness of each category.

We organize the store´s data base by a RAM: address, ZIP code, phone number, type of store.

We Present a daily route map, drawn with the highest technology based on physical proximity.

 Save time and Money!  Increase the effectiveness of your sales force!

Telephone Surveys You will Get:  Customers’ insight and data  Satisfaction levels  Reports of specific customers  Questionnaires answered  Compliance of stores agreements

Well structured survey campaigns will deliver…  MORE EFFECTIVE COMMERCIAL EFFORTS  TIME AND MONEY SAVINGS  IMPROVEMENTS IN INTERNAL PROCEDURES AND STRATEGIES Our Team!  We only hire experienced people with good communication skills in English or Spanish!  Trained people for each project, with the profile required depending on what our customer’s goals are.  Team leaders focused on doing follow up to agent’s work and helping them solve any kind of situation. Viapin Colombia has made 2,993 calls to stores on behalf of IDT during 2012; supporting 3 different projects. Supporting the development of accurate action plans!

Collection and credit Agents Recovering balances due and keeping your office’s portfolio at optimal levels is our goal!

This is how we do it: You’ll have an analyst or assistant who will be in charge of: 1. Informing the offices, RAMs and customers, about the accounts status. 2. Making payment agreements, according to office requirements. 3. The agent is part of our specialized staff with knowledge in financial analysis and administrative tools.

Allow your business to speed up its operations while your sales force focuses on other important activities! Selling!

 Increase of recovery levels of customer's pending balances.  Avoid portfolio increase or lose of financial resources.  Simplify processes for the RAMS and offices.  Generate good payment habits in the customers.

The collection team is always generating solutions, willing to help, with a positive response to all your requests.

Operative Agents: Report making NEW!

Information is one of the great capitals of a business! This is a new service based on analyzing and generating data reports depending on customer requirements:

 Organize and update data, to successfully make the follow up of the business.  Make special reports and graphics using business data, to generate effective action plans.  Generate accurate reports to evaluate internal procedures and strategies.

Improve processes and find new business opportunities! There are several elements that can be strategically measured:  Level of effectiveness (marketing strategy)  Market penetration and visual stats (business intelligence)  Accounting results and analysis of each KPI Among others!

Operative Agents: Support of office administrative tasks NEW!

A dedicated agent, available 24 hours, from Monday to Friday (if needed) and 100% qualified to support any requirement! Our Service includes:

 Assistance for incoming calls.  Managing your agenda efficiently.  Absolute confidentiality in handling your information.  Warm and high quality service.  Quality in connectivity when users call our dedicated agent.  Telephone network with nationwide coverage.

In Viapin Colombia you will find more than a call center, you will find a company that understands the importance of your business, and therefore wants to contribute to the development and optimization of administrative processes.

Your Projects are Our Passion! Online Marketing, Telemarketing and Customer Service

Email: USA Phone: 786 924 3809 Ext. 1015

We’re the best alternative to plan, develop and launch your projects.

Let’s reach your goals together!

We’re the full service marketing partner that fits your budget and needs.

Viapin Colombia portfolio, general & services, telemarketing  
Viapin Colombia portfolio, general & services, telemarketing  

We’re the full service partner that fits your budget and needs.