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ear Tuscan Club MemberS,

Dear Tuscan Club Members, We are finally getting to the end of our rainy season. The Welands are full of water, the hills are green and the vineyards are neatly trimmed, ready for the new season. For us, spring is when we are able to enjoy the fruits of our last harvest and I am pleased to introduce four of our 2009 white wines. Once you try these wines, I hope that you will agree that they are great and heighten your excitement for our next release. Our new website is up and running. Please take a look as it will be constanty updated with Viansa news, events and photos. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the new site. I am also excited with the list of new member and non-member events for 2010. They will be on the website shortly and you will be receiving an email with all the details. These events include a Wine Pairing Celebration, Cooking Classes, a Jazz and Lobster Feast and a Viansa Cal-Italia Wine and Food Festival. For those of you who have signed up for the cruise, I thank you. I am looking forward to spending time with you sipping wine, eating great food and visiting some phenomenal cities. As always, I am committed to enhancing the quality of everything Viansa offers. That means good wine, good food and good times with family and friends. Just wait to see what we have in store for you next month. Cheers, Lloyd Davis President

March 2010


Viansa Events 2010 Italian Wine Cruise

September 5th-17th, 2010

Places of Interest Monte Carlo Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco. One of the most notable tourist attractions of Monaco. The complex has gambling as well as the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, an opera and ballet house, and is the headquarters of the Ballets de Monte Carlo.

Cabin’s Starting at $4,288! Book by March13th and receive:$100 Shipboard credit. FREE gratuities! *No cancellation fees hrough 03/24/2010

Saint Nicholas Cathedral (aka Monaco Cathedral), Monaco-Ville, Monaco. The cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Monaco, where many of the Grimaldi’s were buried. Prince’s Palace of Monaco Monaco. The official residence of the Prince of Monaco was founded in 1191 as a Genoese fortress. Opéra de Monte-Carlo (aka Salle Garnier) Monaco. Built as a miniature replica of the Paris Opera House by the famous architect Charles Garnier. Hôtel de Paris Monte Carlo, Monaco. Established in 1864 by Charles III of Monaco, the hotel is adjacent to the casino. Food & Wine Trails 800.367.5348

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo lies in the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea in Monaco and is surrounded by France. Monte Carlo is one of Europe’s leading tourist resorts and many of the tourist destinations are located in Monaco-Ville. It is notorious for the Le Grand Casino, its lavish culture and opulent cuisine. The Monte Carlo quarter also includes the neighborhoods of St. Michel, St. Roman/Tenao, the beach community of Larvotto and the bordering French town of Beausoleil. 4 Viansa At Home 4 Viansa At Home

Wine & Food Café de la Mer Monte Carlo Grand Hotel, Monte Carlo. Has delightful panoramic views of Italy. Excellent for eggs benedict, salads, sole and specials of the day. Ciao 7, rue du Portier, Monte Carlo. A locals’ favorite for Italian food. Favorite picks are slightly spicy penne arrabbiata, tagliolini with salmon or tomato basil, mixed salad and delicious country bread. Cosmopolitan Wine Bar 7, rue du Portier, Monte-Carlo. Offers an extensive & eclectic winelist from around the globe. Costa La CréMaillèRe Place de la Cremaillere, Monte Carlo. This little brasserie has fresh pasta and fish. Le Grill Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo. Situated on the rooftop of the Hotel de Paris, Le Grill has one of the best views of Monaco. Rated one star by the Michelin Guide.

Le Vistamar Hotel Hermitage, Monte Carlo. The old bar that is one of the best spots in Monte Carlo and has been expanded to include a new enclosed terrace restaurant. Sans Souci 42, bd. d’ltalie, Monte Carlo. A favorite with the locals; the best Italian food in this part of town. Toum Le Casino, Monte Carlo. Discover the best Thai, Indonesian and Malay recipes, located in the Casino atrium.


La Salle des Etoiles Sporting d’Ete av. Princesse Grace, Larvotto Beach. Provides top-notch entertainment. Breathtaking views and fireworks cap off the evening. Call 92163636 for the schedule and book early. Le Cabaret de Monte-Carlo Monte Carlo. The ideal venue for watching a top-quality show while sipping cocktails or savoring dishes with accents from all over the world. The Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel Avenue Princesse Grace, Monte Carlo. Daytime, outdoor water activities. Dine at Le Deck, La Vigie or la Salle à Manger. Come evening, the Sea Lounge has great drinks and music mixed live by a top DJ.

Lounges & Bars Cheries Café 9, av. des Spelugues, Monte Carlo. Cherie’s Cafe is a late nightspot with piano bar, and live music. Café De Paris Place du Casino, Monte Carlo. The number one place to be seen in Monte Carlo, with a restaurant and gaming area. The Sea Lounge (Monte Carlo Beach Hotel) Avenue Princesse Grace, Monte Carlo. The trendiest summer lounge bar in the area. With a DJ every evening, tapas, sushi, cocktails, champagne and wines from all over the world.

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Restaurant Etiquette The whole procedure of ordering wine can be a bit intimidating if you’re not familiar with the routine. Remember that you’re the customer and ordering wine shouldn’t be intimidating, and if you’re unsure of something, it’s ok to ask. After all, wine is supposed to make the meal more fun!

Many people assume they’re supposed to know everything about wine when they order and are afraid they’ll look foolish if they ask questions. This isn’t the case. It’s perfectly acceptable to explain to the waiter what you are looking for in a wine and ask for a recommendation. Even with a well-known variety like Cabernet Sauvignon, there’s going to be fluctuation between the different brands and there’s no way you can know what every brand will taste like, that’s why it’s ok to ask. One of the most difficult things about ordering wine is choosing one that will complement your meal. It’s tricky, but your server is there to assist you in this process. They are adept in the area of food and wine and should be able to help you with your selection. Once you have made your selection, your server will present the wine to you. After you’ve given the okay for to open it, your server will pull the cork and pour the wine for you to taste. First, give it a swirl, then smell it, then taste it. When you smell and taste the wine, you’re looking for certain aromas. If they aren’t pleasant—mold, vinegar, fingernail polish remover, and rotten eggs—the wine has gone bad. Remember, if anything looks or smells strange, you don’t want to pay restaurant prices for a bad glass or bottle and it’s ok to ask your waiter for a different wine. It’s inappropriate, however, to send the bottle back just because it’s not to your liking. The wine should be faulty to justify sending it back. Many restaurants allow you to bring in a bottle of wine. If you want to bring your own, it’s recommended to call ahead to find out if it’s allowed. If so, the restaurant will charge a corkage fee, which is usually between $10.00 and $25.00. You should also consider asking if they carry the wine you want to bring. If they do, most restaurants consider it impolite if you bring a wine that’s on their list. Whether you decide to order off the list or bring in your own wine when going out to dine, when it all comes down to it, remember that wine is meant to be enjoyed. 6

Viansa At Home

Easter How To

Pair Wine with Your Meal Easter is the holiest day in the Catholic Church and it’s also when many family members and friends gather together to share a special meal. Traditional Easter menus tend to center around either ham or a leg of lamb, begging the question, “Which wine goes best with what?” We’ll start with the ham. Wines for Ham Ham is often prepared with glazes or toppings that are sweet and that usually balance the saltiness of the meat. Well paired wines can accomplish the same objective. For ham, the best suggestions are softer, fruit-driven and less acidic wines such as our La Nebbia Nebbiolo, Athena Dolcetto and Merlot. For white wines, a lightly oaked well-balanced Chardonnay, such as our Cento per Cento, would also pair nicely with a glazed ham. Wines for Lamb For lamb, whether rack of lamb, leg or roast of lamb, it is best to stick with red wines that are well structured and have some complexity. Our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Augusto Barbera are wines with copacetic tannin structures that encompass great aromas of fruit and finish elegantly. The goal is to pair the lamb with a wine that has enough fruit and acidity to handle the robust flavors of the lamb, but not overpower it in the process.

March 2010


Wine Pairing Recipes TORTINO di CIOCCOLATO

7 T Viansa Grapeseed Oil, plus extra to grease pan 7 oz unsweetened baking chocolate, 100% cocoa, coarsely chopped 4 T unsalted butter, cut into 1” slices 2/3 cup oat flour ½ tsp Viansa Italian Sea Salt

1 T Madagascar pure vanilla extract 3 brown eggs, room temperature 1 cups pure cane sugar ½ cup walnuts, chopped (optional) Preheat oven to 325°F. Line bottom of an 8” square baking pan with parchment paper. Coat paper and pan sides with Viansa Grapeseed Oil. Place 5 oz of chocolate, Viansa Grapeseed Oil and butter in stainless steel bowl. Set over pot of simmering water. Heat, stirring occasionally, until smooth. Remove from heat. Set aside. In separate bowl, sift flour and salt together. In separate bowl whisk together vanilla extract and eggs by hand. Whisk sugar into egg mixture then add mixture to chocolate. Add flour, remaining chocolate and walnuts to batter. Mix well. Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake on middle rack for 45 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Remove from oven and cool completely in pan. Run table knife around edge of pan to loosen sides of tortino. Slide tortino on parchment paper onto flat surface. Cut into squares. Serves 14-18.

RICH ITALIAN CHOCOLATE CAKE Oat flour, to dust pan Viansa Grapeseed Oil, to grease baking pan ½ cup oat flour ¾ cup almonds, blanched and peeled 7 oz dark baking chocolate, 70% cocoa ¼ cup Grand Marnier 2 T milk 1 tsp ground cinnamon 3 T Viansa Chocolate Extra Virgin Olive Oil ¾ pure cane sugar 5 brown eggs, separated

Preheat oven to 350ºF. Grease an 18-20” spring form cake pan with Viansa Grapeseed Oil and dust to large bowl and stir in oat flour, Grand Marnier, milk, cinnamon, Viansa Chocolate Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sugar. Add egg yolks, one at a time, mixing well. In separate bowl, whisk egg whites until stiff peaks form. Slowly fold in egg whites spoon by spoon, without knocking out too much air. Pour into spring form pan. Bake on middle rack for 50 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center of cake comes out clean. Cool in oven for 20 minutes with door open. Serve with mascarpone or vanilla gelato. Serves 10.


Viansa Viansa At At Home Home

VIANSA CHOCOLATE TRIFLE Cake: 2 brown eggs ½ cup Viansa Grapeseed oil 1/3 cup Viansa red wine 1 Viansa Chocolate Pound Cake Mix Filling: 1 jar Viansa Cherry Conserves, room temperature 8 oz mascarpone cheese 3 T sugar 2 tsp Madagascar pure vanilla extract 2 cups heavy cream

Cake: Follow directions on back of package. Filling: Mix mascarpone cheese, sugar and vanilla in bowl until smooth. In a separate bowl, whip heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Fold 1 cup heavy cream into mascarpone cheese mixture. Slice pound cake into ¼” slices. Line a large trifle glass bowl or individualdessert dishes with one layer of cake in bottom of bowl. Spread mascarponecream mixture over pound cake. Top with Viansa Cherry Conserves. Add second layer of cake. Top with remaining whipped heavy cream. Refrigerate 5 hours. Garnish with powdered sugar, shaved dark chocolate, fresh cherries and/or mint sprigs. Serves 10-12.

1 ½ cups pure cane sugar ½ tsp Viansa Italian Sea Salt 2 cups oat flour 4 T unsalted butter ½ cup Viansa Grapeseed Oil, plus extra to grease pan ½ cup Viansa Cabernet Chocolate Sauce 2 brown eggs, room temperature 1 tsp baking soda ½ cup buttermilk 1 tsp Madagascar pure vanilla extract 4-8 oz Handcrafted Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, quartered (found at Whole Foods or other specialty markets)


Icing: 1 stick unsalted cream butter, room temperature 3 T cocoa 6 T milk 1 ½ cups confectioner’s sugar ½ cup chopped walnuts (optional) 1 tsp Madagascar pure vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour a 13” x 9” baking pan. Combine sugar, salt and flour in large mixing bowl. In saucepan, warm butter, oil and Viansa Chocolate Cabernet Sauce on low heat, stir until smooth. Add to flour mixture. Whisk together eggs, baking soda, buttermilk and vanilla. Add to chocolate mixture, mix well. Pour into prepared pan. Bake 25 minutes. Remove cake from oven and top with marshmallow pieces. Icing: Melt butter, cocoa and milk over low heat. Bring mixture to a boil. Remove from heat. Stir in confectioner’s sugar. Add nuts and vanilla. Pour warm (not hot) icing over the cake and marshmallows. Cool cake prior to serving. Cut into squares. Serves 14.

March March2010 2010


Viansa Events: Weddings


Julie and Yomei met while attending high school in Palos Verdes, California. After dating over 7 years, Yomei asked for Julie’s hand in marriage. Less than a year later, Julie and Yomei declared their love for one another in front of 130 close friends and family members. “The moment we stepped foot on the property, we knew that this was where we wanted to get married. The scenery and the landscaping were breathtaking.” After the ceremony, guests took delight in the beautiful July weather on the Upper Terrace where they sipped on Piccolo Sangiovese and Arneis, as crab cakes and green papaya spring roll hors d’oeuvres were passed. Guests were then invited into the Pavilion for dinner. The tables were draped in beige linens and topped with centerpieces of orange and red orchids submerged in a trio of tall vases that were simple, yet chic. As Yomei and Julie danced their first dance as husband and wife, their friends performed “Take Me Home Country Roads.” Because Yomei grew up with Jewish and Japanese backgrounds, it was important for them to incorporate traditions from both cultures. “We decided to use chopsticks and gelt as our wedding favors, and we also incorporated Kagami Biraki, a Japanese traditional of opening a cask of Sake, which our fathers broke open together for good luck.”

10 10

Viansa Viansa At At Home Home

Photographer: Clifford Brunk Florist: Wine Country Flowers Officiant: Rabbi Barry Tuchman Ceremony & Reception Music: DJ from Elite Entertainment Cake: Buttercream Bakery Accommodations: Courtyard Marriott Novato March 2010


t u scan Premio Vino 2005 Thalia Sangiovese Appellation: Sonoma Valley

Our 2005 Thalia Sangiovese is big and powerful wine, showing loads of ripe blackberries, black cherry and spice. The flavors evolve into wild berries, licorice and dried cherry. The finish is long and clean with silky tannins. The 2005 Thalia is a blend of 90% Sangiovese and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine pairs nicely with Italian sausage, prosciutto, lasagna and heavy red sauce pasta dishes. Drink now through 2013. Retail: $45.00 Club Price: $31.50

March Wines

cl u b 2007 Arneis

Appellation: Sonoma County

Our 2007 Arneis was fermented entirely in stainless steel tanks to preserve its fresh fruit aromas and flavors. Arneis, the prominent white grape grown in northern Italy, produces a wonderfully light, well-balanced wine with firm acidity and elegant fruit. This wine has crisp flavors of melon, pineapple and green apple with a crisp and clean finish. It is a delightful white wine that pairs nicely with grilled fish, light pasta dishes and summer salads. Retail: $20.00 Club Price: $15.00

Solo Bianco 2009 Pinot Grigio

Appellation: Sonoma Valley


2009 Gionaccia

Appellation: Sonoma Valley

In the wonderful style of northern Italy, our 2009 Pinot Grigio is a crisp, refreshing wine with bright acidity. It is well balanced with juicy green apple and pear at the core, enhanced by delicate tropical notes. A great aperitif wine that is also very food friendly, pair with seafood, chicken and soft cheeses.

Our 2009 Gionaccia is a refreshing, balanced wine made from four of our white varieties: Pinot Grigio, Arneis, Chardonnay and Vernaccia. It’s 100% stainless steel fermented to preserve delicate aromas and flavors. This fruit forward wine is bursting with tropical fruit, citrus and herbs that rejuvenate the palate. Pair with seafood, poultry and semi-soft cheeses.

Retail: $20.00 Club Price: $15.00

Retail: $20.00 Club Price: $15.00

Viansa At Home

t u scan Solo Vino 2009 Gionaccia

Appellation: Sonoma Valley

March Wines

cl u b 2005 Piccolo

Appellation: Sonoma County

Our 2009 Gionaccia is a refreshing, balanced wine made from four of our white varieties: Pinot Grigio, Arneis, Chardonnay and Vernaccia. It’s 100% stainless steel fermented to preserve delicate aromas and flavors. This fruit forward wine is bursting with tropical fruit, citrus and herbs that rejuvenate the palate. Pair with seafood, poultry and semi-soft cheeses.

Sangiovese is the most widely planted red wine grape in Italy and the hallmark of the Chianti region. This wine has aromas of red plum, cherries and dry fruit. Intermingling with some cedar notes are the flavors of nutmeg and cardamom. Enjoy this wine with a hearty pasta dish. Drink now through 2011.

Retail: $20.00 Club Price: $15.00

Retail: $25.00 Club Price: $18.75

Solo Rosso 2006 Farneta Primitivo Appellation: Carneros

Our 2006 Farneta is a true classic Italian style wine that is crafted from 77% Primitivo and 23% Zinfandel. This wine boasts flavors of spice and berries and is a deliciously drinkable wine. It pairs well with herb rubbed steaks or ribs, as well as classic Italian dishes such as eggplant Parmesan and sausages with roasted peppers.

Retail: $35.00 Club Price: $26.25

2005 Piccolo

Appellation: Sonoma County Sangiovese is the most widely planted red wine grape in Italy and the hallmark of the Chianti region. This wine has aromas of red plum, cherries and dry fruit. Intermingling with some cedar notes are the flavors of nutmeg and cardamom. Enjoy this wine with a hearty pasta dish. Drink now through 2011.

Retail: $25.00 Club Price: $18.75

March 2010


M A R C H ’ S F E AT U R E D C u cina V iansa selection Viansa PURE GRAPESEED OIL Viansa’s Pure Grapeseed oil contains a high level of antioxidants, including vitamin E. Grapeseed oil’s light neutral flavor is perfect for frying, grilling and sautéing.

Viansa CHOCOLATE POUND CAKE MIX Viansa Chocolate Cake Mix is sweet perfection when topped with fresh strawberries and whiped cream, drizzled with Viansa Chocolate Cabernet Sauce or served with vanilla or raspberry gelato. Viansa CABERNET CHOCOLATE SAUCE


Perfect for topping ice cream or gelato, as an icing for cakes and cookies and for stirring into coffee or hot chocolate.

This EVO blends the classic Tuscan flavors of early harvest olives with decadent chocolate oil. Use in your favorite chocolate bread, cake or cookie recipe in place of oil or butter. Drizzle over soft Italian cheeses, whisk into white wine and fruit vinaigrette’s for salads paired with strawberries or raspberries.

VIANSA ITALIAN CHERRY CONSERVE Viansa Italian Cherry Conserve is great to spread on toast or as a topping on plain cheesecake.

What’s Happening at Viansa Italian Wine Cruise. Join us September 5th-17th, 2010 on a cruise around Italy were you will discover one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, enjoy great food and wine and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Contact Food and Wine Trails at 800.367.5438.

Food & Wine Trails 800.367.5348 14

Viansa At Home


Bottle | Case

“VITTORIA” PINOT GRIGIO 2007 A soft and fruity Pinot Grigio harvested from the Morning Sun vineyard on Sonoma Mountain and our estate vineyard in Carneros.

$19.50 | $234.00 $14.63 | $175.56

ARNEIS 2007 A food-friendly varietal primarily found in Italy’s famous Piedmont region, crisp Arneis is rarely grown in California. Arneis has crisp flavors of melon, pineapple and green apple with a crisp & clean finish.

$20.00 | $240.00 $15.00 | $180.00

“PIERINA” VERNACCIA 2007 Our 2007“Pierina” is 73% Vernaccia & 7% Chardonnay. This delightful white wine displays luscious flavors of ginger, grapefruit, tropical fruit with mineral notes, making it the perfect option for those who are looking for something unique.

$20.00 | $240.00 $15.00 | $180.00

“SENZA” CHARDONNAY 2007 A true taste of the Chardonnay grape unobstructed by oak with a refreshing clean finish. Viansa’s 2007 Senza offers flavors of Granny Smith apples, white peach and subtle tropical notes with a refreshingly clean finish.

$25.00 | $300.00 $18.75 | $225.00

CHARDONNAY 2007 Our 2007 Chardonnay offers flavors of Apple, honeydew melon and toasty oak with a crisp clean finish. A balance of 50% fermented in barrel and 50% in stainless steel.

$20.00 | $240.00 $15.00 | $180.00

RESERVE CHARDONNAY 2007 Our Reserve Chardonnay is a delicious dry wine with flavors of citrus, oak, pear and hints of butter with creamy mouth feel. It is barrelfermented Sonoma County fruit and spends nine months in oak.

$25.00 | $300.00 $18.75 | $225.00

“CENTO PER CENTO” CHARDONNAY 2007 Our rich and balanced estate chardonnay starts off with aromas of toasty oak, butterscotch and ripe apples that give way to citrus, pear and melon flavors.

$39.00 | $468.00 $29.25 | $351.00

VINO ROSE – ROSE WINE DOLCETTO ROSE 2008 This light and crisp saignee rose displays a soft, floral nose with hints of wild strawberry. Flavors of cranberry and strawberry are followed by a clean, firm acidity.

$17.00 | $204.00 $12.75 | $153.00

“IMBIANCO” ROSE 2007 is a fresh and fruity blend of 88% Primitivo and 12% Muscat Canelli. Enjoy on its own or pair with spicy foods.

$14.50 | $174.00 $10.88 | $130.50

VINO DOLCE – SWEET WINE “FRESCOLINA” TOCAI FRIULANO 2007 This blend of Tocai Friulano (93%) and Muscat (7%) is delightfully sweet and refreshing. (500ml)

$22.50 | $270.00 $16.88 | $202.56

LATE HARVEST PRIMITIVO 2005 Sonoma Valley Primitivo harvested at 28˚ brix. Barrel aged for 12 months, our Late Harvest Primitivo is lush, rich and the perfect dessert or after dinner wine. (375ml)

$30.00 | $360.00 $22.50 | $270.00

IMBIANCO 2007 With a blend of 88% Primitivo and 12% Muscat Canelli, this wine possesses flavors of strawberry, kiwi, and tropical fruits.

$14.50 | $174.00 $10.88 | $130.56 club price in red March 2010



Bottle | Case

“ATHENA” DOLCETTO 2007 A varietal native to northern Italy, our Sonoma County “Athena” is a wonderfully fruit forward Dolcetto.

$14.50 | $174.00 $10.88 | $130.56

PINOT NOIR 2007 The 2007 Morning Sun Vineyard Pinot Noir is showing amazing richness, depth and purity with aromas of plum, cherry and fresh earth. The flavors unfold into intense black cherry and raspberry with a long elegant finish.

$35.00 | $420.00 $26.25 | $315.00

“PICCOLO” SANGIOVESE 2005 Sangiovese is the most widely planted red wine grape in Italy and the hallmark of the Chianti region. This wine has aromas of strawberries, black cherries and dry fruit intermingled with some cedar notes. Finishing with flavors of nutmeg, caramom and black fruit.

$25.00 | $300.00 $18.75 | $225.00

“LA NEBBIA” NEBBIOLO 2005 Nebbiolo, a grape native to Italy’s foggy Piedmont, is a light-bodied dry red with forward acidity. A dry red with good acidity, our 2005 “La Nebbia” offers aromas of fresh earth, cranberry and white flowers with flavors of pomegranate, bing cherry and brown spice.

$30.00 | $360.00 $22.50 | $270.00

“FARNETA” PRIMITIVO 2006 Primitivo is similar to that of Zinfandel, typically found in the region of Puglia in southern Italy. The grapes for our “Farneta” are harvested right here in Carneros. This wine is boasting with wonderful black pepper, wild berries and raspberries.

$35.00 | $420.00 $26.25 | $315.00

MERLOT 2006 Aromas of blackberry and toasty oak open to elegant, complex black cherry, cedar and spice flavors.

$28.00 | $336.00 $21.00 | $252.00

FREISA 2005 A common blending grape of northern Italy, this dark and “chewy” foodfriendly wine is quite rare in our country.

$25.00 | $300.00 $18.75 | $225.00

ZINFANDEL 2006 Ripe yet well focused with aromas of black cherry, crushed black pepper and toasty oak.

$25.00 | $300.00 $18.75 | $225.00

SYRAH 2006 A delicious blend of Syrah (94%) and Primitivo (6%), harvested from Bayer Ranch, Emery Ranch & Serres Ranch vineyards.

$28.00| $336.00 $21.00 | $252.00

CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2004 This North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon has very rich and dense aromas with chewy tannins in the finish.

$35.00 | $420.00 $26.25 | $315.00

CABERNET FRANC 2004 This Sonoma County wine has rich and intense aromas and flavors. Firm, integrated tannins with a long satisfying finish.

$35.00 | $420.00 $26.25 | $315.00

“PRINDELO” RED WINE 2006 A popular proprietary blend of Primitivo (67%), Zinfandel (22%) and Teroldego (11%) from our estate vineyards in Sonoma Valley.

$35.00 | $420.00 $26.25 | $315.00 club price in red


Viansa At Home


Bottle | Case

“AUGUSTO” BARBERA 2005 Our traditional, d’Asti-style Barbera has tempting flavors of ripe plums and blackberries with soft tannins and a long, smooth finish.

$42.00 | $504.00 $31.50 | $378.00

“THALIA” SANGIOVESE 2005 (90% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon) Big and powerful, showing loads of ripe blackberries, black cherry & spice that evolves into flavors of wild berries, licorice and dried cherry.

$45.00 | $540.00 $31.50 | $378.00

“LORENZO” MERLOT 2006 82% Merlot and 18% Cabernet Sauvignon and aged 16 months in French and Hungarian oak. Aromas of blackberry and toasty oak open to elegant, complex black cherry, cedar and spice flavors. This is a rich supple Merlot with a long smooth finish and soft tannins.

$45.00 | $540.00 $22.50 | $270.00

RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2005 A Sonoma County blend of 93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot and 2% Cabernet Franc. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is very well balanced with flavors of wild crush berries, earthy, light spice and cocoa with a long finish.

$50.00 | $600.00 $25.00 | $300.00

“SAMUELE” CABERNET FRANC 2005 Our 2005 “Samuele” is rich and intense with aromas of toasty oak, dried herbs and fresh crushed blackberries. The flavors turn to black cherry, plum and currants with a long smooth finish framed by firm yet supple tannins.

$55.00 | $660.00 $27.50 | $330.00

“V” CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2005 A magnificent blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (76%), Cabernet Franc (13%), and Merlot (11%) sourced from the famed Oakville appellation in Napa Valley.

$105.00 | $1260.00 $73.50 | $882.00

“OSSIDIANA” 2005 Our flagship wine, a stunning blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (56%), Cabernet Franc (33%), and Merlot (11%). Powerful yet elegant.

$125.00 | $1,500.00 $62.50 | $750.00 club price in red

March 2010


Wine List SIGNATURE SERIES (For Premio Club Members Only) RON’S VINEYARD CARNEROS SANGIOVESE 2006 Possesses flavors of cranberry, vanilla, oak, red and black cherries and raspberries. Enjoy now through 2019. LLOYD’S VINEYARD CARNEROS CHARDONNAY 2007 Barrel fermented in 100% new French oak and aged on its lees for a full year. Creamy texture with flavors of baked apple and pear, hazelnut and toasty oak.

Bottle | Case $70.00 | $840.00 $52.50 | $630.00 $40.00 | $480.00 $30.00 | $360.00

WINERY VISTA SONOMA VALLEY CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006 Aged 24 months $70.00 | $840.00 $52.50 | $630.00 in new French Oak it offers complex aromas of blackberry, spice, and dried herbs with concentrated flavors of current, blackberry and sweet oak. It has a long, persistent fruit-filled finish with firm, bold tannins. Drink now through 2025. RED CHALK ALEXANDER VALLEY CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006 Aged in new French oak for 24 months, it has aromas of toasty oak, vanilla and cinnamon spice that lead to ripe plum, blackberry and cedar oak flavors. The mouth feel is dense and chewy with a long lingering finish. Drink now through 2019.

$70.00 | $840.00 $52.50 | $630.00

CHALKS EDGE ALEXANDER VALLEY CABERNET FRANC 2006 Its Chalk Hill slope side vineyard produces aromas of black cherry, spicy oak and vanilla bean followed by flavors of black raspberry, ripe current and baking spices. It has a soft mouth feel, silky tannins and a long, smooth finish. Drink now through 2019.

$70.00 | $840.00 $52.50 | $630.00

GNARLY RIVER ALEXANDER VALLEY CABERNET FRANC 2006 Fruit from old gnarly vines in a hillside vineyard neighboring the Russian River release aromas of boysenberry, pepper and black cherry. Its more rustic flavors tend toward current and dried herbs. The finish has lots of spice and richness. Drink now through 2016.

$70.00 | $840.00 $52.50 | $630.00

DUANE’S RANCH SONOMA VALLEY PRIMITIVIO 2007 Our 2007 Primitivo is a rich, full-bodied wine with a well-balanced acidity that has a long smooth finish. This wine has wonderful flavors of fresh crushed berries, white pepper and a hint of light toasty oak.

$70.00 | $840.00 $52.50 | $630.00

DYLAN’S VINEYARD SONOMA VALLEY ZINFANDEL 2007 Rich, full-bodied and delicious with aromas of blackberry and toasty oak, leading to complex black cherry, cedar and spice flavors.

$70.00 | $840.00 $52.50 | $630.00


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Becky Daly 800.995.4740 x 204 States: AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, WA

For Sharing Your Passion for Viansa’s

We would love to have your friends, family and associates join you in all the Tuscan Club’s fun, festivities plus fabulous food and wine offerings by becoming members of The Club. As a special thank you for bringing in new members, we’ll give you generous wine rewards. Here’s how simple it is: If you have someone join the Tuscan Club and they remain members for at least four months, we’ll DOUBLE your wine delivery in an upcoming month. If you bring in two new members, we’ll DOUBLE your wine delivery in TWO upcoming months. Three new members means three DOUBLE wine months. There’s no limit to your rewards. As always at the Tuscan Club, the more the merrier. To qualify, and get full details, please submit the names of the new members you are referring to your Tuscan Club representative.

Claudia Kelly 800.995.4740 x218 States: CO, IA, IL, IN, LA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NM, TX, WI, WY Becky Williams 800.995.4740 x203 States: AL, CT, DC, FL, GA, MA, NC, NJ, NH, NY, OH, SC, VA, VT For assistance or more information about a Tuscan Club Gift Membership or changing your membership category please email or call your Tuscan Club Representative.

A Tuscan Club membership is a delight all year round. The many pleasures and privileges of membership include: v Access to wines not available outside the club v 25% savings on all current releases v 10% off gourmet food and gift baskets v Subscription to Viansa At Home magazine v Private tours of Viansa

v Members-only tastings v Viansa’s knowledgeable wine staff will assist you in food and wine pairings v Invitations to special events

UpComing Viansa Events Sunday Tuscan Club Pick Up Day March 21 11:00am-3:00pm

12:00 - 2:00pm White Wine Release Reception and appetizers *Members only event

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March Tuscan Club Magazine  

Celebrating wine, food and events in Sonoma Valley wine country

March Tuscan Club Magazine  

Celebrating wine, food and events in Sonoma Valley wine country