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Additional content contributed or compiled by San Francisco Pride staff, contractors, honorees and other participants. Special thanks to Dave Golden and the GLBT Historical Society for permission to use archival photos for 40 and Fabulous.

welcome Every summer we come together to honor our history. Since the Stonewall riots, we have been asserting our place in the sun with fabulous parties and spectacular parades! This year, I invite you to join us in celebrating the 40th year of the marches and celebrations that have changed minds, changed lives, and changed our world. For four decades, our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender movement has been gaining stamina and moving our country towards full equality. From the early days of our movement to the coming Pride weekend, we’ve been fighting for our rights, beating our community’s drum, and writing our shared history. From Harvey’s famous ride in the parade, to the first same-sex marriages that took place in our Civic Center, our movement’s growth and achievements have been celebrated by our Pride events. Today, the struggle continues as we fight for marriage equality, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and an inclusive version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. SF Pride is already doing its part through educational programs, a new annual gala, our Pride 365 program, and of course, the largest Pride Parade and Celebration in our country. But we cannot do this alone – Pride is, above all else, a community organization, so as you celebrate our anniversary, please also consider volunteering or donating at So, get ready, get fabulous and get to the party! Happy Pride!

Mikayla Connell

President of the Board of Directors, SF Pride

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FALL 2010

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Office of the Mayor

City & County of San Francisco

Gavin Newsom

GREETINGS FROM THE MAYOR Dear Friends, On behalf of the City and County of San Francisco, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the 40th Annual San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Pride Parade and Celebration June 26 – 27, 2010. I am proud to be the Mayor of a City and County that has a strong history of being on the forefront of extending civil rights to all citizens. San Francisco is a place that takes pride in its diverse communities and values equality and justice for all. Therefore, I feel it’s only right to lead the way by taking irrevocable steps toward resolving one of the most important civil rights issues of our time. Since the 2004 Winter of Love and the 2008 California Supreme Court ruling overturning the ban on same-sex marriages, thousands of same-sex couples have came to City Hall to marry the person they love. It gave me great pleasure to see these loving couples finally experiencing their fundamental right to be joined together in lawful matrimony. This year’s theme – 40 and Fabulous – greatly reflects that continued spirit of equality for all. Although we still face a number of challenges toward achieving full marriage equality in California, I remain steadfast in my commitment to being on the forefront of this civil rights battle. Make no mistake; all people deserve equal rights under the law and with the recent victories in Iowa, Vermont, and D.C. I strongly believe that this fight is not over yet. To all members of the LGBT community, their families, friends, colleagues, and visitors from home and from around the world, I wish you all a great Pride weekend 2010. May you enjoy this wonderful, exciting, and joyous celebration of acceptance, tolerance, and inclusion today and in your hearts forever! With warmest regards,

Gavin Newsom Mayor

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from our OUT elected officials






Tom Ammiano 40 is the new 20! Fabulous indeed! Here’s to the continued success and progress for an LGBT community that is proud of its diversity and committed to overcoming all forms of injustice and discrimination. Happy 40th Pride!

David Campos Welcome to San Francisco Pride. I am proud to be the openly gay Latino representative for District 9, which includes some of the most diverse neighborhoods in the City, including the Mission, Bernal Heights, and Portola. This year’s theme, “40 and Fabulous” reminds us that we have indeed come a long way. Let’s celebrate what we have accomplished, with an eye towards the next 40 years!

Jose Cisneros Congratulations on the 40th year of the now legendary San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade. As an openly gay elected official, I have witnessed much advancement over the years but we still have important work ahead. I’m proud to continue marching with our diverse LGBT community as we advance equal rights for all. And I invite everyone to join this year’s celebration because at 40, Pride couldn’t look better!

Bevan Dufty Thanks to the volunteers, staff and Board members who make our 40th Pride possible. I turn it up for the Parade, with a float, HipHop dancers from Culture Shock and a great cause, Family Builders by Adoption ( It’s Sidney’s fourth Parade -- wait till you see her moves! It is also my last Pride Parade as Supervisor. Serving our Community and City has been the job of a lifetime. Thank you.

Mark Leno Welcome to the San Francisco Pride Celebration as it turns “40 and Fabulous!” We have made significant progress since the days of Stonewall and Compton’s Cafeteria. Here in California we have more legal rights and protections, short of marriage, than any other state. We have made strides, but we must redouble our efforts to achieve full equality – in California and beyond. Enjoy the beauty and excitement of San Francisco and have a fabulous Pride.

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our forces

San Francisco Pride’s Community Grand Marshals are our community representatives. They are chosen based on their significant contributions to the LGBT community. Through public nomination and elections, Pride selects Community Grand Marshals to honor their work in furthering the causes of LGBT peoples. In 2010, Pride invited all Community Grand Marshals throughout our fabulous 40-year history to march with us once more!

Community Grand Marshals of recent years include:

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SGT. Elliot blackstone

shannon minter

joan benoit

Larry Brinkin Bill Beasley Joe Hawkins Davina Kotulski Shannon Minter Andrea Shorter Helen Zia Brett Andrews Miguel Bustos Trauma Flintstone Tina Phillips Erick Argüello Joan Benoît Marvin Burrows Joey Cain Evan Low Julius Turman Robert Haaland John Lewis Dolores Caruthers Stuart Gaffney Laura Espinosa Page Hodel John Newsome Sgt. Elliot Blackstone Frank Woo Cristy Chung Marion Abdullah Robert Bernardo Cecilia Chung Dr. Kathleen McGuire Sal Rosselli Molly McKay Barry Saiff Randy Burns Doretha FlournoyWilliams James Hormel Peggy Moore Juanita More Drago Renteria Donna Sachet Rev. Troy Perry Lancy Woo Trevor Hailey Lenny Broberg Dossie Easton Fetish Diva Midori JoAnne Keatley Tony Koester Tom Nolan Rev. Karen Oliveto Duane Poe Kevin Schaub Gwen Smith Mitcho Thompson Howard Wallace Evan Wolfson Millenium Dragon Empress Suzie Wong Calvin Gipson

Heklina Happy Hyder Gavin Newsom Kate Raphael Mabel Teng Marina Gatto Vicki Marelene Terry Person-Harris Hank Wilson Tom Ammiano Harry Hay Jesse Costello-Good William Johnson Kent Khounsombath Brownie Mary Dennis Peron Sabrina Sojourner Gary Wu Roberta Achtenberg Family Kim Corsaro Jeff Getty Pat Norman Bob Ross Candace Gingrich Pratibha Parmar Dragonsani Renteria Jose Sarria Lani Ka-ahumanu Armistead Maupin Angie Fado Brjan Freeman Keith Meinhold Marion Riggs Michelle Jester Don Johnson Sharon Kowalski John Rodriguez Dr. Maggi Rubenstein Karen Thompson Zach Long Rikki Streicher Bob Cramer Rev. Ruth Frost Rev. Jeff Johnson Rev. Phyllis Zillhart Phyllis Lyon Del Martin Jose Sarria James Broughton Holly Near Harry Britt Mary Dunlap Virginia Apuzzo John E. Bush Sharon McNight Rita Rockett Lisa Chun Carolyn Laub Hoover Lee Esther Lee Jose Sarria Gary Virginia

welcome lifting a community to its feet and beyond

cheer sf

CHEER San Francisco, the world’s longest-running all-volunteer adult cheerleading team, shines as a model for bringing grace, athleticism and spirit to the world of philanthropy. The enthusiastic team performs for more than a million spectators annually, raising funds for organizations that assist people with life-challenging conditions such as HIV/AIDS and breast cancer. The team is being honored as the Organizational Grand Marshal for the 40th Annual San Francisco Pride Parade, about which Program Director Steve Burke beams, “The team is celebrating our 30th ‘Pearl’ anniversary year, and being named a Grand Marshal for the grandest Pride parade of them all is an honor that we cherish. We look forward to sharing our unique brand of Pride, spirit and entertainment at the 2010 San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration.” A pioneering LGBT organization, CHEER SF has inspired the creation of similar fund-raising cheer teams in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, Sacramento and Sydney, and several team members have gone on to coach these teams. The San Francisco team has performed at all seven Gay Games and is looking forward to representing San Francisco at Gay Games VIII this summer in Cologne, Germany. A number of team members performed at the inaugurations of both Presidents Clinton and Obama. The CHEER SF team members find the inspiration for their long hours of training in the changed lives of the people for whom they raise funds. As one team member put it, “These people in need are heroes and role models, persevering when faced with adversity.” Like the City in which the team was born, CHEER SF is vibrantly diverse, with team members hailing from around the world, ranging in age from 19 to 51 and representing many cultures, races, sexualities and vocations. Some have just started performing while others have been active since the creation of the team 30 years ago. Don’t miss CHEER SF’s inspiring performances during Pride this year – their enthusiastic spirit is marvelously infectious! Find CHEER SF at

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The Hotel Whitcomb is centrally located in the heart of San Francisco with easy access to the Castro and SoMa districts and a few steps away from Pride festivities, making us an ideal place to stay and celebrate. The hotel features recently renovated rooms, views of the parade, and on-site restaurant featuring California cuisine. Prices range from $189 and up. Reservations: 1231 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103. Call 800-227-4747 for reservations.

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on the stage FROM GO-GO to gaga, the stars shine at pride

life upon the wicked main stage when we strived for empowerment in our cause. Those were the heady times of Harvey Milk, emerging gay political clubs, Anita Bryant and the Briggs Initiative. 1977’s Pride celebration attracted 250,000 people to become one of the largest gay events ever held. One year later, approximately 370,000 heard Harvey Milk electrify the day with his now famous “Hope” speech. The table had been set. Photo by Robert Sokol / VIA MEDIA

So you’ve got a couple hundred thousand revelers packed into San Francisco’s Civic Center mall – now what do you do? Well, if you’re the producers of SF Pride’s Main Stage celebration you offer an eclectic mix of the very popular, the soon to-be known and the simply-really-great entertainers available. For near 40 years, the Main Stage at SF Pride’s celebration has consistently delivered a roster of artists that befits the carnival atmosphere of our many varied communities. Joined together for two days of festivities, the Main Stage becomes a focal point for animated speeches about the important topics affecting our communities: equality, healthcare, sexual freedom and political power as well as a spotlight for the artistic creativity of our LGBT and LGBTfriendly performers.

margaret cho

Passion as well as righteous indignation flowed from the Main Stage during the early years of the 1970’s Nikki blonsky LESLIE JORDAN & PETER PAIGE

Photo from the SF Pride archives.

22 • insidepride 2010

Photo by Robert Sokol / VIA MEDIA

by Steve Murray

The AIDS Pandemic of the ‘80s took its toll on San Francisco, wiping out a generation of gifted performers, politicians, artists and writers. But we stoically continued our yearly commitment to Pride, honoring our fallen comrades amidst the celebrations. Sylvester, one of the first and greatest disco divas ever, graced the stage and in a bittersweet moment made his final public appearance in 1987 as a marcher with the contingent People with AIDS before succumbing to the disease in 1988.

As we powerfully exercised our political muscle, the Pride celebrations took on an almost giddy expression of diversity in all aspects of life. The Main Stage reflected that new sense of joy and continues to this day to present acts of all genres, from the very sassy and fun (The Kinsey Sicks, Ethel Merman Experience) to performance art (SF Mime Troupe, Caminos Flamencos, Diamond Daggers), celebrity friends like actors Sharon Gless, Sir Ian McKellen and writer Armistead Maupin, rock ‘n’ roll (Pansy Division, The B-52’s, Third Eye Blind), plus more than a few divas (Chaka Kahn, Cyndi Lauper, Jody Watley, Jennifer Holiday). Political speakers courting the LGBT vote are no strangers to the Main Stage. In 1986, Alan Cranston became the first US Senator to speak at a gay celebration.

our sponsors

Thank you to these friends and partners whose support makes this event possible and successful!

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This event is sponsored in part by Grants For The Arts - San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund

insidepride 2010 • 23

The Main Stage has been both a launching pad for upcoming artists and a vehicle for acknowledging the LGBT community’s many favorites. Out performers Marc Almond and Peter Burns have appeared onstage. Almond, one half of the synthpop/New Wave duo Soft Cell also appeared in Manchester England’s Gay Pride Festival. Burns, androgynous lead singer of the ‘80s New Wave band Dead or Alive (“You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”) would regain notoriety on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother UK 2006. The 35th anniversary of Pride featured a diverse artist mix including The B-52’s, Jennifer Holiday, Jimmy Somerville (Bronski Beat), Chaka Khan, Bonnie and June Pointer (The Pointer Sisters) and Joan Baez. Holiday had gained worldwide success for her Tony Award-winning role in Dreamgirls and she delighted the crowd with her performance. Grand marshals that year were The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken and Half and Half star Alec Mapa. Nancy Sinatra, a longtime friend of our community, appeared at the 32nd Pride and 2008 saw upcoming superstar Lady Gaga perform along with Margaret Cho, Kat DeLuna, Inaya Day, Crystal Waters, speakers from the marriage equality movement, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Now an international phenomenon, Gaga’s roots started with the LGBT community. Such is the setting on stage over these many years.


Local talent provides the largest portion of Main Stage performances and San Francisco had, and continues to have, a rich wealth and variety of artists. Comedians Karen Ripley, Marga Gomez, and Doug Holsclaw shared space with drag performance artists Snatch, Nikki Starr, Donna Sachet and Trannyshack creator Heklina. Cabaret vocalists Spencer Day, the dynamic Faye Carol, and Gwen Avery sang side by side with glam rockers Blue Period, the cast of Beach Blanket Babylon and The San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Marching Band & Twirling Corps. Now known as the San Francisco Lesbian / Gay Freedom Band, the group made their debut in 1978 as the first openly gayidentified musical organization in the world. Internationally known talent has also been a priority. In 2001, Israeli pop singer Dana International, one of the most famous transsexual celebrities in the world, made her SF Pride debut.

24 • insidepride 2010

Photo by Dan Nicoletta

Photo from the SF Pride archives.

SF Pride and the many hundreds of thousands of revelers reflect the LGBT microcosm with the Main Stage providing glimpses into the fabric of our lives for the past 40 years. It’s a dream to be able to manage such a venue, and longtime producer Audrey Joseph and her crew have skillfully carried on the task. The mission of SF Pride is “to educate the world, commemorate our heritage, celebrate our culture, and liberate our people.” Through spoken word, music, comedy and dance the Main Stage has achieved its lofty goals. Providing 40 years of entertainment value is a considerable accomplishment by anybody’s standards. This year’s theme is 40 and Fabulous and parade goers can be certain the Main Stage will not disappoint.

Photo by Robert Sokol / VIA MEDIA

on the stage SHE’S GOT YOUR TICKET to pride

audrey joseph The daunting task of producing the Main Stage at San Francisco Pride celebrations falls on broad shoulders. Not only must you be concerned with the logistics of an event of this size, but decisions about the lineup must be carefully weighed and prioritized to reflect diversity, quality and broad appeal. Producer Audrey Joseph returns this year and has a long track record of success under her belt. A longtime LGBT rights activist, club manager, and member of the Mayor’s Entertainment Commission, she has been producing the Main Stage for over 15 years. In the ‘70s, Joseph promoted over a hundred disco gold records under her MK Productions banner. With Megatone Records, she was involved in the marketing and promotion of San Francisco performer Sylvester. She relocated here in 1982 and immersed herself in AIDS activism. She became a premiere manager at Club Townsend, organizing the very popular Sunday night tea dances at Pleasuredome. Club Universe would go on to host shows starring Grace Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Chaka Kahn, The B-52’s and Blondie, as well as disc jockeys from around the world. The King Street Garage hosted clubs like Wicked, Futura, New Wave City, Club Asia, Club Q and Electric, and Joseph has produced the dance stage at the Folsom Street Fair in addition to her involvement with SF Pride. Joseph considers her crew “pride within Pride.” The two-day celebration, which includes Saturday’s events, involves security, hospitality, transportation, sound, lighting, engineers, and managers. The stage has been rebuilt professionally and includes two side wings and a quick change dress26 • insidepride 2010

ing room. For the first time, video will be introduced at Pride through a Jumbotron screen. The lineups for each celebration evolve from a wishlist from Pride’s Board and members, combined with the year’s theme and artist availablility. This year it’s 40 and Fabulous and the Main Stage is presenting talent spanning four decades. From the ‘70s comes Rose Royce, the soul and R&B band best known for the hit single “Car Wash.” From the ‘80s Joseph presents the New Wave band The Motels and the ‘90s are represented by Andy Bell from Erasure. For the new century, she’ll feature New York City’s electronic/ rock duo Dangerous Muse. Miss Sharon McNight, a legend of San Francisco’s cabaret and AIDS benefit circuit since the late 70’s and a former Grand Marshall, returns as the sassy glue that holds this multidecade lineup together.

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on the stage still going non-stop

andy bell Andy Bell’s long-running partnership with Vince Clarke in Erasure (recipients of Best British Group at The Brit Awards) remains very much a going concern. Since the release of 1986’s debut, Wonderland, the duo have gone on to sell over 20 million albums, five of them hitting #1, and had 17 Top 10 UK singles. The singer’s second solo album provides a liberating platform for his more clubby, nocturnal, disco-glam side. He has even purposely changed his vocal register and style for much of NonStop, putting clear blue water between his soulfully electronic solo voice and his gleaming, poppy Erasure work. “I just needed to have a breather and see what else is going on,” Bell explains. “Spread my wings, live my life a little. This is like a different character that people don’t know me as so much. I wouldn’t say I’m a club kid, but I do love hearing remixes and club tunes. The album is quite robotic, quite tongue in cheek, lots of synths and glamorous disco. I can’t get Madonna out of my head, and I sort of feel like: if she can do that why can’t I?” Non-Stop, his brand new solo album, was co-produced and co-written by Andy Bell and Pascal Gabriel. Bell already knew Pascal, who had previously remixed Erasure, “We had one writing session at Pascal’s house in France, then one writing session at the Strongroom in London, and we just clicked,” Andy recalls. “He is Cancerian as well, the same as Vince. Their characteristics are quite similar, both very thorough and hard working.” The sound of Non-Stop reflects Bell’s infatuation with classic 1980s dance-pop and post-punk icons like Ladytron, M and Claudia Bruken. Most of the album consists of celebratory, life-affirming lyrics, but there are moments of doubt and darkness here too. The shrill, spiky, gnarly electronica of “Touch” is Bell’s angry reaction to the demeaning C-list celebrity freakshow of reality television. The album also reveals more of Bell’s nightclubbing, bright-white-clubbing, late-night electro-trash side than anything Erasure has yet released. Classy and camp, soulful and sumptuous, NonStop is a deluxe dance-pop album from a master of the game. Prepare to have your ears kissed, your heart stirred and your mind blown.

28 • insidepride 2010

Welcome to


in San Francisco Be sure to stop by and visit the Gilead Booth. Š 2010 Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. UN5202 06/10

on the stage

speaker nancy pelosi speaks to pride San Francisco Pride is thrilled and honored to have our first-ever official greeting from a Speaker of the House! This year, for the first time, the Main Stage at SF Pride will have a Jumbotron, a gigantic 16’ by 12’ television screen for live broadcast of all our fabulous performers on the stage. In addition, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be greeting the crowd via video message on the big screen at the Main Stage. Since 1987, Nancy Pelosi has represented California’s Eighth District in the House of Representatives. The Eighth District includes most of the City of San Francisco including Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, and many of the diverse neighborhoods that make San Francisco a vibrant and prosperous community. Overwhelmingly elected by her colleagues in the fall of 2002 as Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi is the first woman in American history to lead a major party in the U.S. Congress. Before being elected Leader, she served as House Democratic Whip for one year and was responsible for the party’s legislative strategy in the House. On January 4, 2007, Speaker Pelosi was elected Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Speaker Pelosi’s greeting for the crowd is an historic first for San Francisco Pride, but her record of support for women, the LGBT community, and people with HIV/AIDS is nothing new. One of Pelosi’s first legislative victories was the creation of the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS program. She has also worked to accelerate development of an HIV vaccine and expand access to Medicaid for people living with HIV. She has been a leader in increasing educational opportunity, protecting workers, and promoting health care, including women’s health. SF Pride looks forward to having Speaker Nancy Pelosi via video on our Main Stage!

Photo courtesy of Speaker Pelosi’s office.

30 • insidepride 2010

on the stage

christina simos

dangerous muse 32 • insidepride 2010

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in the parade Lifetime achievement grand marshal Award for a Lifetime of LGBT Activism


james t. hormel The Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal award is given to an individual who has made a substantial contribution to the LGBT community over the course of a number of decades. The award is selected by San Francisco Pride’s Board of Directors. This year, the Board chose James Hormel, the first out gay man to serve as a US ambassador. Upon hearing the news of his designation as Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal, Mr. Hormel said, “Of course I am deeply honored by this recognition. More importantly, this achievement represents three generations of individuals who have participated in the movement toward full equality.” Mr. Hormel, a noted philanthropist, lawyer, and academic, has been supporting the development of LGBT rights and culture for decades. In addition to being one of the founders of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in 1981, he also funded the creation of the famous James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center, which opened at the San Francisco Public Library in 1995. In 1997, President Bill Clinton nominated Mr. Hormel to be ambassador to Luxembourg. Officials from Luxembourg voiced their welcome. However, the nomination was challenged for two years. Republican Majority Leader Trent Lott actively opposed the nomination, and the Tradition Values Coalition and other groups pointed to materials in the Hormel Center at the San Francisco library as evidence that Mr. Hormel supported pornography. (These materials were not chosen by Mr. Hormel himself – and the materials also appear in the Library of Congress.) In mid-1999, Mr. Hormel was finally appointed as ambassador by President Clinton while the Senate was in recess. He served his appointment through December 2000. For his actions in breaking barriers, San Francisco Pride is honored to celebrate Mr. Hormel’s unparalleled record of accomplishments.

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WWW.VIAMEDIA.NET • 415-552-8040 a division of caselli partners llc

in the parade Celebrity Grand Marshal

zoe dunning U.S. Naval Reserve Lieutenant Zoe Dunning publicly declared herself a lesbian in 1993, consequently having discharge proceedings brought against her. Contesting her discharge, she fought to remain in the Navy and won. Her argument that her sexual orientation was not conduct, but status, was later contested by the Navy, which stated that her defense could never be used again. Dunning holds the distinction of being the only openly gay serviceperson to continuously serve while fighting a discharge. Dunning now consults independently and conducts diversity training. Working with a variety of major corporations and business conferences, she draws on her experience with the military when she addresses the subject of discrimination. She points out that the military, our nation’s largest employer, is forced by law to discriminate. Last year 1,250 service members were discharged. She also facilitates graduate courses on Interpersonal Dynamics and Influential Leadership at Stanford University and serves as the Governing Board Co-Chair for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a national non-profit dedicated to providing legal services to those impacted by the law and advocating for repeal of the law.

I believe in getting more out of life. My time is precious. Every moment counts. That’s why I chose Kaiser Permanente. My doctor is close to home, so when I go for a checkup, I can visit the lab and pharmacy, too—all in one trip. Back home, I can go online and order refills, request routine appointments, get health advice, and more. It’s that easy. This way, I have more time to spend on what matters most—life.

For more information about Kaiser Permanente, call 1-800-464-4000 or visit

in the parade

Celebrity Grand Marshal

alice walker Out bisexual author Alice Walker is one of America’s most critically acclaimed poets and novelists. Best known for writing The Color Purple, first published in 1982, Ms. Walker was awarded the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. She was the first African American woman writer to receive this award. She also won the American Book Award. In 1985, the best-selling book, about a bisexual black woman’s struggles with racism and sexism, was made into an award-winning movie directed by Stephen Spielberg and starring Oprah Winfrey. Ms. Walker’s life experiences – which include growing up under Jim Crow laws in Georgia, learning the tradition of oral storytelling, and being the first woman, in 1967, to legally marry someone of a different race in the state of Mississippi – all helped to shape her as a prolific writer. These experiences also nurtured Ms. Walker’s long-term commitment to activism. From meeting Martin Luther King, Jr. while at Spelman College in the early 1960s, to delivering aid in Gaza with Code Pink, she has often been outspoken on issues of race and gender. On March 8, 2003, International Women’s Day, on the eve of the Iraq War, Ms. Walker, with authors Maxine Hong Kingston and Terry Tempest Williams, was arrested for crossing a police line during an antiwar protest rally outside the White House. In 2006, Ms. Walker was honored as one of the inaugural inductees into the California Hall of Fame. In 2007, she gave 122 boxes of manuscripts and archive material to Emory University’s Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library. Her works have established her as a canonical figure in American letters, as well as a major figure in what scholars term the renaissance in African American women’s writings. San Francisco Pride is proud to honor Ms. Walker as one of our 40th Anniversary Celebrity Grand Marshals.

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in the parade Trans Groups at the Front of the LINE

trans formation

From the Compton’s Cafeteria riot and the Stonewall rebellion through today, transgender people have always been at the forefront of the LGBT movement. Transgender people have been involved in the SF Pride Parade in many ways over the decades. And this year, transgender groups will be leading the Parade in the coveted Lead Contingent spot. “The LGBT community is a multi-faceted and diverse entity, and, recognizing this, SF Pride has always invited one faction to be represented by marching as the Lead Contingent. In 2010, we honor the transgender community with this privilege,” said Parade Manager Marsha Levine. The Center for Excellence in Transgender Health (CoE), an organization at the University of California, San Francisco, is coordinating the contingent. Luis Gutierrez-Mock, contact person for the group, stated, “CoE is excited to lead the San Francisco Pride Parade in collaboration with numerous trans-serving organizations and with the participation of our diverse trans communities. For updates, more information, or to join the contingent, please visit our website,, or email” Lori Kohler, MD, a member of the Medical Advisory Board for the CoE, states that “regardless of socio-economic status, transgender people are the most medically underserved people in the country.” CoE’s mission is to provide leadership, capacity building, professional training, policy advocacy, research development, and resources to increase access to culturally competent health care for transgender people in the United States.

Photo by Angel Ventura

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health (L-R): JoAnne Keatley, Jamison Green, Jae Sevelius, Yavante Thomas-Guess, Angel Ventura, Luis Gutierrez-Mock, Danielle Castro, and Greg Rebchook 38 • insidepride 2010

Celebration in the Civic Center Saturday, June 26 • 12 - 6 Sunday, June 27 • 12 - 7 Parade along Market Street Sunday, June 27 • Kick-off at 10:30 am

Watch the Parade at Home! LIVE Broadcast: Xfinity Hometown Network Channel 104 LIVE Webcast:, live and uncensored from 9:30am to the end! Prime Time: KOFY TV20/Cable 13, starting at 8pm. Also: Xfinity On Demand starting June 28th at 7pm. Coverage of the 2010 Parade made possible by Clear Channel Radio SF. DONNA SACHET

Hosted by Donna Sachet with Michelle Meow and Sebastian Kunz Photo by David Yu


parade & celebration pull-out guide insidepride 2010 • 39

Join us in celebrating 40 years of SF Pride. We are the largest Pride gathering in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Join us for two days of music, food, and fun.


celebration site map

And don’t forget to donate at the gate. Your generosity helps keep SF Pride a free event. A portion of your donation also supports close to 100 Bay Area nonprofit organizations. With your help, we can also fund our year-round LGBT education initiatives.

San Francisco Civic Center Saturday, June 26 • Sunday, June 27

Steep yourself in the unforgettable energy of the crowds. Dykes on Bikes kick off the Parade on Sunday at 10:30 am, followed by nearly 200 contingents that represent the incredible diversity of the LGBT community and our allies. With Nancy Pelosi on the big screen and you in the crowd, our 40th celebration will be an experience to remember. martha davis STAGE & PAVILION LOCATIONS










19 17 2




20 L I B R A RY


13 14





8 Homo Hip Hop 9 Leather Alley 10 Dan Cusick Clean and Sober Space

17 TRANS:THRIVE Pavilion 18 Lavender Scrolls Project 19 Elder Space 20 The LGBT Family Collaborative Garden

8 T H

21 Deaf & Hard of Hearing Gathering Space






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13 Bearracuda Bear Garden 14 Freewheeler Classic Car Show

16 Sundance Country Western Dance Corral

15 16

11 NectArena Women’s Stage 12 Faerie Freedom Village

14 Shadowplay Stage 15 Open




6 Beat Box Events Community Dance Stage 7 Tantra Underground Dance Stage




4 Swing Block 5 A&PI Pride Pavilion & Community Stage


22 24 21 23 CITY HALL

2 Soul of Pride African American Village 3 Steamworks Latin Stage




1 Main Stage 2 International Stage

















22 HIV Pavilion 23 THE LOVING QUILT 24 Queer Youth Space 25 Marriage Pavilion Please see page 42 for specific stage desciptions.

main stage


This year we encourage everyone to make a minimum donation of $5 at the gates. In return you get a sticker that lets you buy drinks at $1 off - all day long!

Visit for performance times.

Saturday, June 26, noon to 4pm Battle of the DJs, featuring: • Frank Wild • Hawthorne • Kio Kio • Robbie Martin Caroline Lund CHEER SF Speakers: • Brett Andrews • Jason Villalobos • Jewelle Gomez • Luis Gutierrez-Mock • Rebecca Rolfe

Sunday, June 27, noon to 7pm Andy Bell BAAITS Board of Directors of SF Pride Cheer SF Christina Simos Cockatelia/ Alice in Wonderland Dangerous Muse ejector Foreverland Greetings from Elected Officials God-Des and She Hello Hollywood Hunter Valentine Martha Davis and The Motels Molly McKay, Joy Choir, and Flash Mob Nancy Pelosi Video Greeting Rose Royce Sharon McNight Sistas in the Pit Speakers: • Dr. Amy Sueyoshi • Cleve Jones • Zoe Dunning Toby Welcome, with Mikayla Connell Wicked All performers subject to change.

Booths, Food, and Drink

With close to 500 booths at the event, San Francisco is transformed into the largest outdoor shopping and information emporium in the state. Nearly half the booths are run by nonprofits that use their space to raise funds, inform, and recruit. For them the event is invaluable, and they need your support. Of course, you can also expect food vendors, bars, T-shirt vendors, artisans, and much more. Throughout the site you’ll find beverage booths featuring Bud Light, Bud Light Lime and other Anheuser-Busch beers; Smirnoff and Captain Morgan mixed drinks and Cuervo margaritas; and the Rex Goliath Wine Garden. Clean-andsober visitors can enjoy an alcohol-free environment at the separate soda, water, and juice bars.

Information Booths

Whether you’re a local or one of our visitors, be sure to stop by our on-site Information Booths for all the Pride information you need.

Facilities and Accessibility

Free child-care facilities and a range of services for visitors with disabilities are available. With special parade-viewing areas and sign language interpretation services, our aim is to make the event accessible to everyone. For details about accessibility, visit


SF Pride is a pioneer in green event practices. You can help us reduce Pride’s ecological footprint by using our marked disposal cans for recycling (blue), composting (green), and trash (black). All beverage cups used at our event are 100 percent compostable, so please toss them in the green bins at the event.

Parade Grandstand Tickets & Accessibility Info

There are two ways to purchase Grandstand tickets: To purchase regular Grandstand Seating tickets online visit and go to Parade, Grandstands and click the purchase button. Online ticket sales end June 18, 2010 at 5pm. Regular and Accessibility tickets can also be purchased in person prior to the event at the HRC store located at 600 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114. The store is open Monday through Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sundays 10am to 6pm. Ticket sales at the HRC store will end on June 26, 2010 at 8pm. All Accessibility and Accessibility Partner tickets are available on a sliding scale at the HRC store. Please note that a partner ticket must be accompanied by an accessibility ticket for entrance into accessibility seating area. People who may need their accessibility ticket mailed to them may contact the HRC Store at 415-431-2200. The first two rows of grandstand seating are reserved for those with disabilities. In addition, a special ground level area has been created for wheelchair users and their partners. An ASL interpreter will be stationed there for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Day-of-Event Ticket Sales: Regular, Accessibility, and Accessibility Partner tickets can be purchased at the Grandstands, pending availability, for $40 when Grandstand seating opens at 9:30am on Sunday, June 27, 2010.

General Safety

Our volunteer Safety Monitors do their best to guarantee a happy and safe Pride. Do not leave bags or personal items unattended. Even in San Francisco there are still crimes committed against our community, so please be careful. Don’t venture around unaccompanied at night, and carry a whistle. Report anything suspicious to the nearest Safety Monitor. And be sure to always use safer sex practices.

Getting to Pride

San Francisco has one of the best public transportation systems in the country. Both BART and MUNI serve the Civic Center station, so you really don’t need to bring that car. We also offer bicycle parking in our parking area located on Hastings Plaza, at the comer of Hyde and McAllister streets (Sunday only). Check out our comprehensive transportation guide at

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more stages SATURDAY only Stage 2 International Formerly the Regional Latin American Stage, we embrace all peoples and cultures with their music, language and ways of life. Like Bench and Bar and Club 21, we entertain more than one nationality and culture including Latinos, African Americans, Asians, Caucasians and more. Come have fun with us. SLI

SATURDAY / SUNDAY and Hard-ofo Deaf Hearing Gathering

through Pride weekend. jfountain@larkinstreetyouth. org. SFZ


t Pavilion We offer a gathering space for members and allies of the trans community. We welcome FTMs, MTFs, gender variant folks, allies and everyone in between. Get resources and information about services for transgender people. Mingle and learn about local trans resources in a space that is safe for all gender variant folks. SFZ


project gathers 1,138 [ Our stories in support of marriage equality and family justice as a creative vehicle for leadership development, public education, and inter-community alliance building. Be part of the connection between LGBTQI families, marriage equality movements, and the struggles of immigrants, communities of color, multi-racial families, seniors, youth, and disabled communities. SFZ


We offer deaf, deafened, deaf-blind, and hard-ofhearing attendees a chance to celebrate their Pride together. Our tent is located near the Main Stage and provides a place to socialize, enjoy the entertainment, and exchange information regarding accessibility for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people. SFZ SLI

Space u Elder New Leaf Outreach to Elders serves LGBT seniors 55 and older and disabled 18 and older, while Openhouse offers housing, services and a community to LGBT seniors. Stop by the Elders Space to learn more about these organizations and talk with other LGBT seniors. SFZ



Shangri-La and Club Dragon present LGBT performers, dance groups, personalities such as Singapore Idol finalist, Justin Jap, Freeplay Dance Crew, Rice Rockettes and many more! Hosted by Community Icon, Tita Aida, the 6 ½ showcase is a spectacle to see! Free confidential and anonymous HIV testing to A&PI high risk populations.

Pavilion p HIV HIV positive? Want to ask

questions? Want information on safe sex? Want a place simply to rest and rejuvenate? Then come to the HIV Pavilion. We have food, water, educational materials, and people for you to talk to. Come and rest awhile, come join us. SFZ

Queer Youth Space ] Hosted by Larkin Street Youth Services, we will be located right on Civic Center square. Join us and learn about our Youth Programs, grab a snack, something to drink, or just chill out with other Queer youth. Hosting free confidential HIV testing all

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Asian & Pacific Islander Community Stage & Pavilion


Bearracuda Bear Garden

We are the heavy petting zoo for bears, cubs, otters and other wildlife at Pride. We’re the West Coast’s largest-attended bear night, with an emphasis on friendly, furry guys. Special guest DJs spins all day, so come on down for dancing, beard rubs and hugs. SFZ

Box 6 Beat Beatbox Events brings

the hottest DJ’s from The Bay and beyond. Please welcome New York club promoter and Electroclash pioneer Larry Tee. Closer to home, our very own, internationally acclaimed, House hero David Harness returns to work his magic. or SFPrideDanceArena on Facebook.

exhibit of the lives of LGBT elders ages 58 to 85. These life-size canvas scrolls featuring photographs and life-story excerpts will be exhibited in the Elder Space. The project was funded in part by the California Council for the Humanities’ California Stories Initiative. SFZ

Alley 9 Leather Do you think leather is hot? Curious about SM? Kinky? Got a fetish? Over 21? Join us in our first Leather Carnival. Meet experienced players to learn about leather. Attend hands-on demonstrations. Learn about leather clubs and vendors in the area. Leather Alley is a project of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. SLI

Cusick Clean 0 Dan and Sober Space

The Castro Country Club provides a clean, sober, and safe space at this year’s Pride. Located in the front plaza of Hastings Law School at 200 McAllister at Hyde, we offer a large space to sit and have a cup of coffee with pastry, and decompress from the crowd. We will help facilitate nearby 12-step meetings.

= Faerie Freedom Village

The Radical Faeries offer an oasis of spirituality, art, music, love, a commercialfree, chill-out zone with live cabaret, performance art, deejays, visual art, magic, rituals, transformations, and transfigurations. Relax and connect with one another and with nature, in the special ways of faeries. Bring things to share: food, drink, art, drums, drag, an open heart, and an open mind. SFZ

Hip Hop 8 Homo Homo Hip Hop will continue

Pride’s recognition of the LGBT presence in the local and international communities of independent hip-hop artists and club deejays. We will feature local queer and allied deejays to encourage visibility in the Bay Area and beyond.

3 Steamworks Latin Stage

Club Papi and Granda Entertainment are back again to produce the 13th Annual Steamworks Latin Pride Dance Stage. Enjoy the West Coast’s number-one deejays and America’s top Latin go-go dancers, the Papi Boyz! www.clubpapi. com or www.myspace. com/ciubpapi01. SLI

Lavender y The Scrolls Project

We bring you The Lavender Scrolls Project, a visual


The LGBT Collaborative Family Garden

We offer a safe, fun space with arts and crafts, games, face painting, and resources for children, youth, and their LGBTQ parents/caregivers. The LGBT Family Collaborative is a coalition between Our Family Coalition, COLAGE, and the SF LGBT Community Center. To march with the LGBTQ family parade contingent, please contact Julia Po at julia@ourfamily. org. SFZ

- NectArena Women’s Stage

Our 10th anniversary is a “spectacular must see event.” NectArena is a message to the world that women need venues to contribute to the diverse landscape of our community. Live musical performances, dancers, entertainers, and DJs representing an array of musical genres. We conclude with a full on block party. Join thousands of women coming together for one cause... PRIDE! SLI

Stage w Shadowplay We are Pride’s indie dance

oasis. DJ Donimo and guests spin the latest indie, electro, and discopunk remixes, plus alternative classics ranging from seventies glam and punk, to eighties new wave, no wave, and post-punk, to nineties riot grrrl. It’s the place at Pride for indie boys and grrrls, punks, goths,

mods and rockers, prisoners of the eighties, and other music fanatics.

of Pride African 2 Soul Diaspora Stage & Village

Welcome to Soul of Pride 10th year anniversary, the largest African Diaspora stage event for San Francisco Pride! Our stage lineup includes YOYO, Kimberly Jackson, Dana Ryan, The Satisfaction, drummers, legendary drag queens, and guest performers. Soul of Pride events will be posted on Facebook. sfsoulpride@

r Sundance Country-Western Dance Corral

Whether it’s two-step, line dance, waltz, or swing, country western dancing is popular in the queer community all around the world. Today’s country dancing is fun, romantic, wild, sexy, and free-spirited. The country-western dance floor is produced by the Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing, an all volunteer, nonprofit organization that promotes country-western dancing in the gay and lesbian community.

Block 4 Swing Dancing, bands, contests

and lessons! SF’s premier Queer Ballroom studio sponsors the Queer Jitterbugs Swing block! Streetswing with fun and easy lessons with no partner or experience needed by this all-volunteer nonprofit group—it’s worth swinging by!

Tantra 7 The Underground Dance Music Stage

A showcase of San Francisco underground electronic dance music is brought to you by the crew who rocked Pink Saturday, Castro Halloween, and Lovefest SF. The Tantra stage will bring you NRG and break-beats, building up to a peak of high energy trance. If you are looking for the tribal trance dance experience, check us out.

SFZ = Smoke-Free Zone SLI = Sign Language Interpreters

features Frameline’s lgbt screen gems

a film festival for

the REST of us From bears on vacation to bisexuals in love, from triad families to Sisters wearing glitter, Frameline’s film festival has something for everyone. For the past 34 years, this remarkable organization has been raising the bar on film culture, and is widely considered to be the best LGBT film festival in the world. Here are just some of the amazing works you’ll see, at theaters around the Bay Area from June 17 – 27. Visit for details.


Beyond BeyondGay: Gay:The ThePolitics PoliticsofofPride Pride

A quirky group of fuzzy, funny friends is getting ready for the annual summer celebration of bears, but plans keep getting turned upside down. It’s a hairy Sex in the City — with hot bear-on-bear action!

> > >isSF Pride co-presents this film! What Pride? Protest, parade, political action or celebration? This rousing documentary takes Vancouver Pride orgaWhat is Pride? Protest, parade, political action orparade celebration? nizer Coolen on an eye-opening tour of wildly Pride This Ken rousing documentary takes Vancouver Pride varying parade organizer events aroundonthe Ken Coolen anglobe. eye-opening tour of wildly varying Pride events

Saturday June 26, 8:30 pm, Castro Theatre

Beautiful Darling: the Life and Times of Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar

Wednesday June 23, 7 pm, Castro Theatre Transgender pioneer Candy Darling was a queen among muses, inspiring Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and Richard Avedon, among others. This hypnotically engaging film explores the universal question her life poses: Does anyone see me for who I really am?

Sunday SundayJune June20, 20,11 11am, am,Victoria VictoriaTheatre Theatre

around the globe.

Bi Request

Friday June 18, 9:30 pm, Roxie Theatre Can a bromance turn to romance? Can buying Prince tickets lead to a crisis of identity? Anything is possible in these short films, where bold desires, not ambivalent curiosities, drive unforgettable characters to take high stakes action.

Candy Darling and Andy Warhol in BEAUTIFUL DARLING insidepride 2010 • 43

Elvis & Madona

Plan B

A working-class transwoman with ambitious plans for her cabaret career and a bourgeoisie dyke photographer who wants to change the world eat up the streets of Copacabana with their passionate affair.

Thursday June 24, 6:30 pm Victoria Theatre

Saturday June 19, 4 pm Castro Theatre

Monday June 21, 9:30 pm Elmwood Theatre

spring fever


Friday June 25, 9:30 pm Castro Theatre

The Queer X Show

Sunday June 20, 9:30 pm Victoria Theatre

Centered on the complicated, tender relationship between a pregnant woman and a gay man, Frameline Award-winner François Ozon’s lean, elegant film explores the intricacies of family history — and shows how love can transcend labels, boundaries and bloodlines.

Mother Earth

mother earth

Tuesday June 22, 7 pm Victoria Theatre

Latino queers honor their chosen family and community in these two powerful films about a lesbian’s unorthodox family in Mexico and a closely-knit group of transwomen who band together to weather a tragedy.

Since their inception to combat HIV and AIDS, the infamous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have established missions all over the world with glitter, wit and charity. Come explore the Sisterhood in Berlin, San Francisco and Montevideo, in Uruguay. elvis and madona


Set in the damp, moody springtime of Nanjing, this Peyton Place-meets-Jules et Jim drama follows the clandestine gay and bisexual trysts of five young people in this impressionistic look at modern life in urban China.

Undertow undertow

Friday June 18, 9:30 pm Victoria Theatre This striking, experimental feature follows a couple transforming themselves into each other, an androgynous beauty looking for love, and a gay man whose trans boyfriend is pregnant, as they struggle to carve out new relationships and forms of identity. 44 • insidepride 2010

Spring Fever

Thursday June 24, 9:30 pm Castro Theatre

Sunday June 20, 11 am Roxie Theatre

An engaging documentary featuring an intimate conversation between two female radical activists, Angela Davis and Yuri Kochiyama, on their work and on why they became passionate about justice. Illuminated with rarely seen photography and footage of 20th century social movements.

Part road trip, part docuporno, Too Much Pussy is the scantily-clad adventure of seven women who embark on a sexpositive performance tour of Europe’s nightclubs. Sex on Wheels is a living history bike tour of local queer sex workers.

The Sisters

Saturday June 26, 7 pm Roxie Theatre

Mountains That Take Wing: Angela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama A Conversation on Life, Struggles & Liberation

After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Bruno decides he will do anything to get her back — even pretend to have a crush on her new, reportedly bisexual boyfriend. But what if he falls in love for real?

Tuesday June 22, 7 pm Castro Theatre Set on the stunning coast of Peru, this bittersweet Sundance award–winner portrays all members of a bisexual — and otherworldly — love triangle: a macho church leader, his devoted wife and his male lover, as they struggle with a fateful accident.

All photos courtesy of Framenline

mountains that take wing

40 and fabulous




1998 SF PRIDE POSTER insidepride 2010 • 45

features official pride events all month long

now that’s

entertainment Throughout June Art Circus: Hands-on arts and

crafts activities for young children. Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm & Saturdays 11:30am-12:30pm. Free. SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market, 415-865-5639.

Story time with Jumpstart: A

different book each week followed by an arts activity for young children. Monday-Thursday 5:30-7:30pm, Fridays (6/11-6/25) 10am-12pm, Saturdays 9:30-11:30, Free, SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market, 415-865-5639.

More Glitter - Less Bitter, The Photography of Daniel Nicoletta, 1975 – Present: A poignant romp

through Dan Nicoletta’s documentations of San Francisco’s LGBT communities. Reception June 4, 6pm-8pm. Exhibit through July 10. Free. Electric Works Gallery, 130 8th St.,, 415-626-5496.

BATS Improv: Unique storytelling-

based improvisational theatre. 8pm Fridays & Saturdays, $20 at door, $17 online. Bay Front Theater, Fort Mason Center, Bldg B, Ste 350,, 415-474-6776.

Generations HIV Story Telling Booth: Booth that will tape video

testimonies about people’s experiences living with HIV/AIDS. Mon-Wed 1-7pm, Thurs-Sat 2-8pm, Sun 1-7pm. June 17-30, Under One Roof, 518 Castro,, 917-371-8890.

May 29 AAL 40 Plus - A Spring Affair:

20 year anniversary dinner and dance. 7-11pm, $35 advance tickets only. Lake Merritt Area, Oakland, 510-306-3384.

May 30 Dance Benefit for Pride Swing Floor!: Help raise funds for a swing

floor at Pride and Fillmore Jazz Festival. 7-9:30pm, $5-$15, Live Art Gallery, 151 Potrero,, 415-305-8242.

46 • insidepride 2010

NAO BUSTAMANTE - Radar Superstar

(Photo by Eleanor Goldsmith)

June 2 Radar Superstar: Celebrate seven years of queer, avant-garde literary spectacle at RADAR’s Queer Arts Fest extravaganza. 6pm, Free, SF Public Library Main Branch Koret Auditorium, 100 Larkin Street, 415-341-2859, June 3

BILICIOUS - Showcase Performers

Krip Salon: Third open mic with

Poppadino featuring queer disabled performers. 7-9pm, $10-$20. No one turned away. LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market,, 510-223-9034.

Glam Ladies Night @ Medjool:

Ladies event with music, food, and drinks. 7-11pm, Free, Medjool, 2522 Mission Street,, 415-503-1375.

June 4 SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: Dancing athletic boys

and exciting choreography. 8pm, $20, The Garage, 975 Howard,, 415-518-1517.

Bilicious: Third annual showcase of bisexual comedy, music, film, poetry, and dance. 7:30pm, $12-$20 BPT, SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market,, 415-251-9935.

Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance: A Night of BullDaggers, Sissies and Food: Step back into history, through the doors of a 1920’s Harlem Speakeasy. 8pm, $12-$20 BTP, African American Arts & Culture Complex, 762 Fulton St., 415-251-9935.

Pride lives.

LGBT Family Playgroup: Structured activities and circle time for parents with their infants and toddlers building community with other LGBT families. 10am-12pm, Free, SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market St.,, 415-865-5639. June 5 SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info. Chronotopia: The Past, Present and

Future of Queer Histories: The National Queer Arts Festival’s annual visual arts exhibit. 3pm, Free, SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St., 415-251-9935.

Puppy Love: A Stripper’s Tail: New college graduate Bridget is hired as a stripper at Déjà Vu in Ypsilanti, MI. 8pm, $12-$20 BPT, African American Arts & Culture Complex, 762 Fulton St.,, 415-341-2859.

“Life’s a Drag” Visual Art Exhibit:

Femina Potens offers a peep show of voyeuristic passage into the art of drag culture. Opening Reception 7-10pm Exhibit through June, Free, Femina Potens Art Gallery, 2199 Market, 415-864-1558

Forever Never Comes: A PsychoSouthern Queer Country Dance Tragedy. 8pm, $15-$30, The Boxcar Playhouse, 505 Natoma St.,, 415-255-7846. Even More Glitter: GLBT Histori-

cal Society Benefit featuring a gallery talk by photographer Daniel Nicoletta. 6pm-9pm, $100, Electric Works Gallery, 130 8th St.,, 415-626-5496,

Sexy City Tour with Carol Queen & Betty’s List: The sights and secrets

of sexuality in San Francisco, from historic times to present day. 12-3pm, Catch Restaurant, 2362 Market Street,, 415-503-1375.

50 • insidepride 2010

June 6 Fabledasp Presents Avotcja & Modupue-Avotcja: Poet and musi-

cian with the Bay Area Blues Society’s Hall of Fame Jazz Group of the Year perform for Fabledasp benefit. 7-9pm, $15-$25. No one turned away, Berkeley Center, 1901 Hearst Ave, Berkeley,, 510-223-9034.

Flabulous 2 : Fatter than Ever!:

The second live performance productions by Kentucky Fried Woman and Jay Walker featuring fat queers and their allies. 7pm, $12-$20 BPT, AACCC, 762 Fulton St.,, 415-251-9935.

WETbar “come as you are”: The premier women’s party held at the hottest gay-owned and operated club in the East Bay. 5-10pm, $8 before 6pm; $10 after 6pm, The NEW Bench and Bar, 510 17th St., Oakland, Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for more information.

Coochielicious/ The Explosion:

Funkalicious, an exhilarating show for the beautiful LGBTQ Community, celebrating fantastic music from the 70’s and 80’s. 9pm-12am, $8 before 11pm, $10 after, Club 21, 2111 Franklin St., Oakland,

June 7 Pride Dance Routine: Beginners Pride Swing Routine with Queer Jitterbugs. 7-8pm and 8-9pm, $10 drop in if calling ahead, Inside Live Art Gallery, 151 Potrero Ave,, 415-305-8242.

Wine Time: Wine and food pairings

June 8

June 9

Fabledasp Celebrate 40 years of activ-

Old School: Writers Unearth and

ist lesbians with disabilites and 40 years of SF Pride with past Community Grand Marshals. Stories and artifacts will be on display at the San Francisco Public Library in Fabled Asp’s Fall Exhibition. 6-7:30pm, SF Public Library, 100 Larkin St.,, 510-223-9034.

Re-imagine the Lives and Legacies of Queers Gone By: Twelve literary performers re-interpret and re-imagine living gay back in the day. 6pm, Free, SF Public Library Main Branch, Ground Level, 100 Larkin St., info@radarproductions, 415-341-2859.

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

with special guests to introduce wines from local and international wineries. 6-8pm, $25, 2223 Restaurant, 2223 Market Street,, 415-503-1375.

June 10 Colage 20th Anniversary Party:

Silent auction, entertainment, cocktails, buffet, and delicious treats honoring Kate Kendell and NCLR, James C. Hormel, and Marina Gatto. 6:15pm Reception 7-10pm Party, $20-$150, The Hamm’s Building, 1550 Bryant St.,, 415-861-5437.

Gay–Related: “We Were There”

short documentary examining the lesbian response to AIDS among gay men in the 1980’s. 6pm, $5, AACCC, 762 Fulton St.,, 415-251-9935.

Golden Gate Business Association’s Pride Business Expo: Large LGBT trade show with

over 75 exhibitors from local to leading LGBT-supporting businesses. 5-8pm, $5 suggested donation, Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market St.,, 415-362-GGBA (4422).

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

Glam Ladies Night @ Medjool: See June 3 for more information.

June 11 Submerged Queer Spaces: Music and Architectural Remains: Live concert and cinematic presentation exploring redeveloped spaces that were once gathering spots of San Francisco’s queer community. 7:30pm, $12-$20 BTP, AACCC, 762 Fulton St.,, 415-251-9935.

VAGINA JENKINS in Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance.

insidepride 2010 • 51

801 Panoramic Hwy, Mill Valley,, 415-383-1100,

Tease - Mega Party for Women:

A sexy afternoon affair which speaks to a diverse group of women from all over the Bay with a variety of music. 3-9pm, $5 before 5pm - $8 after 5pm, Club Trigger, 2344 Market,

The Giant Race- Half Marathon/ Plate to Plate 5K: “Run with Pride”

for Project Open Hand. 8am, AT&T Park, 24 Willie Mays Plaza,, 415-447-2316.

6th Annual Queer Woman of Color Film Festival: See June 11 for more information.

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

DIRTSTAR 2010 - Nightsoil

6th Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival: Showcase of

films that transform history, shatter warped myths, and drum with ancestral rhythms. Various Event Times - check website, Free, Brava Theater, 2789 24th St.,, 415-752-0868.

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info.

for more information.

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

June 12 Mountain Play Presents “Guys and Dolls” - A Day OUT-Doors at the Theatre: High quality performance

of a golden age Broadway musical. 11am, $36 regular - $24 senior - $21 junior, Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre,

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info. Queer Salsa and Swing Dance:

Free Queer Ballroom Party and workshop. 7–9:30pm, Magnet, 4122 18th Street at Castro,, 415-305-8242.

JOSH KLIPP in Third Person...

(Photo by Eleanor Goldsmith)

Betty’s List White Water Rafting Trip: Two days of whitewater rafting

The SF City Poetry Slam & Experimental Mic-DRAG SLAM:

Poetry slam competition for Queens, Kings & Slammers. 7-10pm, $10, Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory, 1519 Mission St.,, 510-227-9322.

Dirtstar 2010 – Nightsoil: An open air night market in a parallel future where farmers, chefs, and storytellers gather. 6-9pm, $12-$20 BPT, AACCC, 762 Fulton St.,, 415-251-9935.

June 13

3rd Annual Contra Costa County LGBTQ Pride Picnic + BBQ: A day

6th Annual Queer Woman of Color Film Festival: See June 12 for

for women from all over the country. All Day, $327 per Person, South Fork American River,, 415-503-1375.

THE REMEDY- The Unity Party:

An official fundraiser for the Soul of Pride Youth float featuring DJ Ryan plus other DJ’s and performers. 9pm-2am, $10-$20 sliding scale, Paradise Lounge, 1501 Folsom St.,, 510-529-5965.

54 • insidepride 2010

to honor your friends and family members who support and embrace your diversity, love, and pride. 1-5pm, Adult $10 in advance - $15 at event - Kids (12 and under) $5, Heather Farm Park, 1750 Heather Drive, Walnut Creek, pride@ 925-692-0090.

more information.

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info. Dance Benefit for Pride Swing Floor!: See May 30 for more info.

Connection. connection your business thrives on it

June 14 Pride Dance Routine: Beginners Pride Swing Routine with Queer Jitterbugs. 7-8pm and 8-9pm, $10 drop in if calling ahead, Inside Live Art Gallery, 151 Potrero Ave,, 415-305-8242. June 15

your future depends on it

Annual Gay Pride Celebration at the North Berkeley Senior Center:

LGBT Coming Out Again Group with entertainment, food, fun and a free raffle. 1:30-4pm, Free, North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Ave, Berkeley, 510-981-5190.

June 16 Old School: See June 9 for more


AMOS & ROCCO in A Spot of T

Third Person: (When the) LGB (f***s the) T (and how to make love instead): An in-your-face, multi-

media look at how the LGB treats and has treated the T through- out history. 8pm, $12-$20 BPT, The Garage, 975 Howard,, 415-251-9935.

Membership in the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce gives you access to exclusive events, programs, marketing tools and invaluable networking opportunities. Chamber members are as diverse as the city itself. Be a part of that diversity. For more information about membership, visit our website at or contact Maureen McEvoy at 415-352-8834.

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

Generations HIV Story Telling Booth: Opening night party for booth that will tape video testimonies about people’s experiences living with HIV/ AIDS. Hours 6–8pm, Free, Under One Roof, 518 Castro Street,, 917-371-8890.

Betty’s List Literary Salon/Book Club: Local authors talk about their books and experiences. 6-8pm, Free, Duboce Park Cafe, 2 Sanchez,, 415-503-1375.

56 • insidepride 2010

June 17 An Early Sunset Cruise: Cruise

aboard the Commodore Fume Blanc party boat celebrating Tenderloin Health’s 20 years of service to the Tenderloin community. 6-9pm (Boarding begins at 5:45pm), $125, Commodore Fume Blanc, Pier 40, South Harbor,, 415-437-2900.

borderOUT: From stilt walking acrobats to gender bending llaneras and border crossing rancheras, artists tell their stories through spoken word, music, dance, and theatre. 8pm, $5-$15 BPT, AACCC, 762 Fulton St.,, 415-251-9935. Garage All-Stars @ Supperclub:

All-night pre-Pride party benefiting queer performance artists. 8pm, $5, Supperclub, 657 Harrison St,, 415-518-1517.

Third Person: (When the) LGB (f***s the) T (and how to make love instead): See June 16 for more information.

Fresh Meat Festival: The nation’s

finest transgender and queer artists performing hip hop, theatre, clogging, modern dance, and more. 8pm, $15-$20, Z Space @ Theatre Artaud, 450 Florida St. b/t 17th St. and Mariposa.

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

Glam Ladies Night @ Medjool:


See June 5 for more information.

June 18 Little Prints: Queer Youth Take on the

Universe: Eleven twenty-something artists leave their prints on the world. 6pm, Free, SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market St.,, 415-251-9935.

LGBT Family Playgroup: Structured

activities and circle time for parents with their infants and toddlers building community with other LGBT families. 10am-12pm, Free, SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market St.,, 415-865-5639.

Fresh Meat Festival: See June 17 for more information.

Rally the Troupes 6: A night of savvy political and sexy queer performance: Drew Montana joins forces with Kentucky Fried Woman to round up an eclectic mix of drag kings, queens, and burlesque artists. 9pm, $12-$20 BTP, SOMArts, 934 Brannan St.,, 415-251-9935. Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info.

June 19 San Francisco LGBT Center’s 5th Annual Pride Party 2010: Center

wide event to kick off Pride week with margaritas on the deck, visual arts showcase, and children’s activities. 1-4pm, $25, SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market St.,, 415-865-5555.

BARS 2nd Annual Summer Concert: Bay Area Rainbow Symphony

presents a summer concert as a part of their LGBTQ Performing Artist & Composer series. 8-11:30pm, $15-$30, SF Conservatory of Music, 50 Oak St.,, 415-57-VIOLA

It’s That Easy! With Terry VanWeen! The revolutionary slideshow that will change your world: Motivational speaker/personal coach Terry VanWeen presents his globally recognized seminar. 7:30pm, $12-$20 BPT, SF LGBT Center - 4th Floor, 1800 Market St.,, 415-251-9935.

Rally the Troupes 6: See June 18 for

more information.

Supperclub’s Pride Benefit Kickoff Party: Pride kickoff party benefiting

the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk for a cure for breast cancer. 9:30pm-3am, $5 w/rsvp to, before 11pm - $10 after 11pm, Supperclub, 657 Harrison St.,, 415-348-0899.

Fresh Meat Festival: See June 17 for more information.

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info. June 20 Afterglow “for women who love women”: Go-go dancers, Master

DJs Luna and Olga T, plus an in-house chef cooking on the large outside patio. 4-10pm, $5 before 7-$10 after, BRIX, 349 1st. St., San Jose,

Debauchery! A Strip Club for Queer of all gender: A monthly

queer burlesque show fundraiser in the East Bay. 8pm, $5-$15 sliding scale, The White Horse Inn, Telegraph Ave, Oakland,

June 22 Sizzle, Award Winning Literature Series with Jack Halberstam: Teaser of gender bending performances of literature and performance art with Drag Tease. 8pm, $10-$15 sliding scale, Femina Potens Art Gallery, 2199 Market St.,, 415-864-1558.

In Sickness and in Health: Untold Stories of Queer Best: Best friend pairs across race, gender, and age boundaries take the stage and tell their stories. 7:30pm, $12-$20, BPT, SF LGBT Center - 2nd Floor, 1800 Market St.,, 415-251-9935.

June 23 Boy, Girl: HomoEvolution Tour: A

queer music event headlined by Foxxjazell. 9pm–late, $8, El Rio, 3158 Mission St.,, 323-510-1445.

outLoud Radio: Queer Youth Making Waves: A radio show recorded live in front of a theater audience hosted by LGBT youth and allies. 8pm, $7-$20 sliding scale, Counter PULSE, 1310 Mission St.,, 415-658-6010. Old School: See June 9 for more


My Body Loves Story: See Dominika Bednarska perform excerpts of her solo show. 8pm, The Garage, 975 Howard St.,, 510-223-9034.

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.

Fresh Meat Festival: See June 17 for more information.

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info.

insidepride 2010 • 58

June 24

$25; Preferred Seating $30; Preferred Seating with parking $40, Mission High School, 3750 18th St. at Dolores,, 800-838-3006.

Good Vibrations Art Opening and reception with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens: Legendary sex

Shangri-la @ the Endup: The

positive activists, artists, and performers. 6-8pm, Free, Good Vibrations, Polk Street Gallery, 1620 Polk St., camillal@, 415-345-0400.

premier dance party for the Asian and Pacific Islander LGBT communities of the Bay Area. 10pm-6am, The Endup Club, 401 6th Street, 415-646-0999

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

A&PI Pride Kick-off Party: Food,

for more information.

refreshments, and showcase to get the community excited about Pride. 6-9 pm, Free, A&PI Wellness Center Office, 730 Polk St. 4 fl.,, 415-292-3420.

Original Plumbing Productions Presents: A Spot of T: Groundbreak-

BEVIN in Flabulous 2

ing all-transmale cabaret. 8pm, $12-$20 BPT, AACCC, 762 Fulton,, 415-251-9935.

Glam Ladies Night @ Medjool:

My Body Loves Story: See June 23

See June 5 for more information.

for more information.

June 25

The 32nd Annual Pride Concert: The Sound of Fabulous: A Lesbian/ Gay Chorus of San Francisco and San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band concert. 8pm, General Seating - $15-

3rd Annual Two Spirit Wellness Gathering: A gathering at SF Pride to

advance the physical, mental, and spiri-

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7x7 is the essential lifestyle resource for San Franciscans who seek an insider’s point of view on the city’s culture, style, fashion, restaurants, nightlife and events.


What City Do You Look Best In?

THE0 201 2010

the akers tasteM

your daily

guide to the best of the city




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guide your daily of to the best the city




JUNE 2010

cisc)o n franan d waffles thisd isthissa is chicken

tual well-being of our community. 10am -4pm, Free, War Memorial Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness Ave., joan.benoit@, 415-431-6227.

Art Attack w/DJ LadyKier and Pepperspray Reunion: A queer

Chunkhouse/ Bearracuda:

Chunkhouse is an aggressive, masculine sound described as “muscle house” bringing everybody to the floor and upstairs is Bearracuda, the West Coast’s most popular bear night. 9pm-3am, $15 advance - $20 at door, DNA Lounge, 375 11th St.,, 415-626-1409.

experimental night club with a DJ, drag rock band, multi-media performers, and art installations. 9:30pm-2am, $10 Limited presale, Supperclub, 657 Harrison St.,, 415-348-0900.

for more information.

BibiSF/Gay Middle Eastern, North African Mega Pride Party:

KONIG (King of boylesque pageant): A “no holds barred” bur-

Forever Never Comes: See June 5

An all out, non-stop, hip shakin’ party with special performances all night long. 9pm–late, $15-$20, Club Paradise Lounge, 1501 Folsom St.,

lesquing of traditional beauty pageants bringing together eight of the top male performers from around the nation. 8pm, $15-$20 BPT, AACCC, 762 Fulton,, 415-251-9935.

The 32nd Annual Pride Concert:

Lollipop: The premiere event destination for lesbians coming to experience San Francisco Pride with the hottest DJ’s and special guests. 9pm-3am, Sound Factory, 525 Harrison St., 510-621-3553.

See June 24 for more information.

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info.

Marga and The Bad Boys: The funniest, queeriest, dirtiest, and most controversial stand-up comedy show ever. 8pm, $15-$20 BPT, SF LGBT Center, 1800 Market St., qccfestival@gmail. com 415-251-9935. U*NI*TY...Together We Are ONE:

Entertainment from the second you walk through the front door. Performances by Alden Schell, Room One & Heather Combs, San Francisco’s hottest DJs. 9pm-2am, $30 with 5% of proceeds going to SF Pride & 5% of the proceeds foing to F.O.B., 111 Minna Gallery, 111 Minna St., 415-974-1719.

SF Gay Pride Comedy Festival: A

gay comedy stand-up showcase. 8pm, $15, The Comedy Club at Castagnola’s, 286 Jefferson Street 2nd floor,, 503-804-5734.

June 26 12th Annual Pride Brunch Benefiting Positive Resource Center: Donna Sachet and Gary

Virginia offer an elegant and spirited opportunity to mingle with this year’s Grand Marshals of the SF Pride Parade. 11am-2pm, $75 each - $100 VIP, Hotel Whitcomb Ballroom, 1231 Market St.,, 415-695-1942.

Butterfly Production Pride 2010:

MO’BUTTA’s 5th Anniversary Pride event for womyn of color. 10pm-3:30am, $15 advance - $20 at door, Club Mighty, 119 Utah St.,, 510-412-7152.

Cockblock: San Francisco’s most homolicious dance party for lezzies, lovers, and friends. 9pm-2am, $20, The Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St.,, 415-685-3288.


Forever Never Comes: See June 5

for more information.


An advanced degree for women at a pivotal crossroads in their lives, people asking themselves, “How can I create a more meaningful life that is in alignment with who I am? ” • Study women’s philosophy, psychology, mythology, and social movements. We are working with brand new archetypes drawn from ancient Mesopotamian literature: Lover, Priestess, Warrior, and Androgyne. • Ritual, creative expression, and social change in a community-oriented academic context. • Low residency: Classes meet one week-end a month • Accomplished faculty: Poets, activists, scholars, including Judy Grahn, author of Another Mother Tongue: Gay Words, Gay Worlds.

Ph: 650.493.4430 Web: Email:

Friends of the Pink Triangle:

Installation & Commemoration of Pink Triangle: Installation of gigantic pink triangle on Twin Peaks to educate others to what can happen when hatred and bigotry become law. 7am-10am, Commemoration 10:30am, Free, Top of Twin Peaks St.,, 415-247-1100.

San Francisco Dyke March Dyke Planet / Green Planet:

Presenting our diverse dyke culture with a radical political edge, and marching through the Mission and Castro, over 50,000 strong. 3pm Rally; 7pm March, Dolores Park, Dolores & 18th St.,

Good Vibrations’ Pink Pleasure Party: Dip yourself in honey and come

to your prime destination before, during, and after the Dyke March. 8-10 pm, Free, Good Vibrations Valencia Street, 603 Valencia,, 415-522-5460.

Sundance Saloon Pre-Pride Country-Western Dance: Two-

steppin’ and line-dancin’ in the company of hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls. 8pm–Midnight, $10, Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market St. at 8th St, 415-820-1403,

The Disco - San Francisco: Sexy,

Red and White Fleet’s Pride Cruise: A specialty evening bay cruise

with twilight views of San Francisco. 8pm, $68, Red and White Fleet, Pier 43 1/2, Fisherman’s Wharf,, 415-673-2900.

June 27

prideful, shake your booty, late night sounds in the land of DISCO CHERRY. 10pm-5am $50 retail/online; $60 at door; $20 after 2am, Mezzanine, 444 Jessie St.,, 415-269-7391.

Laugh Out Loud Comedy Show:

The San Francisco Men’s Spanking Party: An 18+ older male

Les Beaux - Une Soiree Pour Les Femmes: A nouveau dance party and

only event for guys into Spanking and Spanking Fantasies. 1pm-6pm, $20 half price discount with Students or Military ID, The Power Exchange, 220 Jones St.,, 415-864-2766,

SF Moving Men Present Dancing @ the Garage: See June 4 for info.

San Francisco’s edgiest comics at the Whitehorse Inn. 8pm-10pm, $5, Whitehorse Inn, 6551 Telegraph Ave, Oakland,, 510-851-2229.

popular afternoon event for women. 3pm-10pm, $10, SOM. 2925 Mission,, 415-685-3288.

MASSIVE: 2nd Annual San Francisco Pride celebration for Bears, Chubs, Cubs, and Chasers. 6pm–Midnight, $5 till 8pm - $10 after 8pm, MIST, 316 11th St.,

“The Table of Grace” A Service of Holy Communion:

A service of Holy Communion and a witness to God’s inclusive love. 9:30am, Free, In the HIV Pavilion,, 415-305-2124.

Sundance Saloon After Pride Country-Western Dance: Dance

‘til you drop at this enormously popular After-Pride celebration. 6-11pm, $5, Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market St. at 8th St.,, 415-820-1403.

Red and White Fleet’s Pride Cruise: See June 26 for more info.


September 18

June 30

Asian & Pacific Islander Family Pride “Public Recognition of Private Courage”: Asian & Pacific

Smart Women Business Networking: Business owners from

all fields get together to exchange ideas and expand their businesses and client base. 5:30-7:30pm, $10 for Non-Members, Catch Restaurant, 2362 Market Street,, 415-503-1375.

Islander Family Pride’s 7th annual family presentation banquet honoring individual A & PI families. 11am-3pm, $40-$45, Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market St.,, 510-818-0887.

July 2 Left of Oz, Dorothy Comes Out!: A lez-queer musical comedy. 8pm, Fridays Saturdays and Sundays through July 18th, $25 General Seating $50 VIP, The Ashby Stage, 1901 Ashby Ave, Berkeley,, 510-236-1930.


insidepride 2010 • 63

40 and fabulous



features A native perspective

TWO spirits, two STORIES Traditionally, the third gender found in many North American indigenous groups played important roles in their communities. Below are two accounts from key members in the Two Spirit community.



I was born in Reno, Nevada in 1955 to full blood Northern Paiute parents. In high school I was selected to spend the summer at the University of Nevada in a program for low-income students. Eventually I transferred to San Francisco State University.

Being Chiricahua Apache and Mexican and identifying as Two Spirit, self-acceptance has been a long journey, one that included not only coming out of the closet but also reclaiming a culture. Growing up in the 70’s, people either romanticized or stereotyped Native Americans. It was also hard to fit in the categories of gay or straight. But 12 years ago, all that changed. Learning that many Native American Tribes before colonization accepted multiple genders gave me my first taste of Pride. I became involved with the Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits and helped my community remember our history.

Before moving to the Bay Area, I had never seen so many queer Native Americans in one place. I felt safe here. And in 1975 I co-founded Gay American Indians (GAI). GAI provided an environment for queer Native Americans to socialize and share our rich history. As I look back on my life, I realize we must truly embrace and celebrate cultural diversity. Sharing our knowledge with the younger generation helps them pick up that tribal warrior shield and move our community forward. Randy T. Burns Co-founder of Gay American Indians

My partner of 12 years and I are one of the 18,000 legally married same-sex couples in California. Others were not so lucky. R ​ eacting to Prop. 8, I became the Native American Outreach Director for Marriage Equality USA and produced a documentary. “Traditional Indigenous Values” reflects on the historical acceptance of two spirit people, the effects of colonization, and Prop. 8. The screening debut will take place on June 12 at the Brava Theater in San Francisco. Ruth Villasenor

Documentary Film Producer

Ruth Villasenor and Diane Pfile. 66 • insidepride 2010

features We Are All an ‘Us’

kaiser permanente ceo

george halvorson Having diversity as a workplace value is common sense and a logical way of organizational development and structure, says George Halvorson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest nonprofit health plan and hospital system and SF Pride sponsor. “Our strategy for success is to create a sense of inclusion, to build an organizational structure where we are all an ‘us.’ It’s a total strategy built on ‘us’ rather than a sense of ‘them.’ It’s harder for someone to exclude an ‘us’ as it is to exclude a ‘them,’” said Halvorson. Halvorson believes the workplace ought to be a team, with everyone working together and taking advantage of individual strengths and perspectives. “Representation from all groups brings people together by the things that unite us not the things that divide us,” said Halvorson, whose company has more than 160,000 employees and physicians and 8.6 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia. “We put our members at the center of everything we do – by focusing on providing quality, affordable care and excellent service to our members and patients, and creating a positive work environment for our employees and physicians, we create a sense of direction, purpose and focus and are a smarter and more effective organization.”

And creating an effective workplace environment also involves creating an environment that is fair and inclusive, where all parties participate and feel heard. “Participating in SF Pride and supporting the organization with a sponsorship enables us to continue appropriate education, and perpetuate dialogue and sharing within Kaiser Permanente,” he said. “If people feel isolated they can become paranoid and it creates that environment of ‘them,’ not the environment of ‘us.’” Affinity groups, such as Kaiser Permanente’s LGBT affinity group, and the events and activities they bring the organization into, make the whole organization better, said Halvorson, who has written several books on health care reform and is currently working on a new book about racial prejudice around the world. Kaiser Permanente has been a partner and sponsor of SF Pride for more than eight years. In that time, the company has donated more than $120,000. The Human Rights Campaign has also given Kaiser Permanente its highest rating. “Our diversity anchors us all in a context of total teamwork inclusion that is making us the best health care system on the planet in a lot of important ways,” Halvorson said. “We are a work in progress, and are making progress.” Photo by Stuart Lirette

Kaiser Permanente CEO George Halvorson and member of the Kaiser Pride Committee. 68 • insidepride 2010

features ramping up access to pride

fabled asp Fabulous Activist, Bay Area Lesbians with Disabilities: A Storytelling Project, or Fabled Asp, is the beloved brainchild of Laura Rifkin, Ph.D. Rifkin, the co-creator of SF Pride’s first protocol for special needs access, founded Fabled Asp to document forty years of disabled lesbian activism and achievement. According to Dr. Rifkin, visionaries Jill Sager and Carrie Gagliardi worked with SF Pride to provide accessible seating in stage and viewing areas in the early decades of SF Pride. Then in 1984 Pride producer Diane Sabin was surprised to discover that many accessibility features commonly found at East Coast pride events were absent in San Francisco. She hired Jill Lessing to implement changes to make Pride more accessible. Two years later Lessing collaborated with Dr. Rifkin and fellow activists Patty Overland, Judith Smith, Silvia Kohan and Chris Kovacs, creating the first comprehensive special needs model for Pride. Their mission, “…to serve all populations of the GLBT community: disabled people, fat people, elderly people, people with AIDS, people with hearing or visual impairments, people with chronic or other illnesses, pregnant women, and anyone else who requires accommodations to make the Parade and Celebration more accessible.” They worked with the Police Department to secure a barricaded corridor along the Parade route. They ensured that para-transit would be available and arranged for water coolers, food, cots, umbrellas and specially trained safety monitors to be present during the Parade. These pioneering women also set about making changes with their own bare hands. As Dr. Rifkin recalled to Mary Nordseth, “…we realized if it doesn’t exist, we will create it. Nothing stopped us. If it wasn’t equitable we changed it. We changed structures and we changed attitudes.” They did this before personal computers, LEFT: Laura Rifkin and Jill Lessing, Co-founders, standardized curb-cuts, and Internet access, and all on a budComprehensive Special Needs Access Model, 1986. get of just $300. The following year Dr. Rifkin secured a $6,000 RIGHT: Laura Rifkin, Ph.D. budget from SF Pride for Special Needs Access. It represented a sea-change in SF Pride’s priorities, prompting the Mayor of San Francisco to issue a proclamation stating that these innovative and far-ranging services permanently changed the face of how San Francisco created access.

insidepride 2010 • 69

features the people who make it happen look back and plan ahead

really getting

inside pride There is a little je ne sais quoi at San Francisco Pride that is the envy of any organization: loyalty among contractors, staff and most importantly volunteers. Somehow San Francisco Pride has achieved the impossible: fierce loyalty from people decade after decade. Often these individuals serve without recognition beyond their peers. This year Pride celebrates not only 40 years, but the people who truly make Pride happen: Joe Wagenhofer, event director; James W. JULIA PO

by Heather Cassell

Hopkins, medical manager; Joseph Jelincic, co-chair of the safety committee; Julia Po, co-producer of the Pride Family Garden; and Marsha H. Levine, parade manager are just some of the many inside Pride. DIRECTING THE EVENT Wagenhofer has a “compelling urge to return each year” to San Francisco Pride. Wagenhofer has returned to Pride for nearly 20 years. During this time he has held such positions as co-chair of the float march, Board member, Board Vice President, and staff member, prior to becoming Pride’s event director in 2002. Wagenhofer, a 39-plus, gay man, marched in the parade with the Living Sober contingent for several years. After his then-partner passed away in 1991, Wagenhofer started searching for community. He became involved with SF Pride in 1993 as a volunteer. “It was a great experience,” said Wagenhofer, who enjoys creating the Pride celebration and is now mentoring Scott Shuemake, Pride’s operations manager, in the process of producing Pride. “It is important that we pass down our knowledge to the next generation so that this fabulous event can continue,” said Wagenhofer. “Not only is it important to celebrate our heritage each year, it is also important that there is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate what it means to be queer in today’s society, as well as to celebrate the diversity of our community.” Wagenhofer is also proud of the success of the beverage, exhibitor and donations programs as well as stabilizing Pride’s management. “Pride has run much smoother since 2001 when Richard Kravitz and Bill Montgomery took over as exhibitor relations managers and the following year Andy Copperhall took over as beverages manager,” said Wagenhofer. Brian Probst, a former SF Pride staff member and volun-

70 • insidepride 2010

teer, has been instrumental in the success of our donations program since 2006. “Their professional approach to running their respective areas of operation has greatly benefitted the organization and allowed me to focus on other challenges, such as redesigning the Main Stage and providing a video screen on the stage that includes an American Sign Language interpreter on a corner of the screen for participants who are deaf and hard of hearing.” He calls his greatest success pulling off Pride in nine weeks in 2002. “It always stands out as my most successful moment,” says the man who enjoys standing at 8th and Market Streets every year as Dykes on Bikes roar by. “There is so much going on with producing an event on this scale, but Joe makes it seem so effortless,” said May Briosos-Moon,

james w. hopkins

37, Pride’s waste and recycling manager - sometimes known as Trashy Lady or Garbage Mama. A straight woman who is proud to work for an organization that encourages individuals to celebrate their uniqueness, she adds “I am a better event planner because of him.”

JUST IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS... James W. Hopkins, 44, a registered nurse, answered the call for medical volunteers nearly 20 years ago. He was on vacation from Missouri, where he grew up, a place where “you don’t talk about [being] gay, it’s not accepted. Pride allowed me to come out as a gay man.” Hopkins began as a volunteer coordinator and returned each year working his way up the ladder until he became Pride’s volunteer medical manager two years ago, a year after finally moving to San Francisco. “I love my job and my profession. To me it is my way of giving back to the gay community,” says Hopkins who oversees a volunteer staff of roughly 150 medical professionals stationed throughout the two-day celebration. He also works closely with the San Francisco Fire Department and other


City emergency response teams, responding to up to 150 medical calls annually. These dedicated volunteers donate their professional experience and time. Like Hopkins, some of the medical volunteers travel from out of state to donate their time. He estimates a core of 20 out-of-state medical volunteers return to Pride regularly, if not annually. He’s always looking out for medical volunteers. Emergency medical experience is not a prerequisite as Hopkins pairs new volunteers with teams of experienced professionals. marsha levine

ENSURING YOUR SAFETY Joseph Jelincic, better known as “Safety Joey,” started volunteering for Pride in his late teens after attending his first Pride in 2001. “After 40 years of producing San Francisco Pride, the event organizers are pretty well prepared for almost anything,” said Jelincic, who is a co-chair of Pride’s safety committee. There has been only one fatality in the event’s four decades. In the 1980s a float member was run over during the Pride parade, according to Jelincic. An “organizer at heart,” Jelincic, has trained more than 1,200 volunteers as “hosts and hostesses of San Francisco Pride” during his nearly 10-year tenure. With three other safety committee co-chairs, an estimated 150 trained safety volunteers, and 1,050 contingent monitors, plus City police officers and other emergency response officials, Jelincic and his team work to keep Pride a safe and fun event. New developments add to the team’s experience. “Every year there is something that we never thought could happen,” said Jelincic, who likes interacting with the Pride participants and other volunteers as well as having a front row seat each year at the parade.“You can’t get a better seat than that!” said Jelincic

Joseph Jelincic

72 • insidepride 2010

about sitting inside the barricades during the parade. “San Francisco Pride is such a great event, and is the only one like it,” added Jelincic, who wouldn’t miss working with the Pride people for anything. “Safety allows me to give back to the community. I get to make sure that people have a safe and enjoyable Pride.” FOR KIDS Kids’ smiling faces and happy parents in the Family Garden on Pride day are one of the joys of Julia Po’s job as one of the producers of the garden and program coordinator for Our Family Coalition, the Bay Area’s LGBTQ family organization. Po, a lesbian, first attended San Francisco Pride as a senior in college, but her deep involvement in producing an event at Pride didn’t happen until 2007, when she started working at OFC. Since then she not only co-produces the garden on Pride day, now in its seventh year, but she also hosts family gardens at other community events and festivals, such as Latin@ LGBTQ Pride, Sistahs Steppin’ in Pride, and LGBTQ Service Day at Heron’s Head Park. “Pride can be a hectic day, especially for families,” said Po, 25, who pointed out that every year more families flock to the garden due to creative outreach efforts made by OFC, COLAGE, and the San Francisco LGBT Community Center’s Kidspace. “It’s great to provide a space for them to relax, play, and get to know about all the fabulous resources we have for LGBTQ parents and/or caregivers in the Bay Area,” says Po. The garden also provides an opportunity to get the word out about the organizations’ services to LGBTQ families, an ongoing challenge throughout the year, especially when trying to reach underserved segments of the community.

PARADING DOWN MARKET “Pride is what you make it,” says Marsha Levine, Parade Manager of Pride. It is a priority in Levine’s life. She founded InterPride, the global Pride organization, in 1982 and is the former president of Boston Lesbian/Gay Pride. In 1985 Ken Jones, Pride’s president at the time, invited Levine to the City by the Bay. An openly bisexual woman and a child of the ‘60s, she packed her bags and didn’t look back. That was 25 years ago and, several Pride positions later, Levine has co-chaired the celebration, parade and the organization, been vice president of production, President of the Board, as well as a medical and safety dispatcher and safety police liaison. Levine barely has taken a break during her quarter century career with Pride. Even during 1995 to 1998, when she stepped away from Pride to focus on other projects she continued to be a “sort of consultant” to the organization as well as volunteer on Pride Sunday.

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655 14TH STREET Putting together the Pride SAN FRANCISCO parade line-up and keeping everything on time is a chalCA Lic: 0D48028 lenge as the parade grows each year, but Levine simply perceives it as a “puzzle that needs solving.” Levine Discounts subject to terms, conditions and availability. Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company cherishes the fact that Pride “provides a myriad of people with a venue where they are free to be themselves and be proud. It continues to be the most grassroots, accessible, and diverse Pride in the world.”

Allstate Insurance Company and Allstate Indemnity Company:

She echoed volunteers’ hopes for the future of Pride: that the community continues to invest in it. “Pride needs the support of the community,” she says, “just as much as Pride supports our community.” insidepride 2010 • 73

features 2010 pink brick recipient


roy ashburn This year marks the first time that the community voted to award the Pink Brick to an out gay man, California Senator Roy Ashburn (R, Bakersfield). The Pink Brick is given each year to a person whose actions are deemed to have caused the most significant harm to the LGBT community. In recent years, Pink Bricks have gone to FOX-TV’s Bill O’Reilly for his sensationalist reporting on the LGBT community and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his veto of a same-sex marriage bill. Senator Ashburn has served in the California legislature since 1996 and has an extensive voting history of vigorously opposing LGBT rights, including his overwhelming support of Proposition 8, which denied marriage rights to samesex partners. In March 2010, Senator Ashburn was arrested for drunk driving shortly after he left a Sacramento gay bar with another man in his state-issued car. Ashburn’s arrest sparked major controversy. Since his arrest he has come out as gay, and claims his voting record reflects his constituent’s views. Ashburn says he plans to continue voting on behalf of what he sees as the majority viewpoint in his district, even if that means voting against LGBT civil rights. “By selecting Senator Roy Ashburn, the community is sending a strong message to the world that LGBT people—especially those with the political power and privilege to further LGBT rights— have a responsibility to work toward liberation for all,” stated Amy Andre, SF Pride’s Executive Director. SF Pride’s Board President Mikayla Connell concluded, “For 40 years, San Francisco Pride has educated the world about the kind of freedom that can only occur when aligning personal honesty with political action. We hope this year’s Pink Brick recipient, Senator Roy Ashburn, realizes that it’s never too late for him - or anyone else - to choose liberation and justice.”

Sen. Roy Ashburn (R-Bakersfield) gets his hands on Sen. Abel Maldonado in 2009. Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

74 • insidepride 2010

40 and fabulous


insidepride 2010 • 75

after party

why join pride? Membership gives you the power to make a difference. SF Pride is a member-driven organization and as part of the team, you can vote for Grand Marshals, elect Board Members, and even choose the theme of Pride each year. Jokie Wilson is an active member and a frequent attendee of our monthly General Planning Meetings. He feels that, “Beyond having a say in how the event is run, everyone involved is so connected that you gain an understanding of the critical issues we’re dealing with in our movement and I can take that information out to the public.” Laura Malouf-Renning explains, “I got involved as a member because I truly believe in the power of this event to open people’s hearts and minds to perspectives they never considered before. If my input can help just one person find their way, or a friend or relative bridge the gap with an LGBT person, I’ve made an impact.” Membership means that you’re a part of an active community focused on Pride’s mission to “educate the world, commemorate our heritage, celebrate our culture, and liberate our people.” Join our movement today.

after party

partners in

Saturday June 26, 2010


Dolores Park Stage, 3–7 pm • Bay Area Two Spirit Blessing • Alix Dobkin • Fabled Asp celebrating the Year of the Disabled Dyke • Momma’s Boyz • Claire • Carolyn Brandy & Ubaka Hill with Sistah Boom • emcees BubblinSugare & Pippa Fleming.

The San Francisco LGBT Community Center The San Francisco LGBT Community Center offers state-of-the-art facilities in central San Francisco, and vibrant programs for all parts of the community, including arts and culture, health and wellness, community and policy initiatives, economic development, and programming for children, families and LGBT youth. The Center serves over 9,000 visitors and hosts more than 400 events each month.

Human Rights Campaign The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against LGBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

Golden Gate Business Association The GGBA provides networking opportunities, marketing exposure and diversified programs which empower its members to create, grow and retain business. Through its year-round programs, GGBA members benefit from business leads and referrals, educational seminars, visibility in the community, and a sense of camaraderie as they face the task of doing business in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly challenging business conditions. 415-362-GGBA (4422).

insidepride 2010 • 77

March to the Castro, 7 pm

Visit for - accessibility information - ways to donate - sign up to volunteer at the rally and/or March, - more about our theme & the Dyke March itself.

Dyke March logo, Dyke Planet logo, and ad designed by Chae Fields of BoiBlue Designs & Events

ESCAPE TO A TIME OF GRACIOUS SERVICE AND CHARM H OTEL W HITCOMB is a masterpiece of early 20th-century architecture and

decor located in the heart of the theater and arts district and only minutes from San Francisco’s most famous attractions. • 460 intimate guestrooms including 12 elegantly appointed parlor suites

• 20,000 square feet of flexible meeting, conference and banquet space to accommodate any business or social event • Free wireless high-speed Internet access • Convenient access to Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Asian Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Symphony & Opera, San Francisco Ballet, Orpheum Theater, Golden Gate Bridge, Moscone Center and Union Square • BART/Muni at the front steps of the hotel

1231 MARKET STREET ★ ★ ★ SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103 ★ ★ ★


In the Middle of It All!


• Convenient location directly on the Gay Pride Parade route • Only steps from the Civic Center Pride Celebration • Walking distance to Folsom Street/SOMA bars and clubs • Trams & night buses to the Castro (12 minutes) • All public transportation in front of the hotel

Come out and join us! 45 McAllister Street • San Francisco, CA 94102 USA Tel: (415) 626-5200 • Fax: (415) 626-5581 Res: (800) 576-3388 • Res. Fax: (415) 626-0916 Amadeus: UI SFOREG • Worldspan: UI 19987 • Sabre: UI 36558 • Apollo/Galileo: UI 41898

after party PRIDE 365: it’s more than just a weekend


PROUD all year Pride is something we can feel all year round. And at San Francisco Pride, our mission goes beyond putting on the celebration of the year. The other goals of our mission are “to educate the world, commemorate our heritage, … and liberate our people.” With that in mind, this year we launched our Pride 365 initiative, giving the community a broader opportunity for involvement in the spirit of Pride. You know us for our Parade and Celebration. Now we’re spreading the word about our other programs, including the Pride History exhibit, online educational video series, Threat Level Lavender Speakers’ series, and direct support for Pride organizations all over the world. You can support Pride 365 in lots of ways. Make a donation online. Become a Pride Pledge. Donate a car, boat or RV. Become a Legacy donor. Get involved in an Employer Match program. Or simply attend one of our fun and fabulous events! Ultimately, Pride 365 is about you! We are here to strengthen our community and serve as an international voice for liberation. By having pride 365 days a year, our mission is a living, breathing statement.

Amy André

Executive Director San Francisco Pride

The staff in front of some of the dozens of proclamations from elected officials. Top Row: Imani Brown, Troy Coalman, Sifa Latu Mid Row: Kim Westrick, Amy Anner, Tracy Gonzales Seated: Amy André, Fei Androgyny

80 • insidepride 2010


Liliane Montevecchi Frank Ferrante Now thru August 15, 2010

HOTEL SPONSOR : RESERVATIONS:415.781.7800 w w w. H A N d L E Ry. c O m


A non-profit arts organization, Teatro ZinZanni is dedicated to the communities it serves through performance, education and outreach.

insidepride - 2010 edition  

The official guide to the San Francisco LGBT Pride celebration.

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