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TUMBES The Tumbes department has a mostly plane relief characterized by beaches, swamps and dry forests. The city of Tumbes has a warm and arid climate with absence of rains the whole year. The temperature half annual maxim is 29° C. and the minimum 21.5° C. To 79 Km from the city of Tumbes (1 hour, 15 minutes in bus) we meet with the Beach Punta Sal, one of the most beautiful and extensive beaches in the north coast of the country, is characterized by the tranquility and warmth of their waters whose temperature average is of 24°C. BM25: PUNTA SAL CLUB HOTEL It is located in the Punta Sal Beach, it has bungalows with terraces in front of the sea of 2 and 4 bedrooms, as well as double or matrimonial rooms, Presidential Suite and Suite. And rooms with air conditioning. We offer him equally pool, voley court, living room of games, of billas, ping pong and hand fulbito. Fronton court, tennis court, infantile games, bar and restaurant, room of TV and conventions for 60 people, boutique. It also has the following activities: Nautical: Excellent craft for nautical activities as ski, and coastal walks. Horses: for walks to bank of the sea. Tour to the swamps and neighboring beaches. Long and sure walks for the beach to make exercises or to appreciate the beautiful setting of sun. Package 3D/2N It includes:  Lima / Tumbes / Lima Transports regular service bus, “Cruz del Sur” or by airplane  Transfers Terminal / Hotel / Terminal, or Airport.  2 lodging nights in the Punta Sal Hotel  Breakfast, lunch and dinner HOTELES DE PUNTA SAL PUNTA SAL CLUB HOTEL

PIURA The department of Piura has a varied geography then it combines landscapes of the coastal desert with those of the high areas of the Andean region. The city of Piura has an arid and warm climate with absence of rains in the whole year. He has a maximum half temperature of 31.2° C and minimum 17.7°C. The cultural development in Piura goes back to more than 1000 B.C., that farmers' groups were being organized in the area. The culture Vicús (500 B.C. and 500 D.C.) one of the most important cultural manifestations in the history piurana constitutes, they highlight their fine ceramic and the delight of their goldwork expressed in a well-known statuette as "Venus of Gold". this cultural tradition the Tallanes, they were conquered first by the Chimu and later for the Inca in the XV century. Inside their tourist attractiveness in the County of Talara is the Spa from Máncora to 182 Km from the City of Piura. Mancora is considered as one of the most beautiful spas in the whole Peruvian coast. Their lukewarm waters, the sun shining the 365 days of the year and their perfect waves for the practice of the chart Hawaiian and body board, they make it very attractive. BM26: “LAS ARENAS DE MANCORA” HOTEL Sun the whole year, lukewarm sea next to delicious fish and shellfish make of this beach a true dream, ideal to enjoy him with the whole family. The beach Puddles is located to ten mintuos from the center of Máncora it is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Peru. The hotel is located to 3 kms from the center of Máncora. Far from the noise, here everything is palms, sand and sea. More than a hundred palms next to an infinity of flowers and plants travel their wide establishment. Among their gardens a pool is located to the guests' complete disposition. In another sector of the gardens we offer a small place for children, where they will find games like toboggan and swings. A complete service of bar-restaurant for our guests; delicious fruits of the sea, as well as international swigs, besides natural juices and beers. We have the Bar of the beach where we offer swigs, also chop you and good music in front of the sea with a view inigualable of the setting of the Sun. We have a room of TV and DVD, ping-pong table, Toad, Games of Table and some other services for their entertainment. Package 3D/2N It includes:  Lima / Piura / Lima Transports to regulate bus “ Cruz del Sur” or by plane  2 lodging nights  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

BM27: MANCORA BEACH BUNGALOWS Located to 3 Km to the south of the mancora jetty. Mancora Beach Bungalows is an ideal place for enjoy the sun, beach and amusement the whole year. The pretty bungalows is all in front of the beautiful beach and the amusing pools, one stops adults with jacuzzi, volley and bar service and another for children with toboggan and waterfall. We have 32 bungalows that put up comfortably from 1 to 6 people in 1 or 2 bedrooms.

It has bathroom and ½, wide terraces with furniture and hammocks, roof fans and hot water. The Restaurant" Stopped Rock" offers the best thing in shellfish, a variety of meats with a panoramic view in a welcoming atmosphere. The sunsets is unforgettable from the bar" He Shipwrecks" (a boat old aground in the beach), place for meetings and dancing nights with a variety of swigs, chop you and music. We also have a bar to assist to the tables and parasols of the beach. We offer barbecues, volley in the beach, games for children, a room of videos and games with ping pong, fulbito. They are organized walks to horse, to the thermal well of mud, to the swamps of you Knock down and of fishing. Package 3D/2N It includes:  Lima / Piura / Lima Transports to regulate bus “Cruz del Sur” or by plane.  2 lodging nights  Breakfast, lunch and dinner