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VIA Dance Collaborative VIA Collaborative Arts Corporation 2009-10 Annual Report

Letter from the Artistic Facilitator 2009-10 was a busy one for the artists of VIA Dance Collaborative, a year full of new experiences and discoveries! Three of us (Katie Swords, Janice Lancaster and I) all headed south, as classmates in the Hollins University/American Dance Festival MFA program. Meanwhile, Dawn Poirier held down our home base here in New York, teaching in the Modern Guest Artists series at Dance New Amsterdam and rehearsing with a group of dancers. Happily, Katie, Janice and I managed to make it back to New York often and to keep in touch while away. In August, we traveled to Jacob’s Pillow to perform my Lullaby in Surrealism for the Inside/Out series. The work was danced splendidly by Katie Swords, Dawn Poirier, Renee Kurz, Janice Lancaster, Megan Schenk, Beth Edwards, Seth Miner, Grady Bowman, Lindsay Fisher and Gudbjorg Arnalds. And the weather was gorgeous, the August sun subtly shifting as the 50-minute work progressed, casting a golden glow on the performers. Also in August, we gathered in Fort Tryon Park in upper Manhattan for the summer installment of our year-long Seasons Project. Under Dawn’s direction, we engaged in a series of improvisations that specifically drew upon the movements and sounds of the park’s many birds. In October, we held our third and final improvisation in City Hall Park in lower Manhattan. This time, I led the group through explorations of the crinkling leaves, the busy pedestrian movement, and the notion of decay. Katie, Dawn and I were joined by dancers Megan Schenk, Lindsay Fisher, Sydine Mosley, and Beth Edwards. We also returned to St. John’s University to perform an excerpt of Lullaby in Surrealism and lead a workshop for non-dancers. In December, the three choreographers worked together with sound designer Jim Briggs III to assemble a completed work. Michael Ingle and Chelsea Glassman also joined the cast. After two intensive weeks of daily rehearsal at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn, we concluded The Seasons Project with a free performance of our creation at Dance New

Amsterdam. On that occasion we also shared three brand new, still-in-progress solo works: Katie’s from which it emanates to ease, Adrienne’s zoom and Dawn’s yet-untitled piece to the music of Tom Waits. The seeds from these solos have since evolved into larger works that we plan to premiere here in New York in 2010-11. Over the winter Katie, Janice and I traveled to Europe for five weeks with the MFA program. There, we shared solo work, took classes and engaged in research. We also kept in touch with NYC friends through our Postcard Project. Launched in January and just completed, we wrote single-sentence postcards to friends of the company, who in turn passed on their own single sentences to their friends, who in turn sent a sentence to VIA. We tracked the project and the sentences online. In March, we were fortunate to all be in New York at the same time and to be granted a month-long residency at the new One Arm Red in DUMBO, Brooklyn. We rehearsed daily. We were able to leave our materials overnight and to work with technical elements (like projection and lighting) that we often dream of, but rarely get to work with, in the development and rehearsal of new pieces. Each of us began new group work, which was shared at One Arm Red in a free showing in May. Some of this work – like Adrienne’s duet, and Dawn’s trio – are still in process and will be shown in New York in the coming year. And suddenly it was June! We have much more going on, and many things I am eager to tell you about (our performances at Governor’s Island, our residency at SILO) and keep you posted about (future open rehearsals, our next season!). Most importantly, we’re back in New York and creating work together. We’re eager to share it with you soon. Thank you for your continued support! Happy dancing, Adrienne, with Katie, Dawn and all of VIA Dance Collaborative

VIA Collaborative

Statement of Income, Exp

For the fiscal year e The Seasons Project

Income Contributed support Earned revenues Total Income Expenses Business expenses Misc expenses Non-personnel expenses Occupancy expenses Other personnel expenses Production Expenses

Jacob's Pillow

1,955 1,955

800 800

170 37 1,436 361 306

365 40 117

Salaries & related expenses



Travel & meetings expenses Uncategorized Expenses Total Expenses Net Operating Income Other Expenses Transfer to (from) Restricted Fund Balance Total Other Expenses Net Other Income Net Income



6,169 (4,214)

3,947 (3,147)

(3,880) (3,880) 3,880 (334)

0 0 (3,147)

This is a condensed version of our income statement. An expanded version with comparative balance sheets is available upon request.


e Arts Corporation

pense and Fund Transfers

ended June 30, 2010


400 400

Far Away / Home Again

Fund Raising


478 50 28


Management/ General


288 1,200

1,574 246 1,820

3,529 1,446 4,975

35 302 161 0 38

35 472 964 1,851 1,667 423



598 (598)

23 559 1,261

482 23 13,104 (8,129)

0 0 1,261

(3,880) (3,880) 3,880 (4,249)

20 343 57

0 0 57


0 0 (598)

1,488 (1,488)

0 0 (1,488)

2009-2010 List of Projects and Activities Performances: 9

Attendance: 612

Locations: 9

Aug. 3, 2009 at Ft. Tryon Park: Second improv showing for The Seasons Project, improvisations based on the summer season, directed by Dawn Poirier. Attendance: 65 Aug. 14, 2009 at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival: Free showing of Adrienne Westwood's Lullaby in Surrealism trilogy (finished and adapted for the Pillow). Inside/Out Series. Attendance: 200 Oct. 25, 2009 at City Hall Park: Third improv showing for The Seasons Project, improv based on the fall season, directed by Adrienne Westwood. Attendance: 50 Dec. 1, 2009 at The Little Theatre at St. John's University: Performance of except from Lullaby in Surrealism by Adrienne Westwood, undergraduate art course for non-majors. Attendance: 30 Dec. 12, 2009 at Dance New Amsterdam: Sixth NYC Season: Public Performance of The Seasons Project and other new works: zoom (Adrienne Westwood), from which it emanates to ease (Katie Swords), Emotional Weather Report (Dawn Poirier). Attendance: 75 Jan. 19, 2010 at Stone Creek Bar and Lounge: Launch Party for Far Away/Back Home Again, opportunity to meet with fans and supporters of the company. Attendance: 32 March 8-19, 2010 at One Arm Red: Company in Residence, development of new work. One Arm Red, multi-arts center in DUMBO, Brooklyn May 27, 2010 at Center for Performance Research: Group showing including Katie Swords’ from which it emanates to ease and Adrienne Westwood’s little films. New Voices in Live Performance Festival, curated by Donna Faye Burchfield. Attendance: 75 May 28, 2010 at The 92nd Street Y: Group showing including work-in -progress portion of Adrienne Westwood's Record, Fridays at Noon Marathon Day. Attendance: 50 May 30, 2010 at One Arm Red: works-in-progress showings of new works by Dawn Poirier, Katie Swords and Adrienne Westwood. Attendance: 35

Donors from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010 We are extremely grateful for the support of those individuals listed below who supported our work with financial gifts received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. We have tried hard to make sure the list is complete and accurate. Please bring any errors to our attention by calling (716) 673-3200 or emailing us at Individual Donors Nancy Barton Nancy and Dan Berggren Mr. and Mrs. James Briggs Jr. Patricia Christina Rev. and Mrs. James H. Easter Judith Fryer Mary Hale Mrs. Corrine Heid Richard and Michelle Johnson Catherine Lancaster Wally and Joan Latimer Dr. Richard O. Lundquist Douglas and Ann Manly Winona Mathews Dr. and Mrs. James M. Merrins Sally Pesetsky

Frank and Sallie Pullano Steve and Mary Rees Robert and Karin Cook Amy Elizabeth Russo Mary Ryan Robert D'Aoust and Dolores Slowinski Barbara Stanton Jacqueline and David Swift Jody Westwood Jefferson and Wendy Westwood

Contracts and Paid Services Dixon Place St. John's University Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

The Seasons Project, completed in December of 2009, bridged two fiscal years. The project was made possible in part by two grant programs administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council: The Fund for Creative Communities (with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts) and The Manhattan Community Arts Fund (with public funds from the City of New York). $3,880 from these two grant sources was carried forward from fiscal year 2008-09 for use in 2009-10.

VIA Collaborators, 2009-2010 Dancer/Choreographers Dawn Poirier

Katie Swords

Adrienne Westwood

Dancers Gudbjorg Arnalds Grady Bowman Daniel Charon Beth Edwards

Lindsay Fisher Chelsea Glassman Michael Ingle Renee Kurz Janice Lancaster

Lindsay Lee Seth Miner Sydine Mosley Megan Schenk

Artistic and Administrative Collaborators Jim Briggs III, sound design Mark Breedlove, assistant sound design Seth Easter, scenic design Linda Lewett and Nic Petry, videography Tom Barry and Julie Lemberger, photography Emily Tschifely, grant writing Bahgat & Laurito Bahgat, CPAs, accounting and payroll services Board Members Jefferson Westwood, President and Treasurer Heather Pontonio, Vice President Michael Shepley, Secretary VIA Dance Collaborative is a program of the VIA Collaborative Arts Corporation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. More information about VIA Collaborative Arts Corporation can be found at Our Federal EIN is 20-2838552. Our New York State Charities Registration Number is 21-21-53. We encourage online donations through our partner, The shortcut to our donation page is Network For Good deducts a modest 4.75% from your gift to cover processing charges such as bank fees before transmitting the balance to us. For an organization of our small size, this is a very cost-effective way to accept online donations. You may also use Network For Good to become a sustaining supporter by making a regular monthly gift in any amount of your choosing. We continue to need your help and encourage giving in any way that works for you. VIA Dance Collaborative VIA Collaborative Arts Corporation 70 Battery Place Suite 102 New York, NY 10280-1507 (716) 673-3200 or (917) 232-6785

VIA Annual Report for 2009-10  
VIA Annual Report for 2009-10  

VIA Dance Collaborative reviews the fiscal and program year ended June 30, 2010