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Verrado High school spring 2012 volume 1

When We Were Small When we were small we didn’t care The things we had we tried to share You would use my crayons, except My favorite ones that I have kept Remember when off your bike you fell? You said your cuts felt like living hell Then at the end it would be okay Because I would kiss your pains away When we were small we played with cars We played in slippery mud and put bugs in jars We picked flowers for mommy And wore some boots that belonged to daddy Remember when dad got in a car crash? When we saw everything and heard a loud smash We were scared but I took your hand and led you away You were quite sad but in the end daddy was okay I never told you that I loved you when we were small But I did and still do and will through it all -Daisy Barraza

“$10,000 Baby” When I leave, Please be safe. Don’t fight at schooldon’t lie or cheat. When I leave, respect our mom. You are her $10,000 baby, her pride and joy. So, please, when I go, don’t forget what I say when I leave.

By: Ni

cole La


The Reality of a Dreamer “Y ou’ll never get there.” “That’s impossible.” “We’d have wings if we were meant to fly.” Most often when you pursue something of high prestige, that is when you get shot down the most. What would happen if we all took those belittling comments to heart? What if we stopped dreaming? Would the world be the same? You see, dreamers aren’t made in the sky; they’re made in the mud. Merely dreaming is a walk in the park, but giving everything you’ve got to reach it—now that’s a different scenario. Crawling against barbed wire in the pouring rain, scaling the side of a mountain in a thunderstorm, getting sweaty, bruised, and even scarred from attempt after attempt—these are the images associated to a true dreamer. We try, we fail,

but the difference is only shown in those who are willing to fail over and over again until they get there. The key to a dreamer is simple yet overwhelmingly challenging all at the same time—we never relent. Although we are some of the most dejected people on the face of the planet, our will of steel is inextinguishable. Despite that there are few of us left, we make up the mind of many. We are the inspired, the touched, the driven ones; we are the true definition of dejection. Now the question is: are you brave enough to step out and stand for your dreams in the midst of a complacent society? Are you willing to be spit at, scoffed at—even mocked at for pursuing something higher than “the norm”? I dare you to be bold. Make a difference. Start a revolution. Be a dreamer. I dare you.

By: Kara Clark


A loud clap of thunder shattered the eerie silence of the night. We had to hurry, there wouldn’t be much time left until they arrived. I hastily glided into the passenger seat of Clint’s red Jeep Wrangler and watched him slide the key into the ignition. The car seemed to choke and gasp for air as it failed to start. He muttered under his breath and tried again, this time the car roared to life. The car slammed into reverse and peeled out of the driveway. I watched Clint; I had never seen him this way. I had never seen him so frightened. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead and danced its way down his tanned yet pink face. Watching him, I suddenly realized what a horrifying situation we were now in. Goosebumps covered my legs. Terrified, my breathing became short and shallow. My vision blurred slightly as the Wrangler rounded a sharp corner. “Clint, please slow down, you’re scaring me!” I gasped. The trees on either side of the road seemed distorted and fuzzy. “I can’t slow down Sam, if I slow down they’ll find us. Just close your eyes, I’ll keep you safe.” He didn’t sound confident, but then his voice strengthened and he whispered to me, “I will always keep you safe.” Hearing his promise reassured me of all the things that I might have been questioning. Just as I turned to watch the road ahead of us, rain began to pour down out of the sky like bullets raining down on a battlefield. The path ahead became harder to see with each passing minute. Lightning cascaded across the sky like a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. I closed my eyes and prayed that we would both still be alive at the end of the night. A train whistle sounded from somewhere in the distance. Clint reached over and took my hand in his. Just as our fingers intertwined, red and blue flashes illuminated the night sky behind us. They were gaining on us quickly. Clint slammed his foot down harder on the gas pedal. Even with our increased speed, they seemed to instantly recover any distance they may have lost. The train tracks were in sight despite the heavy downpour of the flood from the clouds above. As we approached the crossing, the train whistle sounded again,

and I could see the big black locomotive’s imminent arrival would be much too soon. “If we could just make it before the train blocks our path, we can lose them! Sam, I think we’re going to make it!” He looked at me with such excitement that all I could do was murmur three simple words. “I love you.” “I love you too Samantha.” Clint once again crashed his foot hard into the gas pedal. Our front wheels were on the tracks now. My eyes widened as I realized that we weren’t going to make it across. The next thirty seconds moved in slow motion. Clint must have realized that we were only seconds away from impact because in a blink of an eye, he let go of the steering wheel and took his foot off the pedal. He threw his gallant masculine body on top of mine. He didn’t even bother to glance back at me. The train struck us and sent the car spinning. As the car catapulted through the air, our bodies twisted into positions I never thought imaginable. My left shoulder crashed through the front windshield and shards of glass rained down all around. I hit the cement road with a thud and watched the car crash into a giant oak tree. In less than a second the car was engulfed in flames. He was willing to sacrifice his life in attempt to keep me safe. It’s true what they say, that your entire life flashes before your eyes before you die. Or at least the important parts do. I saw the first time I ever met Clint. He was in the park playing football with a group of his college friends. I placed my finger in the center of the book I was reading to mark my place as I watched him. He wore khaki pants and a green polo shirt. Strands of his dark brown hair were sticking out of place, but nonetheless he looked majestic standing in the middle of that green park. He noticed me watching him and began to walk my way, grinning. It was all I could do to keep from staring at him. Next, I saw Clint kneeling down on one knee. His eyes were sparkling with tears that he felt necessary to hold back while he lifted a small diamond ring to my finger. No one approved of our engagement, so we went down to the local courthouse and recited our vows there. To me, it was still a beautiful and magical wedding. The last thing that I saw was Stella’s cold lifeless face as Clint and I dropped her into a shallow grave deep in the woods. Then the world went black. By: Ashley Bland

Love After All By: Macayla Skelton

The first look she took of him was of disgust.

Not sure what to think or who to believe, she wanted what she wanted, and that was that. The Appaloosa gelding only wanted someone to love him, not that he wasn’t being loved, but there’s a difference between an elderly man and a little girl’s love. This thirteen year-old girl was very set on what breed she wanted and he was not it. When she left the yard, she was left wondering if she had made the right choice. She felt guilty as this horse named Obediah looked at her with those big, round, brown eyes filling with water, as if he were about to cry. Pulling the strings of her little heart, she decided to give him a chance. She swung her leg over his large, bear like body. He wouldn’t move; with every little push and nudge to make him go, he just grounded his hooves into the uneven dirt and would not budge. Angry as the little girl could be, she said, “forget it”. She tried later on that night and found out that Obediah (Obey), had an abscess hoof. She started to cry, not knowing what to do or where to turn because it had been a whole year of searching for a giant beast. She felt as if it would never end. Relying on God to work everything out, she began to pray about the whole situation. As always, he did work it out and made it known that she should take Obey off the hands of this elderly man. So she did and ended up saving his life for a while longer because he had a disease that was making his spine twist and shutting off the airway to his lungs. With the money we gave him, he was able to pay his medical bills and live. The thirteen year old girl was still not completely thrilled about owning Obediah and

wasn’t sure how everything was going to work out. Every day, as the sun beamed off her window, she would rise up and go feed her new boy horse. He always gave her a little snicker the second she stepped foot out the door. It made her feel like a part of him, like he wanted her around. Over the years, she began to grow close to the beast she called her horse and was never the same after an accident she had on him. Sixteen stitches later, Obediah did everything in his will power to protect her and let her know that he was sorry. That was more than she could ask for from him, and they have been best friends ever since. The sun and wind on her face, running as far as she wants to and how ever fast she wants to is something you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else but on top of her horse. The dark brown Appaloosa and the thirteen year old girl have a bond now, like peanut butter and jelly; inseparable. That thirteen year old girl who once didn’t know what she wanted is now seventeen and is very sure that she couldn’t have asked for a better horse in her entire life. That girl is me, and that horse, Obediah, is my night in shining armor. The sun and wind on my face, running as far as I want, and as fast as I want to, is something you wouldn’t be able to experience anywhere else but on top of my four legged beast I call my horse.

Hard Work Hard work is a necessity Perseverance is a must Busy as a bee Is what you will be Prepare To win you would have had to Work diligently Without it nothing goes your way You work for what you want You get it when you have worked hard But first you must know what you want Without knowing Nothing is achieved








By: Jamie Pinson

The Sea Ashleigh Verzino sometimes the open sea is calm the water glistens in the sun and the soft waves wash the beaches like a mother does to her children ridding them of the bad making them the best they can be beautifully pampered to perfection but this is not always the case sometimes the waves crash constructively conveying the anger of being taken advantage of people taking its delicacies the fish, the whales, the pearls and running off as if they were their own.

DearCooper, Cooper, Dear cannotfor forthe thelife lifeofofme mebelieve believethat thatit’s it’salready alreadybeen beenfive fivemonths months I Icannot since you’ve been gone. May the road rise up to meet you, may the windbe since you’ve been gone. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your the shine sun shine warm the rain ever at your back.back. MayMay the sun warm uponupon youryour faceface and and the rain fall fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the the hollow his hand. It’sfair notthat fair the thatyoung, the young, caring, big hearted boy hollow of hisofhand. It’s not caring, big hearted boy we weknew all knew was up sentand up away and away so quick. It istrue, so true, you really all was sent so quick. It is so you really don’tdon’t know know how special someone is till you lose them. I miss you every single how special someone is till you lose them. I miss you every single day Cooday Cooper Courtney, we all do, even those who didn’t know you. We’ve per Courtney, we all do, even those who didn’t know you. We’ve all missed all missed your across voice from across the halls, million hearing yourhearing voice from the halls, seeing your seeing millionyour dollar smile that dollareveryone smile that made everyone else smile, and feeling hugs. I made else smile, and feeling you warm hugs. I your knowwarm that you’re know that you’re watching and withday us Coop, all stillyour to this day Coop, watching and walking with us allwalking still to this presence will your presence will never leave, I know you are up there watching us make never leave, I know you are up there watching us make mistakes, and doing mistakes, and you doing things to make every single day. to You’ve things to make smile every singleyou You’ve been a friend many,been a friend to many, a brother to few, and a son to two. I can honestly say that a brother to few, and a son to two. I can honestly say that not one memory not one had looking wasn’t good, except we’ve hadmemory lookingwe’ve back wasn’t good,back except for the times you’dfor tellthemetimes things you’d tell me things I didn’t want to hear, but now I know why. We’ve all I didn’t want to hear, but now I know why. We’ve all taken life for granted so taken and life you’ve for granted so much, you’veothers shown me andnew so many a much, shown me andand so many a whole way ofothers living. whole new wayI of living. I’m sorry I game never of went to that football I’m really sorry never went to really that football yours Cooper, and game I’m of yours Cooper, and I’m sorry for never going out and riding with you that sorry for never going out and riding with you that weekend. I’ve missed you weekend. I’ve missed youleft. every minute since into you’ve left. Iwith missyou walking every minute since you’ve I miss walking to class shouting into class with you shouting out how beautiful I looked one day; I think we out how beautiful I looked one day; I think we all miss the little things you all miss the little things you gave us Cooper. It’s insane to think that your gave us Cooper. It’s insane to think that you’re last words to me were, “Goodlastbeautiful.” words to me were,I would “Goodbye onlythe I would have known bye If only havebeautiful.” known thatIf was last goodbye I’d ever that was the last goodbye I’d ever hear from you buddy. I’m no longer upset hear from you buddy. I’m no longer upset with God for the fact the he took withfrom Godus, forI that thattohe took you I have that it you havefact come realize that from it wasus. just your come time, to andrealize you were was just your time,else. and Though you wereyour needed Though your time needed somewhere timesomewhere here with uselse. all was short, you’ve here with us all was short, you’ve provided memories we will carry for a provided memories we will carry for a lifetime. I have faith that I’ll be seeing lifetime. have faithuntil that I’ll seeing youup again sometime. Until then keep you again Isometime, thenbekeep riding in heaven Coop. riding up in heaven Coop. All my love- Elise Chiquete All my love- Elise Chiquete

Life of Happy Bliss By Chris Nichols

Life, full of unwanted strife

Given only to those that wish Yet, easily taken, simply plucked away If one stays joyful, it stays.

V.M. (A tale of sadness)

Happiness, is needed to keep it By Chris Nichols Without it you dig a shallow grave Stay blissful, yet mellow too A single tear For too much, could lead Slowly trickles down my face To everyone hating you. Eyes staring bitter and sad Then I clasp fingers over them As if to seal the sight before me away A sob slowly escaping. Then I turn Stumbling, shakily away From the ruins of the camp My heart slowly rotting in my chest I keep moving, losing notice of the world Then stumbling, falling to my knees I try to hold it back But it bursts The tears flowing from my face Dripping faintly and slowly to the ground As if they themselves feel the pain I feel While I slowly plunge into darkness. But, before it fully engulfs me A small tug A gentle caress A soothing voice bringing me back As I look about And a gentle smile engulfs my face.

Soldier in the Sand By:

Marisa Morales

My sand pail was filled to the brim with the enemy. “It’s time to go!”, my mother called, a scratch against the ocean breeze. My pruny toes clenched the grainy ground like a white knuckled fist on a steering wheel, cementing my 8-year-old stature to the ground in violent protest. With my shovel and my pail, my shield and my spear, I was a warrior along the shores of death-or, a slightly polluted coast with a small sand crab population-but I, was a warrior, and this, was my battle, and those!-those evil claws laced with vengeance and sea urchin destruction-those were my enemies. I sighed, dropping my bucket but never letting go of my dignity. I went to eat my PB & J and Capri Sun and refueled, a soldier’s feast.

Excerpt from: The Key To My Heart By:Raelin Warren Every step Shay took towards the opening of the mountain felt like dead weight. The ride to Abaddon had been a blur, as if he were half asleep and wide awake at the same time. Why did his insides feel so turned around? This was his job, his duty. He had done it before and felt nothing. He was inside the mountain now and could hear the worshipers with their scratchy voices and dark chants. He did not understand the language in which they spoke, but he could feel the power in the black words. He continued through the mountain until he reached the throne room doors. As if the worshipers could sense him outside, the chanting stopped. This abrupt change always made Shay feel nervous, no matter how many times he had been here. The door slowly swung open, its silent hinges made Shay queasy, but he took a step forward and stood just inside the door frame. “Kneel Shay Zethra Son of the Fatherless.” Shay felt his energy drain and knelt to the ground. His head always felt dizzy when the Key Snatcher spoke. “My Lord,” he said, “I have brought you the key of Tabetha Divin of Tendalous. It has taken me many months to locate it, but it is now yours for the taking.” Shay knelt there and began to tremble. “Come closer Shay Zethra.” Shay did not wish to go any further than the door, but he could not disobey. “As my Lord wishes.” He stood and walked into the dimly lit room. There was a shaft of light that hit the center of the room giving it a grim feeling. He slowly walked toward the throne; everything inside him felt like it was on fire. By the time he ascended the step that stood next to where the Key Snatcher sat, he could barely catch his breath. Never before had he been so close to the master of the mountain. The power was overwhelming. The light did not show much of the Key Snatcher and the only light that shon e on him exposed his hands, hands that looked decrepit and evil. Shay watched as the left hand twitched then slowly turned palm up waiting for the key to be placed in the center.

Shay lifted the key in the air. It felt heavy and lethargic. The key dangled above the open palm; everything stood still. Shay could hear the thumping of blood in his ears. He closed his eyes and let go of the key. A gushing wind threw him off the stairs onto the cold floor. He looked up at the throne which now held a beautiful creature, not quite human not quite mystical, but it was an evil beauty. The once decrepit hands were now young and glowing. If Shay had not been there himself he would not have believed that the form that now stood before him was the Key Snatcher. Shay quickly laid down flat on the floor in a worshiping position. “Arise son of the Fatherless.” Though he was beautiful his voice sounded like scratching metal hurting Shay’s ears. It took all of him not to reach up and cover them. “You have done well, but… I have heard that you took your time getting this key.” The Key Snatcher held the key up to the light. Shay stifled a gasp; it no longer glimmered and sparkled with silver, but was black. “There were even rumors that you had… feelings for this girl.” When he said this it was as if there was a bad taste in his mouth. Shay’s chest tightened. “My Lord surely you jest, how could a man with no heart have feelings for someone?” There was a silence. “And yet…” said the Key Snatcher, “it has happened before.” “My Lord?” “You have proven yourself worthy before Shay, and for that I shall believe what you say is true. You may go.” “Thank you, My Lord.” Shay bowed deeply and walked backward out of the dim room. It wasn’t until

he was outside of the mountain that he could

breathe again. He began to gag and ran to a nearby tree and was sick. He crumpled to the ground and began to cry, his body quaking. “What have I done! If you were really there El Roi you would have stopped me! I love her! Look what you have done!” He screamed and punched the tree not caring when the blood came. “Bradley… he’ll know how to fix this.”

Enjoy Life When people are happy They glow like the sun It is like looking into a bright light Enjoying life is what they are doing Life is a one-time shot Look at life and extend it to Your wishes As long as you want Flowerchild You decide he happiest thing By: Jamie Pinson

TYou can do in your life

Is lay in the grass And watch the day pass. The whispering winds sing Songs in your ear While you lay there Without any fear. The universe surges Its all mighty majesty Sprinkling the soft sun On your fragile limbs You take in the sun And it nurtures your soul Bringing you to life once more From your very core. By: Ashleigh Verzino

Mother By: Kailie Mallett

Her hair is brown like bark.

Her eyes, the deepest Shade Of Blue. Birds fly around her like a halo. Her body is made of green grass, Soon to be dead, brown grass. She’s dying. We must help her. We must save her. Before it’s too late.

Reminiscing of the Past By: Kelvin Park

When I first laid my eyes upon her, I

noticed how extremely beautiful she was, like a cherry blossom glistening in the morning dew. She was a magnet to me. My heart jumped and expanded when I spent time with her. When I was around her I felt as if gravity itself had turned against me, while the world was all left behind. She is the one who brightened my day and gave me joy with every little thing.

Oh how I miss those days…


he first thing I remember was waking up in the dark. I reached into my pocket and found my mini flashlight. I turned it on and discovered that I was in an abandoned mine. I was confused, wondering how I ended up in here. I knew it was not a dream, because my arm was burning from the huge scrape on it. I must have fallen into the mine. I looked up and noticed a hole in the roof of the mine that must have lead to the outside world, where I had fallen in through. All I had with me was a mini flashlight, an extra pair of socks, dental floss, a set of keys, and a huge bag of pretzels. I felt like a convict in prison when my head began to flow with millions of ideas of what to do with my useless items. I first tied my flashlight to the top of my hat with the dental floss. I got up and started to walk throughout the mine and felt that I would never find a way out. It was hot and hard to breathe. I used the clean socks to wipe the sweat off my face. I got hungry and thirsty after about an hour of walking.

I eventually found a cantine with what seemed to be water in it. The cantine had the name “Dave” on it, written in marker. I imagined Dave as a well-respected miner who at least knew his way out of there, and had left a cantine down there in case some idiot would have fallen down the mine shaft and gotten thirsty. I knew I would probably be in the mine for a while before I found a way out or got rescued, so I was conservative with my water and pretzels. After my lunch break, I got back up and began to walk around again. I remembered I had my set of keys with me so I pulled them out and began to rattle them to make noise, in an effort to hopefully be heard by someone. My ridiculous plan worked when I heard footsteps about 100 feet in front of me. The path of the mine curved and I saw a huge shadow against the wall and someone was walking towards me just around the corner, with a lantern in his hand. I ran towards the man and yelled, “Help!” The man had his name patched on his uniform and it said “Dave”. I looked at him in relief and told him I had been stuck down here for what felt like days. He did not seem to care about my adventure in the mine when he looked at me with a smile on his face and said, “You found my cantine!” By: Joseph Jimenez

The Ball is in Your Court! By: Kalyn Warner I am like a player running down the court at full speed With only one goal in mind; To win without greed To accomplish my goals I will do whatever it takes The ball that I dribble in this hand is like my future I don’t have to keep looking at it It’s always there; with a steady care Sometimes the ball gets taken away; But that only makes me fight harder to get it back And when I get it back, it may not feel the same Because our future can always change Coaches screaming from left to right Like your parents nagging in your ear They only want to help you Even if it isn’t what you want to hear They push you to do your best And you feel there is no time for rest

The defenders coming at me are like the road blocks of life I can make my way around them, Or get knocked down And when life knocks you down; You must not frown Because the only thing you can do is get back up The ball is in your court Do with it what you please; Your future depends on it And if you play your game right Your future will be a breeze!

HOLDING DOWN TIME By: Samantha Machado

Holding Down Time It never slows down; time And it’s never the same; change A Perfect example is an old ancient tree Eventually everything touches the face of death You will soon realize that reality isn’t faux It’s so valuable, just like a precious necklace

You can see the future in my precious necklace It is staring you right in the face; time Whether it’s true or faux You want to hold time down, but it wants to change Wanting to do everything before you touch death Everything reaches death like an old ancient tree But it has seen how it’s never the same, the ancient tree Seeing how precious it is, like a necklace Who knows if life itself will ever reach death But as for right now, I’m running out of it; time Having to accept, that everything and everyone change You don’t want to see it, but reality isn’t faux

Although I wish some things were faux But just like the ancient tree I’m sitting with this tree just watching change I wish I could have everything in my precious necklace I would be able to turn back or freeze time Or just make it go forward until I touch death

Death Now that’s something that isn’t faux One day it will be everyone’s time Ever for an old ancient tree Something valuable doesn’t die, like a precious necklace Now death’s something you can’t change Change Death And a valuable precious necklace All these things are things that aren’t faux Everyone knows this, even a living ancient tree Even trees reach their time Time is just something that changes Just like an ancient tree everyone reaches death Reality isn’t faux, even if it is a precious necklace


by, Dalton James

I remember the darkness all the time. Everything around me begins to change. I want to be strong like the dinosaur. I smile, but it’s just a faux. All I have left is a heart shaped necklace. I hold this begotten necklace. I wish it could bring me back in time. I am tired of these people who are all faux. My body ages but I will not change; I smile as I see my good friend Death. Now hear my roar like the great mighty dinosaur. My heart begins to fade. Soon it will be gone like a dinosaur. My memory fades. It is broken and forgotten like my necklace. My life seems empty but in reality it is full of death. I am running low on everything soon I will be out of time. The one thing that everyone is subjected to is change. What is real in a world made faux? Is our life real or is it just a faux? Everything has been beaten even the mighty dinosaur. There is nothing that is not subject to change, not even my heart shaped necklace. How do we escape death? When is he not faux? Death wins all the time. Death has taken the dinosaur. He holds it on his skull necklace; soon everything will change. We all move and make the world change. We are all subjected to the same fate called death. He holds the world on a chain like a necklace; that skeleton figure is not faux. He will beat us just like he beat the dinosaur. He has nothing but time. We all face time and we are forever in change Forgotten without a name like the dinosaur sweeping over everything is death. This world is a faux we are all tied to a blood stained necklace.

Walk Poem

Today my class went on a poem walk.

By: Monique Arreola

I noticed some people love to talk. On our walk, I noticed a town surrounded by mountains, There was also a desert, but no drinking fountains. Outside there was a bird that looked so free. He chirped and chirped to show he felt glee. The distant sounds of cars driving by And a plane that made me wish I could fly. The sun was shining bright, And there were no clouds in sight. We walked back inside and sat in front of a black curtain, I heard music playing with an instrument not certain. From there we walked to the cafe where a smell was in the air. It was the smell of fresh food, from which I love to share. We walked through the empty halls Of the E wing, where there were colorful murals on the walls. Our teacher said we had to be very quiet, Classes were going on and we didn’t want to start a riot. After, we walked back up the stairs to our last stop. The catwalk, where many things can be seen atop. On the cat walk, the school looked empty. I knew in a few minutes it would be filled with students a plenty. This was the end of our poem walk Now everyone is sad, and no one wants to talk.

Love? By:

Monique Arreola


can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself?

All About Me


You Do By: Nicole Landress

You do you

So let me be and I’ll do me.

Surfer Girl By: Loren Rivas “Don’t let them fool ya, Or even try to school ya! Oh, no! We’ve got a mind of our own, So go to hell if what you’re thinking is not right! Love would never leave us alone, A-yin the darkness there must come out to light.” I sit on my plumeria board, eyes closed humming my favorite song as I caress the ripples of the ocean with the palm of my hand. Some say you can feel the ocean and read it as if feeling the beat of someone’s heart by placing the palm of your hand upon their chest; I place my hand on the chest of the ocean, each beat meaning a new swell coming in. The wind breathing in my ears and wooshing through my hair; it’s time. Today was the day of the reported swell and timing was everything. I start paddling my way further and further out, splashing my hands with the water. I sit back up and scan the area; I start feeling a pull that is dragging me closer and closer to the building wave. I paddle in closer and quickly whip the nose of my board so it was facing the beach. Laying down I begin to paddle again. The wave begins to lift my board and this was my cue to start paddling as hard as I could. I feel the tug from the wave and I’m up on my two feet gliding down the monstrous wall of water. Its enormous mouth chasing behind me to swallow me whole and spit me out. I ride and carve the wave, sculpting it like a piece of art. Somehow at that very moment, when one wrong move, one slip of the foot and loss of balance, risking my life, I was in peace and my body was numb. I was at one with the wave; connected. It was as if my body knew where to go and how to move; guided. I had dominated and proven that the impossible was possible.

I Have To Tell You Something! By: Daisy Barraza

Well there is something I have got to say I have to ask that you will not be mad You see, I did something the other day I didn’t think to look at what I had About two days ago in the restroom I thought I had my toothbrush in my hands It felt a little odd, strange I assumed And looked down and saw its little blue band I screamed and realized it wasn’t mine So I cleaned it and put it back aside I thought I’d tell you and it would be fine When I realized it was yours. I had cried Now I am here in front of you today I was worried about what I could say

My Home By: Kailie Mallett


he stage urgently calls my name. It wants me to come to my fame. The spotlight begs for me to stand in its path. It tells me to come to it and leave my math. The costumes yearn to be worn by me. It wants the whole world to see. The seats plead to be occupied. The theater will not be denied. I am coming home.

Wonder By: Bryan Lazar


his dream what shall I make? Is it deep as the darkest lake? Is it as shallow as the meadow’s pond? Or something that I’m very fond? Dreams are full of magic; As happy as well as tragic. They seem to fly away, Or stop like a tired cliche. From the ocean’s hue to skies of blue Dreams flew like they were past due And our hearts are left wanting When our minds are done haunting

The One By: Kelvin Park

Everyone has that one person. The person they care about more than anything. In the end there’s always a lesson. When that person ends up failing, It hurts you on the inside. But in the end you still aren’t done, Even if that person lied. Because that person is the one.

You’ll never see my bones. Elegant collars, lean limbs, sculpted Calves; nothin’ like this-“don’t breathe now honey, get ‘em buttoned!”-bottom of Mine. Perfect by design Red, yellow, blue blood pumping through these Latin veins; Divine. Child bearing handles (storages of love, my mama would say) With every sway of hips; curve, Girl, you go on and sway (Why model?) You’ll never see my bones. But you’ll see a Woman who no longer kills herself Over whether Or not You can see Her Bones. We’re beautiful.


by Marisa Morales

Journey So here I am, senior year This is my fate Two semesters that I spent in Speech and Debate But if asked if I liked school, I would be lying If I said yes Because all it is, is tests and unnecessary stress But something about Vernier’s class Stuck out from the rest He always made me feel welcome, like more than A guest You see, I have never been one to get into school Topics But his teaching was so clear, instead of illusions So optic So thanks man, for making high school so Enjoyable Teaching me life lessons, thus making me more Employable So as senior year ends, I know I have had some Good times Institutionalized, writing names and dates on Dotted lines But I want to make it clear like a glass lense I wrote this for Vernier, and all my good friends Class of 2012 I am just glad we graduate before the world ends By: Jason Baumgartner

the boy.

By: Ashleigh Verzino

H is hands were clammy. The rough side of the match

box rubbing against his index finger made him realize what he was about to do. He pushed all of his feelings out and opened the box. One match, one swipe, one drop, was all it took. In his mind, the house was on fire before the match was lit.

Cancer C

ancer. It doesn’t care who you are. It will take every part of your being; your mind, your body, your heart. It will break you until you have nothing left to give. But I like to say that my mommy is the only person who could ever scare cancer. My mom is the strongest person I know. When she found out she had cancer, it shook her, but she never fell. The doctors say she doesn’t have long - a few weeks, a few months maybe. But I believe with all my heart that she will make it to graduation, and to see her grandson born.

By: Hannah Joy Mills

It will take every part of your being; your mind, your body, your heart.

My mother can make it through anything. She is my rock, my provider, my best friend. She still keeps a smile on her face everyday and refuses to let it bring her down. And as my mom approaches chemo, I know she’ll say. “Screw you cancer, I beat you.” She is in the process of climbing her own mountain. And as she reaches the top of her mountain, she WILL raise her hands in victory.

Turning Tables By: Kara Clark

Life is a prehistoric rock

That withers and erodes from time. It is a mist That slowly falters and fades to dust. But the mark we leave On planet earth time cannot rust! Corruption cannot reach The destruction of our only hope— Justice, love, and mercy Time cannot prevail.

Hell’s Gates I

hear his feet coming towards me. My body shrivels up in fear. Hell’s gates have opened And there I stand. I can feel it in my gut. There is nowhere to run, And there is nowhere to hide. Tears blur my vision, I look up to the sky. I shout to whoever can hear me, And ask them why. Hell’s gates have opened And there I stand. His breath burns my nose And a lump rises in my throat. All hope has disappeared, There’s nothing that will help me now. Hell’s gates have opened, And there I stand. Day after day I live in this hell And day after day I wish for something more. I look beyond the gates of hell And I gaze up at the stars. Oh how I wish that this would end, But then I see a tiny light in this darkened abyss. And it’s enough to reawaken my hope. Hell’s gates have opened And there I stand. I turn my back. And walk away. There is a brighter future That is yet to come. -Andrea Ratcliff

The Alpha By: Michael Quiros There is always an alpha,The one that is known as the leader He is wise, He is able to destroy He is able to heal. Most learn to be scared of him, living in fear. Living in fear Of the alpha, Even though he is known to heal, As a powerful leader He still has the strength to destroy . To listen to him would be wise. For those who follow the one that is wise, Do not have to live in fear. Those he trusts he shall not destroy, For he is the alpha, He is the leader, Those he trusts he shall heal.

He shall heal, Those who are wise. Do not disregard the leader. For then you’ll have something to fear. He is not to be fooled for he is the alpha. If you anger him he shall destroy. In anger he will destroy. In happy times he will heal. For he is the alpha, For he is wise, For he creates fear, For he is the mighty leader. The mighty leader Can destroy. Raising fear Can heal Those who are wise. Follow the alpha, who is the leader, He is the wise one, who can destroy, Who can heal, he is one to fear.

Of Him the Harpers Sadly Sing By: Bryan Lazar In gloomy perpetual veil In misty mysterious minds Hides the hideous monstrosity That plagues mankind. The evil that lurks underneath, What only a soul can see, Hidden so carefully, Comes out as a fearsome Dragon. It's in the mind you see! Only in the mind it hides! But it comes as a roaring Lion! A marauding Beast! It is the scourge of humanity! It is the flesh!

It is what it wants! It takes what it needs! It cares not for you or for me! It is HATE!! HATE!! HATE!!! The evil devoured! The devil’s only friend. From the pit of Hell it erupts, To consume whomever it finds.

Our Voice

We sit wanting to be heard in our words. Mak-

We sit waiting for our creativity to be read.

ing them loud enough to be heard. We take the time to take our pencil and brush them into our own art we call words. Different colors are brought out in each piece of writing, our voice.

Making them loud enough for all to hear. We take our pencils and brush them against our own canvas, creating a piece of art we call words. Some use the colors of yellow. the bright scene of happiness, and others take their brush and spread the colors of gray and black. Take a step back and see each emotion that is being expressed. Our art is as much as we put into it. By: Kayleana Bull


Canto 1: The Start of my sinful nature My life started its journey to the descent of my first sin. And therefore, unbaptized as I was, I could have stayed there and been in Limbo. I saw with the world for what I could do with the apple of my eye and not a moment too soon, I started with my excessive gluttony and the untimely death my mother had brought upon the family. I stood in the light of pure beauty when I first met her. She was the love of my life, as one night I promised to keep our love with no betrayal. Through the years in my earthly father’s house, he prepared many banquets with large amounts of food and wine. Though I knew not of his gatherings, I enjoyed it ‘till my stomach was bloated. Life was of the essence between my beloved and I but as it were, I fought for the Crusades during that time. May my so called “valiant triumphs” never be remembered from the Crusades. It was in 1289 when the Fall of Tripoli intertwined with my sin. Along the path I walked, I found not one but many souls I endured with either death, lust, or greed. War can always change a person, no matter what they do or what the cost is. From the first sin I committed, it felt easier as I fell into darkness. My body was like that of a carnivorous creature and my soul condemned to the lower rings of hell. The love for my Beatrice was unending and painful after the betrayal. No human realizes the sins when they commit them at certain times. My human nature is the same as anyone else’s; hiding in darkness and willing to kill in the name of God was what we all did. Time and time again I recall the screams of my enemies and innocents killed, but not as painful as the betrayal I caused with Beatrice.

Timothy Beacham

Static By: Lori Chavez Loud, or quiet, Angry, or sad, Everyone can relate, Whether it’s good or bad. Pictures and feelings, Memories and thoughts, Sometimes can be healing, Without me? – Probably not. I am fun and original, Always up to beat, My words will make you want to, Get up and on your feet. I have no shame, I say what I want, That’s the way I play the game, If you don’t like me; Turn me off.

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Life’s Moments By: Hannah Joy Mills

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Becoming You I am from summers playing water ball From pink and purple From laughing with my friends I am from long walks with Midnight From carefree bike rides From falling forts in the woods. I am from Christmas cookies with my mom From tattling on Paul and Keith From running errands with my dad I am from tearful goodbyes and joyful reunions From anger and sadness From high spirits and optimism. I am from the old and the new From yesterday and today From their memories and my own. I am from the past and matured memories, but I

am living for the future -Kayla Dent

Inside It’s a War Zone By:Nichaela Fuller My heart aches My mind’s been shot with the slowness of death Yet, so quickly, it approaches I can’t keep up I’m falling down Writhing on the ground “Come back for me” I whisper “Come back for me one day” When the chaos has been washed away Once the truth has been set free Peace will rise in the sky and shine Shine sun star shine! But by then I’ll be on the shore with No air to sustain me I gave the last of it for you to survive The hope that you’d rescue me is subsiding My lungs await the inflation of life When will you breathe it back into me? When will you let me leave this purgatory? Take away this darkness before it’s too late

Only You I

t is time, That gives us change. It is the memories That scares death. Make it real, not faux. Hold the memories on your mind. It is an aged mind, With memories, secrets, and time. It is as real as can be with a faux; It was given without a change. From death to death, With just one thing to transfer memories. Keep it with all memories All this seeks is to hold onto your aged mind Let death Not be a fright and just sing with time, And form into the change. Don’t live with faux. If you love with faux, You never live with memories; And for the change, It is the necklace With ticking time That will soon reach death. So don’t let death, Create a faux, Because it is time That kills memories Hold onto your aged mind Without the thought of change. It is you who controls change. It is you that can kill the dwelling of death. It is you to hold onto your aged mind. It is you to not be a faux. It is you that relives memories. It is you that looks past time. Ignore time, let change be change. Live memories and rename death. Real to faux, and this nn is becomes your aged mind.

By: Monica Quintana

Shadows I

’ve always been waiting For someone to set me free, Don’t open my cage, Just give me the key. Happiness, just a whisp of smoke, No more real than an untold joke. Wishing, wanting, But all it’s done is haunt me Like a ghost. My heart no longer wanders, Now it’s safe at home, Beating in my chest, Hard against the bone. Still wanting the escape, Knowing it’s unreal, Waiting, wanting, wishing, For the moment of release.

By: Lori Chavez

Brett Bezio

Blesséd Storm: A Sonnet To be as lost as wind and driven mad is such a shame when all are ‘round to see. They make a fool—a mistress ‘twere it clad— of madness, zeal, and passion; virtues free. And I was longing skies afar to see and paint within my dreams; the grays, the blues, the blacks. A storm of beauty; wondrous, blest, and quaint; A foreign rain uncommon, unblemished. The beauty which I see by man condemned. There’s so much beauty in a storm—. My dif’rence sets me ‘part my fellow man, For such must I depart, voyage unknown. Somewhere will be my resting place anon, And someday they won’t know to where I’ve gone.


Brett Bezio

Every time I enter a room, I am taken by the scent you left in the threads of my clothing and the stitching of my skin. My hands smell radiantly of your delicate skin and aromatic lotions; and although your presence lingers and fills my senses, I find myself missing you during the tender hours of the evening. When effort is given, I can still feel the grazing of your lips upon mine, the pressure of your resting hand on my chest, and the tickles of your fingers on my face. I know this to be a work of a phantom, but the lack of your being here is like a moment leading to a kiss—the memory of kisses prior calling to the stage a one-act play of another (one hopefully well-received and deserving of an encore)—and so I will wait eagerly for your return.

That Morning I woke up that morning and I didn’t see you by my side. And I woke up that morning and I realized I’d made the biggest mistake of my whole life. I woke up that morning and I let out the biggest cry, The biggest cry of my whole life. I know that the pain that was, caused to you was all my fault. And I know that there’s one thing that I’d like to say, say to you. And I know that the one thing that I’d like to say is, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the pain I put you through, And sorry for the things that I said to you. You’re gone-not for now but for, forever. And it kills me. It kills me to see you, behind those bars. It kills me to know that, I can’t do anything to save you. I woke up that morning and I didn’t see you by my side. And I woke up that morning and I realized I’d made the biggest mistake of my whole life. I woke up that morning and I let out the biggest cry, The biggest cry of my whole life. By: Brian Way

You alone can save me The way you smile Only she Can break me from these evil bonds The bonds of being alone and songs of Loneliness She is the redemption for me. I hope you hear me cry I hope you see me sigh I need you to keep me alive Please come save me If you hear my cry I promise you a life Where you will be truly happy And I’ll hold you so tightly Please, oh please, come save me


By Alex Torrez

My love is for you and you alone My heart can be touched by only your song You will make my life complete Please, oh please, come save me I see your eyes and they bring me to my knees I can’t believe you see straight through me Here you are and now I ask you Please, oh please, don’t leave me

Friends Forever! Sitting all alone in this E-wing class was a new student hoping it would end fast My name is Kenna let ’s be friends That is where it all begins Sleepovers and shopping and fun galore I had a friend like never before Where ever Tessa was you knew you would find me She even gave me a necklace with a lock and key We laughed and cried and time flew by Knowing high school would soon end We made a pact to always be friends When I move and I’m gone I will remember all the memories we shared I will never forget my friend that cared Our last three months are finally here Thinking about losing my friend could make me shed a tear But I will always look back on the times in my past I befriended the new girl Sitting in the E-wing class Kenna Rino



By: Brett Bezio

tars are massive. They hover in the sky with such elegance, with such distance between them and I. Yet they seem petty; so small they give the illusion that if you reach out to them, they’ll slip right between your fingers. I remember kneeling before a pool of water one November evening. The stars were reflected with delightful clarity. I felt I was peering down at the majestic heavens. I reached into the water and I watched the stars dance; I witnessed the glitter slip between my fingers, and I marveled at this. Momentarily I believed I could manipulate the universe, but it was only of a reflection that I had any control.

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Verrado High School's first online literary publication created by Mrs. Johnson's Creative Writing Class and Ms. Seidner's Publications Clas...

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Verrado High School's first online literary publication created by Mrs. Johnson's Creative Writing Class and Ms. Seidner's Publications Clas...