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Guinness & The Natural Confectionery In the Guinness advert they started off with three subjects holding the product in a location that would be suitable for advertising the product, then they rewind the subjects out the location and through a time line that included cavemen, dinosaurs, until the end where the three subjects are creatures drinking out of a lake, and their face expression shows that it doesn’t taste as good as Guinness. In The Natural Confectionery advert they have two subjects that also is part of the product, then the other one talks about the information in the product, then gets interrupted by the other subject and adds humor to the advert then at the end they show the product. The Guinness advert did not have any narrative through out but they used Non diegetic sound which is the soundtrack played through the advert till the very end. The theme song they used seemed to be a classic song and this could represent their product is an old product that has been around for some time plus in the advert they was going back in time. But on the other hand TNC does have narrative of 2 subjects voices talking to each other and the audience but they used non-diegetic sound to add the voices to the characters. The camera angles that are used in Guinness are panning across, close ups and wide shots. They used panning to show the 3 main subjects traveling backwards to represent the feeling of going back in time as they tried to show in the advert. And the close up shot was to show clearly at the beginning that the 3 subjects were drinking their advertising product, but they used multiple close ups as in the middle of the advert they had a close up on the face an also near to the end they showed a animal drinking from the lake and its facial expression afterwards. Then at the end they zoomed in on the product to make the product look superior and the other two behind look out beaten by their product. I thought that TNC also used the same angles as Guinness apart from panning. TNC used wide angles at the beginning when part of their product was speaking and they also used it at the end where they reviled the product in its packaging. They also used

close up shots at the sweet when they after they had introduce the second character (bear) and they had a really close up shot of the bears face as it said “Bring On The Trumpets!” and also back on the snake characters face. Overall in my opinion, I thought that the Guinness advert used a much higher range budget then trumpets because in the Guinness advert they used CGI computer software to help create their time travel and the locations they used such as the ‘Jurassic’ time. Whilst TNC just stuck with an low budget advert by just using two characters speaking between them and making the camera follow one at a time as they was speaking. When I viewed the Guinness advert, my first impressions was that they it was very interesting because they went through different life stages to advertise their product. On the other hand “The Natural Confectionery” (TNC) seemed to be boring in my opinion. They used to characters and at the end their advertising product.

Guinness & TNC  

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