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Excellent Renting Tenant Education Program of Clark County

Registration Packet Thank you for your interest in Excellent Renting, funded by Clark County. This 6-week educational program is designed for people who: Want to learn more about being a successful renter May have credit problems, evictions or other barriers to renting and want to learn ways to deal with these problems During the class you will receive information from speakers and a workbook about: How to improve your money management and credit How to help landlords trust you will be a good renter Landlords’ perspective and expectations How to find landlords who may rent to you The rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords according to Landlord-Tenant Law How to give proper notice when you want to move How to become more effective in all areas of your life. The Excellent Renting Certificate of Completion demonstrates your efforts to be a good renter.* To earn a certificate, participants must: Thoughtfully read and complete everything in the workbook. Attend six classes to hear all the community speakers. *Please note that earning the Excellent Renting Certificate of Completion does not guarantee that a landlord will rent to you, but it can help a landlord see you more positively. You will also learn what you can do to increase your chances of success.

Next Steps Do you want to take the next step? 1. Call Second Step Housing at 360 993-5301 or go online to to find out dates of the next class. 2. Complete the Registration Form, and the Questionnaire to show that you understand what the class can and can’t do. Excellent Renting Registration Packet 2-25-10

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3. As soon as possible, turn in or mail the Registration Form and Questionnaire, with $5 for the workbook, to Second Step Housing office at 2500 Main, Suite 120, Vancouver, WA 98660. (If necessary, you can pay the $5 later.) 4. Show up a little early to get your materials. Come with a black or blue pen, ready to learn!

Preparation Before the First Class Begins (optional, but highly recommended) Most landlords check your past, your credit, criminal and public records and references, to help them decide if you will be a good renter in the future. You benefit by knowing what a landlord will see so you can: Check for any errors in the credit, criminal history and public record reports Be honest and upfront about what the landlords may see and be able to show them what you have done so problems won’t happen in the future Understand which specific past difficulties you need to deal with Ensure that you haven’t been a victim of identity theft. To obtain your credit report Visit and click on the link to the only authorized site for a free credit report or call 877-322-8228. You have the right to get a free copy once every 12 months from each of the credit reporting companies – Equifax, Experian and Transunion. To obtain your criminal and public record reports (for legal evictions) For Clark County, go to the Court House, Superior Court, at 1200 Franklin St., Vancouver, on the first floor. Call 397-2292 for more information. For a criminal report from the State of Washington, contact the Washington State Patrol at ($10 fee) or research online at For a criminal report from the State of Oregon ($10 fee), visit

Start tracking all your income and all your expenses. This detailed knowledge will help you complete the workbook and manage your money more wisely.

If you need immediate housing assistance … Please call the Emergency Shelter Clearinghouse at 360 695-9677, 7 days a week, 9 AM – 8 PM. For those fleeing domestic violence, call the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault hotline at 360 695-0501. For more resources, call Information and Referral at 2-1-1 or search the online directory at

Excellent Renting Registration Packet 2-25-10

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Excellent Renting Questionnaire We want you to know what the class can and can’t do for you, and how to benefit the most from taking the class. Please mail or turn this in with the Registration Form and $5 before the class starts.

Name _____________________________________________Phone ___________________________ Below please write the phone number, email or regular address that provides the most reliable longterm way to contact you or give you a message. (Sometimes opportunities come up and we want to be able to contact you and let you know.) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Read each statement below carefully and circle true or false. There may be some surprises!

T F This tenant education training will teach me how to buy a boat. T F I may have barriers to renting to overcome and this class will help me identify these barriers and choose specific things I can do to overcome these barriers. T F I will get a Certificate of Completion if I just show up for class and don’t complete the workbook. T F If I take this class, a landlord is required to rent to me. T F This class cannot guarantee that a landlord will rent to me, but it can help me to increase my chances because I will learn specific actions to take to help show a landlord that I will be an excellent renter. T F I don’t really have to be serious about getting my credit report or about checking to see what’s on my public record or criminal history, because it isn’t that important to know what a landlord may see. T F I will miss important information if I rush through the workbook. T F Sincerely responding to the questions in the workbook may help me be more effective in my life. T F I need to bring a pen (black or blue is most professional) to the first class.

Date & time _____________________________________________________________________________. Place & address

Your Signature _____________________________________ Date signed _____________________

Excellent Renting Registration Packet 2-25-10

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Excellent Renting Registration Form for _______________ Date of class

 Please fill out every line on the form. Thank you!

Name _____________________________________________________Gender ____ Birthdate _________________ Address ___________________________________________________________ SSN _______________________ Street




Email_________________________________________Phone or message _________________________________ Emergency Contact ______________________________________________________________________________ (name and phone #)

Relationship to you

Family size: how many adults _________children _________living with you now (count yourself as 1) Race


 Native American (including Alaskan)  Black/African American  Native Pacific Islander/Hawaiian  White  Asian  Multi-Racial  Latino/Hispanic  Russian  Other

Income – check ALL that apply and fill in amount.  Employment monthly $_______  Unemployment monthly $_______  TANF monthly $_______  SSI/Supplemental Security monthly $_______  Social Security monthly $_______  GAU (general assistance) monthly $_______  Pension monthly $_______  Food Stamps monthly $_______  Worker’s Comp. monthly $_______  Veteran’s Disability monthly $_______  Other monthly $_______ specify source: _______________________________  None Current housing:  Emergency Shelter  Transitional Housing Temporarily with Family- Friends- Renting:  Story Street Program  Wise Moves Program  Section 8  Private apartment or house How long you have lived there: ____________________________ Amount of rent you pay? $__________  Other ________________________________ (e.g., camping, living in a car, on the street, etc.) Education– check one box th  0-8 grade  9 10 11 12 (non-graduate)  12+ post secondary  2 – 4 year college graduate

 High School graduate


Please answer ALL questions below: Yes No Are you homeless now (“homeless” includes being in transitional housing, temporarily with family or friends, in a shelter, car, on the street, etc. )? Yes No Have you been homeless for over a year or for 4 or more times in the last 3 years? Yes No Have you ever been evicted? Yes No Do you have a criminal history that makes it hard for you to rent? Yes No Have you been denied credit or housing because of credit history or money you owe? Yes No Do you owe money to a landlord that is past due. Yes No Have you ever rented in your name? Yes No Is a landlord from the past giving you a bad reference? How did you hear about Tenant Education of Clark County?  Alcohol/Drug rehab  Church  DSHS office  Emergency shelter clearinghouse  Hospital/Clinic  Mental Health Agency  Other Social Service Agency  Police  Self referred  Shelter Staff  Street Outreach  Vancouver Housing Authority  Word of Mouth By signing this form, I give my consent for Second Step Housing and Clark County to share this information for the purposes of reporting only. I also confirm that I will attend the class on the dates given above. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature Print Name Date Excellent Renting Registration Packet 2-25-10

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Excellent Renting Registration Packet 2-25-10  

Next Steps Thoughtfully read and complete everything in the workbook. Attend six classes to hear all the community speakers. *Please note th...

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