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The Customer Decision Journey GIRAFFE MANOR NAIROBI


Hotel Description • Located in Langata, near Nairobi in Kenia , in the middle of the forest • one of the most atypical hotels in the continent. • It is famous for its huge territory where giraffes live in freedom • Surrounded by 47 hectares of forest. • A 6-room hotel • Guests can touch and feed the giraffe from inside the hotel

The target customers • This journey is destined to – all the persons who thirst after adventure, – are in love with the wild – dream about living and experiencing life with wild animal in their habitat, without disturbing them. – customers who want to experience something different, they have never imagined of, in respect with the nature

• This also aims to satisfy people seduced by Africa.

Choice of the hotel • Nowadays, customers travel much more and have visited many places. • They want something unusual, that changes them from their daily life • They are ready to pay for experiencing : hospitality is not anymore only about passing the night • This Giraffemanor differs by the incredible landscape it offers, the serenity of the place, and the unique occasion to get to know more about these wonderful creatures, to touch, live and fall in love with them !

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Customer decision journey giraffemanor