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VILLAGE GREEN PARTNERS MARKETING CAMPAIGN AND SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The mission of Village Green Partners is to help the business district of Sewickley thrive. This helps the businesses, the Borough and the residents of this great community. With the help of 9 Pioneer businesses and a contract with the Borough of Sewickley in 2011, we created the Explore Sewickley campaign to rebrand Sewickley. Since that time we have been granted non-profit 501(c)3 status, are in contract with the Borough for the second year, and are launching the third round of the Explore Sewickley campaign. We are pleased to offer the following opportunities for Sewickley businesses to get involved in the community. We ask that all businesses consider supporting their town by sponsoring an event or participating in the Partner program and any additional items from the list of services. We hope that all businesses will at least participate at the Village Green Partner level to help us continue our efforts for Sewickley.

FREE TO ALL BUSINESSES Our contract with the Borough of Sewickley allows for Village Green to provide the following services for free to all members of the Sewickley business community:  A business listing in the Directory on (this includes business name, address, phone number, with business hours being an added feature this year)  The ability to have your events posted on the Calendar on  The ability to post your own content to our Explore Sewickley Facebook page to reach our growing audience of 731.

PARTNER This is the entry level program that offers a variety of robust benefits to your business:  

 

Be a featured business on,which includes your listing being in bold and includes your logo in the Directory. Your own enhanced business page in the Directory on This includes a description of your business, links to your social media, pictures of your business or merchandise and a customer review function (like Yelp) built into your Directory web page. Inclusion of your business’s Facebook page on the Explore Sewickley Facebook Retailer tab. Inclusion of your weekly events and specials will be included in the weekly Explore Sewickley Newsletter.

    

Posts periodically by Village Green about your business on the Explore Sewickley Facebook page and Twitter. Be featured in our blog, Think Sewickley First, located on Access to our Village Green Constant Contact database to send a message to the entire Sewickley business community. Participation as a “host” in the smaller Village Green coordinated events such as the Sewickley Soup Crawl and some new events for 2013 that will use the same concept as the Soup Crawl. Posting of one supplied press release per quarter posted in the Village Green Newsroom at .

Pricing Options and Payment Plan This package will cost $250.00/year and is payable in full at the time of contract signing.

LIST OF SERVICES You must be a PARTNER to choose from this menu

BANNER PACKAGE The banner package is geared toward reminding people who are already in Sewickley of your business. With this package you will get an image from your business on eight (8) of the banners on the lamp posts in the Village. Your business must sell tangible items to participate in this package. The package includes:  Selection of an item from your store by the Village Green team and you (Village Green reserves the right to have final say of the image selected to ensure that it fits in the overall campaign for this year.)  Photo shoot by our photographer of your item.  Banner design and printing of eight (8) banners.  Use of your image on

Pricing Options and Payment Plan There are three price options for the Banner Package: 1. New image with 1 banner on Ohio River Boulevard $2,000 per year 2. New image with no banner on Ohio River Boulevard $1,750 per year 3. Current business wishing to keep the same image $500 per year A current business may only use their same image for two consecutive years.

SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE Using the multiple channels of the Explore Sewickley campaign, Village Green can create a social media plan tailored to your business needs. As of September 12, 2012 the Explore Sewickley Facebook likes are 731, Twitter followers are 222 and the weekly newsletter is sent to 1,219 people. We will continue to work to grow these social media channels. This package includes the following services:        

Assessment of current social media strategy for your business Revise/create social media strategy for your business based on your goals and the tactics required to reach those goals Content development and engagement Photography Scheduling of postings for Facebook (up to 10 per week) Cross-promotion of your content on the Explore Sewickley social media channels Set up and monitor Google Analytics Two blog posts per month will be written about your business for the Think Sewickley First Blog located on

Pricing Options and Payment Plan This package will cost $250 per month. A minimum of three months must be selected. The first month’s payment will be due at the time of the contract signing, with subsequent months payable on the first of each month.


Explore Sewickley Facebook cover photo for one month. ($50 per month) Newsletter sponsor for 4 weeks, includes business name, logo and clickable link in newsletter to your business page on ($50 per month) Website featured business on the Directory page for 4 weeks, includes business name, logo and clickable link in Directory to your business page on website. ($50 per month) Blog feature written about your business. ($25 per blog) Additional Pitch Engine Press Release. ($10 per release) Curated Pinterest Board for your business. ($TBD)

Pricing Options and Payment Plan These items must be paid at the time the service is requested.

EXPLORE SEWICKLEY BROCHURE PACKAGE This package is geared toward building neighborhood awareness and getting your business in front of people who are not from the Sewickley area. The brochures will be distributed in a variety of ways: at events in Sewickley, in the stores, at the Borough building and other venues outside of Sewickley. The package includes:  Your business will be included on the Explore Sewickley brochure. 10,000 brochures will be printed and distributed throughout the year at events and other locations.  Your business will be listed in the Visit Pittsburgh Visitors Guide (distribution 125,000+) and in the quarterly PLAY Magazine which can be found in area hotels and visitor’s centers.

Pricing Options and Payment Plan This package will cost $300 per year. A 50% deposit will be required at the signing of the contract to cover the initial printing costs. The remaining 50% can be paid in three quarterly payments.

PRINT ADVERTISING OPTIONS New this year is the opportunity for co-branded advertising in a variety of print media. We have created an Explore Sewickley branded ad with space for an individual business. Since Village Green is a nonprofit organization we are able to obtain better pricing from many print sources. We are happy to be able to pass them along to Sewickley businesses. Some of the print media we will target are:       

Pittsburgh Magazine Table Magazine Sewickley Herald/Tribune Review Whirl Magazine Pittsburgh City Paper Pittsburgh Quarterly Pittsburgh Cultural District Playbills

If you are interested in running a co-branded ad, please contact us for sizes and pricing.

RADIO ADVERTISING OPTIONS New to 2013 are opportunities for radio advertising opportunities. Businesses to be part of ads we put together for events around the holidays. We are working out the details of the timing and pricing of these. Please contact us directly for details.

TV ADVERTISING OPTIONS Many business have asked about commercials on TV. We are pleased to offer some opportunities for local businesses to participate in some Explore Sewickley branded TV advertisements around the holidays and events. We are working out the details of the timing and pricing of these. Please contact us directly for details.

EVENT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES All businesses are encourage to participate as a sponsor of events in Sewickley. Village Green is responsible for fundraising and planning the following events each year: Sewickley Soup Crawl, Sewickley Unleashed, Sewickley Oktoberfest and Yuletide in Sewickley. We offer many opportunities for businesses to become sponsors of these events. Below are the specific sponsorship opportunities. Additional events may be added throughout the year, but they will be on the smaller side like the Sewickley Soup Crawl. There are some events in Sewickley that Village Green does not coordinate like Harvest Festival and May Mart. Sewickley Unleashed A fun event for animal lovers in the Village with a pet parade and a pet related vendor fair. This event will be held on May 18, 2013. Monies raised during this event benefit the Western PA Humane Society. In 2012 the event raised $5,941 for the WPAHS. Help us raise event more funds in 2013 by being a sponsor. See or the Sewickley Unleashed Facebook page for more details about the event.

Sewickley Soup Crawl

There is one sponsorship level for this event. The cost is $250. Monies raised during this event benefit the Sewickley Community Center Food Pantry. In 2012 the event raised $3,073.64. See www.sewickleysoupcrawl or the Sewickley Soup Crawl Facebook page for more details about the event. Sewickley Oktoberfest A brand new event for Sewickley to benefit Village Green Partners and our efforts to make the business district a better place. This event will be held October 5th and 6th, 2012 in the Division Street parking lot. See or the Sewickley Oktoberfest Facebook page for more details about the event.

Yuletide in Sewickley The marquis event for Sewickley. Yuletide is put on by Village Green and the Borough of Sewickley with a mission to bring people to Sewickley for their holiday shopping by providing a festive experience from Light Up Night through Christmas. Light Up Night is November 30th this year and there will be activities every Wednesday evening and Saturday through December 22nd. Sponsorship money is used to cover the cost of the event (carriage rides, fireworks, musical entertainment, etc.) . Please visit or the Yuletide in Sewickley Facebook page for more information on the event.

BILLING OPTIONS Village Green offers a variety of billing options depending on which services you choose. We accept checks, credit cards and utilize PayPal. All current invoices must be paid in full before selecting to participate in a new program. All businesses will be required to sign a contract for the services and payment plan selected. A Finance charge of 1.5% will apply for late payments.

QUESTIONS Please contact us with any questions. The office phone number is 412-741-7530 or email us at We look forward to working with you.

Village Green Partners Marketing Levels  

Join Village Green Partners as we strive to make Sewickley a better place to live, work, and play.