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Hatch Owner Zack Miller Founded 2012 Location 111 Granby St., Norfolk Number of Employees 6

Hatch provides their customers the knowledge of what they’ve learned and continue to learn in business.


What obstacles did you face when starting your business? How did you overcome them? Creating something that had never really been done before locally was a challenge because you’re trying to explain to people what it is, and they have one thought of what it is or they say, “Oh, this area doesn’t need that.” So hearing a lot of “nos” and just really pushing through those “nos” and turning them into “yeses”. What do you enjoy most about your business’s location? Density. I love the density Downtown Norfolk has because I don’t have to get in my car to go to a meeting, to another meeting, to another meeting. I can just walk out my door and go and have that meeting that I need. I think that’s one of the keys that is missing from this region.

What strategy or idea has proved to be a success for your business? The one thing that has worked very well is in-person events, so meet-ups and events around starting and growing a business. We’ve done that through an event we created several years ago called “Start Norfolk,” which was a build-a-company-in-a-weekend competition. We also do weekly workshops. And now— taking that same kind of experience and distributing it online. Businesses can search our database of over 100 pieces of content to get that information. How has your business evolved since opening? I think we’re constantly evolving; we’re constantly testing things to see what works. It evolves by our customers or prospect customers telling us that they want something and we don’t have it yet. I think it’s really listening to what people are looking for, seeing if they really want it and figuring out a way to make it happen.

Do you have goals to expand and grow in the future, or are you happy remaining a small business? There will likely never be a second Hatch, but we have a program called 1000 Four—where we’re trying to create an army of 1,000 businesses with an average of four employees each. It’s business content on demand. It’s one part community, one part business resources. Think of us as Netflix for business content. We create content in video form and have workshops and guides and courses that people can receive. What’s a piece of advice you’d like to share with current or future small business owners? I think people quit too early. You can’t live the employee mindset and have a successful business. You have to be willing to give up something early and often to make your business succeed. When businesses fail, oftentimes I believe it’s because they didn’t give it their all. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you can do everything that you want.

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What was the inspiration/motivation for starting your business? Early on I realized there was a huge hole in the market for earlystage companies locally. So I started getting involved in a lot of those things and tried to become an expert in that field. When I would go to places to try and get the answers to start our own business, I found that it was the same answer that it would have been in 1904 that it was in 2011. I needed my own solution to find that, and I couldn’t find it. So instead of moving or complaining, I just created it and found people to help guide it, and that’s how Hatch hatched.

atch is in the business of helping other businesses develop, grow and thrive. Think of them as a gym for entrepreneurs, where they create the environment for people to start and grow their business. Hatch provides the “free weights” and “treadmills” through business workshops, events and content, but businesses still have to do the work (just like a person who wants to become fit still has to get on the treadmill). Hatch provides their customers the knowledge of what they’ve learned and continue to learn in business.


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